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Enews – Week 9, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 20

From the PrincipalJuliaShea_web

“Maybe this will become, like, a cool thing, living with your parents”.

George Costanza’s line in an episode of the 1990s sitcom, Seinfeld, has proven to be prophetic. Living with your parents has become ‘cool’. The boomerang generation made up of millions of Georges across the world is refusing to move out of their parents’ homes. Almost a quarter of the Australians aged between 20 and 34 are currently living at home with their parents. The perceived need to complete postgraduate qualifications in order to secure employment is often stated as one of the main causes for children to boomerang back into the family home. But many social commentators now proffer the argument that boomerang kids have an employee mindset that sees them look for jobs that no longer exist, rather than an entrepreneurial mindset that sees them create opportunities and jobs for themselves and others.

You’d be unlikely to find a school strategic plan at the moment that doesn’t mention innovation and entrepreneurship. But what is entrepreneurship and what paradigm shift is happening in schools to assist students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Professor Yong Zhao, the Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon, defines an entrepreneurial mindset as a ‘critical mix of success-oriented attitudes of initiative, intelligent risk-taking, collaboration and opportunity recognition’. He goes on to say that ‘entrepreneurship is fundamentally about the desire to solve problems creatively. Our potential can be suppressed or enhanced by our experiences. Some experiences enhance our creativity while others suppress it. Some experiences encourage risk-taking while others make us risk averse. Some experiences strengthen our desire to ask questions whilst others make us compliant. The experiences we have play a significant role in what we become.’ And so it is that the school experience becomes critical.

Problem-solving has been all the rage in education for years. Those skills are very important. The issue is that the problem has always been defined by the teacher. In the real world, individuals first need to identify the problem. So our girls need to learn to identify and solve the right problem. If a student identifies a problem incorrectly or solves the wrong problem, the solution to the problem has no value. Furthermore, we want our girls to identify and solve problems that will genuinely make the world a better place. Saints Girls must continue to foster within its students the desire to truly make a difference.

Personalisation and student autonomy are essential elements of a learning paradigm that cultivates entrepreneurial students. Product-oriented learning is a second key element. Our unique Futures Program in Years 7 and 8 meets each of those requirements. But at this point, the ideas and ultimately the products generated by our girls aren’t necessarily meeting a need. So in 2017, under the mentorship of Professor Yong Zhao, the Futures Program will be re-launched with an overriding theme of entrepreneurship. The girls will identify a need, generate an idea, assess strengths and resources, convince their teacher and fellow students of the brilliance of their idea, make the product or generate the service, market the product and finally review and improve their process. The entrepreneurial process is both demanding and uncertain. This project will require them to display genuine grit. But most importantly, it will give the girls an opportunity to create, innovate and collaborate with members of our community (so many of our parents are ideally placed to be mentors within this program) and demonstrate mastery in a real life context.

In Semester 2, a group of girls from Year 10 will participate in the University of Adelaide’s eChallenge. This is a competition-based learning experience that develops strategic business thinking for early-stage entrepreneurial ventures. Participants pitch their venture concepts to potential investors from the local business community. As part of this program the girls will attend a series of specialised workshops conducted by experts in their field (alongside undergraduate students), work with dedicated business mentors and connect with members of the business and research community.

These are just two ways in which the School will trial and develop entrepreneurial programs in the coming years. Innovation and entrepreneurship will not just be words on a strategic planning document. All our goals will be underpinned by detailed strategies allowing measurability and, most importantly, accountability.

Bus Coordinator

Brian Caire has announced his retirement and will drive his bus route for the final time on Friday 19 August. Brian started with Saints Girls as a casual bus driver in March 2005 and moved into the role of Bus Supervisor in December 2006. He has been an integral part of the School community for 12 years and I sincerely thank him for his commitment and professionalism over such a long period. Brian has recently purchased a caravan and we wish him well as he joins the fleet of ‘grey nomads’ circumnavigating the country.

With Brian’s imminent retirement I wish to advise that Paul Ziesing will assume the role of Facilities and Fleet Manager, effective from 1 August 2016. Paul will continue to oversee our Property Services Department with the addition of supervising the School buses.

Election news

After an extraordinarily long campaign, election day has finally arrived. The Association of Independent Schools has provided a summary of the education policies released by all the major parties during the campaign. Click here to view this summary.

I wish all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to welcoming the girls back on Tuesday 26 July.

Julia Shea

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St Peter’s Girls Senior Drama Presents…

Silver Lining Enews Graphic

The Arts is a field in which students have the opportunity to take risks, extend themselves and develop work that has a broad audience. This is challenging, nerve-wracking and exhilarating! In this pursuit of innovation and risk-taking we do something unique in Senior Drama at Saints Girls: we create original works that are written, workshopped and designed completely in-house. The plays that we make are often then performed by other companies and schools and so we are creative ground-breakers. In this spirit the Years 11 and 12 Drama students are currently working hard on another world premiere, The Silver Lining.

Using four distinct theatrical styles – Classical Greek Tragedy, Realism, Expressionism and Musical Theatre – The Silver Lining re-tells the story of King Midas from four different perspectives. Through this, the play explores the nature of human desire, human folly, regret and redemption. Rehearsals have involved complex ensemble work, careful blocking, choreography and character development…and learning a suite of new songs. The production will be a dynamic whirlwind of storytelling in various dramatic forms, from thought-provoking reality to expressionistic symbolism to toe-tapping showstoppers!

Performances will be on 10, 11 and 12 August at 7.30pm. So mark those dates in your diary and make sure you don’t miss out on the innovative work of which our talented girls are capable.


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2016 National da Vinci Decathlon

da Vinci Image

On Tuesday our team of eight Year 7 students returned from Knox Grammar School, Sydney, where they had been representing South Australia in the National da Vinci Decathlon.

Competing against teams from all states and Canberra, they pitted their skills, knowledge and creativity against some of the brightest minds in the land from their age group.

As well as engaging in the usual 10 Decathlon events, the girls also took part in a ‘race around Sydney’, visited Fort Dennison and attended a lecture on Quantum Physics from a Professor from the University of Sydney. They also had time for some sightseeing and shopping along the way!

The girls showed their creative skills, placing second in the drama and interpretation based ‘Creative Producers’ task. They displayed excellent teamwork and creative and reflective thinking by placing second in the new ‘Ideation’ task – an impressive achievement!

On the final day, they also found out that they had won the Art and Poetry task, one of the most highly regarded of the 10 events.

Congratulations to the whole team, who were exceptionally well behaved at all times and who represented the school and the State with aplomb.

Richard Lisle and Becca Burton-Howard

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 A Taste of Magill Estate – Year 12 Food and Hospitality Tour

Magill Estate Tour V2On Tuesday the Year 12 Food and Hospitality students travelled to Magill Estate to view the kitchen and dining facilities. The tour was designed to assist the students with their understanding of food technology, service and menu development. This will provide vital information to their upcoming assignment to prepare a dinner for a group in the School community. The students toured through both kitchens at Magill Estate and were able to compare the service style and atmosphere of both restaurants.

We also were shown the underground cellars and considered possibilities for functions in these unique areas. The students were given an opportunity to sit down to sample local cheeses and an Almond Berry tart, whilst discussing various issues in the industry such as changing seasons and the use of local produce. During this time the Head Chef and Sous Chef explained various aspects in the process of menu development in both of the restaurants and discussed many features of a career in hospitality.

We really appreciated the time and attention offered to us and the information gained will be invaluable for the activities we are still to undertake this year.

Jenni Manson and the Year 12 Food and Hospitality students

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Saints Girls Star at the Science and Engineering Challenge

Science and Engineering Challenge 1

Engineering is the ‘E’ in STEM and involves the application of science, technology and mathematics knowledge and understanding to solving problems. As an enrichment activity to help students become more familiar with the nature of engineering, all our Year 9 students will participate in an Interhouse Science and Engineering Challenge next term.

Year 10 students in the GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science) class as well as other selected students recently represented Saints Girls in a heat of the South Australian Science and Engineering Challenge, run by the University of Newcastle. Students were divided into eight teams of up to four students and issued with some materials and a brief to meet within a time limit. Scores were allocated based on the materials used and how well the design met the brief. This allows scores in one heat to be compared with those of schools in different heats.

Our students competed against seven other schools in our heat. Of the eight activities, we won five:

  • Electracity: Connecting a simulated electrical network for a city and responding to challenges as parts of the networks and/or the power stations fail.
  • Grasping at Straws: Building a ‘bionic hand’ that can pick up objects and reproduce sign language.
  • Hover Frenzy: Building a working model of a hovercraft.
  • Mission to Mars: Assembling a model vehicle to successfully negotiate the rough surface of a planet.
  • Flat Pack: Constructing a model table and chair to successfully support the most weight.
  • Bridge: Building the lightest possible bridge to carry the greatest load without breaking.

The Saints girls showed outstanding teamwork, problem-solving and perseverance. The other schools to compete in the State Final in August have not yet been decided since there are still more heats to come. However, by virtue of our girls’ excellent score, we have already been invited to compete in the State Final. I look forward to sharing the results of this next stage of the competition with you.

Brian Parsons
Head of Science

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Year 7 RMI Geography Field Trip

Geography Excusrion

On Friday 17 June, 7RMI participated in an excursion to Lochiel Park as part of their study on the unit on Liveability and Sustainability. Students were able to observe and collect data on how Lochiel Park has been designed to allow residents to live in a sustainable, self-sufficient environment, with specific attention given to minimising human impact.

Students were able to tour the communal garden, where composting and artwork from recycled materials abound. Water retention sites, where native species of trees and wildlife thrive, are central to the community. The design of houses in Lochiel Park allows for solar and wind-generated power and standardised storage of rainwater.

The key aspect of accessibility to services such as public transport, shops and health care was also investigated by students, who are now challenged to develop a promotional campaign to target a specific demographic about the benefits of sustainable living. Informal conversations with local residents also allowed students to gain insights into the liveability of this unique urban community.

A special note of thanks must be given to pre-service teacher, Miss Amelia Hoffmann, for co-ordinating the field trip and guiding the students along our tour of Lochiel Park.

Here are some of the students’ insights into the field trip:

I learnt how Lochiel Park collects stormwater and transferred it into wetlands. I enjoyed walking around the parks and seeing the artwork”. Gemma Schaedel

Something I learnt from the Lochiel Park excursion was some different types of sustainable energy like the whirligigs (wind generators) and I learnt about the wetlands and retention pond”. Sophie Barr

“The Lochiel Park excursion was extremely informative. Many of us learnt more about the local park, including how the park uses 100% recycled concrete in all areas of the serene park”. Georgia Davidson

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Round 3 Debating and Public Speaking update


Our final round of Term 2 debates ended on a great note, with eight of our eleven Middle and Senior teams claiming victory. Congratulations to Year 7 White and Blue, Year 8 Yellow, Orange, White and Blue, Year 9 Yellow and the Senior White teams for their wins last week. Well done to Portia Maerschel from Year 7, Abigail Lisle and Eleanor Anderson from Year 8, Alice Tyson from Year 10 and Jaida Bouhamdan from Year 12 who were awarded speaker of the night awards by the adjudicator. A special mention must also go to the Senior White Team who have maintained their number one position on the Debating SA ranking list throughout the entire season. Last week was also crazy hair day at Debating SA, as can be seen in the image of one of our Year 7 teams sporting their crazy hair look!

Congratulations to Aditi Tamhankar, who for the second consecutive year has become the Rostrum Voice of Youth State Champion and will now progress to the National Finals. We wish her the best of luck as she represents our school on a national level.

We look forward to the continuation of the debating season and public speaking in Term 3 and the progression of our debating teams into the final rounds.

Kritika Mishra

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An update from the Chess Club

Chess Club Photo

It has been a very exciting term for the Chess Club 2016. This is due to the large number of girls involved in the St Peter’s Girls team. So many young girls are enthusiastic about participating every Monday lunchtime, especially the Year 3s.

“Chess is awesome; it’s the best” – Catitlin Walker

“It’s a lot of fun” – Charli Young

“It’s a great experience” – Georgia Barclay

Our senior chess team consists of Glenda Hanson, Rachel and Marley Banham, Jenna Bowden, Michelle Yeoh and Helen Xiong.

We had a great night on Friday 13 June and were eager to get back into the chess routine. On 24 June, St Peters’ Girls played against St Ignatius Lupi and unfortunately lost 0.5-4.5.  However, we made up for the loss when we played against Pembroke, where we won 3-2. Congratulations to Glenda Hanson, Michelle Yeoh and Helen Xiong.

We give a special thanks to our fantastic and talented Chess coach, George Howard, and our dedicated Chess Club leader, Mrs. Moore. I am sure this year will be eventful.

From your proud and thrilled Chess Captain, Glenda Hanson.

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UniSA Year 11 Maths Experience Program
Year 11 Maths Experience

Five Year 11 girls took a day out of exam week to attend the UniSA Year 11 Maths Experience program. We spent the day mixing with other maths enthusiasts, building our skills and broadening our knowledge of where a passion for science and maths can take us in life. We heard presentations from a chemical engineer, a pilot, a nano-particle scientist, a biologist and an academic who is solving questions about population growth and telecommunication challenges with pure mathematics. The best part of the day was being divided into pairs and designing our own bridge which we then printed using the university’s 3D plastic printers. These were then tested for load bearing capacity and even though the Saints Girls bridges didn’t take out the prize, each of them took a remarkably large load. I found it such a unique experience and would highly recommend it to girls in future years, even if it does mean you have to do your physics exam a day early!

