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eNews – Week 8, Term 4 2022

Issue no. 38

From Our Acting Principal

Adelaide SchoolsFor many, the Christmas period starts with the annual pageant – it’s the unofficial permission for many to crack open the decorations, set up the tree and start making guilt-free purchases of chocolates and mince pies. Perhaps it was the atrocious weather in November, the T20 World Cup and now the FIFA World Cup, but I seemed to have avoided the fact that Christmas is coming.

Until this week, that is. It’s impossible not to become enthusiastic about an Adelaide Christmas when you combine our impossibly cute Year 1 and Year 2 Nativity with our amazing Carols in the Cathedral. Couple that with a promising start to summer over a week when it’s actually felt warm, and the arrival of a Test Match at Adelaide Oval, and we’re beginning to get what I was promised about Christmas in Australia when I first moved here.

Whatever your traditions, plans and expectations are for the holiday period, I hope you find the time to reflect on the joy that family and companionship bring, and use your break to refuel and re-energise.

Staffing News

As we approach the end of another successful school year, and as we farewell our Year 12 students for the last time at Presentation Night, it is appropriate that we also acknowledge and thank those staff who have been here for a significant time who will also be moving onto pastures new at the end of the year.

Angie Storer has supported students individually and in small groups through her work as an ESO within the Learning Strategies Team over the past five years. Numerous students have benefited from her caring nature, positive attitude and belief in their ability to succeed. We are grateful for her support at school and on camps and excursions, and for the creative learning resources she has made and contributed to our collection. Angie is leaving to take up a different type of role, and we wish her all the very best in this next opportunity.

Rebecca Scott-Toms has been a valued member of the Mathematics Department for five years, and recently has been an effective and well-liked Home Group Teacher. Always available to her students for extra support, she regularly spends time at recess and lunch helping her students. Her energy, dedication and positive approach to school will be sorely missed, and we know she will soon be highly regarded at her new school.

Mark Routley has been teaching in the Junior School for the past nine years, predominantly teaching Year 3 until this year, where he taught Year 6. Mark challenges his students through rich and rigorous Units of Inquiry, and is keen to extend and enhance learning through a wide variety of in-school and external learning opportunities. A keen runner outside of school, Mark has enjoyed getting to know students on the sporting field through coaching co-curricular sport. We wish him well as he embarks on the next challenge of his teaching career.

Helen MacLaren has been with us for the past 10 years in the Learning Strategies Team. She has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is a passionate advocate for students who have diverse learning needs. Helen has made valuable contributions to the EDGE Program, Philosophy programs and has taught Theory of Knowledge (TOK) in the IB Diploma course. Her lifelong love of learning and desire to see all students feel successful and reach their potential has been a hallmark of her time at Saints Girls.

Ayako Uchikawa has taught at all levels of Japanese at Saints Girls, from ELC to Year 12, during the course of her 17 years at the School. She is the epitome of the quiet achiever, and has always sought to make Japanese interesting and relevant for our girls. Ayako has been an integral part of school trips, exchange programs, pen pal and video partnerships, and the research project with UniSA that resulted in the Junior School Intensive Languages Program. She will be missed greatly by both staff and students, and we wish her well as she moves to another school.

On another front, we wish Director of Sport Tommy Peak many happy returns as he embarks on parental leave in 2023. His role will be ably filled by a familiar face in Netball Director Alice Johnswood.

There are some fantastic new members of staff commencing at Saints Girls in 2023, who you will be able to meet and make welcome at our Drinks on the Lawns on Friday 10 February.

Richard Lisle
Acting Principal

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Carols in the Cathedral Joyful and Triumphant

Heavenly harmonies rang out on Tuesday evening as our School community united in song and prayer at our annual Carols Service.

It was an honour to return to the glorious St Peter’s Cathedral for this treasured tradition.

Well done to our Music students and staff for producing such sublime performances yet again.

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Year 1 and 2 Nativity Stars

The stars lit up the sky as the spectacular Year 1 and 2 Nativity hit the stage on Wednesday for performances of The Magical Christmas Jigsaw.

