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Enews – Week 4, Term 2 2018

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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Wellbeing Logo2At the heart of any successful wellbeing program are content and connections. If you don’t have the content, you will fail to illicit any change in the thoughts, values and behaviours of students. But connections and relationships are just as important.

Connections between the girls and the staff are obviously vital. Research shows that students who feel valued and have connections with staff are happier, more confident and achieve higher academically. So how do we ensure that connections are made? That not one girl falls through a gap? How can we ensure that our staff really know each girl? That they know her likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and, importantly, her goals and aspirations. This was a priority in our planning last year and we took steps to ensure that such conversations could happen with each girl on a regular basis.

Kate MortimerLast week saw the second round of our dedicated week of 1:1 meetings between each girl in Years 7 to 12 and their Home Group teacher. These meetings, held in Terms 1, 2 and 3, are structured in that the staff require a certain amount of information from the girls, and the girls themselves know they need to come prepared. Conversations last week included a review of academic, social and emotional goals that the girls had set in Term 1. These goals were recorded by the staff and this allows us to track them. Crucially, the conversations also included a discussion of plans and steps that need to be taken to reach each goal as well as a review of what to focus on next. In addition, these conversations led to other revelations such as who skips breakfast, who has a part-time job, how many hours are spent on social media, who procrastinates when doing homework, or why falling asleep each night is an issue. It is during these conversations, when the girls feel listened to and valued, that we have the opportunity to build strong connections. I took some interviews myself last week and it was fantastic to experience how honestly and thoughtfully the girls are responding.

In regards to the delivery of content, we have so far focused on areas indentified as targets in our comprehensive survey last year. We knew that three key areas were: stress management, time management and study skills. All girls in Years 7 to 12 have completed our programs on time management and stress. Years 7 to 10 are currently completing a study skills unit, and Year 11 are reviewing their skills in this area.

Therefore, it is important that we provide our parents with resources on what tools the girls have been given. You will find ones on the above topics by clicking here.

Please take the time to look over them. While we provide the girls with a range of tools and the opportunities to apply these in our #EMPOWHER sessions, they will not always follow through with utilsing them when needed. Parent support is vital and the benefits of wellbeing programs are more often attained when the School and parents work in partnership.

Tutor Program

A reminder that our Tutor Program runs in the Library each morning and afternoon, apart from Monday morning and Friday afternoon. This free service provides the girls with the opportunity to seek assistance and support from one of our Old Scholars. I encourage you to discuss this valuable program with your daughter and encourage her to sign up via CANVAS in an area of need.

Kate Mortimer
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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A Message From Our Deputy Head Prefect

W4 Prefect Article

Deputy Head Prefect Olivia Compare with Erica Reid, who spoke to students in assembly as part of the ‘Dare to be aware’ initiative.

With Term 1’s business done and dusted, it was time for the Prefect Team to brainstorm for the term ahead, to create a Term 2 focus that fostered Saints’ creative, analytical and collaborative culture, while aligning with this year’s theme, “Dare to be…”

Considering the success of the Term 1 bucket lists, won by Ms Sandercock’s Year 1 class and Ms Clark’s Year 2 class, we will be continuing the initiative having launched our Term 2 bucket list earlier this term. Aiming to collaborate with all areas of the School, we have also created a staff bucket list and ELC bucket list consisting of 10 challenging and fun tasks. I am excited to see which class or staff member rises to the occasion and claims the winnings this term.

Another part of our theme is embracing and celebrating student achievements within our Assembly segment, ‘Yeah the Girls!’ Similar to this, in Term 2 we have launched our newest Assembly segment, ‘Yeah the Staff!’, to recognise the achievements of our amazing, talented Saints’ staff.

Lastly, the Prefect Team has established a new initiative which we are calling “Dare to be aware.” We believe that change begins with awareness, so, within our assemblies this term we will be hearing personal stories from girls in our community about their backgrounds and experiences, aiming to show our pride for Saints as the global community that we are.

The Prefect Team is thrilled with this term’s initiatives, and we are excited to see the girls collaborate and challenge themselves over the coming weeks.

Olivia Compare
Deputy Head Prefect

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Mooting Students Courting Success

W4 Mooting

St Peter’s Girls entered two teams in this year’s Bond University National High School Mooting Competition held on the Gold Coast in Bond’s Law Faculty court rooms.

The competition is designed to share Bond Law’s knowledge and skills in advocacy and oral presentation with students who are interested in a career in law and may wish to undertake further legal education at a tertiary level. Participation provides students with the opportunity to gain an insight into the workings of a legal environment. Students submit an argument to a bench of judges on behalf of their fictitious client.

This year, our teams represented Penelope Potter, a 17 year old kayaker who became lost and was severely injured when the police rescue processes broke down and she was left in the wild for a further 24 hours. Our client sued the Queensland Police Department. Both teams were successful in the suit, and one team has been selected to compete in the Finals next weekend. In addition, Sara Possingham has been shortlisted for the overall best speaker award.

Well done to Sara, Emma Bleby, Kiruthika Rajasekara, Brooke Oliver, Amy Steele, Alice Tyson and India Deere.

Lynne Spry
Mooting Coordinator

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Warm “Reception” for Sensory Science

W4 Reception

On Thursday 17 May, Tash and Jordan from SciWorld visited the Reception classes to present a workshop called ‘SEE! HEAR!’ as part of the girls’ Term 2 central idea, “We experience and learn about the world through our senses.”

The girls gained knowledge about different lenses, reflections and vibrations before participating in various hands-on exploration workstations. They thoroughly enjoyed working with Tash and Jordan, and interacting with the materials provided to broaden their understanding and appreciation of their sense of sight and hearing.

“I noticed the different ways I can use my sense of sight with the materials.” – Violet

“I like it when I could talk into a cup and then put it to my ear so I could hear the other person talking. I had to stretch the string so it was really straight otherwise it wouldn’t work.” – Charlotte S 

“I really like the thunder one because it made a strange sound.” – Zara

Meg Karvonen and Michelle Liddy
Reception Teachers

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Sports Uniform Reminder

W4 Sport Uniforms

Currently, a number of students are continuing to wear outdated PE/Sports uniform items including culottes and polo tops. This clothing has not been stocked in the School Shop for five years and is not part of our current uniform guidelines. Please ensure your daughter is not wearing these items at the commencement of Term 3. We thank you for your support in this matter.

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Years 7 – 12 Casual Day

W4 Casual Day

Next Friday 1 June the Year 10s of Patteson and Selwyn will be running a casual clothes day for Years 7 – 12 to support their House charities; The Little Heroes Foundation and The Smith Family, respectively. Middle and Senior School students who choose to wear casual clothes are asked to bring a gold coin donation. For Junior School students, Selwyn has organised an epic sausage sizzle on Chiverton Lawns and Patteson will be running a make-your-own cupcake stall at the Arts Centre for the whole school to enjoy!

We strongly encourage all Middle, Senior and Junior school students to please bring in a small donation for the purpose of supporting two remarkable charities and as much spare change as possible, so you have the privilege of purchasing a juicy sausage or a fun make-your-own cupcake for $2 on Friday 1 June.

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Sun Rises on Japanese Language Learning

W4 Japanese

Japanese has three scripts (types of writing) – ‘kanji’ (characters that came from China, each of which has a meaning) and two phonetic alphabets – ‘hiragana’ and ‘katakana’. ‘Hiragana’ is used for regular Japanese words such as “sushi”, “tsunami” and “sayonara”.

This is the first script that our students learn, as everything can be written in ‘hiragana’ and be understood. ‘Kanji’ is taught gradually, as new words come up, across all the years of Japanese lessons. The second alphabet, ‘katakana’, is used for any words that come from another language such as foreign foods, place and people names not from Japan and recently invented technology. Most ‘katakana’ words come from English, so to decipher the meaning, students often need to sound the word aloud. The girls enjoy working together to do this because sometimes it is easier to understand a word if someone else has said it for you.

The photo above shows our Year 8 students with cards displaying newly learned ‘katakana’ characters.

Pitkin Sensei
Japanese Teacher

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Meningococcal B Study

Members of the Eastern Health Authority will be visiting the School on Friday 1 June for the Meningococcal B Herd Immunity Study for current Year 11 and 12 students. The consent forms that were signed last year continue on for this year’s involvement. The study organisers will be sending an SMS reminder to parents next week. Students will complete a questionnaire, have a throat swab and the first Meningococcal B vaccination. The second vaccination will be carried out on Wednesday 8 August.

Health Centre

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Twilight Concert Set to Sparkle

shutterstock_141848320 [Converted]

The Music Department is staging a free Twilight Concert on Thursday 7 June at 6pm in the Arts Centre.

It will feature our Senior and Intermediate Strings, Senior and Intermediate Percussion Ensemble, Rock Band and Guitar.

This concert is quite informal, providing a relaxed environment for each of these ensembles to practise their performance skills.

All are welcome for a wonderful evening of free entertainment!

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Rotary Recognition for Music Duo

W4 Rotary Music

Congratulations to Emma Bleby (Year 12) and Clair Kao (Year 10) who performed at the Rotary Club of St Peters’ annual Music Awards Night last Tuesday.

They were nominated for this special award based on their high level of musical proficiency, their involvement in musical ensembles inside and/or outside of the School, and for their ongoing dedication and commitment to their art form.

Both girls performed admirably and were awarded $200 in prize money to further their musical development.

Sari Noble
Acting Head of Music

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Junior School Book Fair – Next Week!

W1 JS Book Fair_eNews_v1

Next week, we will have our annual visit by Scholastic Book Fair in the Junior Library. This pop-up bookshop event is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase books to take home. Students will browse books in their Library lesson and formulate their wish list. Books and stationery will be for sale at the following times:

Before School
8.10 – 8.30am

1.15 – 1.45pm

After School
3.30 – 4pm

The fair will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. All purchases will benefit our Library as Scholastic will donate books to our collection. We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Helen Smith and the Year 6 Library Leaders

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Year 3 String and Year 4 Band Programs

W4 Strings and Band

The Year 3 String Program and the Year 4 Band Program are now in full swing! With all students eagerly taking to their instrument of choice, the sounds of music are alive and well in the hallways of the Music Department!

One of the highlights of the program is the Parent Information Evening where our students have the opportunity to teach their parents their chosen instrument. This is always a valuable experience which, in many cases, helps parents to realise it’s much harder than it looks!

Sari Noble
Acting Head of Music

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Fashion in the House

W4 Ladies' Night Out

Our Arts Centre was buzzing for our Ladies’ Night Out

Over 125 members of our St Peter’s Girls’ community came along to our annual Ladies’ Night Out in our Arts Centre last Friday 18 May.

It was such a fun evening of entertainment and music from our talented ‘Thursday Club’ students. The fashion parade featured clothes from The Ark and all of our models looked absolutely stunning. It was also fantastic to welcome back Hitaf Rasheed (Selwyn ’86), our wonderful MC and guest speaker for the night. Hitaf is a notable Old Scholar from Selwyn House who has headed up Events South Australia, the events arm of the South Australian Tourism Commission, since August 2008.

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Foundation would like to sincerely thank Year 7 parent Maria Lanzoni and all of our wonderful sponsors, volunteers and staff who helped make the event happen. Your amazing work and support is very much appreciated.

More than $8000 was raised, which will support our Next Challenge in the School’s Master Plan: our new SCIENCE Centre!

