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Enews – Week 6, Term 4 2017

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Sports Awards 2017

Yesterday afternoon, students from Years 7 – 12 who participated in sport in 2017 came together in the Arts Centre to celebrate Saints Girls’ outstanding year. The School was fortunate to have Adelaide Crows AFLW player Sarah Perkins provide insight into her journey from a junior netballer to becoming a premiership-winning footballer in the inaugural season of the AFLW. Awards included Most Improved, Best Player and Coaches Award. Year 12s who participated in sport were given a memento in recognition of their service. Many students also volunteered their time to be Student Mentors, and they were also acknowledged for this valuable contribution.

Check out the Sports Awards recap video here:

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From the Head of Junior School


Suzanne HaddyWhile change has always been an inevitable part of living, many would argue that the age in which we are living currently is experiencing a rate of change that is unprecedented. Change can contribute to varying degrees of stress, which will differ for each individual. Helping our young people learn positive and constructive ways to view and manage change, and to be resilient through periods of change, is perhaps one of the most useful gifts we can leave them.

We want our students to leave school having developed skills and attitudes that will enable them to be resilient, courageous and robust through times of change. We can do that by allowing them to experience safe levels of discomfort and uncertainty, and encouraging them to practise using useful coping strategies and thinking routines during these times. While it may be tempting to shelter children from all potential discomfort, to use avoidance as a way to deal with difficult situations, or continually smooth the road ahead for them, the end result is unlikely to be the young adults we hope for.

As it is that time of the year when we are reflecting on the year that is coming to an end, and thinking towards the next, it is a particularly good time to consider the ways in which we can collectively prepare our children for change – whether that be at the individual, or global level.

At an individual level, all of our students will soon embark on a change of year level, change of teacher, and a different mix of students. For some, this change will provide a level of stress. This is an ideal opportunity to teach skills and attitudes to assist them to flourish during a transition or change. The messages we give them about useful and positive ways to think about these changes and deal with the associated stress will help set them up for success when they deal with more significant changes or stressors later in life.

In assisting our students to deal with the uncertainty of change at a global level, our Year 6 students are currently investigating the ways in which change is affecting society and the environment, in preparation for The PYP Exhibition. In doing so, they are encouraged to adopt a positive outlook and growth mindset, as they investigate some of the incredible advancements in technology aimed at combatting current issues or problems, or improving the world in which we live. They are also being encouraged to understand their potential as agents for change as they engage in ideation activities to create possible future solutions.

Our teachers have also shown themselves to be wonderful role models by being resilient, positive and open to change, as we progressed our plans of continual improvement to teaching and learning in the Junior School this year. I am incredibly proud of and grateful for the ways in which they have adapted to the changes we introduced for the benefit of our students, and for the attitudes they outwardly demonstrate to the students when navigating through these changes.

Further to this, at a personal and school level, a number of our Junior School teachers have chosen to embark on significant changes for next year, and we wish them well, as they manage the mixed feelings of change with courage and optimism. Cassandra Moore has resigned from full time teaching, but will continue to be involved at Saints Girls in various capacities; Anne Kruger will be on leave having her second child; and Louise Davies has accepted a leadership position as founding Director of the newly established ELC at Investigator College, Victor Harbor. These are all significant milestones and life-changing events, and we look forward to knowing that they are flourishing as they transition into their different roles.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Junior School R – 3 Sports Morning

W6 Junior School Sports Morning

The Reception to Year 3 girls enjoyed a very warm day at their Sports Morning recently. They were able to show their parents some of the skills which they had learned during the year. Skipping, throwing, catching and jumping were amongst many of the the skills they had been learning and the Year 3 girls also learned how to throw a shot put and discus in preparation for the 2018 Years 4 – 12 Sports Day.

The girls had a wonderful day and especially enjoyed the water carry event where they had fun splashing in the cool water.

Pauline Noblet
Physical Education Teacher

As a Year 6 leader, we were to choose an activity that was a fun, collaborative and active way to get the R – 3 girls involved, while they are practising their skills and learning new things. I was involved in the skipping activity and my partner and I had to organise games using skipping ropes. We completed some relays and fun games to keep the girls involved. I really enjoyed working with all of the Year 6 leaders and the younger students and seeing the smile on their faces when they achieved something new! Maybe they will even get to have a turn at leading their own activity when they are older!

Mary Stavrou
Year 6 student

Check out the video below to see some of the highlights of the Junior School Sports Morning:

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Years 7/8 Futures Entrepreneurial Expo

W6 Futures 1
The Futures Entrepreneurial Expo on Tuesday evening was a fantastic opportunity for 33 student companies to showcase their entrepreneurial work, network with the wider community and further advertise their business.

The evening kicked off with an award presentation. The Futures teaching team presented three process awards, based on their observations from the year.

Congratulations to
STE Baskets (Genevieve Lochowiak and Deepali Asundi) and Enviro Wrappers (Catie Walker, Charlie Fishlock and Amelie Gray-Combe) on both receiving the ‘Responding to Failure and Building Resilience’ award.
Big Girls (Adele Eaton, Charlotte Parker and Mia Humphrey) on receiving ‘Most Impressive Business Plan’.
Green Walls Made Eezy (Ailani Cox, Lucy Steele Scott, Saskia Jonats and Emeshe Robson) on receiving ‘Most Thorough Prototyping Process’.

W6 Futures 2Our guest panel included five experts in the entrepreneurial field: Mary Hudson (Director of the Association of Independent Schools in the South Australia Leadership Institute), Noel Lindsay (Director of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at The University of Adelaide), Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk (State Director for Microsoft in South Australia), Anna Dimond (CEO and designer of Palas Jewellery), and Yong Zhao (Distinguished Professor at the School of Education, University of Kansas).

Each panellist highlighted the importance of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in our school.

“What I love about the Futures program is that it is offering them the experience of what an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ is all about and the potential for them to bring that attitude and fearless approach into their school work and ultimately their profession. An entrepreneurial spirit demonstrates drive, work ethic, risk-taking and learning from the many failures and challenges in business. It is fostering innovation by developing a company from the ground up, something that did not previously exist but has been created and based on a need/purpose fuelled by passion and the desire to succeed.” – Anna Dimond.

“I want to commend Saints Girls on their Futures program. It is a very important step in enriching the current educational opportunities available to the girls and in preparing students for their life beyond school. This type of learning enables students to understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, and provides them with real world skills and knowledge and the opportunity to create an operating company – with all the successes and failures that might bring. We all know the world is changing exponentially and these skills and capabilities are an essential part of a quality education.” – Mary Hudson.

The panel presented five awards, judged from each student company’s video pitch.

Congratulations to

Writers4Rights (Victoria Thorp, Sara Peak, Asha Krywanio and Alice Reid) receiving the ‘Most Likely To Have Real World Impact’ award.
Offshore Surf (Primrose Robinson, Imogen Elliott, Charlotte Adams and Imogen Nienaber) on receiving ‘Most Innovative And Creative (Commercial)’.
The Students’ Word (Charlotte Stewart, Jodi Papendorf and Katija Franchi) on receiving ‘Most Innovative And Creative (Not-For-Profit)’.
Writers4Rights (Victoria Thorp, Sara Peak, Asha Krywanio and Alice Reid) on receiving ‘Most Worthwhile Problem Being Solved’.
Bandanas for Kidz (Ruby Bruun and Indya Dodd) on receiving the ‘Most Likely To Attract Investment’ award.

Well done to all our student entrepreneurs. You are to be congratulated on your ability to take charge of your own learning, persistence and hard work.
As a whole, I believe the course has begun to redefine what success actually is, and that success does look different for each individual.

We look forward to seeing what new and exciting ideas 2018 brings.

Take a look at the video below to see some highlights from the Years 7/8 Futures Entrepreneurial Expo:

Sarah Casson
Futures Coordinator

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Team Salacia Travels to Perth for National SUBS in Schools Challenge

W6 SUBS in Schools

Team Salacia did St Peter’s Girls proud at the national SUBS in Schools challenge held in Perth this week. The girls were crowned runners up after three days of judging which included sea trials, verbal presentations and visual analysis. The team received awards for best marketing and most outstanding industry collaboration. For all of their efforts over recent months, the girls were rewarded with a tour of ASC and they were even lucky enough to clamber inside a real submarine, HMAS Sheean.

The team relished the experience and have taken away many new skills and insights.

One of the highlights was the girls’ incredibly professional trade display; have a look at the time lapse as they set up the booth on arrival:

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Vacation Care

W6 Vacation Care

Our next instalment of Vacation Care is almost here. We have just over five weeks of activities guaranteed to keep the children busy and active through the break. With a total of 10 excursions/incursions, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Some of our home-based days will include crafts, Christmas cooking, mask making and a high tea fit for royalty!

Read the full December/January Vacation Care program here

In recent times, Vacation Care has booked out very quickly and places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

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Upcoming Events in Term 4

W4 Upcoming Events

Term 4 is a time where the School celebrates many significant events. We encourage you to mark these dates in your diary and keep an eye out for invitations via email.

Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition

The Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition will be held in the Arts Centre at 2pm on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

Year 9 Graduation

The Year 9 Graduation will be held in the Arts Centre at 2.15pm on Friday 1 December 2017.

Presentation Night

Presentation Night will be held at 7pm in the Adelaide Town Hall on Friday 8 December 2017. All students in Years 7 – 12 are expected to attend.

Carols in the Cathedral

Carols in the Cathedral will be held at 7pm in St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide on Monday 11 December.

Please note that students have their final school day of Term 4 on Friday 8 December, however all students in Years 3 – 12 are expected to attend Carols in the Cathedral on Monday 11 December.

We look forward to welcoming the School community to these events.

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Receptions Celebrate the Festive Season

W6 Reception Assembly

The festive season is in full swing in the Junior School. To conclude their year at School, the Reception students showcased their magical assembly ‘Children around the world at Christmas time’.

All the girls displayed amazing confidence with their speaking, dancing and singing parts. Pure joy was beaming off every child’s face as they enjoyed every minute on stage. Their individual comments are a testament to their enjoyment of the assembly;

“We loved dancing and we were all confident speakers” Lola – RLD
“We enjoyed dressing up in our costumes and showing our special visitors what we can do on stage” Anisha – RLD
“We had lots of fun practising. We are very proud of ourselves. The teachers all did a very good job organising all of us!” Georgia – RLD
“I enjoyed learning all the moves for the Elf dance” Maddie – RML
“I felt really proud of myself” Lily – RML
“I loved the part when Santa took off his trousers!” Sophia – RML
“I think I improved when I was dancing. It was a little bit tricky but then I got better”. Natalia – RML
“I like the part where we got to talk on the microphone” Olivia RMK
“I found it exciting when we were twinkling like stars!” Aoni – RMK
“I loved our pretty costumes and dancing to Christmas music on stage” Violet – RMK
“I enjoyed wearing sparkly Christmas skirts and dancing like a princess” Ava – RMK

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the School community for helping to make this event so special for our beautiful Reception girls.

Louise Davies
Reception and Year 1 Coordinator

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Year 4s Celebrate Physical Education Week

W6 Year 4

As part of our participation in PE Week, on Wednesday 15 November the Year 4 classes attended a ‘Come and Try’ day organised by ACHPER (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) at Park 25.

The classes participated in golf, rugby, touch football, lacrosse, basketball, netball and cricket as well as ‘Life. Be in it’ activities.

“I found out that I am better at different sports.” – Zoe

“The coaches tried to make it as fun as possible and they were really good at the sports; they knew what they were doing because they were knowledgeable. They took the sports step by step which helped.” – Alannah and Carla

“I found rugby surprisingly enjoyable because you run around and get lots of exercise, and you get to learn new techniques and new rules and new ways of doing things. You also get to know all of the positions, how each and every position works, and what to do if you are in a specific position.” – Siobhan

Rebecca Riley Dillon and Louisa Mitchell
Year 4 Teachers

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Christmas Giving Tree at St Peter’s Girls

W6 Giving Tree

On Monday 27 November, we have our new student orientation and ‘step up’ day. This will be a non-uniform day and students are asked to come to School in neat casual clothes. For the privilege of not wearing uniform, and to extend our service to others less fortunate than ourselves, we ask that all students bring either a gold coin donation or an item to put under our giving tree. The casual day is for students in Reception – Year 9.

The Giving Tree will be placed in the Arts Centre Foyer and will remain there for the next 2 weeks. All donations will be given to AnglicareSA. This year, AnglicareSA aims to hand out over 1,000 food hampers and gifts to support families, adults and individuals this Christmas who have no one else to turn to. They also provide Christmas lunch to 200 people at the Elizabeth Mission. Students are welcome to bring additional items at any time until the end of term.

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Year 11 IB Spanish ab initio Welcome Guest Speaker

W6 IB Spanish ab initio

Every year the celebration of “El Día de los Muertos” (The Day of the Dead) takes place in Mexico and in other places around the world during the first two days of November.

