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eNews – Week 8, Term 4 2019

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From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300There’s an old saying in management, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” That is, you can’t know if you’re being successful unless success is clearly defined and tracked. As the final year of our three-year Strategic Plan draws to a close, the question must be asked: the plan looked good on paper, but did we actually achieve our goals? Have we been successful?

Tracking progress has been a challenging task. Beneath each of the seven key areas of Academics, Wellbeing, Co-Curricular, Staff, Community, Organisational Sustainability, and Spaces and Places, we had up to four priorities. Beneath those priorities, there was a list of tasks designed to bring each of them to life. And when you summarise all of that in an orderly and coherent format, you end up with a spreadsheet with 415 lines! There are many ways to measure success. The parent, staff and student surveys at the start of the year provided some very positive feedback. Both the enrolment numbers and the financial position of the School suggest that the past three years have been very successful. The facilities have changed remarkably throughout this strategic planning period; the Middle School, Library, Maker Space and Science Centre all opened during this time. But, of course, it’s what happens in those new learning spaces that counts. Many new programs have been introduced: EDGE, Intensive Languages, Mind Lab, #EMPOWHER and THRASS just to name a few. In addition, many new electives have been added to our offerings, and the manner in which IT is integrated into the classroom continues to evolve.

Many schools will use data around academic results and co-curricular achievements to measure their impact. Yes, the Year 12 median ATAR remains an impressive statistic, and the external results in sport, music, public speaking and the like have been nothing short of phenomenal in recent years. But here, it’s not just the ‘top’ results that are of interest. It’s about acknowledging the Year 4 student whose pre and post comprehension testing has seen her jump from the 47th to the 66th percentile. It’s about the C Grade Netball team who fought hard all season and finally secured their first win. It’s about the Year 8 girl who summoned up the courage to join a Debating team and spoke more eloquently each time she took to the floor. Amidst all the strategy and building works, we mustn’t lose sight of why we make those plans – the reason we’re here – to provide an environment where every girl can find her place and be the best version of herself.

As a mathematician, I love data and believe that measuring impact is an important thing to do. Yet for me, one of the most important measures of success can’t actually be quantified. In the words of Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle, it’s ‘the vibe’. It was the buzz at the 125th Anniversary Ball, it’s the confidence and ambition of the young women with whom I spend each day, it’s that Saints Girls’ ‘feel’ that we struggle to put into words. Thank you to each and every one of you for the part that you have played in bringing that vibe to life.

So yes, the School is in a very healthy state. But the quest for continuous improvement remains and drives the next Strategic Plan. I look forward to sharing those details with you at the start of next year.

Staffing News

As is often the case, the end of year sees us farewell a number of staff.

• We wish Roger Mills all the best for his long service leave in Semester 1 next year;
• Matthew Houston, Saz Burton, Vicki Dent, Grace Le, Dee Reid, Sarah Lane and Claudette Elliott have been with us on short-term contracts; we wish them well in their future endeavours;
• Sincere thanks to Emily Downie, Jess Ash, Teena Nicholls and Chloe Edwardson who leave our ELC family;
• Best wishes to our IT Manager, Nicolas Cronis, who leaves us to take up an opportunity in Canberra;
• Fiona Patten (nee Powers, Kennion 1993), has been with us since 2008; we thank Fiona for her outstanding contribution to our Strings program and wish her well in her new position;
• Colette Merckel started teaching French here in 2002; we wish Colette all the best in her retirement and thank her for her outstanding contribution to Saints Girls.

We have some wonderful new staff joining us at the start of 2020, and I look forward to introducing them to you early next year.

It has been an absolute privilege to lead the School in its 125th year. I hope to see many of you at our final celebration for the year, Presentation Night, at the Adelaide Town Hall on Monday.

May your home be filled with love, peace and joy throughout the coming weeks. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Julia Shea

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Holy Night – Carols in the Cathedral

W8 - Carols in the Cathedral

The School community packed St Peter’s Cathedral on Tuesday night for our annual Carols in the Cathedral.