We’d like to thank everyone who bought a ticket for their involvement and incredible support, including those community members who were models on the night:

Lucy Brown (Selwyn ‘15)
Suzannah Bryce (nee Marshall, Selwyn ‘94)
Kate Burnett (nee Burnell, Selwyn ‘99)
Maria Caruso
Natalie Drake
Georgie Georgiou
Monique Holloway
Rosanne Marshall
Emilie Rasheed
Eliza Richards (nee Hall, Kilburn ‘91)
Aly Udall

We look forward to seeing you at the next event: our Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night on Saturday 16 June – details below!

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Thursday Club Wows Friday Crowd

W4 Thursday Club

The Thursday Club is an extension co-curricular opportunity which comprises many of our talented singers. During these sessions, students work with our highly-regarded guitar tutor and jazz guitarist Mike Bevan, focusing on advanced skills such as how to work with an accompanist, improvisation, microphone technique as well as performance and presentation.

Last Friday night, the girls entertained the masses at the Ladies’ Night Out, each performing their own set with the confidence and professionalism we have come to expect of these up-and-coming young musicians!

Sari Noble
Acting Head of Music

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Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night

P&F 80s Trivia Night Enews

Join us for our ‘Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night’ on Saturday 16 June at 7pm in the St Peter’s Girls’ School Gym.

Tickets – $25 per person (includes welcome drink)

Paella • Raffle • Trivia • Games • Prizes

• DJ playing 80s Disco • BYO food only

Tickets via

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Order Your 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership

W5 Entertainment Book

Order your NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership and continue to support St Peter’s Girls’ Parents’ and Friends’ Association.

Your 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership is about to expire. If you haven’t already, please continue supporting our School by purchasing the 2018 | 2019 membership from us today. Hurry, they’re selling fast!

As a St Peter’s Girls’ School Parents’ and Friends’ Association fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to a special element of our Master Plan which will be announced soon.

You can order via the form at the Front Office or pre-purchase online: Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and new phone app offer our community members a great way to try out restaurants and activities around SA, save money and, at the same time, support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Code Camp at St Peter’s Girls’ School

W3 Code Camp

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark and Code Camp Ignite for students in Years 2 – 6 from 10 – 12 July 2018 from 9am – 3.30pm. The cost is $349 for three days.

Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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Sports News

W4 Sport

AFL (Aussie Rules)

Congratulations to Thandi Murada (Year 12) who has been selected in the State Team competing in Darwin this week at the AFLW U18 National Championships.


St Peter’s Girls has a large number of students who represent local Little Athletics Club, Eastern Districts. Many of them have been recognised for their outstanding efforts during the Summer season.

Lauren Disney won the U7 Age Champion and Most Improved
Carla Massicci won the U10 Age Champion and Most Improved
Amelia Lucas was named U12 Age Champion, Most Improved and club record for Javelin
Molly Dwyer set a new U12 club record for the 400m
Portia Maerschel was U14 Age Champion and Most Improved
Matilda Braithwaite won the U15 awards and received the Pam Sarrs Club Champion for 15 to 17 year olds
Molly Lucas was the U16 Age Champion and Most Improved; she set a new club record for 300m hurdles
Nicolette Miller was second in U16 and set a new club record for Discus and Shot Put


The weather again caused some delays in running the Interhouse Cross Country events. Fortunately, conditions provided just enough relief in the afternoon to allow the Year 7, 8 and 9 students to complete their races. Many of our younger year levels had their races this week. Due to scheduling and to minimise the impact on lessons, Years 3 and 6 are scheduled to compete early next week.

All students who took part have earned House points which will help determine the Shield winner, with the overall result to be announced next week.

Reception: 1st Milly Richardson (KEN), Gabriella Noskovic (KIL), 3rd Violet Tulloch (SEL)
Year 1: 1st Olivia Yang (KIL), 2nd Christine Zhang (KEN), 3rd Matilda Purvis (KIL)
Year 2: 1st Lauren Disney (KEN), 2nd Beatrice Tolley (SEL), 3rd Stella Fuidge (PAT)
Year 3: still to be run
Year 4: 1st Chloe Richardson (KEN), 2nd Jiahui Zhang (SEL), 3rd Alyssa Piantedosi (KIL)
Year 5: 1st Carla Massicci (KIL), 2nd Nellie Ion (KIL), 3rd Levanya De Silva (PAT)
Year 6: still to be run
Year 7: 1st Willow Stewart-Rattray (PAT), 2nd Georgina Wakeham (PAT), 3rd Lady Murphy (SEL)
Year 8: 1st Mia Dodd (KEN), 2nd Alexia Politis (PAT), 3rd Chi Chi Zhao (SEL)
Year 9: 1st Portia Maerschel (KEN), 2nd Ella Waltham (KEN), 3rd Edie McKellar (PAT)


Under 18 – Saints 16 defeated Wilderness 10
The U18s played an excellent and highly competitive game against Wilderness on Saturday. Our teamwork and fantastic response to our Coach Tim’s feedback, brought the team from an initial disappointing score of 0-5 during the first quarter, to an eventual Saints Girls’ victory. Our strengths truly shone through the resilience of our defensive players. Our outstanding goalie Isabelle Norman saved numerous goals and ultimately contributed enormously to our win. Special mention to our scorers – Chelsea Walls (5), Millie Wilkin (4), Hattie Maerschel (3), Stephanie Smalls (2) and 1 each to Sophie Auricht and Portia Maerschel. Every player should be very proud of our game as everyone contributed to the success of the team. The win against Wilderness was even more rewarding given we lost to them in the U15 Grand Final last year. This week during training, we looked at strengthening our attacking skills by practising good goal shooting techniques and cutting. Good luck for this Saturday! – Sophie Auricht (Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 6 defeated by Wilderness 15
The girls played Wildy’s U13 division one team to avoid both teams having a bye. They faced a challenge and were asked to focus on their skills. Alannah Godfrey (Year 5) did a great job at keeping her defence busy in attack by constantly moving. The attackers also played well as they made sure to pass to players in a better position and caught the ball in their sticks; Emma Pool (Year 7) and Mathilda Thomas (Year 6) did this especially well. In centre, Ashlyn May (Year 6) used her stick skills to flick herself the ball and win the draw most of the time. The girls worked hard in the second half. Lauren Pearce (Year 5) impressed in goals and took the initiative to drop the ball in the circle when saving the shot. Girls in defence worked on standing close to their players. Goal scorers were Dani Cox, Emma and Mathilda. Best players were Emma, Ashlyn, Mathilda and Alannah. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints 6 defeated St Aloysius College (SAC) Gold 1
Congratulations to the team for a convincing win! It was good to see the girls put into place some of the strategies they’d learnt at practice. Saints dominated the ground balls and had several nearly-completed passes, showing the whole team is continually improving. In attack, Emily Bates reliably backed up behind the nets to give the team a second chance at scoring and the older players consistently led the run down the field. Keep up the good work girls! We welcomed to this week’s match Lois Burton-Howard (Year 2), bringing her huge enthusiasm to the game. Our scorers were Savannah Walls (Year 4) with 3, Emily Bates and Sophie Lively (Year 4) with 1 each, and Claris Stolcman (Year 2) with her first goal of the season. Special mention goes to our goalkeepers Tillie Wilkin (Year 3) and Millie Lively (Year 2), who were an impenetrable wall of defence. – Courtney Tasker (Coach)


On Saturday 19 May, the School’s Years 7 to 12 netball coaches attended a workshop run by our Director of Netball Alice Johnswood. They were taken through rotation policies, skill development matrices and ‘The Saints Way’ which relates to how we want our coaches to coach at Saints. The two main roles of our coaches are to teach the girls to love the game and to develop their skills so they can have success.

The coaches then took part in a number of activities and drills including progressions that can be used for all of our teams. We want consistency with what they are coaching and to make sure the skills being taught are age and ability-appropriate.

We had a small but dedicated and hard-working group of students who also attended to assist with the activities. Thank you to all who came along, everyone worked well and found the morning very beneficial.

Year 6 Blue – Saints 28 defeated Pembroke Green 4
Our girls had a very impressive win against Pembroke. Their circle and defensive skills were proficient and their ability to work as a team was shown. Charlotte Norman and Ruby Adams were powerful and their ability to turn the ball over was fantastic. Amelia Lucas and Jasmine Segredos shot amazingly well, catching rebounds and working around the circle together. The whole team put 100% into the game and that was displayed through the end result. Incredible win girls, congratulations! – Eleanor Pyne

Year 6 Silver – Saints 4 defeated Wilderness Pink 1
The girls had a great game against Wilderness, defeating them in a low-scoring game. They applied skills learnt from training very well. Congratulations to Olivia Oakes and Heidi Gong; Olivia played a great game with amazing intercepts and excellent enthusiasm, while Heidi was very accurate with her shooting, missing rarely. Overall, the girls incorporated solid defence skills and pressure on the court, showing great improvement from the previous week. – Brooke Elliott

Year 6 White – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke Red 15
All the girls played really well in their second game this season against Pembroke. They take onboard the feedback the coaches give and this demonstrates the improvement each girl is making each week. They were stronger in defending this week, however need to keep it consistent and stay on their opposition, and the defenders need to keep working on jumping for rebounds. Zoe Graves showed improvement in making solid leads towards the ball and sticking on her opponent. Misha Yagnik’s quick running helped her as a great centre player. Charlize Merenda improved her skills and was always aware of her landing and pivoting. Naomi Singh made strong leads and used her voice well. Rosanna Stone is growing in her confidence on court and tried her best to defend her player, especially in the goal ring. It was great to see Emilia Libri shooting goals and improving her confidence. Gloria Zou is constantly making leads and strong passes, helping her team to turn over the ball. Jenna Maione is always ready on court and prepared to intercept every ball she can. She shows good defending skills and is able to clear out and make really good turn overs. Naadiya Ishaq made sure she had her 3 feet and hands up defending the ball, and made strong leads and offers to her team when she was free. Ishita Chellaboina is aware of making space for her team to bring the ball down and making as many offers as she can. The girls should be proud of their game and we will work on the improvements needed so all players are ready to win. – Toni Christiansen

Year 5 – Saints 10 defeated by Walford 19
Although they lost, the team played an amazing game against a hard team. There were many intercepts across the court. The stepping was at a bare minimum as the girls are gaining more confidence in the game and as a team. They worked well together and played a good, fun, team game. They gave their all and kept on fighting to the end. All should be very proud of how they are coming together as a team and showing Saints’ spirit. – Chloe Venning


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 2
It was always going to be a battle taking on a talented Pembroke side which has been one of the leading teams in the past couple of years. The girls were encouraged to not be intimidated and take the game on. In the first half, we had the ball at their end as often as they had it at ours. At times, the opposition looked frustrated as they struggled to break down our strong defence, well led by Ellie Anderson. When they did get through, goalkeeper Talah Gobell was there to stop them. With some late additions to the team to cover missing players, it took 2 good goals from Pembroke to win them the game. Our girls should be proud of their effort and should look forward to future games with even more confidence. – Sergio Cesaro (Coach)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 4
Saints were unfortunate to go behind when a Pembroke player scored from an off-side position. The girls tried to rally but found Pembroke’s pressure hard to contain, though Emma Matheson again provided great resistance in goal. 2 goals down at half-time, Saints did rally with Annabelle Langley and Hannah Keough winning many tackles, and Emily Downie making a number of threatening runs into the Pembroke defensive zone. It wasn’t to be and Pembroke secured the points. – Neil Fuller (Acting Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 4