On Thursday 16 November our IB Spanish students had the opportunity to learn about the origins and reasons of this vibrant and colorful tradition from Mr Evaristo Barrera, a native Mexican who explained to them how Mexicans celebrate and remember the lives of their loved ones by making “altares” for them at home. This tradition is shared with family members with some sense of humour, by eating “pan de muerto” -“bread of the dead”- and by making “calaveritas de azúcar” -sugar skulls-, apart from many other things.

“I have grown up with the “Día de los Muertos”; however, I learnt so much from ‘la presentación de mi abuelo’ -my grandfather’s presentation-! I believe that this celebration is a fantastic way of honouring the dead, and provides fantastic principles to live by; death is inevitable, so don’t be afraid. My favourite part was learning about how this tradition is a way of mocking the rich, and I enjoyed learning about the genuine celebration, underneath the commercialised version that most people are familiar with.” – Erin Barrera

“The presentation from Señor Evaristo Barrera about “El Día de los Muertos” was extremely interesting and quite funny. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how death in Mexico is celebrated as a time to reminisce a person’s life in a jovial but thoughtful way as compared to mourning the loss of someone. The celebration brings family together, and provides a chance for people to remember and share stories after the death of a loved one. His eagerness and enthusiasm to share the history as well as the modern celebration with us was wonderful.” – Sindhu Nedumaran

“I found Señor Evaristo Barrera’s presentation very interesting and informative! It allowed me to make connections between my culture and the Mexican culture and I learnt that Halloween and the Day of the Dead are two completely different events, although somehow related. The highlight was being able to see the way he celebrates the event with his family in Adelaide! I also loved seeing the skull he brought in and getting to know that there are shops here in Adelaide which sell sugar skulls made of “azúcar”! (I didn’t know this!) I also didn’t know that people celebrated “El Día de los Muertos” in Australia but they do! Finally, I loved learning about the history of Mexican culture and how this has developed over time.” – Sophie Auricht

“I quite enjoyed Señor Evaristo’s presentation as I learnt a lot about “El día de los Muertos”. I learnt a lot about the history of Mexico as well as about their cultures and traditions. I found it interesting how instead of mourning the deaths of their loved ones, they celebrate what they did while they were alive. I also never realised that there were 2 days – 1 for the children and one for the adults. I look forward to learning more about Hispanic celebrations and traditions.” – Georgia Bowden

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Sports News

W6 Sport

Imogen Elliott again carves up the waves in surfing, winning the U14 girls division of the Woolworths Wahu Grom Comp on Saturday. This is a national competition open to local and interstate surfers, and in tough conditions at Middleton ‘Imi’ convincingly took out her heat with scores in the excellent range. She also took out the Woolworths Fresh Wave of the day with a score of 9, the highest scoring wave in the competition. Imi has now been invited to attend the AIS Hurley High Performance Centre on the Gold Coast in 2018 for an U14 Girls development camp for the top U14 girls in AU.


Year 8/9 Knockout – Tuesday 14 November
Saints travelled to West Beach on a hot day to take part in the State finals. Playing 3 games and finals Saints got off to a great start defeating Seaton and then also accounting for Brighton and Unley to clean sweep the round games. Aroha Munroe was in fantastic form pitching with Tesse Parker in equally good form behind the plate. When these were provided rest, Amelia Pudney and Stephanie Smalls stepped in to help maintain Saints’ good fortune. Across all games all players made contributions, either with bat or via great fielding to obtain many outs.
In the Grand-Final play-off against Seaton, Saints led early 2-0 from a great hit from Aroha Munroe before the Seaton pitcher succumbed to the heat. The umpires and coaches agreed to finish the game early, ensuring Saints won the game and the final.

Saturday 18 November
Open B – Saints 13 defeated Pulteney 6
The team’s final game was close, but ultimately successful, as Saints finished their season with a win to claim the B grade shield. Against a more experienced side, the girls stepped up and put their new skills to good use in a difficult game. Mia Nicholls batted confidently and Kellie Bested’s batting provided two great hits, including a home run. Amelia Pudney pitched well and Portia Maerschel was very reliable at first base. The game was a fantastic culmination to the season, and secured the year’s Shield for the second time in a row. Well done, girls – back-to-back champions! – Beth Cross (Year 11)


Wednesday 15 November
Year 5-6 – Saints 14 defeated Seymour 4
Saints had a very strong turn at batting, getting 7 runs in the first innings and limiting Seymour to only 2. There were some great plays by the team and excellent team batting and running all round. Strong hitting by Chloe Porter and Georgia Mallick was a highlight of the game, with lots of runs being batted in each time. With the last game next week, the girls have shown great improvement over the past 4 games. – Claire Hale (Coach)

Year 4-5 White – Saints 2 defeated by St Andrew’s 14
Despite the wet weather, the girls played a great game against St Andrew’s. Although we didn’t receive the result we were hoping for, the team worked well together to lift themselves back up in the final two innings! Many great catches were taken, so well done to those who caught those fantastic balls. Bad luck this week, girls, but let’s get another win next week. – Lulu Tierney (Student Coach)


Thursday 16 November
All three senior teams won their games this week, concluding this term undefeated! I am incredibly proud of all the girls and I have seen significant improvements in all of the players and I cannot wait to see how they perform next year. Fantastic results from all teams, which could not be achieved without the skill and dedication of the players. Thanks to all the Year 12s who have played water polo and provided this great opportunity for us to follow; they will be sorely missed. I look forward to next year and the exciting opportunities! – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open A – Saints 12 defeated Wilderness 6
The A team won their game against Wilderness, with Nicolette Miller and Fiona Lethbridge playing incredibly in attack, and Saskia Jonats was a phenomenal goalie, as always. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open B – Saints 9 defeated Mercedes 6
The B team won against Saint Michael’s 9-6, Lara Wakeham and Hattie Maerschel demonstrating skill and determination. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open C – Saints 14 defeated St Michael’s 3
This week the team played really well against St Michael’s. The teamwork was impressive, enabling the girls to pull away from even scores at half-time to win convincingly. Good work to Lucy Young who put in a great effort in the swim up, Rose Pittman who showed improvement in both defence and attack and Matilda Braithwaite who was a strong player throughout the game. Great finish to the term, girls! – Nicolette Miller and Kate Woolley

Year 7/8 – Saints 5 defeated by St Aloysius 8
For our last game for the year we encountered a tough opponent but everyone played a great game, especially our highest scorers, Holly Cardone and Adele Eaton, both scoring 2 goals. Georgie Wakeham played a great game, finding lots of opportunities to pass to her teammates for goals, and Charlotte Parker and Emily Baldwinson played very well in goals, stopping many of the opposition’s goals. Lucy Benn and Emily Elston were great in defence, putting lots of pressure on the opposition. – Gemma Schaedel (Year 8)

The 12s, who have played Water Polo and provided this great opportunity for us to follow, will be sorely missed. I look forward to next year and the exciting opportunities! – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)


Friday 17 November
Year 5-6 – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2
The girls started off extremely strongly with a 25-10 set win. Chloe Porter and Grace Richards had a great game with some amazing saves along with spikes that won points immediately. The whole team placed a big focus on setting up their ‘dig, set, spike’ approach, in order to attack the ball and win points. The girls kept their heads up the whole game and didn’t give up, which showed as they persisted to fight back and put lots of pressure on Wilderness. It’s been amazing to watch the girls grow and progress as athletes with their determination to improve and win games. These girls show immense potential and we look forward to next week. – Tahlia Towers and Charlotte White (Student Coaches)

Saturday 18 November
Open C – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0 (25-13, 25-8, 25-13)
The Open Cs had an excellent win against Immanuel. The girls had an excellent game and demonstrated great skills in rallying and teamwork. In the 3rd set they were given the opportunity to try new shots and tactics, which they all tried. The determination in the team was demonstrated by Sivi Sivasuthan who raced for every ball and playing some amazing shots. This team has improved incredibly over the season and they should all be very proud of themselves. – Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0
Saints finished off a fantastic year with a great team effort again. Without key player, Anna White, each girl showed the improvement they have made with strong serving and teamwork. Players’ desire to win showed with the enthusiasm and energy on the court. We hope all girls stay involved and progress into the senior teams next year. – Alistair Keough (Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0
Middle B played an amazing game against Pembroke, winning all three sets. They played with enthusiasm and determination to win. Keys to their success were good rallies, calling to each other on court, strong teamwork and excellent consistent serves. The team has improved dramatically this term. It was a very well-deserved win and all the girls should be extremely proud of themselves. – Neil Fuller (Supervisor)

Middle C – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0
The Middle Cs played an incredible game against Immanuel, winning 3-0. The girls displayed great skill and team spirit during this game, highlighting the improvement they have made from the beginning of this season. The girls should be very pleased with their efforts. – Georgia Howe (Coach)


Saturday 18 November
Division 1 – Saints 1-22 defeated by Seymour 5-33
Singles: Imogen Nienaber 4-6, Mahala Truscott 5-6, Taj Shahin 6-3, Adele Eaton 2-6

Division 2 Blue – Saints did not play

Division 2 White – Saints 1-14 defeated by Pulteney 5-30
Singles: Renee Lawrence 0-6, Issy Harker 6-0, Annabelle Langley 3-6, Amelie Eaton 1-6

Division 3 Blue – Saints 2-25 defeated by Pulteney 4-29
Singles: Tiffany Zhou 5-6, Milly Wood 6-1, Olivia Zito 6-4, Siena Zito 2-6

Division 3 White – Saints 0-17 defeated by Pulteney 6-36
Singles: Georgia Langley 3-6, Orla Clayton 2-6, Funto Komolafe 5-6, Sophie Abbott 1-6

Division 4 Blue – Saints 0-8 defeated by Pulteney 6-36
Singles: Louisa Reid 2-6, Yujia Sun 1-6, Shunem Josiah 4-6, Ammi Yagnik 0-6

Division 4 White – Saints 1-20 defeated by Wilderness 5-32
Singles: Eva Young 1-6, Hilary Clark 4-6, Chase Hocking 6-2, Charlotte Adams 1-6


Saturday 18 November
Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Mary Mackillop 2
After a lethargic start to the first half, Saints started to control the game, but unfortunately could not get a score on the board. In a physical encounter, Siena Kulinski and Olivia Goldsmith gave a full game effort. Holly Cardone, Annie Black and Poppie Goldsmith were strong on the wings, and Chelsea Walls, Ella Liddy and Hannah Freeman strong through the middle. With only 1 game left in the season, it is great to see the determination which the girls have to finish off with a win. – Ben Goldsmith (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated St Ignatius 2
The girls played a great game on Saturday and should be really pleased with the way they played. With some additional players available, the girls were able to sub more often enabling them to put in 100% effort when on the field knowing that they would get a rest.

During the game the team worked hard with their rucking and really put the opposition to the test tiring them out. We demonstrated some good ball skills with safe passes and less dropped balls. On two occasions Annie Black made a break through on the wing which resulted in two tries. In the second half we talked about some strategies to keep pressure on the opposition and playing to our advantage when awarded penalties. Olivia Goldsmith put this into play when she took a penalty tap and played through the defenders who were still off-side resulting in another try.

The defensive play from the team was outstanding and they were put under a lot of pressure on the try line on several occasions. Kate Reade, Adele Russell and Tilly McCormack committed to making the ‘touch’ and managed to chase down a few runaway players. St Ignatius started to show signs of frustration, dropping the ball frequently and gave away a lot of penalties. All of the girls played exceptionally well and their communication and listening was a big key to their success this week. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)

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Enews – Week 5, Term 4 2017

Issue no. 35Enews-banner

From the Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

Parsons, BrianExams. A word that fills many with dread. Currently, our Year 12 girls are finishing off their final school exams. It is reasonable to question why examinations are a major part of students’ lives when, as we know, there are many other skills that are needed to be successful in life after school.

Exams are not the only part of the assessment in a subject, as it is impossible to assess all that students need to be able to do in an exam. In order to ensure that student achievement is comparable for all students in the subject, no matter where they live and what school they attend, there must be some common assessment. Although all SACE subjects have an externally assessed component, worth 30%, not all subjects have an exam. It may be that a Drama or Music performance or a Visual Art folio is a much more appropriate way than an exam for student achievement to be compared between schools.

However, in many subjects at school and in further study, the ability of students to apply their knowledge and understanding under closely supervised, timed conditions, is an appropriate part of the assessment. It is true that the significance of an exam in a subject’s assessment varies between subjects. In Stage 2 SACE subjects, 70% of the assessment is carried out by the teacher, closely following the Subject Outline specifications and assessing according to the common Performance Standards. Even though most IB Diploma subjects have exams worth 80% of the grade, a variety of school-assessed tasks ensure that the full breadth of skills and understandings of the students is acknowledged.

Nevertheless, we have an obligation to prepare our students to perform at their best in examinations. An advantage of the NAPLAN assessment process and other testing that is carried out in the Junior School and Middle School is that students gain experience of formal assessment activities that are skill-based well before they take part in formal examinations. We start formal examinations for several subjects in Years 8 and 9. This year, these exams were held late in Term 3. As well as the experience of sitting an exam, we ensure that students are given experience and strategies in revising effectively. The timing of these exams in 2017 has allowed teachers to give more extensive feedback to students than when the exams were held in the last week of the school year.

