Enews – Week 2, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 13
W2 Generations in Jazz

Success at Generations in Jazz

Our girls were truly on-song at the prestigious Generations in Jazz festival in Mount Gambier last weekend, taking out a swag of awards in a competition involving about 4700 students from schools around the nation. Our Vocal Quintet was crowned best small vocal ensemble in the highest division, one of the top three categories of the event. Our other vocal group was named best large ensemble in Division 2. Our Stage Band also impressed the crowds and four of our girls scored individual honours. We thank the girls for their wonderful work and leadership; the positive approach and dedication they have all modelled is one of the main factors in our success.

Check out the video below to see the girls in action live on ABC Radio Adelaide!

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music


Every single Stage Band, Enchanté and Vocal Quintet student should be so proud of what they achieved. Looking back on the hours of note bashing, choreography, workshops and working on fine details, I can honestly say every minute was worth it. I am so grateful to the school for entering Saints Girls into this competition every year and for enabling me to be a part of it. This year, the Quintet had the privilege of participating in a workshop with Sally Cameron. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing vocalist who challenged us to think about different approaches to our sound as a small ensemble.

For me, the most exciting moment of the entire weekend was when several girls were acknowledged with individual awards. Izzy Norman’s powerful performance of ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’ won her the Division 2 best vocalist award, an outstanding achievement! I am very grateful to have been given the same accolade, the Ron Denning Award, for Division 1. Being able to walk up on the stage in front of almost 5000 people and receive such an honour was very moving and I’d like to thank Erin McKellar who helped me reach that point.

For all the girls who think they can’t sing, who think that their goal is too high or believe the old ‘I just don’t have the brain’ – well, I never thought I could sing jazz! This competition is an incredible opportunity to network, develop as a musician, enjoy the hype of performing and explore the genre of jazz, and while I am sad that this was my last one, I am thrilled that I and the other Year 12s left with a bang. Well done girls!

Sarah Brownridge
Music Captain, Year 12 Chorister/Pianist (Vocal Quintet, Enchanté, Stage Band)

I cannot express how thrilled and grateful I am for our success at my final Generations in Jazz and for being given the opportunity to participate. GIJ isn’t just a chance to perform, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about jazz and meet like-minded individuals who inspire you to achieve your goals. There is no doubt that the performances we gave on the day were some of, if not, the best we have done and this is attributable to the dedication of the girls and our music tutors. From Friday evening rehearsals for Stage Band to the infamous Sunday morning rehearsals for Enchanté, the commitment of these girls is a credit to Saints and the staff. I would especially like to thank our Stage Band Director Ms Rounsevell, Enchanté Director Mrs Noble and Robyn Habel for their endless support and encouragement. Every GIJ teaches you new things that don’t only develop you as an artist, but help you grow an even bigger appreciation of music. Generations truly is a life-changing experience.

Sophie Shearwood
Year 12 Chorister, Tenor Saxophone (Enchanté and Stage Band)

I have been to Generations in Jazz for six years in a row and each time has sent something new and exciting my way. Over the years, I have particularly enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by so many like-minded people in a place where music is embraced wholeheartedly. Everyone who travels to GIJ aims to come out of the experience having developed skills as musicians. I would like to congratulate Antonia Kirsten-Parsch (Baritone Saxophone) and Ellen Zhang (Trumpet) for getting into the Division 3 Superband comprising the best musicians in the whole division – an amazing feat that highlights the talent we have at Saints Girls. When we put all of our individual talents together, we get something that is truly incredible. Enchanté’s rendition of ‘Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child’ reduced the audience to tears, while Stage Band had the whole crowd bopping along to their music. To have Saints Girls dominate such a prestigious competition is phenomenal and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you to Ms Rounsevell and Mrs Noble for making this trip happen and for putting their blood, sweat and tears into our ensembles in order to make us perform to our best potential. Also, thank you to all of our instrumental and vocal teachers, in particular Robyn Habel, for being our biggest and most enthusiastic supporters.

Lydia Smalls
Year 12 Band Captain (Stage Band)

I thoroughly enjoyed my last time competing at Generations in Jazz and couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s accomplishments. From rehearsals at music camp, lunchtime, before school and weekends, everyone displayed a high level of commitment and dedication. Enchanté delivered an outstanding performance, earning us recognition and praise from the adjudicators Darren Percival and Nick Begby. A special thanks to Ms Rounsevell, Mrs Noble, Erin McKellar and Robyn Habel. Without them, our stellar results would not have been possible. I am very grateful to have received the opportunity to participate in such a unique jazz festival and hope Saints’ success continues to flourish.