This beautiful story began at a bustling Christmas market full of the joyful sounds of carol singers and cheeky market-sellers. Five excited children came across a very special stallholder who gave them a tatty old Christmas jigsaw in return for the promise that they would find time to complete it on Christmas Eve. Each piece of the jigsaw puzzle revealed a special story within the traditional Nativity tale, and the audience was led on a magical adventure by Big Star to meet the Three Kings, Shepherds, Innkeepers, King Herod and his courtiers, Joseph and Mary, and of course baby Jesus!

The cast of Year 2 actors filled the stage with action and energy, and the Year 1 Star Choir was simply divine. This was a very special way to ring in the festive season and make time to remember the true meaning of Christmas spirit and love.

Kathryn Clark and Rebecca Greenhalgh
Year 2 Teachers

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Stunning Scenes at Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition

Our incredibly talented Year 12 Visual Arts students have showcased stunning pieces of work at their final exhibition on Wednesday evening.

The girls were proud to share their variety of skills and styles to their parents and the community in our Elizabeth Pike Art Centre.

Take a look at some of the eye-catching pieces:

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ELC Hat Ceremony Warms Hearts

There were heart-warming scenes at our ELC Hat Ceremony on Monday as our 2023 Receptions received their School hat and bag during this treasured tradition.

The girls were guided by our incoming Prefects and presented to the audience by Head of Junior School Suzanne Haddy to celebrate their pathway to school.

We wish them all the best as they begin their Saints Girls’ School journey next year!

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Year 6 Graduates Beam with Pride

The Year 6 Graduation and Exhibition last Friday celebrated the conclusion of the students’ Junior School education and their work as Year 6 Leaders.

During the ceremony, the Junior Choir sang ‘Just Believe’ by Pinkzebra and Emily Kim played violin solo ‘Sonatine’ by Dvořák. In the weeks leading up to the event, the students reflected on the School’s core values of courage, creativity and compassion, and a video was created recognising moments from Reception to Year 6 where they demonstrated these values. It was lovely to see the breadth of activities they had recalled.

The finale was an uplifting song composed by the entire Year 6 group together with our talented Music Teacher Robyn Habel, titled ‘Side by Side’, which was performed beautifully.

The Exhibition followed the Graduation, showcasing the students’ final inquiry projects.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Year 6 Exhibition Breaks New Ground

The Year 6 Exhibition is the final step in the IB Primary Years Programme journey. In this unit, each student undertakes a personal project which connects to the idea that, ‘Global citizens can take action for the future of the planet.’

This year, the students began thinking about their choice of topic by participating in a problem-solving day using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each of them visually represented their learning, explained the thinking behind it and created a digital message to share their newfound knowledge. They also kept a journal of the steps taken and wrote an explanation about their research.

The girls proudly showcased their work to their parents and visitors in the Junior School last Friday following the conclusion of their Graduation. In the lead up to this final presentation, they showed their work to many Junior School classes and the Year 6 students from Prince Alfred College. The feedback from these groups was an important part of the process. It was encouraging to hear the girls articulate the important take-away messages designed to raise awareness and interest around the very worthwhile global topics they investigated.

Helen Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School/IB PYP Coordinator

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Stellar Success at English and Maths Competitions


Each year, our Year 3 to 6 students are encouraged to enter the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English and Mathematics Assessments, and the Australian Mathematics Trust Mathematics Competition. We are proud to share the results:

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English Assessment

High Distinction:
Charlotte Sproston (Year 4)
Chutong Liang (Year 6)
Christina Zhu (Year 6)

We are thrilled for Charlotte, Chutong and Christina (pictured above) for achieving the highest award possible for the ICAS English paper at their year levels. As well as receiving a High Distinction, they were each awarded an ICAS English Medal. Congratulations to these girls on their outstanding achievement.