Our Senior School students have dedicated sessions in Home Group to help them clarify and develop their study and revision strategies. For example, they are advised to make their revision varied and active: read it, write it, see it, say it, do it. They have looked at a variety of effective techniques that enable them to decide what will work best for them. Most importantly, they are encouraged to focus on the application of work to a variety of practice questions.

Hence, by the time the girls reach Year 12, where exams have a significant effect on their grade, they have had a variety of experiences, advice and instruction that prepares them well to perform at their best.

This year, in order to provide a quiet and peaceful environment, Year 12 exams have been held either in the Boardroom at the School or in the refurbished Kensington Baseball Club clubrooms, a pleasant 5 minute stroll from the School. I know this because I have walked with the girls to and from the baseball club for most of their exams in the past two weeks! In addition to thanking Kensington Baseball Club for their generosity and flexibility in hosting these exams, I must thank my PA, Mirella De Guglielmo, Paul Ziesing and his Property Services team for all the organisation that they have done to make this exam venue a success.

Next week, Year 11 exams start, followed by Year 10 exams in Week 7. These will be held in the St Michael’s Wing at the School. I wish all students who will be doing exams and their parents the best over the next couple of weeks. Exams are likely to remain a significant part of the assessment of learning for at least the next few years. Our students can approach them with confidence that they have the skills and preparation needed for success.

Brian Parsons
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

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eChallenge Rewards for St Peter’s Girls

W5 eChallenge 3

St Peter’s Girls blitzed the schools’ division of the University of Adelaide’s Australian eChallenge awards, with two of our teams placing equal first and another team coming third.

The eChallenge is an annual competition-based learning experience that develops strategic business thinking for early-stage entrepreneurial ventures. Teams pitch business proposals for their new, previously unfunded business concepts to potential investors from the local business community.

HomeGrown – Equal 1st

Developed by: Aditi Tamhankar, Annabelle Langley, Isobel Tan and Teegan Lindsay

“HomeGrown, is a mobile app that allows people to sell and trade excess veggie-patch produce in their local communities,” the students say. “It is a feature-rich app. You can create a profile, secure credit-card encrypted transactions, upload status updates and photos of your produce, and view gardening tips and recipes. It includes built-in maps to easily identify nearby home-grown sources. HomeGrown encourages a great sense of community. Not only this, but the environmentally-friendly, fresh and wholesome food available inspires a healthy lifestyle and minimises food wastage.”

The team also won the Microsoft Award valued at $10,000, which includes a day at Microsoft and access to mentors.

Watch Out – Equal 1st

Developed by: Zaina Khan, Ammi Yagnik, Anushrii Nair and Olivia Zito

“Watch Out will enable its users to call the police in dangerous situations. By scanning the person’s finger, it will notify the police of the watch’s location and will begin recording from the moment it is pressed,” the students say. “Our product aims to lower the ever-rising statistics of physical and sexual assault cases in both men and especially young women. The recording mechanism of Watch Out will enable police to prepare for intervening in the situation and may be used as court evidence. Watch Out aims to be a discrete method of calling the police in situations where victims can often feel confused about how to respond and defend themselves.”

The HomeGrown and Watch Out teams each won $5000 in prize money to develop their concept.

Industry Insights – 3rd

Developed by: Hannah Brown, Shunem Josiah and Milly Wood

W5 eChallenge 2“Industry Insights is a virtual reality platform aimed to reduce the hassle faced by students when applying for work placement. The objective is to make the process of obtaining work experience effortless by connecting students directly with workplaces. Both students and businesses are able to ‘post’ on the site and match their respective needs in regards to dates, CVs and skills.”

The team won $1,500 in prize money to develop their concept.

Run since 2001 by the University of Adelaide’s Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), the competition is a proving ground for future entrepreneurs. Winners were announced on Friday 10 November at a gala presentation at Adelaide Oval.

“Entries for this year’s Australian eChallenge awards have been consistently high. The teams’ concepts show ingenuity, creativity and diversity. Ideas are rigorously examined by the best minds in business and research for their originality, viability and impact,” says Pro-Vice Chancellor – Entrepreneurship, and Director, Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) at the University of Adelaide, Professor Noel Lindsay.

Participants also benefit from workshops, connections with the business and research community and the opportunity to enrol in the Australian eChallenge.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Business and Enterprise Teacher

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Girls on a Mission for SUBS Glory

Our triumphant State champions in the SUBS in Schools competition are headed to Perth next week to have a shot at the national title.

Team Salacia has been working overtime to get their submarine, portfolio and trade display ready for the event as they try to follow in the footsteps of Team Athena’s previous success in the challenge.

We caught up with the girls to see how they’re tracking:

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Home Run For Softball Girls

W5 Softball
Our Open A Softball team has done the School proud, winning the IGSSA shield for 2017 after defeating Scotch last weekend. It’s the first time we’ve claimed victory since 2014.

The result was a fitting way to farewell Captain Jasmine Ledgard, who has served the sport well. The girls proved their dominance throughout, managing to remain undefeated all season.

Continuing on from that success, our Year 8/9 Knockout softballers were crowned State champions this week as well. What an incredible season of softball for the School – well done girls!

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Upcoming Events in Term 4

W4 Upcoming Events
Term 4 is a time where the School celebrates many significant events. We encourage you to mark these dates in your diary and keep an eye out for invitations via email.

Sports Awards 2017

The Sports Awards will be held from 4 – 6pm in the Arts Centre on Thursday 23 November.

As this is a school event, all students in Years 7 – 9 are expected to attend, and all students in Years 10 – 12 who have participated in sport throughout the year are encouraged to attend. Year 12s will receive a memento for their service to sport.

Food can be pre-ordered via

Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition

The Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition will be held in the Arts Centre at 2pm on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

Year 9 Graduation

The Year 9 Graduation will be held in the Arts Centre at 2.15pm on Friday 1 December 2017.

Presentation Night

Presentation Night will be held at 7pm in the Adelaide Town Hall on Friday 8 December 2017. All students in Years 7 – 12 are expected to attend.

Carols in the Cathedral

Carols in the Cathedral will be held at 7pm in St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide on Monday 11 December. All students in Years 3 – 12 are expected to attend.

We look forward to welcoming the School community to these events.

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Master Plan Update: From the Construction Zone

W5 Library Update
Construction is progressing well as we eagerly anticipate the opening of our incredible new Library. The deck area provides amazing views over Ferguson Park, and the bottom right image is of the Year 12 area. We look forward to providing another update at the end of Term 4.

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Staff and Students Fighting Fit for PE Week

W5 Basketball

Yesterday staff took on students in a basketball match at lunchtime, with the staff winning 24-11. Crowds were entertained by the costume choices of some students, and the staff attempted skills that probably required a little more practice beforehand.

W5 PE WeekBest players were Mr Durant and Ned from Property Services, while Ella Robinson and Sophie Auricht struggled around the court with their sumo suits on, making it difficult to put up good shots! The staff were too strong in the end but lots of fun was had by all players with a large crowd turning up to watch the proceedings.

Also during PE Week, the Sports Captains set up a ninja warrior course at lunchtimes for students to participate in. The girls loved racing against their friends around the course. On Wednesday, we had a Junior School dodgeball tournament, and Friday has seen Zumba in the gym. As well as these activities, the Year 4s and 6s took part in Be Active Days in the city.
Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health and Outdoor Education

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Outstanding Results in Academic Competitions

Earlier this year, students in Years 3 – 6 had the opportunity to participate in a number of academic competitions. Recently a number of students were acknowledged in a Junior School Assembly for receiving the following awards.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics

Amelia Kayser (Year 3)
Eleanor Humphrey (Year 6)
Bronwyn Gautier (Year 6)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English

High Distinction
Chiara Ranasinghe (Year 3)

Meghana Chettimada (Year 3)
Apurva Ichalkaranje (Year 5)
Charlotte Norman (Year 5)
Eleanor Humphrey (Year 6)
Bronwyn Gautier (Year 6)
Madison Liddy (Year 6)

Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) Australian Mathematics Competition

High Distinction and Best in Junior School
Eleanor Humphrey (Year 6)

Aurelia Pyne (Year 3)
Chiara Ranasinghe (Year 3)
Hayley von Brackel (Year 4)
Shirley Liu (Year 4)
Apurva Ichalkaranje (Year 5)
Ayla Blaskett (Year 5)
Marcella Tolley (Year 5)
Misha Yagnik (Year 5)
Emma Pool (Year 6)
Georgia Parsons (Year 6)
Poppy Marshall (Year 6)
Alicia Toh (Year 6)
Bronwyn Gautier (Year 6)

Congratulations on your stellar results.

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Christmas Drinks on the Deck

W5 Christmas Drinks on the Deck

Each November, St Peter’s Girls’ School hosts a wonderful community thank you event for current and past parents, students, siblings, staff members, Old Scholars and friends.

‘Christmas Drinks on the Deck’ took place on Thursday 9 November outside our new state-of-the-art Middle School on the deck and overflowing onto our beautiful oval. The weather was perfect and everyone had a wonderful time eating, drinking and celebrating this year’s achievements. Principal Julia Shea thanked our community members for a very successful 2017 and gave some insights into all the exciting developments in store for 2018.

A big Saints Girls’ shout out to all of our wonderful volunteers, staff and community groups who gave their time so generously to our School in 2017.

Attached below is a list of our 2018 Community Events; please pop these dates in your diary.

Friday 9 February Parents’ and Friends’ – Welcome Drinks on the Lawn
Sunday 25 February Parents’ and Friends’ – Community ‘Garden of Saintly Delights’
Friday 2 March Old Scholar Mums – Morning Tea
Tuesday 6 March Old Scholars – AGM & Year Leaders’ Event
Saturday 17 March Friends of Rowing – Head of the River and Dinner
Wednesday 4 April Friends of the Founders – Chapel Service and Light Lunch
Friday 6 April ELC Festival of Art
Friday 4 May Old Scholars – ‘A Touch of Blue’ Reunion
Friday 18 May Community Fashion Show – Mothers’ Night Out
Saturday 16 June Parents’ and Friends’ – Community Event
Friday 29 June Old Scholars – Annual Reunion Dinner
Sunday 23 September Foundation Long Lunch
Sunday 21 October Friends of the ELC – Ladies’ Day Out
Wednesday 31 October Friends of the Founders – Morning Tea
Thursday 8 November Community Christmas Drinks on the Lawn
Friday 23 November Friends of the ELC – Christmas Picnic

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Year 1s Host a Special Afternoon Tea

W5 Year 1 Afternoon Tea

W5 Year 1 Afternoon Tea 2What a lovely celebration was had on Wednesday last week by the Year 1 girls and their grandparents or special friends! Throughout the year, each girl invited a guest to come to our classrooms to share what life was like when they were six years old. This gave each girl a chance to compare and contrast her life with that of a family member who was born “in the olden days!” Believe it or not, there were some similarities, but not many!

To conclude our year-long inquiry, “Family relationships contribute to shaping our identity,” the Year 1 students hosted their guest in a classroom visit where they shared work samples and presented their guest with a book made just for them. Then, it was off to the Sisters’ Garden for a scrumptious afternoon tea.

Liz Sandercock and Alana Lesiw
Year 1 Teachers

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The Garden of Saintly Delights

W5 Garden of Saintly Delights
At this exciting event, our School gym will be filled with loads of amazing stalls to suit all ages and tastes! We would love to offer individuals or businesses within our community the opportunity to purchase a 3x3m space.

The number of sites is strictly limited, so please contact Danielle at to register your interest and to receive an application form. Don’t miss out!

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Change of Uniform Requirements for Year 4, 2018

If your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform items that you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2018. The junior blazer (cardigan) will be replaced by a navy blue jumper and a wool blazer. The rash vest and solar pant will be replaced by the School bathers.

It is advisable to make an appointment on (08) 8334 2228 as the School Shop is currently busy with new student fittings.