Grace Callen
Year 12 Chorister (Enchanté)

For this year’s Generation In Jazz, girls in our school had worked really hard in order to prepare for this competition, using time at music camp, every regular school day rehearsal as well as some Sunday rehearsals, showing their full commitment and enthusiasm. After our remarkable performance in Division 2, we have earned high recognition and accomplishment from the adjudicator Darren Percival and massive cheers from our audience, including schools that were also competing in the division. As my last GIJ before I graduate, I truly experienced the joy of jazz music and cherished the great opportunity to collaborate with my vocal ensemble, Enchanté to achieve this great result.

Nancy Huang
Year 12 Chorister (Enchanté)

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From the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Girls making a difference

Kate Mortimer
Schools, like society, often celebrate success and improvement. This is of course natural. Achievement at the top of one’s field, be it sport, academics or the Arts, should be celebrated. As should individual improvement within any area of school life. But, equally important is the recognition of those who take active steps to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Last term, Brooke Oliver attended The Mary Magdalene Centre to serve food on a Saturday evening. She returned to school with a proposal to collect cards, envelopes and stamps which would be made available to patrons at the Centre. Brooke spoke to Year 11 about this initiative and outlined the difference it could make to someone who had fallen out of contact with their family or loved ones. The ability to send a card to someone you care about is something that many of us take for granted. Brooke drove the initiative for weeks and last Saturday returned to the Centre, delivering the collections she had taken from Year 11. What was it that generated her decision to act? The answer is probably best explained in her own words:

“Whilst volunteering at the Centre last term, I found myself talking to a young girl, aged 16, who was dealing with the challenge of raising her own young child. The way she was independently raising her, struggling without any support from her family really resonated within me and inspired me to initiate a card drive at our school that gave everyone at the Centre the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones.”

Felicia Mi, Amira Shahin, Sindhu Nedumaran and Grace Edwards are currently pushing a Winter Clothing Drive for Syrian refugees who are living in a camp in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. They identified a need for winter clothing in a part of the world where people are forced to burn plastic to survive. The girls will also be visiting other Adelaide schools in an attempt to raise a sizeable donation of clothing. They then plan to ship the clothes to Lebanon. Their response to the needs of others provides us all the opportunity to reflect on how often we consider taking action to help those who are less fortunate.

These are only a small sample of the ways in which our girls are having a positive impact on both local and global communities. Their empathy and desire to improve the lives of others provides an inspiring example for us all.

11 Winter Drive
Amira Shahin, Sindhu Nedumaran, Felicia Mi and Grace Edwards

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2017 Europe Trip

W2 Europe Trip

An itinerary packed with a lifetime of experiences that our students will remember and treasure forever.

Our journey started in London with visits to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and a relaxing Thames cruise. All of the students were suitably impressed with our first glimpse of Big Ben. The London Dungeons provided a snapshot of medieval London history and was a very educational and entertaining stop. Madame Tussauds was so much fun having ‘selfies’ with our favourite famous people. The Lion King was our ‘West End’ theatre experience and the performance was extraordinary. We were able to relate to all the ‘Brexit’ jokes and added SIMBAlism throughout.

The Warner Bro’s Harry Potter Studio Tour was a personal highlight to all. It was incredible to walk around such detailed and well-lit sets, to learn about the costumes and animatronic creatures and to taste Butterbeer for the first time. Many of the girls bought their favourite character’s wand as a lasting souvenir.

The Eurostar carried us to France in the ‘Chunnel’ and our first glimpse of the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night took our breath away. The Palace of Versailles was extraordinary – We were blown away by the intricate artworks and the Hall of Mirrors. It was like we had stepped into the 18th century. Shopping in Paris was an exciting time for us all. There were a variety of stores ranging from well-known department shops like H&M to little French boutiques. On our second morning in France we climbed the Eiffel Tower, and were rewarded for our patience in the queues with a spectacular view of Paris. Later, we visited L’Arc de Triomphe and then had a quick look around the Louvre, stopping by the Mona Lisa of course!

