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Enews – Week 4, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 15
W4 Football 2

Saints Girls’ inaugural football team takes the field

On Friday night Saints had their first ever girls Australian rules football game. All players were enthusiastic and eager to take the field when we faced Scotch College. With the girls feeling both excited and apprehensive, it took some time for them to settle and adjust to the physical nature of a real opposition.

Following training by former Norwood and SA great Garry McIntosh (Norwood/Payneham Union), the girls brought new skills into the game and Coach Roger Mills took charge, rotating the players through varying positions. Down at half-time, Holly Cunningham scored Saints’ first goal in the third quarter and with some better fortune would have recorded a few more goals with some longer kicks. Scotch defended strongly as Saints’ intensity and skills improved as the match went on, ensuring a competitive game.

Best: Holly Cunningham and Thandi Murada.

Final score: Saints 3.3 (21) defeated by Scotch 8.4 (52)

Neil Fuller
Director of Sport
TODAY: Get behind the girls as they face-off against Pulteney this afternoon at 4.15pm on Atkinson Oval off South Terrace. We caught up with the players and “Macca” at training last night ahead of their latest clash:

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From the Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220Next week the School will host the State da Vinci Decathlon. We will be visited by nearly 500 of the State’s gifted and talented students who will do battle with each other, and our own da Vinci teams, across 10 disciplines.

The da Vinci Decathlon began in 2005 as an exciting offshoot of the very successful da Vinci Program for gifted and talented students at Knox Grammar School, Sydney. The Decathlon is designed to celebrate the academic gifts of Australian youth by providing a stimulating and challenging competition run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon. The Decathlon is named after Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), one of the world’s greatest thinkers and scholars. While his career spanned an enormous range of disciplines: art, architecture, poetry, academics, anatomy, hydrodynamics, mechanical and military engineering, mathematics and astronomy, he demonstrated a superior ability to perceive the interconnected nature of knowledge and embraced learning with a lifelong passion and determination to uncover the unknown. Thus, the competition places a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity.

Students working collaboratively in teams are highly stimulated by competing in tasks that encompass Engineering, Mathematics, Ideation, Code Breaking, Drama, Art and Poetry, Science, English and Map Making. There is a need, therefore, for a well-balanced team with students whose abilities complement rather than replicate each other.

Teams consist of eight students across three age divisions, with schools encouraged to view the event as an excellent opportunity to differentiate and enrich their curriculum for their most talented students. It is also a chance for students to meet like-minded children from a variety of backgrounds, whilst teachers regularly comment favourably on the opportunity for informal professional learning and networking that the event provides.
The winners of this event have the opportunity to travel to Sydney for the National da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. As the host school, we also have the right to send a team from either Year 7 or Year 9.

This prestigious event complements the work we do with our gifted and talented students through the Edge Program, as well as providing our staff and students with a State and National arena in which to display their talents. Once again, following excellent feedback from schools across Australia over the past two years, Acting Director of Teaching and Learning Brian Parsons and Science Teacher Emma Smerdon have been selected to write Science tasks for both the State and National events.

The event runs from Tuesday to Thursday starting at 9am, with visiting teams due to arrive after 8.30am. If you are a regular user of the drop off, it might be worth dropping students a few minutes earlier than usual, as there is a possibility of increased traffic on those days. Updates and photographs will be posted on the school’s Facebook page ( throughout the day.

I look forward to sharing with you some results from all three days and to witnessing the creativity, collaboration, determination and intellectual ingenuity of some very talented young people.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School

W2 da Vinci Decathlon

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W4 Eurovision

From Stonyfell to Kyiv via Eurovision

Arts Centre Manager Peter Howie goes global!

From 26 April to 17 May, I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

W4 Peter Howie 2I had applied at the start of the year to be a volunteer at the Contest and out of 7000+ applicants, I was one of 900 to be selected to work in a group of four volunteers who were to be ‘Production Volunteers’. This involved liaising with artists, assisting with accreditation and anything else that was required. After fulfilling this role for a couple of days, I was given the opportunity to work with Elation Professional who are a lighting manufacturer with a large presence in both Europe and the US. They had over 851 fixtures in the auditorium and above the stage which required maintaining in between each rehearsal and performance.

Most of my days in between full dress rehearsals were spent repairing and replacing circuit boards and other components for different lights and working with other departments as required.

The live shows were a great experience with around 8-10,000 fans inside the arena plus the 100 million+ TV audience from around the world. These commenced at 10pm which was due to the time zone to best capture the widest audience. Three live shows were performed on the 9, 11 and 13 May with three dress rehearsals for each show being rehearsed on the days in between. Congratulations to Salvador Sobral from Portugal for winning the 2017 Contest with his piece titled ‘Amar Pelos Dois’.

After the winner was announced, the Load Out began with over 200 crew to pack everything up, load road cases and many trucks and have the venue clear within a week. My role during the load out was working with Elation to ensure each of the 851+ lighting fixtures were put back in the correct boxes with correct packaging and loaded onto pallets. I had six local crew members working under me so whilst the language barrier was a challenge, it was great to overcome that and be able to work as a team with such a diverse range of cultures and nationalities.

Whilst I did not get an opportunity to do too much sightseeing, what I experienced of Kyiv was truly unique and I would love to return to experience the culture and everything it has to offer.

Below is a link for the Head of Production’s Diary which gave snippets from the first day to the last day.
Head of Production Tech Diary:

Peter Howie
Arts Centre Manager

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Patteson House volunteers get colourful

W4 Color Run

Last Sunday some of the Year 10 Patteson House girls volunteered at “The Color Run” at Victoria Park Racecourse. We did this to support the Patteson House charity, the Little Heroes Foundation. We got there at 6.45am to prepare the colour station before the race began. Once the race started, we stayed at the pink colour station and threw colour at the people running, we also re-filled the bottles with the colour. We all had a great time volunteering for the Little Heroes Foundation and helping the event run smoothly.

Nicolette Miller and Shunem Josiah
Year 10 students

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Jazz Master Class

Our award-winning Generations in Jazz quintet was back in the ABC studios this week, teaching colourful radio host Eddie Bannon how to sing. The girls had a great time sharing their wisdom and there were plenty of laughs along the way. The producer of the program says they received overwhelming feedback from listeners with some describing it as the best radio they’ve heard in donkey’s years! Have a look at this snippet:


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Bishops and knights at Saints Girls

W4 Chess Club 2
The Chess Club has begun its weekly coaching sessions for 2017 with girls from Years 3 – 12 taking part. Tournaments are held on a fortnightly basis at the Chess Centre in Adelaide for those students in the Middle and Senior Schools who wish to compete.

Chess has been shown to improve planning and foresight, problem solving, creativity, memory, concentration, logical thinking and many other essential skills. If you want to find out more or would like to come along to see what it’s all about, we gather at lunch time on Thursdays in the meeting room across from the McGill room – we would love to see some new faces. You don’t need to have played before and we don’t expect that you are the next Vera Menchik or Sonja Graf, just come along and give it a go!

Samantha O’Brien
Chess Coordinator

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Theory of Knowledge study day

Theory of knowledge is a core subject of the IB where students extend their critical thinking skills by inquiring into the process of knowing across eight diverse areas of knowledge: mathematics, the natural sciences, the human sciences, the arts, history, ethics, religious knowledge systems and indigenous knowledge systems. Unlike other subjects, in this class students can break down the boundaries of traditional subject areas; they examine real life situations and reflect on how they construct their own personal knowledge and the nature of shared knowledge in their culture.

Last Wednesday our Year 11 Theory of Knowledge class joined students from schools across Adelaide to explore a range of topics beyond the classroom at an Oxbridge Gifted and Talented conference. The day gave the girls an insight into the quick paced university style of learning, which examined a number of existential questions across a variety of disciplines. Run by Julie Arliss, a lecturer at Kings College in Somerset, England, and Jeffrey Hodges, a performance consultant, the conference explored questions such as “What would a life well lived actually look like?”, “Who should run a country?” and “What is time?”. The students were presented with diverse philosophical, scientific, religious and political perspectives in response to these questions and they were challenged to examine where their own views would lie in relation to these great thinkers. Our students described the sessions as inspirational, eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Emma Cother
Theory of Knowledge teacher

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IGSSA Breakfast for Captains of Sport

Last Thursday many of our Captains of Sports and sport leaders were fortunate to attend an IGSSA Breakfast held at Seymour College. All captains of individual sports were seated at the same tables as their adversaries from other schools and this gave the girls the opportunity to interact and establish ties with other captains. As breakfast was being served, we heard from Shane Thiele, the Executive Officer of IGSSA, about the competition’s growth and movement into AFL this year. This led into the Keynote speaker of the morning, Adelaide Crows Women’s Co-captain Chelsea Randall, talking about her journey to AFLW and the lessons she learnt along the way. Chelsea spoke candidly and discussed the impact of positivity around the team when things were difficult or challenging. The Crows would always flip a negative when one was brought up in team meetings in order to accentuate the positive and maintain optimism. She also spoke of taking chances when they were made available to her and enjoying being uncomfortable to take on new ideas. We’d like to thank IGSSA for the opportunity to attend as well as Seymour for their hosting duties. Our leaders took some great learnings out of the morning and they can hopefully instil these across their sports.

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education

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Music Teacher shines at Dream Big Children’s Festival

W4 Robyn Habel
Our talented Music Teacher Robyn Habel composed the new School song for Saints which was performed at the Town Hall last year by the orchestra and choir.

Robyn now has another impressive string to her bow after composing the theme song for the Dream Big Children’s Festival 2017. She was kind enough to write a few words about her experience:

“The Dream Big Children’s Festival 2017 was launched on 18 May in a spectacular opening event. I was honoured to be asked to write the theme song for this year’s festival, entitled simply ‘Dream Big’. The song celebrates not only this year’s theme of ‘Feed the Mind’, but also the festival’s new name ‘Dream Big’. For many years the festival was known as the Come Out Children’s Festival and it is still the biggest children’s festival in the southern hemisphere.

The opening event involved some 1700 children from primary schools across the state, singing the song ‘Dream Big’ at the Adelaide Oval Plaza. The children’s choir, known as the Mighty Choir of Small Voices, then marched singing across the Torrens Footbridge beneath billowing colourfully painted parachutes held aloft by retired teachers. It was a very moving event and certainly a highlight to experience this wonderful gathering of children. I also held various educational workshops on song writing as part of the festival program.

The festival runs from 18 – 27 May and boasts around 270 school shows and 126 general public shows. Check it out!”

Dream Big (song excerpt)
If you feed your mind on Love
You will find that you will soar, soar above
And if you feed your mind on dreams
You will find that you can be
What you want to be

So dream big dream small
Anything at all
Anything is possible
Anything can happen at all!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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Reception students get creative with their learning

W4 Reception

Self-Assessment and Learning Intentions

In our Reception classes, we would like to encourage the girls to be more actively involved in their learning. Research shows that students are more motivated if they understand the learning outcome of the task. We want our students to have a clear understanding of the task and how to complete it successfully.

This week the girls enjoyed designing the characters ‘WALT’ and ‘WILF’. They are not ordinary classmates – but they do wear an item from our school uniforms and they will pop up in our classrooms daily.

The first character’s name is WALT. This stands for;
We Are Learning To…
These are the learning objectives for the lesson.

The second character’s name is WILF. This stands for;
What I’m Looking For…

These are the success criteria against which the children and teacher assess how well they are doing. The main benefit for the girls is that by focusing on the learning objective, they begin to fully understand what they are learning rather than doing.

Mind Lab

The girls are playing the ‘Mind Lab’ game ‘Mindsters’ in class. This is a thinking game where the girls use strategy to collect four monsters from the same family before their opponents do. Each session begins with a story and discussion about the game and thinking methods used. The girls are thoroughly enjoying these sessions!

Louise Davies and Michelle Liddy
Reception teachers

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Year 7 reflections on the play Gone Viral

Last week the Year 7 students went to Tandanya to see Gone Viral, a play by Sally Hardy, presented by Brink Productions. The group was confronted with a very serious and ‘real’ piece of drama which touched on some pertinent issues related to their generation. It touched on the difficulty of maintaining authentic relationships in the era of social media and the impact of cancer on a family. The girls were moved and challenged to look at these aspects of real life from the point of view of a teenage protagonist and by the end of the play there was not a dry eye in the house! I was very proud of the mature attitude the Year 7s demonstrated in viewing and reflecting on this important piece of theatre.