Olivia Habel

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Medieval History – A Student’s Perspective

Medieval History Image

During Ms Stefopoulos’ History class this term, we studied the topic, the Black Death. One of the assignments that we had to complete involved making a board game about the Black Death. The board game had to provide information about the Black Death in regard to causes, symptoms and remedies. The final games were played by the Year 7s and they assessed us on how easy our instructions were to understand and follow and whether or not they got any information out of playing the game about the Black Death.

During this task I learnt quite a few things about the Black Death that I didn’t know before, such as some of the things that the people of the medieval times thought would cure them of the Black Death. I really enjoyed making this game!

Emma Matheson (8ESM)

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Creativity, Canvas and Coffee:

Reflections of a Pre-Service Music Teacher
RH Portrait 2

I have just spent five amazing weeks as a pre-service teacher at Saints Girls. My time in the Music Department was under the mentorship of the wonderful Sally Rounsevell and Sari Noble, and with the ongoing guidance of the ever efficient Jeanne Phillips (my Synergetic guru). I have been performing and teaching music for over 20 years as an independent provider at the Elder Conservatorium and at various secondary and primary school organisations, but I can honestly say that in the five weeks I was at Saints Girls I have never worked so hard, or achieved so much, in such a short space of time, in my entire life! The pace at which the Music Department works and the amount that they accomplish are nothing short of what I call ‘super-hero’ level.

Many mornings started at 7.30am with Stage Band, Concert Band and Choir practice (and lots of coffee), and many nights finished after 9pm with live performances. I enjoyed teaching the stage band about improvisation and experienced my first taste of conducting. Sally and Sari make conducting look easy but, as I found out, it is not! I now have a new level of respect for all conductors and everything they contend with.

I taught and helped out with various classes from Year 6 right through to Year 12. The Year 8 class created their own ‘School of Rock’ performance. By the end of my time with them every girl could play the drums, bass, guitar and piano to the song, All About That Bass, and with choreographed dancing to boot. The Year 9s composed and performed an original song on the Indonesian gamelan. Members of the group, The Gameladies, joined us for a specialist workshop. A big thank you to the Property Services staff who ‘enjoyed’ moving the gamelan orchestra for us many times! I also spent time with the Years 11 and 12, discussing performance and their research projects (and life, the universe and everything else!), and accompanied them on double bass at various assessments and performances. Time spent with the senior girls was delightful.

The maturity and quality of character I observed in these Saints girls was nothing short of inspiring.

The highlight for me was writing the new school song with the Year 10 class. The Year 10s initially spent time researching the School’s background and surveying the school community for their thoughts on the new song. Following this, they each wrote and submitted their own original school song. Armed with all this information, I then finalised the new school song and the class performed it for the school leadership. I was so proud of the Year 10 class when the leadership gave the song the thumbs up. It is now to be arranged for full orchestra and choir, and will be professionally recorded for all to hear.

In my last week at Saints, the Winter Concert was performed. This extraordinary event involved the organisation and performance of over 170 girls, ranging from Year 4 to Year 12. Choirs, Stage Band, Concert Band, Strings Orchestra, Rock Band, Guitar Band, Percussion Ensemble and more all took to the stage and performed brilliantly. With the help of the stage team and under the cool and capable guidance of Sally and Sari everything went well.

Finally, I would like to thank Julia Shea and Kerry Skinner for allowing me to join your amazing team at Saints Girls for my placement. I am grateful for the experience. Thank you also to the students who made my stay memorable and fun, and to the IT staff for helping me navigate Canvas. My biggest thanks I reserve for my mentor, Sally Rounsevell, from whom I learnt so much. I was not just impressed by her teaching; her ability to remain calm, upbeat and forever energetic, even after 15-hour days and five cups of coffee, was inspirational. Thank you, girls, and thank you, Saints.

Robyn Habel

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Term 3 Arts Event Schedule

Term 3 Arts schedule

Week 1

  • Full School Assembly Performance – Tuesday 26 July 

Week 2

  • FOA Meeting – Wednesday August 3, 7.30pm
  • Year 10 Music: recording School song – August 2 & 3, Sody Pop studios, Norwood

Week 3

  • Yr 12 Drama Production – August 10, 11 and 12,  Arts Centre
  • Anglican Schools Australia Conference Opening – Friday 12 August
  • Chapel Dancers, Chamber Choir, WA girls – Convention Centre

Week 4

  • Sisters of the Church Music Festival – August 16-21, Perth
  • ABODA Junior Orchestra rehearsal – Friday 19 August, 3.30 – 5.30pm

Week 5

  • ABODA – SA School Band and Orchestra Festival – Wednesday 24 August
  • Junior Orchestra, Senior Strings, Chamber Strings and Senior Percussion Ensemble

Week 6

  • Strings recital – 5.30pm, exam prep for Fiona Patten’s exam students 120

Week 7

  • FOA Meeting
  • SACE 1 & 2 Dance performance exam –  Wednesday 7 September, 7.30pm, Arts Centre
  • Sports Day

Week 8

  • Stage 2 Music Performance Summative –  Wednesday 14 September, 7 – 9pm, MB 120 and Arts Centre
  • PYP Exhibition – Thursday 15 September
  • Spring Concert-  Friday 16 September, various ensembles
  • School tour

Week 9

  • Year 3 Strings and Year 4 Band Concert: Monday 19 September, 3pm,  Arts Centre

Week 10

  • Music performance at James Evans Court retirement home – Monday 26 September, L4 to end of lunch
  • Strings Trio and Flute Ensemble
  • Junior House Music Eisteddfod – Thursday 29 September, 1 – 3.30pm, Arts Centre

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Sports News

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Sports Leadership Breakfast
Trengove Image

On Thursday 23 June the Sports Captains were invited to attend a Sports Leadership Breakfast with Olympic Marathon Runner, Jess Trengove, as guest speaker. The Captains were able to sit with captains from the same sport from other schools and share their experiences. Jess finished 39th from 118 runners at the London 2012 Olympics and then won the Bronze Medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Jess shared her experiences growing up and being involved in a range of sports in Naracoorte before boarding at Annesley College where she was Head Prefect in 2005.

Jess inspired those in attendance by encouraging them to have a strong desire to do well, enjoy their journey, dream big and set small goals. She also told them to embrace challenge and to nurture important relationships (such as family and close friends who can provide much needed support), to maintain a balance between sport and social life, to be determined and work hard, but above all to ‘do it with a smile’. Neil Fuller (Director of Sport)

Cross Country

Congratulations to Anna Cross (Year 12) and Matilda Braithwaite (Year 8) who have both been selected to represent SA at the National Cross Country Championships in Canberra from August 19-22nd.

 Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints

Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel (Coaches)           

Year 6 White – Saints

Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 Blue – Saints 18 defeated Seymour 6

The girls had another great game, finishing off with win. All of the skills they have learnt over the term have improved each of the girls’ skills greatly. As coaches we have noted positions that girls have shown to excel in, so have played the girls in these particular positions. Throughout the game all girls participated to their full extent, gaining many turnovers to score goals. Hopefully next week the team finishes off with a win making it an undefeated season. Georgia Naughton

 Year 5 White – Saints

Eve Habel and Rachel Kameniar (Assistant Coaches)

Open Soccer

Open A – Saints 2 drew with Concordia 2

The team put in a strong performance to come back from 2-0 down at half-time to draw. The girls fought well in the second half, especially Charlotte Kelly in defence. Special mention to goal scorers, Dominique Rigby and Layne Beveridge. We hope to continue our fighting spirit and improve our form going into Term 3. Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Concordia 0

Well done, girls, for the fantastic win over Concordia last week! Ball movement up front was better, evident in the number of scoring opportunities we had. Emma Mockridge and Alice Petchey were the goal scorers. Great work also to Tahlia Towers who was very reliable in defence. Hopefully, we can finish off the term with another excellent game this week! Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated Woodcroft 0

On a cold, windy afternoon and on a waterlogged pitch, our girls played the return match against Woodcroft. For the first 10 minutes a lack of teamwork and a lack of decisive passing created quite a bit of chaos, with neither team taking control. After that, things started to fall into place and we began to make better use of the strong wind that was favouring our team. Our defensive players began to kick the ball longer to the wings where our forwards, Sophie Barr, Amy Carrodus, Eleanor Anderson and Millisent Wilkin, could run onto the ball and put the Woodcroft backline under immense pressure. Between them they set up many opportunities to score and this resulted in a fine running goal by Sophie Barr. Our defensive players, Harriett Gilroy, Matilda Braithwaite, Kendra Ware, Michelle Rupert, Shamilla Dhillon, Siena Kulinski and Rachel Banham were able to intercept every Woodcroft attack and drive the ball down the field to our forwards. Craig Morton (Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 0

Thanks to Julie Robertson for coaching the team! Congratulations to the players for being organised and playing so well as a team to ensure a great win.

Year 7 – Saints 0 defeated by Concordia 3

The girls put in their best performance of the season, narrowly losing to Concordia. In muddy conditions the girls tried their best but were very unlucky not to score. Playing with only 10 players, they kept fighting to the end. Well done, girls, and keep working hard in every game. Peter Krantis (Coach)

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints 9 defeated Seymour 7

Saints Girls put in a comprehensive team effort this week. The improvement made by the Saints girls over the term was very impressive, as seen in this match. They were able to hold Seymour up and dispossess them with tackles, and showed a willingness to get back and help out in defence. The ball was shared around, with the most experienced and highly skilled players willing to pass to the others so that all players were involved. Brian Parsons (Supervisor)


Open A – Saints had a bye

Open B – Saints 4 defeated Pulteney 2 (8-3)

Best Players: Laura Sivewright and Charlene Lee

Open C1 – Saints 4 defeated Woodcroft 2

Best Players: Georgia Bowden, Amy Li

Open C2 – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 3 

Best players: Amelie Dunda and Sophia Casanova Clarke 

Open D1 – Saints 1 defeated by Pembroke 5 

Best player: Maddison Tiley-Brooks

Open D2 – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 5

Best players: Natasha Lau and Aleisha Elliott

Open E – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke 6

Best Players: Mahala Truscott, Natacha Zisos Troupakis and Vanessa Pols


Open A – Saints 3 defeated Loreto 0

Rachael Disney and Lara Khoury were often in perfect positions up front, with strong midfield links from Grace Packer, Olivia Goldsmith and Alice Tyson. Saints had at least 15 very good opportunities in the goal circle but were unable to convert more regularly. The scorer of all three goals was Natasha Hammond. The girls are ready to come back after the holidays to continue improving our conversion rate through displaying calmness in the circle. Natasha Hammond (Captain)

Open C – Saints 4 defeated St Dominic’s 0

At the beginning of the game the girls found it difficult to find space and link together strong passes, but as the game went on they made numerous smart leads, creating many counter attacks. The quick, skilful midfield play resulted in us being able to score four fantastic goals put away by Poppyie Goldsmith and Katherine Woolley. Sophie Fry (Coach)

Hockey – SAPSASA DSCN6115 v2

Congratulations Year 7 students Alyssa Woolley, Holly Cardone, Poppie Goldsmith and Lucy Steele Scott who represented East Adelaide at the State Primary School Hockey tournament. Despite some cold and Wintery conditions, the girls helped East Adelaide to finish second in their division.


Under 18 – Saints did not play 

Under 15 – Saints 12 defeated Sturt 10

An aggressive game was set out in the midfield from Millisent Wilkin and Chelsea Walls, which helped create space in attack to help shoot on goal and this improved towards the end of the game. Scarlett Hocking was courageous and went in goals and this helped decrease Sturt’s score line. After discussing shots at half-time, Saints began to place their shots a lot better and showed a lot of determination on ground balls. Defensively, none of the girls gave up on getting possession of the ball. A close score but a well-deserved win from hard work and team leadership. Portia Reppucci (Lacrosse Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 14 drew with Burnside 14

Saturday’s game started off slowly; energy and intensity were not seen in the girls. The half-time group huddle helped the girls to understand what we needed to improve on and which opposition players we needed to cover. Stephanie Smalls helped change the performance, showing leadership in attack. Isabel and Lara took risks and tried a new position on the field as goalies for each half; both enjoyed it and didn’t want to take the gear off. Burnside gave the girls a good and challenging game, which made the girls even more interested and set to go for a successful finish. Lucy Martin (Coach)


Open A – Saints

Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 37 defeated by Pulteney 49

The girls started the game with only six players but managed to keep up with Pulteney with perseverance and a lot of running. It was a relief when the Year 9 girls arrived and we were able to play with a full team, and the girls played even better as a team. This high scoring game reflects the excellent shooting by Brooke Oliver and Nicolette Miller. Chelsea Marchetti did a great job playing a variety of unfamiliar positions and Charlotte Parker did an excellent job in defence. I’m sure the girls will appreciate the holiday break and we will continue to improve in Term 3. Alexandra Murray (Open B Captain)

Open C – Saints

Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 48 defeated Wilderness 7

The girls started out very strongly in the first quarter and this continued throughout the game, with the girls causing many turnovers and the shooters rarely missing. An excellent way to finish off the term. Looking forward to seeing what the girls bring to the court next term! Best Players: India Deere and Alexandra Reade. Alana Coppock (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 41 defeated Pulteney 25

The team finished off the term with a great win. The first half was tight but everyone played very well, taking intercepts and keeping the pressure in defence and attack. We still need to work on accuracy of passes and staying strong throughout the game. Overall, one of the best games we have played as a team; well done! Brooke Elliott