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 4
The girls came up against a very physical side in Pembroke. They created numerous chances but could not finish which was the difference in this otherwise close match. Asha Krywanio and Bridget Healey were excellent in goals. Keep working hard girls. – Peter Krantis

Year 6/7 – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 3

Year 5 – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 7
The girls really tried hard until the final whistle, but they were defeated in a tough game. A great effort in the defence line with most of the team giving it a go. Best player would have to be Grace for her run in midfield and many great saves goalkeeping in the second half. – Siena Kulinski

Year 3/4 – Saints 7 defeated Wilderness 4
When the opposition turns up undermanned, you have two options: you can accept their forfeit or lend them some players to even up the situation. Given the choice, I was really pleased to see a number of our players offer to help out Wilderness. Emily played another excellent game for Saints, kicking 3 goals partnering up with Aurelia Pyne for 2, along with Lucy Tulloch and Chloe Richardson with 1 goal each. Everyone in the team contributed and everyone had fun. What impressed me the most was the team’s willingness to join Wilderness. Lucy Tulloch, Diya Bhinder, Jiahui Zhang, Lyra Cox and Chloe Richardson all volunteered and gave their best. It is difficult playing for the other team and even more so kicking goals against your own team but Chloe kicked 3 for the opposition and Lyra also managed to get the ball past Sophia on one occasion. – Mark Routley (Coach)

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Enews – Week 3, Term 2 2018

Issue no. 14Enews-banner

Interhouse Cross Country

W3 CC Banner
Today’s wet weather took a short breather this afternoon, giving our Years 7 – 9 girls enough time to tackle our annual Interhouse Cross Country in Bell Yett Reserve. They took the challenging conditions in their stride while showing their House colours.

Other events had to be cancelled due to the conditions, so our Reception, Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 girls should hit the trail next Tuesday, weather permitting, while Years 3 and 6 will put their best foot forward the following Monday.

Check out our 7, 8 and 9s in action today:


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Head Prefect’s Close Shave

Yesterday, Head Prefect Antonia Kirsten-Parsch had her head shaved as part of the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave.

Students watched in awe as she showed true leadership, raising over $8500 and donating her long locks.

Well done Antonia on setting a great example for our younger students, and for raising awareness and money for such a worthy cause!

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All That Jazz Delivers Pizzazz

Last Friday’s epic ‘Saints Girls and All That Jazz’ concert wowed crowds in the Arts Centre, as our Music students teamed up with Artists in Residence Ross Irwin and Emma Pask. It’s fair to say everyone involved is still buzzing:

“I had such a great time performing with the Saints Girls and my dear friend Emma Pask. There’s such a fantastic attitude in the Music Department, and that is so evident in the way the students perform and interact. These girls can REALLY sing and play, and they do so with such a sense of joy and passion. It was an inspiring four days.”
– Ross Irwin, Artist in Residence

“Never did I think that in my time at Saints I would be part of such a sensational week and end up performing with two musical geniuses at what would go on to be one of the best nights of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for what was a truly life-changing week, full of music and fun.” – Isabelle Norman (Year 10)

“It was an experience like no other. Performing with remarkable artists Ross and Emma was not only thrilling but incredibly inspiring. Their knowledge, positivity and passion were infectious. The concert was, without a doubt, the most incredible and unique musical experience we have ever been a part of.”
– Ellen Zhang (Year 10) and Hannah Brown (Year 11)

“We were stunned at the professionalism on show throughout the evening; this was not a ‘school concert’. The energy, quality, focus and enjoyment followed a challenging week and showed just what could be achieved by a dedicated and talented group, asked to go beyond what even they knew they could do and guided by the best – as they always are at Saints. Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful experience.” – Meg and Chris Bleby, Parents

“Definitely not your average school concert! I have worked with these girls in the past and sitting in the audience watching them perform had me smiling with pride in their vocal abilities, and bursting with excitement for the achievements that clearly lay ahead for them. The beautiful flow of the evening was a big credit to their teachers, Sari and Sally, who had them all seamlessly performing in multiple groups and scene-changing like the pros.” – Sally Cameron, industry professional and ARIA award winner

“Sari and Sal, you are shining a blazing beacon of musical light upon your School and on music education in general. The concert was amazing and it was a true privilege to see it all in action. Thank you.” – Rod Ennis, industry professional, musician, arranger and composer

“An absolutely fantastic concert; showcasing some brilliant talent and undeniable musicality, while still remaining entertaining and fun. A show that was a real privilege to be a part of for me!” – Dave Goodwin, industry professional, Jazz pianist/accompanist

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From the Director of Teaching and Learning

N Scoggins - webOne of the most important areas of teaching and learning is the feedback that students receive from their teachers. Research evidence tells us that great teachers give great feedback. This can take many forms: it can be via a conversation in class, it could be an interim test result or it might be a written comment in our Learning Management System, Canvas. Feedback is most useful when it is in clear language, is focused on the task, and contains specific advice on how improvements could be made. We all like to be praised, but evidence tells us that the feedback students like more than praise is the feedback that will help them to do (even) better next time. This has been a focus of department meetings this term: teachers have reviewed and discussed different approaches and have critiqued real examples.

One of the advantages of using a system such as Canvas is that parents can access grades, marks and feedback as soon as the teacher has published them. I encourage you to use the myLink portal from time to time to check on your daughter’s progress in this way. Discussions at home based around recent pieces of work and the teachers’ feedback certainly have the capacity to consolidate and accelerate progress. We regularly look at ways of enhancing and streamlining the process for parents of accessing and reading this information online, and any feedback from you on how this could be improved is always welcome. Online feedback is one of the many ways that we use technology at St Peter’s Girls to increase and accelerate learning.

Finally, just a reminder that there is an IB information evening next Tuesday at 6.30pm for anyone who would like to know more about the Diploma Programme.

Nigel Scoggins
Director of Teaching and Learning

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‘A Winter’s Night’ at the Royal Blue Formal

W3 Formal

The Year 11 girls’ first Royal Blue Formal was most definitely a night to remember. The photo booth, dance floor and the overall ambience of the Intercontinental made for an exciting time for everyone. The teachers also rose to the occasion, wearing some of their finest clothes. A special shoutout must go to Mr Trobbiani  and his incredible one-of-a-kind tux!

Apart from the striking outfits, the dancing was also hard to miss. With the electric atmosphere and great music, some spectacular dance moves were spotted – the worm, sprinkler and more were all seen!

We loved our first taste of the Royal Blue and can’t wait for next year.

Amy Carrodus and Aditi Tamhankar
Year 11 students

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Archer Hits the Bullseye!

W3 Archery 2

Talented archer Ailani Cox (Year 9) recently competed at the Trans-Tasman Challenge where she enjoyed great success. We asked her to tell us more about her archery and her impressive achievements in the sport:

W3 Archery2“I became interested in archery as my dad had done it when he was young and it seemed like a new activity that I could try. At first, I only shot at home as I was only about six. When I turned seven, I started a weekly junior program at Adelaide Archery Club. In 2012, I went to my first junior National event where I placed third against girls who were four or five years older than me.

Ever since then, I have been rapidly improving and have now attended five junior National events interstate. I have just returned from the Trans-Tasman Challenge where I competed as a part of Team Australia. I was able to place third in both the teams event and individually. Next year, I hope to attend the Youth World Archery Championships. I have also been selected to represent Australia in the Oceania Championships in New Caledonia, and am currently training six days a week to prepare for this event.”

Ailani Cox
Year 9 Student

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Round 1 Debating Results

Our Debating season kicked off last week with six teams in the Middle School competition on Tuesday 8 May at Pembroke, and five teams in the Senior School competition on Wednesday 9 May at Adelaide High School. Congratulations to all the girls involved and, as usual, they were outstanding representatives for our School. The next round is on Tuesday 29 and 30 May, and many of the teams have already begun their preparations.

7 Blue – Loss
8 Blue – Win
8 White – Loss
8 Black – Loss
9 Blue – Loss
9 White – Win
10 White – Win
10 Blue – Win
10 Green – Win
Senior White – Loss
Senior Blue – Win

Karen Alderson
Debating Coordinator

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Year 6s Converge on Canberra

W3 Canberra

The Year 6 students were excited to travel to Canberra in Week 2 with the support of the Australian Government’s Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program.

This was a fantastic way to further explore our ‘How we organise ourselves’ Unit of Inquiry. The central idea of ‘Government systems and decisions impact the broader community’ was experienced through role plays, hands-on activities and information-gathering sessions at locations such as the National Museum of Australia, Government House, the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Electoral Education Centre.

A particular highlight was visiting Parliament House on Budget Day and having the opportunity to meet one of our South Australian politicians, Senator Rex Patrick, as well as catching up again at Canberra Airport on our way home!

Kim Butler-Nixon and Sarah Braithwaite
Year 6 Teachers

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Year 2s ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’

W3 Year 2
On Friday 11 May, the Junior School Library was transformed into a safe street scape as the Year 2 girls learnt about being safe in our streets when walking and riding. This linked to their current Unit of Inquiry, ‘There are many ways to be physically active’. The girls discovered the importance of “Stop, look, listen and think” before crossing the road. They learnt about emu, wombat and koala crossings, and which ones we have around our School. The Year 2s encourage everyone to follow the crossing rules to stay street smart and safe.

Kathryn Clark and Sallyann Bruun
Year 2 Teachers

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Old Scholars Enjoy ‘A Touch of Blue’

W3 A Touch of Blue

‘A Touch of Blue’ for our young Old Scholars was held on Friday 4 May. This is the first event on the OSA Calendar for our most recent graduates, with a number of alumni from 2014-2017 attending. The reunion evening was the first event to be held on the new Library balcony, providing a brilliant setting for the girls to enjoy canapés and drinks while catching up with each other (some not since school days). It was also the perfect opportunity for our Old Scholars to enjoy a tour of the new Middle School and surrounding facilities, and note all of the changes since they were students. The evening continued with a fun ride on the School bus to the Feathers Hotel.

Megan McCormack
Old Scholar Officer

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IB Diploma Information Night

IB Information Night_eNews Banner_v1

A special information night will be held on Tuesday 22 May where IB Diploma Coordinator Carolyn Farr will introduce and explain the IB Diploma to interested members of the community. During this hour-long session, she will outline the structure of the programme, subject options, how it is assessed and what kind of student is well suited to IB. She will share some recent statistics and research, and perhaps even dispel a few myths. You will also have an opportunity to hear from graduates and current IB students.

Students are encouraged to attend, and members of the public are also welcome.

Watch this video for a taste of IB at Saints Girls:

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Junior School Book Fair

W1 JS Book Fair_eNews_v1

In Week 5 (28 May – 1 June), we will have our annual visit by Scholastic Book Fair in the Junior Library. This pop-up bookshop event is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase books to take home. Students will browse books in their Library lesson and formulate their wish list. Books and stationery will be for sale at the following times:

Before School
8.10 – 8.30am

1.15 – 1.45pm

After School
3.30 – 4pm

The fair will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. All purchases will benefit our Library as Scholastic will donate books to our collection. We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Helen Smith and the Year 6 Library Leaders

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Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night

P&F 80s Trivia Night Enews

Join us for our ‘Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night’ on Saturday 16 June at 7pm in the St Peter’s Girls’ School Gym.