Abby Davey
Head of Arts

The excursion to see Gone Viral was a great experience. It was a realistic play which taught me the real struggles of life. It showed that times can get tough, but it’s something that you will have to accept. These moments in life makes us who we are, and that play made me realise that. 

Mia Dodd
Year 7 student

The part of the play that was really touching for me was when the father came home from the hospital. The mother explained to Cassie that he wasn’t getting better and that the doctors had done all they could to save him. The doctors thought he would be better off spending his last few days in his own home environment with his family and friends. I can not imagine what my life would be like without my dad. I don’t know how I would move on from an incident like this. I think that this was an amazing play and this is a great way to educate people about the impact of cancer.

Charlotte Parker
Year 7 student

The moral of the performance Gone Viral was that sometimes social media can be a dangerous and scary thing when not used properly. The moment in the play that I found the most interesting and inspiring is when Cassie’s dad had died and Cassie and her mum have a long hug. At this point, Cassie’s best friend was over and she joined the hug awkwardly. I think this stuck with me because it shows how much people can care for others and be kind even in the toughest of times. The play ended with almost our whole year level in tears because we could all relate to how Cassie felt. Overall, the emotion the actors put into the performance really touched everyone and I can definitely say that everyone benefited from the experience.

Lara Slape
Year 7 student

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Year 9 Exchanges

W4 Exchange
There will be a parent information session for parents of interested Year 9 students at 6pm Wednesday 31 May, on the top floor of the St Michael’s Wing at the School. Students welcome. Further details are available on MyLink at – please note you will need to click on ‘Middle School’ first.

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Arts Alive 2017

Arts Alive invitation
You are warmly invited to attend the 2017 Junior School Arts Alive Exhibition.

STEAM: A celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the ARTS

Friday 23 June
Grandparents and Special Older Friends
R – 2 11am – 12.30pm
Years 3 – 6 1.30 – 3pm
Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Parents and friends
Open from 4pm for viewing
R – 2 opening ceremony at 5pm
Years 3 – 6 opening ceremony at 6pm
Wine for sale by the glass and finger food provided.

Saturday 24 June
Friends, family and community
10.30am – 12.30pm

Entry by donation

For catering purposes, please book through

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Bookaneer Book Fair: Where books are the treasure!

W4 Book Fair
Next week we will have our annual visit by Scholastic Book Fair in the Junior Library. This pop-up bookshop event is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase books to take home. Students will browse books in their library lesson and formulate their wish list. Books and stationery will be for sale at the following times:

Before School 8.10 – 8.30am
Lunch 1.15 – 1.45pm
After School 3.30 – 4pm

The fair will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. All purchases will benefit our library as Scholastic will donate books to add to our collection. This should be a wonderful experience for the students as they continue to develop their love of books and reading.

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School Shop holiday opening hours

The School Shop will be open during the last week of the school holidays on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 July between the hours of 10am – 4pm.
We will also be open Monday 24 July 10am – 4pm, resuming normal trading hours on Tuesday 25 July.

For any enquiries or uniform appointments please call the School Shop on 8334 2228 or email

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New Parent Portal

Did you know?

Our new Parent Portal myLink has some terrific features including the ability to activate email notifications for your daughter’s marks and assignment due dates. It’s easy to set up, watch this video to see how:

Login to myLink and explore this dynamic new tool today!

Your username and password are the same as you would use for the old Link portal. If you are unsure of your details, please follow the link provided on the login page to reset your password.

For any further assistance, contact our IT Helpdesk on or 8334 2227.

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Meningococcal Study

Reminder for Parents of Year 10, 11 and 12 students

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) will be visiting the School next Friday 2 June to perform the first visit for the study.

If GROUP A – students will complete a questionnaire, have a throat swab and 1st Meningococcal B vaccination
If GROUP B – students will complete a questionnaire and have a throat swab

We will not be informed until the day which group our School has been allocated to.

If you have any questions please contact your local council immunisation provider, the Immunisation Section on 1300 232 272 or visit the study website.

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Winter Cabaret

W4 Winter Cabaret

Join us at the Winter Cabaret on Thursday 8 June

7 – 9pm in the Arts Centre
Cabaret seating with tables of 10
Food and drink available for purchase from the Friends of Arts

Adult – $15
Concession – $10
Table of 10 – $100

Tickets available via

Special guests, award-winning Adelaide Connection – Adelaide University’s Jazz vocal choir featuring old scholars Chelsea McGuinness (Kilburn ’16) and Lucy Mount (Selwyn ’15), and trombone player Robert Johnson.

Groups who will be involved include:
Concert Band
Stage Band
Senior Strings
Junior Jazz
Junior Choir
Concert Choir
Senior Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Vocal Quintet
Flute Ensemble
String Extension
SACE dancers

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Quiz Night

W2 Quiz Night 2017

Our Parents’ & Friends’ Association is calling for donations of wine. We are offering a fundraising Wine Wall at our upcoming Quiz Night on Friday 16 June.

Please drop off wine donations to the Community Relations Office across from the School Shop.

To book Quiz Night tickets, please visit

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The 2016 | 2017 Entertainment Membership is expiring on 1 June 2017

Order your new 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership before 30 June 2017 to go in the draw to win a $50 Archer Hotel dining voucher AND a pass for 2 adults and 2 kids to Adelaide Zoo!

As a Mothers’ Club fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

If you would like to buy a book, you can fill out the form at the Front Office or simply go online. Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and new phone app offer our community members a great way to try out restaurants and activities around SA, save money and, at the same time, support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Sports News

W4 Sports

Sports fixtures and results can now be found on the new myLink Parent Portal – click here

All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport. If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me at


Tuesday 23 May 
Big congratulations to Saints’ junior team who won and will now be invited to represent the School and SA at the National schools’ knockout to be held here in Adelaide in December. A gallant effort by the inter girls who were mostly at the younger age in this age level (17 and under) who finished seventh.


Monday 22 May
Saints 27 defeated Vale Park Primary School 14

On Monday morning the Year 6/7 Knockout Netball team took on Vale Park Primary School in Round 1 of the competition. We got off to a great start and continued our effort across all four quarters. All nine girls received court time and played their role in the win. It was a real team performance with all players working hard to stick to our game plan. Willow Stewart-Rattray, Toni Christiansen and Sivanthi Sivasuthan all combined well in the goal circle. We worked our shots in nice and close and rebounded strongly when needed. Ellie Humphrey and Mia Humphrey’s work through the middle was excellent. They were dynamic and executed their passes really well. Charlie Fishlock and Grace Richards played a half each in WD and put a lot of pressure on the WA, causing many turnovers. Their drive out of defence was excellent all game. Adele Eaton and Lucy White’s combination in the defensive circle was almost unstoppable! They intercepted everything that came in high and their pressure over the shot meant there were lots of misses and rebounds to be had, which they pounced on!

The girls are looking forward to Round 2, when we take on Marryatville Primary School.
Alice Johnswood (Director of Netball)


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent South Australia at the School Sport Swimming Championships to be held in Adelaide from 2 to 9 December: Stephanie Smalls (Year 8), Lily-Rose Spartalis (Year 8), Emily Baldwinson (Year 7), Poppy Marshall (Year 6) and Georgina Wakeham (Year 6).


Wednesday 17 May
Open A – Saints 2 defeated by St Michael’s 4
Despite the score, the girls put up a good fight and showed a promising start to the season. In the second half of the game, the girls started to work really well as a unit and, due to their hard work, Layne Beveridge and Funto Komolafe were both able to score. Siena Kulinski was a key player in the midfield and worked hard throughout the game. I can’t wait to see how the team improves through the season and what they will achieve this year. Dom Rigby (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2
The team made a solid start to the season despite the loss, controlling most of the game. As a team, they created more chances in front of goal but could not put their chances away. Special mention to Lucinda Tierney, Jemimah Simpson and Amy Carrodus who controlled the midfield. Overall, a solid team performance. Keep up the good work. Peter Krantis (Director of Soccer)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by St Michael’s 3
A tough first game for us, with the girls going down by three goals to a formidable opponent. Although we conceded a goal early in the first half, we continued to fight hard for the whole game but still couldn’t seem to get the upper hand. Plenty of positives to come from this game but it also showed plenty of areas that are in need of work. Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 5
The team started the season with an unlucky loss. The team started slowly but controlled the game after the first 10 minutes. They created numerous chances in front of goal, but were denied by some good goalkeeping from Wilderness. Emanuelle and Florence Russell were working well up front, with Florence scoring both goals. Overall, a solid start by all the team. Keep up the good work. Peter Krantis (Director of Soccer)

Year 7– Saints 2 drew with Seymour 2
The team started the season with a spirited draw. Numerous chances were created in front of goal but we could not convert our chances. Special mention to Mia Dodd and Tahlia Louca who had solid games. Overall, a good start to the season. Charlie Capogreco (Coach)


Wednesday 17 May
Year 5 – Saints 6 defeated by Wilderness 11
This week our team took on Wilderness and encountered a tough match against some very experienced players. Our girls played extremely well together and performed with great teamwork. Congratulations to Jasmine Segredos, Zara Chessell, Ayla Blaskett and Maddy Penley for all successfully scoring at least one goal! Our girls all showed great sportsmanship towards the other team. A great effort by our Year 5s! Ally Reade and Charlotte Parker (Coaches)


Saturday 20 May
Under 15 – Saints 18 defeated North/Eagles 10
Saints Girls U/15 Lacrosse team were pumped to keep their winning streak alive when playing against Eagles. Millie Wilkin, Portia Maerschel and Hattie Maerschel dominated in the midfield, scoring 13 goals together. Chelsea Walls and Saskia Jonats used the goalie’s weaknesses to their advantage and also scored for the team. Defence, consisting of Abbie Lisle, Scarlett Hocking and Ellie Anderson, held strongly against the opposition. Shout out to Izzy Norman in goals for once again making many vital saves. Altogether, this team is stronger than ever before and are ready for any team coming our way. Kate Reade (Year 9)

Under 11 – Saints Blue 1 defeated by Wilderness Blue 7
The girls started the first half well, as all of them were calling for the ball and ran as fast as they could back into defence. Madison Dornbusch (Year 3) and Serae Stolcman (Year 3) did a great job at finding and sticking to a player from the opposition, making it harder for Wilderness to pass the ball. Savannah Walls (Year 3) did several intercepts and scored a goal. In the second half, the girls worked on throwing the ball in the corners of the goal. Lara Maione (Year 4) ran fast into space many times, which allowed her to get the ball. Matilda Wilkin and Elysia Scarr (Year 4) worked well at bending down and getting ground balls. Jenna Maione (Year 5) was in goals and played especially well in the last quarter, as she saved many goals and used her long throw to clear the ball. The girls should be very happy with their effort and it was a great improvement from last week. Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints White 1 defeated by Wilderness Gold 10
With each week this team is improving, even if the score line might not show it. In the first quarter of the game, the team didn’t let Wilderness score once, and they scored only one goal in the fourth quarter. Saints utilised well the ‘4 second carry’ rule, by cradling the ball into our attacking end of the field before passing off. If the team keeps up fighting for ground balls, sticking with an opposition player, and doing accurate passes, I am confident that things will start to come together for them. Thanks goes to: Alannah Godfrey (Year 4) for her strong goalkeeping by cutting off the shooting angles, Grace Jones (Year 4) for coming out to play despite being unwell, Emily Bates (Year 4) for her tremendous defending by intercepting the opposition’s passes, Lauren Pearce (Year 4) for her leadership, Coco Dimond (Year 3) for scoring a goal, Hayley Webb (Year 3) for willingly swapping teams this week, and Ella Pearce (Year 2) for playing with courage in her first lacrosse game. Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Saturday 20 May
Open B – Saints 41 defeated by Concordia 52
Saints played a catch-up game against Concordia who had plenty of tall players, making intercepts quite often difficult. Concordia made an early break but Saints pegged the margin back to 3 at half-time with some good defensive work and transition play through the court by Eve Habel, Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith and Ella Robinson, allowing Nicolette Miller and Brooke Elliott scoring opportunities. Neil Fuller


Monday 22 May
Saints defeated Cornerstone and St Francis
The Open soccer team had a very successful opening to the knockout tournament. They won both games and have progressed into the next round. Travelling to Mount Barker, Saints’ first game was against Cornerstone and, in a close game, it was Layne Beveridge’s hard work in the forward line that enabled her to score, which led the girls to a 1-0 victory. Isabella Villani’s impressive work in the midfield as well as Charlotte Kelly and Ellie Anderson’s hard work in the defence line were key to the team’s success in this game.