We spent the next three days in Arras, visiting World War One battlefields, memorials and Commonwealth War Cemeteries. Our excellent tour guide Jon, taught us so much about the Great War; one of the facts being the youngest Australian soldier was only 14! This will be a valuable experience as we continue our study of senior history. Annabel Baldwinson, Faye Ma and Zoe Scobie had the privilege of taking part in the Menin Gate Last Post Service laying a wreath on behalf of our school. As we left France for our onward journey to Berlin, we looked back with some pride on our attempts to speak French.

On Anzac Day, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Australian Ambassador’s residence in Berlin for breakfast, and then lay a wreath on behalf of the Youth of Australia at an official Anzac Day service, an incredibly unique experience for not only Bethany Cross and Ashleigh Rogers who represented the school but all who attended this special service so far from Australia.

Berlin offers a unique historical perspective. Most intriguing were the memorials to the Holocaust and the Cold War ‘wall’ remnants. The Jewish Memorial in the heart of Berlin was a sobering reminder of the atrocities suffered. The remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall were truly mesmerising and reminded us of what life was like in the divided city. The East Side Gallery (street art on portions of the Berlin Wall) was an amazing experience and showed the group how Berliners expressed their frustrations creatively about political divisions.

Our visit to Nuremberg was magical. We stayed in the Kaiserburg town castle and spent our days exploring the medieval town and shopping in this quaint location.

Despite only spending a few hours in Munich, we discovered the majesty of the city. Our final day was spent at Dachau and linked our experience at the Jewish Memorial in Berlin to the realities of a concentration camp.

While the focus of the trip was History and a chance to practice our French, we did manage to positively support the economy of the EU with our expert ability to shop!

The trip has left us with a lifetime of memories and an understanding of historical complexities that have shaped Europe.

Lynne Spry with students Amelie Dunda, Annabel Baldwinson, Fiona Lethbridge, Emma Matheson, Zoë Scobie, Bethany Cross, Ashleigh Rogers, Faye Ma, Jaime Darley, Lola Dimond, Mahala Truscott, Caitlin Fidler and Alex McKay

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Figure skating success

W2 Charlotte Figure Skating

Following on from our recent theme of highlighting special achievements of our Junior School girls, we sat down with Year 5 student Charlotte Farley, who recently competed in figure skating competitions in Melbourne and Adelaide. Charlotte received third place in the Preliminary Ladies’ Artistic Competition as well as the Artistic Encouragement Award in Melbourne. In the Adelaide competition, she received first place in the Preliminary Ladies’ Technical Program, first place in the Preliminary Artistic Program, and the Most Entertaining Artistic Award for the competition.

Here are a few words from Charlotte about her passion for the sport and her dedication to training.

“My love of skating all started at the age of four when I went to a public session with my mum. At first I was so scared to skate but then I did it and was so happy. After that day I kept asking and asking my mum to give me lessons and then on my 5th birthday she let me have lessons and I was so happy. I continued the lessons weekly and slowly learned how to skate properly and began to learn jumps and spins. When I was seven, I joined in their end of year Ice Show and the theme was ‘Broadway’. We learnt to skate in a group and perform two routines. In my second Ice Show I performed five routines and last year I was in 13 routines. It was busy and a huge amount of fun.

When I was seven I had my first competition and skated with a friend. At the end of the year I was chosen to be a part of their Rising Star group to be trained into competing. I compete as a single skater and last year graduated from the Aussie Skate School program and I am now skating in the IJS level of Preliminary Ladies. IJS (International Judging System) is used around the globe all the way to World Championships and the Olympics. I have competed at three interstate competitions and seven local competitions.

In figure skating you have a program where you skate before the judges. You have to include tricks called elements like spins and jumps and use good skate skills. The judges give you scores for technique and presentation and interpretation to music. At the moment I have two programs, one is artistic and I made it up myself. The other program is technical and my coach put it together. In figure skating you move up through levels by doing tests where you have to learn patterns and programs. You skate these before the judges and if you do it correctly you will pass.

I currently train six ice sessions a week, two off-ice sessions at the rink and take 3hrs of dance lessons on a Wednesday. I also train at home practicing my jumping and building up my strength. Altogether I train about 13 hours a week. I have also had training camps and trips to work with interstate coaches this year.

My favourite things about skating are that there are always more challenges to improve, in artistic you can express yourself and entertain the crowd. At interstate competitions you meet many new people and make new friends. In figure skating you must be strong and use all your thinking skills and body skills together.”

