News – Week 3, Term 2 2016

Issue no. 14

From the Director of Teaching and Learning

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy MeredithBeck_web(NAPLAN)

Even if your daughter is not a Year 3, 5, 7 or 9 student, you are no doubt aware that the compulsory NAPLAN assessments were conducted across the nation last week. Over 1 million students sat the tests. Amidst this backdrop, there was debate through the media as to the merits of this type of test. Questions were again raised in terms of the detrimental effect it has on learning and teachers, with their focus for the tests taking away from other areas of the curriculum. There was also concern about the unnecessary pressure on young students.

Furthermore, there was discussion about the validity of this snapshot being used to measure a student’s performance in numeracy and literacy. Surely, authentic assessment involves a more holistic approach. Assessment can provide the foundation for skills development, and be a learning experience, as well as a measurement of what students know. Schools achieve wonderful things that cannot be measured in a NAPLAN assessment.

Rob Randall, the chief executive of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), which runs NAPLAN, said that the testing is important because it “allows us nationally to see how well we’re going (in literacy and numeracy), we see NAPLAN complementing what schools have, but giving that national reference point”.

The discussion continued as teachers and students quietly carried on with the business of teaching and learning, whilst completing this annual obligation.

Parents have the choice to withdraw students from the NAPLAN; however, in my experience at St Peter’s Girls, this option is rarely exercised. Can we therefore assume that, like the School, parents do value the information that the NAPLAN adds to understanding their daughter’s skill development and progress? We know that the NAPLAN is only a small part of the picture, and that as teachers we look to many sources of information to improve teaching, and that assessment is best linked to learning and is not just a measure.

Certainly, as a School we celebrate the impressive achievements of our students in NAPLAN. The girls themselves take this type of assessment in their stride, no doubt due to the careful explanations of the process by their teachers and support of their parents. I am sure many parents sent their daughter off to school with the words, “Just do your best”. As one parent said to her daughter, “It doesn’t measure things that are special about you.”

When one walks the corridors during the NAPLAN assessment week there is an air of calm, quiet determination and concentration. It is a different kind of three days in the life of the School, but a part of life’s experience.

Whether you believe that quality classroom assessment devised by the student’s teacher has higher validity than an external assessment or see NAPLAN as an important milestone in the student’s academic life, it seems that NAPLAN is here to stay.

Meredith Beck
Director of Teaching and Learning

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St Peter’s Girls students showcase their efforts at SUBS in Schools


Team Athena, current Australian SUBS in Schools National Champions, were invited to showcase their efforts at the recent Defence Teaming Centre Awards Ceremony hosted at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

During the evening the girls had the opportunity to interact with many political and industry leaders, including SA Premier Hon. Jay Weatherill MP. The girls were thrilled to find a willing audience keen to hear about the program. All in attendance walked away from the showcase amazed at the level of knowledge the girls already had in submarine design.

The girls from Athena, Emily Keough, Sophie-Louise Shearwood, and Fiona and Grace Dawson, will soon be heading off to the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Facility in Houston, Texas, to participate in the MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) ROV Competition. Their goal will be to showcase their efforts in SUBS in Schools to the world.

We wish Team Athena all of the best as they prepare for their big event in Houston.

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Vegemite JarVegemite and Jam Drive

This term, the Year 10 Kennion girls will participate in a Vegemite and Jam Drive. The donations will support the Kennion house charity, Kickstart For Kids. All home groups from Reception to Year 12 are encouraged to participate by bringing in jars of vegemite and flavoured jams. The Home Group which brings in the most grams of jam and vegemite will win a pizza lunch at the end of the term. The jars that are donated will be given to the Kickstart For Kids school breakfast programs. These programs run in many schools across the state. Currently, the Year 10 Kennion girls run a breakfast program in a primary school every Thursday. The volunteers prepare breakfast foods for the girls and boys who may not have had breakfast that morning. The Year 10 volunteers also have the opportunity to talk and get to know each of the students. Occasionally, they will also read them books and teach the younger primary students simple spelling and maths. We are looking at expanding this program soon, so that Year 8s and 9s will be able to experience this as well.