Tickets – $25 per person (includes welcome drink)

Paella • Raffle • Trivia • Games • Prizes

• DJ playing 80s Disco • BYO food only

Tickets via

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Sports News

W3 Sport


After months of training and learning detailed choreographed programs, Saints entered two Aerobics teams to compete in the State preliminary round of the Schoolaerobics competition. The teams, consisting of Year 7 and 8 students, both performed remarkably well with their routines watched and marked by qualified judges. They will receive feedback as they continue to refine their routines in the lead up to the State Finals on 24 June. We congratulate the girls and the coaches for their wonderful enthusiasm and commitment.


Open – Saints 3.4 = 22 drew with Immanuel 3.4 = 22
The Open football team came up against Immanuel on Friday night in the opening round, and despite having more scoring shots early, were off target. Saints controlled the second quarter adding 2 goals and keeping Immanuel scoreless. Year 10 Ellie Anderson had a great first game, dominating the back lines with terrific pressure on the Immanuel forward line. The midfield of Thandi Murada, Olivia Harby and Holly Cunningham played a strong and competitive game. Our new faces, the Year 10s, showed great persistence and high skill level with determination to do well throughout the game. Unfortunately, Immanuel fought back in the last quarter and, despite Saints’ relentless pressure, could not quite manage the win. The team has started with a great game and hope to have a good season ahead. – Holly Cunningham (Captain)

Middle – Saints 0.0 = 0 defeated by Immanuel 15.18 = 104
We ventured to Immanuel College to play what was, for many, their first game of footy. A large number of parents joined us to support the team and they were very impressed by the endeavour and enthusiasm shown by our girls. They competed hard and probably equalled the number of possessions of the Immanuel girls, especially in the first half. In a low-scoring first quarter, Saints kicked against a strong wind and the scores at quarter time were Immanuel 1-5 (11) to no score.

Unfortunately, after quarter time, Immanuel started to make good use of their possessions and Saints was unable to shut down their running game and use of the space on the oval. Immanuel kicked 14 goals after quarter time to run out very convincing winners. Best players for Saints were Kellie Bested, Lily-Rose Spartalis and Ella Dnistriansky. – Brian Parsons (Coach)


Congratulations to all of our players on a great start to the season. We have entered two teams in A grade and two teams in B grade for the first time and have the largest number of players choosing badminton this year. Saints won 5 out of our 7 matches with a number of first-time players having a very successful start to their season. Special mention to our A1 team with three players new to A grade, who defeated last year’s A grade shield winners Immanuel by 6 points. – Sonya Risbey (Coordinator)

Open A1 – Saints 3 (128) defeated Immanuel 3 (122)
Best players: Laura Sivewright and Amy Li

Open A2 – Saints 0 defeated by Westminster 6
Best player: Charlene Lee

Open B1 – Saints 4 defeated Immanuel 2
Best players: Mahala Truscott, Tiffany Zhou and Candy Feng

Open B2 – Saints 3 (139) defeated by Westminster 3 (164)
Best players: Cheri Wong and Michelle Yeoh

Open C – Saints 5 defeated Westminster 1
Best players: Helen Han, Ruby Richards and Meredith Li

Open D – Saints 3 (110) defeated Wilderness D1 3 (98)
Best players: Isabelle Reynolds and Angela Feng

Open E – Saints 6 defeated Walford 3
Best players: Vanessa Pols, Heidi Chow, Katija Franchi and Tara Nedumaran


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 2
The girls started out really strong with multiple shots on goal created by everyone in attack working together with motivation and drive. Wilderness put a lot of pressure on our defence, and the score was not a reflection of the tenacity and persistence demonstrated. Although we were unable to score, the girls played a great game displaying good skills, teamwork and strength over the ball. Well played Saints! – Carla Lawrence (Captain)

Open B – Saints 7 defeated Wilderness 0
The team stepped up again following the last game’s performance. We showed we can be a very strong attacking side, and any time the opposition moved into our defence, Renee Lawrence, Aroha Munroe and Ruby Thorp quickly passed to our strong midfielders Imogen Nienaber, Bridgette Leach and Georgina Keough. These three girls created the majority of the play, passing off to our star strikers Emily Whittaker and Georgia Langley for scoring opportunities. Goals were scored by: Georgina Keough (4), Bridgette Leach, Georgia Langley and Emily Whittaker (1 each). – Tash Hammond (Coach)


Under 18 – Saints 17 defeated Sturt 10
The girls did an amazing job for their second game back, defeating Sturt by 7 goals. Everyone stood up and played extremely well as a team, communicating with each other and reading the game play. The attack did a fantastic job, moving the ball around and having many shots at goal. Our scorers were Chelsea Walls (9), Millie Wilkin (4), Hattie Maerschel (3) and Portia Maerschel (1). The defence did a great job applying pressure on the ball and communicating in man-down situations. Special mention to our goalie Izzy Norman for her amazing efforts. The midfield also played well, getting the ball from the centre and moving it into the attacking half. It was a great effort from the girls and it is exciting to see what we can bring to future games. – Millie Wilkin

Under 13 – Saints 8 defeated by Brighton 12
The girls started well with Maddy Lisle (Year 7), Elysia Scarr (Year 5) and Lauren Pearce (Year 5) getting ground balls in defence, causing great turnovers. In attack, Dani Cox (Year 6) shot some excellent goals and Mathilda Thomas (Year 6) did well at catching the ball cleanly. Alannah Godfrey (Year 5) did a top job at running into space to be the next pass as we practised at training. It was a close second half. Jenna Maione (Year 6) continued to work hard in centre with Zoe Pool (Year 6) trying to run away from her defender in attack. Both our goalies for the match, Ashlyn May (Year 6) and Emma Pool (Year 7), did a terrific job. Goal scorers were Dani (4), Mathilda (2) and Ashlyn (1). Best players were Mathilda, Dani, Lauren and Ashlyn. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints 3 defeated by North Adelaide 5
North Adelaide was a very tough opponent who fought hard for the ball. They had some taller/older players which made for some interesting match ups. The score line might not reflect it, but Saints played competitively. I am proud of how the girls showed great resilience and performed well by using the whole attack space for setting up some scoring opportunities. We welcome to the team Claris Stolcman (Year 2), younger sister of one of our experienced players, Serae Stolcman (Year 4). Special mention goes to Serae and Ella Pearce (Year 3) for goalkeeping, and our scorers were Year 4 students Savannah Walls (2) and Sophie Lively (1). – Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Open A – Saints 28 defeated by Immanuel 56
It is always a challenging game against Immanuel and Saturday’s match was the first time we had played as a whole team. Saints fought hard each quarter with an impressive second quarter. The defensive unit of Charlotte and Anna White and Hannah Freeman placed fantastic pressure on Immanuel’s goalies, forcing errors. New and different attacking combinations were trialled in the mid-court with Tahlia Towers, Holly Cunningham and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith, as well as moving Anna into goal attack in the last quarter. Sivi Sivasuthan and Nikki Miller worked well in the goals. Even though the score did not reflect the game, the match was well played for the girls’ first real hit out. Best players were Charlotte and Anna, but all players displayed great effort. – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith (Captain)

Open B – Saints 22 defeated by Immanuel 57
The Open Bs played a very high pressure game against Immanuel. A special thank you to Tilly McCormack and Tesse Parker for playing for us last minute, performing very well against tough opponents. Best player was Sarah Wishart for her consistent defence. Overall, it was a well-played game by both teams. – Jessie Rundle

Open C – Saints 24 defeated by Immanuel 59
Saints put up a good fight and had fairly consistent quarters, but Immanuel ran away in the second half with 15 and 20 goals respectively in the last two quarters. The girls need to work on staying concentrated for 15 minutes as they seem to lose focus half-way through a quarter. Chelsea Walls, Tesse Parker and Ehi Oyugbo had strong games. – Emma Weber (Coach)

Open D – Saints 7 defeated by Immanuel 52
Unfortunately, Open D lost to the strong Immanuel team. The girls were solid in driving the ball down the court and making strong passes. Particular players who showed great skill were Hannah Brown and Hannah Lunn in mid-court. New players Issy Harker and Shunem Josiah were also great in just their second game. – Aditi Tamhankar

Open E – Saints 37 defeated Wilderness 17
The girls entered the game with excitement and determination to succeed. A high level of energy was applied into what was an aggressive and powerful match. Our constant intercepts in defence and skilful shots in the goals during the first quarter managed to give us a strong lead. The second half saw an improvement in transitions from defence to attack, increasing opportunities in the goals and leading to a convincing win. All girls played an energetic and forceful game and should be proud of our continuous improvements both as a team and individuals. – Chanel Stefani

Year 10C – Saints defeated Seymour (on forfeit)

Year 9A – Saints 19 defeated by Immanuel 28
Although the score wasn’t in our favour, the girls were able to put up a great fight against Immanuel. The game started off strong, with defenders Gemma Schaedel, Keeley Fahey and Anda Ceplite defending the ball well, and the pressure from the mid-court which resulted in countless intercepts and held balls. However, towards the end of the game, the team found it challenging to move the ball down the court and convert intercepts into goals. Overall, the girls never gave up, worked hard and played well as a team. – Amelia Pudney

Year 9B – Saints 7 defeated by Immanuel 40
Although we did not win, we played exceptionally well and put up a good fight. With two new players on the team, it was a good experience and we learned a lot about each other. Throughout the game, we were supportive of our teammates and were good sports. I am very proud of our effort and I hope that we continue to improve throughout the season. – Georgie Devine

Year 8A – Saints 26 defeated Immanuel 19
Milly Brett, Lucy White and Ruby Deakin in defence were a fantastic combination to help stop the oppositions scoring goals. Mia Humphrey, Alexia Politis and Hilary Clark excelled in the mid-court, helping bring down the ball to the shooters. Toni Christianson, Sivanthi Sivasuthan and Dayna Petruzella were unstoppable in the goal ring, barely missing a shot. The team worked well together, succeeding with the first win of the season! – Mia Humphrey

Year 8B – Saints 21 defeated by Immanuel 33
Saints did a wonderful job playing against Immanuel. Even though we didn’t come out with a win, each player was proud of the team. Our defence was very strong in stopping many goals and our shooting was to the best of our ability. The last three quarters were the best; we pushed so hard and every girl was pleased with the way we performed. However, we all know there is room for improvement and are ready to put in that effort. – Izzy Gilroy

Year 8C – Saints 41 defeated Scotch 1
The Saints 8C team played really well as a team, showing our skills in different positions. We were able to get a good head start with a great first quarter and were fairly consistent for the rest of the game. We came back from our defeat last week with a fantastic win and hopefully that continues, providing we can play as well as we did in this match. Amazing effort girls. – Chase Hocking

Year 8D – Saints 17 defeated by Wilderness 21
Saints played a strong game for the first three quarters and were doing very well with our defence and attack. Unfortunately, in the last quarter, Wilderness picked up their game and applied lots of pressure to secure a narrow win. A great match by Caitie Walker who scored nearly all of her shots on goal. – Primrose Robinson

Year 7A – Saints 37 defeated Immanuel 28
The team had a good start to the season, beating Immanuel by 9 goals. It was a tough game and we were only up by 2 goals at half-time. Some awesome defensive work provided some good turnovers in the second half. Our attack line combined beautifully in the last quarter to enable us to win. Well done girls on a fantastic game. – Sophie Dansie

Year 7B – Saints 14 defeated by Immanuel 21
Unfortunately we didn’t take the win, but the girls definitely played really well. Our goals and mid-court were very strong and worked well together. Our defence also did an outstanding job. We passed well and took some really good intercepts. There were some excellent goals from Bella Sanders-Wills and Annie Bui. We played a good game but there’s definitely room for improvement. – Georgie Owler

Year 6 Blue – Saints 18 defeated Seymour Green 10

Year 6 Silver – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour Blue 31

Year 6 White – Saints 2 defeated by Seymour White 32

Year 5 – Saints 12 defeated Seymour White 0


Open A – Saints 2 defeated Pulteney 0
It was a solid start from the girls, who were encouraged to get on the front foot against Pulteney with some good passes creating the opportunities. We dominated possession for most of the game, our opposition got past the half-way line on only a few occasions, defence covered each other well, and our goalkeeper, Talah Gobell, was quick to react anytime the ball came near her area.