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Sports News

W5 8 9 Softball


Congratulations to Thandi Murada, Lara Wakeham and Georgina Wakeham who competed in the Henley and Grange West Lakes Open Water Swim with some exceptional results:

Georgina Wakeham won Gold (girls 10-12 years ) 2.5km in a time of 37 mins
Lara Wakeham won Gold (girls 13-14 years) 2.5km swim in a time of 33 mins and Gold (girls 13-14) 5km in a time of 1hr 7 mins 16 sec.
Thandi Murada won Silver (girls 17-18 years) 5 km in a time of 1 hour 9 mins 48 sec

The girls all swam personal best times from previous open water swims and have qualified to compete at the Australian National Open Water Championships at Brighton in January 2018. – Francesca Wakeham


Wednesday 8 November
Middle A – Saints 19 defeated by Concordia 45
The girls finished the season with a good performance. Due to sickness, the team was made up of Middle A and B players. Everyone put in a great effort, never giving up. Emanuelle Russell had her best game of the season. Each girl shows improvement every week. Well Done! – Peter Krantis (Coach)


Wednesday 8 November
Year 5/6 – Saints 1 defeated by Pembroke Blue 7
Saints came up against quite a strong side in Pembroke and unfortunately couldn’t quite get the bat on a fast-pitched ball, conceding 7 runs in the first innings. However, the girls held up Pembroke during the next two innings, disallowing them from scoring more runs. Despite some really strong base running, the girls were unable to get home safely to narrow the margin. Even though it was a loss, the girls held their heads high. Special mentions to Pearl Richards for trying out pitching for the first time and to Amelia Lucas for scoring a run for the team. – Claire Hale (Coach)

Year 4/5 Blue – Saints 20 defeated Pembroke Blue 4
Last week, the Year 4 and 5 Blue Teeball team played a very well spirited and fair game against Pembroke’s Year 3/4 team. All the girls worked extremely well together and were particularly encouraging and great sports throughout the game. They are quickly advancing in their teeball skills and we look forward to the next couple of games. – Kate McKellar-Stewart (Student coach)

Year 4/5 White – Saints 25 defeated Wilderness 11
The team showed off their listening and ball skills by playing an incredible match. The girls recognised their new skills from training and put it all on the line. As coaches, we are extremely proud of the girls and hope they continue to impress us as much as they did for this game. Some stand out players were Sienna for scoring three home runs, and Airlie for playing a fantastic round as pitcher. Congratulations girls, Alice and I are very proud of you! – Lulu Tierney (Student Coach)


Thursday 9 November
Another awesome performance from the A and C teams this week, our successful streak has been maintained, while the B team was scheduled with a bye. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open A – Saints 7 defeated St Ignatius 2
As a team, we redeemed ourselves after our 3-3 draw in Week 1. The players who really stood out were Saskia Jonats, Nicolette Miller and Fiona Lethbridge. As always, Saskia was on fire in goals, Nicolette scored two goals and Fiona notched up three. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open C – Saints 11 defeated Pembroke 7
This was a great victory for the C team. Lara Wakeham played really well again in attack after her recent promotion from the Year 7/8 side, scoring five goals, while Sophie Lemire and Hattie Maerschel were fantastic in defence. We are all looking forward to the final game of this year, let’s end the season with a bang! – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Year 7/8 – Saints 11 defeated St Ignatius 6
Another great team performance, with special mentions to Holly Cardone, Emily Elston, Adele Eaton and Gemma Schaedel. These girls were always on top of the ball and knew what was going to happen; as a team, we just need to work on staying goal side of the opposition. The score really did reflect how we played and we worked extremely well together while having fun along the way. – Adele Eaton (Year 7)


Friday 10 November
Year 5/6 Division 1 – Saints 5-27 defeated Wilderness 1-4
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-0, Sophie Dansie 3-4, Mathilda Thomas 4-0

Year 5/6 Division 2 – Saints 2-12 defeated by Seymour 4-21
Singles: Molly Dwyer 4-1, Summer Ward 2-4, Charlie Edwards 0-4, Tara Nedumaran 0-4

Saturday 11 November
Division 1 – Saints 1-14 defeated by Pulteney 5-32
Singles: Chelsea Staples 1-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-2, Mahala Truscott 0-6, Mahala Truscott 5-6 (extra match)

Division 2 Blue – Saints 3-27 defeated Immanuel 3-25
Singles: Taj Shahin 2-6, Adele Eaton 6-0, Georgia Langley 4-6, Stella Clark 6-3

Division 2 White – Saints 4-29 defeated Immanuel 2-25
Singles: Renee Lawrence 2-6, Isabella Harker 6-2, Annabelle Langley 6-4, Amelie Eaton 6-4

Division 3 Blue – Saints 3-26 defeated Seymour 3-23
Singles: Milly Wood 6-1, Olivia Zito 1-6, Anneliese Thomas 6-4, Siena Zito 6-0 (forfeit)

Division 3 White – Saints 0-18 defeated by Westminster 6-36
Singles: Lilly Alexander 5-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 1-6, Funto Komolafe 5-6

Division 4 Blue – Saints 5-35 defeated Seymour 1-15
Singles: Sophie Abbott 6-1, Eva Young 6-4, Hilary Clark 6-2, Chase Hocking 6-1

Division 4 White – Saints did not play


Friday 10 November
Year 5/6 – Saints 3 defeated Seymour White 0
The 5/6 team played an amazing game against Seymour, winning all three sets. Each girl has worked hard to call loudly, dig and set the ball high, as well as attempting to spike when the opportunity is there. Charlie Piper had a very good game, achieving strong and consistent serves deep in the court. Dani Cox worked hard to get her serves over the net and is improving more and more each time. Great work to all the girls and we hope this continues into the following weeks. – Tahlia Towers and Charlotte White (Student Coaches)

Saturday 11 November
Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Westminster 3

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Westminster 3

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Westminster 2
After a slow start, the girls eventually picked themselves back up and started playing some great volleyball. Excellent covering from Chloe Deieso and fantastic movement around the court from Kate McKellar-Stewart, plus an all-round amazing team effort from the girls which resulted in a well-deserved win in the third set. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Open D – Saints 2 defeated Westminster 1
The Open Ds had a hard fought game against Westminster. Some great serving from Sarah Matheson, terrific covering and foot work around the court form Mary Brownridge, and strong presence at the net from Georgina Bafile secured the girls a win. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated Westminster 1
The team got off to an unusually slow start before the 3-play sequencing began to be implemented with some great setting by Ruby Bouhamdan.


Saturday 10 November
The Murray Bridge Regatta last weekend was a great success for all Saints crews. It was an opportunity to continue working on balance and fineness within the boat, and to practise a race plan in hot conditions on an unfamiliar course. Many crews performed outstandingly and we secured many places and a couples of wins. The seniors also had a great day of training and completed a steady 12km paddle after the regatta, consequently building fitness and gaining greater exposure to the hot conditions that are sure to follow in more regattas and training sessions this summer. I was extremely happy with the day and thought it was a great effort from juniors to seniors. – Olivia Compare (Captain)

1st VIII: Rachel Kameniar, Emily Webb, Sarah Carrodus, Charlotte Parker, Olivia Law, Olivia Compare, Zoe Vine Hall, Neve McCormack, cox – Amy Carrodus
The Murray Bridge Regatta proved that the girls’ hard work is definitely paying off. We competed in one race on the weekend and came out with second place, narrowing the gap with Walford even more. Steering was key as it is difficult to keep straight with no lanes on the Murray and crews on either side trying to row a straight course as well. I am happy to say that the girls did exceptionally well and it looks to be a promising season. – Amy Carrodus

Year 9/10A: Hannah Keough, Bella Bernardi, Charlotte Sellars and Ellie Anderson, cox – Abbie Lisle
The girls competed in two races at Murray Bridge, schoolgirl 9/10 A and the 2nd grade women’s. The girls did really well in the first race, winning the schoolgirl event. They rowed 1,500m technically well. In the second race, the 2nd grade women’s, the girls were nervous for their first 2km and had a rough start, but they pushed through the race with great determination to again finish first. They should be extremely proud of what they have achieved and should be excited for the weeks to come. Good job girls! – Abbie Lisle

Year 9/10B: Sophie Johnson (stroke), Emma Carrodus (three seat), Sophie Stewart (two seat) and Imogen Parkinson (bow), Charlotte Creek (cox)
The crew rowed really well, finishing 2nd in the 1000m. They followed that up with a good effort to finish 4th in the 1500m. – Charlotte Creek

Year 8/9B: Primrose Robinson, Ruby Bruun, Madeline Symon and Annie Bradshaw, cox – Caitie Walker
In our first race, we came fourth and in our second, we placed third. – Caitie Walker


Saturday 11 November
Open A – Saints 5 defeated Scotch 0
Saints played an outstanding game, defeating Scotch to regain the shield for the first time since 2014. Highlights included the welcome return of pitcher Aroha Munroe who’s pitching was amazing, and Millie Wilkin who also put in a great performance. All players excelled in their positions, stepping out of their comfort zones and putting in maximum effort during the entire game. As Captain, it is sad to say goodbye to the game, but I know the girls will continue their outstanding effort and enthusiasm next year in the hands of Lulu Tierney. Well done to all of the players for staying undefeated all season! – Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)

Open B – Saints 11 defeated Scotch 9
This week saw a very close, strong game against Scotch. Much of it was spent in a tie, but Saints pulled ahead with some fantastic play in the final innings. Fielding from all members was strong and consistent, minimising opposition runs. Similarly, the girls batted with confidence, especially against a very fast first-innings pitcher. The girls are to be commended on their persistent and enthusiastic approach to the game. The win keeps the team in the running for the shield. – Bethany Cross


Saturday 11 November
Open A – Saints 7 defeated Pembroke 1
Saints had a strong start to the first half with fast and efficient rucking, scoring quickly. All girls worked well together in the middle and on the wings, allowing Pembroke to only score once. Saints scorers were Eve Habel with 3 and Tahlia Towers, Holly Cunningham, Olivia Harby and Grace Packer each scoring 1 try. Best players were Emma Auricht who was tight on the wing and prevented the opposition from scoring; Eve worked well in the middle and carefully watched for gaps on the try line being successful in scoring most times; Hannah Brown and Hannah Lunn worked effectively on the field with efficient defence and ball movement. Good work girls. A special thanks to Mr Searle and Ms Burton-Howard for coming to trainings and games to help us improve, and also to the girls for being part of the inaugural touch football team for Saints. – Ebony-Jade Nash Smith (Captain)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated by Marryatville 6
Although the effort was high, some of our team rules were not executed to plan, and as a result ,we went down by 4 tries to a well-drilled team with some fantastically skilled individuals. The next few weeks provide a great opportunity for the team to implement what we are practising which, once done successfully, will result in an improved result. There were a few highlights – Chelsea Walls broke through the defence a number of times for some good attacking runs, and Hannah Freeman led the team well, using her athleticism and speed to test the opposition regularly. – Ben Goldsmith (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Marryatville 6
During the first half, Marryatville came out strong and scored 4 of their 6 tries. Defensively, the team pulled together and we saw Tilly McCormack and Adele Russell doing some impressive work on the wing, chasing down their opponent and stopping several tries. We showed some good rucking which helped gain ground in attack, and it was good to see players committing to the dummy half position and communicating with each other on the field. Emmanuelle Russell demonstrated good ball skills and kept the ball in play by looking for opportunities to pass off. In the second half, the team reformed and went back on the field with confidence. Kate Reade scored a try following an attempt to ‘wrap’ around one of her players which paid off. The team was unlucky that Chelsea Walls’ run from three quarters of the pitch was not awarded as the ball was not placed over the try line. The girls showed excellent sportsmanship and are learning so much about the game with every week. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)

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Enews – Week 4, Term 4 2017

Issue no. 34Enews-banner

Saints Girls Shine on ABC

Two of our talented Music students blew audiences away on ABC Radio this week. Charlotte Bleby and Ellen Zhang combined their keyboard and trumpet skills, delivering a superb duet during Peter Goers’ popular Evenings show. The Year 9 girls also performed a solo piece each, delighting listeners who sent in messages of appreciation.

They presented themselves with confidence and class, showing maturity well beyond their years. It’s another shining example of the calibre of the Music program here at Saints Girls.

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From the Director of Early Learning

W4 Director of Early Learning Article

The Richness of our Backyard

Kate-Mount-ELC-picFerguson Park has become an integral part of our ELC learning in 2017. We are now visiting the park daily in small groups and exploring more deeply life in the park, developing our ecological awareness. It is amazing what you discover when you fine tune your observation skills. Our two year old room was the first group to spot our friend, the bearded dragon lizard, and took great delight sharing this with the rest of the ELC. We are now all onto its whereabouts and have witnessed a change of colour and great tree climbing skills by our new friend. The art of camouflage is clearly its forte.

When designing the Centre in 2014, we were definite in our intention to capture the essence of the park, create incredible outlooks for the children and staff, and also to provide easy access. We recognised how fortunate we were to already have this incredible resource whilst others have to try create it in their outdoor areas. Our question, though, was: how could we maximise the benefits of this special place? Apart from the obvious impact on our wellbeing by being surrounded by nature, we now have the benefit of deep engagement with the park on a daily basis. We have witnessed a shift in the way it is used and viewed by the children. They are respectful of nature, quick to alert their educators if they see someone not caring appropriately and more thoughtful in their interactions so as not to disturb living creatures. They have even made significant changes to their room’s Essential Agreements incorporating care for nature.

There is a delight in sharing stories from the park; the children have named many special places – we have the best friend tree, the rainbow tree, the pom pom tree and many others. These names signify how significant these places are to the children and are beginning to form a story that connects us with the park. It also provides a story from the past to the future, allowing us to acknowledge in a meaningful way the Kaurna people and say thank you for our beautiful backyard.

We are taking our stories, learning and thinking into 2018 as we hope to create a spectacular mosaic pathway which will be the unfolding of our rich learning. In a sequenced story, the path will become a place in our ELC gardens that will be an expression of our understandings and represent our special friends and places. Having Ferguson Park at our backdoor has surpassed our expectations of learning opportunities this year. The children and the adults have had a big shift in perspective and it is very exciting!