As always, this cherished tradition of song and prayer was a moving, reflective and uplifting service to celebrate and give thanks for another wonderful year together.

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Hats Off to our Newest Saints Girls

W8 - ELC Hat Ceremony

This week, we celebrated one of the biggest days on the ELC calendar: the Hat Ceremony!

Our newest Saints Girls were thrilled to receive their ‘big school’ hat and bag from the incoming 2020 Year 12 Prefects before they start Reception next year.

The Hat Ceremony has become a treasured tradition at St Peter’s Girls as our community places great emphasis on the transition from ELC to school.

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A Message from the 2020 Deputy Head Prefect

W8 - Prefect 2

Week 8 is always an exciting week, filled with many events and activities as the girls wrap up the school year and look forward to the school holidays. The week started with the ELC Hat Ceremony on Monday. The Assembly is a major stepping stone for the ELC girls as they make the transition into the ‘big school’. It is such a momentous occasion as families, friends and the School community watch the girls receive their first school hat and bag. I, along with the rest of the Prefect Team, loved being involved in welcoming the incoming Reception girls, and we all look forward to seeing them around the School next year.

Tuesday night was the annual Carols in the Cathedral, one of my favourite events of the year! It is a great opportunity for the School community to come together around the festive season and tell the story of Christmas in song and prayer. It was a joyous occasion, filled with angelic musical pieces performed by the many choirs and ensembles.

The celebrations continued on Wednesday in the Pocket Points and Sports Awards Assembly, a great opportunity to acknowledge the extensive involvement of girls in the School. I would like to give a huge congratulations to all the girls who not only won awards but participated in sports and other co-curricular activities this year. I know it can sometimes be difficult to juggle school work, sports and out of school commitments while still having a life, so thank you for remaining committed. Being involved in all the opportunities Saints has to offer is such a great experience and I hope everyone had fun doing it!

To finish the week, myself along with a group of Saints Girls and PAC boys will be travelling to Cambodia for two weeks to visit the New Hope for Cambodia Village and build homes with Volunteer Building Cambodia. This trip would not be possible without the generous donations made by everyone in the School community, so we would like to say a huge thank you. It is such an amazing cause and will change the lives of so many orphans and families.

To conclude, I want to wish everyone a very happy holidays and I hope that you all have a lovely, well-deserved break!

Ellie Anderson
2020 Deputy Head Prefect

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Visual Arts Showcase Transforms New Space

The annual Visual Arts Exhibition last Friday was a highlight of the year for the senior students in Year 12 Visual Arts SACE, Year 12 Visual Arts IB and Year 11 Visual Arts SACE. With the newly-renovated Visual Arts space set up as a gallery, the students were excited to see their work displayed in this setting. The exhibition was received enthusiastically by parents, family and friends who attended.

Kirsten Mansfield
Art and Design Teacher

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Philosothon Success

W8 - Philosothon

Srishti Sharma, Ella Liddy, Emily Teague, Madison Liddy and I recently represented Saints Girls at the annual South Australian Philosothon. Unlike Debating, the aim of Philosophy is not to argue for a specific side of a topic, but rather to engage in collaborative discussion. Due to this, the criteria we are marked on in Philosophy is our critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. At the Philosothon, each of us participated in philosophical discussions with students from around the State about the Big Bang Theory and cosmology, the value of art, consciousness and inductive reasoning.

This year, the judges remarked that despite the difficult topics discussed, it was possibly the highest standard South Australian Philosothon so far. We were excited to perform very successfully in the competition. As a team, we placed 2nd, Emily Teague placed 3rd in Year 9, I placed 1st in Year 10 and Srishti Sharma placed 4th in Year 11. The Philosothon was a highly rewarding experience, and we all enjoyed discussing complex issues and developing our philosophical understanding.