A special mention to the following students:

Lucy Dougherty (Year 3)
Aimee Ju (Year 3)
Jiaen Lu (Year 3)
Samaira Soodan (Year 3)
Lucille T (Year 3)
Zara Millhouse (Year 4)
Sophie Philpott (Year 4)
Violet Tulloch (Year 4)
Victoria Hii (Year 5)
Elizabeth Layton (Year 5)
Maggie Cannon (Year 6)
Olive Dawson (Year 6)
Emily Kim (Year 6)
Eva Lands (Year 6)
Aarcha Rakesh (Year 6)
Jess Woods (Year 6)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics Assessment

We congratulate the following students on their achievements:

High Distinction
Amy Li (Year 4)

Amber Guo (Year 3)
Amy Liau (Year 3)
Samaira Soodan (Year 3)
Aarabi Piragalathan (Year 4)
Victoria Hii (Year 5)
Emily Kim (Year 6)
Eva Lands (Year 6)
Chutong Liang (Year 6)
Maria Prakash (Year 6)
Serena Zhang (Year 6)
Christina Zhu (Year 6)

Australian Mathematics Trust Mathematics Competition

Well done to the following students on their outstanding results:

Best in School Award
Amy Li (Year 4)

High Distinction
Amy Li (Year 4)
Jessie Ju (Year 4)
Aurelia Tan (Year 4)
Emily Kim (Year 6)
Christina Zhu (Year 6)

Amber Guo (Year 3)
Esther He (Year 3)
Aimee Ju (Year 3)
Jiaen Lu (Year 3)
Kimaya Anand (Year 4)
Tia Dong (Year 4)
Yuru Duan (Year 4)
Elise Fuller (Year 4)
Olivia Ianniello (Year 4)
Hailey Lee (Year 4)
Dilini Ranathunga (Year 4)
Charlotte Sproston (Year 4)
Clara Toh (Year 4)
Violet Tulloch (Year 4)
Erin Liau (Year 5)
Eleanor Bartter (Year 6)
Grace Cao (Year 6)
Aoife Carty (Year 6)
Si Cheng (Year 6)
Eva Lands (Year 6)
Chutong Liang (Year 6)
Caitlyn Sam-Ling (Year 6)
Lucille Trengove (Year 6)
Anika Vaidya (Year 6)
Julia Yang (Year 6)
Serena Zhang (Year 6)
Victoria Zou (Year 6)

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Junior School Mathematicians Strike Again!

At our final Junior School Assembly for the year, we congratulated 27 of our girls from Reception through to Year 5 who achieved outstanding results in the Primary Maths Challenge. With nearly 20 years of success behind us, it is wonderful to see our students continue to excel in this annual statewide competition which develops students’ appreciation of the scope of mathematics along with their critical and creative thinking.

Enormous thanks to Ms Burton-Howard, Mrs Smith and Mrs MacLaren for their fabulous mentoring of our girls.

To read the results, click here

Cath Kelly
Learning Strategies Teacher

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Dancing and Dumplings on Chinese Adventure

In Week 6, the Year 9 Chinese students visited a Chinese dancing class and Empress Chinese restaurant to finalise their language learnings for the year.

We learnt three different dances – one with a fan, one using a scarf and one without props. This class was an amazing experience and has helped us better understand Chinese dancing and the skill it requires. We then visited Empress, a wonderful Chinese restaurant where we had dishes such as 麻婆豆腐(homestyle tofu) and 烤鸭 (roast duck). We also learned about traditional dining customs in China such as the hostess seat, some dos and don’ts during the dining and the culture behind them.

Going on this excursion has helped us gain a greater understanding of Chinese culture and solidified our knowledge of what we have been learning in class.

Alix Douglas
Year 9 student

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Prize-Winning Chinese Singing

Year 4 students Aarabi Piragalathan, Tia Dong, Kimaya Anand and Raashee Singh participated in the South Australia Chinese Singing Competition at University of Adelaide’s Elder Hall, winning 3rd place!