We appreciate the support of the St Peter’s Girls community in helping us to raise donations for this amazing charity.

– Alexandra Reade, 10KEN

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Attention all shoppers: Join our trip to Melbourne


Join us for the first ever St Peter’s Girls Shopping Trip to Melbourne!

In conjunction with Peregrine Travel, parents are invited to join this fabulous trip to Melbourne.

This all inclusive package includes return flights, transfers and 5-star accommodation located in the heart of the city. Stroll to theatres, restaurants and laneway bars. Docklands, the Paris end of Collins Street, Southbank, and South Melbourne are all close by.

Also included is an exclusive ‘Money Can’t Buy’ after-hours shopping experience at Myer, with drinks, food and a private stylist!

Event Details: 

Date: 13 – 14 August 2016
Price: Only $695.00 per person.

Funds rasied will go towards the redevelopment of the Middle School Redevelopment Project.

Tickets can be booked via or contact Blaga on 0448 650 130 for more information.

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Have you booked your tickets yet?
ELC Art Exhibition: The Rights of the Child


The St Peter’s Girls community is invited to attend the Early Learners’ Centre Art Exhibition for 2016: The Rights of the Child.

Our launch celebration will be held in the evening on Wednesday 25 May and we hope parents can join us for what will be an enjoyable event to celebrate the children’s artwork.

Event details

From 5.30 – 7pm on Wednesday 25 May 2016
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Tickets: $50 Family (up to two adults, includes drink on arrival and finger food)
Additional adults $10
Book via

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Host Families Needed

Following the successful Junior School Korean cultural exchange program which has been operating over the past 10 years, the School has again been invited by Oden International to be part of this program during Term 3 this year.

The 2016 program will follow the same format as previous years’ and involves hosting a Year 4 or Year 5 student for a seven week period. The students will attend St Peter’s Girls during this time and will be accompanied by an Oden staff member, Ms Kris Lee, who visits the School daily to support the girls. The students will be arriving on Saturday 23 July 2016 and will depart on Monday 12 September 2016. It is anticipated that 4 – 6 students will be participating in the program in 2016.

To enable planning for this valuable program, we require families from our School community to host these students during their stay in Adelaide. Families will be reimbursed $270 per week for the student’s care, and an information and orientation program will be provided to families that are hosting.

If you are interested, please contact Jess Geraghty on 8334 2215 or email

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 2016 Census is recruiting in your local area

The Census of Population and Housing is occurring this year on 9 August 2016.

The Census provides important information about the Australian population. The data it produces is used to support funding decisions for services and infrastructure, including education.

The ABS is currently looking for 2,000 field officers across South Australia to undertake important Census field work. Experience has shown that hiring local members of the community provides the best results for the ABS and positively influences the way the Census is carried out in the area.

If you are community-minded, comfortable using a computer, mobile or tablet device, are an Australian Citizen or have the legal right to work in Australia, then jump online and apply today via

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Interhouse Cross Country

Cross Country

In near perfect conditions, students from Reception to Year 9 competed in the annual School Cross Country fun run. Many thanks to all those students who fundraised on the day. All students who participated received House points that went towards the Cross Country Shield.

Overall House Points: 1st Selwyn 499, 2nd Kennion 409, 3rd Patteson 363,
4th Kilburn 361

Year level placegetters were:

Reception – 1st Lauren Disney (KEN), equal 2nd Eleanor Bartter (PAT), Stella Fuidge (PAT), 3rd Lois Burton-Howard (SEL)

Year 1 – 1st Isla Fahey (SEL), 2nd Abbie An (PAT), 3rd Imogen Pearce (SEL)

Year 2 – 1st Alyssa Piantedosi (KIL), 2nd Sydney Di Marzo (KIL), 3rd Emily Bates (KIL)

Year 3 – 1st Isabelle Birch (PAT), 2nd Lucy Kitching (KEN), 3rd Carla Massicci (KIL)