Holly Wallman-Craddock
Year 10 student

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High Notes for Talented Violinist

W8 - Violin

2019 has been a busy yet rewarding year in my violin journey. Towards the end of September, I was fortunate to be selected to audition for the 2020 Metropolitan Male Choir (MMC) Music Scholarship. It is offered to young, talented musicians with proven musical ability via competitive audition.

After the audition process, I was privileged to be announced as the 1st prize winner. The prize consists of $2000 and I will be given two opportunities to perform as a soloist with the orchestra at the Town Hall and Elder Hall in 2020. I have always dreamt of performing at these two venues. My hard work has paid off, and my dream has finally come true! It was a challenging experience, but one I’ll never forget. Prior to this, I also won multiple prizes at the Sydney Violin Eisteddfod. Just as the quote from Zig Ziglar states, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” My love for violin has kept blossoming.

Angel Li
Year 8 student

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Year 9 Graduation

W8 - Year 9 Graduation 2
Proud parents, Middle School staff, and students packed the Arts Centre last Friday to support our Year 9 girls during their Graduation ceremony. This event is a chance to celebrate the achievements of every student throughout their Middle School journey.

With superb musical pieces showcasing talented Year 9 musicians and vocalists, and a stirring rendition of We are St Peter’s Girls, it was a fitting way to start this year’s celebratory season.

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Year 6 Graduation

W8 - Year 6 Graduation

The Year 6 Graduation and Exhibition were celebrated on Wednesday. The girls engaged in a ceremony to acknowledge the end of their time in the Junior School as they look forward to new and exciting opportunities and challenges in the Middle School.

Highlights included the Year 6 composed Graduation Song and the presentation of ‘The Golden Rule’ by Ilene Cooper to each student by their Reception and Year 1 buddies. Following the ceremony, the girls shared the inquiries into their chosen area of interest under the central idea of, ‘Global citizens can take action for the future of the planet’. This was a real celebration of all of the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout the PYP Exhibition process. It has been a pleasure to work with the Year 6 cohort this year, and we wish the graduating class all the best in 2020.

Sarah Braithwaite, Kim Butler-Nixon and Louisa Mitchell
Year 6 Teachers

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IB Students Take on Teaching

W8 - IB and Year 3

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Group 4 project is an interdisciplinary, collaborative endeavour where students across various Science subjects work together with the aims of developing an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge, appreciating the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology, and developing 21st century communication skills in science.

This year, the girls embarked upon a unique IB Diploma Programme-Primary Years Programme collaboration, where the Year 11 IB students worked in small groups to teach the budding Year 3 scientists, using hands-on experiments, demonstrations, videos and discussion. As an introductory exercise, the two groups met and discussed what the Year 3s already knew about science, and what they’d like to know more about. Then, small Year 11 groups, each comprising at least one Physics, one Chemistry and one Biology student, worked together to choose an idea and develop a lesson. This week, the Year 3 students were invited into the new Science Centre, where they donned their aprons and goggles, and the learning began! The topics ranged from parachutes to lava lamps, with students performing experiments including DNA extraction from strawberries, creating bubbles using dry ice and making glowsticks. Every student in both Year 11 and Year 3 was engaged, enthusiastic and excited, and staff were impressed by the depth of learning that occurred. All in all, this project was a very successful experiment!

Emily Gough and Carolyn Farr

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Holiday Opening/Closing Times

The School’s Front Office will be closed from 5pm Friday 20 December to 8am Monday 13 January.

The School Shop will be closed from 11am Thursday 12 December (except for those with bookings on 13 December) and will reopen during the last week of the school holidays from Monday 20 to Friday 24 January, 9am – 4pm. The School Shop will also be open on Tuesday 28 January for the New Student Orientation Day, and on the first day of Term 1, Wednesday 29 January.

The IT Hub will be open for much of the holiday break from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, but will be closed from 23 December to 3 January.

For School Vacation Care enquiries, contact OSHC Supervisor Rebecca Kranz via or 0419 999 552.