Year 9B – Saints 29 defeated Pulteney 27

This week all girls played extremely well in a very close game. At quarter-time, the score was tied but at half-time Saints were down by five goals. A great effort in the third quarter bought the scores back even and in a tight last quarter we were able to give it our everything to edge ahead by two goals! With no reserves, everyone put in an incredible effort through the entire match, with all playing a full game and hopefully continuing this effort into next term. Zoe Wilmshurst

Year 9C1 – Saints 21 defeated Westminster 20

Another great game from the girls this week just coming out on top in a close match. With a shaky start the girls pushed forward and fought back with their excellent determination and enthusiasm. We began to clear up our game and had great passage of play from the defence to the attacking end. Overall, the girls should be very proud for rising to the challenge for another win, keeping our undefeated reign. Congratulations, girls! Ellana Welsby and Chelsea Stamato

Year 9C2 – Saints 17 defeated Concordia 16

The girls have finished off the term with a one goal win! They had a very strong first quarter with tight defence, letting Concordia only score one goal. As the game went on the girls kept their lead, despite constant pressure from the opposition. The girls should be incredibly proud of their efforts from the start of the term to now, as they have improved so much. A special mention to Zara Sadri for helping out and playing for us, as we were short of a player. The girls should now enjoy their well-earned break and be ready for more wins next term! Ellana Welsby and Chelsea Stamato 

Year 8A – Saints had a bye

Year 8B – Saints had a bye

Year 8C – Saints 20 defeated Wilderness 13

Well done to all the players on a good match. The first quarter didn’t go well, due to not passing in front. However in the last three quarters the girls came back with a strong defence and accurate shooting. The girls played well together as a team and maintained a consistent level of play for all quarters. We were impressed with their determination and positive attitude to secure a win. Best players go to Emma Matheson and Stella Clark, who both played an amazing game in attack. We were very pleased with the win and the girls should be proud of their achievement. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches)

Year 7A – Saints 33 defeated Pulteney 21

Despite suffering a drop in intensity and concentration in the second quarter, we came away with a good win. Gemma Schaedel played brilliantly as goalkeeper, squaring up on the opposition perfectly and ensuring few opportunities for Pulteney to score. Great work from Keeley Fahey also in goal defence. Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 13 defeated by Pulteney 18

The girls played an outstanding first half, controlling play and making the most of their scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, we were unable to sustain our intensity through the second half and Pulteney eventually ran out winners. Best Players: Harriett Gilroy and Sara Peak. Roger Mills (Coach)

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Enews – Week 8, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 19

From the Chaplain 

Celebrations and ConfirmationsN-Darke-200x300

This week we celebrated our School’s patron saint, St Peter, with a Eucharist that gathered our youngest (ELC) and our most senior (Old Scholars’ Association), as well as students from Reception to Year 9. St Peter was a favourite saint of Adelaide’s first Bishop, Augustine Short – hence we have a number of schools and a Cathedral in his name. While one might long for a girls’ school to have a female saint, there are so many parts of St Peter’s story that relate to our own experiences that we could never regret being ‘St Peter’s Girls’.

Peter is a risk-taker, leaving behind his fishing business to follow Jesus. Although he often struggles to understand Jesus’ teachings and is criticised for his lack of faith, Peter is the first of the disciples to recognise Jesus as the Messiah. In a sense, he’s the first to really understand who Jesus is. But this knowledge doesn’t come easily to him and he still makes mistakes. When Jesus is arrested, Peter denies knowing him. This is the kind of betrayal that even our youngest students can relate to – that moment when someone says she’s not your friend any more. But when Peter encounters the resurrected Christ, Jesus asks him if he loves him and all is forgiven. Peter goes on to become a great leader, continuing Jesus’ work of bringing God’s healing, love and forgiveness to the world.

In a world that values success and often pressures our young people towards perfectionism, there is much encouragement to be taken from our St Peter. Learning isn’t always a straightforward progression from not knowing to knowing. It’s a journey of ups and downs, and successes and failures, which gradually leads us toward a deeper understanding and transforms us into the people we will become. St Peter was a simple fisherman gradually transformed by his efforts to learn from his teacher into a great leader.

This is also the time of year when girls in Year 6 and above are offered the opportunity to be Confirmed (and Baptised if they haven’t been previously). The traditions of various Christian denominations can be confusing, but the important question for girls to consider is simply, like St Peter, “Would you like to be a follower of Jesus?”

During Confirmation a person assumes the promises made on her behalf at Baptism (if they were baptised as an infant), but also makes a commitment to become a ‘fully-fledged’ member of the Church. The decision to be Confirmed is one that an individual must make for herself, as it is a sign of her personal commitment to continuing her spiritual journey.

This year classes will be offered to prepare girls who wish to be baptised and/or confirmed. The preparation classes will start in Term 3 and be conducted during regular class time until Week 6, with minimal disruption to regular lessons.

Families, friends, and godparents of those being confirmed are invited to join the whole School for the Baptism and Confirmation Service conducted by the Bishop. This joyous event will form part of our School Eucharist on Thursday 1 September at 8.30am, followed by a celebratory Morning Tea.

If your daughter is interested in Confirmation, or you would like more information about Baptism or Confirmation, please do not hesitate to contact me on 8334 2220 or via email:

Rev’d Natasha Darke

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Jam and Vegemite Drive a huge success

Vegemite and Jam DriveThe Year 10 Kennion Home Group have recently coordinated a Jam and Vegemite Drive for KickStart. The jams and vegemites that were kindly donated by the school community will be distributed to a variety of South Australian schools where KickStart runs the breakfast program.

We have been very excited by the amazing support, particularly from the Junior School who overall donated 133,307 grams of vegemite and jam. Middle School came in second, donating 48,599 grams, and Senior School donated 2,600 grams of vegemite and jam. Well done and thank you to the school community for their amazing support.

The overall winners were also announced and their prize – a Pizza lunch – will be shared next term with the Year 10 Kennion girls.

The top three Home Groups who donated the most were: 9SRI in third place with 16,354 grams of vegemite and jam donated; 0LDA in second place, with 19,492 grams; and FIRST place went to 6CM which donated a staggering 29,064 grams of vegemite and jam, WELL DONE, 6CM! Ian Steele, the CEO of KickStart, will join us next term to receive the donations.

We would like to thank all of the school community for their kind donations. I am sure they will be greatly appreciated by the schools involved in the KickStart breakfast program.

Jenni Manson
Year 10 Kennion Home Group Teacher

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Saints Girls at the UN Youth Evatt Competition

Evatt UN Youth 1Last Saturday we had the pleasure of competing in the UN Youth Evatt competition, which is a full-day simulation of a real United Nations Security Council debate. This competition is designed for high school students to learn and experience what it’s like to be a diplomat representing their country. Each team consists of a pair of students and is allocated a country to represent. In our heat there were students from many different schools, such as Loreto, Pulteney, Glenunga, and USC. We were given Ukraine to represent.

Throughout the day there were three resolutions debated: ‘The question of animal-human hybrids’, ‘The question of corruption in the 21st century’, and a surprise topic, ‘The question of the Mediterranean refugee crisis’. Teams had to decide their country’s stance on the topic and were then given a chance to make ‘amendments’ to the resolution, keeping in mind how it would affect their nation. Teams had the opportunity to negotiate these amendments with other countries and collect signatures from them whilst being diplomatic and fair. Teams then debated some of these amendments and finally voted on them. This process was repeated and more changes were made to the resolution until a final vote was taken, where every country would state if they were ‘for’ or ‘against’ the final resolution.

This competition was certainly a challenge, especially considering we had never done anything like it before, and going into it we didn’t really know how the whole process worked. However, as the day went on and we began to understand it, we grew more confident. We would like to congratulate Emma Bleby and Sara Possingham from Year 10, who participated in separate heats, and will progress through to the semi-final this Thursday. This competition is like no other and we certainly have learnt a lot from participating!

Hannah Brown and Aditi Tamhankar, Year 9

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Raising awareness for Red Nose Day

Red-nose-dayOver 3,500 families in Australia suffer the unanticipated and sudden death of an infant each year. Luckily, Red Nose Day, which is run by SIDS and Kids, supports services, programs and vital research for stillbirth (infant deaths during pregnancy), sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and safe sleeping practices through generous contributions by communities and local businesses.

This year Red Nose Day falls on Friday 24 June. Last year Red Nose Day managed to raise $31.5 million in total and we hope to help beat that number this year. You can donate or get in contact over the phone (08 8369 0155), by email (, online ( or even in person (415 Magill Rd, St Morris). To get involved or become a volunteer, it is as easy as signing up online or going to your local SIDS and Kids office.

It is as simple as wearing a red ribbon and donating any amount to help save an infant’s life on this special day. We hope that you can help make a difference with us.

The Environment Club

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Exciting updates from the Saints Café
Saints cafe enews Image

The Saints Café is starting to develop into an exciting, innovative and ethical business.

On Thursday last week the three managers, Holly, Freya and Amira, visited Seafaring Fool Café, located in a ‘nook’ next to JR’s Surf and Ski on Grenfell Street. The café is owned by entrepreneur, Alistair Corston, who says that the space used to be ‘an old display window’. With a bit of creativity and hard work he has turned it into a successful ‘micro-café’.

Our girls are taking inspiration from Mr Corston because he thinks ethically about all his stock purchases, as well as making delicious, affordable coffee.

“He was really informative and really precise and enthusiastic. I also like his choice of milk. I use Tweedvale at home; it’s local, fresh and really nice. I would like us to consider using that,” enthuses Freya. The girls are also becoming aware of the importance of supporting local farmers.

We also noticed that Mr Corston uses biodegradable cups. Adelaide Councillor, Sandy Verschoor, is pushing to make city coffee shops use perishable cups only. “I would be very happy to pay an extra 10 cents for my cup of morning coffee if I knew it wasn’t going to landfill”, she said. The girls have acknowledged that this will cost them more, however they are developing the idea that caring for our environment outweighs, or at least should equal, making a profit. Once we start to earn a consistent income, we wish to choose and support a local charity.

Tuesday was our last day open for the term due to exams and work experience. We look forward to a re-launch early next term. We have learnt a lot this term and wish to implement some changes and hope to continue to develop our café into a sustainable business that caters for our community.

Sarah Casson
Junior School Art Teacher

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Federal Election Debate luncheon

Penny Wong PhotoThe Federal Election Debate luncheon was an incredible experience which provided insight into the upcoming election. It was inspiring to observe the amazing public speaking skills of Christopher Pyne and Penny Wong and, as Year 12 debaters, it was an extremely valuable opportunity to witness a debate on a political level.

The emphasis on South Australia’s new and old economies was particularly enlightening, as was the opportunity to hear first-hand both parties’ opinions on controversial topics which are very much at the forefront of the public’s mind. These included the submarine project, renewable energy and discussion with regard to the Arrium steel company. Furthermore, observing the live debate and Q&A session between the two politicians was something we could relate to as debaters, especially considering the need for improvisational skills in public speaking. The opportunity to briefly discuss with Penny Wong the lack of educational funding in South Australia encouraged us to attend further political debates with an emphasis on educational requirements in South Australia.

Mila Loechel and Kritika Mishra (Year 12)
Community Service Prefect and Debating & Public Speaking Prefect

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Sports News

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 12 defeated by Seymour Purple 20

The girls worked hard as a team during the game, with our attacking area playing an excellent game and making leads through endless efforts. The shooters showed their great technique and skill to achieve many goals throughout the game. Best players for this game were Isabelle Gilroy and Adele Eaton. A special thanks goes to Chloe Venning’s Mum for umpiring. Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel (Coaches)

Year 6 White – Saints
By Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 Blue – Saints 25 defeated Walford 3

Once again the girls all had an excellent performance in their game last week. The girls have made huge improvements in their gameplay and teamwork throughout the term, which definitely shows on game day. The girls are becoming familiar with specific positions, as we are able to notice where they play their best. Defence worked extremely well to gain many turn overs, often resulting in several goals scored for the team. Well done to all girls for their continuous effort all term and I hope to see wins over the last two games. Georgia Naughton 

Year 5 White – Saints 27 defeated Walford Gold 4

The team’s defence was amazing in preventing many goals, with the attacking half working well as a team to bring the ball down the court to set up scoring opportunities. Well done, girls, for a great team effort. Eve Habel and Rachel Kameniar (Assistant Coaches)

Open Soccer 

Open A – Saints 1 defeated Scotch 0

After a slow first half, the girls fired up in the second half, working together beautifully for Dominique Rigby to score a volley. Special mention to Layne Beveridge who took an impeccable free kick that narrowly missed and Talah Gobel once again for some great and courageous saves. Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 drew with Immanuel 0

This week’s game was very close yet again. The girls were strong in defence, keeping Immanuel under pressure and limiting their scoring opportunities. There was definitely some improvement in getting the ball through the midfield to the strikers. However, despite having more shots at goal, we were unable to score and the game finished in a draw. Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 1 drew with Scotch 1

A tough game for the girls, which was unfortunately not helped by only having 10 players on the field for the entirety of the game. Regardless, the girls worked harder to compensate for being one player down. Although the team was down 0-1 going into half-time, the girls put in extra effort to equalise early in the second half. A winning goal looked like it was on the way but did not come in time, and a draw is still a great result given the circumstances. Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 1

Saints played with positivity and never gave up. The team had many chances at goals but unfortunately could not find the back of the net. Their dribbling and passing of the ball has improved, along with tackling. They communicated well during the game, showing great teamwork and supporting one another when needed. The girls tried different positions from what they prefer to play and showed that they were capable of playing any position to the best of their ability. Taylor Garrett (Coach) 

Year 7 – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke (2) 3

Despite starting the game with just eight players, Saints played well and there was some good defending by Grace Dodson, Sara Peak and Ebony Morelli, with Amelia Provan stopping a number of shots in goal. Down by two goals at half-time, Saints started with a full team and were able to provide more attack on the opposition, with Louisa Reid and Victoria Thorpe working well together and Keely Flannagan and Molly Bond often making good tackles. However, we were unable to score. Neil Fuller (Acting Coach).