Year 4 – 1st Molly Dwyer (PAT), 2nd Claudia Pearce (SEL), 3rd Marcella Tolley (SEL)

Year 5 – 1st Willow Stewart-Rattray (PAT), 2nd Fleur Maris (KIL), 3rd Eleanor Humphrey (SEL)

Year 6 – 1st Imogen Elliott (KIL), 2nd Emily Baldwinson (KEN), 3rd Chase Hocking (PAT)

Year 7 – 1st Portia Maerschel (KEN), 2nd Stephanie Smalls (PAT), 3rd Rose Young (KEN)

Year 8 – 1st Olufunto Komolafe (SEL), 2nd Annabel Baldwinson (KEN), 3rd Emma Carrodus (SEL)

Year 9 – 1st Rose Pittman (KIL), 2nd Grace Sampson (KIL), 3rd Hannah Brown (SEL)

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Sports News

If you have any further news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:


Congratulations to Hockey Captain Natasha Hammond (Year 12) who has been selected in the South Australian Country Women’s team to play in Darwin in July.

Junior Netball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 17 defeated Walford Blue 2  

What a great start to the season! The girls brought all their skills to the court and worked cohesively as a team. The great work of Isabelle Gilroy and Sophie Norman in the goal circle resulted in many goals. The defence on the court was equally as impressive, with Chloe Venning making some great intercepts. All the girls should be very proud of this outcome and we hope that this is only the start to what should be a successful season. Coaches: Chanel Stefani and Ava Loechel

Year 6 White – Saints 1 defeated by Walford Gold 43

I was incredibly proud to see great teamwork and sportsmanship displayed during the game. The girls took on feedback readily and enthusiastically, which saw the entire team improve significantly over the course of the game. Well done to all players! Thank you to the parents for the support and to the student coaches for their great work. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 5 Blue – Saints 25 defeated Wilderness 2 

The girls all played extremely well together in their first game of the season. Everyone put in their best efforts in all areas of the court, assisting in multiple turnovers. Both ends of the court were very active, with defenders blocking the opposition from scoring and shooters adding goals to the scoreboard. Passing and footwork were very strong during the entire game. The girls should all be very proud of their efforts and look forward to the rest of the games this year and working towards improving and refining their netball skills further. Georgia Naughton

Year 5 White – Saints 8 defeated by Wilderness Red 12

The girls were impressive in their first game of the season, and even though we didn’t win on the scoreboard, we were able to show our skills and some great teamwork. Rachel Kameniar (Assistant Coach)


It was a great start to the season with four of our teams winning their games. Our captains, Kritika Mishra and Alice Powell, are very supportive, and will report on the team’s results each week. We have many new and keen players and I look forward to another successful season. Sonya Risbey

Open A – Saints 5 defeated Westminster 1  

Best players: Emily Murdock, Kritika Mishra, Alice Powell, Nancy Huang

Open B – Saints 2 defeated by Immanuel 4  

Best players: Catherine Neale, Laura Sivewright

Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Immanuel 1  

Best players:  Amy Li, Lola Dimond, Jiale Hu, Connie Wang

Open C2 – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness (C2) 3 

Best players: Sophia Casanova Clarke, Amelie Dunda, Michelle Yeoh

Open D1 – Saints (D1) 4 defeated Saints (D2) 2  

Best players:  Maddison Tily-Brooks, Ashleigh Rogers, Candy Feng, Amelie Dunda

Open E – Saints 3 defeated by Westminster E 6 

Best players: Natacha Zisos Troupakis, Millie Han


Open A – Saints had a bye

Open B – Saints 0 drew with Immanuel 0

At Seacliff, the girls played an even and entertaining game against Immanuel. The first half was even at both ends, although Immanuel had the better chances but were often denied by Carla Lawrence in goal. Alice Girdler and Renee Lawrence played well in defence, with Olivia Goldsmith, Charlotte Creek and Emma Carrodus giving plenty of run and support through the midfield. Saints had a number of chances in the second half, with some narrow misses and Katherine Woolley also made some significant clearances from goal in the second half. Neil Fuller (Supervisor)