For ELC Vacation Care enquiries, please contact one of the following staff:

Learning Community 1 (Bell Yett and Stonyfell Rooms)
Danniella Capaldo
Phone: 0477 993 317 | 8155 5778

Learning Community 2 (Ferguson and Hallett Rooms)
Henrietta Balnaves
Phone: 0477 993 318 | 8155 5775

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Junior School Vacation Care

W5 - Vacation Care

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Vacation Care – December 2019 / January 2020 Program

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

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Acknowledgement Moves in New Direction

As a part of recognising reconciliation within our School, your RAP Ambassadors have re-designed the traditional Acknowledgement that is usually said at the beginning of Assemblies in hope that this new version will spark a more meaningful approach to acknowledging aboriginal culture and traditions within our country.

This version will now appear instead of the old Acknowledgement and will be updated regularly with content that reflects reconciliation. Let your RAP Ambassadors, Lucy Young, Hattie Maerschel, Letitia Page-Thomson or Tara Young know what you have been doing with a reconciliation focus, and you will become part of our ever-changing Acknowledgement.

This is a different version to the original Acknowledgement so it may take a while to get used to, however we hope that you can give this version a go as this is more reflective of our journey and acknowledges reconciliation specifically within our School community.

Lucy Young and Hattie Maerschel
RAP Ambassadors

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Top Results for Swimming Sisters

W8 - Open Water Swimming

The 2019 SA State Open Water Championships were recently held at West Lakes in cold and wintery conditions. Georgina Wakeham (Year 8) and Lara Wakeham (Year 10) both swam, with Georgina winning Bronze in the girls’ 13-14 years 5km event, and setting a National Age Qualifying time.

Lara swam the 7.5km event, earning herself a Gold medal, and also recording a National qualifying time.

Georgina and Lara will compete in these events at the Australian National Open Water Age Championships at Brighton in late January, two days after they finish competing in the pool at the SA State Swimming Championships.

Congratulations, girls!

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Environment Club’s Blanket Support

W8 - Environment Club
The Environment Club has been very busy with new initiatives this year. One that we will continue to do next year is crochet squares to make a blanket. We would like to thank all community members who  kindly donated wool. You can see from the photo that the girls have worked extremely hard and are very proud of their achievement. We will make a few more blankets and will donate them to St Vincent de Paul Society next year. The girls have discussed how they have enjoyed learning this new skill and have used it as a form of mindfulness. We hope that next year the group gets bigger and we can complete more blankets. The girls will learn new crochet styles in the new year.

I would like to thank Mrs Pauline Noblet, Mrs Lydia Scott and Mrs Heather Lines for their support in this project. Some teachers helped crochet squares, others taught the girls how to crochet, and Lydia was kind enough to sew it all together and crochet squares also.

So, stay tuned and we will display our creations in the eNews next year.

Anna Stefopoulos
Environment Club Facilitator

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Chinese Video Award for Superb Speakers

W8 - Award

Four Year 5 girls – Eliza Brill Reed, Eve Dillon, Lucy Tulloch and Madison Dornbusch – recently received 3rd prize for the Chinese Video Competition at the South Australian Chinese Language Award Ceremony, held at Elder Hall within the University of Adelaide. Their product was called ‘Minecraft Community’, and in the video, they spoke confidently in Chinese about the local places in their community. Congratulations to the girls and a special thank you to the parents who took them to the event.

Grace Le
Chinese Teacher

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Sky’s No Limit for Year 2 Kites

W8 - Kites

The sky was awash with bright, vivid colour on Thursday morning when the Year 2 girls celebrated their incredible learning journey by launching their kites with friends and family. The kites are a culmination of our inquiry learning as the girls discovered the many different ways to be active, how toys have changed over time, mathematical patterns and relationships, and the stories we can tell using images.

