Enews – Week 1, Term 2, 2016

Issue no. 12

From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2.JuliaShea_web

Well, it’s that time of the year again – Federal Budget week – and with an election on 2 July I’m sure we all took more than a cursory interest.

Education funding is, of course, at the forefront of my mind. I’ve written before about the ramifications for South Australia in funding only four of the six years of the Gonski agreement. Hence, I was interested to see what the major parties were putting on the table. For those of you that haven’t had time to delve deeply into the facts and figures, I thought I’d provide a brief summary. Please note that I am referring to the policy statements on funding only.

Prior to the budget announcement, this was the situation. The Gonski model was to be implemented over six years to 2019. Every student in Australia was to be fairly funded in accordance with his or her educational needs, regardless of state or territory. Each State negotiated a different pathway but all were to arrive at the same point by the end of 2019. South Australia’s deal with the Commonwealth was heavily ‘back-ended’, whereas other states and territories, in particular the ACT, negotiated their major funding increases in the first part of the six year period. The details below, prepared by AISSA, indicates South Australia’s position at the end of 2017.

Additional funding needed for SA Independent schools to break even with other States by 2017:

  • Australian Capital Territory – $28,443,127
  • Tasmania – $21,930,504
  • Victoria – $20,379,607
  • Western Australia – $19,186,294
  • Northern Territory – $18,329,483
  • Queensland – $15,208,926
  • New South Wales – $12,465,861

The South Australian pathway means that South Australian non-government school children will receive the lowest level of Commonwealth funding in Australia.

The policies of the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens remain to fully fund the Gonski model. If they implemented this policy, all states and territories would be at the same point at the end of 2019. Labor’s plan is available here.

The Liberals have announced that for the 2018 to 2020 school years, recurrent school funding will be indexed by an education-specific indexation rate of 3.56%, with an allowance for enrolment changes. The Government’s announcement equates to an additional $1.2 billion from 2018-2020 in comparison to its previously communicated position. The Government has also announced an additional $118.2 million to support students with disability for 2016 and 2017.

Given the additional funding is to be tied to a needs-based distribution model, it is not clear at the time of writing whether all schools will receive indexation of 3.56%. A copy of the Government’s plan is available here . As this indexation model works on 2017 funding levels, South Australian Independent schools would continue to receive comparatively less government funding simply because they are located in South Australia.

Clearly, like you, I’m not in a position to know whether or not either of the two major parties would successfully implement their policies if elected. But as a mother first and Principal second, nothing but equity in educational funding across the states is acceptable. My children – our daughters – deserve nothing less.


Previously, only current students entering Year 8 were eligible to apply for an academic scholarship. Following a review of our processes, I’m pleased to announce that there will now be a number of opportunities for current girls to apply for these scholarships. Offers will continue to be made based on performance in the ACER scholarship examinations, as that is the fairest way in which to compare internal and external candidates. Information relating to applications may be found on our website.


There have been a number of changes in staffing at the commencement of Term 2. As Anne Kruger takes maternity leave, it is my pleasure to announce Deb Cope has joined St Peter’s Girls for the rest of the year. Following a very thorough recruitment process, our 2016 Mid-Year Reception teacher will be Alana Lesiw. Alana will spend Term 2 with us prior to formally commencing her position as Mid-Year Reception teacher from Term 3. She will spend significant time in each current Reception classroom, supporting student learning under the direction of their teachers, while gaining insight into our Reception programs and the routines and practices within the School. She will also spend some time in the ELC, getting to know the Mid-Year Reception students and enabling them to form relationships with her before they begin school in Term 3.

We welcome Nick Rylander to the Development Office. Our Communications, Manager Eliza Lanson will commence maternity leave at the end of this month and Nick will cover Eliza’s role during this period. In addition, Melissa Westgate joins the team in the role of Foundation Manager. Melissa will work closely with our community groups and coordinate the School’s Fundraising Committee.

Amanda Kimber has accepted a position as Project Officer, Learning Improvement, with the Department of Education, commencing in Week 5 this term. We wish Amanda well and thank her for her wonderful contribution to Saints Girls.

Julia Shea

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Year 6 Canberra Study Tour

Year 6 Caberra Tour

On Monday 4 April, 46 excited students and four teachers boarded a plane in Adelaide bound for Canberra. This five-day tour was jam-packed with the sights and sounds of the national capital. The study tour brought to life the inquiry unit on Civics and Citizenship, based on the Central Idea, ‘A government based on democracy allows its citizens to express themselves’.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the National capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the School upon completion of the excursion.