Such a good team performance to start with, difficult to single out best players, and Dominique played a real Captain’s game, encouraging her players to keep going until the end. We came out on top winning 2-0; the score line does not reflect how many saves the Pulteney goalkeeper had to make. Both our goals came from good team play, with the second goal involving passing moves from four different players. – Sergio Cesaro (Coach)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 3
Kept waiting by a late arrival by Wilderness did not deter Saints and the team pressured Wildy early to win many tackles. In defence, Saints were strong throughout the match with Michelle Rupert and Imogen Parkinson both having great games, but despite the score, the stand-out player was Emma Matheson in goal who made several top saves. There were many good signs with Sophie Johnson, Matilda Braithwaite and Amelie Eaton working hard in midfield but Saints were just unable to get past a resilient Wilderness defence. – Neil Fuller (Acting Coach) 

Middle A – Saints 6 defeated Scotch 1
The girls entered the match with a concentrated mindset and were all determined for the result we were after. Cheri Wong got the team off to a great start, scoring in the bottom right corner. Scotch countered and Saints defended gallantly. Annie Bradshaw then stood up and scored the first of 3 goals. In the second half, Saints maintained the commitment, and Lucy Benn and Cheri Wong, who scored her second, saw Saints run out convincing winners. – Dion Bonifazio (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 10 defeated Wilderness 0

Year 6/7 – Saints 0 defeated by Walford 2
Despite the ball being down our end for the majority of the game, we were unable to make a clear shot. Chloe Porter did an extremely good job moving the ball down the field and creating multiple scoring opportunities. Grace Richards and Mary Stavrou did an exceptional job pressing up on Walford’s attackers and keeping the ball out of their half. Despite the loss, the girls have lot of potential and I look forward to watching them work as a team over the season. – Jasmine Ledgard (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 2 drew with Pulteney 2
With Pulteney only having four players, the girls did a great job rotating and playing for both teams. Angelina Daskalos had an excellent match, scoring 2 goals, and unlucky not to score a hat trick. Charlotte Udall and Jackie Balasis both played great halves in goals and saved some tricky shots. – Siena Kulinski

Year 3/4 – Saints 8 defeated Walford 0
The girls were excited to get the season underway. They took their spots with instructions to stick to positions, spread out across the pitch, to pass to your teammates and to take the lead from our on-field leaders. Lucy Tulloch controlled the defence and stamped her authority on the defensive line-up. She took on this responsibility with great enthusiasm and was commended by her teammates for her attack on the ball. Chloe Richardson, in her first game, showed her pace and exquisite skills, running circles around her opponents and clearing the ball out of defence to set up attack. Emily Bates and Aurelia Pyne were both in control up forward. Emily skilfully kicked 5 goals for the game and Aurelia kicked 2. Lyra Cox surprised everyone including herself when she scored an amazing goal, her first ever, which she kicked from long-range over the Walford goalkeeper. Jiahui Zhang looked very comfortable when moved from defence to attack. First gamers Diya Bhinder, Lyra and Chloe all played well and should enjoy a great season ahead. Sophia Holoviak in goals was unchallenged in this game but is well-aware that this may change in our next match. – Mark Routley (Coach)


We wish to extend our congratulations to Tara Young (Year 8), Lara Wakeham (Year 9), Grace Sampson (Year 11) and Lauren Pearce (Year 5) who have been selected as part of the School Sport SA team (Primary and Secondary) to compete at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championship in Hobart from 25 to 31 July.

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Enews – Week 2, Term 2 2018

Issue no. 13Enews-banner

W2 Banner

TONIGHT – ‘Saints Girls & All That Jazz’!

The night is finally here for one of the biggest music spectaculars the School has ever seen: ‘Saints Girls & All That Jazz’

Our talented Music students have spent the week working with Emma Pask (from ‘The Voice’) and Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire) to prepare for this evening’s epic concert.

The girls have relished the opportunity to hear our Artists in Residence talk about music, performing and life. For many of them, it’s an experience they’ll never forget, and they can’t wait to lift the roof in the Arts Centre tonight from 7pm.

Limited tickets are available at the door, so don’t miss out on this rare event!

In the meantime, here’s a short preview:

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From the Head of Junior School

Suzanne HaddyOne of the important aspects of our Year 6 program is the opportunity we provide our students to learn and practise the skills of leadership. Leadership skills are developed through our Year 6 students’ individual leadership roles such as Event, Activity and House Leaders, SRC, Library, Chapel and Music Leaders, and equally importantly, through their roles as Student Peer Support Leaders.

Last term, all Year 6 students were actively engaged in a two-day training program, where they learned about communication, individual and group decision-making, effective group-work, problem-solving, empathy and assertiveness. They then investigated specific skills and strategies they would need in order to lead groups of peers from Reception to Year 5. Each week this term, the Year 6 students will plan their delivery of a new Peer Support module, before leading their group during a Home Group period.

The theme of our Peer Support sessions this year is ‘Stronger Together’ which focuses on having a whole-school approach to respectful relationships. Our first session last week went very well, and the Year 6s should be congratulated on their excellent organisation and thoughtful planning. We look forward to seeing our young leaders’ skills develop and grow further throughout the term.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Building Success

W2 Middle School

Our cutting-edge new Middle School and Library have picked up a major prize at the Australian Institute of Building SA Professional Excellence Awards. Well done to Sarah Constructions for winning the Commercial Construction $5m – $25m category.

The facilities have significantly enhanced our teaching and learning, and our girls are thriving in their unique surrounds.

Have a look back at the Middle School’s incredible transformation:

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Students Make an Art of Teamwork

W2 Year 4 Art

In connection with their classroom central idea, “Developing an understanding of ourselves and others can lead to success”, Year 4 artists have been working together to plan, design and create a collaborative sculpture of their choice.

W2 ArtThey were inspired by a social enterprise of Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women, called the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

“Tjanpi Desert Weavers are a women’s council, created to help women in remote central deserts earn their own money from their fibre sculptures.” – Meghana Chettimada

“I enjoyed making the tail and body on our kangaroo because we got to do lots of different things with the materials.” – Amelia Kayser

The girls have successfully provided constructive criticism when responding to design ideas and used a range of strategies to solve problems during the process.

“The group skills we used when we were building these creations were including others, being positive, sharing and taking turns, expressing our own opinions, respecting other people’s ideas, negotiating, helping others and building on other’s ideas.” – Sophie Lively

Please come and view these wonderful sculptures in the Junior School Art Room window.

Sarah Casson
Junior School Art Teacher

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IB Diploma Information Night

IB Information Night_eNews Banner_v1

A special information night will be held on Tuesday 22 May where IB Diploma Coordinator Carolyn Farr will introduce and explain the IB Diploma to interested members of the community. During this hour-long session, she will outline the structure of the programme, subject options, how it is assessed and what kind of student is well suited to IB. She will share some recent statistics and research, and perhaps even dispel a few myths. You will also have an opportunity to hear from graduates and current IB students.

Students are encouraged to attend, and members of the public are also welcome.

Watch this video for a taste of IB at Saints Girls:

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Ladies’ Night Out

Ladies' Night Out Trybooking Banner

If you’re up for a fun evening, why not book a ticket to the Ladies’ Night Out? To be held next Friday 18 May from 7 – 10.30pm in the Arts Centre at St Peter’s Girls’ School, tickets are $50 each and include bubbles on arrival, finger food and a gift bag.

Join other like-minded community members for a night of fun, whilst playing a key role in supporting our Master Plan!

A fundraising raffle will be drawn on the night and bar facilities will be available.

Tickets via

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Saints Girls Speak Out

W2 - Rostrum Voice of Youth

Congratulations to Anika Bruin, Chi Chi Zhao, Emily Downie, Holly Wallman-Craddock, Tiffany Zhou and Taj Shahin who have nominated to participate in the 2018 Rostrum Voice of Youth competition. Contestants are judged on their presentation of a prepared speech and a short notice speech. This year, a record number of almost 190 entries has been received from 31 schools. The SA/NT zone heats will be held in Adelaide, the State’s South East and Darwin.

The Adelaide competition begins with a series of heats on 12 May, followed by semi-finals on 26 May. Morning heats commence at 9.45am and afternoon heats at 1.30pm. These events are held at Immanuel College in Novar Gardens. Parents, teachers and friends are encouraged to come and support the students at the heats. Public speakers love an audience!

The zone final will be held in Parliament House on North Terrace at 7pm on 23 June. Speaking in this prestigious venue is a special experience for the finalists. The winners will progress to the National Final in Perth on 28 July.

To learn more, visit:

Thomas Bassett and Sarah Casson
Public Speaking Coordinators

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Year 5s Investigate Forensic Science

W4 Year 5

As provocation for our new Unit of Inquiry “Bazinga” (understanding of scientific knowledge is constantly evolving and an impact on people’s lives), our class embarked upon a CSI-style forensic science task.

Our intrepid Student Teacher and ‘Forensic Scientist in Residence’ Lisa Zollo introduced the girls to a scenario where, during lunch break, someone stole Ms Hampton’s handbag. The girls were presented with possible suspects: Miss Mulraney, who had been seen admiring Ms Hampton’s handbag, Miss Zollo, who was seen nearby, and Liam, who was planting new plants nearby. Various clues were strewn about the somewhat dishevelled room and girls were asked to take photos, look at hair samples under the microscope, study footprints and collect other evidence. From here, they made hypotheses about the identity of the thief.

The idea behind the task was to ignite the children’s thinking about the role of a scientist and scientific procedures. This certainly happened!

We would like to thank Lisa for building such an authentic, creative provocation task for this inquiry.

Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teacher

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Year 4s Make New Connections

W2 Year 4 Guest Speaker

On Wednesday, the Year 4 students had the opportunity to make connections with a member of our indigenous community, linking with our inquiry, “How we organise ourselves”. Michelle visited the classes and talked to the girls about her family heritage. The students learnt about the different tribes of South Australia and discussed how society has changed over the years for the traditional owners of Australia. Michelle talked about connections to her family such as language, totems and songs.

“It was very interesting listening to how she experienced some things about Aboriginal life and some things about modern Australian life.” – Adjoa

“I found it interesting that the indigenous people Michelle spoke about had to live on missions. The Native Americans were similar because they had to live on reservations, which were like the missions.” – Sophia Holoviak

Rebecca Riley and Louisa Mitchell
Year 4 Teachers

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Life Lessons on Anzac Day

W2 Anzac Day

On Anzac Day, St Peter’s Girls participated in Kensington RSL’s Dawn Service for the first time. This was a profound and moving experience, which included Bethany Cross and Dominique Rigby laying a laurel wreath. This year, the centenary of World War One’s conclusion, provided a time for the wider community for poignant reflection on military service and sacrifice. The President of the Kensington RSL, Brigadier Ellis Wayland, was very appreciative of the School’s involvement and we are looking forward to developing this relationship.