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

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SACE Arts Exhibition


The Stage 2 SACE Visual Arts Exhibition was held on Tuesday 7 November with students, parents and staff in attendance. Their final pieces were displayed in the Arts Centre foyer alongside their artist statements and folios.

The exhibition demonstrated the students’ dedication and efforts across a range of visual art forms and media including sculpture, painting, drawing, textiles and design.

Have a look at the short video below to see their creations.

Kirsten Mansfield
Art and Design Teacher

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Open A and B Tennis Claim IGSSA Shields!

W4 Tennis

The A grade tennis girls had a convincing win over Westminster on Monday night to secure the shield for the second year in a row. They went undefeated the whole season with Olivia Harby and Yasmin Glazbrook winning every singles match. Jade Leyden is to be commended for her desire to play every week despite being in Year 12 and having a busy schedule. The girls had outstanding results in both Term 1 and Term 4 and we wish them the best of luck with the upcoming season as they attempt to win the shield again next year.

The B grade tennis girls recorded amazing results all season as they were determined to win the shield. This is the first time in history that St Peter’s Girls has ever won the B shield, and it is a great honour. The girls’ toughest round all season was against Pulteney as there were a lot of close matches, but they secured the win by 3 games. Clair Kao was undefeated all season. Year 7s Sienna Glazbrook and Mia Dodd both played brilliantly and are ones to look out for. Good luck to the B team in 2018 as they aim for back-to-back victory.

Tiana Glazbrook
Tennis Captain

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Year 1 Sleepover

W4 Year 1 Sleepover

Last Friday, at 5.30pm, 45 excited and slightly nervous girls arrived at school for the much-anticipated sleepover.

Once the sleeping arrangements were sorted, a fun-filled evening ensued. A sausage sizzle dinner (thanks to the two dads, Simon and Anthony, who were coerced for the task!), an ice block for dessert, and some fun on the playground in Bell Yett Reserve were followed by a quick change into pyjamas. After teeth were cleaned, it was time to snuggle down into sleeping bags to view ‘The Little Rascals’ movie.

By 9.30pm most girls were asleep, so the teachers could settle in for a long night of fitful snoozing under the glare of lights which wouldn’t turn off! The majority of the girls didn’t wake until 6am, so once all was packed up, breakfast was served in the staff room. Pikelets and fruit were eaten with gusto!

Before we knew it, parents were arriving to collect their daughters which signalled that teachers had survived another sleepover!

Liz Sandercock and Alana Lesiw
Year 1 Teachers

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Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings – Year 10 Food and Hospitality

W4 Food and Hospitality

This week, the Year 10 Foodies have continued with their practical experience into running a successful small business. The students participated in a very constructive meeting to discuss possible ventures that would appeal to our target market and that were achievable in the time available to the class. The outcome was the trial of dumplings and the subsequent sale of these to staff and students on Tuesday.

The dumplings were very popular and a huge success with us selling out within 10 minutes of our stall opening. The students have been able to build their confidence with large scale production and small business management through this unit of work.

Combined profits from this event and the curry sales will be distributed evenly between the House Charities.

Jenni Manson and the Year 10 Food and Hospitality class

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Upcoming Events in Term 4

W4 Upcoming Events
Term 4 is a time where the School celebrates many significant events. We encourage you to mark these dates in your diary and keep an eye out for invitations via email.

Sports Awards 2017

The Sports Awards will be held from 4 – 6pm in the Arts Centre on Thursday 23 November.

As this is a school event, all students in Years 7 – 9 are expected to attend, and all students in Years 10 – 12 who have participated in sport throughout the year are encouraged to attend. Year 12s will receive a memento for their service to sport.

Food can be pre-ordered via

Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition

The Year 6 Graduation and PYP Exhibition will be held in the Arts Centre at 2pm on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

Year 9 Graduation

The Year 9 Graduation will be held in the Arts Centre at 2.15pm on Friday 1 December 2017.

Presentation Night

Presentation Night will be held at 7pm in the Adelaide Town Hall on Friday 8 December 2017. All students in Years 7 – 12 are expected to attend.

Carols in the Cathedral

Carols in the Cathedral will be held at 7pm in St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide on Monday 11 December. All students in Years 3 – 12 are expected to attend.

We look forward to welcoming the School community to these events.

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Parents’ and Friends’ Association AGM

W3 P&F Logo_BlueParents’ and Friends’ Association AGM
Thursday 16 November
From 6.30pm
Food Tech Centre

The passion and commitment of our parents goes a long way to building a sense of community amongst our School families.

Under the very capable leadership of the P&F Executive and Community Relations’ staff, the Parents’ and Friends’ Association supports school events and initiatives, provides fantastic events and ‘fun’draising opportunities each year.

We’d love to see some new parents involved in the executive, however, you do not necessarily need to attend monthly meetings in order to be part of the wider P&F community and volunteer throughout the year.

The upcoming P&F AGM is an important meeting to review our activities in 2017 and determine the new Executive Committee for 2018. We encourage you all to come along and here some of our fantastic plans for next year. It will be a fun night, and drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Positions available include:

The President chairs the meeting and oversees all activities of the P&F and the other Office Bearers

Vice President
The Vice President chairs in the absence of the President and supports the President

The Secretary keeps minutes, sends and receives all correspondence

The Treasurer balances all income and expenditure approved by the Office Bearers and provides a monthly report to the committee

Each role requires a close working relationship with the School, and anyone wishing to stand for one of these positions is encouraged to speak with Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations Office or myself.

The P&F would like to thank all those who have contributed to its various fundraising activities or have volunteered to help at its events in 2017. I would also like to thank the P&F Executive for their hard work and support during the year.

I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Our P&F Association is ready to hit the ground running once again next year, so please take note of our 2018 Community Events listed on fridge magnets supplied at Drinks on the Deck.

Richard Auricht

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Success at Inaugural SA Philosothon

W4 Philosothon

Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith, Natacha Zisos Troupakis, Holly Wallman-Craddock, Emily Loh,  and I recently attended the first ever South Australian Philosothon which was held at Prince Alfred College. In our team of five, we had one person representing each year level plus a sub. We arrived at PAC at 5pm and were informed of how the evening would present: four half-hour discussions with short breaks in between. Basically, a Philosothon is an inter-school philosophy competition in which teams engage in a series of discussions about complex ethical and philosophical issues. The aim of a discussion is for the participants to work together and build on each other’s ideas to collectively come up with a conclusion about the issue. The groups were sorted by age and consisted of 12 individuals. The four topics discussed were:

• Is it moral to create a donor baby?
• Is the mind a physical thing?
• Is privacy important?
• Will machines ever become human?

As a school, we placed second, and individually, Holly placed second for her age group, and I placed third for mine. The judges assessed and marked our team on the consistency of high quality answers. It was a greatly memorable night that we all thoroughly enjoyed and I know we are looking forward to nationals.

Ammi Yagnik
Year 10 student

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Primary Maths Challenge Awards Presentation

W4 Primary Maths Challenge

Last Friday evening at the Festival Function Centre in Findon, our amazing Junior School mathematicians were presented with trophies and medals from the Primary Maths Challenge by SA Education Minister Susan Close.

Angel Li from Year 6 was highly commended for her project, “Using infographics to tell a story”. She investigated the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and presented her findings with a fabulous assortment of infographics.

Bronwyn, Mikaela, Sowmya and Lady from Year 6 explored, “Living a Healthy Life”, and the judges were amazed at the depth and breadth of their mathematical thinking and chose them as the State winners for the small group category.

Mabelle Kayser from Year 5 was highly commended. She investigated the wonderful variety of shapes that are used in some iconic buildings around the world and created her own fabulous building.

Grace and Zara accepted the highly commended class award on behalf of all of Year 2 for ‘Bee Bot City’ – their fabulous work was described in last week’s article.

The inspiration for Aojin’s project came from reading the enrolment package her little sister received prior to starting in Mid-Year Reception this year. She was intrigued by the Year 12s’ results and the fun things they do on Celebration Day, and investigated Year 12 results over time and what the students have gone on to study at university.

Amelia Kayser explored shape and made lots of exciting discoveries about the various properties of shapes when deciding, “Which Shape does not belong?”

Rose Downie from Year 3 had a fabulous time baking and then sharing a cake with her classmates whilst learning lots about fractions along the way.

Mary Stavrou from Year 6 discovered a huge variety of reasons why STEM is enormously important in our lives.

All entrants should be enormously proud of their efforts. Several students are already planning their entries for 2018 and I encourage all budding mathematicians to take on the challenge next year!

Catherine Kelly
Junior School Learning Strategies

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Year 7 student Mia Humphrey (Miss Honey), Year 1 student Eloise Harrington (Sophie) and Year 5 student Marcella Tolley (Matilda) from ROALD DAHL RULES.
ROALD DAHL RULES ImageDozens of Junior and Middle School girls will be part of next week’s performance of ROALD DAHL RULES by Shane Davidson Presents. This show features many of the Roald Dahl stories but in an abbreviated form to capture young children’s attention. The stories are cleverly woven together with a narrative as two main Matilda characters, Miss Honey and Matilda, share their love of reading as they explore Dahl favourites such as The Enormous Crocodile, The Witches, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, and even a few of his Revolting Rhymes including Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office in the Arts Centre at St Peter’s Girls 30 minutes before the show. Performances are Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November at 7pm.



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Sports News

W4 Sport


On Wednesday night, Rose Pittman broke the State Under 18 – 800m record. She ran 2:07.05, edging out a student from Immanuel who ran 2:07.45 The national record currently stands at 2:01.46 (set in 2001). Well done Rose on this landmark achievement!


Monday 6 November
Open – Saints 86 defeated Wilderness 6
Unfortunately, Wilderness had a limited numbers of players, allowing Saints to capitalise and finally show some great teamwork in both defence and attack to set up a convincing win. While all of the girls are gaining confidence this term, Sarah Matheson showed her club experience with an outstanding game. – Ella Robinson (2018 Captain)

Middle C – Saints 20 defeated Wilderness 9
The girls played an amazing game against Wilderness. They had strong defence by putting pressure half way and when the other team went in for their shots. The girls worked together as a team with the use of free space and moving towards the ball to make the shots. Best players go to Alyssa Woolley and Vanessa Pols for their points to help win the game. Overall, the girls should be proud of how much they have improved since starting the basketball season. – Sophia West (Coach)

Wednesday 1 November

Middle A – Saints 15 defeated by Scotch 36
The team put in a much better performance. Their defence was excellent in the first half. Unfortunately, inaccurate shooting cost them in the end. Great job girls for showing improvement. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 32 defeated Scotch 15
After a heavy loss the week before, the team responded with a solid performance on defence and offence to come away with their first win this term. Sophie Norman and Sivanthi Sivasuthan both had good games. Overall, a very strong team performance. – Peter Krantis (Coach)


Saturday 4 November
Year 10A: Crew – Hannah Keough, Isabella Bernardi, Charlotte Sellars and Ellie Anderson, Cox – Abbie Lisle
The crew rowed their first 1500m race together. For the first race of the season, the girls did exceptionally well, finishing in first place. The race went smoothly and without a hitch, and you could tell that the past few weeks of intense training had really paid off. The girls should be so proud and this should motivate them for the next race. – Abbie Lisle

Year 9/10 B: Crew – Sophie Johnson (stroke), Emma Carrodus (three seat), Michelle Rupert (two seat) and Imogen Parkinson (bow)
For our first 1500m race the girls did really well and placed fifth. – Charlotte Creek

Year 9C: Crew – Faye Ma, Ella Waltham, Emily Downie, Sophie Stewart, Cox – Jodi Papendorf,
This was the first time this crew had ever rowed and raced together. After a difficult start, the girls found their pace and put in a great effort. They were strong in the water and placed fifth. They were a pleasure to cox. – Jodi Papendorf 

Year 8A: Crew – Keely Flannagan, Sophie Barr, Rose Young, Olivia Kelly, Cox – Jodi Papendorf
The Pembroke School Regatta was held at West Lakes last Saturday. With very windy conditions and a tricky start, the crew was focussed and kept the lead throughout. We were rewarded with first place and a time of 4.16. A great way to start the season and we are looking forward to our next regatta. – Jodi Papendorf

Year 8 (3rd Grade Women’s Coxed Quad): Crew – Molly Bond, Sophie Barr, Ella Waltham, Olivia Kelly, Cox – Jodi Papendorf,
This was a very exciting race for the girls and they opened up with an enormous lead. Pembroke put the pressure on towards the end, but I am happy to say that we finished in first place with a 4 second lead. We are looking forward to Murray Bridge this weekend. – Jodi Papendorf

Year 7: Crew – Primrose Robinson, Ruby Bruun, Madeline Symon, Annie Bradshaw, Cox – Caitie Walker
This was the very first rowing regatta and the lead up to the race was very exciting for all of the girls. Although the weather was not very good, it did not dampen the girls’ spirit. We raced twice against Year 8/9s and one Year 10 crew. We came fourth in both races. – Caitie Walker


Wednesday 1 November
Year 5/6 – Saints 14 defeated Pembroke Green 2
The girls consolidated some team batting and base running skills to have a strong lead over Pembroke after the first innings. They continued their strong form through the fielding and, at the end, only conceded 2 runs to Pembroke. Unfortunately, Pembroke were down a few players, but our girls were happy to fill in the field, showing great sportsmanship. Well done to Grace Richards and Georgia Mallick for having a go at pitching this week. – Claire Hale (Coach)

Year 4/5 Blue – Saints 28 defeated Walford 9
The girls played a great game and showed some incredible batting in the first innings. Best player goes to Mathilda Thomas, who had one of her best fielding games this term. The girls have largely improved in their base running and are continuing to gain confidence in their skills. – Kate McKellar-Stewart (Student Coach)

Year 4/5 White – Saints 16 defeated Seymour 15
The team put up a fight against the Seymour tee-ball team. The score proved to be reasonably even throughout the course of the match, but the determination from the Saints girls pulled through to win the game with pride. Overwhelmed with joy, the girls knew that, for the coming games, they would have to work as hard as they did against the Seymour team. A fantastic game played by all the girls this week. Congratulations team! – Lulu Tierney (Student Coach)


Congratulations to Imogen Elliott who continues to excel at surfing. She made it through to the semi-finals at the National Rip Curl competition on the weekend. It was a tough contest, coming up against most of the VIC/NSW State Team. ‘Imi’ was the only SA competitor in her age category (14s), so this is another outstanding result.