The second game of the day was against St Francis and the team was beginning to tire; however, everyone gave it their all until the final minute. Sara Possingham showed determination throughout both games and was very successful in putting the opposition’s defence under pressure. Additionally, Olivia Law and Chloe Deieso’s work up and down the wing was very important to the team’s success, with the girls walking away with a 2-1 victory. Both goals by Bethany Cross and Dom Rigby should be commended, helping Saints move into the next round. A special mention must also go to Talah Gobell, our goalkeeper, who made some amazing saves throughout the day. A big thank you to Mr Fuller and Peter Krantis who supported and coached the team throughout the day. Dom Rigby (Captain)

Enews – Week 3, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 14
W3 Cross Country Interhouse

Cross Country Interhouse

It is with pleasure that we announce Selwyn House as the Cross Country winners for 2017!

On an absolutely stunning day weather-wise, the four Houses challenged each other in cross country running. A course was set at Bell Yett Reserve, and it was great to see so many girls participate. The vocal support from the students on the sidelines was also very encouraging to hear.

Points from Reception to Year 9 were added based on places in each year level.

1st – Selwyn 593 points
2nd – Patteson 569 points
3rd – Kilburn 539 points
4th – Kennion 532 points

The round of Spirit Cup points were awarded to Patteson with the Junior students doing exceptionally well in House cheers and participation.

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From the Director of Early Learning

Providing new and exciting links to our School

The fabric of our School is the community itself. I constantly feel privileged to work in an environment where the staff, parents and friends are so caring and supportive. This was abundantly evident last Friday when the ELC hosted a special afternoon tea ahead of Mothers’ Day. Have a look at the video from the event, it’s sure to brighten your day. We had a wonderful turnout and the weather was perfect. We thank everyone for coming along as we always relish the opportunity to embrace and celebrate our community.

It is just one way we are fostering connections with our families. Each year we closely examine our transitions from ELC to Junior School and look for ways in which we can improve. We ask families for feedback, we discuss with our Reception teachers the ease in which the girls transitioned and we, the ELC staff, reflect carefully about how smoothly the whole process was. With our Mid-Year group in Term 3, we are transitioning a large number of children into a class of their own and want to ensure that we are setting our girls up for success.

At St Peter’s Girls we focus on all of our transitions between sub-schools, recognising that, for many students, these can be challenging times as girls and their families embark on the next chapter of their School life. In the ELC and Reception years we have initiated an exciting new concept of regular teacher swapping. This involves our Hallett Room teacher, Mrs Reid, going up to Reception for a lesson to enable a Reception teacher, either Mrs Davies or Mrs Liddy, to come to the Hallett Room and team-teach a group of students with Mrs Porplycia. We commenced this practice early in Term 1 and have continued it, building mutual understandings about our learning, our students and providing opportunities for rich sharing with the girls.

The feedback from this regular swapping of educators has been extremely positive and is just another addition to our already well-planned transition process. With weekly buddy classes, regular small group visits to Reception and our specialist programs, we are cementing a very tight and comprehensive transition for our girls. In addition to these programs, we also have Becca Burton Howard working with a group of ELC children on the Edgeling Program which will enable her to continue this work with them as they enter Reception.

This knowledge shared between teachers from both the ELC and the School over an extended period of time is pivotal to our girls’ success. As they transition at the end of this term, the relationships have already been built. We look forward to watching our girls grow in confidence as they more formally commence their transition visits but we know that all of the foundations have been set for them by our dedicated staff who continue to strive to improve, reflect and enact outstanding and leading practice in this area.

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

W3 Kate Mount Article
Mrs Davies and Mrs Liddy visiting the ELC

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Rostrum Voice of Youth

W3 Voice of Youth

St Peter’s Girls’ School is delighted to announce that a record number of 12 students entered the Rostrum Voice of Youth public speaking competition. The first heat was held last weekend at Immanuel College in Novar Gardens. Our girls, ranging from Years 8 – 11, eloquently delivered powerful prepared and short notice speeches at the regional heat of the prestigious Voice of Youth competition. They competed against a number of schools including St Peter’s College, Prince Alfred College and Norwood Morialta High School. Students spoke convincingly on a range of topics including “The Lottery of Life”, “Against the Odds” and “Where to from Here?” All of the students have devoted many hours to preparing their speeches and regularly attended lunchtime coaching sessions run by Mrs Cat Davies and Ms Melissa Barratt.

Congratulations to the following entrants for being outstanding ambassadors for the school: Emily Downie, Aleisha Elliott, Zaina Khan, Edie McKellar, Portia Maerschel, Hattie Maerschel, Brooke Oliver, Srishti Sharma, Lily-Rose Spartalis, Aditi Tamhankar, Holly Wallman-Craddock and Cheri Wong.

We wish Aditi, Zaina, Emily, Aleisha and Holly the best of luck as they progress to the semi-finals, which will also be held at Immanuel College, on Saturday 27 May. You are all invited to come along and support the girls on the day. For further information please email Cat Davies at

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Coding up a storm in our Year 3 classes!

W3 Coding

Over the next month, the Year 3 students will be studying the central idea “People use scientific knowledge to help meet their needs”. This Unit of Inquiry is organised under the Transdisciplinary theme of “How the World Works”, a strand of the Primary Years Programme.

This Unit of Inquiry has a strong information technologies focus. The girls will develop many new skills and have started their coding and programming journey using, creating snowflakes and patterns for Anna and Elsa to skate in a winter wonderland. They have developed an understanding of ‘Blockly’, which uses visual blocks that can be dragged and dropped to write programs. The girls have experimented by manipulating the characters on the ice surface with items from the toolbox. They have created actions using pixels and angles building complex programs, well above year level expectation in their own workspaces! The opportunities for interdisciplinary links with mathematics are extraordinary.

Mark Routley
Year 3 Teacher

Here are some comments from the girls about their coding experience so far –

When coding, I learnt that parallelograms have different angles than squares – Iszabella
In coding, it’s actually easy if you read! – Serae
I learnt that you need to think carefully before you code. – Lucy S
Using a repeat block makes the coding process easier. – Charlotte
It is important you can break problems into smaller problems. – Emily
When coding, it is good to make mistakes so you can learn. – Ellie
In coding, I learnt my lefts and rights. – Hayley
Sometimes I talk to myself to solve the problems. – Soraya
When coding, I learnt that you don’t want get the answer straight away. – Adjoa
A parallelogram has four angles and two of them are 120 degrees these are obtuse angles. – Olivia
While coding, I learnt that a diamond is similar to a parallelogram. – Sophie
I learnt that you have to read the instructions first before you begin. – Lyra
In coding, you have to solve problems. – Mithi
I liked all the tricky challenges and figuring out what to do was lots of fun. – Lily
I liked solving the problems because it challenged my thinking. Alison
I used the clues to figure out what to do. Eva
I found it challenging when the blocks I needed weren’t there. Bettina
I liked it because it made you think where to put the blocks to make the correct shape. Savannah
I found the coding hard but fun. – Madeleine
While coding, I learnt about circles. Different circles have different diameters making them bigger or smaller. – Grace B
When coding, I learnt to do problems step-by-step to help me figure out what’s going wrong. Madi
I liked working with my friends, putting the blocks in the workspace. You really had to think about what you were doing. Eve
I enjoyed the freedom to move ahead at my own pace and solving the problems with angles. – Amelia
The coding was interesting, I hadn’t heard of it before. When I programmed it wrong it made interesting shapes that looked really cool.Stella
I found the coding frustrating at times but it was fun because I hadn’t worked with angles before. Alyssa
I enjoyed that it was hard but also fun. When you made mistakes, it went all funny but then you were able to fix it. – Meghana

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From the Debating and Public Speaking Captain

W3 Debating 2What an amazing start to the 2017 Debating season!

After our wonderful success last year, we entered the season with 14 teams. In Round 1, which took place across 9 – 10 May, Saints was very successful, with two Year 7 teams, four Year 9 teams, two Year 10 teams and one Senior Team winning their first debates. This is a fantastic achievement, and all debaters and coaches involved should be extremely proud of their efforts.

An additional congratulations must also go to Ellie Anderson (Year 9), Charlotte Bleby (Year 9), Tia Bailey (Year 7), Sivanthi Sivasuthan (Year 7), Emily Downie (Year 9) and Hattie Maerschel (Year 9) and Isobel Tan (Year 10) who won the Debating Awards of the evening, chosen by the adjudicator of the debate.

Round 2 will take place on the 30 May (Years 8 – 9 debates) and 31 May (Year 10 and Senior debates) – please keep your eyes open for more information soon. Debating is not just rewarding for the debaters themselves, but is also extremely interesting to watch. Parents and other students are more than welcome to come and support girls at the debates. It would be terrific to see some new faces at the next round!

Sophie-Louise Shearwood
Debating and Public Speaking Captain

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Touch Football Knockout Competition

W3 Touch Football

The Year 12 PE class participated in the State Touch Knockout Championships at Modbury High School last Wednesday. The girls were looking to improve their skills in competition and were able to have a successful day, winning two matches, drawing one, and losing two.

This was the first time they had played against opposition and were able to improve their game understanding significantly over the five matches. The fatigue was evident by the end of the day as the girls felt exhausted from the forward, sideways and backwards running involved. The girls will now take part in the High School Girls’ competition on Wednesday nights over the coming weeks.

Try scorers over the day were –
Jasmine Ledgard – 2
Emma Fogarty – 1
Olivia Harby – 1
Emily Webb – 1
Charlotte Parker- 2
Grace Packer – 2
Wilhelmina Fowler- 1
Charlotte Kelly – 2
Holly Cunningham – 2
Charlotte Carney – 1

Lost to St Columba College 3-2
Drew with Pembroke School 3-3
Defeated St Aloysius College 5-0
Defeated Birdwood High School 4-0
Lost to Modbury High School 3-1

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education

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Update from Dr Tom Nehmy

W3 Healthy Minds Program

It is an absolute pleasure to work with St Peter’s Girls’ School in delivering my Healthy Minds Program. Having had the opportunity to contribute to aspects of the School’s wellbeing approach, I am excited to now be implementing the work that has been my passion for the past 12 years: supporting the healthy psychological development of young people.

There is much that parents can do to positively influence the psychological development of their children. In the following article, I address some important ideas relevant to the wish of every parent of a St Peter’s girl: that they be healthy and happy. For those with daughters currently in Year 8, you will also be following along the core content of Healthy Minds through the weekly Parent Modules which can be found on the new Parent Portal. I hope you find these helpful.

Creating Happy Kids

Dr Tom Nehmy

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2017 Mock Trial Competition

W3 Mock Trial
Our Year 11 Legal Studies class has been competing in the South Australian Law Society Mock Trial Competition. The event is designed to bring the legal profession into closer communication with students and provide a better understanding of how the South Australian legal system operates. The competition encourages students to present an argument in a forum based on our adversarial legal system.

There are three rounds and finals. On Tuesday, Round 2, teams had the opportunity to compete in the District Court, Victoria Square. This was a unique and wonderful experience.

Students play the roles of barristers, witnesses, solicitors, Sheriff’s Officer and Magistrate’s Clerk to make their case in front of a Magistrate. Teams are scored on knowledge and preparation of the case, protocols of their role, responses and ability to cope with questioning. Our team scored highly in all criteria and are looking forward to the next opportunity to further develop skills in Round 3.

Lynne Spry
Legal Studies Teacher

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Meet the Communications Office team

W3 Communications Team
My name is Caroline Kelly and I recently started at St Peter’s Girls as Director of Communications; on the right is my colleague, Communications Coordinator Hayley McLauchlan, who’s also joined the School this year. We have a passion for great photos and videos so you may see us out and about around the School and at official functions. We are hoping to capture our students’ many wonderful achievements and create moments in time for our community to share and enjoy. Our Communications Office works closely with our Community Relations Office (formerly Development Office) which is led by Foundation Manager Melissa Westgate and supported by the wonderful work of Megan McCormack (Old Scholar Officer), Fiona McGregor (Events Officer) and Anne Daniell (Archivist).