Knockout Netball Open

The Saints A team travelled to Seymour College on Thursday to compete in the first round of the Open Knockout Netball Competition. Our first game was against Seymour College and was a very well fought-out battle between the schools that ended in overtime after a draw at full-time of 36 all. Saints went on to win the game, 41-39. The next game was against Brighton High School and was another tough game. The girls used their experience from the first game to secure a one-point win despite exhaustion and fatigue. The final score was 31-30. We are very proud of all the girls and are looking forward to the next round in early Term 3 that will be hosted at Saints. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints had a bye  


We are extremely proud that the girls are using the skills they are learning at training during the games on Saturday mornings. There has been tremendous improvement, not only in the girls’ technique, but also in their match play and court awareness. Kritika Mishra and Alice Powell (Captains)

Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 5

Best player: Alice Powell

Open B – Saints had a bye 

Open C1 – Saints had a bye

Open C2 – Saints had a bye

Open D1 – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 0

Best player: Sophia Casanova Clark

Open D2 – Saints 5 defeated Walford 1

Best player: Amelie Dunda

Open E – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour G 5

Best player: Candy Feng

Seacliffe Hockey

Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Walford 5

Walford had a strong side which Saints defended as best we could. Georgina Sarah received multiple balls up the line into attack, earning Saints many frees in our attacking half. Saints had a few opportunities, only converting one goal scored by Rachael Disney. Our defence was strong in penalty corners and some excellent saves were made by goalie, Grace Edwards. Natasha Hammond (Captain)

Open C – Saints 0 drew with Pembroke 0

Saints faced a much different and tougher Pembroke in a hard fought match. The girls linked together many strong passes through the midfield, resulting in numerous circle entries. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalise on the opportunities that came from our dominance, which resulted in a full-time score of nil all. Sophie Fry (Coach)


Under 18 – Saints 2 defeated by Woodville 24

The girls once again persisted all game despite facing a challenging opposition. Millisent Wilkin (Year 8) was dominant in the centre draw but we were not able to capitalise on this, with their players being first to the ball. The defence managed to hold the Woodville attack out for long periods of play and caused a number of turn overs through their pressure but unfortunately we weren’t able to maintain enough of the ball. Scarlett Hocking (Year 8) and Antonia Kirsten-Parsch (Year 11) had strong games in defence, providing great support to the midfielders. Portia Maerschel (Year 7) scored in the second quarter and Portia Reppucci (Year 11) added to this in the third quarter. The score didn’t reflect the girls’ effort and endeavour, and a number of our shots just failed to beat the goalie. Sarah Lowe (Coach)

Under 15 – Saints 6 defeated by Brighton 15
Under 15 Lacrosse
The girls showed great confidence in going up against an experienced team. They were committed to the ground balls and took on players in the midfield with good determination. The score line did not reflect on the game, with Saints winning most of the centre draws from Millisent Wilkin, and Saskia Jonats and Scarlett Hocking collecting the ball from centre and setting up goals scored by Fiona Lethbridge (1), Harriet Maerschel (4), Portia Maerschel (1).
Portia Reppucci (Lacrosse Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 15 defeated Pembroke 9

Despite playing at a different venue this week, the girls still performed incredibly well. In defence, Jenna Maione (Year 4) and Isabel Burmester (Year 5) did an excellent job. In midfield, Dani Cox (Year 4) fought hard to get the ball off the ground and run fast into attack to shoot a goal. At half-time it was seven all and the girls had to continue working together and passing to open players to win the match. In goals for the first time were Lara Maione (Year 3) and Isabel Burmester who did well as they saved numerous goals each. In centre, Portia Maerschel (Year 7) scored ten amazing goals, with other scorers being Mabel Cook (Year 3), Dani Cox, Saskia Jonats (Year 7) and Stephanie Smalls (Year 7). Well done to Mabel for getting her very first goal in lacrosse. Lucy Martin (Coach)


Open A – Saints 61 defeated Wilderness 48

In a great game Saints consolidated another win. Despite missing players, all girls performed extremely well and worked together. A special mention to Ally Murray and Lydia Smalls for making their Open A debut – a great addition to the team! Best on court was Abbey Goodwin, who maintained strong drives into the circle the whole game. We are all very excited about our current third position on the ladder and look forward to continuing our successes. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 27 drew with Wilderness 27

An excellent game by all this week! Considering we had a few girls sick and a few girls having to play up this week, the team managed to gel, as reflected by the success of this game. A big thank you must go to Brooke Elliot and Nicolette Miller who played after their Year 9 game and worked very well within the team. Both teams had the possibility of winning the match in the last minute but the girls played exceptionally well and it was a shame that we drew. Ally Murray (B Captain)

Open C – Saints defeated by Wilderness

The team played their best game of the season. They showed a competitive attitude and matched Wilderness goal for goal in the first quarter. The game remained tight until the last quarter where Wilderness were able to pull away. With only 7 players the girls fatigued but remained positive and fought boldly right to the end. By Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 40 defeated Immanuel 19

The girls started the game strong which was excellent. The girls applied high pressure against Immanuel and got many intercepts. Overall, it was an excellent game to watch and their confidence in their positions is improving each week. Best players: Ava Loechel and Chanel Stefani. By Alana Coppock (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 53 defeated Wilderness 23

This week we played well as a team, calling and supporting each other. Our passes were accurate and the goal shooters rarely missed. We believe we can continue to improve and work on things such as slowing the game down and looking for options, especially when we get an intercept. Overall, we played a very good game. Anna Pryor (Coach)

Year 9B – Saints 37 defeated Wilderness 11

Year 9C1 – Saints 31 defeated Immanuel 18

The girls played another fantastic game this week, coming out with another great win. They worked hard concentrating on the points we have been implementing at training. We had some great passages of play all through the court, with some excellent leads, intercepts and back-up from Zoe Vine Hall in defence and Molly Lucas in the mid-court. Our shooters also played a great game, with Brooke Weymouth rarely missing a goal. Congratulations to all the girls on a superb win! Ellana Welsby and Chelsea Stamato

Year 9C2 – Saints 13 defeated by Westminster 25

The score does not reflect how well the girls played and improved this week. A few girls played some new positions this week and excelled in the positions they were given. Special mention to Marley Banham (GK) and Poppy Kirwan (WA) who had never played those positions before and, despite this, gave their best efforts – well done! Excellent teamwork and play by all the girls this week. Congratulations! Ellana Welsby and Chelsea Stamato

Year 8A – Saints 32 defeated Wilderness 20

A fantastic win for the girls this week. A convincing start in the first quarter put us five goals up at quarter time. After discussing the importance of slowing the ball down and making accurate and safe passing options, that’s exactly what the girls did. This allowed the girls to capitalise on the many turnovers caused by our strong defensive line-up. Two players of the match this week were Isabella Bernardi and Ruby Bouhamdan for their consistency throughout the centre court, always providing a strong and reliable passing option. We would also like to thank Stephanie Smalls for coming up from the 7s to play for us. Vanessa Brooks (Coach).

Year 8B – Saints 12 defeated by Wilderness 22

The score doesn’t accurately reflect the level of play by the girls, especially considering we had a combination of players for the first time to make up numbers. The girls displayed some fantastic defensive pressure throughout the court which caused many turn overs; however, we unfortunately gave equally as many balls away due to inaccurate passing and unsteady footwork. Player of the match goes to Paris Robinson whose defensive pressure was outstanding in each position that she played. Thank you to Emma Matheson, Paris Greene and Stella Clark who played up to make up numbers and for being willing to play out of their normal positions. Vanessa Brooks (Fill-in Coach).

Year 8C – Saints 4 defeated by Wilderness 26

The girls had a tough game this week but kept their heads held high the whole time. The improvement in their passing skills was evident and they did a good job in creating movement on the court. Defence was good all the way down the court and this created lots of pressure for Wilderness, which was good to see. Faye Ma played an excellent game and was best on court. A huge thank you to the Year 7 girls who filled in – they all played a great game! Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches)

Year 7A – Saints 52 defeated Wilderness 7

Relentless pressure was on display from our defenders, Gemma Schaedel, Georgia Davidson and Harriet Gilroy, helping the team to secure a first quarter score of 12-0. Great movement in the circle from Ella Waltham and Amelia was supported by perfect delivery from Kelly Bested and Olivia Kelly. The team utilised the game to fine-tune their skills with great team work, patience and communication shown by all. Micelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints had a bye 

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Enews – Week 7, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 18

From the Head of Junior School

Suzanne-Haddy_webOngoing Improvement in the Junior School

Just as we ask students to reflect on their learning and set meaningful goals for improvement, so do the teachers…

So, just what do teachers do once the girls have gone home? First, there’s the expected – planning, assessing, evaluating and organising the myriad aspects of the learning and teaching programs to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of the students. However running alongside this is time spent working on the big-picture of school improvement. The Junior School has been delivering the curriculum through the Primary Years Programme (PYP) as part of an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School since 2012. The ELC also uses the PYP as one of the foundations underpinning the delivering of the early years curriculum.

This year, under the guidance of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, we are undertaking a complete review and evaluation of achievements and initiatives to date and developing an action plan to inform further improvement. The PYP Evaluation is a rigorous process that ensures all IB Schools maintain the integrity and high standards set by the Organisation. It causes us to pause and reflect on what’s going well, what has improved, what evidence demonstrates that we are meeting the aims, objectives and standards of the PYP, and what areas are ready to be addressed. The results of our reflections, which will be presented to an external evaluation team at the beginning of Term 4, will feed into the new Strategic Plan and also inform future professional learning activities.

In ensuring that we deliver programs of the highest quality, we are committed to providing relevant and meaningful professional development opportunities for our teachers. To this end, a dozen ELC and Junior School specialist and class teachers undertook two days of professional learning earlier this term, relating to implementing the PYP to the highest standard. On the final weekend of the next school holidays and the Monday before term starts, all teachers of Junior School and ELC students will participate in two days of professional learning relating to quality assessment. Undertaking the PYP evaluation requires time, professional dialogue, critical reflection and analysis, and thoughtful consideration of possibilities. It is both rewarding and informative to consider where we are now and where we want to be. I am incredibly appreciative of the dedication and enthusiasm given by our teachers during this process of evaluation, and the wonderful leadership of our PYP Coordinator, Helen Smith, that will ensure our school grows from being great to being greater.

Suzanne Haddy

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Winter Music Concert

Winter Music Concert Image

On a cold winter’s night, Friends of the Arts proudly supported our talented girls to create the Winter Music Concert. Creating an event like this gives all our girls the chance to perform, showcasing their many and varied abilities which have been honed through the school tutoring program and many hours of practice at home.

The audience appreciated the depths of skills involved, including vocals, choir, string instruments, brass instruments and percussion.

Friends of the Arts provided drinks and snacks prior to the concert and during interval. Money raised from the sales goes directly back to our Arts Department for areas of need. Currently, we are focusing on raising funds for new music banners for our bands and orchestras.

Thank you to all the parent helpers on the evening and to teachers and tutors for their ongoing support and encouragement of our girls. Most of all, I would like to thank all our amazing musical girls for providing a wonderful Winter Music Concert. We were all warmed by your skill and enthusiasm, and you can all be very proud of your efforts.

Friends of the Arts are a group of parents who support our artistic students at different events throughout the year. We meet twice a term, with meetings held in the Music Office at school. Our next meeting is Wednesday 22 June at 7.30pm. New members are always very welcome.

Donna Fitzgerald
FOA President

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‘I can see a Saints girl’ book launch

Storybook Image 2

This week we celebrated the book launch of ‘I can see a Saints Girl’.

The publication of this book is a school first and was inspired by our past and future – an accomplished Old Scholar and Saints girls of the future.

Author, Bronwyn Lindsay (nee Clarke, Patteson), graduated from St Peter’s Girls’ School in 1995 and it’s clear that she has drawn on some fond memories of her time at St Peter’s Girls to create such a charming story.

We would like to thank the brilliant Pam Mayo whose colourful canvas artworks infuse the book with warmth and affection.

Being a Saints girl means being part of a tight-knit and passionate community of students, teachers and parents, as well as Old Scholars like Bronwyn Lindsay, many of whom were present for this remarkable school first.

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Vacation Care: The more, the merrier!

Group of children exercising in the park surrounded by beautiful nature. [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url

The next instalment of our Vacation Care program is coming up during school holidays and we’d like to extend a warm welcome to primary school-aged children from the wider community to attend. Students are welcome to invite friends or siblings to share in the range of enriching activities for both girls and boys.

Junior School program – for children from Reception to Year 6:

Join us for a day at Imagination Kidz, a trip to the Plaster Fun House or a Movie at the Cinema. Learn to make your own stuffed Teddy Bear on Pyjama Day, create a Tie Dye masterpiece or join us for Christmas in July. Whatever the choice, children can enjoy a range of planned play and leisure activities whilst having a fun, relaxing time with friends and staff.