One of the Canberra highlights was a visit to Parliament House. The girls visited both chambers of Parliament and participated in a role play where the students debated a bill. The girls were given various roles, including Speaker, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and various ministers.

Our guided tour of the Australian War Memorial and, in particular, the refurbished World War I exhibit, as well as seeing the Wall of Remembrance and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier further enriched the girls’ appreciation of the Anzac spirit.

They also participated in a rocket workshop at the Ian Potter Technology Centre. In pairs the girls designed and made a rocket out of paper and card. This was then tested and finally modified to achieve the optimum distances when launched.

The girls especially enjoyed visiting the Australian Institute of Sport, where they participated in a tour of the facilities and a range of hands-on activities.

Some other points of interest were attending Questacon, visiting the Royal Australian Mint where the girls made their own coins, the Portrait Gallery, the National Archives and the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex at Tidbinbilla. It was here that the girls viewed a range of images from deep space and were given an inspirational talk about women in space and the important role they could play in the future.

Visiting Old Parliament House, taking part in our voting process at the Electoral Commission and a tour of Government House, where the girls were lucky enough to meet the Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, all added to their experiences.

Since the trip the girls have been using the inquiry process to research topics of interest which were sparked by their experiences while they were in Canberra.

We greatly appreciated the support and assistance of Mrs Pauline Noblet and Mrs Helen Smith and we enjoyed watching the girls engage, absorb and enjoy so many of the activities during our week away in Canberra. It was a pleasure to take them away.

Quotes from Year 6 girls:

“In Canberra we went to Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication Centre where we saw extremely large satellite dishes, objects they use in space and a video explaining the size of our earth compared to the rest of the planets, sun spots and how we can be involved. We learnt about how our universe works and we all loved the experience”.Charlotte Adams

“Going to the Australian War Memorial was an amazing and emotional experience. We split into groups and toured around the memorial. The most amazing thing was ‘The Unknown Soldier’. This is a large tomb with the body of an unknown soldier in it. The soldier represents all of the men who fought and whose bodies were lost. There was also the Roll of Honour with the names of all of the known soldiers who died while in service. We could buy a poppy and put it in the wall. It was a truly mind-blowing experience and I think that we were all touched by it”.Annie Bradshaw

“Going to Parliament House was an amazing experience that helped us learn more about the Senate and the House of Representatives. It was also fun to participate in the role play and to see the process of how a bill is passed in the House of Representatives”.Adele Russell

“The rocket workshop in Canberra was an amazing experience which helped us to get a deeper insight into engineering and physics. We were able to construct our own rockets and shoot them into the air at an unique angle using a special machine. Then we collected all the data and figured out what was the best angle to shoot from. This was an amazing experience for everyone and what we learnt will stay with us for the rest of our lives”. – Georgia Barclay

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Reception artists shine


Inspired by their Term 1 Central Idea, ‘People play different roles in the communities to which they belong’, Reception Artists explored the role of an artist within the community.

“The people that draw themselves are artists”, said Tabitha. “Ms Casson is an artist”, said Heidi. “They (Fringe artists) were doing pretty, artist things out there with the lights”, Gabby reflected, after watching a video of the Fringe Illuminations on North Terrace.

  • After experiencing, enjoying, showing curiosity and asking questions about
    numerous artworks and the artists that created them, the Reception girls started to realise that they are, in fact, artists too.
  • “I am an artist because I make lots of things at home”, said Matilda. “I like being an artist because I always draw”, said Abbie.
  • After discussing WHY artists make art, we discovered that sometimes artists create artwork for a specific audience (Arts PYP). The girls recognised that Ms Haddy was new to the Junior School ‘just like us’ and noticed that her new office needed some art for the bare walls. Questions were sent to her, asking her what her ‘favourite things’ and ‘colours’ were. Once they received the replies they began to create, with Ms Haddy in mind.
  • Still inspired by the Fringe Illuminations the girls chose to use the light projector to help them paint their designs onto the two collaborative canvases. Ms Haddy was very surprised and happy.

Sarah Casson
Art Teacher

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School reminders

In the interests of student safety, we would like to encourage all visitors to report to the Front Office to sign in and out. Parents dropping into the School must sign in after 8.45am and before 3.15pm.