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Florida awaits for aspiring ballerina

W2 Bree Update

In Week 10 of Term 1, there was an Enews article about Bree Jakupec, a dedicated and talented dancer who was heading off to Sydney for a dance workshop. We caught up with Bree and asked her to tell us all about her experience, and share her other exciting news – her upcoming dancing trip to Florida!

“In the last week of Term 1, I travelled to Sydney to attend the McDonald College’s Elite Masterclass Series. This experience was amazing as I met other aspiring ballerinas from all over Australia and was taught by some of the most prestigious and respected teachers in the world. These teachers were Paul Boyd from the Queensland Ballet Company and Anita Young from the Royal Ballet School. On my first day I was really nervous, but after my first class I realised that both the teachers were really friendly and the learning and improvement of each student was important to them. I really enjoyed the course and definitely learnt some worthwhile tips and tricks from both teachers, it was a great experience and I am very grateful to have had the chance to participate in the Masterclass Series.

Recently I have also been accepted into the Orlando Ballet School’s Summer Intensive in the USA. More than 1200 people auditioned and only 350 received a position in the course. I am so excited to be offered this experience and cannot wait until June. I will be training six days a week for two weeks, participating in classes such as classical ballet, repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary, and jazz. I think the Intensive will be a valuable experience for me as it will give me an acumen insight into the average day of a professional dancer, working seven hours a day for most of the week. I hope to really benefit from the Intensive and am counting down the days until June!”

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Saints Girls’ families help feed those in need

W2 St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre

Last Saturday, a group of Saints Girls’ parents and students spent a few hours at the St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre in the city, serving a delicious three-course meal to about 70 people in dire need of a home cooked meal. Our thanks to our volunteers – Fiona McGregor, Madison McGregor-Simms, Bernie Schaedel, Meg Keough, Robyn and Imogen Nienaber, Chris and Alex Wakeham, Susanna, Luke and Ellie Anderson and Olivia Goldsmith – for heating, stirring, serving and washing up on the evening with good grace and many laughs. The patrons were very grateful, there was plenty to go around and the remainder was handed out in take-away containers.

Even bigger thanks to all the generous Middle School parents who cooked a record number of meals and soups that were served. As they say, “It takes a village”, and never a truer word was said – without the generosity of our School community this could not have come together.

In fact, this was the second Saturday this year that we have fed this large group, the first being on 25 March. On that evening it was the Senior School families who so generously provided the food and soups. Our volunteers on that evening were Cathrin Parsch, Antonia Kirsten-Parsch , Pam and Rachel Banham, Kate Mortimer, Susanna and Luke.

Our final night of the year will be Saturday 16 September when we will be asking the Junior School parents to provide the food.

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High School Mooting Competition: Bond University Faculty of Law

Moot Team
Our Mooting Team competed as the Appellant in Tuesday’s Moot (civil law court case) against Respondent Mentone Grammar (Victoria) in Bond University’s Moot Court 1. Our submission was praised by the Judges for its clear understanding of Case Law, Statute Law and effective use of precedent. Our Captain, Olivia Parkinson, cleverly prepared the team, Senior Counsel Charlotte Minney and Junior Counsel Shardia Russo, to argue our case and answer Judges’ questions succinctly and confidently. There are 74 schools competing this week and only the eight best teams will make the finals to be held at Bond in June. Our team should be proud of their performance.

Lynne Spry
Moot Team Coach

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da Vinci Decathlon

W2 da Vinci Decathlon

St Peter’s Girls is yet again hosting the South Australian da Vinci Decathlon between 30 May and 1 June. Students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines: Mathematics and Chess; English; Science; Code Breaking; Engineering Challenge; Ideation; Creative Producers; Art and Poetry; Cartography; General Knowledge. There are 30 schools registered across 57 teams, which should make for a fantastic and highly competitive da Vinci Decathlon this year. St Peter’s Girls has three teams competing, with one entered in each division (Year 5/6, Year 7 and Year 9).

Our da Vinci Decathlon teams have been working hard stretching their minds around the 10 different disciplines that make up the competition. So far in engineering, the girls have looked at designing houses that would be able to withstand torrential rain. This was more successful for some than others as a few roofs collapsed! The girls have also worked hard on developing their code breaking skills using Caesar’s shift code, frequency analysis and the pigpen cipher. Another new, but exciting area the girls have investigated has been ideation and design thinking, tackling real-life problems to creatively find solutions that can improve life. Some disciplines have been easier for the girls than others, but all have brought laughter and team work. The girls have demonstrated great commitment by attending two practices a week, and coming to school during the holidays and weekends.