Please keep an eye on our Enews and ELC Enews as we will be bringing you exciting stories showcasing our students, events and successes.

Another huge focus for all of us is increasing our Facebook following and we’ll have plenty of reasons for you to visit. So please click here and join our social journey. While you’re there, why not check out our Old Scholars’page as well!

We look forward to working with the School community and showing why there’s never been a better time to be at Saints Girls.

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Farmyard fun at the Junior School

W3 Baby Chickens
On Tuesday, the Year 1s and 4s had a visit from some baby chickens from Nellie and Maisy Ion’s farm. The chicks were only three weeks old and one was just two weeks old! Their names are Juicy Lemon, Ice Cube, Naughty, Speedy, Vanilla and Rosie. The girls loved holding them and watching them interact. Some girls were even brave enough to put them on their heads!

Nellie taught the girls about a chicken’s life cycle. She shared with everyone the responsibilities involved in looking after them from chick to fully grown chicken that is ready to lay eggs for the family to enjoy.
Nellie Ion

Maisy’s mum brought in little chicks. They were so cute! My favourite chick was Juicy Lemon. I cannot believe how fluffy they were. I got to hold lots of chicks and Maisy told us to close our eyes. When we opened our eyes, there was a chick on Sid’s head. It was so funny!
Ayrlie Cook

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Winter Cabaret

W3 Winter Cabaret

Join us at the Winter Cabaret on Thursday 8 June

7pm – 9pm in the Arts Centre
Cabaret seating with tables of 10
Food and drink available for purchase from the Friends of Arts

Adult – $15
Concession – $10
Table of 10 – $100

Tickets available via

Special guests, award-winning Adelaide Connection – Adelaide University’s Jazz vocal choir (featuring old scholar Chelsea McGuinness) and trombone player Robert Johnson.

Groups who will be involved include:
Concert Band
Stage Band
Senior Strings
Junior Jazz
Junior Choir
Concert Choir
Senior Percussion ensemble
Jazz Vocal Quintet
Flute ensemble

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Saints Girls’ Royal Blue Formal 2017

W3 Formal

The Secret Garden

On Saturday 13 May, Saints Girls hosted the Royal Blue Formal for 2017. Under the guidance of our Events Officer Fiona McGregor and Ms Mortimer, the formal committee (consisting of Lily Habel, Emily Schultz, Mikaela Georgiadis, Tori Gilroy, Ebony Jack, Grace Dawson and myself) worked hard in preparation for the big night. As a team, we were able to fundraise and organise a venue, decorations and activities for the formal which had the theme of “The Secret Garden”. Lots of meetings, phone calls and discussions later, everything was ready to go.

The night began at school, where the girls and their dates walked the red carpet, looking absolutely stunning. From School, we travelled by bus to the Adelaide Convention Centre. It was exciting to see the room as all of our planning had finally come together. Throughout the night, the DJ played some great hits and there were some amazing moves spotted on the dance floor. Our very own secret garden, complete with white picket fencing, fairy lights and faux grass, was a hit. Overall, it was a wonderful night and I am sure many memories were made.

Uthpala De Silva
Head Prefect

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Save the date – Arts Alive

Arts Alive invitation

Friday 23 June

Grandparents and Special Older Friends
Parents and friends

Official times to be advised shortly.

Entry by donation – we hope to see you there to support our artists!

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School Tours

If you know anyone in your networks who might be interested in joining our fantastic Saints Girls’ community, we have School Tours coming up. The next one is on Thursday 25 May at 9am, so please spread the word about St Peter’s Girls!

For more information click here.

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An enjoyable evening at Mums’ Night Out

W3 Mums' Night Out

Last Friday evening the Mothers’ Club hosted 65 Saints Mums at The Robin Hood Hotel for the Mums’ Night Out, to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

This was a lovely opportunity for mums from all years to get together, have a fun night out and raise funds for the school.

A big thank you to: Derma-Zen, Anna Dimond, Ashvini Rajbhoj, Hamish Baldwinson, Jo Fidler, Nilanthi De Silva, Melissa Barclay – Beerenberg, Orbe, The Robin Hood Hotel, Amelia Porter, Entertainment Book and Train2Max for your generosity!

Thank you especially to those who attended and contributed to a most successful event where we raised $3000! Well done!

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Banana bread now at Saints Café!

W3 Saints Cafe
As the cooler weather sets in, it’s time to fuel up on some banana bread at Saints Café!

This term the Saints Café menu now includes scrumptious banana bread and all the amazing health benefits that come with it. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, fibre and many other body and mind-loving nutrients.

So stop by the Saints Café Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7.30 – 8.15am and start your day with a warm beverage and a delicious slice of banana bread.

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Quiz Night

W2 Quiz Night 2017

Our Parents’ & Friends’ Association is calling for donations of wine. We are offering a fundraising Wine Wall at our upcoming Quiz Night on Friday 16 June.

Please drop off wine donations to the Community Relations Office across from the School Shop.

To book Quiz Night tickets, please visit

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The 2016 | 2017 Entertainment Membership is expiring on 1 June 2017

Order your new 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership before 30 June 2017 to go in the draw to win a $50 Archer Hotel dining voucher AND a pass for 2 adults and 2 kids to Adelaide Zoo!

As a Mothers’ Club fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

If you would like to buy a book, you can fill out the form at the Front Office or simply go online. Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and, at the same time, support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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2017 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

W3 STEM Video Game Challenge
Registration for the 2017 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is now open!

Open to Australian students in Years 5-12, the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge encourages students to design and build an original video game in response to a core theme.

For more information, please visit

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Sports News

W3 Sports

With the Winter Season now underway, all students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information relating to their sport.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them to


Scotch College Cycling have set the date and venue for our CSASS Schools Series information and Q&A session! Please come and meet us at 9.30am on Sunday 4 June at Victoria Park.

Anne-Marie and Stuart O’Grady have given us use of a room in their Velo Precinct Cafe in the heritage Grandstand at Victoria Park, so we will be able to discuss the Cycling South Australia Schools Series (CSASS) with you and you can check out Round 4 of this term’s series, which will be running on the track outside.

If you would like to express your interest or request more information, please register at this link

Please join us on Sunday week – we would love to have the opportunity to present the schools series to you.


Saturday 13 May

Imogen Elliott has just taken out the Surfing SA State Championship for 2017 in the U14 girls category. The comp was held in testing 4ft conditions at Parsons Beach. Imogen has now qualified to represent SA at Junior Nationals in November at Ulladulla, NSW.


Wednesday 10 May

Year 6 Blue Saints 54 defeated Seymour 7

The Year 6 Blue netball team had a very successful game against Seymour, winning 54-7. The girls played well throughout the whole game in every single position. The defence players read the ball well and had good one-on-one defence and the attackers had great leans and give and goes, leading to many opportunities. Sarah Matheson

Year 6 Silver Saints 18 defeated Wilderness 9

The girls in the 5/6 silver team had a fantastic start to the season with a 9-18 win against Wilderness. Each girl played very well and intercepted many balls throughout the game. Georgie and Charlotte both had an excellent game. Georgie was very accurate in GS and shot many goals as well as getting her rebounds. Charlotte also had a successful game in GK and stopped the other teams from getting the ball into the ring. Well done to all the girls and good luck for next week! Tahlia Towers (Student Coach)

Year 6 White Saints 25 defeated Wilderness 16

Well done to all the players for playing a good first match at the start of the season. The girls used their skills in training and played well against Wilderness to stay in the lead. The girls had strong defence and a good use of space to secure a win. Overall, they played well together as a team and they should be proud of their achievements. We were impressed with their positive attitude on court. We are looking forward to the upcoming season. Sophia West and Amy Wishart (Coaches)

Year 5 – Saints 32 defeated St Andrews 1

The opposing team consisted of Years 3, 4 and 5 girls and they were a lot shorter than our girls. The score was 32-1, our way. Even though we had a height and age advantage, the girls worked well together and put the new skills they learnt at training into play. Jasmine, Ayla and Maddy had amazing teamwork in the ring, scoring 32 goals. Gloria, Naomi, Lydia and Naadiya intercepted the ball many times and had some amazing passes. Amelia, Maddy and Zara, in attack, also used their new dodging technique to get in front of their players and brought the ball back down to our end of the court. Overall, this was a great game and the girls worked really well together as a team!


Saturday 13 May

Open A – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 4

A strong match played by all our girls keeping the ball in our attacking half during most of the game. There were many opportunities to score, but we were unfortunately not able to convert these. However, both Grace Packer and Olivia Goldsmith scored goals off a short corner. Katherine Woolley and Olivia Goldsmith played exceptionally well in our attack, while Carla Lawrence, Jade Leyden and Kate McKellar-Stewart kept the pressure on Sacred Hearts’ strikers. Lara Khoury (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 6

The B grade played against Immanuel’s A grade team on Saturday, losing 6-0. The girls were undermanned for this match, missing 3 experienced defenders, and we could not prevent the strength of the opposition when hitting the ball in attack. The score was 4-0 at half-time and the girls did well to limit the damage in the second half. There was another convincing display in goals from Alice Reid, along with a masterclass in tackling and harassing the player in possession of the ball by Charlotte Creek. Georgina Keough was able to prevent a number of attacking entries by the opposition and passed accurately. We will look to keep developing the structure, along with individual skills, over the next 2 weeks before our next game. Dan Searle (Supervisor)


Saturday 6 May

Under 15 – Saints 15 defeated Wilderness 3

Saints came up against the all-powerful Wilderness, which is always a tough battle. From the beginning, Saints dominated and seldom lost control of the ball. Willow Stewart-Rattray, Millie Wilkin and Portia Maerschel all took control in the centre and Chelsea Walls found plenty of open space in the forward. We welcomed Izzy Norman back onto the field, and with the help of Kate Reade, Abbie Lisle and Ellie Anderson there was very little let through to the defence. All in all, a great team win with no weak links and we hope to keep our undefeated winning tradition throughout the season. Hattie Maerschel (Year 9)

Under 11 – Saints Blue 0 defeated by Wilderness Gold 15

All of the girls were very eager to play against another school. In the first half the girls worked on their attacking skills by running forward with the ball and passing to girls who did not have a defender on them; Lara Maione (Year 4) and Sophie Lively (Year 3) did this well. The whole team fought hard to get ground balls and never gave up, with Hayley Webb (Year 3) and Matilda Wilkin doing this several times. In the second half the girls worked on their defence by trying to find and stick to an opposition player; Madison Dornbusch (Year 3) did a great job at doing this. Elysia Scarr (Year 4) did a fantastic job as goalie because she used her body to stop a number of goals. Despite the girls not getting any goals, they did exceptionally well for their second game, especially against a more experienced team. Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints White 4 defeated by St Aloysius 8

With great heart and spirit the girls played against a taller/older team this past Saturday, and held their own. Despite having only one substitute for the four quarters, they showed their continuous determination by holding their opponent to just one goal in the second half. Special mention goes to Lauren Pearce for her awesome goalkeeping, blocking numerous attempted shots. I am so proud of their effort. Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Saturday 13 May
A successful start to the badminton season with many of our teams defeating their opposition. Great results from our B and C teams who won 6-0 and the E1 team won 8-1. The A team had a tough first match against Wilderness, congratulations to Emily Murdock and Nancy Huang on winning their A1 doubles match against a team with a state player. We have a record number of players this season and I Iook forward to another rewarding season for our players.
Sonya Risbey

Open A defeated by Wilderness 1-5
Best Players: Emily Murdock, Nancy Huang

Open B defeated Immanuel B2 6-0
Best Players: Laura Sivewright, Amy Li, Lola Dimond, Mahala Truscott

Open C defeated Immanuel C2 6-0
Best Players: Georgia Bowden, Sophia Casanova Clarke, Gloria Gao, Michelle Yeoh

Open D2 defeated St Peters D1 2-4
Best Players: Helen Han, Meredith Li, Natacha Zisos Troupakis, Nicola Jones

Open E1 defeated Walford 8-1
Best Players: Millie Han, Ashleigh Rogers, Ashleigh Towers, Christina Song

Open E3 defeated by Seymour 4-5
Best Players: Yifei Tao, Katija Franchi, Alice Liang


Saturday 13 May

Year 10B – Saints 15 defeated by Immanuel 26

The 10B team played a strong game against Immanuel, unfortunately going down 15-26. The girls are beginning to gel and work well as a team, and used their voices to help benefit one another. This coming week we will aim to improve the movement in our goal end when attacking and our defensive pressure going through the centre third. Brooke and Amy worked well shooting together and were able to beat their respective opposing players. Sarah prevented a lot of scoring opportunities for the opposition with strength in our defence and winning the majority of the rebounds. We have a strong team and the girls show extreme promise that we will improve throughout the season.