Car park and traffic management

Car Park PhotoThe new extension to the Bell Yett car park was completed over the holiday break. Ongoing landscaping and fencing work will continue over the coming months. We hope the additional space alleviates some of the congestion around the school at peak time

The start of a new term provides an ideal opportunity to remind members of the School community about the importance of complying with the guidelines the School has developed for our car park. We want to ensure the safety of all members of our community.

The most important points to remember are:

  • keep the car park entrance and exit zones clear
  • use the set down and pick up zones appropriately during peak times
  • obey speed limits when driving through the car park
  • allow traffic flow, the car park entrance and exit zones must be kept clear at all times. Please do not queue across these areas.

In peak times, do not park in the set down and pick up zones for extended periods. When cars overstay in this area, the car park quickly becomes gridlocked, also bringing traffic on Stonyfell Road to a standstill.

Drivers must observe the 10 kilometre per hour speed limit at all times in the car park, whether entering, exiting or travelling through it. Speed limit signs are clearly displayed in prominent locations and, in order to ensure the speed limit is observed, speed humps were installed two years ago.

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OSHC Update

St Peter’s Girls is pleased to offer an Out of School Hours Care Program, including Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care for Primary school age students. The program aims to enrich the children’s well-being and development as they engage in a range of planned play and leisure experiences. The variety of experiences will allow them to feel happy, safe and relaxed while they interact with friends, practise social skills, solve problems, engage in new activities and learn life skills.

The Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate are available for those who are eligible.

Out of School Hours Care runs from Monday to Friday during term time in the Food Technology Centre.

> Before School Care 7.30am – 8.30am
> After School Care 3.30pm – 6pm

Registrations are warmly welcome from new students. Click here for more information.

For all enquiries, please contact OSHC Coordinator, Rebecca Kranz on:

> Phone 8334 2299
> Email

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Mums Night Out

MC Mums Night Out Enews

Only one week to go until the Mums Night Out! Following on from the success of the Dads Night Out, the Mothers’ Club are excited and looking forward to hosting another fabulous event. This is a wonderful opportunity to get together with other Mums from school and have a proper catch up, rather than the usual quick ‘hi / bye’ in the car park.

There will be delicious canapés, beverages and, of course, the candy bar!

Plus, there is a beautiful door prize for those attending, and many raffle prizes to be won! So don’t miss out, as tickets are capped!

Date: Friday 13 May from 7-11pm
Venue: 61 Hewitt Avenue, Rose Park
Tickets: $55 – Includes a glass of champagne on arrival, finger food and door prizes.

Click here to book your tickets!

Hope to see you there!

Emma Robinson
Mothers’ Club President

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Save the Date: ELC Art Exhibition: The Rights of the Child


The launch celebration for the ELC Art Exhibition: The Rights of the Child will be held in the evening on Wednesday 25 May. We hope you can join us for what will be an enjoyable event to celebrate the children’s artwork.

Another exciting event that the ELC will be holding is the Grandparents and Special Friends Afternoon Tea.  We hope to see many guests join us for this special community celebration, to be held from 1.30pm.

Parents wishing to attend the evening launch can book tickets via

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Support St Peter’s Girls’ School by
moving your home loan to BankSA

PrintBankSA has partnered with St Peter’s Girls’ School in offering our school community a great fundraising opportunity. If you’re keen to take your support to the next level while potentially saving yourself money, then this program is for you. We’ve made it really easy to further support the School, while also making sure you’re getting the best possible service and a great deal on your home loan.

To date, we’ve raised over $12,000!

If you’ve been thinking about a new place for your home loan – either to get a better rate or if it’s just time for a change – then using your home loan to support St Peter’s Girls’ School is a great option.

Not only will you get a great rate with BankSA, but you’ll also be supporting St Peter’s Girls’ School, as each BankSA home loan allows us to make a charitable donation in your name of between $1,000 and $6,000. As the SPG Building Fund has DGR status, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction as a result of this donation.

It’s that simple

  • The more home loan referrals… the more money BankSA will donate to the School
  • Donation paid at settlement of the home loan
  • Unlimited donation potential

Both St Peter’s Girls’ School and BankSA have a proud history in South Australia and a strong sense of community. Fostering partnerships like this enables us to support our school community and our School. By permitting BankSA to make a charitable donation in your name, you will be helping to ensure that we continue to foster girls who have a strong sense of self and who are independent, creative, critical thinkers, engaged and community-minded.