We wish the teams all the very best for the upcoming da Vinci Decathlon.

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myLink Parent Portal

It’s been a week since we launched our new Parent Portal myLink and we’ve been receiving positive feedback. If you haven’t had a look yet, please take the time to visit the site. You can access a whole range of vital information at your fingertips including details on courses, assignments, marks, sports and performing arts. It’s also where you can find information previously found on the Link Portal (via the Community Portal tab) and the online School Shop.

Once you reach the Welcome page, you can watch several user guide videos and then start your journey by clicking on the myLink Home tab on the top menu. You can even activate email notifications for elements such as assignment due dates and marks – to see how, check out our instructional video.

When you log in to myLink, your username and password are the same as you would’ve used for the old Link portal. You can contact if you need any assistance.

The site will be continually updated and we look forward to cementing it as the key information hub for parents. We hope you enjoy using myLink!

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Year 11 Research Project

Do you have a child aged 4 – 12 years?

Currently, our Year 11 SACE cohort are engaged in individual Research Projects that investigate self-selected topics. Students are encouraged to use authentic research processes to gather information from real sources. One approach they can use is developing and distributing surveys to a specific audience.

This year, Therese Kemp has chosen to investigate the impact of media on young children and created a survey that focuses on parents with children in the ELC to Year 6.

She has independently developed her survey through SurveyMonkey and is now seeking your support. Her investigation explores the psychological, emotional and physical impact of media.

All responses are anonymous and will be used only for the purpose of Therese completing her Research Project. Through her research, her aim is to apply the knowledge that she gains to develop and implement strategies to encourage families to use media more effectively.

Please follow the link attached.

Your support is appreciated.

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Master Plan Update: From the construction zone

W2 Building Site
Construction is moving along well at the building site, with structural columns and beams in place. Work has begun on closing in the walls, and the lift pit walls have been poured ready for the pre-cast panels. Electrical pre-wiring services are well underway and nearing completion. There are exciting times ahead as we start to see significant changes within the interior of the new Middle School.

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Calling all budding pianists

W1 Piano Competition

If you are a keen piano player, consider entering the St Peter’s Girls Piano Competition & Recital. Girls will have the opportunity to perform a piece to a panel of judges who will critique their performance based on accuracy, technique and musicality for their specific music level. Ten students from across the Junior, Middle and Senior School will then be chosen from the competition to perform at our Recital. This is a great opportunity for girls to perform in a supportive environment and get some feedback on their playing.

The Piano Competition will be held on Friday 26 May between 10.30am and 2pm and the Recital will be held on Wednesday 31 May at 6.30pm.

Parents and friends are welcome to attend and we encourage students to enter regardless of where they may have piano lessons. The deadline for entry is 19 May so please don’t delay in registering. Forms can be picked up from the Arts Department office.

Please contact Arts Administrator Jeanne Phillips if you would like more information.

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Parenting Girls course

Parenting Ideas is offering a three-week online course called Parenting Girls, aimed at parents of girls aged 3 – 15 years. The course discusses topics such as mental health, feelings and emotions, body image and sexualisation, social media and the online space, healthy friendships, confrontation, self-esteem and sense of identity as well as roles of mums and dads.

Brought to you by best-selling author and parenting expert, Michael Grose, the course features videos, articles, weekly live Q&A with Michael Grose and a closed FB support group.

Course details

Start date: 26 May 2017
Cost: $67
Sign Up:
Parenting Girls course flyer

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

Buy your 2017 Entertainment Book at School drop off on Friday 19 May!

An Entertainment Book Representative will be at our Saints Café from 7.30 – 8.30am to answer any questions you might have and we will have books available to view.

A St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club fundraiser, every book that is sold will have part proceeds go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online, via the form at the Front Office, or speak to the Entertainment Book representative at our Saints Café on Friday 19 May.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Quiz Night

W2 Quiz Night 2017
Our Parents’ & Friends’ Association is calling for donations of wine. We are offering a fundraising Wine Wall at our upcoming Quiz Night on Friday 16 June.

Please drop off wine donations to the Community Relations Office across from the School Shop.

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Fame – The Musical needs your help!


Shout out to all costume extraordinaires!