Under 18 – Saints 17 defeated ETP/Pembroke 6

Abbie LisleSaints had a fantastic first game of the season by dominating ground balls and possessions throughout the game. Our defence pressured opponents, had good checking skills and created turn overs at critical moments. Attack players maintained possession with good passing near the goal area and they showed poise for some great goals. The girls shared the ball around and it was an excellent team effort. Scorers were Hattie Maerschel (5), Portia Maerschel (3), Millie Wilkin, (2) Emma Auricht (2) Sophie Auricht (2) Ally Reade (1), Kate Reade (1) and Olivia Compare (1). Best players were Millisent Wilkin, Olivia Compare, Harriet Maerschel and Portia Maerschel. Ayako Uchikawa (Supervisor)


Under 15 – Saints 4 defeated by Glenelg 14

Despite the tough opposition, all of the girls were eager to play. Millisent Wilkin (Year 8) did a wonderful job running in mid-field and getting past her defender. Millisent also fought hard for every ground ball; her persistence was admirable. Kate Reade (Year 8) and Abigail Lisle (Year 8) did well in defence by going to the player with the ball and stopping her from shooting. Isabelle Norman (Year 8) was impressive in goals as she saved a number of very powerful shots. Finally, Portia Maerschel (Year 7) continuously worked hard to get the ball from centre. Although the girls did not win, they certainly improved their skills and teamwork from last week. Goal scorers were Chelsea Walls (Year 8), Millisent, and Stephanie Smalls (Year 7). Best player was Millisent Wilkin.
Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 13 – Saints had a bye

Minkey Hockey

Year 4/5 – Saints 8 defeated Wilderness 1

All the girls played a great match to start off the season with a substantial win! Our tackling and dribbling were extremely strong and we maintained a great attitude and communication throughout the game, allowing us to get the upper hand on Wildy. Best players were Molly Dwyer and Bridgette Leach, who worked really well together in the forward line and enabled us to score several goals. Great job to all the girls for an awesome win to start the season! Alice Tyson & Kate McKellar-Stewart (Coaches)



Open A – Saints 45 defeated Scotch 27

The first shield game of the season was a success for the Open A team. Full court pressure resulted in many turn overs that enabled Saints to take the lead, particularly in the second half of the game. A special mention to Grace Dawson who worked tirelessly on an experienced attacker to keep her involvement in the game to a minimum. We look forward to developing as a squad as the season continues to ensure further success. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 17 defeated by Scotch 54

It was pleasing to see the improvement from last week for the Open B netball girls. Each girl contributed to the flow down the court. Ella Robinson was a great addition to the team throughout the centre court and in the goal circle, while Georgia Naughton managed to force turnovers many times at the defensive end. Allexandra Murray (B Captain)

Open C – Saints 6 defeated by Scotch 54

This week saw a huge improvement in the way the girls played. They presented a much more cohesive team, displaying some great passages of play and implementing techniques worked on during training. Each week sees more refined play by the entire team. Scotch brought a tough side and our girls were under constant pressure. As the game progressed, the play became more polished and was focussed on our goal third, which was great to see. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 25 defeated Wilderness 7

It was a tough first quarter, however the longer the game went on, the more composed the girls were. This enabled us to have a good win over a tough Wilderness team. The girls took on all advice given and executed that on court. Overall the girls played an outstanding game.
Alana Coppock (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 35 defeated Scotch 30

The girls started slowly and were down at the end of the first quarter. However, by half-time they were in front, and kept it that way for the remainder of the match. The defence, attack and midfield all played excellently and managed to keep the opposition under pressure for the entire game. The shooters (Brooke Elliott, Sivani Sivasuthan and Nicolette Miller) shot very consistently and accurately throughout the match. Overall, a great game played by both teams! Amelia Wood