Year 10C – Saints 11 defeated by Wilderness 20

Last weekend the Year 9/10 team played their first game of the season against Wilderness. They came out to a good start winning the first quarter and were only down by one at half-time but unfortunately, with sickness and injury and only the bare seven players, they couldn’t come out with the win. The defensive end did especially well, getting many touches to keep us in the game. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints defeated Concordia

The Year 9As played a fantastic game against Concordia, winning by two goals. The first and last quarters were by far the best. In the second and third they fell down a little but the team managed to pick themselves up through determination. It was a tough and quick game. Everyone played amazingly and tried their hardest. This makes it 2/2 wins for the 9As.

Year 9B – Saints defeated Concordia

This week the Year 9Bs had great win against Concordia. The girls showed consistent effort throughout the whole match, particularly in the first half. Throughout the third quarter we dropped in shooting consistency; however, we managed to pick ourselves up easily and secured a win in the last quarter. Even though this was our first game, we displayed great enthusiasm and energy and, overall, played a brilliant game! Well done, girls!

Year 8A – Saints 36 defeated Concordia 30

The girls got off to a good start in the first quarter, executing set plays confidently, which left them up going into the second quarter. We lost a bit of momentum in the second quarter due to silly mistakes; however, we were able to recover in the third quarter. The team went into the last quarter determined and it showed in the final score. Best player goes to Steph who was able to come on court and keep the play controlled. Steph played a great game in attack, with very precise, strong passes, creating many opportunities for goals. Well done to all girls on another win! Amy Wishart (Coach)

Year 8B – Saints 6 defeated by Concordia 29

The Year 8B team faced a tough opponent this week but kept up their energy through the entire game. The girls showed improvement in their passing this week, which is a big focus at training. They were able to incorporate set plays learnt at training into their game, which was great to see. Despite the loss, the team showed improvement, which they should be proud of. Sophia West (Coach)

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Enews – Week 2, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 13
W2 Generations in Jazz

Success at Generations in Jazz

Our girls were truly on-song at the prestigious Generations in Jazz festival in Mount Gambier last weekend, taking out a swag of awards in a competition involving about 4700 students from schools around the nation. Our Vocal Quintet was crowned best small vocal ensemble in the highest division, one of the top three categories of the event. Our other vocal group was named best large ensemble in Division 2. Our Stage Band also impressed the crowds and four of our girls scored individual honours. We thank the girls for their wonderful work and leadership; the positive approach and dedication they have all modelled is one of the main factors in our success.

Check out the video below to see the girls in action live on ABC Radio Adelaide!

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music


Every single Stage Band, Enchanté and Vocal Quintet student should be so proud of what they achieved. Looking back on the hours of note bashing, choreography, workshops and working on fine details, I can honestly say every minute was worth it. I am so grateful to the school for entering Saints Girls into this competition every year and for enabling me to be a part of it. This year, the Quintet had the privilege of participating in a workshop with Sally Cameron. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing vocalist who challenged us to think about different approaches to our sound as a small ensemble.

For me, the most exciting moment of the entire weekend was when several girls were acknowledged with individual awards. Izzy Norman’s powerful performance of ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’ won her the Division 2 best vocalist award, an outstanding achievement! I am very grateful to have been given the same accolade, the Ron Denning Award, for Division 1. Being able to walk up on the stage in front of almost 5000 people and receive such an honour was very moving and I’d like to thank Erin McKellar who helped me reach that point.

For all the girls who think they can’t sing, who think that their goal is too high or believe the old ‘I just don’t have the brain’ – well, I never thought I could sing jazz! This competition is an incredible opportunity to network, develop as a musician, enjoy the hype of performing and explore the genre of jazz, and while I am sad that this was my last one, I am thrilled that I and the other Year 12s left with a bang. Well done girls!

Sarah Brownridge
Music Captain, Year 12 Chorister/Pianist (Vocal Quintet, Enchanté, Stage Band)

I cannot express how thrilled and grateful I am for our success at my final Generations in Jazz and for being given the opportunity to participate. GIJ isn’t just a chance to perform, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about jazz and meet like-minded individuals who inspire you to achieve your goals. There is no doubt that the performances we gave on the day were some of, if not, the best we have done and this is attributable to the dedication of the girls and our music tutors. From Friday evening rehearsals for Stage Band to the infamous Sunday morning rehearsals for Enchanté, the commitment of these girls is a credit to Saints and the staff. I would especially like to thank our Stage Band Director Ms Rounsevell, Enchanté Director Mrs Noble and Robyn Habel for their endless support and encouragement. Every GIJ teaches you new things that don’t only develop you as an artist, but help you grow an even bigger appreciation of music. Generations truly is a life-changing experience.

Sophie Shearwood
Year 12 Chorister, Tenor Saxophone (Enchanté and Stage Band)

I have been to Generations in Jazz for six years in a row and each time has sent something new and exciting my way. Over the years, I have particularly enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by so many like-minded people in a place where music is embraced wholeheartedly. Everyone who travels to GIJ aims to come out of the experience having developed skills as musicians. I would like to congratulate Antonia Kirsten-Parsch (Baritone Saxophone) and Ellen Zhang (Trumpet) for getting into the Division 3 Superband comprising the best musicians in the whole division – an amazing feat that highlights the talent we have at Saints Girls. When we put all of our individual talents together, we get something that is truly incredible. Enchanté’s rendition of ‘Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child’ reduced the audience to tears, while Stage Band had the whole crowd bopping along to their music. To have Saints Girls dominate such a prestigious competition is phenomenal and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you to Ms Rounsevell and Mrs Noble for making this trip happen and for putting their blood, sweat and tears into our ensembles in order to make us perform to our best potential. Also, thank you to all of our instrumental and vocal teachers, in particular Robyn Habel, for being our biggest and most enthusiastic supporters.

Lydia Smalls
Year 12 Band Captain (Stage Band)

I thoroughly enjoyed my last time competing at Generations in Jazz and couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s accomplishments. From rehearsals at music camp, lunchtime, before school and weekends, everyone displayed a high level of commitment and dedication. Enchanté delivered an outstanding performance, earning us recognition and praise from the adjudicators Darren Percival and Nick Begby. A special thanks to Ms Rounsevell, Mrs Noble, Erin McKellar and Robyn Habel. Without them, our stellar results would not have been possible. I am very grateful to have received the opportunity to participate in such a unique jazz festival and hope Saints’ success continues to flourish.

Grace Callen
Year 12 Chorister (Enchanté)

For this year’s Generation In Jazz, girls in our school had worked really hard in order to prepare for this competition, using time at music camp, every regular school day rehearsal as well as some Sunday rehearsals, showing their full commitment and enthusiasm. After our remarkable performance in Division 2, we have earned high recognition and accomplishment from the adjudicator Darren Percival and massive cheers from our audience, including schools that were also competing in the division. As my last GIJ before I graduate, I truly experienced the joy of jazz music and cherished the great opportunity to collaborate with my vocal ensemble, Enchanté to achieve this great result.

Nancy Huang
Year 12 Chorister (Enchanté)

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From the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Girls making a difference

Kate Mortimer
Schools, like society, often celebrate success and improvement. This is of course natural. Achievement at the top of one’s field, be it sport, academics or the Arts, should be celebrated. As should individual improvement within any area of school life. But, equally important is the recognition of those who take active steps to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Last term, Brooke Oliver attended The Mary Magdalene Centre to serve food on a Saturday evening. She returned to school with a proposal to collect cards, envelopes and stamps which would be made available to patrons at the Centre. Brooke spoke to Year 11 about this initiative and outlined the difference it could make to someone who had fallen out of contact with their family or loved ones. The ability to send a card to someone you care about is something that many of us take for granted. Brooke drove the initiative for weeks and last Saturday returned to the Centre, delivering the collections she had taken from Year 11. What was it that generated her decision to act? The answer is probably best explained in her own words:

“Whilst volunteering at the Centre last term, I found myself talking to a young girl, aged 16, who was dealing with the challenge of raising her own young child. The way she was independently raising her, struggling without any support from her family really resonated within me and inspired me to initiate a card drive at our school that gave everyone at the Centre the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones.”

Felicia Mi, Amira Shahin, Sindhu Nedumaran and Grace Edwards are currently pushing a Winter Clothing Drive for Syrian refugees who are living in a camp in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. They identified a need for winter clothing in a part of the world where people are forced to burn plastic to survive. The girls will also be visiting other Adelaide schools in an attempt to raise a sizeable donation of clothing. They then plan to ship the clothes to Lebanon. Their response to the needs of others provides us all the opportunity to reflect on how often we consider taking action to help those who are less fortunate.

These are only a small sample of the ways in which our girls are having a positive impact on both local and global communities. Their empathy and desire to improve the lives of others provides an inspiring example for us all.

11 Winter Drive
Amira Shahin, Sindhu Nedumaran, Felicia Mi and Grace Edwards

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2017 Europe Trip

W2 Europe Trip

An itinerary packed with a lifetime of experiences that our students will remember and treasure forever.

Our journey started in London with visits to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and a relaxing Thames cruise. All of the students were suitably impressed with our first glimpse of Big Ben. The London Dungeons provided a snapshot of medieval London history and was a very educational and entertaining stop. Madame Tussauds was so much fun having ‘selfies’ with our favourite famous people. The Lion King was our ‘West End’ theatre experience and the performance was extraordinary. We were able to relate to all the ‘Brexit’ jokes and added SIMBAlism throughout.

The Warner Bro’s Harry Potter Studio Tour was a personal highlight to all. It was incredible to walk around such detailed and well-lit sets, to learn about the costumes and animatronic creatures and to taste Butterbeer for the first time. Many of the girls bought their favourite character’s wand as a lasting souvenir.

The Eurostar carried us to France in the ‘Chunnel’ and our first glimpse of the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night took our breath away. The Palace of Versailles was extraordinary – We were blown away by the intricate artworks and the Hall of Mirrors. It was like we had stepped into the 18th century. Shopping in Paris was an exciting time for us all. There were a variety of stores ranging from well-known department shops like H&M to little French boutiques. On our second morning in France we climbed the Eiffel Tower, and were rewarded for our patience in the queues with a spectacular view of Paris. Later, we visited L’Arc de Triomphe and then had a quick look around the Louvre, stopping by the Mona Lisa of course!

We spent the next three days in Arras, visiting World War One battlefields, memorials and Commonwealth War Cemeteries. Our excellent tour guide Jon, taught us so much about the Great War; one of the facts being the youngest Australian soldier was only 14! This will be a valuable experience as we continue our study of senior history. Annabel Baldwinson, Faye Ma and Zoe Scobie had the privilege of taking part in the Menin Gate Last Post Service laying a wreath on behalf of our school. As we left France for our onward journey to Berlin, we looked back with some pride on our attempts to speak French.

On Anzac Day, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Australian Ambassador’s residence in Berlin for breakfast, and then lay a wreath on behalf of the Youth of Australia at an official Anzac Day service, an incredibly unique experience for not only Bethany Cross and Ashleigh Rogers who represented the school but all who attended this special service so far from Australia.

Berlin offers a unique historical perspective. Most intriguing were the memorials to the Holocaust and the Cold War ‘wall’ remnants. The Jewish Memorial in the heart of Berlin was a sobering reminder of the atrocities suffered. The remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall were truly mesmerising and reminded us of what life was like in the divided city. The East Side Gallery (street art on portions of the Berlin Wall) was an amazing experience and showed the group how Berliners expressed their frustrations creatively about political divisions.

Our visit to Nuremberg was magical. We stayed in the Kaiserburg town castle and spent our days exploring the medieval town and shopping in this quaint location.