Well done to Sienna Glazbrook and Mia Dodd who have been selected to represent East Adelaide at the State Primary School Tennis championships being played from 20-24 November.

Friday 3 November

Year 5/6 Division 1 – Saints 6-28 defeated Seymour 0-7
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-0, Bridgette Leach 4-1, Sophie Dansie 4-2

Year 5/6 Division 2 – Saints 4-16 defeated Pulteney 2-7
Singles: Mathilda Thomas 0-4, Marcella Tolley 4-0, Molly Dwyer 4-1, Marcella Tolley 4-0 (extra match)

Monday 6 November
Congratulations to all players in the Open A and B teams who took out the double, winning the IGSSA shields. Saints have played consistently good tennis all year and this has been rewarded with the overall wins. The girls have performed well in both doubles and singles, and it was a great way to farewell Year 12 Jade Leyden.

Open A – Saints 6-36 defeated Westminster 0-6
Singles: Tiana Glazbrook 6-0, Yasmin Glazbrook 6-0, Jade Leyden 6-2, Olivia Harby 6-3

Open B – Saints 6-36 defeated Westminster 0-5
Singles: Sienna Glazbrook 6-0, Clair Kao 6-1, Annabel Baldwinson 6-1, Mia Dodd 6-1


Saturday 4 November
Open A – Saints 4 defeated St Dominic’s 1
Saints had a slow start in the first half, scoring 1 try but allowing St Dominic’s to also score. In the second half, Holly Cunningham was quick to score Saints’ second try within the first minute of the game restarting. She carefully watched for gaps and listened to the referee, and scored another try later in the game. Anna Pryor then scored by running half the field by watching for a gap on the wing. Best players were Olivia Harby, Sophie Auricht and Tahlia Towers. Olivia’s defensive skills were outstanding and she stopped St Dominic’s scoring after running through a gap. Sophie has shown great improvement in her skills and game play since beginning touch this term. Tahlia rucked with speed and great technique, gaining lots of ground each time. All girls have improved significantly with each game making the inaugural touch team great to be a part of. – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith (Captain)

Thursday 2 November
Middle A – Saints 4 drew with Wilderness 4
It was another great team effort, with everyone contributing to a hard fought draw against a more experienced Wilderness side. After a tough first half that saw Wilderness lead 3-1 as a result of some cheeky tries, the team came out in the second half with greater intensity, tighter defence, constructive voice and increased confidence to pass to advantage.

Lucy White, Poppie Goldsmith and Holly Cardone made significant ground down the wings while Olivia Goldsmith, Siena Kulinski and Chelsea Walls controlled the middle, and Annabelle Black, Amelie Eaton and Ella Liddy were impenetrable in defence. The result in the second half was 3-1 up, and a great sign of things to come in our future games if the girls continue to implement what we are practising. – Ben Goldsmith


Saturday 4 November
Saints’ Middle A competed in the Immanuel Invitational Carnival. In the first match, it was a steep learning curve allowing players to get comfortable with the new 6-2 system, but Saints prevailed, defeating Norwood Bears 2 sets to 1. Georgina Keough and Ruby Bouhamdan settled into the setting combination to drive the attacks.

In Game 2, Saints defeated Willunga B 3 sets to 0, with some amazing serves from Jess Wishart and Clair Kao, Anna White stepping into the ‘setter’ role and Sarah Wishart playing middle blocker against some tall opponents.

Saints played rival Immanuel in Game 3, and having previously lost to them a couple times, the girls were primed for a battle. Losing the first set, the girls lifted their energy and voices to win the second with some strong serving from both sides, making the third set a tense affair. With time running out in the third, set tactics took over and we slowed the game right down. The girls rose to the occasion and won the final set (21-25, 25-22,16-10).

In the semi-final, Saints faced Willunga A who had just come off a match prior while our girls had a two hour break and were slow to start. Using all of our time outs, we came back from a 3-10 deficit to finish the first set at 18-25. With Anna White serving missiles and Ruby Bouhamdan setting bombs, the girls fought tooth and nail to get into the match. Siena Kulinski and Tilly McCormack used their enthusiasm to lift the energy and the team from the bench, and we pushed the second set to 27-29. The opposition coach congratulated the team on our skills.

All girls played fantastically throughout the carnival and thanks goes to Immanuel for running an excellent tournament. – Alistair Keough (coach)

Friday 3 November
Year 5-6 – Saints 2 defeated Seymour Green 1
The girls played exceptionally well, winning great rallies and really focusing on their digging and setting techniques. A special mention goes to Ruby Richards and Emily Bryce who served many points with their bullet serves, getting many aces. – Tahlia Towers and Charlotte White (Student Coaches)


Thursday 2 November
Open A – Saints 11 defeated Pembroke 1
The A team went into their game apprehensive as Pembroke had also been undefeated. The girls played with incredible team work and effort that Pembroke could not match, allowing the girls to maintain our undefeated streak into Week 4. Saskia Jones was an amazing goalie, and Fiona Lethbridge and Nicolette Miller scored 6 of our 11 goals. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open B – Saints 12 defeated Walford 5
The Year 12s took a break from their hard study to play one last game with their friends and teammates. Honourable mention to all of them; we appreciate your efforts in the middle of your exam revision. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open C – Saints 14 defeated Mercedes 4
The team adapted fantastically to the additions from the junior side, and all the girls played really well together. Poppie Goldsmith was a fantastic player on the field and in goals, and Lucy Young was awesome in defence. The whole team established their strength early in the game and worked together for the win. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Year 7/8 – Saints 17 defeated St Aloysius 6
The team played very well again in their third game of the term, with Lara Wakeham being our top scorer, netting eight goals. Gemma Schaedel also played a great game, with 4 goals to her name. The whole team played extraordinarily well, using tight defence against the opposition and demonstrating good team work. – Mia Humphrey (Year 7)

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Enews – Week 3, Term 4 2017

Issue no. 33
Enews-banner W3 ExpoYears 7 and 8 Futures students

From the Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220Year 12 have been given a fabulous send off and staff are recovering from dance-related aches, pains and embarrassments, but the year is far from over.

IB and SACE exams are upon us, and then Term 4 seems to be a steady procession from one calendar highlight to the next. Among the now traditional ceremonies, dinners and services, we have a new one this year for our Year 7 and 8 students. Their focus is on the Entrepreneurial Expo on Tuesday 21 November (Week 6).

This new event is the culmination of their work this year in the Futures Course. It is an opportunity to present their business ‘pitch’, and receive feedback and affirmation from industry experts and the wider community.

The event will begin in the Arts Centre at 6pm with a short awards ceremony, with companies being recognised in the following categories:

Most worthwhile problem being solved
For a company that most clearly communicated a problem, and presented how their product, service or action aims to solve it.

Most likely to attract investment
For a company that would most likely attract investment in the commercial world.

Most innovative and creative (not-for-profit)
For a company that shows innovation, creativity and originality as a not-for-profit organisation.

Most innovative and creative (commercial)
For a company that shows innovation, creativity and originality as a commercial business.

Most likely to have a real-world impact
A company that would most likely make a real-world impact, action or social change.

These awards will be decided by our expert panel:

Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk: State Director for Microsoft in South Australia
Anna Dimond: CEO/Designer at Palas Jewellery
Mary Hudson: Senior Education Consultant, AISSA
Professor Noel Lindsay: Director of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, University of Adelaide
Professor Yong Zhao: International Expert on Entrepreneurial Thinking, University of Kansas

Our Futures staff will also be recognising our students in the following categories:

• Most impressive business plan
• Reaction to failure/resilience
• Prototyping and process

We will then move up to the new Middle School building where each company will showcase their work, and there will be a chance to look at, sample and order products, just in time for the holiday season!

Whilst aimed specifically at the parents of our Year 7 and 8 students, we welcome and encourage the wider community to attend this exciting evening, at which refreshments will be served on the Middle School deck from 6.30pm.


Monday of Week 6 sees our Orientation Day. All new students to the School have a chance to visit for the day and meet their new peers, whilst we also run ‘move up’ sessions, where all students get to meet staff who will play a key role in their learning for 2018. For many, this will mean a move of Sub-School, and whilst exciting, it can also be daunting for some.

Last week Kate Mortimer mentioned SchoolTV in her Enews article. This month’s resources are about Transition, and are an excellent starting point for any parent whose daughter is moving to a new Sub-School.

Despite some sadness at the departure of our Year 12 cohort (and the subsequent end of staff dance classes!), I am looking forward to the full program of events that the end of the year brings, and sharing them with our full School community.

For those interested in seeing brave and energetic members of staff entertaining the audience at the Celebration Day Assembly, check out the video here:

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Have You Explored Our New Website?

If you haven’t already had a look, be sure to check out our new website – simply click here. Featuring a host of fresh information on our achievements, staff and programs, the site proudly showcases St Peter’s Girls’ School to the wider community. Here’s a snippet from our new Middle School:

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ICAS English Competition Achievements

W3 ICAS English

In Term 3, the majority of students in Years 7 to 10 participated in the ICAS English Competition and, once again, Saints Girls have achieved outstanding results. Chi Chi Zhao was the State medallist for having achieved the highest score for all Year 7 students across South Australia and the Northern Territory, and both she and Holly Wallman-Craddock in Year 8 achieved High Distinctions (top 1% of all entrants in the competition).

The following students achieved a Distinction standard (top 10% of all entrants in the competition) –

Year 7
Georgia Barclay
Azaan Singh
Ruby Thorp

Year 8
Keely Flannagan
Victoria Thorp
Rose Young

Year 9
Ella Byrne
Emily Downie
Aleisha Elliott

Year 10
Asha Short

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English / Drama Teacher

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Our Mathematical Success Story Continues…

W3 Maths Challenge 2

For more than a decade, Saints Girls has won multiple awards in the Primary Maths Challenge. The scope and variety of investigations during this time has been outstanding and 2017 is no exception!

The Year 2 girls asked four big questions that formed the focus of their inquiry:

What is coding?
What mathematics do we need to code?
Where can we find code and how can we use it?
Can we do our own coding?

Investigations began with mapping activities and transferring these mathematical concepts when planning and creating the Bee Bot City maps. The girls developed the idea of using Bee Bot City as the starting point for Blue Bot City; currently a work in progress. Through identifying the mathematics involved in coding Bee Bots the girls were able to find code in other applications. Look out for a follow-up article in the Enews next week which will include photos of the Statewide Presentation evening. Congratulations to the following students:

State Winners

Year 2
Aojin Chen

Year 3
Rose Downie
Amelia Kayser

Year 6
Mary Stavrou
Bronwyn Gautier, Lady Murphy, Mikaela Udall and Sowmya Biradar

Highly Commended

Year 2 Class
Mabelle Kayser
Angel Li
Catherine Kelly
Junior School Learning Strategies

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Saints Girls Continues Public Speaking Success

W3 UN Youth Voice

Recently, Year 8 student Holly Wallman-Craddock competed in a public speaking competition called ‘Voice’, run by UN Youth. It is an annual challenge where young people pitch solutions to problems facing our world.

We asked Holly to tell us about her experience:

“For the prepared speech, you deliver a speech that you’ve written in advance, with a suggestion to solve your chosen problem. In the impromptu question section, you are asked two questions about your solution, and are then given one minute to write down notes before finally speaking for two minutes to answer them.

For the first round of the competition, I spoke on the topic, “How can we increase access to education for girls around the world?” After the first round, I was told I had advanced to the State final, and had seven days to write, learn and practise my new speech on the topic, “How can we increase young people’s understanding of Australian history?”

Last Thursday, I competed in the State final, and I’m pleased to say that I won my age group, so I’ll be travelling to Brisbane to compete in the national final in April.”

Holly is a very dedicated public speaker who has had great success in 2017, including reaching the national finals of the Rostrum Voice of Youth. All the best for the national final, Holly!