Kathryn Clark and Rebecca Greenhalgh
Year 2 Teachers

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Lively Reception for new Science Centre

W8 - Reception

This week, the Receptions visited the senior Science labs of the new Science Centre. The girls had a tour of the Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs and learnt about how to be safe when doing experiments. We completed an experiment called ‘King Kong’s Hand’, where we explored the ideas of chemical reactions. After adding sodium carbonate with vinegar, the fizzing and bubbling was very exciting watching King Kong’s Hand inflate. The girls showed enormous enthusiasm and worked collaboratively with each other.

Clare Gaskell and Roger Mills
Science Teachers

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Upcoming Event – Presentation Night

W7 - Upcoming Events
Presentation Night
Adelaide Town Hall
Monday 9 December
Students arrive at 6.30pm (unless advised otherwise by the Music Department)
Doors open at 7pm
Presentation Night is a compulsory event for students in Years 7 – 12.

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OSHC Temporary Relocation

Parents of R – 6 students are advised that the OSHC program, which was based in the Food Tech building, has been temporarily relocated to the transportable on the Oval.

To access the transportable, please use the main staircase outside the Stott Wing (with the St Peter’s Girls’ sign). Children will need to be dropped off and collected from the transportable.

Beck Kranz
OSHC Supervisor

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Saints Girls’ Rowing Bingo Night

W8 - Bingo Night

Join us for a fun night of bingo next year to support the Rowing Program at St Peter’s Girls!

Harry’s Bar
12 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Saturday 29 February 2020 at 7pm

$45 per person or $450 per table of 10 via Bookings open Wednesday 11 December 2019.

Tickets include pre-game drinks for the first hour, a bingo card in each of the three rounds (more cards can be purchased), and platters on tables. Amazing prizes will be up for grabs for each bingo round, with a grand prize for the final round. Fantastic auction items will also be on offer. Additional drinks can be purchased from the bar.

We encourage you to invite your friends and book a table of 10!

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Parent Year Level Representatives for 2020

We are now recruiting and looking forward to receiving nominations for Parent Year Level Reps for 2020!

We thank our 2019 Year Level Reps for their amazing efforts and dedication to the role in our 125th year. There have been so many fantastic year level events which wouldn’t have been possible without our valued volunteers.

In early 2020, Melissa and Fiona from the Community Relations Office will be holding a meeting in which Year Level Reps will be invited to attend, along with the presidents of our community groups at the School. This collaborative information session will set the scene for our 2020 events and give our Year Level Reps the opportunity to appropriately plan their year level events.

If you are a current parent and interested in becoming a Year Level Rep in 2020, or you would like to nominate someone in your year level, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Melissa Westgate

Fiona McGregor

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School Shop Reminder – Year 3 Parents

Parents/Guardians of Current Year 3 Students:

As your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform items you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2020.

The junior blazer (cardigan) is replaced by a navy blue jumper and a blazer. The rash vest and solar pant is replaced by the School bathers.

It is advisable to make an appointment on 8334 2228, as the School Shop is currently working through new student fittings.

School Shop

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Saints Girls’ Summer of Tennis 2019/20!

W9 - Tennis Coaching
Professional tennis coaching lessons are available during the summer holidays, held by Matt Ford. Students of Saints Girls, their family and friends are encouraged to attend. Coaching is suitable for children from Reception to Year 7.

From December 16 onwards throughout the holidays

Private or semi-private lessons can be arranged. You can also get a small group together to share the fun!

This will depend on the number of players and duration of the lesson.

For more details call 0412 855 073 OR email

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Music Theatre Camp and Spotlight 2020 – ‘FOUND’

W8 - Theatre
With the end of year and January school holidays looming, award-winning production company Pelican Productions is once again excited to present MTC and Spotlight 2020 – ‘FOUND’. In its sixteenth year, MTC takes the best of the best from Broadway and the West End and presents a music theatre performance like no other.

This year’s MTC performance includes some of the newest shows wowing audiences around the world right now with Come From Away, Moulin Rouge, Six and Beetlejuice all in this fantastic line up. Both MTC and Spotlight shows will also showcase old favourites Les Misérables, Bugsy, Aladdin and Mary Poppins. With performers from schools and universities around the state, the talent is really incredible. It will be starring some of our students who would love to see some familiar faces in the audience!