How it works:

Your child can attend as few or as many days as needed, for full or half days, to suit your schedule and commitments. Simply pre-book the days you would like your child to attend to enjoy Vacation Care at St Peter’s Girls.


>  Week 1: Monday 4 July to Friday 8 July
>  Week 2: Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July
>  Week 3: Monday 18 July to Friday 22 July

Download the July 2016 Vacation Care Program for details.

To book, visit

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Save the date: Saturday 3 September

P and f image e newsPlease save the date for the premier Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee fundraiser of the year. On 3 September the P&F will be hosting a 1920s party to raise funds for our Middle School redevelopment. The party will fittingly be held at the Art Deco Burnside Ballroom and will feature a prize casino and live music from the Flaming Sambucas. Dressing the part is encouraged but not compulsory; feather boas and other 1920s styles will be available on the night to help you accessorise.

The feature fundraising initiative will be a giant silent auction for which the P&F will gratefully accept donations. A notice will shortly be going out to the Year Level Reps with more information as to how you can make donations to the silent auction.

Tickets will go on sale early in Term 3 so save the date and make it a night to remember!

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School Shop – Holiday Update

The School Shop will be open on the last Friday of the school holidays – Friday 22 July – and Monday 25 July from 10am – 4pm.

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Sports news

Wanted – Junior Basketball coaches

In Term 3 we have enough interest in running four Junior Basketball teams (Years 5 and 6). If you have any experience in coaching and would like to get involved please contact me via email:

Cross Country – State Championships

On Thursday 9 June (Week 6), a team of 12 Saints girls travelled up to Oakbank Racecourse to compete in the annual SAPSASA/SSSSA State Cross-Country Championships. Rain throughout the previous week and showers on the day meant that the girls competed in very muddy conditions. Despite that the girls excelled on the track. Congratulations to all girls for their amazing efforts. To come away with so many girls in the top 25 is outstanding and every girl should be proud of their efforts. Particular congratulations to Molly Dwyer who won two gold medals on the day, winning the 10-year-old girls race and as a member of the winning East Adelaide SAPSASA District team. Also to the Saints Girls team of Bethany Cross, Holly Cunningham, Eve Habel and Thandi Murada who won a team bronze medal for their combined efforts in the 16-year-old girls race. A big thank you to Mr Fuller and Mr Dingwall who have helped me to train the girls in the lead up to the event. Additionally, thank you to Mrs Noblet who acted as our ‘mum’ for the day and helped me to organise the girls for their races.

Molly Dwyer
Molly Dwyer

10 Years Girls

Molly Dwyer – Individual 1st, Teams 1st (East Adelaide District)

11 Years Girls

Emily Baldwinson – Individual 22nd, Teams 5th (East Adelaide District)
Noa Goddard – Individual 51st

12 Years Girls

Portia Maerschel – Individual 23rd, Teams 5th (East Adelaide District)

13 Years Girls

Matilda Braithwaite – Individual 18th

14 Years Girls

Harriet Maerschel – Individual 20th
Millisent Wilkin – Individual 24th

16 Years Girls

St Peter’s Girls’ School Team – 3rd
Bethany Cross – Individual 7th
Holly Cunningham – Individual 13th
Eve Habel – Individual 15th
Thandi Murada – Individual 35th

Open Girls

Anna Cross – Individual 12th

Anna Cross (Athletics/Cross Country Captain)

Knockout Open Soccer

The Open A Soccer team competed in the Knockout Soccer competition against Saint Aloysius College and Glenunga High School. Our first match was against SAC, which was an extremely exciting and close game. The girls all fought hard with some great defensive work by Bethany Cross, Alexandra Manson and Charlotte Kelly. I was very proud to come out of the game with a 1-1 draw. In the second match, Glenunga scored early and we were unfortunately unable to finish enough of our chances to come back, losing 2-1. Special mention to our goalkeeper Talah Gobell who made some amazing saves, including another penalty. By Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Knockout Year 8 – 9 Netball

On Monday 6 June, the Years 8/9 knockout team travelled to Brighton Secondary School. Our first game was against Saint Aloysius College and the girls played exceptionally well and were resilient against a tough team that we defeated by eight goals, the final score being 38-30. Our second game against Brighton was the decider. If we didn’t win, we were out!! We played a competitive three-quarters, however our high number of errors in the second quarter let us down. Unfortunately, we lost 25-30, bringing our knockout journey to an end. On the day, Brighton ended up playing better than us but we all left with our heads held high. Many thanks to Alice Johnswood and Ms Brooks for giving us this great opportunity – we all enjoyed it greatly. Bring on Queensland!! (Charlotte White and Brooke Elliott)

Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 17 defeated Wilderness Blue 3

The girls played an excellent team game, implementing all the skills they were taught in training, which was reflected in the score and win. Best Players for the game were Lucy Benn and Sophie Norman. By coaches: Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel

Year 6 White – Saints 10 defeated Wilderness Gold 7

The team recorded their first win this week and it certainly boosted team morale! All players played a fantastically cohesive game, listening and responding to each other, their coaches and the umpire. As coach it was wonderful to see the skills that have been worked on in training, reflected on the court. Well done 6 White! By Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 White – Saints 39 defeated St Andrews 0

The girls played an amazing game with a huge winning score. We were very impressed with the girls’ ability to bring the ball down the court and make many interceptions, which was another highlight of the game. By Eve Habel and Rachel Kameniar (Assistant coaches)

soccer images

Open Soccer

Open A – Saints 1 drew with Westminster 1

The Open A Soccer team played a tight game against Westminster, ending in a draw. Olivia Law and Layne Beveridge worked extremely well upfront, persistence and smart play resulting in Olivia practically dribbling our goal across the line and Layne taking an incredible free kick. Unfortunately, Westminster quickly equalised and we were unable to get another chance at goal despite some good chances. Great work to all the girls and we hope to improve next week. By Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Open B – Saints defeated Westminster by forfeit
By Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Westminster 0

This game saw our team dominate every aspect of the game right from the kick-off and our forwards attacked Westminster’s goal forcing them to defend constantly. This relentless pressure forced a handball and the resulting penalty shot was taken by Ellie Anderson, who squeezed the ball inside the goalpost to give us the lead. A short time later, Millisent Wilkin took advantage of this constant pressure to score a goal of her own. In contrast, every time Westminster attacked they were set upon by our defenders, which caused them to lose control of the ball which allowed our players to kick it forward with relative ease. Our backline, consisting of Eleanor Anderson, Harriett Gilroy, Siena Kulinski and Kendra Ware did a sterling job throughout the game and combined well with our goalie Isobel Tan to stop Westminster scoring any goals at all. Amy Carrodus topped off the win with another goal. A great team effort. By Mr Morton (Staff Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 1 drew with Wilderness (B2) 1

An amazing game by both teams. Saints were unlucky not to secure a win as they used the ball well and strung a number of passes together. Defensively, the girls worked together to keep the opposing attackers away and reduce their shots. The girls never gave up and should be proud of their efforts. By Taylor Garrett (Coach)

Year 7 – Saints 0 were defeated by Pembroke 5
By Coach Peter Krantis.

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints 5 defeated Pembroke 2

The girls braved some extremely cold weather on Friday to defeat a strong Pembroke side. Spreading wide and strong passes were our aims this week, an essential to beat the opposition. All the girls’ skills have improved very well, while demonstrating great shooting which we have been working on during training. Best players were Mikaela Udall, Molly Dwyer and Bridgette Leach who all demonstrated great skill level and solid passing. Great effort girls. By Alice Tyson (Coach)


No matches due to the long weekend.


No matches due to the long weekend.


No matches due to the long weekend. 


No matches due to the long weekend.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories please email them through to me on:

Enews – Week 6, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 17

From the Head of the Middle School

da Vinci Decathlon Image 3


In 2013 teams from 13 schools entered the inaugural Year 7 South Australian da Vinci Decathlon at St Peter’s Girls. Last week we hosted the event over three days, running an event for Year 7 students, Year 9 students and, for the first time, students from Years 5 and 6. In all, 56 teams entered the competition this year, with over 400 of Adelaide’s brightest minds battling it out in the School’s Arts Centre.

The da Vinci Decathlon is an initiative of Knox Grammar School in Sydney and we are proud to be the South Australian Chapter School, allowing us not only the privilege of hosting the event each year, but also the opportunity of taking a team across to Sydney for the four-day National da Vinci Decathlon at the end of June.

Designed as a test for academically able students, the day consists of ten events. In the first sessions, each team of eight students tackles Science, Art and Poetry and Philosophy tasks all at the same time. One of the St Peter’s Girls Year 5/6 teams started the day well by coming third in the Art and Poetry task. During this session, students are also given 10 minutes to prepare a one-minute dramatic performance in response to a previously unseen stimulus. Our Year 9 team flourished at this event, with their ‘sub team’ of four students coming second in the event.

After a well-earned cake and fruit break, the students returned to tackle high-level Mathematics, English, Cartography and Engineering tasks. It was pleasing to see our girls continue our growing reputation in the area of Engineering, with our two Year 7 teams coming 2nd and 3rd in the category, only topped by our two Year 5/6 teams who placed 1st and 2nd in the Engineering category during their event. Our Year 9 team also finished 2nd in the Maths category.

After a chance to demolish a pizza lunch and mix with students from the other schools, the students returned for the final two challenges – Code Breaking and General Knowledge. In this homage to the code breakers of World War Two, many of them women working at Bletchley in England, recently chronicled in the movie, The Imitation Game, and the ABC/BBC series, The Bletchley Circle, students were confronted with 8-10 codes to crack, using a variety of strategies, as well as being asked to create their own cypher. Our students did well at this, one of the hardest tasks, on each day of the event, with our Year 5/6 team coming 4th and one of our Year 7 teams winning the category.

Whilst each day ended without a Saints team on the podium, our girls certainly enjoyed the challenges they faced and are keen to return in subsequent years to ‘do battle’ once again. In the meantime, our Year 7 team are ready to take on the nation’s best in Sydney at the end of June.

As hosts, it was a pleasure to have seen so many able, excited and active young students purposefully engaged at such a high level for the three days of the event.

As Leonardo da Vinci is alleged to have said, “Learning never exhausts the mind”.

Richard Lisle
Head of the Middle School

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Saints Cafe is now open for business!

Saints Cafe pngStarting all the way back in the first few weeks of Term 1, the Saints Café has been a long process to implement. At the start of the year Ms Shea stood in front of the School and talked about leadership and encouraged students to be innovative in their studies and think about the qualities of an entrepreneur. Together, our teacher, Ms Casson, Freya Ware, Holly Steer and I came up with the idea of making a Saints Café. In the Café we were going to sell smoothies, hot chocolates, cookies, croissants, coffee, and tea. However, we then realised that we may have been reaching too high, too fast. We then brought the idea down slightly and made it so we would sell three beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, and tea) and then slowly add more items, like cookies, as we become more successful through the year.

Many meetings later with senior staff, Freya, Holly and I hired ‘staff’ members from Year 10 to help with the café. In return, ‘staff’ get up to 10 pocket points by the end of the year, depending on the number of sessions they attend.

We have had three sessions of the Saints Café, one in Week 5 and now two this week. We are proud to say that the sessions have been very successful and all our hard work is paying off.

We are currently putting all our profits towards paying for the coffee machine, grinder and coffee bin. Then we will discuss which charity we would like to help.

The Saints Café is also planned to help support local farmers by buying our milk from them. We are also planning from next term to use biodegradable cups, as they are better for the environment.

We encourage all parents, students and staff to come and support us and have a coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

Amira Shahin

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Book now! ELC Ladies Day Out

ELC Ladies Day Out Email blast

Mothers of the ELC are invited to attend the ELC Ladies Day Out.

This annual get-together will be held on Sunday 19 June at the amazing Barristers Block Winery, Woodside. We hope many can join us for what will be an enjoyable and relaxing day out!

Event Details:

Date: Sunday 19 June 2016
Time: Bus departs from St Peter’s Girls at 11am and returns at 4pm
Price: $60 (Includes a glass of bubbles on arrival, platters and pizza for lunch, and a bus to and from the venue)

Tickets can be purchased at

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Save the date: Saturday 3 September

P and f image e news

Please save the date for the premier Parents and Friends (P&F) fundraiser of the year. On September 3 the P&F will be hosting a 1920s party to raise funds for the Middle School redevelopment. The party will fittingly be held at the Art Deco Burnside Ballroom and will feature a prize casino and live music from the Flaming Sambucas. Dressing the part is encouraged but not compulsory; feather boas and other 1920s styles will be available on the night to help you accessorise.

The feature fundraising initiative will be a giant silent auction for which the P&F will gratefully accept donations. A notice will shortly be going out to the Year level reps with more information as to how you can make donations to the silent auction.

Tickets will go on sale early in Term 3 so save the date and make it a night to remember!

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Celebrating the Musical Success of an Old Scholar

Head Shot Erin enews

A large proportion of our music students from the Saints Senior Music Program go on to further their musical careers and, upon return, often talk of what Music at Saints has meant to them.