They were accompanied by Year 7 musicians Molly Liu and Chen Chen Han (violin), and Jana Song (cello). The traditional Chinese song ‘Farewell’ with lyrics by Chinese artist Li Shutong captivated the audience. Below is a pre-recorded video of the piece. Well done girls!

Ann Li
International Student Manager


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Picture-Perfect Outing in Japanese Gardens

Last month, our Year 9 Japanese class went on an excursion to the Himeji Gardens in the city. The site has a beautiful variety of Japanese features and traditional aspects including the sand garden which is a large square section of sand and gravel raked into unique patterns. There were rocks and small trees to imitate a Japanese landscape.

The gardens also featured bonsai plants, animals, structures and fountains along with many trees and ponds which were my favourite. The Japanese trees were so well looked after and had been cut and shaped to make the garden look and feel very traditional. These trees are so pretty and I loved how they all look different. I also enjoyed seeing all the animals in the pond. I love turtles, so when I saw the three turtles swimming in the water, I was very excited. The pond also has some big orange fish that look like Koi fish, and there was a large duck that sat on a small feature.

I loved going to the Himeji Gardens. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is unmatched and was a lovely, calming experience. It was a fun way to end the year.

Asha Eaton
Year 9 student

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New Heights for Year 7 Physical Theatre

Our Year 7 Physical Theatre classes recently devised their own group pieces, influenced by a series of poems they selected as a script, and performed for the Year 7 cohort in the Arts Centre.

This task involved conveying a theme through movement and speaking with confidence and clarity. The integration of technology enhanced the visual impact, and the theatre and dance skills gained in class time were demonstrated throughout each unique and creative performance.

The girls displayed exceptional teamwork and managed their class time efficiently to ensure they had a polished performance to present. Both Ms Combe and I were very impressed with the quality of the work as well as the girls’ enthusiasm and engagement in this project.

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Year 9 Learners Explore Indigenous Service

On Friday of Week 6, the Year 9 cohort had a combined History incursion/excursion where they heard from Aboriginal Veterans SA and visited the Army Museum of South Australia at Keswick.

Guest speaker Frank Lampard provided insights into how he views service as an Aboriginal man, based on his experience in the Vietnam War. Fellow speaker, author of the first history into South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service, Ian Smith, highlighted the remarkable stories of Aboriginal service and sacrifice since Federation, and how the struggle for recognition continues. Both speakers have been heavily involved in developing the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial at the Torrens Parade Ground.

Students also experienced the interactive exhibits at the Army Museum which included the Gallipoli landings, trench warfare, and the daily life and equipment of a soldier. They were fascinated by the allocations of rations and were able to wear the heavy packs of infantry personnel. They heard from Vietnam veteran and tracker dog handler Peter Haran about how this conflict involved unique challenges in locating the enemy and evacuating wounded soldiers within a jungle canopy.

Students reflected on highlights of the experience:

‘Seeing visual structures of the battlefields as well as the presentation of information in an engaging way such as being able to walk around the museum and look at aspects of World War 1 that interest us.’ – Francine Stavrou

‘Seeing the weapons was really interesting as well as the interactive information in the museum.’ – Isabella Howie

‘I appreciated being able to interact with and hold some of the bags and other items that were used during the war, and also wandering around the museum and seeing things for ourselves.’ – Vicki Maider

Gregor Dingwall
Head of Humanities

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Year 9s Mentor Young Sports

Our ELC children were thrilled to participate in a Sports Morning coordinated by our Year 9 students last Friday.

The Year 9s designed, developed and practised the delivery of a 10-minute gross motor skills session throughout Week 7, culminating in the Sports Morning. They focused on improving the children’s movement, coordination and balance through key stages in each session. Our ELC friends had a great time with the older girls, displaying excellent listening skills and energy.

For our Year 9s, this leadership initiative was aimed at developing their communication skills, both in their peer groups and whilst leading a group of children. They showed sound leadership in supporting each of our ELC friends, and for those who were a little hesitant, kind words and a hand to hold were offered.