Saints Girls featuring in these performances are:

Lauren Fuller
Zoe Pool
Emma Pool
Eleanor Saies
Daisy Kennett
Sophie Blight
Zara Blight
Alyssa Tacono
Astrid Teague
Charlotte Norman
Eliza Brill Reed
Stephanie Andrejewskis
Isabelle Norman
Alice Reid
Victoria Thorp
Isobel Yelland

Sat 11 Jan – 5pm

Fri 17 Jan – 7.30pm
Sat 18 Jan – 2pm, 7.30pm
Sun 19 Jan – 11am, 3pm, 7.30pm
*Check the booking page for which performers are performing in which shows

Westminster College Theatre, Marion

Promotional Poster

Enjoy the very best of Broadway and the West End in one incredible show. Secure your tickets now at

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The Athlete’s Foot – School Rewards Program

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association is excited to be collaborating with the amazing team at The Athlete’s Foot, Burnside by joining their School Rewards Program.

This is a great fundraising opportunity, with $5 from every pair of shoes purchased being donated back to our School. This applies for each pair of shoes purchased for the whole family, across the complete in-store range of sports, school, work and casual shoes.

So head on down to The Athlete’s Foot at Burnside and check out their exclusive MyFit 3D fitting technology.

Please check the School’s uniform policy to ensure shoes are approved before purchasing.

The Athlete’s Foot – School Rewards Program Information

Bronwyn Bartter
Parents’ and Friends’ Association President

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Sports News

W8 - Sport
As the year comes to a close, the Sports Office wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday period. To all students who are departing Saints Girls, we wish you future success; to new students, we wish a warm welcome, and to all returning girls, we hope that you continue to strive to be the best you can be, to listen, learn and enjoy all aspects of sport and the benefits it offers.


On Saturday 30 November, St Peter’s Girls competed in the first of the School Premiership Series regattas for the 2019/20 Rowing season. There are four such regattas across the season, with the results from each contributing towards the overall School Premiership. The other regattas thus far this season have not been attended by all schools. Hence, this was the first opportunity for many of our crews to test themselves against a full field.
All of our crews competed well throughout the day, with some respectable results. Our Junior crews had fair results, with some strong placings including a creditable 5th place by the 8/9 B crew in their A Final, as well as the 7/8 A crew in their Final. However, most of the crews were slower than they were at the Junior Regatta two weeks ago in comparable conditions. With illness necessitating a number of crew changes, hopefully this regatta will have provided our Juniors with some valuable experience about dealing with disruptions, and not allowing ourselves to be over-awed by the occasion.

The Senior and Inters squads similarly showed some good signs, gaining valuable experience. The First 8+ performed strongly, easily qualifying through their heat and placing 4th in the A Final, a little over a second behind Seymour in 3rd. At only +15.53 seconds behind the winning time of Scotch, this result bodes well for what is possible in Term 1. – Brynley Millward (Director of Rowing)

First 8+
SG 1st 8+ [Heat] 2nd 07:29.8
SG 1st 8+ [A Final] 4th 07:21.8

First 4+
SG 4+ [Preliminary] 6th 08:11.8
SG 4+ [Final] 7th 09:41.9

9/10 A
SG 9/10 A 4x+ [Heat] 5th 06:27.2
SG 9/10 A 4x+ [B Final] 1st 06:23.7

8/9 A
SG 8/9 A 4x+ [Heat] 4th 04:28.37
SG 8/9 A 4x+ [B Final] 1st 04:21.16

8/9 B
SG 8/9 B 4x+ [Heat] 2nd 04:31.27
SG 8/9 B 4x+ [A Final] 5th 04:35.21

8/9 C
SG 8/9 C 4x+ [Heat] 4th 04:53.06
SG 8/9 C 4x+ [B Final] 2nd 04:41.86

8/9 D
SG 8/9 D 4x+ [Preliminary] 7th 05:34.03
SG 8/9 D 4x+ [Round 2] 5th 04:57.80