I was delighted to hear of the outstanding success of Old Scholar Erin McKellar who recently won one of the most highly coveted international jazz awards, the 39th Annual Downbeat Award for Outstanding Performance in Latin Jazz. Only five Australians have previously won this award, with Erin being the first to win the Latin Jazz category. I asked Erin to share her thoughts on her music education at Saints:

“I am now in my final year at university, studying jazz voice at the Elder Conservatorium of Music. I would not be where I am today without the support, education and opportunities that arose during my time at St Peter’s Girls’ School. The wide array of musical ensembles caters for a dynamic variety of styles. From a young age I was exposed to a diverse range of musical genres and it was through ‘Enchante’ that I developed my passion for jazz music. Not only was my musical interest nurtured, but I was also given opportunities to develop and gain performance experience such as competing in Generations in Jazz and various Eisteddfods. A particular highlight was the chance to travel to Melbourne and partake in the Julliard Jazz Winter School, a priceless opportunity to learn from some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. However, whilst Saints provided countless opportunities, it was the teachers that made the biggest impact. Throughout my schooling experience I was always supported by my music teachers; they created an environment for all to experience the wonders of music, to learn, to grow, to feel and create. They brought the best out of me, allowing me to reach higher potential and instilling confidence. I can undoubtedly say that my music experience at school gave me the tools to pursue music further. Since school I have mentored at the New York Jazz Symposium, been accepted into a summer course at Guildhall in London, performed in various touring shows and won an international Downbeat Jazz Award. I intend to move overseas next year to pursue my music career further and I know I wouldn’t have achieved all these things without the encouragement and education of the St Peter’s Girls’ music program.”

One of the great joys of teaching is the cyclical nature of learning. Having taught Erin for many years, it has been wonderful to sit and watch Erin at work during workshops with ‘Enchante’ and the Vocal Quartet and, in turn, to learn and grow from her experience.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Debating: Round 2 Update

Debating-2Congratulations to all the debaters on another extremely successful round of debates. All of our Middle School teams, Year 7 Blue, Year 7 White, Year 8 Yellow, Year 8 Orange, Year 8 White, Year 8 Blue, Year 9 Yellow and Year 9 Red and the Senior White team won their Round 2 debates. A special mention must go to Grace Dodson and Tiffany Zhou from Year 7, Charlotte Bleby from Year 8 and Teegan Lindsay from Year 9 who were given Speaker of the Night awards by the adjudicators. Furthermore, Debating SA has updated the Round 1 rankings, and we are proud to announce that the Year 7 White and Senior White team are currently ranked Number One. The debaters are certainly benefiting from the revised coaching scheme and many improvements can be observed in the content, structure and presentation of the girls’ debates. We wish the girls luck for Round 3 commencing on 21 June 2016.

Kritika Mishra
Debating and Public Speaking Prefect

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School Shop update

Second Hand Uniform items – Due to space restrictions, the School Shop is only able to take winter uniform items at the present time. Please ensure that all items are freshly laundered and blazers dry-cleaned. It is also preferable that items are ironed and on clothes hangers. Only current uniform items are able to be accepted.

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Last chance to book, closing on Friday 17 June!


Join us for the first ever St Peter’s Girls Shopping Trip to Melbourne!

In conjunction with Peregrine Travel, parents are invited to join this fabulous trip to Melbourne.

This all-inclusive package includes return flights, transfers and five-star accommodation located in the heart of the city. Stroll to theatres, restaurants and laneway bars. Docklands, the Paris end of Collins Street, Southbank and South Melbourne are all close by.

Also included is an exclusive ‘Money Can’t Buy’ after-hours shopping experience at Myer, with drinks, food and a private stylist!

Event Details:

Date:      13 – 14 August 2016
Price:     Only $695 per person.

Funds raised will go towards the redevelopment of the Middle School Redevelopment Project.

Tickets can be booked via or contact Blaga on 0448 650 130 for more information.

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Sports News

Sporting Header image

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Hockey Coaching Clinic – July School Holidays

The aim of this popular clinic is to encourage skills and knowledge of the game of hockey in a fun environment. Open to boys and girls aged 7 to 14 years of age and of all abilities from all clubs and schools. Beginners are welcome

Date:    11–15 July 2016
Time:   9am to 12 noon daily.
Venue: Adelaide Hockey Club. Artificial Surface (corner Greenhill and King William Roads)

Clinic coaches will also include several ex-international players, along with current SASI and State hockey players

Click here for more information.


Keeley Fahey (Year 7) won a Gold Medal in the U/15 Trampoline event at the National Championships in Melbourne. Keeley also competed in the double mini tramp.

Wanted – Junior Basketball coaches

In Term 3 we have enough interest in running four Junior Basketball teams (Years 5 and 6). If you have any experience in coaching and would like to get involved, please contact me via email:

Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 17 defeated by Walford Gold 29
It was pleasing to the girls put in such a great effort this week. The best players for this week were Sophie Abbott and Adele Eaton. Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel (Coaches)

Year 6 White – Saints 11 defeated by Pembroke Blue 33
A fantastic game by the girls! Our highest score yet and some brilliant passages of play were seen both up and down the court. They are playing more as a team and helping each other out down the court. The girls who are new to netball are improving every week and it’s showing in their play. Well done to all the players and student coaches. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 Blue – Saints 23 defeated Wilderness Red 8
The girls had a tougher match this week, which required them to focus and work hard the entire game. They all played extremely well in positions that they were not used to playing. Their teamwork and communication on the court have been keys to maintaining their winning streak and they will continue working on this at training to ensure they are always improving. They should all be very proud of their efforts. Georgia Naughton (Coach)

Year 5 White – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 14
The team played an amazing game and, despite the loss, all the girls played their best game. Thanks to Adelaide Murphy for filling in, and well done to Olivia Slivak and Montana Melisi for their excellent intercepting through the centre court. Special mention must go to  Isabel Burmester and Noa Goddard for their great defence in the circle. Excited for next week’s game! Eve Habel and Rachel Kameniar (Assistant Coaches)

Open Soccer

Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 1
The Open A Soccer team had a tough game against Seymour this week. Despite having the majority of the possession, we couldn’t quite get on the scoreboard. Special mention to Isabella Villani who won every ball in the midfield and had an incredible work rate. We hope to continue working hard and score some goals next week! Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 1
Everyone did a great job of keeping Seymour under pressure in what was another very close game this week. Unfortunately, though, we conceded a goal in the last five minutes and didn’t quite manage to reciprocate. Special mentions to Sarah Matheson and Anneliese Thomas for their excellent effort tackling and using the space in the midfield. Well done and a huge thank you to Alice Tyson who stepped up and played goalie for the first time. Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated Seymour 0
For the second week in a row the girls played in a tough match. Defences on both sides controlled most of the game and the ball moved from one end of the pitch to the other as the attacking players found it difficult to create opportunities to score. Our backline, led by Ellie Anderson, Siena Kulinski, Rachel Banham and Millisent Wilkin, were able to rebound the ball and set up many drives up the ground for our forwards to try to take advantage of. Our forwards were able to combine well to keep the Seymour defenders under constant pressure, until Olufunto Komalafe, playing her first Middle A game, was able to run down the ground and kick the winning goal. Best Players: Eleanor Anderson, Siena Kulinski, Olufunto Komalafe. Mr Morton (Staff Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 4
The girls played their hearts out the whole game and never gave up. They strung some nice passages of play together often making multiple passes and were unlucky not to score and despite the pressure Seymour’s defence stood strong. By Taylor Garrett (Coach)

Year 7 – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 10
The girls came up against a very strong Seymour side, being down 8-0 at half-time. In the second half the girls showed more determination, only conceding two goals. Special mention to Grace Dodson and Sophie Kameniar who both put in a tremendous effort in goals! Peter Krantis (Coach)

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints 22 defeated Walford 1
The girls worked extremely well together to dominate the opposition. Our attacking efforts were very strong, while our defence aimed to push up and assist the girls in the forward line. Overall, the team efforts and passing were a great improvement from previous weeks and the girls all played an amazing game! Best players were Molly and Mabelle, who both made use of great passing opportunities and had great strength in the field. Great win, girls! Alice Tyson (Coach)


Congratulations to all the girls this week, particularly the C1 team who won each of their games. The girls all showed great enthusiasm this weekend and their commitment to training hard during the week to play their best on Saturday mornings is hugely appreciated. They continue to show improvements in their technique and tactics and we hope they keep working hard throughout the season. By Kritika Mishra & Alice Powell (Co-Captains)

A – Saints defeated by Pembroke 3-3 Best Player: Kritika Mishra

B – Saints 3 defeated Westminster 3 Best Players: Laura Sivewright, Erica Reid

C1 – Saints 6 defeated Westminster 0 Best Players: Amy Li, Nicola Jones

C2 – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness (C1) 4 Best Players: Amelie Dunda, Sophia Casanova Clarke

D1 – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness (D1) 6 Best Player: Helen Han

D2 – Saints 2 defeated by Pulteney 4 Best Player: Jiayi Wang

E – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke (F) 6 Best Players: Helen Xiong, Millie Han


Open A – Saints 5 defeated Seymour 0
This is the first time for a long period that Saints have defeated Seymour. Goal scorers were Rachel Disney (2), and Tash Hammond (3). The game consisted mainly in our attacking half, with only a few break-throughs from the opposition, which our defence were able to shut down. Gracie Edwards saved an excellent goal shot by Seymour in the second half, which was worked back into our attack by defensive players, Carla Lawrence, Paris Dudley and Olivia Teh. Saints will continue to work on our attacking skills to ensure more balls are in the back of the net in our next game. Natasha Hammond (Captain)

Open C – Saints 7 defeated St Dominic’s 0
The girls restricted the opposition to limited space on the pitch, making it difficult for them to cleanly drive into the circle. At the other end, Saints were able to use their skills to earn some short corners and put away two goals, resulting in a 2-0 lead at half-time. The girls’ confidence grew throughout the game and, just like always, they came out harder and stronger in the second half. Well done to Katherine Woolley, Holly Cardone, Poppy Goldsmith and Aroha Munroe for scoring the goals but the whole team had a great match. Sophie Fry (Coach)


Under 18 – Saints 5 defeated by Wilderness 23
Facing a strong Division 1 team, the girls remained focussed and determined, which showed throughout the game by chasing groundballs and playing great defence. In the second half we saw more ball possession and the team played more cohesively. The team is improving week by week and there’s still more to work on. Many players are improving weekly and trying new positions. Best player goes to Abigail Lisle for her hustling, sliding defence and reaction to groundballs. Other best players include Alice Petchey, Sophie Auricht, Olivia Compare and Portia Reppucci. Adelle Craig (Coach)

Under 15 – Saints 6 defeated by Wilderness 10
The team started confidently and Isabelle Norman in goal saved quick shots and cleared them easily to our girls, which then led us to attack with our goal shooters, Portia Maerschel (1), Harriet Maerschel (2), Steph Smalls (1) and Millie Wilkin (2). Every player showed good dedication and effort to get the ball back in our possession. Portia Reppucci (Coach)

Under 13 – Saints 14 defeated Wilderness 10
Stephanie Demmrich (Year 7), Jenna Maione (Year 4) and Isabel Burmester (Year 5) were terrific in defence, not allowing the Wilderness girls to pass to someone free. Isabel also did a wonderful intercept, which caused a turnover. Mabel Cook (Year 3) and Stephanie Smalls (Year 7) showed great persistence when trying to get the ball out of the centre and Dani Cox (Year 4) was formidable playing in centre. At half-time the girls were up by five goals and needed to work on maintaining possession of the ball. Saskia Jonats (Year 7) and Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 5) did well to get free in the midfield and shoot some very good goals. Finally, Isabelle Norman (Year 8) showed wonderful confidence when running out of the goal circle to pick up the ball. Goal scorers were Portia Maerschel (Year 7), Saskia and Willow. Best players were Saskia and Jenna. Lucy Martin (Coach)


Open A – Saints 45 defeated Concordia 42
A great all-round effort with consistent pressure down the court forcing Concordia to make mistakes that we used to our advantage. There were some skilful plays including a great give and go from Holly Cunningham that allowed strong feeds into the shooter. Josephine Dal Pra and Fiona Dawson also worked extremely well. Once again, there was outstanding work from Sophie Freeman in defence. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 37 defeated Concordia 32
What an incredible game to participate in! Throughout the four quarters, the girls maintained consistency of working the ball down the court and it was this teamwork which allowed us to win. The defenders brought the ball down the court and the centre court players gave many offers, ensuring that we could get the ball into the goal circle. Then the shooters finished off the hard work with their exceptional shooting. Therefore, there was no distinction in best players, as it was a brilliant game by all players. I’m very proud of the girls for winning their first game of the season and hopefully this will be the start of more success. Alexandra Murray (B Captain)

Open C – Saints 20 defeated by Concordia 35
The team had a strong game against Concordia; they put up a strong defence and even stronger offence. In one of our most competitive games yet, we gave the opposition a good scare and nearly came away with a win. This week saw a committed effort from the girls, which showed on court in a strong, cohesive team. It’s wonderful to see the girls playing and working together. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 17 defeated by Woodcroft 28
The girls started well but were up against a strong team. They played well as a team and their movement down the court was excellent. In defence, the girls applied a lot of pressure, making it as hard as possible for their opponents to score. The attack line had an amazing game, executing set plays and ensuring their passing was strong. Despite the score, all girls showed great persistence and determination, giving 100% for the entire game. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Fill-in Coaches)

Year 9A – Saints 30 defeated by Concordia 45
On Saturday all girls played well and kept the score close for the majority of the match. Our defence was very tight and in the attacking half everyone worked together to get the ball down the field. Well done, girls, and hopefully we can record a win in our next game! Eve Habel (Year 9)

Year 9B – Saints 50 defeated Concordia 11

Year 9C1 – Saints had a bye

Year 9C2 – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 35
This week the girls showed significant improvement, playing their best game. Their ability to connect the ball from the defensive half to the attacking half was much better and their strong passes and leads allowed the girls to have more of the play. The girls should be very proud of their efforts this week; after this week’s game the coming weeks are looking very promising. A special mention goes to Annabelle Langley, Anneliese Thomas and Amy Carrodus for all stepping outside their comfort zones and playing positions they don’t normally play to help the team out. Chelsea Stamato (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 24 defeated by Concordia 38
Another tough game this week. We played our best netball in the second quarter but couldn’t maintain this throughout the rest of the match. Fantastic defensive work from Sarah Wishart and Hannah Freeman for the duration of the match, especially on a much taller opponent. Thank you to Lucy White and Charlotte Sellars for coming up to play from the Bs and then playing their game straight afterwards. Vanessa Brooks (Coach).