Here are some insights from the students:

“The Anzac Day service put into perspective all those who sacrificed their lives for our country, and how grateful we are for all of those people.” – Indya Dodd (Year 8)

“Brigadier Wayland’s reflection on the song ‘I was only 19’ was particularly poignant and reminded us of the many school-age soldiers who were brave enough to fight for their country, many of whom did not live to see adulthood. It illustrated the importance of remembering the stories of these courageous individuals.” – Bethany Cross (Year 12)

“Anzac Day is a time in which we remember and recognise the sacrifice of all soldiers who fought in war.” – Amelia Pudney (Year 9)

“The Anzac Day service highlighted the suffering that the ANZACs went through to protect our country, and why Anzac Day is important to Australia.” – Sara Peak (Year 9)

“Anzac Day is one of two days a year where we commemorate Australia’s fallen soldiers, so it is important to be a part of.” – Charlie Fishlock (Year 8)

Gregor Dingwall
Head of Humanities

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Junior School House Teeball

W1 Teeball

Please note there was an error in the results published last week for the Junior School House Teeball. The correct results are:

Year 3 Winners – Selwyn
Year 4 Winners – Kennion
Year 5 Winners – Kilburn
Year 6 Winners – Kennion

Overall Winners – Kennion

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Saints Café Back in Business

W2 - Saints Café

With Term 2 well underway, Saints Café is full of beans once more!

Last term, the School community welcomed a new team of staff. It was an eye-opening experience for us as it provided an insight into the workforce, not only through time-management but also rostering, finances and marketing.

Under the excellent guidance of Miss Gaskell and Mrs Pitkin, we are open every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7.30 – 8.15am.

In addition, during the da Vinci Decathlon from 29 – 31 May, we will be open before school as well as lunch, so be sure to stop by!

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Junior School Book Fair

W1 JS Book Fair_eNews_v1

In Week 5 (28 May – 1 June), we will have our annual visit by Scholastic Book Fair in the Junior Library. This pop-up bookshop event is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase books to take home. Students will browse books in their Library lesson and formulate their wish list. Books and stationery will be for sale at the following times:

Before School
8.10 – 8.30am

1.15 – 1.45pm

After School
3.30 – 4pm

The fair will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. All purchases will benefit our Library as Scholastic will donate books to our collection. We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Helen Smith and the Year 6 Library Leaders

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Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night

P&F 80s Trivia Night Enews

Join us for our ‘Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night’ on Saturday 16 June at 7pm in the St Peter’s Girls’ School Gym.

Tickets – $25 per person (includes welcome drink)

Paella • Raffle • Trivia • Games • Prizes

• DJ playing 80s Disco • BYO food only

Tickets via

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Sports News

W2 Sport


After a successful end to Term 1, Saints entered a junior and intermediate team in the State School Knockout competition. The teams event took on a different look this year with the introduction of new rules such as nominating an accuracy throw in javelin, bonus points for long jumps within a nominated distance and coaches picking one event in each age group as a wildcard, attracting double points.

Both teams performed exceptionally well, finishing second to Trinity College and earning the right to compete at the National Schools Knockout in December. We hope the girls continue their improvement and look forward to more success when we compete in the IGSSA Athletics in Term 3.

We also extend a special congratulations to Emmanuelle Russell who competed at the State School Para-Athletics Carnival and recorded some amazing results: 100m – 4th overall and 1st girl; 200m – 4th overall and 1st girl; 400m – 3rd overall and 1st girl; Long Jump – 1st in her pit (boys and girls); Shot Put – 1st girl.


Saints sent a small but strong team to contest the East Adelaide District day. In typical Cross Country weather, wet and cold, all runners competed extremely well in the conditions and should be congratulated on their efforts:

10 year – Chloe Richardson 1st, Lara Maione 3rd
11 year – Carla Massicci 6th, Nellie Ion 16th
12 year – Georgina Wakeham 8th, Lady Murphy 15th
13 year – Charlotte Staples 11th, Emily Whittaker 14th


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Trinity 2
A strong start to the game saw Saints jump to a 1-0 lead against Trinity during the first half. The determination of the team, with a special mention to goal scorer Annabelle Black, allowed for numerous shots on goal. The pressure in our defence demonstrated the team’s ability to communicate and work together effectively, with the score of the game unreflective of the drive, sportsmanship and tenacity the girls demonstrated.

Although we were unable to stretch our lead towards winning the shield, Saints were able to defeat Trinity overall, winning the shield for the first time this season! Thank you to those who played two games, you all contributed immensely to the outcome and should all be very proud.

Open B – Saints 4 defeated Trinity 0
A great start for some new Year 7s playing their first senior game. The girls dominated possession and found lots of gaps in attack to keep Trinity’s goalkeeper under pressure. Belle Black scored 2 goals, Emily Whittaker 1 and Amelie Eaton 1. Stand out players were Emily Whittaker, Ruby Thorp, Bridgette Leach, Amelie Eaton and Belle Black who was award the Saints’ best on ground medal.


Under 18 – Saints 9 defeated by Glenelg 22
The under 18s had a difficult first game against Glenelg. With a young team, it was very rewarding for the girls to play the previous premiership winners in the first game as they were able to learn from their mistakes and, particularly, be challenged in defence. I am sure that every player has gained something from this game and we have brought this to our training this week where we have built from the experience. It was very pleasing to see the good sportsmanship and resilience throughout the game. Special mentions to Lucy Young for a very successful first lacrosse game, Millie Wilkin for excellent midfield work, Portia Maerschel in midfield and to Steph Smalls for an excellent game. – Tim Dickson (Coach)

Under 13 – Saints 8 defeated by Glenelg 17
All of the girls were very keen to kick off the season. Jenna Maione (Year 6) started well in centre with Emma Pool, Maddy Lisle and Phoebe Black (Year 7s) working hard in defence. Ashlyn May (Year 6) did a fantastic job as goalie by saving a majority of shots. The girls did a much better job in the second half. Dani Cox (Year 6) used her speed to run from the midfield to attack. Also in attack, Zoe Pool and Mathilda Thomas (Year 6) did a great job at getting ground balls. In goals, Lucy Schirripa (Year 7) did well at looking for free players when clearing the ball. Goal scorers were Dani, Ashlyn and Mathilda. The team did a great job, especially given it was the first game for some. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints 9 defeated Eagles 7
With many new and some young players, the girls started with a fantastic win. One of the highlights was the defensive pressure Saints applied. Congratulations to Savannah Walls scoring 5 goals, and singles to Serae Stolcman, Emily Bates, Ella Pearce and Sophie Lively. We look forward to continued improvement throughout the season and for all girls to enjoy playing. – Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Open A – Saints 35 defeated by Seymour 63
Saints’ Open A team played a trial game against Seymour. It was a good first game by the girls considering a new line up for 2018. With the assistance of two Open B players, Brooke Elliott and Sarah Wishart, new and different combinations were explored in the absence of Charlotte and Anna White. Hannah Freeman played outstandingly, working hard and getting many intercepts, and was best player alongside Sivi Sivasuthan and Nicolette Miller who also worked well in goals. Even though Saints didn’t manage to win, they were competitive and switched around various combinations in preparation for Round 1. Good effort girls. – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith (Captain)

Open B – Saints 19 defeated by Seymour 71

Open C – Saints 20 defeated by Seymour 46
Saturday was a good opportunity to see how the girls played. While we only had five of our usual team, they played cohesively and were able to show strength during the second and third quarters. Unfortunately, the game got away from us initially in the first quarter and we dropped back again in the fourth. The final score was 20-46. No injuries or issues. All girls arrived on time and were flexible in their playing positions. – Emma Weber (Coach)

Open D – Saints 10 defeated by Seymour 104

Open E – Saints 14 defeated by Seymour 42
The Open E team is designed for Year 12s who want to maintain a healthy level of fitness and participate in a fun, social game of netball. The team is filled with previous Open netballers but also includes girls who are new to the sport. On the weekend, the girls came together to play our first game for the season, and for some, the first game of netball for many years. Despite having not trained or played together, we applied a strong level of determination and motivation throughout, bringing energy and passion to the court. The players had to adapt to new conditions and positions which was done with leadership and resilience. Throughout the entirety of the game, the girls demonstrated the importance of team work and provided encouragement to one another. The defeat has motivated us as a team with the energy for a successful and enjoyable season.

Year 10C – Saints 16 defeated by Seymour 46

Year 8A – Saints 27 defeated by Seymour 38
The girls started with a strong first quarter, however lost the momentum throughout the second and third. Our aim at three quarter time was to win the last quarter, and that we did! Our defence was very strong, getting many turn overs, but we lost it through the middle with our ball movement. That being said, in our last quarter, we were able to find the space and progressed the ball down to our shooters who finished beautifully. Overall, it was a very good start to the season. The girls took a couple of quarters getting used to how each other plays, which was to be expected. However, really pleased with all their efforts and look forward to seeing what they can achieve together.

Year 8B – Saints 14 defeated by Seymour 52
The girls played very well for their first game, especially considering it was a trial match and given some were put in positions so I could see how they played rather than so they could win. It was evident that all the girls put in a lot of effort and they definitely improved as the game progressed. They showed great enthusiasm and initiative, and if this continues, it will be a solid season. Great courage from Adele Russell who hurt her ankle but insisted on playing and did really well. – Sophie Caon (Coach)

Year 8C – Saints 8 defeated by Seymour 27
Being only a trial match this week, our focus was on rotating positions to see different player combinations. At times, this meant girls were playing out of position. However, each of them played very well and it was a great effort. Despite the loss, it was good to see everyone working well together down the court. Best player goes to Martha McCormack for her movement and ability to always be an option, which was fantastic. The team has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing their improvement over the season. – Amy Wishart (Coach)

Year 8D – Saints 10 defeated by Seymour 21
The girls had a great start to the season despite losing against Seymour. They showed determination throughout and never gave up. Strong passing and getting in front allowed the girls to be in the lead at half-time. The girls played well for their first match of the season and we are looking forward to coaching them this year. Best players go to Lucy Moten for her accurate shooting and Ayshviina Nair for her strong defence skills. – Sophia West (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 30 defeated Seymour 21
The team showed a lot of promise for the season ahead, winning their trial match against Seymour. The girls combined well on the court and were able to display their strength and flexibility with changes to positioning made at each break. All signs point to a successful and enjoyable season ahead! – Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 15 defeated Seymour 9
The girls got off to a good start, working the ball effectively into the goal ring and finishing the first quarter in front. Although they made a few minor errors in the second quarter, they settled and had a firing third quarter, helping them regain a small lead and giving them determination to hold on going into the final quarter. The girls had an amazing game; even though many played out of their preferred positions, they still gave it their all, which was visible both off the court as well as on the score card. – Nikola Carr (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 7 defeated by Walford 10
The girls played an amazing game against Walford. For a few of them, this was their first match and they did extremely well to grasp the idea of how to play. They had a very strong defence all throughout the court. Team spirit was shown by having girls who were subbed off cheering throughout the whole game, and also by the ball sharing on the court. The game was close and the girls should all be very proud of how they played. – Chloe Venning


Open A – Saints 0 drew with Scotch 0
To open the season, Saints A played Scotch College in a trial game. Starting with just 11 players and losing Taylah Simpson early in the game meant the girls were challenged throughout. Ellie Anderson, Siena Kulinski and Bethany Cross were resilient in defence and when Scotch got beyond them, Talah Gobell was rock-solid in goal. The midfielders of Isabella Villani, Millie Wilkin, Jemimah Simpson and Chloe Deieso tackled hard and set up many attacking plays for Olivia Law and Ankita Rajbhoj, who were unlucky not to have Saints in front. Despite tiring in the second half, Saints were able to keep Scotch on the back foot for a deserving draw. – Neil Fuller

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Enews – Week 1, Term 2 2018

Issue no. 12Enews-banner

W1 Banner

From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300Welcome back to Term 2. During the break, I spent a couple of days visiting schools in Melbourne to look at their new Science centres. As we enter the detailed design process of our new building, it’s valuable to reflect on the journey that other schools have travelled and, in particular, to hear of the things that have worked really well, along with those they would change now they’ve seen their laboratories in action. Given the reality that 80% of funds for capital works in independent schools are sourced via donations or loans, it was also interesting to talk to the schools about their fundraising campaigns. Two of the schools ran incredibly successful campaigns, covering half the cost of their projects with donations. One of those schools raised a staggering $20m. Admittedly, both those schools were boys’ schools. Unfortunately, the culture of philanthropy is not as well established in girls’ schools. The generosity of our donors is pivotal to bringing the Master Plan to life, and we look forward to your continued support via the upcoming annual giving appeal and the Long Lunch in September.