Despite only spending a few hours in Munich, we discovered the majesty of the city. Our final day was spent at Dachau and linked our experience at the Jewish Memorial in Berlin to the realities of a concentration camp.

While the focus of the trip was History and a chance to practice our French, we did manage to positively support the economy of the EU with our expert ability to shop!

The trip has left us with a lifetime of memories and an understanding of historical complexities that have shaped Europe.

Lynne Spry with students Amelie Dunda, Annabel Baldwinson, Fiona Lethbridge, Emma Matheson, Zoë Scobie, Bethany Cross, Ashleigh Rogers, Faye Ma, Jaime Darley, Lola Dimond, Mahala Truscott, Caitlin Fidler and Alex McKay

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Figure skating success

W2 Charlotte Figure Skating

Following on from our recent theme of highlighting special achievements of our Junior School girls, we sat down with Year 5 student Charlotte Farley, who recently competed in figure skating competitions in Melbourne and Adelaide. Charlotte received third place in the Preliminary Ladies’ Artistic Competition as well as the Artistic Encouragement Award in Melbourne. In the Adelaide competition, she received first place in the Preliminary Ladies’ Technical Program, first place in the Preliminary Artistic Program, and the Most Entertaining Artistic Award for the competition.

Here are a few words from Charlotte about her passion for the sport and her dedication to training.

“My love of skating all started at the age of four when I went to a public session with my mum. At first I was so scared to skate but then I did it and was so happy. After that day I kept asking and asking my mum to give me lessons and then on my 5th birthday she let me have lessons and I was so happy. I continued the lessons weekly and slowly learned how to skate properly and began to learn jumps and spins. When I was seven, I joined in their end of year Ice Show and the theme was ‘Broadway’. We learnt to skate in a group and perform two routines. In my second Ice Show I performed five routines and last year I was in 13 routines. It was busy and a huge amount of fun.

When I was seven I had my first competition and skated with a friend. At the end of the year I was chosen to be a part of their Rising Star group to be trained into competing. I compete as a single skater and last year graduated from the Aussie Skate School program and I am now skating in the IJS level of Preliminary Ladies. IJS (International Judging System) is used around the globe all the way to World Championships and the Olympics. I have competed at three interstate competitions and seven local competitions.

In figure skating you have a program where you skate before the judges. You have to include tricks called elements like spins and jumps and use good skate skills. The judges give you scores for technique and presentation and interpretation to music. At the moment I have two programs, one is artistic and I made it up myself. The other program is technical and my coach put it together. In figure skating you move up through levels by doing tests where you have to learn patterns and programs. You skate these before the judges and if you do it correctly you will pass.

I currently train six ice sessions a week, two off-ice sessions at the rink and take 3hrs of dance lessons on a Wednesday. I also train at home practicing my jumping and building up my strength. Altogether I train about 13 hours a week. I have also had training camps and trips to work with interstate coaches this year.

My favourite things about skating are that there are always more challenges to improve, in artistic you can express yourself and entertain the crowd. At interstate competitions you meet many new people and make new friends. In figure skating you must be strong and use all your thinking skills and body skills together.”

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Florida awaits for aspiring ballerina

W2 Bree Update

In Week 10 of Term 1, there was an Enews article about Bree Jakupec, a dedicated and talented dancer who was heading off to Sydney for a dance workshop. We caught up with Bree and asked her to tell us all about her experience, and share her other exciting news – her upcoming dancing trip to Florida!

“In the last week of Term 1, I travelled to Sydney to attend the McDonald College’s Elite Masterclass Series. This experience was amazing as I met other aspiring ballerinas from all over Australia and was taught by some of the most prestigious and respected teachers in the world. These teachers were Paul Boyd from the Queensland Ballet Company and Anita Young from the Royal Ballet School. On my first day I was really nervous, but after my first class I realised that both the teachers were really friendly and the learning and improvement of each student was important to them. I really enjoyed the course and definitely learnt some worthwhile tips and tricks from both teachers, it was a great experience and I am very grateful to have had the chance to participate in the Masterclass Series.

Recently I have also been accepted into the Orlando Ballet School’s Summer Intensive in the USA. More than 1200 people auditioned and only 350 received a position in the course. I am so excited to be offered this experience and cannot wait until June. I will be training six days a week for two weeks, participating in classes such as classical ballet, repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary, and jazz. I think the Intensive will be a valuable experience for me as it will give me an acumen insight into the average day of a professional dancer, working seven hours a day for most of the week. I hope to really benefit from the Intensive and am counting down the days until June!”

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Saints Girls’ families help feed those in need

W2 St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre

Last Saturday, a group of Saints Girls’ parents and students spent a few hours at the St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre in the city, serving a delicious three-course meal to about 70 people in dire need of a home cooked meal. Our thanks to our volunteers – Fiona McGregor, Madison McGregor-Simms, Bernie Schaedel, Meg Keough, Robyn and Imogen Nienaber, Chris and Alex Wakeham, Susanna, Luke and Ellie Anderson and Olivia Goldsmith – for heating, stirring, serving and washing up on the evening with good grace and many laughs. The patrons were very grateful, there was plenty to go around and the remainder was handed out in take-away containers.

Even bigger thanks to all the generous Middle School parents who cooked a record number of meals and soups that were served. As they say, “It takes a village”, and never a truer word was said – without the generosity of our School community this could not have come together.

In fact, this was the second Saturday this year that we have fed this large group, the first being on 25 March. On that evening it was the Senior School families who so generously provided the food and soups. Our volunteers on that evening were Cathrin Parsch, Antonia Kirsten-Parsch , Pam and Rachel Banham, Kate Mortimer, Susanna and Luke.

Our final night of the year will be Saturday 16 September when we will be asking the Junior School parents to provide the food.

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High School Mooting Competition: Bond University Faculty of Law

Moot Team
Our Mooting Team competed as the Appellant in Tuesday’s Moot (civil law court case) against Respondent Mentone Grammar (Victoria) in Bond University’s Moot Court 1. Our submission was praised by the Judges for its clear understanding of Case Law, Statute Law and effective use of precedent. Our Captain, Olivia Parkinson, cleverly prepared the team, Senior Counsel Charlotte Minney and Junior Counsel Shardia Russo, to argue our case and answer Judges’ questions succinctly and confidently. There are 74 schools competing this week and only the eight best teams will make the finals to be held at Bond in June. Our team should be proud of their performance.

Lynne Spry
Moot Team Coach

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da Vinci Decathlon

W2 da Vinci Decathlon

St Peter’s Girls is yet again hosting the South Australian da Vinci Decathlon between 30 May and 1 June. Students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines: Mathematics and Chess; English; Science; Code Breaking; Engineering Challenge; Ideation; Creative Producers; Art and Poetry; Cartography; General Knowledge. There are 30 schools registered across 57 teams, which should make for a fantastic and highly competitive da Vinci Decathlon this year. St Peter’s Girls has three teams competing, with one entered in each division (Year 5/6, Year 7 and Year 9).

Our da Vinci Decathlon teams have been working hard stretching their minds around the 10 different disciplines that make up the competition. So far in engineering, the girls have looked at designing houses that would be able to withstand torrential rain. This was more successful for some than others as a few roofs collapsed! The girls have also worked hard on developing their code breaking skills using Caesar’s shift code, frequency analysis and the pigpen cipher. Another new, but exciting area the girls have investigated has been ideation and design thinking, tackling real-life problems to creatively find solutions that can improve life. Some disciplines have been easier for the girls than others, but all have brought laughter and team work. The girls have demonstrated great commitment by attending two practices a week, and coming to school during the holidays and weekends.

We wish the teams all the very best for the upcoming da Vinci Decathlon.

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myLink Parent Portal

It’s been a week since we launched our new Parent Portal myLink and we’ve been receiving positive feedback. If you haven’t had a look yet, please take the time to visit the site. You can access a whole range of vital information at your fingertips including details on courses, assignments, marks, sports and performing arts. It’s also where you can find information previously found on the Link Portal (via the Community Portal tab) and the online School Shop.

Once you reach the Welcome page, you can watch several user guide videos and then start your journey by clicking on the myLink Home tab on the top menu. You can even activate email notifications for elements such as assignment due dates and marks – to see how, check out our instructional video.

When you log in to myLink, your username and password are the same as you would’ve used for the old Link portal. You can contact if you need any assistance.

The site will be continually updated and we look forward to cementing it as the key information hub for parents. We hope you enjoy using myLink!

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Year 11 Research Project

Do you have a child aged 4 – 12 years?

Currently, our Year 11 SACE cohort are engaged in individual Research Projects that investigate self-selected topics. Students are encouraged to use authentic research processes to gather information from real sources. One approach they can use is developing and distributing surveys to a specific audience.

This year, Therese Kemp has chosen to investigate the impact of media on young children and created a survey that focuses on parents with children in the ELC to Year 6.

She has independently developed her survey through SurveyMonkey and is now seeking your support. Her investigation explores the psychological, emotional and physical impact of media.

All responses are anonymous and will be used only for the purpose of Therese completing her Research Project. Through her research, her aim is to apply the knowledge that she gains to develop and implement strategies to encourage families to use media more effectively.

Please follow the link attached.

Your support is appreciated.

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Master Plan Update: From the construction zone

W2 Building Site
Construction is moving along well at the building site, with structural columns and beams in place. Work has begun on closing in the walls, and the lift pit walls have been poured ready for the pre-cast panels. Electrical pre-wiring services are well underway and nearing completion. There are exciting times ahead as we start to see significant changes within the interior of the new Middle School.

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Calling all budding pianists

W1 Piano Competition

If you are a keen piano player, consider entering the St Peter’s Girls Piano Competition & Recital. Girls will have the opportunity to perform a piece to a panel of judges who will critique their performance based on accuracy, technique and musicality for their specific music level. Ten students from across the Junior, Middle and Senior School will then be chosen from the competition to perform at our Recital. This is a great opportunity for girls to perform in a supportive environment and get some feedback on their playing.

The Piano Competition will be held on Friday 26 May between 10.30am and 2pm and the Recital will be held on Wednesday 31 May at 6.30pm.

Parents and friends are welcome to attend and we encourage students to enter regardless of where they may have piano lessons. The deadline for entry is 19 May so please don’t delay in registering. Forms can be picked up from the Arts Department office.

Please contact Arts Administrator Jeanne Phillips if you would like more information.

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Parenting Girls course

Parenting Ideas is offering a three-week online course called Parenting Girls, aimed at parents of girls aged 3 – 15 years. The course discusses topics such as mental health, feelings and emotions, body image and sexualisation, social media and the online space, healthy friendships, confrontation, self-esteem and sense of identity as well as roles of mums and dads.

Brought to you by best-selling author and parenting expert, Michael Grose, the course features videos, articles, weekly live Q&A with Michael Grose and a closed FB support group.

Course details

Start date: 26 May 2017
Cost: $67
Sign Up:
Parenting Girls course flyer

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

Buy your 2017 Entertainment Book at School drop off on Friday 19 May!

An Entertainment Book Representative will be at our Saints Café from 7.30 – 8.30am to answer any questions you might have and we will have books available to view.

A St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club fundraiser, every book that is sold will have part proceeds go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online, via the form at the Front Office, or speak to the Entertainment Book representative at our Saints Café on Friday 19 May.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Quiz Night

W2 Quiz Night 2017
Our Parents’ & Friends’ Association is calling for donations of wine. We are offering a fundraising Wine Wall at our upcoming Quiz Night on Friday 16 June.

Please drop off wine donations to the Community Relations Office across from the School Shop.

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Fame – The Musical needs your help!


Shout out to all costume extraordinaires!

As rehearsals continue for the amazing production of Fame – The Musical we are seeking some help with making costumes.

That means, if you can sew, then we need you!