To discuss further how BankSA can assist you and make a charitable donation in your name, simply contact Michael Chrisan.

BankSA Partnership contact:

Michael Chrisan
Mobile: 0414 350 225

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IPSHA Junior Orator Competition

Junior Orator Image
Cat Davies, (students) Poppy Marshall, Ruby Richards and Willow Stewart-Rattray with Head of Junior School, Suzanne Haddy. Poppy Marshall won the St Peter’s Girls competition and is through to the main competition.

Towards the end of Term 1, Year 5 students had the opportunity to participate in this year’s IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads’ Association) Junior Orator Competition. All Year 5 girls prepared a speech on one of several set topics and presented it to their peers and teachers. Six girls were then chosen to represent their year level in the preliminary (internal) round of the competition during which they needed to present both their prepared speech and a short notice speech. Bronwyn Gautier, Poppy Marshall, Adelaide Murphy, Georgia Parsons, Ruby Richards and Willow Stewart-Rattray all presented extremely well and confidently managed the task of preparing an impromptu speech in just 20 minutes. The Junior Orator Competition is a fabulous opportunity for students to consider and practise attributes of engaging speech-making and we congratulate all of our Year 5 girls on the high quality of their presentations. Poppy Marshall gained first place in the preliminary final and will be representing the School at the semi-finals in May. We wish her all the best. We thank Mrs Olivia Coulter for coordinating the Junior Orator Competition at Saints Girls this year.

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Generations in Jazz this weekend

Good luck to the 28 girls travelling to Mt Gambier to participate in this year’s Generations in Jazz Festival. This year we have 2 choirs competing, as well as our Stage Band. The Jazz vocal quartet, featuring Chelsea McGuinness (Yr 12), Tiffany Babidge (Yr 10), Sarah Brownridge (Yr 11) and Hannah Brown (Yr 9), will compete in Div 2 and Enchante will compete in Div 3. There are over 60 choirs participating at GIJ from across Australia this year. Stage Band is entering Div 2 and will be one of 30 bands in this Division this year. There will be over 4000 students attending the Festival, the biggest attendance yet. The girls are looking forward to sharing their performances with other like-minded students and getting feedback from music legends such as James Morrison and Kate Ceberano.

We wish our performers all the very best.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Entertainment Books are coming!

entertainment-booksOnce again, the Mothers’ Club is offering community members the chance to purchase an Entertainment™ Book or Digital Membership and help raise money for the School.

We’re pleased to partner with Entertainment™ again this year, where 20% of the proceeds contributes towards the refurbishment of the Middle School!

By now, all families from ELC to Year 12 should have received a letter outlining the order process. A book will be sent home to each family next term – at which point you can decide whether to return it or provide payment.

If you would prefer not to receive a book, please complete the form at the bottom of the letter sent home.

You can also submit a pre-order before 16 April 2016 and you will receive over $170 worth of additional offers that you can use right away!

Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more.

Available as a traditional Entertainment Book – or – Digital Membership on your smartphone, your Membership gives you over $20,000 worth of valuable offers valid through to 1 June 2017.

You can pre-order today at

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Join our piano competition

Piano Recital EnewsThe School’s inaugural piano competition was held this week as a way of celebrating the purchase of our new baby grand piano.

Ten students from across the Junior, Middle and Senior School will be chosen from the competition to perform on our new grand piano at our recital on Wednesday 18 May at 7pm in MB 120.

We look forward to the final performance on Wednesday 18 May. Please join us for what will be a lovely evening.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Attention all shoppers: Join our trip to Melbourne


Coming soon, a group of St Peter’s Girls parents will embark on our first ever group shopping trip to Melbourne.

Keep the dates free: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August.

More information will be distributed early in Term 2. Numbers are strictly limited.

Enquiries can be directed to Blaga on 0448 650 130.

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Get involved in Junior School Banking

You can get involved in the School Banking program by opening a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account at any Commonwealth Bank branch, over the phone on 13 2221, or via NetBank if you are an existing customer with NetBank access.

bankingRemember to take in identification for you and your child (driver’s license and birth certificate). You will receive a Dollarmites wallet and deposit book that your child will use to participate in the program.

Our school receives $5 when a student makes their first ever School Banking deposit and 5% on every deposit made through the school (to a maximum of $10 per individual deposit).