7/8 A
SG 7/8 A 4x+ [Final] 5th 05:15.03


Junior Division 1 – Saints 5-21 defeated Scotch 1-15
Singles: Sophie Blight 4-3, Chloe Richardson 4-3, Nicole Wang 4-1, Alison Francis 4-0

Junior Division 2 – Saints had a bye


Year 5/6
To finish off the season, the girls played a ‘King’s Court’ carnival with Seymour. All games were a lot of fun and involved the girls playing 10 minute games against both Saints and Seymour teams, the winner moving up a court with the ultimate aim of ending up on the ‘King’ court. All four teams played to the best of their abilities, and the growth from the first training to now was clearly evident. The team of Annabel Keough, Sophia Langley, Lucy Kitching and Anna Venning were crowned the Kings, and their support of each other was fantastic to watch. A big thank you to the coaches Jess, Ava, Anna and Georgie for not only coaching the girls but for their positivity and encouragement. – Kim Butler Nixon (Staff Supervisor)


This year, the House Spirit Cup was won by Kennion. Points are awarded at each of the major carnivals throughout the year (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Summer and Winter Interhouses). Votes are awarded for organisation pre-event as well as on the day, and overall level of spirit, involvement and encouragement amongst the House. Well done Kennion.


This week, we celebrated the achievements of our summer sports teams. To round out the year, Open A Water Polo were crowned premiers after an undefeated season, so too Middle A Volleyball with a terrific come-from-behind victory over Immanuel. Saints’ Basketball also tasted success with the Open team having an outstanding season, winning the B division title.

It was wonderful to present 39 Year 12 students with a memento of their involvement in sport and for the many, many students who have actively taken on mentor roles as coaches and officials, with Annabel Baldwinson receiving the Mentor of the Year Award.

Award winners:
Best Player – Sarah Matheson
Most Improved – Millie Wilkin

Middle A
Best Player – Chi Chi Zhao
Coaches Award – Sophie Ricciuto

Middle B
Best Player – Helen Zhang
Most Improved – Zara Chessell

Middle C
Best Player – Emily McCorley
Coaches Award – Lilli Bennett
Most Improved – Alysa Trinh

Coaches Award – Astrid Teague
Coaches Award – Charlotte Staples
Coaches Award – Grace Beaumont
Coaches Award – Annabel Baldwinson
Coaches Award – Nathara Perera
Most Improved – Ariel Spartalis
Most Improved – Helen Zhang

Open A
Best Player – Olivia Goldsmith
Coaches Award – Ehi Oyugbo

Open B
Best Player – Ellie Anderson
Coaches Award – Poppie Goldsmith

Open C
Best Player – Kendra Ware
Coaches Award – Adele Russell

Middle A
Best Player – Grace Richards
Most Improved – Isobel Yelland

Middle B
Best Player – Charlie Piper
Most Improved – Jasmine Segredos

Open A
Best Player – Charlotte White
Rising Star – Clair Kao
Best Team Player – Isabella Villani

Open B
Best Player – Ankita Rajbhoj
Coaches Award – Ruby Deakin

Open C1
Most Consistent – Caitlin Fidler
Coaches Award – Jenna Bowden

Middle A
Best Player – Charlie Fishlock
Most Improved – Hilary Clark

Middle B/C
Best Player – Eliza Monaghan
Coaches Award – Ruby Powell
Most Improved – Efua Yawson

Open A
Best Player – Fiona Lethbridge
Coaches Award – Lara Wakeham
Most Improved – Stephanie Smalls

Open B
Best Player – Sophie Dansie
Coaches Award – Georgina Wakeham

Open C
Best Player – Ashlyn May
Most Improved – Lila Gosse

Year 7/8
Best Player – Claudia Pearce
Most Improved – Zoe Pool

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