Year 8B – Saints 33 defeated Concordia 21
The girls played a fantastic game, with the first three quarters being close in before Saints broke free, creating many scoring opportunities in the final. As a team, the girls displayed the new tactics we have been perfecting at training, especially in the attacking end. This made every goal seamless and each path to the goal was easy. Best players for the week were awarded to Olufunto Komolafe for her brilliant scoring, and Lucy White and Zara Stefani for their ability to bring the ball into our attacking end from defence and applying copious amounts of pressure in the centre third and the opposition’s goal third. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 8C – Saints 17 defeated by Walford 20
The girls played a strong game for the first three quarters and used their strong passing that was practised in training. The girls showed determination in defence and the centre passing was strong. The team couldn’t maintain this in the last quarter but the girls still persisted all game. Overall, the players showed positive efforts on court. Best players go to Paris Greene and Elise Cornfield, who both improved and played an amazing game on court. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches)

Year 7A – Saints 26 defeated Concordia 12
The team had a convincing win on the weekend, with strong teamwork and tight defence again being our main assets. A big thank you to Harriett Gilroy for filling in for us from the Bs and Steph Smalls for stepping into goals for the second half. A big win and Happy Birthday to Kellie! Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 9 defeated by Concordia 30
The girls started slowly this week, and were unable to recover the score-line from a 14-0 first quarter. To their credit, however, after the first quarter the girls came together as a team and fought out the rest of the match. They maintained their effort until the end, and matched Concordia in the third term. Again the defence stood up under a lot of pressure, and our attacking players made the most of their opportunities. Roger Mills (Coach)

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Enews – Week 5, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 16

From the Director of Early Learning

Kate-MountLast week the ELC hosted their major biennial Art Exhibition, with Rights of  the Child being the theme for 2016. Organised by ELC staff and volunteer group, Friends of ELC, the exhibition aimed to showcase the creativity and voice of the young child while raising funds for a Nao Humanoid robot for ELC children. This new addition to the ELC will introduce an exciting new way of learning, building understanding about computational thinking skills, coding and robotics.

Open to our wider community as well as the ELC community, the exhibition attracted over 700 visitors and raised significant funds in excess of $10,000. We were privileged to have the Minister of Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, open this event for us. With his powerful speech about the importance of children’s rights, the Rights of the Child exhibition made a strong statement about our advocacy for children as citizens in their own right.

This celebration of children’s art and deep thinking represented both children’s right to a quality education and the right to connect their learning with the community. One thing we already know and value is the importance of community in our children’s lives. After all, learning does not begin at school; it begins at birth. In the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy, families and the community celebrate and value children’s work, which is displayed in the city centre. The children then use their visit to the city centre to stimulate further learning. It is our desire to connect our children to the community in a similar way, enabling a deeper understanding about the ways in which children learn in the community.

The exhibition therefore represented the relationship between community and school and, in our case, the ELC. It demonstrated the enormous interest we all have in the way in which children create meaning of their world. The changes that have occurred in early childhood education over recent years have been significant, with an increased awareness about the formation of the brain or, as they say in Reggio, the ‘architecture of the brain’. This is influenced by the combination of the biological aspects of brain development and the rich relationships and creative experiences that children have in their early years, which then sets their future pathway.

We know that the way in which we have organised our children’s opportunities for learning in the ELC has set up these young inquiring minds for the future. We plan to continue to work together as a community and school to recognise how important early learning is to not just one child, your child, but to all children as they learn and construct their world around them together.

I would like to thank the dedicated ELC staff and Friends of ELC for working together to organise such a rich and compelling event. I would also like to thank our ELC community and wider school community for supporting us by visiting the exhibition, adding your reflections and so generously donating towards our goal of purchasing an ELC robot.

Kate Mount
ELC Director

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Poetry in Action 

Poetry in Action

On Friday 20 May the Years 7 to 10 students were entertained and enlightened by the group, Poetry in Action. Consisting of three actors, the group travels the country presenting dynamic performances aimed at deconstructing poetry and convincing students of the power of this form of human expression. Humorous, fast-paced and instructive, the session was both engaging and relevant for students in approaching the study of poetry.

In response to the presentation students commented:

Poetry in Action delivered a performance about teaching poetry techniques to a supposedly poetically incompetent girl who turns out to be amazing at writing poems. The performance was presented in an entertaining and humorous way that I feel was beneficial and educational for not just the younger viewers but the older ones as well. Katherine Woolley (Year 10)

Poetry in Action’s play was an engaging way of explaining both modern and historical poetry in a way that appeals to middle school age students. It encouraged students to give poetry a go and helped to remove the stigma that poems are hard, too “emo” or that not everyone can write them. Sara Possingham (Year 10)

A rare opportunity to watch poetry brought to life. The show was fun, interesting and exciting. An excellent way to end a busy week. Amy Steele (Year 10)

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Years 3 and 4 Music Information Night

Music Update Small 2At Saints Girls we believe that learning an instrument and being a member of a music ensemble is an integral part of a well-rounded education.

Through the learning of music, students are able to develop discipline, commitment to teamwork and a passion for creativity. Our music program is designed to support this, as well as giving your daughter a wonderfully exciting musical experience along the way.

For many Saints Girls families, the Years 3 and 4 instrumental program marks the first step in their daughter’s musical adventure. Our information night is a great way for parents to get involved in their daughter’s music education and gain some additional understanding of the expectations of the music program. They also gain some specific skills in how to assist their daughter in the basic playing of their instrument and insight into the challenges of learning to play an instrument.

In Years 3 and 4 we offer you a small taste of what we hope will be a very joyful and inspiring journey.

Music Update SmallIn music class in Term 1 each girl tries all the instruments on offer and through reflection and experimentation comes up with what instrument she feels suits her best.

In Terms 2 and 3 the girls are divided up according to their instruments and our highly trained and professional staff give them a 45 minute instrumental lesson.

Towards the end of Term 2 and then in Term 3 the girls also join together in a string ensemble and concert band to learn how to play together. This is a great way to teach them teamwork, among other things, and the importance of being prepared by ensuring they have practised their music at home in order to not let their ensemble members down.

This program aims to:

  • Develop skills in reading and playing music on their instrument
  • Develop creativity
  • Improve teamwork skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve organisation
  • Improve numeracy and literacy skills – scanning skills
  • Understand the commitment and dedication required to achieve an outcome at a high level
  • Nurture a love of music
  • Enter into the Instrumental and Ensemble program at Saints

Finally, a quick note that girls in Years 5, 6 and 7 who are interested in joining the Junior Percussion Ensemble are asked to attend MB120 at lunchtime on Wednesday, Week 7. If any student is interested, we encourage you to come along and have a go!

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Generations In Jazz recordings

We previously announced the outstanding achievements of our choirs, with Enchante achieving 1st place and the Vocal Quartet receiving an Honourable Mention and placing 4th. To listen to the judge’s comments, click on the Dropbox links below. Please note that each recording begins with a short sound check followed by the actual performance.

Click here to listen to Enchante’s winning performance (you will need to check if you require a Dropbox account for this to work).

Click here to listen to the Vocal Quartet.

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St Peters Rotary Music Awards

Ava2Each year our School is invited to nominate a student for the St Peters Rotary Club Music Awards. This student is chosen for her outstanding contribution and service to the music program, performance ability and potential as a soloist.

Ava Loechel in Year 10 was nominated by the music staff to be the recipient of this award in 2016. Ava is an outstanding vocal performer and was recognised for the musical development she has demonstrated over the past two years through her music studies in class, the School’s co-curricular choirs and Thursday Club program. Ava has an unassuming and almost humble approach to her music, which captivates her audiences and attracts a quiet respect from her peers. She is a mature, highly focussed and talented vocalist. Ava’s performance on the night at the Norwood Town Hall was truly beautiful. She performed ‘Hallelujah’ and was accompanied by Mike Bevan on guitar. Her captivating vocal performance proved to all that she was highly deserving of this prestigious award.

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A successful start to the Debating and Public Speaking season

Debating Header Photo

This year St Peter’s Girls is competing in the program run by Debating SA, an organisation patronised by the Governor of South Australia. Some of our younger teams have the benefit of our new coaching scheme, receiving speech-writing help and debate practise from a pair of coaches – a current senior student and an Old Scholar, both of whom are experienced debaters. All the girls in Years 7, 8 and 9 participated in a workshop run by Debating SA earlier this term, and the student and Old Scholar coaches received training in Term 1.

We are proud to announce that the debating season has commenced with some spectacular results, with seven of the eleven participating teams winning their Round 1 debates. Congratulations to the following teams: Year 7 Blue, Year 7 White, Year 8 Yellow, Year 9 Yellow, Year 9 Red, Year 10 Blue and the Senior White team on their victories. A special mention must go to Grace Dodson and Victoria Thorp in Year 7, Jessica Stratton-Smith in Year 8, Asha Short in Year 9, Nicola Jones in Year 10 and Mila Loechel in Year 12 who were awarded Speaker of the Night awards by the adjudicators. Thank you to the student and Old Scholar coaches and the supervising teachers for their continuous support.

I would also like to congratulate all the girls who participated in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition earlier this term, including Holly Wallman-Craddock in Year 7, Emily Downie and Aditi Tamhankar in Year 9 and Charlene Lee, Brooke Oliver, Sara Possingham and Kate McKellar-Stewart in Year 10. A special mention must go to Aditi and Holly who spoke on the topic, “Humble Beginnings”, and progressed to the semi-finals at Immanuel College. We congratulate all the girls for their achievements and would especially like to wish Aditi, who for the second consecutive year won her semi-final heat on Saturday, good luck for the State finals. The finals will be held on the evening of Saturday 25 June at Parliament House in front of an audience of invited dignitaries. While not progressing to the final, Holly Wallman-Craddock also spoke extremely well at the semi-final. Also recently representing the school in Public Speaking was Sophie-Louise Shearwood (Year 11), who spoke exceptionally well, giving a thoughtfully constructed speech at the recent Probus Public Speaking Competition.

A special thank you must go to Ms Cohen and Ms Davies who have provided ongoing support and enthusiastically dedicated their time towards supporting the girls in their speech preparation.

We look forward to yet another successful season of debating and public speaking this year.

Kritika Mishra
Debating and Public Speaking Prefect

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Saints Girls families feed the needy

Mary MagRecently a group of Saints Girls parents (and one current Saints Girls student) spent a few hours at the St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre in the city, serving a delicious three-course meal to about 70 people in dire need of a home cooked meal. Our thanks to our volunteers – Fiona McGregor, Dianne O’Connell, Keryl, Mitch and Laura Clifton, Bec and Nick Maerschel and Susanna and Luke Anderson – for heating, stirring, serving and washing up on the evening with good grace and plenty of laughs. The patrons were very grateful, there was plenty to go around and the remainder was handed out in take-away containers.

Even bigger thanks to Jenni Manson and her crew for cooking the delicious homemade apple crumble and for all the generous Middle School parents who cooked the meals and soups that were served. As they say, “it takes a village”, and never a truer word was said – without the generosity of our School Community and the dedicated co-ordination of Karen Alderson, this could not have come together.

In fact, this was the second Saturday this year that we had fed this large group, the first being Saturday 5 March. On that evening it was the Senior School families who so generously provided the food and soups and our volunteers on that evening were Peta Ware, Christie and Grant Edwards, Fiona Mockridge, Sue Neale, Kylie and Jaida Bouhamdan, Susanna Anderson and Glyn Jamieson.

Our final night of the year will be Saturday 19 November when we will be asking the Junior School parents to provide the food. If anyone is interested in helping volunteer to serve meals at the Centre with us next year, please contact Susanna Anderson on

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School Shop update

Second Hand Uniform items – Due to space restrictions the School Shop is only able to take winter uniform items at the present time. Please ensure that all items are freshly laundered and blazers dry-cleaned. It is also preferable that items are ironed and on clothes hangers. Only current uniform items are able to be accepted.

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Host Families Needed

Following the successful Junior School Korean cultural exchange program which has been operating over the past 10 years, the School has again been invited by Oden International to be part of this program during Term 3 this year.

The 2016 program will follow the same format as previous years’ and involves hosting a Year 4 or Year 5 student for a seven week period. The students will attend St Peter’s Girls during this time and will be accompanied by an Oden staff member, Ms Kris Lee, who visits the School daily to support the girls. The students will be arriving on Saturday 23 July 2016 and will depart on Monday 12 September 2016. It is anticipated that 4 – 6 students will be participating in the program in 2016.

To enable planning for this valuable program, we require families from our School community to host these students during their stay in Adelaide. Families will be reimbursed $270 per week for the student’s care, and an information and orientation program will be provided to families that are hosting.

If you are interested, please contact Jess Geraghty on 8334 2215 or email

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Attention all shoppers: Join our trip to Melbourne


Join us for the first ever St Peter’s Girls Shopping Trip to Melbourne!