Thank you for supporting our school and helping to teach your child the benefits of saving regularly.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. Call 13 2221 at any time. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Full terms and conditions for transaction and savings accounts are available from any branch of the Commonwealth Bank and should be considered in any decision about the product. If you have a complaint in respect of this product, the Commonwealth Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.

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Sports News

The official start of the Winter Season gets under way this week. All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport.

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories please email them through to me on:

Summer Interhouse – Friday 24 April

The annual Interhouse Cross Country was held in near perfect conditions for students in Reception through to Year 9 and participation of the event was very high, as was the spirit within each House.

It was Kilburn who took out the overall Junior teeball title with the Middle/Senior results going:

Tennis – 1st Kennion, 2nd Selwyn, 3rd Patteson, 4th Kilburn

Basketball – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Patteson, 4th Selwyn

Volleyball – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Selwyn, 4th Patteson

Softball – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Patteson, 3rd Kennion, 4th Selwyn

Athletic News

Congratulations to Sophie Barr (Year 7) who in the holidays competed at the National Little Athletics Championships. While not achieving a personal best, she finished 4th overall in the discus.

In the last week of term the Years 8-12 Athletic team successfully won promotion from Division A2 into the premier A1 division for next year. Students who placed in the top 3 in their events were:

Madison Batemen – Open 100m 3rd, Open Triple Jump 3rd, Open Long Jump 1st

Rachael Disney – Under 16 100m 2nd, Open 200m 1st, Under 16 400m 1st

Rose Pittman – Under 15 100m 1st, Under 15 400m 1st, Under 15 800m 1st

Millisent Wilkin – Under 14 100m 3rd, Under 14 400m 3rd

Holly Cunningham – Open 200m 2nd, Open 1000m Steeplechase 2nd

Charlotte Kelly – Under 16 Hurdles 2nd

Zoe Wilmshurst – Under 15 Hurdles 2nd, Under 15 Shot Put 1st, Under 15 Discus 1st

Funto Komolafe – Under 14 Hurdles 3rd, Under 14 High Jump 3rd

Jemimah Simpson – Under 15 200m 2nd

Thandi Murada – Open 400m 2nd, Under 16 800m 1st

Bethany Cross – Open 1500m 2nd,

Anna Cross – Open 3000m 2nd

Hannah Brown – Under 15 Triple Jump 2nd, Under 15 Long Jump 2nd

Jessica Schaedel – Under 15 High Jump 1st

Jasmine Ledgard – Open Shot Put 1st, Under 16 Shot Put 1st, Under 16 Discus 1st, Under 16 Javelin 1st

Charlotte Sellars – Under 14 Shot Put 2nd, Under 14 Discus 2nd, Under 14 Javelin 2nd

Abbey Goodwin – Under 16 Javelin 2nd

Nicolette Miller – Under 15 Javelin 2nd

Hockey News

The Burnside Hockey Club is looking for junior hockey players aged between 8 and 15. If you are keen to try a new sport and play club hockey, then this is for you. All matches are played on Sunday mornings.

Training – is conducted at Prince Alfred College hockey pitch, The Parade West, Kent Town, on Thursday evenings – U9 and 11 between 5 and 6pm and U14 between 6 and 7pm. If you are interested, please email or call  Kate Holland on or
0437 741 544.

Swimming News

Congratulations go to Emily Baldwinson, Lily-Rose Spartalis and Poppy Marshall who have all been named in the South Australian team to compete at the School Sport National Championships to be held in Darwin in September. Apart from individual races, it is an outstanding effort that all 3 will team together to swim in the Medley Relay.

Term 2 events

  • Friday 6 May – Soccer skills commence (Reception to Year 6)
  • Saturday 7 May – Badminton, Hockey and Netball matches commence (Years 7 to 12)
  • Monday 9 May – Gymnastics commences (Years 3 to 6)
  • Wednesday 11 May – Junior Netball matches commence (Years 5 and 6)
  • Friday 13 May – Interhouse Cross Country (Reception to Year 9)
  • Friday 13 May – Junior Hockey/Minkey matches commence
  • Monday 16 May – Knockout Athletics (Years 8 to 11)
  • Wednesday 18 May – Soccer matches commence (Years 7 to 12)
  • Thursday 19 May – East Adelaide SAPSASA Cross Country (Years 4 to 7)
  • Saturday 21 May – Aerobics preliminary finals
  • Thursday 9 June – State Cross Country Championships (Years 4 to 12)
  • Saturday 25 June – Aerobics state finals