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Year 3s Enjoy a Wellbeing Day

W3 Year 3 Wellbeing

As a culmination of our ‘Healthy Choices’ Unit of Inquiry, the Year 3s enjoyed a day of relaxation dressed in their favourite pyjamas. The girls reflected upon the healthy choices they had made while taking action for the Inquiry Cycle. For some, this included adding different types of fruit and vegetables to their diet or incorporating more exercise into their daily routine. The girls mindfully moved as the Confucius Institute taught them the art of Tai Chi, which is an ancient Chinese ‘meditation in motion’ to tell a story, promoting serenity and inner peace. I was also impressed at the enthusiasm shown as they applied Cosmic Yoga to a Harry Potter story and tried their hand at finger knitting. We invited Ms Letch, our School Counsellor, to talk about the brain and the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. She reminded us to try strategies such as not having any blue screens in the bedroom and making sure we recognise the right time to go to bed. We learnt that filling each others’ bucket through positive affirmations has a great impact in our lives and boosts our self–esteem.

I am sure these valuable experiences will serve the girls well as they draw upon them to balance their lives in the future.

Deb Cope and Mark Routley
Year 3 Teachers

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National Recognition for our Director of Rowing

W3 Rowing

Congratulations to Saints Girls’ Director of Rowing Ben Flannagan who has received the inaugural Participation Ambassador Award which recognises the significant impact, leadership and positive influence by an individual on rowing participation and development. Nominations for this award were sought from all states and territories then voted on by a panel comprising a Rowing Australia Board member, State Councillor, the National Coach Development Education Officer as well as Rob Scott, CEO Rowing Australia.

In addition to his role at St Peter’s Girls’ School, Ben is also passionate about promoting and broadening opportunities through Para-Rowing, which provides athletes with a physical or intellectual impairment the opportunity to be active on the water.

In Ben’s words: “I was truly honoured and humbled to win the award as I didn’t go into any of this to receive any sort of recognition. I was so certain I wasn’t going to win, I didn’t have a speech prepared, so I had to get up on stage and improvise in front of Gina Rinehart, Dawn Fraser and the who’s who of Australian Rowing sitting in the audience. I would like to thank my wife Tam who puts up with everything I do in rowing; she gives me great support. It was a wonderful night, one that I will never forget.”

Well done Ben on your amazing achievement!

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Award for Rising Digital Technologies Educator

W3 Monique Award

Digital Technologies teacher Monique Green has been awarded the EdTech SA Leading Light Award. It recognises those within the education community who provide inspiration to others in supporting the subject of IT and the use of ICT.

Monique is passionate about engaging and inspiring girls in technology. Through a varied curriculum including programming, driverless cars, drone technology, business intelligence and 3D printing, she helps students understand how technology can change the world. As a member of ‘Her Tech Path’, a community of women working in IT who share this passion, she has partnered with Exposé to develop a unit of work for Senior School students that focuses on how data can be used to solve business problems. Once this program has been trialled at our School, we will be making it available to other schools to use.

Another project Monique has been working on follows on from our recent success in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero challenge. On 8 March 2018, Year 6 and 7 students from Saints Girls and other local schools will be participating in a day of interactive tech experiences. The purpose of this event is to launch the 2018 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero challenge on International Women’s Day.

Congratulations Monique on your award!

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Reminder to Dog Owners

With the weather warming up and more of us enjoying the great outdoors, it is timely to remind families about our position on dogs visiting the School grounds. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not go inside School buildings or into the ELC grounds. It is also expected that owners pick up after their dogs. We thank you and your dog for your cooperation.

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Year 4s Visit Morialta Conservation Park

W3 Year 4 Excursion

To link in with our ‘How the world works’ Unit of Inquiry, the Year 4 classes visited Morialta Conservation Park on Thursday 26 October. As we walked along trails, the girls observed and discussed examples of weathering, erosion and deposition, as well as sedimentary rocks. We also recognised the significance of this area to the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains. Using photos taken on iPads during the walk, each girl is now putting together an iMovie that explains her science learning. These include images of places such as the Giants Cave and First Falls.

Before heading back to school, we visited the new Morialta Playspace where the girls had great fun inventing games to play on the different pieces of equipment.

Rebecca Riley Dillon and Louisa Mitchell
Year 4 Teachers

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Parents’ and Friends’ Association AGM

W3 P&F Logo_BlueParents’ and Friends’ Association AGM
Thursday 16 November
From 6.30pm
Food Tech Centre

The passion and commitment of our parents goes a long way to building a sense of community amongst our School families.

Under the very capable leadership of the P&F Executive and Community Relations’ staff, the Parents’ and Friends’ Association supports school events and initiatives, provides fantastic events and ‘fun’draising opportunities each year.

We’d love to see some new parents involved in the executive, however, you do not necessarily need to attend monthly meetings in order to be part of the wider P&F community and volunteer throughout the year.

The upcoming P&F AGM is an important meeting to review our activities in 2017 and determine the new Executive Committee for 2018. We encourage you all to come along and here some of our fantastic plans for 2018. It will be a fun night and drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Positions available include:

The President chairs the meeting and oversees all activities of the P&F and the other Office Bearers

Vice President
The Vice President chairs in the absence of the President and supports the President

The Secretary keeps minutes, sends and receives all correspondence

The Treasurer balances all income and expenditure approved by the Office Bearers and provides a monthly report to the committee

Each role requires a close working relationship with the School, and anyone wishing to stand for one of these positions is encouraged to speak with Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations Office or myself.

The P&F would like to thank all those who have contributed to its various fundraising activities or have volunteered to help at its events in 2017. I would also like to thank the P&F Executive for their hard work and support during the year.

I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Our P&F Association is ready to hit the ground running once again in 2018, so please take note of our 2018 Community Events and pick up a fridge magnet at the ‘Drinks on the Deck’ this coming Thursday 9 November.

Richard Auricht

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Saints Girls Welcomes ‘Musica Viva’

W3 Musica Viva

On Wednesday 1 November, Years 3 – 6, the Developmental Band, and Years 9 – 11 Music students were treated to a performance by ‘Musica Viva’. The talented group of musicians specialise in jazz and improvisation. They demonstrated the different parts of a song and even got the girls up dancing.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by ‘Musica Viva’. It was really entertaining and I learnt a lot about jazz music.” – Angel Li

“The performance was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. They had great songs to play and interacted with the audience.” – Georgia Evans

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Year 11 Business and Enterprise visit ThincLab

W3 ThincLab

The Year 11 Business and Enterprise class visited the University of Adelaide’s ThincLab Centre on 25 October to investigate its environment where unconventional thinkers incubate their ideas to give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Renee Louise Hakendorf, the innovation hub manager, facilitated the excursion.

Our first activity was a session conducted by Wendy Lindsay, the online program coordinator. As a lecturer, Wendy was able to effectively counsel us through possible academic pathways whilst also exploring opportunities in business and entrepreneurship courses. Our next activity was visiting the 3D printers. Currently, ThincLab has eight 3D printers of different sizes. Directed by Morgan Hunter, the 3D printer expert allowed us to view the process of creating a 3D object. We were amazed by the opportunity to engage and form a 3D object – a working catapult which we each printed and took home. We were then among the first to trial the new enhanced reality app created by one of ThincLab’s own entrepreneurial technology gurus, Chris George. This allowed us to collaborate with an app installed on the iPad which mirrors images of the 3D object through the camera lens. My group also spoke to Dr Tullio Rossi who is a science communicator and the Founder of ‘Animate Your Science’ which helps scientists get their work noticed and facilitates a positive impact on society. This is achieved through Tullio’s interactive videos and graphical abstracts which are shared on social media.

Visiting ThincLab was very worthwhile as it provided an insight into the career paths in business and entrepreneurship; a place where anyone with a business vision can go and build their dream.

Chanel Stefani
Year 11 student

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Japan Exchange Recap

W3 Japan Exchange 1

It was early morning on 24 September when we (Amelie, Charlotte, Michelle and Emily) met at Adelaide Airport with our heavy bags packed for three weeks abroad. Later that night we arrived in Narita Airport, Japan. After visiting the airport’s Starbucks, we made our way to the first tourist destination – the bathrooms. Here we obsessed over the automatic flush and heated toilets seats.

W3 Japan Exchange 2The next day was our first day at Senzoku Gakuen High School. It is a massive school with 250 students in each year level. Every classroom had a blackboard and 45 desks. No interactive whiteboards or computers, just pen and paper. Everyone at the school was really nice to us. They were all eager to talk to us and practise their English. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone after getting so close to them. After school each day, there were club activities that ran for around two hours. We participated in Kendo, soccer, ping pong and soft tennis. At Senzoku, as with much of Japan, there were vending machines – we all loved them and if we were not at class, we would be down in the cafeteria eating ice cream. Overall, Senzoku was a lovely school and the people were so kind.

Our favourite class was definitely the returnee classes, they were pretty much the only classes we could understand. Returnee English classes are for all girls who have lived in an overseas country. These girls all had amazing English and were always willing to help us out.

W3 Japan Exchange 3We also went to fun tourist attractions including Disneyland where our favourite rides were Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Tokyo Disneyland is very different to other Disneylands because visitors dress up in Disney costumes.

During another outing, Uchikawa Sensei took us to Kawasaki and Yokahoma. In Kawasaki, we went to the Daishi temple which was extremely beautiful and it was the first we visited in Japan so we were very excited. Before entering, we had to wash our hands and be covered in smoke to cleanse ourselves. We then caught a train to Yokahoma and went to the amusement park Yokohama Cosmo World where we took purikura pictures. Purikura is a photo booth where you take digital photos and decorate and edit them. It was so fun being able to explore both the traditional and modern sides of Japan.

The exchange was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives and we are all very grateful to have had such an opportunity. If we had the chance, we would all love to go again – we miss Japan already!

Emily Downie, Charlotte Creek, Amelie Eaton and Michelle Rupert
Year 9 students

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JOBEX – Jobs in Emerging Industries

On 10 and 11 November, the Adelaide Convention Centre will be hosting JOBEX which will feature over 120 businesses from areas such as Defence and Shipbuilding, Health and Research, Energy and Mining, IT and Hi-tech and Tourism, Food and Wine.

There will also be an Education Hub, Recruitment Zone, Seminars and Workshops.

Visit for more information.

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Community Golf Day – Bookings Close Soon!

W9 OSA Golf Day 2017

Hosted by the St Peter’s Girls’ Old Scholars’ Association

Mount Osmond Golf Club | 60 Mount Osmond Road | Mount Osmond
Stableford Competition | 18-hole round | Multi-tee start 9am

Golf and Lunch: $75
Golf and Lunch (Mount Osmond Golf Club Members): $60
Lunch only: $20

Lunch at 1pm includes baguettes, wraps, dessert, tea and coffee. Other beverages may be purchased from the bar.

Great fun with prizes to be won!

Book via or contact Megan McCormack on 8334 2239.

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Christmas Drinks on the Deck

W1 Christmas Drinks on the Deck

We would like to thank all members of the St Peter’s Girls’ community for your support by inviting you to celebrate the successes of 2017.

Thursday 9 November 2017
5.30 – 7.30pm
Middle School Deck

Drinks and nibbles will be provided, and children can use the playground.

RSVP via

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Sports News

W3 Sport


Monday 30 October
Open – Saints 55 defeated Walford 15
The girls put in another solid performance in a convincing win. Every player performed well. Sarah Matheson had a good game, scoring 18 points and leading the team. Ella Robinson also contributed 14 points. Good team performance. Keep up the good work. – Ella Robinson (2018 Captain)

Middle C – Saints 8 defeated by Walford 20
The girls played a great game against Walford with their man-on-man pressure and defence to help keep the ball down our end. The use of space improved by the second half and here the girls had the chance to shoot by leading into free space. Overall, the girls are improving which is giving them great determination to not give up. Best players go to Asha Krywanio for her great shooting and bringing the ball down the court. – Sophia West (Coach)

Friday 27 October – Harry Long Carnival
Last Friday, eight very keen Year 6s travelled to St Peter’s College for the Harry Long Basketball Carnival. The girls played against Wilderness, Seymour, Pembroke and Westminster. Willow Stewart-Rattray and Chloe Porter worked hard for rebounds against much taller opposition players and did well to anticipate and intercept. Bridgette Leach and Helen Zhang worked solidly, dribbling around players and heading for the basket to score. Ellie Humphrey and Sophie Dansie worked hard at the top of the key to keep the other teams out and applied good pressure. Grace and Pearl Richards worked very well together, with Grace finding Pearl in space near the basket which resulted in a number of scores.