Year 9B – Saints 16 defeated by Scotch 24

In defence the girls played strongly and were able to keep their opponents out of the goal circle. The centre court girls also played well, helping to get the ball down to the attacking end. The shooters moved well around the goal circle, although the shooting accuracy needs some improvement. Overall, the girls played very well. Georgina Bafile

Year 9C1 – Saints 22 defeated Wilderness 4

The girls played a great game against Wilderness this week for their first official game of the season. We started off a bit ‘rocky’ in the first quarter; however, the girls responded well to points from the coaches and played much more confident netball throughout the rest of the game. All down the court we saw some great ownership of positions and all the girls played very well as a team. This was a great start and I look forward to a great season ahead! Ellana Welsby (Coach)

Year 9C2 – Saints 7 defeated by Immanuel 27

Despite the loss, there were lots of promising aspects to the game. The girls’ strong defence allowed them to have the ball for a lot of the game and by working on connecting their attacking, the girls will be a much stronger side. The girls are working well as a team and this shows on court due to the encouragement and voice they are giving each other. They should be very proud of themselves and the season is looking promising. Chelsea Stamato (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 37 defeated Scotch 10

It was a strong first round of the season for the girls coming away with a convincing win. During the first quarter, the goalies worked exceptionally well together to give Saints a 12-4 lead at quarter-time. Throughout the match, both defenders and centre court players were tight on their opposition and caused many turn overs. Special mention to Hannah Freeman, who got seven clean intercepts, as well as many touches on the ball when she was coming into the defensive circle throughout her three quarters on the court. Overall, a very good team effort and a great win! Vanessa Brooks (Coach).

Year 8B – Saints 27 defeated Scotch 9

The 8B girls played another terrific game, with the defenders able to hold Scotch to a small window of opportunity for scoring, and for the majority of the time our defenders did not allow the ball into the opposition’s goal third at all! In midcourt and attack the ball moved well, and it was clear that all the girls were focussing, and evidently improving, on their ability to lead for the ball. Once again, our shooters were brilliant and maximised all of their scoring opportunities, and the girls around them assisted well with positioning in the goal circle. Best players this week: awarded to Charlotte Sellars and Lucy White for their contribution to the game, and for playing a strong attacking and defending game. Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 8C – Saints 14 defeated by Pembroke 14

The girls got off to a good start this week but due to inaccurate passing could not secure a win. However, all players showed great determination and their effort was evident on court. Best players go to Ellen Zhang and Paris Greene, who both played an amazing game in defence. Despite the loss, the girls played well as a team and should be proud of their first game. The girls all showed great potential and we are looking forward to the season ahead. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches)

Year 7A – Saints 23 drew with Scotch 23

The Year 7A team made a good start to their first game of the season against Scotch College. The team dominated in the first half of the game with strong defence down the full length of the court and a well-coordinated attack. The second half saw Scotch pick up on their attack, resulting in Saints falling behind by 3 at the end of the third quarter. Teamwork and steady nerves saw Saints claw their way back to finish with a draw. Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 6 defeated by Scotch 14

Shooting efficiency was excellent; however, limited supply to our attack hindered our scoring ability. Defence also stood up extremely well all day, and showed great resilience under pressure. Ball movement and player movement will be a focus at training over the next few weeks. Best players: Sara P, Harriett Gilroy, Lily-Rose Spartalis. Roger Mills (Coach)

Knockout Athletics

Saints entered 2 teams in the State knockout athletics. The strong intermediate team won their division and have earned an invitation to attend the National All Schools knockout to be held in Canberra in December. The team consisted of Rose Pittman, Jasmine Ledgard, Rachael Disney, Hannah Brown, Jemimah Simpson, Thandi Murada, Jessica Schaedel and Zoe Wilmshurst. The junior team of Charlotte Sellars, Millisent Wilkin, Harriet Maerschel, Amelia Wood and Olufunto Komolafe finished in fifth place.


Middle B – Saints 5 defeated Pembroke 2 

The girls started the season with a convincing win. The team dominated from the opening whistle and maintained full concentration for the full game . Special mention to Ashley Piper and Lily Alexander who both had good games. Peter Krantis