One of my roles outside of Saints Girls is to serve on the Executive Committee of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA). For the past 18 months, I’ve had the additional responsibility of chairing the convening committee of the AGSA Biennial Educators’ Conference which is being held in Adelaide this weekend. It will be officially opened by Senator Penny Wong tomorrow night, bringing together approximately 300 delegates and sponsors, all of whom are passionate about the distinctive work of girls’ schools and the empowerment of young women. We’ve been fortunate to secure an outstanding line up of international and Australian presenters, and I look forward to sharing some of their insights with you following the conference. However, we’ve gone one better with renowned American commentator Peggy Orenstein by arranging for her to talk directly to you on the important but at times confronting topic of girls and sex. It’s a real coup to attract such a high-profile international speaker to Adelaide and I urge you all to register your attendance at

As we head towards the Federal election, the debate on school funding will intensify. There is a lot of misinformation out there and the graphic below helps clarify the situation. It’s one to keep handy for those passionate dinner party discussions when you and your guests don’t quite see eye to eye!


Best wishes for what will be an extremely busy term. I look forward to seeing many of you at ‘Saints Girls and All That Jazz’ next Friday night.

Julia Shea

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On Monday during Assembly, girls in Years 7 – 12 learned that their next topic in the #EMPOWHER wellbeing program is stress management. During this series of sessions, they will learn to recognise what their stress signs and triggers are, as well as a number of effective, practical techniques for reducing their stress levels. One is learning how to change their ‘stress mindset’. Stress mindset is the overarching belief held by an individual about whether stress is enhancing (something which helps them deal with life’s challenges, give their best performance, and to meet a tough situation with focus) or debilitating (something harmful, threatening and needing to be avoided).

Girls will be encouraged to view stress as enhancing rather than debilitating which in turn will improve their coping abilities. According to Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, if we are able to change our mindset about stress, we can even make stress our friend.

You can find more information about stress and stress management here:

Nicole Letch
School Psychologist

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Golden Time for Saints Girl


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides the opportunity for young individuals to invest in a personal challenge through exploring personal limits and acknowledging achievements.

The Gold Award is attained by completing objectives and tasks in the following five main areas:
• Volunteering by undertaking service to individuals or the community
• Physical challenge by improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities
• Developing practical and social skills and personal interests
• Planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey abroad
• Staying and working away from home for five days, doing a shared activity

After attaining my Bronze and Silver Awards in previous years, this year I successfully completed the criteria to be awarded my Gold Award. This was presented to me by the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward at an intimate service during the school holidays. I was one of only 15 young participants in the State to achieve the award. The afternoon allowed us personal time with His Royal Highness to discuss my journey in achieving the award, and the benefits and opportunities it afforded me. It was an absolute honour to share my achievement with Prince Edward, who was very engaging with a wonderful sense of humour and wit. It was an experience I will never forget.

Whilst the award provided me with a sense of achievement, it has also led to a new sporting opportunity in my life: surfboat rowing. Having researched the sport and liking the appeal, I contacted the Somerton Surf Life Saving Club expressing my desire to try this unique and extreme water sport. Within weeks, I had spurned the formation of the inaugural Under 19 female surfboat rowing crew and was appointed captain of the Somerton Sisters. I row in stroke position with three other rowers behind me and our male sweep and coach. Due to the nature of the sport and as a prerequisite to compete, one has to be a qualified lifesaver, so we all had to complete our Bronze Medallion (beach version). Once accredited, we were then required to perform beach patrol during the summer months. I also decided to further enhance my qualifications by becoming a qualified swim instructor at the same time.

Soon we were competing in carnivals around the State including at Robe and Southport, and forging our name amongst other clubs, even competing in the U23 ladies’ division. In March, we competed in the State Surf Life Saving Championships where we won silver in our U19 division and gold in the surf boat relay. As a result, our crew qualified to travel to Perth in April representing SA and Somerton Surf Life Saving Club in the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships (Aussies). Despite the lack of experience and relatively short time together as a crew in comparison to the strong eastern state-based crews who have frequent exposure to strong surf conditions, and after battling through high waves and excessive winds, we finished 4th out of 24. This was an incredible achievement and a fantastic experience, and we are now preparing for “worlds” later this year.

A further highlight has been winning the Australian Navy Award experience for the best video highlighting the synergies between camaraderie, teamwork and honesty demonstrated in surf boat rowers and navy personnel. We were the successful team in winning the award throughout the entire State.

The 4am wake ups for trainings down at the beach in 10 degree weather and the tough ergo sessions are part of the camaraderie I would never trade for. The beach culture and strong bond with all club members and competing clubs and crews, the sense of community whilst on beach patrol, the sense of self-worth and pride in having formed my crew demonstrate the benefits and rewards from hard work and persistence. I have forged many great friendships for life and have met so many inspirational and admirable people along the way. But most importantly through this journey I have discovered that by pursuing my passion I am now more motivated and focused to achieve and realise my goals in life. It takes considerable courage and a body pumping full of adrenalin to row 500m out to sea only to be hit by five metre waves, at times tossing your oars out of the boat and occasionally capsizing the boat (hence the helmets), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The benefits socially, physically, mentally and personally have been immeasurable and has made me a more confident, driven individual in all aspects of life, putting me in good stead for life’s future challenges.

Chanel Stefani
Year 12 student

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IB Diploma Information Night

IB Information Night_eNews Banner_v1

A special information night will be held on Tuesday 22 May where IB Diploma Coordinator Carolyn Farr will introduce and explain the IB Diploma to interested members of the community. During this hour-long session, she will outline the structure of the programme, subject options, how it is assessed and what kind of student is well suited to IB. She will share some recent statistics and research, and perhaps even dispel a few myths. You will also have an opportunity to hear from graduates and current IB students.

Students are encouraged to attend, and members of the public are also welcome.

Watch this video for a taste of IB at Saints Girls:

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Head Prefect Faces the Chop

W4 Antonia

On Thursday 17 May I am cutting off all my hair and shaving my head, and I am asking for your support.

I am doing this as part of the World’s Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation, and will donate my hair to Variety as part of their Hair with Heart Campaign which provides specialised wigs to those with alopecia or cancer.

Just today, 35 Australians have been diagnosed with blood cancer and 14 Australian lives have been claimed by it. In fact, it is Australia’s third most common cause of cancer death, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. The Leukemia Foundation makes a difference by funding patients to seek the treatment they need, providing support for their families and by conducting research to discover safer and more effective treatments that will save lives.

So far, those who have sponsored me have helped raise a tremendous $5,116 but the goal is $6,000 and there are only two weeks left, so I need your help!

Please head to my fundraising page below and help contribute to the lives of Aussies suffering from blood cancer by sponsoring me. I am also asking for as many students as possible to come to the Arts Centre at lunchtime on Thursday of Week 3 with a gold coin donation to join me as I complete the World’s Greatest Shave.

There are very few people who haven’t been touched by cancer either in themselves, a friend or a loved one. As individuals, cancer can make us feel powerless but with combined efforts, change can be made.

Just click here to sponsor me today:

Thank you for your generosity.

Antonia Kirsten-Parsch
Head Prefect

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Important Music Dates – Term 2

11 Music Dates

Week 2 Saturday 5 May Alliance of Girls’ Schools (Extension Strings) 4.45 – 5.30pm Mortlock Library
Wednesday 9 May Friends of Arts Meeting 7.30pm Arts Office
Friday 11 May Artists in Residence (Tue-Fri), Saints Girls and All That Jazz 7pm Arts Centre
Week 3 Thursday 17 May Year 3/4 Music Information Evening 6pm Arts Centre
Friday 18 May Ladies’ Night Out (Thursday Club) 7 – 10pm Arts Centre
Week 6 Thursday 7 June Twilight Concert (Strings, Percussion, Guitar Ensemble and Rock Band) 6pm Arts Centre
Week 7 Wednesday 13 June SACE Stage 2 Solo Music Performance 7pm MB120
Week 9 Wednesday 27 June MS Arts Showcase 7pm Arts Centre

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Junior School Book Fair

W1 JS Book Fair_eNews_v1

In Week 5 (28 May – 1 June), we will have our annual visit by Scholastic Book Fair in the Junior Library. This pop-up bookshop event is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase books to take home. Students will browse books in their Library lesson and formulate their wish list. Books and stationery will be for sale at the following times:

Before School   8.10 – 8.30am
Lunch   1.15 – 1.45pm
After School   3.30 – 4pm

The fair will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. All purchases will benefit our Library as Scholastic will donate books to our collection. We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Helen Smith and the Year 6 Library Leaders

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SACE and IB Visual Arts

W1 Art

During Term 1, the Year 11 SACE and IB Visual Arts students were inspired by Sarah Norman, an Old Scholar who is an emerging visual artist. Her main focus is portraiture and the human form. Her work is solely based upon photography, and she mainly use lead pencil and black pen in her works.

The students researched her pieces and this inspired their development of ideas. The portrait image that the students used in their final pieces was based on an original photograph that the student had taken of a person who is significant in their life. The image chosen could have been part of a face or a whole face. Students could choose what medium they would use in their final piece, but there needed to be some similarities to Sarah’s work.

The students thoroughly enjoyed researching Sarah’s works. Some of them created a time-lapse of their creative process:

Amanda Fang Time-lapse
Isabelle Reynolds Time-lapse

Kirsten Mansfield
Visual Art Teacher

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Creative Commemoration of WW1

W1 History

Throughout Term 1, our Year 9 students researched the origins and nature of World War One. As part of their assessment, they were asked to research a significant land battle for Australia and present their findings on the aims, weaponry, leadership and outcomes in the form of a film trailer. The students were challenged to use primary footage, recreations, sound editing, colour and music accurately and evocatively to convey the significance of some of the most tragic battles of World War One such as Lone Pine, the Nek, Fromelles and Passchendaele. Students were also required to reflect on why these battles are still significant to Australia, especially in 2018, the centenary of the war’s conclusion.