In conjunction with Peregrine Travel, parents are invited to join this fabulous trip to Melbourne.

This all inclusive package includes return flights, transfers and 5-star accommodation located in the heart of the city. Stroll to theatres, restaurants and laneway bars. Docklands, the Paris end of Collins Street, Southbank, and South Melbourne are all close by.

Also included is an exclusive ‘Money Can’t Buy’ after-hours shopping experience at Myer, with drinks, food and a private stylist!

Event Details:

Date: 13 – 14 August 2016
Price: Only $695.00 per person.

Funds raised will go towards the redevelopment of the Middle School Redevelopment Project.

Tickets can be booked via or contact Blaga on 0448 650 130 for more information.

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Sports News

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Netball Coaching Program

Taught and Bowled is offering specialist and general netball coaching programs for girls aged 9-13 years during Term 2 and Term 3 this year. The program runs over 4 x one hour sessions and includes a weekly take-home program for all participants. The program is tailored for each area of the court so that participants can receive coaching that is specific to their game.

Programs will run on Sunday mornings at two locations – Ascot Park Primary School and East Adelaide School.

For further information or to register for the program please go to or contact Alice at / 0412 454 784.



Congratulations to Alyssa Woolley, Lucy Steele Scott, Holly Cardone and Poppy Goldsmith (all Year 7) who have been selected to represent East Adelaide in the State-wide Primary School Hockey Carnival.

Congratulations also go to Molly Dwyer (Year 4) who has been selected in the South Australian 12 and Under Hockey team that will compete in Cairns later in the year.



Aerboics 4

On Saturday 21 May girls from Years 7, 8 and 9 competed at the School Aerobics preliminary finals. This year we entered four teams into the competition, all producing outstanding results.

For many girls this was their first competition, performing not only to judges, but also a large crowd. All involved should be very proud of their performances, as we, the coaches, have seen a tremendous improvement in each and every individual.

There will be no rest for any of the teams, as all were selected to compete again at the School Aerobics State Finals. The support from the Saints community, as the girls fight for an invitation to Nationals, would be greatly appreciated on Saturday 25 June at the Norwood Town Hall.

Aerobics 5
Final results:

Infinity – 3rd
Fusion 4 – 1st
Electrix – 1st
Pop ‘n’ Rock – 5th

Kira, Natalie and Corinne (Coaches)

Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 14 defeated by Pembroke 17

On Wednesday of Week 4, the Year 6 Blue netball team played against Pembroke. Unfortunately, the girls suffered a close loss, defeated by Pembroke 17 to 14. The best players for this week were Sophie Norman and Georgia Langley. Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel (Coaches)           

Year 6 White – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 17

This week we saw some great passage of plays both up and down the court. With wet conditions proving difficult for stepping and dodging, our girls were determined and pushed through the game, adjusting their play accordingly. Well done to all players! Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 Blue – Saints 25 defeated Walford 0

The girls continue to work together in both attack and defence. The girls all listened carefully during the quarter breaks as to what they had to focus on in the next quarter, which included landing on their dominant foot and defending with their outside arm. All the girls put in their best efforts to do this and continue to improve and refine their skills. The team also showed great sportsmanship towards Walford in the second half by adapting to the game with a less experienced opposition. Georgia Naughton 

Year 5 White – Saints had a bye

Open Soccer

Open A – Saints 1 drew with Wilderness 1

Saints Open A soccer team had a tight game against Wilderness, ending in a draw. The girls took the lead after creating a number of good opportunities from forwards, Olivia Law, Layne Beveridge and Dominique Rigby. Our defenders played well and midfield worked hard in all positions but unfortunately we couldn’t finish all our chances. Best on ground goes to goalkeeper, Talah Gobell, who made some amazing saves, including a nerve-wracking penalty. We hope to keep up our fighting attitude next week and get a win. Krystina Dianos (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 drew with Wilderness 2

Saints defended very well with some excellent clearances from Mikaela Georgiadis and Sarah Matheson. Sara Possingham played another excellent game,  but it was a great team offer overall. This game could have gone either way, with Saints goals coming from Alice Petchey and Alice Tyson. Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 1

The second game of the season was a very exciting and even contest with the ball continually moving from one end of the pitch to the other. Our defenders, Eleanor Anderson, Rachel Banham, Siena Kulinski and Cheri Wong, fought extremely hard to repel almost every attack and kick the ball deep into Seymour’s defensive zone, where our forwards took up the battle to score the winning goal. Amy Carrodus, Sophie Barr, Tahlia Towers and Matilda Braithwaite passed the ball to each other to set up many attacks on Seymour’s goal. Best Players:  Eleanor Anderson, Siena Kulinski, Sophie Barr, Cheri Wong. Mr Morton (Staff Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 5 defeated Wilderness 3

The girls all played well in wet conditions and were unlucky to have conceded 3 goals. The goals we scored were created by some good defending to win the ball and then a number of accurate passes setting up the forwards. Everyone came off with a positive attitude which hopefully carries over into the coming weeks. Taylor Garrett (Coach)

Year 7 – Saints had a bye

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints cancelled due to weather


The girls played some tough matches on Saturday and we are extremely proud of their efforts. We are glad to see that girls in younger year levels are developing a passion for the sport and are enjoying the training sessions. The A and B teams are working hard and played some excellent badminton with sound tactical awareness. Kritika Mishra (Co-Captain)

Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 6

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness (B1) 5

Best player: Laura Sivewright

Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Wilderness (C1) 1

Best players: Amy Li, Lola Dimond, Jiale Hu

Open C2 – Saints 3 defeated Woodcroft 3

Best players: Amelie Dunda, Michelle Yeoh

Open D1 – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness (D2) 4

Best player: Candy Feng

Open D2 – Saints 0 defeated by Woodcroft 6

Best player: Natacha Zisos Troupakis

Open E – Saints 8 defeated Walford (G) 1

Best player: Millie Han


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Trinity 3

It was a very defensive game with a few opportunities in our attacking half during the first half. There were strong tackles and clearances from defence by Alice Tyson and Carla Lawrence. Grace Packer showed strong attack through the midfield, with unrewarded leading by Lara Khoury up forward. The game consisted of Saints trying to break through from our defence into our attack. Gracie Edwards did not let the pressure affect her and saved multiple goal shots by Trinity. Natasha Hammond (Captain)

Open C – Saints 6 defeated Trinity 1

The game started well with Katherine Woolley getting a goal early and we continued to have the majority of the play for the first half but were unlucky not to add to the score. Then, against the play, Trinity scored an equaliser just before half-time. The girls came out stronger in the second half with a refreshed mindset, linking many strong passes together across the pitch, with the girls making perfect positioning to put away 5 goals in the second half. Sophie Fry (Captain)


Under 18 – Saints 6 defeated by North Adelaide/West Torrens 21

The girls played with intensity and pressure and their effort remained strong throughout the game. The focus of the match became our team defence which strengthened each quarter and was well led by our two goalies, Portia Reppucci (Year 11) and Olivia Compare (Year 10), who both made a number of saves and cleared the ball well. Alice Petchey contributed 2 goals along with Sophie Auricht (Year 10), whilst Millisent Wilkin (Year 8) and Harriet Maerschel (Year 8) also scored a goal apiece. When we had the opportunities we moved the ball well through the midfield and used our athletic abilities to our strength to create space to attack in. Sarah Lowe (Coach)

Under 15 – Saints 8 defeated Woodville 5

The girls showed an intense game throughout the quarters, skill coming from all over the field. Coming up with the ball first in centre draws and being powerful and quick in attack. The girls showed determination towards the end to keep the score line up our way. Isabelle Norman being confident in the goal cage using skill with her stick movement. Chelsea Walls giving intense aggression in attack, Millisent Wilkin and Harriet Maerschel rotating in the centres Goal scorers Millisent Wilkin (3), Chelsea Walls (1), Portia Maerschel (1) & Hattie Maerschel  (3). By Portia Reppucci (Coach)

Under 13 – Saints 17 defeated Brighton 8

The girls worked very well as a team to get another great win. Dani Cox (Year 4) did well in attack as well as Mabel Cook (Year 3) who showed great confidence and persistence when trying to shoot at goal. Portia Maerschel (Year 7) and Stephanie Smalls (Year 7) won almost every centre and got the ball down to attack swiftly. Jenna Maione (Year 4) was awesome in defence because she stuck to the attacker very closely. Once again, Isabelle Norman (Year 8) played very well in goals and Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 5) and Saskia Jonats (Year 7) both did very well by running into space and calling for the ball. The girls improved on passing the ball into space over the top of our attackers. Goal scorers were Dani, Saskia, Portia, Stephanie and Willow. Best players for the match were Jenna, Portia and Willow. Lucy Martin (Coach) 


Open A – Saints 27 defeated by Westminster 45

A well fought out battle saw the Open A side go down to Westminster. Coming up against an experienced team, the Saints attackers were able to hold their structures and the defenders were able to keep up constant hands over pressure. A special mention to Holly and Madison who worked tirelessly in the mid-court through the whole game. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 18 defeated by Westminster 57

This week it was tough competition against the very strong Westminster team. Missing a few regular players, the girls did very well to cooperate as a team. Chelsea Jones and Charlotte Parker put in a lot of effort to move the ball down the mid-court, continuously clearing and making new offers and it was this great work which enabled us to feed the ball into the goals. Alexandra Murray (B Captain)

Open C – Saints 22 defeated by Westminster 73

There was a huge improvement from the girls this week, and they are excited with the potential for more competitive games. The girls are looking forward to improving at training this week. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 43 defeated Wilderness 3

The girls played outstandingly from the start of the game by putting a lot of pressure on Wilderness and keeping them scoreless until the second quarter. In the third quarter the girls were set a task to shoot 10 goals but instead impressed with 15 goals, making that their best quarter so far this season. An excellent game to watch and the girls should be proud of their achievements this game. Alana Coppock (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 28 defeated by Westminster 40

The girls played very well as a team but were unfortunately defeated by 12 goals. The girls started off strongly in both defence and attack, winning the first quarter 11-8. The defence as well as the shooters remained strong throughout the game. It was unfortunate to lose but we will use the loss to refocus for our next game! Sarah Matheson (Year 9)

Year 9B – Saints 26 defeated by Westminster 39

The team came across a strong side this week and, in spite of losing, we fought hard and were determined throughout the game. Our strongest quarter was the second when Westminster only out-scored us by one goal. The team’s defensive skills have definitely improved, as there were many interceptions throughout the game. The changing of positions at half-time took getting use to but then we played well in the last quarter. Well done to all girls and hopefully we will come back next week and get our first win. Rose Pittman (Year 9)

Year 9C1 – Saints 34 defeated Seymour 10

All the girls worked hard to focus on some key points throughout the game, which made a huge difference to their fluency when bringing the ball down the court. Passes were stronger and the girls were a lot quicker to move their feet to get the ball. It has been a great start to the season from all the girls, with another fantastic win this week! Ellana Welsby (Coach)

Year 9C2 – Saints 7 defeated by Immanuel 48

This week the girls played well as a team and, despite the score, they kept their heads up through the entire game. Strong defence allowed the girls to work the ball down the court and helped in creating space and being able to score. A special mention to the defenders, Aditi Tamhankar, Anneliese Thomas and Mary Brownridge, for their repeated high intensity efforts throughout the game. The girls are showing great improvement, which is promising for the next few weeks. Chelsea Stamato (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 22 defeated by Westminster 34

The first three quarters of the match this week were relatively even, and we were only down by two goals at half-time and five at three-quarter-time. Throughout the first three quarters, the girls produced a great team defensive effort, causing many turnovers and slowing Westminster’s run down the court. Unfortunately, we had far too many unforced errors and threw the ball away, allowing Westminster to capitalise. We need to work on slowing the ball down, playing our own game and converting the many turnovers that our defensive efforts cause. Vanessa Brooks (Coach). 

Year 8B – Saints 9 defeated by Westminster 34

The girls played a challenging game against a strong opposition. Defensively, the girls played with determination, and were able to turn over many Westminster possessions and get a number of rebounds. The game proved that we must work more on bringing the ball down from defence to attack, and work on leading towards the ball. The score definitely does not reflect the effort the girls put into this game, but it has left massive room for improvement for the team. Best players to Paris Robinson and Lauren Porter for their defensive effort and Lucy White for her strength down the court and motivating the team during the game. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 8C – Saints 7 defeated by Trinity 44

The girls faced a tough match this week, with a serious shortage of players. Due to injuries, we were down to 6 girls, which made it a hard start for the team. Despite this, the girls tried their best, making sure to execute set plays and skills learnt at training. In the third quarter another injury left us with 5; however, the girls kept their heads up and played well as a team. Despite the loss, all of the girls were extremely determined and persistent, which they should be proud of. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches) 

Year 7A – Saints 22 defeated Westminster 16

The team made a strong start with tight defence and a well-planned attack the full length of the court. A drop in concentration in the 2nd quarter allowed Westminster to re-enter the game, with Saints trailing by 1 goal at half-time. However, Saints were able to come back, dominating in the 2nd half and winning the game. A special mention to Olivia Kelly who displayed great leadership under pressure, helping the team to secure the game. Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 14 defeated Scotch 6

An excellent game by all involved on Saturday. With some people playing in completely new positions, the girls showed great determination throughout the game. Defensively the whole team was excellent, making intercepts and pressuring their opponents. Offensively the whole team worked together really well, a highlight being the improvement in ball movement. The team also improved as the game went on, finishing really strongly. Excellent work by all involved! Roger Mills (Coach)