As rehearsals continue for the amazing production of Fame – The Musical we are seeking some help with making costumes.

That means, if you can sew, then we need you!

We will need some basic dancing wrap skirts made (around 15 of them) and some very simple style graduation gowns for the whole cast – that’s about 50! If you think that this is something you can contribute to, or if you might be able to organise a little working bee of volunteer sewers, then please contact Ms Abby Davey at

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News

W2 Sports

The Winter Season officially gets underway this week. All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me at


Thursday 4 May
In near-perfect conditions, a number of students ran to try qualify for school teams being selected for the East Adelaide District Carnival and then the State Championships at Oakbank later this term. All events were run in age groups and medals will be presented to these girls:

10 year olds (2km)
Gold – Carla Massicci
Silver – Lara Maione
Bronze – Anna Venning

11 year olds (3km)
Gold – Molly Dwyer
Silver – Willow Stewart-Rattray
Bronze – Dani Cox

12 year olds (3km)
Gold – Noa Goddard
Silver – Ellie Humphrey
Bronze – Emily Baldwinson

13 year olds (3km)
Gold – Imogen Elliott
Silver – Portia Maerschel

14 year olds (3km)
Gold – Matilda Braithwaite

15 year olds (3km)
Gold – Hattie Maerschel
Silver – Millie Wilkin

16 year olds (3km)
Gold – Eve Habel

Open (3km)
Gold – Bethany Cross


Saturday 6 May
Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Trinity 5
In the season opening match Saints were forced to defend strongly for much of the first half, with minimal scoring opportunities. Trinity had a very strong attack, forcing Jade Leyden and Carla Lawrence to defend really well. During the second half, the intensity of Saints picked up and most tackles and turnovers remained in the midfield where Jemimah Simpson, Poppie Goldsmith and Holly Cardone kept the pressure on Trinity. Grace Edwards also performed well, saving multiple goals. Lara Khoury (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 drew with Trinity 0
The Open Bs began the year with a trial game against Trinity College and both teams had their chances but were unable to capitalise and finish off their good work, seeing the match finish in a draw. A number of girls were playing hockey for the first time and performed well, especially Alice Reid in goals. Some of the better performers included Amelie Eaton, Annabelle Black, Renee Lawrence and the inaugural winner of Best Player, Poppie Goldsmith. The coaches have a number of things that they will work on to help our passes and hitting in the circle this week. Dan Searle (Supervisor)


Saturday 6 May
Under 15 – Saints 16 defeated Glenelg 7
Our U/15 Lacrosse team got off to a roaring start for our first game for the season by defeating Glenelg. Well done to our goal scorers, Hattie and Portia Maerschel (5 each), Millie Wilkin (4) and Chelsea Walls (2). A special thank you to the goalies who did a tremendous job: Scarlett Hocking and Saskia Jonats. We also welcomed new players, Paris Robinson and Ellie Anderson, who played very well in the first game and our youngest recruit, Willow Stewart-Rattray. Millie Wilkin

Under 11 – Saints White 13 defeated Saints Blue 10
For the first time Saints entered two teams in the Under 11 Lacrosse League and what a thrilling game it was! Teams were led by last season’s Under 13s’ minor premier’s players, Lara Maione and Alannah Godfrey (both Year 4). We also welcomed many new players for the first time, who all showed great enthusiasm. All players learned more about the modified rules, and everyone played with teamwork in mind. We had ‘pocket rocket’ Hayley Webb (Year 3), and strong defending by Emily Bates (Year 3) and Lauren Pearce (Year 4). Many players scored during the game, including Savannah Walls (Year 3), and Alannah Godfrey and Lara Maione, who also captained the two teams. The teams are excited about the season ahead, and look forward to Jenna Maione (Year 5) recovering from her injury and being back on the playing field. Lastly, special thanks to Captain of Lacrosse, Sophie Auricht, and Millie Wilkin for umpiring the match. Lucy Martin and Courtney Tasker (Coaches)


Saturday 6 May
Open A – Saints 61 defeated St Ignatius 23
With several players out due to music and sickness, the defensive circle was missing Charlotte White and Lily Habel, so Sivi Sivasuthan slotted in fabulously with Sophie Freeman in defence and Abbey Goodwin moved back into attack, supported brilliantly by Fiona Dawson. Brooke Elliott and Eve Habel fitted in and worked extremely well with Holly Cunningham and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith in the mid-court, providing Saints with slick movement of the ball all through the court, finding the shooters easily. Lots of pressure forced St Ignatius into bad passes which were intercepted by Saints players over the whole court. A faultless game by all. Sue Sumsion (Coach)