We will need some basic dancing wrap skirts made (around 15 of them) and some very simple style graduation gowns for the whole cast – that’s about 50! If you think that this is something you can contribute to, or if you might be able to organise a little working bee of volunteer sewers, then please contact Ms Abby Davey at

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News

W2 Sports

The Winter Season officially gets underway this week. All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me at


Thursday 4 May
In near-perfect conditions, a number of students ran to try qualify for school teams being selected for the East Adelaide District Carnival and then the State Championships at Oakbank later this term. All events were run in age groups and medals will be presented to these girls:

10 year olds (2km)
Gold – Carla Massicci
Silver – Lara Maione
Bronze – Anna Venning

11 year olds (3km)
Gold – Molly Dwyer
Silver – Willow Stewart-Rattray
Bronze – Dani Cox

12 year olds (3km)
Gold – Noa Goddard
Silver – Ellie Humphrey
Bronze – Emily Baldwinson

13 year olds (3km)
Gold – Imogen Elliott
Silver – Portia Maerschel

14 year olds (3km)
Gold – Matilda Braithwaite

15 year olds (3km)
Gold – Hattie Maerschel
Silver – Millie Wilkin

16 year olds (3km)
Gold – Eve Habel

Open (3km)
Gold – Bethany Cross


Saturday 6 May
Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Trinity 5
In the season opening match Saints were forced to defend strongly for much of the first half, with minimal scoring opportunities. Trinity had a very strong attack, forcing Jade Leyden and Carla Lawrence to defend really well. During the second half, the intensity of Saints picked up and most tackles and turnovers remained in the midfield where Jemimah Simpson, Poppie Goldsmith and Holly Cardone kept the pressure on Trinity. Grace Edwards also performed well, saving multiple goals. Lara Khoury (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 drew with Trinity 0
The Open Bs began the year with a trial game against Trinity College and both teams had their chances but were unable to capitalise and finish off their good work, seeing the match finish in a draw. A number of girls were playing hockey for the first time and performed well, especially Alice Reid in goals. Some of the better performers included Amelie Eaton, Annabelle Black, Renee Lawrence and the inaugural winner of Best Player, Poppie Goldsmith. The coaches have a number of things that they will work on to help our passes and hitting in the circle this week. Dan Searle (Supervisor)


Saturday 6 May
Under 15 – Saints 16 defeated Glenelg 7
Our U/15 Lacrosse team got off to a roaring start for our first game for the season by defeating Glenelg. Well done to our goal scorers, Hattie and Portia Maerschel (5 each), Millie Wilkin (4) and Chelsea Walls (2). A special thank you to the goalies who did a tremendous job: Scarlett Hocking and Saskia Jonats. We also welcomed new players, Paris Robinson and Ellie Anderson, who played very well in the first game and our youngest recruit, Willow Stewart-Rattray. Millie Wilkin

Under 11 – Saints White 13 defeated Saints Blue 10
For the first time Saints entered two teams in the Under 11 Lacrosse League and what a thrilling game it was! Teams were led by last season’s Under 13s’ minor premier’s players, Lara Maione and Alannah Godfrey (both Year 4). We also welcomed many new players for the first time, who all showed great enthusiasm. All players learned more about the modified rules, and everyone played with teamwork in mind. We had ‘pocket rocket’ Hayley Webb (Year 3), and strong defending by Emily Bates (Year 3) and Lauren Pearce (Year 4). Many players scored during the game, including Savannah Walls (Year 3), and Alannah Godfrey and Lara Maione, who also captained the two teams. The teams are excited about the season ahead, and look forward to Jenna Maione (Year 5) recovering from her injury and being back on the playing field. Lastly, special thanks to Captain of Lacrosse, Sophie Auricht, and Millie Wilkin for umpiring the match. Lucy Martin and Courtney Tasker (Coaches)


Saturday 6 May
Open A – Saints 61 defeated St Ignatius 23
With several players out due to music and sickness, the defensive circle was missing Charlotte White and Lily Habel, so Sivi Sivasuthan slotted in fabulously with Sophie Freeman in defence and Abbey Goodwin moved back into attack, supported brilliantly by Fiona Dawson. Brooke Elliott and Eve Habel fitted in and worked extremely well with Holly Cunningham and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith in the mid-court, providing Saints with slick movement of the ball all through the court, finding the shooters easily. Lots of pressure forced St Ignatius into bad passes which were intercepted by Saints players over the whole court. A faultless game by all. Sue Sumsion (Coach)

Open B – Saints 50 defeated St Ignatius 32
A few players covered the Open As and Bs in the way of Brooke Elliott, Eve Habel and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith and it took a quarter for the Open Bs to settle and they were down by 4 goals. Eve Habel moved to wing attack in the 2nd quarter and the girls outscored St Ignatius by 10 goals and didn’t look back. The transition of ball from Ebony-Jade and Eve into the shooters of Brooke Elliott and Nicolette Miller was impeccable, and Jessie Rundle and Charlotte Parker started intercepting and rebounding anything coming their way so the score pulled out yet again. Chanel Stefani and Eleanor Pyne worked hard as well, making good passing decisions when they intercepted the ball. A great win for the Open Bs and well done to all players! Sue Sumsion (Coach)

Open E (Year 11) – Saints 32 drew with Immanuel 32
Saints kick-started the term with a close match against Immanuel, with the lead changing a number of times. Saints worked the ball down the court well, with some good passages of play from LuLu Tierney, Freya Ware and Holly Steer providing opportunities for the shooters, India Deere and Sindhu Nedumaran. Willow Fowler also had a solid game, making a number of intercepts, and with Saints behind by a goal in the last minute teamed together, maintained possession and scored to level the game. Overall, a very good game which should provide the girls with confidence for future games. Neil Fuller (Supervisor)

Open E (Year 12) – Saints 29 defeated by Immanuel 32
Saints played with much intensity and put in a strong performance. The game was close throughout, but unfortunately resulted in a narrow loss. All players performed exceptionally well but a special mention to Chelsea Marchetti for being a star shooter and Alice Petchey for owning the mid-court. Another special thank you to LuLu Tierney and India Deere who filled in for the Year 12s and contributed to their brilliant game. Molly Ellis (Year 12)

Year 10A
A great first game by the girls. First quarter blew out a few cobwebs which was frustrating for the girls as they knew they had more in them. However, with a few words of encouragement and active coaching from the side-lines, the team really pulled together and narrowed the margin each quarter. I’m really proud of the girls for taking on all the information thrown at them. All in all, a great first game for the season! Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10B/C – Saints 11 defeated by Saints Year 9B 24
The Year 10B team played a strong internal match against the Year 9B team. Regardless of the score, the Year 10s proved that they could gel together as a team throughout the duration of the game and showed a lot of promise for the season ahead. Changes in the goal circle helped to find potential shooting partners, and we will hope to improve this at trainings this season. Great defensive worked indicated the strength and perseverance of this team, and I cannot wait to work closer with the girls this year. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 33 defeated St Ignatius 13

Year 9B – Saints 24 defeated Saints Year 10 B/C 11

Year 8A – Saints 56 defeated St Ignatius 15
This week, despite it being a trial match, the girls played a fantastic game. They were determined from the start and kept high energy through the entire game, which resulted in a win. Ella Waltham and Anna White played a great game in goals and worked together extremely well. They took advantage of every shooting opportunity and had great movement in the circle. Defensive pressure all down the court prevented our opponents from having many chances to score. Overall, it was a great start to the season and all girls should be proud! Amy Wishart (Coach) 

Year 8B – Saints 8 defeated by St Ignatius 46
Well done to all the players for a good first match at the start of the season. They started off strongly and played well against St Ignatius and were in the lead. However, in the last quarter, St Ignatius came back and our girls could not secure a win. They played well together as a team and had strong defence. I was impressed by their positive attitude, despite the score. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. Sophia West (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 20 defeated St Ignatius 8
The Year 7A netball team played their first game on Saturday against St Ignatius. The team was able to work their way into the game and maintained composure when under pressure, showing great promise for the season ahead. Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 12 defeated St Ignatius 6
The girls started off their season strongly, finishing with a win. Everyone worked well together to bring the ball down the court and supported each other when needed. They all listened well at the quarter breaks, taking on the feedback and using it on the court. Well done to Sophie Norman who made multiple intercepts, resulting in goals. All girls who were shooting in goals did exceptionally well, helping us to keep scoring. I am looking forward to the season and working with these girls and building their skills. Georgia Naughton (Coach)

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Enews – Week 1, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 12

From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300Welcome back to Term 2.

The builders have been busy over the break. The deck joining the new Middle School to the oval has started to take shape and the hole for the lift well has been excavated. Internally you can now see where the classrooms and break out spaces will be positioned, with the classrooms in the south-east corner having stunning outlooks given the magnificent views over both Ferguson Park and the oval. All the furniture and IT equipment has been ordered and we remain on track for the new facility to open at the start of Term 3 this year. It’s a great time to be in Middle School at Saints Girls!

As we stated in our Strategic Plan, relevant and responsive communication is the key to an informed and engaged community. Designed to improve communication between the School and parents, our new Parent Portal myLink is now ‘live’ for all parents.

myLink brings together a variety of information. Under sport you will find your daughter’s upcoming fixture including a map of the venue. Similarly under performing arts you’ll find the schedule of rehearsals and performances. The community portal button will take you to the previous version of the parent portal where you can access your daughter’s reports and financial accounts. But the myLink Home button is perhaps the one you’ll find the most useful. This can take a few seconds to load so please be patient as it draws together information from all your daughter’s subjects. You’ll be able to access marks, assignment notifications and general teacher announcements. Should you wish, you can request email notifications alerting you to when marks have been published. We’ll be emailing you with more details. Please watch the instructional videos and don’t hesitate to contact the IT Department if you experience any difficulty. We will have staff available at the upcoming parent-teacher interviews to give you a demonstration of the new system. I have trialled myLink now for a number of weeks and as a parent I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool. I hope that you too find it to be an excellent addition to our communication mechanisms.

In staffing news, Vicky Charlton informed me last week that she will be retiring at the end of this term. Hence you’ll notice that we’ve advertised for a full-time permanent upper primary specialist to join our wonderful Junior School team.

Best wishes for what will be a short but hectic term.

Julia Shea

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A message from our Prefects

W1 Winter Uniform 1

What does Kennion House Captain and Prefect Georgia Bateman have to say about the Uniform?

This week in assembly Georgia Bateman (with help from the Prefects) produced a humorous short film about the winter uniform requirements. But, it was her address to the girls after the film, that was of most significance:

“Wearing the uniform correctly should be something that each one of you are proud of. To be completely honest – wearing your uniform incorrectly in no way, shape or form makes you cool or more popular. I can assure you girls you will not be impressing anyone with your socks down and rolling your skirt up, the only thing you will be getting is baggy socks and an uneven skirt.

What I have learnt is that the school uniform achieves three main things for our school. These are: pride, unity amongst your peers, and a sense of belonging. Wearing our uniform correctly and wearing it with pride speaks volumes about us, our School spirit and our respect for representing a school as admirable as Saints Girls.

Not only does it determine our pride as individuals, wearing the uniform creates unity in our community, and makes it a community that can be admired by many. A sense of belonging to Saints is an opportunity not many girls receive, and wearing your uniform the right way shows that you are not only thankful to be here, but you are a proud Saints Girl.”

Georgia Bateman
Kennion House Captain

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Generations in Jazz

W1 Generations in Jazz

Generations in Jazz is a music event held in Mount Gambier that attracts jazz talent from across the globe. There is a Schools Section where stage bands and vocal ensembles from around Australia compete against each other in various divisions. St Peter’s Girls has two vocal ensembles and a stage band competing at Generations in Jazz this year. On Friday, the girls will head to Mount Gambier in preparation for the competition on Saturday.

The various divisions have set pieces that they must perform:

ANZ Vocal Ensemble Awards
Div 1 Small – Grass Grows Greener by Anders Edenroth
Div 2 – Sometimes I feel like a motherless child by Naomi Crellin

City of Mt Gambier Stage Band Awards
Div 3.2 – Big Duke by Ross Irwin

On Tuesday 2 May, the girls performed a lunchtime concert in preparation for the competition. It was a great opportunity for them to perform their songs in front of a crowd, and even better for the audience of students to be able to enjoy such great music. The ensembles have been working incredibly hard in the lead up to Generations in Jazz, and they are sounding sensational. We wish the performers all the best and look forward to enjoying a recap of the experience in an upcoming Enews.

Enjoy some highlights from the lunchtime concert by checking out the video on our Facebook page –

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Vaulting her way to the top

W1 Lucy Gymnastics

Upon hearing that Year 4 student Lucy Kitching has been selected for a gymnastics clinic at the AIS from 29 May to 2 June, we sat down with her to find out a little more about her amazing dedication to gymnastics.