Due to the Year 6 History curriculum’s attention to 20th century Australia and their upcoming visit to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, these students were invited to be the audience for the Year 9s who shared these trailers and explained to the younger students their research and creative aims. The sharing of learning across Sub-Schools was an enriching experience, allowing the Year 9s to justify their choices and the Year 6s to make links to their current curriculum. Some insights from the Year 6s included:

“This was a great opportunity for us to learn from some of our older peers while also making some new connections. We asked the Year 9s why they chose to focus on particular battles and what they had found most interesting in the research process”.

“Their use of limited colour and black and white imagery helped to set the scene and make us visualise such a time; sometimes it felt like we were there”. (Ruby, Naomi and Claudia, 6SBR)

Representatives from both classes were able to reflect on their experiences as part of our ANZAC Day Assembly to start Term 2. Our guest speaker, Brigadier Ellis Wayland of the Kensington sub-branch of the RSL, had the following to say about what the students shared:

“I was just so impressed with my visit. The maturity and confidence of your girls was simply inspiring. They do great credit to your School. Thank you again for taking the initiative to include St Peter’s in the ANZAC commemoration”.

Many thanks to the students of 9SRI and 6SBR for making this shared learning opportunity such a worthwhile experience.

Gregor Dingwall
9SRI History Teacher and Head of Humanities

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PE Girls Catch a Wave

W1 Surfing

On Thursday and Friday during the last week of term, the Year 11 PE class travelled to Moana beach for a surfing experience. We were taught by a ‘Surf and Sun’ instructor, learning about dangers such as rips and how to use them to our advantage. We also learnt how to stand up on a board using the proper techniques while executing turns and changing speeds. The five of us all did very well and were all able to successfully catch waves, and as a result surf. A challenge we all experienced was the sweep of the waves as the weather was very windy, which made it difficult and tiring pushing against the waves. We had an amazing experience learning many skills despite the challenges we faced.

Check out our skills in this Surfing Video.

Tahlia Towers, Sivi Sivasuthan, Brooke Elliott, Chloe Deieso, Molly Lucas
Year 11 PE students

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Home Run for House Teeball

W1 Teeball

On the last day of Term 1, the Interhouse teeball competition was held on the top oval. Girls had practised their skills during their lessons and were keen to see which was the most successful House. With results drawn from the number of runs divided by the number of outs, girls were keen to build their run score without getting many outs.

The teeball captains assisted the younger year levels by encouraging them and helping them understand the rules.

Year 3 Winners – Selwyn
Year 4 Winners – Kennion
Year 5 Winners – Kilburn
Year 6 Winners – Kennion

Overall Winners – Kennion

All teams showed good spirit.

Pauline Noblet
Junior School PE Teacher

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Thinking About Joining The Club?

Do humans have souls? Is the mind a physical thing? These are just some of the questions we discuss at Philosophy Club. This time last year, I walked into the first meeting having never studied Philosophy before. In 2017, this club was formed, and the minds of girls from various year levels were opened to the world of Philosophy. The club is open to all girls in Years 7 – 12; we meet at lunch on Fridays for discussions on various philosophical questions. Last year, five girls from the club were selected to compete in South Australia’s first Philosothon competition and though many of us had never studied Philosophy before, our team came second and will be competing at the national final later this year. Philosophy Club is so enjoyable and a great way to get to know girls in other year levels while having thought-provoking discussions. In addition, Pocket Points are awarded to those who attend. For girls who have never studied Philosophy before, or girls who are studying it, the Philosophy Club is a great way to learn, have fun and, in essence, challenge your thinking!

Holly Wallman-Craddock
Year 9 student

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Years 11 and 12 Academic Conferences

Given the number of parents likely to be making appointments to see Year 11 and Year 12 teachers early next term, we have decided to add an extra date.

Tuesday 8 May after school will be for Year 12 academic conferences. Thursday 17 May after school is the new date for Year 11 academic conferences. Hopefully this will increase flexibility and teacher availability.

I look forward to seeing you at these evenings.

Nigel Scoggins
Director of Teaching and Learning

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Soul Food Dished Up by our Families

W1 Volunteer

A huge thank you to all the generous Senior School families who cooked soups and main courses for about 70 people in dire need of a home-cooked meal at the St Mary Magdalene Drop in Centre on Saturday 25 March. They worked in the kitchen and front-of-house, providing three courses and fellowship to the centre patrons.

As the saying goes, it takes a village, and without the generosity of our School community through food and monetary donations, this could not have come together. Not only were three courses provided but there was food left over to give the patrons take aways, which is always much appreciated.

Our thanks to Vanessa and Rob Zito, Eve, Michaela and Barney Habel, Vaiju and Aditi Tamhankar, Wendy Lindsay, Amy Li, Jane and Hannah Brown, and Susanna and Luke Anderson for heating, stirring, serving and washing up on the evening with good grace and many laughs.

We will be asking Middle School families for food donations for our next rostered night which is Saturday 16 June.

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Movie Magic to Support Fiji Mission

Fiji Trip Banner

This year, for the first time, St Peter’s Girls’ School is sending 21 students to Fiji in the hopes that they will assist with the education of the younger generation and sustainability of the island. The girls we be spending two weeks there and, in order to achieve these goals, we aim to raise $1,500 through a special Movie Fundraiser. We will be screening the highly-anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, part one of the conclusion of this popular series. Tickets are on sale via and the movie will be held at the Capri Theatre on Goodwood Road at 3pm tomorrow, Saturday 5 May.

Individual ticket: $20
Soft Drink + Golden Gay Time or small popcorn + ticket: $22.50
Alcoholic Beverage + Small Popcorn or Golden Gay Time + ticket: $24

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A Touch of Blue – Tonight!


For Alumni 2014-17

This event continues to grow and this year we invite all Old Scholars from Alumni 2014-17 to join in a fun evening with former classmates.

Tonight will begin on the School’s new Library deck with drinks and cocktail food. Bus transport will then be provided for anyone who wishes to continue the evening at the Feathers Hotel, Burnside.

Tickets are $15 per person and bookings are via

We hope to see you tonight!

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Ladies’ Night Out

Ladies' Night Out Trybooking Banner

If you’re up for a fun evening, why not book a ticket to the Ladies’ Night Out? To be held on Friday 18 May from 7 – 10.30pm in the Arts Centre at St Peter’s Girls’ School, tickets are $50 each and include bubbles on arrival, finger food and a gift bag.

Join other like-minded community members for a night of fun, whilst playing a key role in supporting our Master Plan!

A fundraising raffle will be drawn on the night and bar facilities will be available.

Tickets via

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Don’t Miss ‘Saints Girls & All That Jazz’!

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Time is running out to secure your ticket for one of the biggest music spectaculars the School has ever seen: ‘Saints Girls and All That Jazz’

Our celebrity Artists in Residence, Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire) and Emma Pask (‘The Voice’) will join our talented Music students for a concert not to be missed next Friday night. Media identity and jazz enthusiast Keith Conlon will also join us as compère.

With just 100 seats left, book now via

Check out this video to hear more about this exciting event:

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Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night

P&F 80s Trivia Night Enews
Join us for a ‘Totally 80s Trivia and Disco Night’ on Saturday 16 June at 7pm in the St Peter’s Girls’ School Gym.

Tickets $25 per person (includes welcome drink)

Paella • Raffle • Trivia • Games • Prizes

• DJ playing 80s Disco • BYO food only

Book tickets at

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. – OCTOBER 2018 PRODUCTION – Ages 8 to 16

imgres-2SHANE DAVIDSON PRESENTS is holding auditions for their production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. which will be held in the Arts Centre in the first week of the October school holidays. Auditions are 10am – 3pm Saturday 12 May.

The show boasts beautiful songs such as Belle, Beauty and the Beast, Gaston and Be Our Guest, and some huge dance sequences. It has many lead roles but also many smaller roles to encourage younger children aspiring to take on bigger roles in the future. Four performances will be staged from 5 – 7 October, and most rehearsals are 10am – 1pm on Sundays at Saints Girls.

Directors: Shane Davidson and Ben Francis (and Vocal Coach)
Choreography: Sarah Humeniuk

We are looking for a talented cast to take on the main roles, minor leads and chorus.

For further information please contact Shane Davidson via or 0447 259 098.

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Sports News

W1 Sports

The Winter Season officially gets underway this week. All students are reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information. Sports fixtures, maps to venues and results can also be found on the myLink parent portal.

If you have any news items or sporting success stories please email them to me via


A reminder that the House Cross Country Fun Run will be held on Friday 18 May (Week 3). You should have received a separate letter indicating the times for each year level. Parents are welcome to attend and should meet at Bell Yett Reserve. Fundraising is encouraged, with some wonderful prizes on offer. All money raised will be used by the Saints Sport Support Group to assist with the development of sporting programs and facilities.

Students can create an online profile, and all fundraising and prizes must be ordered online at


In the last week of Term 1, the Years 8 – 12 Athletics team had an outstanding performance in the State’s highest division: A1 finishing overall runner up behind Trinity College, meaning we placed 2nd from over 80 Schools. We had 18 Standard Certificates issued for performances that were rated in the top 5% of the State. This is an outstanding effort, and the following students placed in the top 3 in their events:

Rose Pittman – Open 400m 1st, 800m 1st, Relay 3rd
Hannah Brown – Open Relay 3rd, Long Jump 3rd, Triple Jump 3rd
Nicolette Miller – Open Discus 1st, Open Shot Put 1st, Javelin 2nd
Thandi Murada – Open 1500m 2nd, 1000m Steeplechase 3rd
Jemimah Simpson – Open Relay 3rd
Holly Cunningham –  Open Relay 3rd
Millie Wilkin – U16 400m 2nd
Charlotte Sellars – U16 Discus 3rd
Keeley Fahey – U15 Javelin 1st
Charlotte Cohen – U15 Relay 2nd
Ehi Oyugbo – U15 90m Hurdles 1st, Relay 2nd, 100m 3rd, High Jump 3rd
Stephanie Smalls – U15 Relay 2nd
Hannah Freeman – U15 Relay 2nd, 400m 3rd
Olivia Kelly – U14 Relay 1st, High Jump 2nd, Shot Put 2nd, 100m 3rd
Portia Maerschel – U14 Relay 1st, 400m 1st, 80m Hurdles 1st, Long Jump 1st
Imogen Elliott – U14 1550m 3rd
Alexia Politis – U14 Relay 1st
Efua Yawson – U14 Relay 1st
Lucy White – U14 Triple Jump 3rd


Good Luck to Aroha Munroe (Year 10), Tesse Parker (Year 10) and Kellie Bested (Year 9) who are competing in the Australia Softball Cup being held at West Beach.

Aroha has also been selected in the Softball SA Dragons Junior League team travelling to Singapore at the end of June to represent Australia at the Little League International Asia-Pacific Championship. They will compete against up to six other countries for the title, with the winning team going on to represent the region at the Little League World Series in early August in Kirkland, Washington USA.


Well done to Matilda Braithwaite (Year 10) who competed in the individual Triathlon Championships at Penrith in NSW. She finished 21st in her age group.


Congratulations to Charlotte White (Year 10) who has been selected in an Australian Junior team that will travel to the USA to contest the High Performance Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma from 24 – 28 July. The delegation will depart Australia on 19 July for a preparation camp, college visits and cultural experiences, and will arrive back in Australia on 31 July.

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