Open B – Saints 50 defeated St Ignatius 32
A few players covered the Open As and Bs in the way of Brooke Elliott, Eve Habel and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith and it took a quarter for the Open Bs to settle and they were down by 4 goals. Eve Habel moved to wing attack in the 2nd quarter and the girls outscored St Ignatius by 10 goals and didn’t look back. The transition of ball from Ebony-Jade and Eve into the shooters of Brooke Elliott and Nicolette Miller was impeccable, and Jessie Rundle and Charlotte Parker started intercepting and rebounding anything coming their way so the score pulled out yet again. Chanel Stefani and Eleanor Pyne worked hard as well, making good passing decisions when they intercepted the ball. A great win for the Open Bs and well done to all players! Sue Sumsion (Coach)

Open E (Year 11) – Saints 32 drew with Immanuel 32
Saints kick-started the term with a close match against Immanuel, with the lead changing a number of times. Saints worked the ball down the court well, with some good passages of play from LuLu Tierney, Freya Ware and Holly Steer providing opportunities for the shooters, India Deere and Sindhu Nedumaran. Willow Fowler also had a solid game, making a number of intercepts, and with Saints behind by a goal in the last minute teamed together, maintained possession and scored to level the game. Overall, a very good game which should provide the girls with confidence for future games. Neil Fuller (Supervisor)

Open E (Year 12) – Saints 29 defeated by Immanuel 32
Saints played with much intensity and put in a strong performance. The game was close throughout, but unfortunately resulted in a narrow loss. All players performed exceptionally well but a special mention to Chelsea Marchetti for being a star shooter and Alice Petchey for owning the mid-court. Another special thank you to LuLu Tierney and India Deere who filled in for the Year 12s and contributed to their brilliant game. Molly Ellis (Year 12)

Year 10A
A great first game by the girls. First quarter blew out a few cobwebs which was frustrating for the girls as they knew they had more in them. However, with a few words of encouragement and active coaching from the side-lines, the team really pulled together and narrowed the margin each quarter. I’m really proud of the girls for taking on all the information thrown at them. All in all, a great first game for the season! Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10B/C – Saints 11 defeated by Saints Year 9B 24
The Year 10B team played a strong internal match against the Year 9B team. Regardless of the score, the Year 10s proved that they could gel together as a team throughout the duration of the game and showed a lot of promise for the season ahead. Changes in the goal circle helped to find potential shooting partners, and we will hope to improve this at trainings this season. Great defensive worked indicated the strength and perseverance of this team, and I cannot wait to work closer with the girls this year. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 33 defeated St Ignatius 13

Year 9B – Saints 24 defeated Saints Year 10 B/C 11

Year 8A – Saints 56 defeated St Ignatius 15
This week, despite it being a trial match, the girls played a fantastic game. They were determined from the start and kept high energy through the entire game, which resulted in a win. Ella Waltham and Anna White played a great game in goals and worked together extremely well. They took advantage of every shooting opportunity and had great movement in the circle. Defensive pressure all down the court prevented our opponents from having many chances to score. Overall, it was a great start to the season and all girls should be proud! Amy Wishart (Coach) 

Year 8B – Saints 8 defeated by St Ignatius 46
Well done to all the players for a good first match at the start of the season. They started off strongly and played well against St Ignatius and were in the lead. However, in the last quarter, St Ignatius came back and our girls could not secure a win. They played well together as a team and had strong defence. I was impressed by their positive attitude, despite the score. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. Sophia West (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 20 defeated St Ignatius 8
The Year 7A netball team played their first game on Saturday against St Ignatius. The team was able to work their way into the game and maintained composure when under pressure, showing great promise for the season ahead. Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 12 defeated St Ignatius 6
The girls started off their season strongly, finishing with a win. Everyone worked well together to bring the ball down the court and supported each other when needed. They all listened well at the quarter breaks, taking on the feedback and using it on the court. Well done to Sophie Norman who made multiple intercepts, resulting in goals. All girls who were shooting in goals did exceptionally well, helping us to keep scoring. I am looking forward to the season and working with these girls and building their skills. Georgia Naughton (Coach)

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