“I started gymnastics when I was eight months old and then when I was four years old went to Saints Gym Club and fell in love with gymnastics. I was identified by one of the Gym-JETS coaches who also coached at Saints Gym Club.

At five years old I started training at Gym-JETS down at Marion, and now I train seven sessions a week which are 3.5 hours and on Tuesday it is 6.5 hours because I have two training sessions (23 hours a week)! As part of my training I do two testings for strength and flexibility a year but I also have an IDEAL Skills testing two times a year so I can be identified by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). This clinic is based on skill acquisition and is by invitation only for each age category. At the AIS, you have to do a ballet section, more strength and flexibility testing, and you learn new skills from different Australian coaches. You stay in dormitories with different girls from around Australia and you stay at the AIS for about a week and get to use all the different facilities, like the cold pool for recovery.”

We wish Lucy all the best with her gymnastics journey, and hope that she enjoys the clinic and finds it a rewarding experience.

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St Peter’s Girls’ Mooting Team heads to Queensland

W1 Mooting Competition

On Monday 8 May our Mooting Team will be heading to the Gold Coast to compete in the National High School Mooting Competition, hosted by the Faculty of Law at Bond University. The competition is held from Monday 8 to Wednesday 17 May with finals being held on Saturday 3 June. St Peter’s Girls will be represented by –

Captain and solicitor: Olivia Parkinson
Senior Counsel: Charlotte Minney
Junior Counsel: Shardia Russo

The aim of the event is to give the students an opportunity to research a legal issue and make an oral presentation against an opposing counsel and before a judge. This gives students an experience reflective of a real-life law case, and a taste of what being a practising lawyer may be like. Teams are assessed on their advocacy skills, rather than the merits of the case itself.

We look forward to catching up with the team upon their return to hear about their experience. Good luck girls!

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Calling all budding pianists

W1 Piano Competition

If you are a keen piano player, consider entering the St Peter’s Girls Piano Competition & Recital. Girls will have the opportunity to perform a piece to a panel of judges, who will critique their performance based on accuracy, technique and musicality for their specific music level. Ten students from across the Junior, Middle and Senior School will then be chosen from the competition to perform at our recital on Wednesday 31 May at 7pm in MB 120. This is a great opportunity for girls to perform in a supportive environment and get some feedback on their playing.

The Piano Competition will be held on Friday 26 May and the Recital will be held on Wednesday 31 May.

Parents and friends are welcome to attend and we encourage students to enter regardless of where they may have piano lessons. The deadline for entry is 19 May so please don’t delay in registering. Forms can be picked up from the Arts Department office.

Please contact Arts Administrator Jeanne Phillips if you would like more information.

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Vale Sister Audrey CSC

W1 Sister Audrey

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Sister Audrey, a treasured figure in our School’s history.

Born in Ballarat on 2 May 1924, she joined the Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC) in 1959. In 1972, she was elected Australian Provincial of the CSC, a position that saw her play a pivotal role in education not only at our School, but also at St Michael’s Grammar School in Melbourne and St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart. She was heavily involved in facilitating the change of ownership of our School from CSC to an Incorporated Association managed by a Board of Governors.

She died in Melbourne on 18 April 2017 and was farewelled during a Requiem Eucharist. Past Chair of the Board of Governors and Old Scholar, Meredyth Sarah AM, delivered a eulogy describing Sister Audrey as a well-educated woman with a strong faith in God, and a gift of foresight enhanced by a good business acumen, knowledge of governance and an ability to be a good judge of character.

St Peter’s Girls would not be where it is today without the passion, dedication and vision of people such as Sister Audrey. She epitomised our core values of courage, compassion and creativity, bringing inspiration to generations of girls past, present and future. She will be sorely missed and the School passes on its deepest condolences to her loved ones. As we approach 125 years of excellence in education, Sister Audrey’s legacy will live on.

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Peer Support Program

W1 Peer Support 1

The Peer Support Program provides a fun and engaging environment for students in Reception to Year 6 to address social issues. Trained Peer Leaders (Year 6 students), supervised by a teacher, facilitate structured activities with a group of 8 – 10 students from Reception to Year 6. The Peer Support Program will run in Term 2, with the first of eight 30 minute sessions taking place in Home Group lesson on Thursday 5 May.

The Peer Support Leaders had training to develop the skills required to be strong leaders. It was held late in Term 1, and focused on leadership skills, relationships with others, and strategies to lead a group.

As peer leaders we are looking forward to…

“Making people feel more welcome and working with a co-peer leader to do some enjoyable activities.” – Phoebe Black

Skills we have to assist us to be effective Peer Leaders…

“Being organised, being a good communicator and working together well.”
– Ruby Croston-Melling

The Peer Support Program will provide many opportunities for students from different year levels to work together and get to know each other, further developing the sense of community at St Peter’s Girls.

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Fame – The Musical needs your help!


Shout out to all costume extraordinaires!

As rehearsals continue for the amazing production of Fame – The Musical we are seeking some help with making costumes.

That means, if you can sew, then we need you!

We will need some basic dancing wrap skirts made (around 15 of them) and some very simple style graduation gowns for the whole cast – that’s about 50! If you think that this is something you can contribute to, or if you might be able to organise a little working bee of volunteer sewers, then please contact Ms Abby Davey at

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Dr Tom Nehmy to visit St Peter’s Girls’ School

11 Tom Nehmy

We are delighted to announce that in Term 2 we will be working with the highly regarded Clinical Psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy. Tom will be working with our Year 8 girls and Home Group Teachers to deliver the Healthy Minds Program.

To launch the program, Tom will be conducting a parent information session at 6pm on Wednesday 10 May, during Parent Teacher Interviews.

This 8 week program, consisting of a visiting speaker session and a Home Group lesson each week teaches students:

• The thinking skills that prevent or reduce risk of depression, anxiety, eating disorders & body image problems (without specifically focussing on any particular psychological disorder)
• How ‘unhelpful perfectionism’ plays a troublesome role in mental health, achievement, and general quality of life. Contrary to popular belief, some types of perfectionism actually inhibit achievement.
• The keys to understanding the function of emotions, and the most helpful ways of navigating their emotional lives
• Psychological flexibility
• Realistic thinking (this is the key skill of modern cognitive behaviour therapy)
• Self-compassion as an antidote to self-criticism (and why this is far more important than self-esteem)
• Ways to understand and deal with procrastination – these work for school, work and life
• To challenge the unrealistic media ideals that promote body-image dissatisfaction, which can lead to disordered eating and depression
• The cultivation of gratitude as an everyday perspective (it has been shown to improve sleep, immune system function, and happiness)
• The motivational techniques that change problem behaviours into helpful, healthy, and high-performance behaviours

We are looking forward to working with Tom and his team, and hope to see all Year 8 parents at the information session on Wednesday 10 May.

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Mums’ Night Out

11 Mums' Night Out
Enjoy a great night socialising at the upcoming Mums’ Night Out. Meet other mothers from St Peter’s Girls whilst enjoying gourmet finger food and a complimentary drink on arrival!

Bookings close soon – please hurry so you don’t miss out!

Purchase your ticket now at

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Free Parenting Seminar

Parenting SA is holding a seminar for parents of teens and pre-teens called ‘Understanding the boy-code’.

It will be held on 30 May at the Adelaide Convention Centre, 7-9pm. It will be presented by Dr Justin Coulson, nationally recognised parenting speaker, author and columnist.

Register to attend in person or view the live webcast at

View the flyer here

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Sports Survey

10 Sports Survey

Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) is seeking five minutes of your time to complete the Annual Sports Survey. SSSG aims to help increase student involvement in sporting pursuits, whether as participants or in a coaching or officiating capacity, not least because of the health benefits of being physically active. Funds raised in 2016 were used to provide Level 1 coaching skills courses to all our student coaches and mentors, a new high jump mat, and the opportunity for Year 10 students to complete the Royal Lifesaving Bronze Medallion. We continued to support the end of year Sports Awards by acknowledging student coaches and sponsoring the Student Coach of the Year Award. We use the survey to gain feedback from the School Community about our activities so we hope that you will contribute.

Fill out the survey

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls’ Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News

W1 Sports

The official start of the Winter Season gets underway this week. All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me at

Cross Country Fun Run

A reminder that the house cross country fun-run will be held on Friday 12 May. You should have received a separate letter indicating the times for each year level.

A friendly reminder that fundraising is encouraged with some wonderful prizes on offer. All money raised will be used by the Saints Sport Support Group to assist with the development sporting programs and facilities.

Students can create a profile and all fundraising can be done online

If you have created an online account all prizes must be ordered by 19 May.

Summer Interhouse

Friday 24 April

The annual Summer Interhouse was held in near perfect conditions for students in Reception through to Year 12. Participation was very high, as was the spirit within each House.

Junior Teeball – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kilburn, 3rd Patteson, 4th Kennion
Basketball – 1st Patteson, 2nd Kilburn, 3rd Selwyn, 4th Kennion
Softball – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Patteson, 3rd Kennion, 4th Selwyn
Tennis – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Patteson, 4th Kilburn
Volleyball – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Patteson, 4th Selwyn


Congratulations to Portia Maerschel (Year 7) who in the holidays competed at the National Little Athletics Championships. Portia was named as one of the team captains and competed in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump before helping the SA relay team to break the state record and claim the bronze medal.

In the last week of term, the Years 8 – 12 Athletics team had an outstanding performance in their first year in the state’s highest grade – A1, finishing third overall behind Trinity College and Brighton High. Students who placed in the top three in their events were:

Rachael Disney – Open 200m 1st, 400m 2nd, 100m 3rd, 4 x 100m Relay 3rd
Jasmine Ledgard – Open Shot 1st, Javelin 2nd, Discus 3rd
Thandi Murada – Open 3000m 2nd, 1500m 3rd, 4x100m 3rd
Katherine Woolley – Open High Jump 2nd,
Holly Cunningham – Open 1000m Steeplechase 3rd, 4x100m 3rd
Charlotte Kelly – Open 100m Hurdles 3rd, 4x100m 3rd
Millisent Wilkin – Under 15 400m 3rd
Olufunto Komolafe – Under 16 Long Jump 2nd
Charlotte White – Under 16 Discus 1st
Amelia Wood – Under 15 90m Hurdles 1st, Open Pole Vault 2nd, U15 Triple Jump 3rd
Charlotte Sellars – Under 15 Discus 3rd
Nicolette Miller – Under 16 Javelin 2nd
Sophie Barr – Under 14 Shot 1st, Discus 2nd, 4 x 100m Relay 2nd, 80m Hurdles 3rd
Portia Maerschel – Under 14 100m 1st, 200m, Long Jump 1st, 4x100m Relay 2nd
Keeley Fahey – Under 14 High Jump 2nd, Javelin 2nd
Matilda Braithwaite – Under 14 1500m 3rd
Rose Young – Under 14 800m 3rd
Olivia Kelly – Under 14 4 x 100m 2nd
Stephanie Smalls – Under 14 4 x 100m 2nd


Congratulations to Carys Jones (Year 12), Rachel Kameniar (Year 11), Emily Webb (Year 11) and Amy Carrodus (Year 10) who were all members in the South Australian Pathway VIII that competed in the national selection trials over the holidays. SA finished third behind Victoria and Queensland. The pathway is made up of school rowers from across South Australia. This VIII competes against all the other states at the Australian underage selection trials for rowing. The rowers also competed in a coxless fours and placed second, which is outstanding. It was an incredible trip experiencing the processes that professional athletes go through to make Australian teams and rowing alongside them. The girls did an amazing job and enjoyed their time in Penrith.


Well done to Matilda Braithwaite (Year 9) who competed in the individual Triathlon championships at Penrith NSW. Swim 400m : Ride 12km : Run 3km. Matilda came 15th overall and 1st for SA.

Water Polo

Well done to Lara Wakeham and Saskia Jonats (both Year 8) who had incredible success in their division at the National Water Polo Championships. After the initial four games all teams were re-seeded and the SA girls ended up making the final in their division finishing second in a tightly contested division final 2-4 to the Queensland Mermaids. Saskia excelled as the only goal keeper for the team, working tirelessly and playing the full game for each game of the competition and Lara also played exceptionally well to finish up as the second highest goal scorer for the SA team. Both Saskia and Lara have been invited to form part of the U14 girls State Squad to train over winter.

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