We thank the Year 9 girls for stepping out of their comfort zones and providing this opportunity for our ELC children.

Tommy Peak
Director of Sport

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Treasured Donations from Saints’ Community

In Weeks 5 and 6, the Year 10 Kilburn Home Group collected donations for our House Charity, Treasure Boxes, an organisation that collects resources and material for disadvantaged children and families in need. These particular donations were aimed specifically for children including toiletries, toys, books, stationery and other necessary items.

Once the donated items were collected, with Mr Bassett’s guidance, we sorted them into various packages for each child and packed them into boxes so that we can help the lives of children in less fortunate circumstances for Christmas this year. On Wednesday, Penny Doyle from Treasure Boxes visited the School to kindly accept the donations.

This experience was extremely rewarding and a fantastic way to develop our empathy and make a difference in our community. It has been a joy work with Treasure Boxes this year and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them next year.

Sophie Upton
Year 10 student

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Year 6 Leaders Shine Light on Global Issues

Earlier this term, the Year 6 girls took part in a ‘Solve the 17 Day’, considering the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are a universal call to action to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change. Many of the students based their PYP Exhibition Inquiry on one of these goals, hence learning even more about global citizenship.

As part of their Leadership program and wider service learning, funds were raised at the Junior School Book Fair and Junior School Pyjama Day, enabling the purchase of 75 solar buddy light kits. The Year 6 cohort assembled these lights and wrote an accompanying letter which will be sent overseas to a solar buddy community program to help increase children’s study hours, improve night safety and reduce the use of kerosene.

Congratulations to the Junior School Library Leaders and Ambassadors for their efforts in the fundraising side of this initiative. Well done also to the Year 6 students for taking part in the solar buddy program, involving both learning and making change in a socially impactful, environmentally sustainable way.

Louisa Mitchell, Sarah Braithwaite and Mark Routley
Year 6 Teachers

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Year 2 Wellbeing in Full Flight

The sky was filled with colourful kites as the Year 2 girls celebrated their ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry. During the term, we have been considered the central idea that ‘The choices people make affect their health and wellbeing.’ The girls have researched food groups to discover aspects of a balanced diet, participated in a range of physical activities and enjoyed the benefits of mindfulness. They loved designing and creating their own kites, and yesterday morning was shared with families as we launched the kites into the sky!

The girls then enjoyed cooking our own healthy lunch with Chef Steve from HomeFresh Cooking School, preparing roasted Mediterranean vegetables and chicken parmigiana. It was a delightfully delicious way to celebrate our amazing year of learning together!

Kathryn Clark and Rebecca Greenhalgh
Year 2 Teachers

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Welcome to Middle School Evening

Last week, we held a special event to welcome families joining us in Year 7 next year. Those commencing at Saints Girls in 2023 gathered with current Year 6 families on the Middle School Deck for a relaxing afternoon of socialising, music and lawn games.

The event, which was matched with perfect weather, provided a wonderful opportunity for students to spend more time with their buddies following our Step Up and Orientation activities last week, as well as welcoming new families to our community.

Jess Geraghty
Director of Enrolments, Marketing and Advancement

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Pelican Productions: Music Theatre Camp Concerts

Each January, many of our Music students head off to Pelican Productions to participate in the annual Music Theatre Day Camp. In 2023, the camp is entitled, ‘We’re All Made Of Stars’. This is a wonderful experience for students who have a passion for music theatre and is a chance to make and build friendships with others. Students are also able to meet and work with some amazing industry professionals.

At the end of the camp, students present a series of songs from various musicals including the hit television show Smash, along with sets from Muriel’s Wedding and Matilda with full staging, lighting and costumes, culminating in performances in the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts at Westminster School.

While registrations for this day camp have closed, I encourage our Performing Arts students to see the very professional and special show. The concerts will be held on:

Friday 20 January – 7.30pm
Saturday 21 January – 2pm and 7.30pm
Sunday 22 January –  11am, 3pm and 7.30pm

For tickets, click here

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Middle and Senior School Textbook Reminder

Booklists for 2023 were released online by Box of Books (for Years 7 – 12) on Wednesday 16 November for parents/guardians to complete and submit by Friday 9 December.