The girls lost a tough first game against a Seymour team of all Year 7s, but rebounded with a solid win against Wilderness. Saints then lost to Pembroke in a close contest and narrowly went down by a point to Westminster. In the playoffs, we beat Wilderness to then play Westminster for 3rd. In a close and low scoring match we lost 3-6. All girls improved the more we played. Their confidence grew, so that they were taking on players and winning more balls. The girls played with great sportsmanship and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Seymour defeated Pembroke in the playoff for first. – Sharon Tocher-Leach (Coach)

Wednesday 25 October

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated by Westminster 52
The team played against a very talented side that contained a number of club level players. Saints never gave up and kept playing to the end. Special mention to Emmanuel Russell who played really well. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 4 defeated by Westminster 52
The girls played against a strong opponent and the score was not reflective of how the team played. The girls had some good shots but could not convert their chances. – Peter Krantis (Coach)


Thursday 26 October
Congratulations to Charlie Fishlock (Year 7) and Lucy Steele Scott (Year 8) who competed in the combined SAPSASA/SSSSA mountain biking competition. Held in Blackwood on a challenging course, Charlie placed first in her age group of Under 13s and Lucy scored second in her age group of Under 15s. We both enjoyed the event and would like to encourage other girls to come out and try next year. – Charlie Fishlock, Lucy Steele Scott (students)


Saturday 28 October
Saints started the new season last weekend with some fantastic results. The inter crew and both senior crews competed in the 7km race at West Lakes – Round the Island. It was a successful day with the 1st 8+ and the 10A quad both coming 2nd and the 1st 4+ coming 3rd. This was an outstanding result considering the crews have not trained for this distance of racing and have instead been focusing on technique and short distance work. This result has all crews looking forward to the first 2km race at West Lakes this week. – Olivia Compare (Captain of Boats)


Saturday 28 October
Open A – Saints 14 defeated Immanuel 13
After our great win in the first week, the Softball Open As were feeling confident and ready to take on the Open A Immanuel team. Despite having to change the pitcher around a few times, we still managed to end of the game with a great win. Well done to the girls who entered the pitching circle, a great game played by all. – Lulu Tierney (2018 Captain)

Open B – Saints 18 defeated Seymour 10
This week’s game against Seymour was another fantastic effort from the team. Facing a tougher opponent than last week, our fielding was challenged, and the team had to step up to some faster pitching in the last innings. Amelia Pudney and Steph Smalls led the field with some great pitching and reliable fielding. Fantastic batting from Hattie Maerschel and Tahlia Louca also led to lots of runs. Overall it was a successful game, and bodes well for some stronger opponents in weeks to come. – Beth Cross (Year 11)

Wednesday 25 October

Year 5/6 – Saints 7 defeated Walford 6
The first game of the season was a bit of a refresher course for our Year 6 players, but the first time in the big game for the Year 5s who have graduated from Tee-Ball. However, you would not have noticed it with how well the team played. Within the first innings, a triple out play by Saints was outstanding to watch, and not something you see often! However, Saints couldn’t get to the bat and the second innings started off with no runs each way. Walford scored 6 runs in the second innings, leaving Saints some work to do at bat. However, the team successfully batted their way to 7 runs and subsequently won the game in a nail-biting finish. A great all-team effort but particularly well done to Emily Bryce and Jenna Maione for stepping up and trying out pitching. – Claire Hale (Coach)

Year 4/5 Blue – Saints 20 defeated Seymour 17
The girls played a great game and, with an increase in energy towards the end, cheered their girls on to a 3 run win. Best player goes to Anna Venning and Kate Thomas who both played a great game with some incredible hits and great fielding from all. – Kate McKellar-Stewart (Student Coach)

Year 4-5 White – Saints 14 defeated by Walford 22
For our first week of tee-ball, the team showed great enthusiasm and played a solid game. Despite the loss, the girls demonstrated their knowledge of the game and showed some fantastic skills. – Lulu Tierney (Student Coach)


Saturday 28 October
Tennis has started up again in Term 4 and, with one round left for the Open A and B teams, both are in line to win the shields. Last week was a close match for the B team playing Pulteney, winning by three games. The week before the A team played Immanuel and had a comfortable win of 4-2. All the tennis girls have worked well together at training and recorded some outstanding results in Week 1 and 2 and we hope they continue to do their best. – Tiana Glazbrook (Captain)

Division 1 – Saints 3-24 defeated Wilderness 3-23
Singles: Imogen Nienaber 3-6, Chelsea Staples 6-0, Lily-Rose Spartalis 5-6, Mahala Truscott 6-2

Division 2 Blue – Saints 5-31 defeated Wilderness 1-19
Singles: Taj Shahin 6-4, Tiffany Zhou 6-3, Georgia Langley 1-6, Adele Eaton 6-1

Division 2 White – Saints 3-27 defeated by Wilderness 3-29
Singles: Renee Lawrence 2-6, Issy Harker 3-6, Amelie Eaton 6-5, Annabelle Langley 6-3

Division 3 Blue – Saints 0-13 defeated by Wilderness 6-36
Singles: Milly Wood 3-6, Olivia Zito 1-6, Anneliese Thomas 0-6, Louisa Reid 2-6

Division 3 White – Saints 3-24 defeated Wilderness 3-22
Singles: Mia-Rose Taliangis 0-6, Orla Clayton 6-4, Funto Komolafe 3-6, Lilly Alexander 6-0 (forfeit)

Division 4 Blue – Saints 1-13 defeated by Wilderness 5-34
Singles: Hattie Xu 6-4, Siena Zito 4-6, Shunem Josiah 0-6, Ammi Yagnik 0-6

Division 4 White – Saints 2-17 defeated by Wilderness 4-27
Singles: Sophie Abbott 1-6, Eva Young 6-3, Chase Hocking 3-6, Charlotte Adams 0-6

Monday 30 October
Open B – Saints 3-28 defeated Pulteney 3-26
Singles: Sienna Glazbrook 3-6, Clair Kao 6-3, Annabel Baldwinson 3-6, Mia Dodd 1-6

Friday 27 October
Year 5/6 Division 1 – Saints 3-18 drew with Scotch 3-18
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-1, Willow Stewart-Rattray 2-4, Bridgette Leach 4-1, Sophie Dansie 2-4

Year 5/6 Division 2 – Saints 6-24 defeated Wilderness Green 0-7
Singles: Matilda Thomas 4-1, Marcella Tolley 4-0, Molly Dwyer 4-2

Year 5/6 Division 3 – Saints 0-8 defeated by Pembroke 6-28
Singles: Tara Nedumaran 0-4, Summer Ward 3-4, Charlie Edwards 2-4, Gloria Zou 0-4


Saturday 28 October
Open A – Saints defeated St Michaels on forfeit

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated St Ignatius 1
The Middle As played their first game of the season against St Ignatius and finished the game with a great win. Scores to Holly Cardone, Hannah Freeman and Ella Liddy with a couple more that could have been claimed if we placed the ball down before the dead ball line. Great running at gaps from all girls and the link up play through the middle was superb in their very first game. All girls should be unbelievably proud. – Dan Searle (Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by St Aloysius 3
Our focus for the game was to move the ball forward in attack and to hold our positions in defence. In the first half of the game, our defence play was quite strong with the team working to keep the opposition at bay and stopping a couple of breakthrough runs. Adele Russell was strong on the wing, keeping on the outside of her player, and stopped a try. In attack, the girls executed one of the rucking patterns which we had practised in training, the ‘B-Split’, and made really good ground getting the ball down to the 5 metre line. During the second half, Kate Reade weaved her way through the defence and scored a superb try with one of the defenders chasing close behind. As they get more used to the rules and understanding of the game, they will improve very quickly. Our best players for the week were Adele Russell, Kate Reade and Chelsea Walls. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)


Saturday 28 October
Open A – Saints 3 defeated Pulteney 0 (25-8, 25-14, 25-11).
The Year 12s showed no signs of Valedictorian after-effects and the team put on an awesome display of teamwork and power to open the match, dealing Pulteney a lesson in the strength of Saints girls. Brooke Elliott and Emily Murdock set up the plays off some good passing from Mikaela Georgiadis, Rachael Disney and Uthpala De Silva, allowing Abbey Goodwin, Charlotte White and Tahlia Towers to dominate at the net. The importance of hydration become apparent when a couple of players ran out of water in the second set, resulting in some service errors which allowed Pulteney to reach double figures. The team is peaking at the right time with a clash against league leader Westminster to determine the final placings for the year. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Pulteney 1 (22-25,25-15,25-15)
After a nervous start, with communication a little quiet, Isobel Tan and Ava Loechel lifted the team energy to narrowly miss winning the first set. Great serving runs from Ankita Rajbhoj and Carla Lawrence in the 2nd and 3rd sets consecutively allowed Nicolette Miller and Molly Lucas to dominate at the net with the team finishing strongly to easily win the match. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open C – Saints 2 defeated Pulteney 1 (18 – 25, 25 – 17, 25 – 20)
Despite a slow start, the girls progressively improved and showed the opponent their real talent. The covering throughout the game was excellent, which enabled the girls to set up many 3-hits to win points. The best players were Cate Neale who displayed great work at the net and covering on the court, and Amy Li who showed terrific team spirit and serving throughout the game. The girls should be incredibly happy with their efforts. – Georgia Howe (Coach)

Open D – Saints 3 defeated Concordia 0
This week, the Open Ds won in 3 straight sets against Concordia. The girls played well as a team and, in particular, Meredith Li was very enthusiastic and moved brilliantly around the court. Ally Reade also had a great game, serving exceptionally well in the third set, serving 16 winning points in a row. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Pulteney 0 (25 – 16, 25 – 11, 25 – 11)
This week, the Middle As had an excellent win against Pulteney, displaying high levels of enthusiasm, team work and overall performance. Particularly, the covering throughout the game was outstanding as well as the number of 3-hits performed. Best players go to Clair Kao who served brilliantly throughout the game, Lucy White who chased all balls and covered excellently and Sarah Wishart who kept the enthusiasm high and displayed great work at the net. – Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 2 drew with Pulteney 2 (11 – 25, 16 – 25, 25 – 18, 25 – 22)
Despite a slow start, the Middle Bs played an excellent game and drew with Pulteney 2 – 2. The girls showed great team spirit and, towards the end, demonstrated their true talent. The covering and blocking at the net progressively improved, ensuring no points were lost without a fight. The best players were Ellen Zhang who showed a high level of serving and overall play, Paris Greene who had a great game, and Charlie Fishlock who kept the team spirit high and showed much improvement in her passing and hitting. The girls should be incredibly happy with their efforts and I look forward to watching this team grow.
– Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 2 defeated Concordia 1
The Middle Cs had a win over Concordia this week. Due to strong serving from Chloe Venning and Lara Slape, we were able put pressure on the other team and were able to finish numerous points due to a strong presence at the net and great movement around the court by Sivanthi Sivasuthan. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Friday 27 October

Year 5/6 – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 0
Congratulations to the Year 5/6 volleyball team who had their first game against Wilderness, winning all 3 sets. They all worked hard to get their serves over the net and moved their feet to every ball. Well done girls, good start to the season! – Tahlia Towers and Charlotte White (Student Coaches)


Thursday 26 October
Open A – Saints 10 defeated Wilderness 6
The A grade girls played another amazing game defeating Wilderness. All the girls played incredibly well; I am continuously impressed by the team cohesiveness and skill of each player. Fiona Lethbridge and Nicolette Miller were fantastic in defence, stealing the ball and fouling the opposing team mercilessly. Through the great teamwork I was able to score five goals, but this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and strength of my team. Next week will be a tough game against Pembroke, however I trust that every player will play their hardest. – Erin Barrera (2018 Captain)

Open B – Saints 13 defeated St Dominics 0
Saints played an extremely high-level game both in intensity and skill. The defence was strong and we were able to quickly take the ball from the opposition and turn things in our favour. All players passed and shot with accuracy and strength, resulting in a great win. Goals were scored by Lucy Young (5), Hattie Maerschel (4), Shania Morgan (2), Matilda Braithwaite (2) and Alyssa Woolley (1). All the girls used the techniques learnt at training such as aiming for the corners of the goals and staying goal side which ultimately won us the game. Best player went to highest scorer Lucy Young who successfully stole the ball several times and swam into the offensive area. Special mention to Saskia Jonats who played exceptionally well in goals, especially as it was her second game. – Matilda Braithwaite (Year 9)

Open C – Saints 18 defeated Mercedes 2
Saints took an outstanding win against Mercedes on Thursday night. Keeping their undefeated winning streak, the girls played a smart game, delivering the 18-2 goal win. Each girl fought hard for the ball and almost successfully kept the opposition out of our defence. Without our regular goalie, fill ins Olivia Goldsmith, Emily Loh, Hattie Maerschel and Matilda Braithwaite did well to defend the goal. Goal scorers for the game were Olivia Goldsmith, Shania Morgan, Hattie Maerschel, Lucy Young, Sophie LeMire, Matilda Braithwaite and Rose Pittman. Best player was Matilda Braithwaite for her fast-paced swimming and control over the ball. – Hattie Maerschel (Year 9)

Year 7/8 – Saints 16 defeated Wilderness 3
It was a great team effort from all girls with congratulations to Gemma Schaedel and Emily Baldwinson who both played their first game for the School. Goal scorers were Lara Wakeham (7) and 1 each to Lucy Benn, Adele Eaton, Mia Humphrey and Gemma Schaedel. All the girls have shown great application and improvement over the course of the year. This is the second win for the term, which holds us in good stead for the remainder of the year. – Hannah Andrews (Coach)


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