Ordering before the due date ensures your daughter’s order is prioritised for delivery prior to the commencement of the 2023 school year.

Steps in ordering textbooks:

  1. Visit Box of Books Shop to log in to your existing parent/guardian account or create a new account if it is your first purchase.
  2. Add each student, including school email as well as nominating the school and year group.
  3. Select the items you wish to purchase from the booklist shown.
  4. Use the checkout to organise postage direct to your nominated address and complete payment.

If you have any problems accessing booklists, please phone the Box of Books Customer Support Line: 1800 326 657

For all Middle and Senior School curriculum-based enquiries, please contact the relevant staff member.

Lisa Hollis
Head of Library and Information Services

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Friends of Rowing – Wine Fundraiser

Support the development of the Rowing Program at St Peter’s Girls’ School by purchasing from a fantastic selection of wines:

  • Lambert Estate – Barossa Valley
  • The Lane – Adelaide Hills
  • Bird in Hand – Adelaide Hills
  • d’Arenberg – McLaren Vale

Vintages are subject to change. In the event of wines being in short supply, we will contact you. Prices are only available for this fundraiser. Each wine can only be ordered by minimum purchase. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Purchases can be made via TryBooking – click here

The campaign runs until 11 December 2022 (no orders after this date can be accepted). Orders to be collected on Sunday 18 December from 11am – 3pm at St Peter’s Girls’ School. Wine can be collected after Sunday 18 December by prior arrangement; please contact Fiona McGregor, Community Relations – Events Officer via 8334 2225 or

Liquor Licence: #203237

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Professional School Photo Offers

Offer 1 – $88 digital package (unlimited number of photos)
To view the photos, visit
Select Gallery
To access, use the password: SaintsGirls
Email Mark at, quoting the photo numbers and event. He will be in contact with you to finalise the order.

Offer 2 – $27 per printed photo
The Special Groups offer includes photos of House Captains, Generations, Originals, Year 12 cohort and the Year 12 image from the Chiverton Balcony
Select School Portraits
Enter access key: 7XE7K6YB

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark via or 8389 9002.

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Junior School Vacation Care – Book Now

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

December 2022 / January 2023 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so secure your booking now – click here

Please make your booking requests via the link above by 2pm Friday 2 December, as each booking made after this time will incur an additional $5 fee.

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School Holiday Closing/Opening Dates

The Front Office will be closed from Monday 19 December and re-open on Monday 9 January.

The IT Hub will be closed from Friday 16 December and re-open on Monday 9 January.

The School Shop will be closed from Thursday 15 December and re-open on Monday 23 January.

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COVID-19 Information

As you may be aware, a number of COVID-19 requirements have been lifted including mandatory isolation for those who test positive. Notwithstanding this, SA Health encourages anyone who is ill to stay home until the symptoms have cleared (usually five to seven days).

As there is no longer a set COVID isolation period, you must notify the School each day your child will be absent, or provide the expected period of absence.


0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

Phone: 8334 2200

The School is no longer required to record details of COVID-19 cases for SA Health; however, there is still a requirement for South Australians who test positive using a RAT to report their result to SA Health online.

Close contacts with symptoms should get tested and stay home until well.

For more information, click here

As always, we will keep you informed of any updated advice.

Please note that if your child is unwell, they should remain home until they have recovered, irrespective of the illness.

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School Medical Information Reminder

It is imperative that all medical information, including immunisations, is up to date on the School’s myLink parent portal.

Please follow this pathway to check and/or update details: myLink > Community Portal > My Details > select child name

If you have any questions, please email

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Road Safety Alert

The School has received reports of concerning driver behaviour on Hallett Road. This includes holding up traffic while waiting for cars to leave in order to park near the ELC, performing risky u-turns and parking in bus zones.

As our staff have no jurisdiction over public roads, the School will be asking the police to conduct regular patrols at peak times.

We implore all of our community members to support road safety and show courtesy to others.

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Car Park Protocols

It is important to remind families about our car park protocols, particularly during drop off and pick up.

If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street.

Please note that, unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please also refrain from turning right into or out of the car park at peak times, and please do not queue in the car park’s lanes as this often prevents drivers who are legally parked from exiting.

We have also previously received complaints about cars being parked too close to or in front of driveways, or across from other vehicles in surrounding streets, making it extremely difficult for residents and other road users to navigate.

We ask all community members to show consideration for others. Thank you for your cooperation.

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School Shop Notices

School Shop Holiday Opening Hours

Thursday 15 December – Friday 20 January: Closed
Monday 23 January: 9am – 3pm
Tuesday 24 January: 9am – 3pm
Wednesday 25 January: 9am – 3pm
Thursday 26 January: Closed
Friday 27 January: Closed

Normal hours resume from Monday 30 January
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

To help reduce your waiting time, and if you require a full fitting, it is advisable to call the School Shop on 8334 2228 prior to coming in.

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop

Uniform Requirements for 2023 Year 4 Students

If your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform requirements that you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2023.

The junior blazer (cardigan) is no longer worn and is replaced by a navy blue jumper and a wool blazer.

School Shop

New ELC Uniforms

We are excited to announce our ELC will be rolling out a new custom-designed uniform from December 2022. This beautiful new range takes into consideration the unique sizes, proportions and needs of our youngest community members, giving our ELC children a smart, cohesive look, and simplifying the routine of getting dressed in the morning.

2023 will be a phasing-out period, where children can continue to wear pieces of the old ELC uniform to supplement their outfits, giving families time to purchase the new garments.

From 2024, the new ELC uniform will be compulsory for all children to wear during their time at the ELC. Children will need to wear both the top and bottom pieces (t-shirt; shorts; long sleeve top; long pants). A plain navy-coloured long sleeve top will be permitted to be worn underneath the t-shirt. For summer and high UV periods, children will wear the new ELC bucket hat, and for cooler periods, there will be new ELC vest and jacket options to replace non-ELC jackets, jumpers and vests.

These new items will be available for purchase from our School Shop in mid-December, and we look forward to seeing the children proudly wear their new ELC attire.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Absences from School

If your child will not be attending school/ELC due to illness or otherwise, please notify the School via one of the following methods and include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group.

If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

Please also provide a reason for the absence as the School requires this for government reporting purposes.

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

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Sports News


Congratulations to Phoebe and Matilda for taking away Bronze medals at the National Taekwondo Championships in Bendigo over the weekend.

Both girls competed in their respective age and weight sparring divisions, fighting extremely hard with amazing spirit and sportsmanship against the best in the country.

The girls, along with fellow Saints Girl Grace, were also awarded their Black Belt grading, a significant achievement involving a great deal of commitment over many months. Well done girls, you have made your club, State and School extremely proud.

From Our 2023 Sport Prefect

Adelaide SchoolsWell done to all of the girls who have participated in School sport this year! I hope you have enjoyed playing sport with your friends and continue to strive to be the best you can be, by representing Saints Sport with pride in 2023.

Heading into Christmas and the New Year is an extremely busy period, and sometimes we can forget to exercise. It can be challenging to fit in some exercise, or sometimes we are out of our normal exercise routine. The holidays are for a break and a time to rest the body; however, small day-to-day activities like taking a walk, riding your bike, going for a swim, running up the stairs and drinking plenty of water can be incorporated into your holiday schedule. By doing this, you can stay fit and healthy whilst also enjoying a relaxing break! Ask a friend or a family member to join you and make your exercise a fun time.

2023 School sport will commence as soon as Term 1 begins, so staying fit in the holidays will make it easier to start again in the New Year.

I wish you all a happy holiday break, and remember to stay festively fit!

Annie Warrick
2023 Sport Prefect

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