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From Our Principal

As we reach the halfway point of another academic year, I reflect on the remarkable achievements and milestones we have shared as a School community.  We have experienced an exhilarating three-day South Australian da Vinci Decathlon, another spirited Saints Girls’ Sports Day, mesmerising Jazz in the Hills and an awe-inspiring FUSION performance. The completion of the second stage of renovations in our Early Learners’ Centre, further enhancing our strong foundation of a love of learning for our youngest learners has also been an important milestone in our commitment to providing the best learning environments for our students. These events remind us of the power of collaboration, perseverance, and excellence in showcasing the diverse talents and passions of our students, the camaraderie and unity of our community, and the spirit of courage, creativity and compassion that defines our School.

Term 2 is significant in the lives of our Year 12s as it marks the halfway point in their final year of schooling. During this term I invited the Year 12 students in their Home Groups to have lunch with me. Together we reflected on their time at Saints Girls, and they enjoyed sharing memorable moments of life at School. The conversations reflected the diversity and uniqueness of each student’s experience, and reinforced the commonalities that resonate with every Year 12 student as they look back at the years gone by and move towards the next important transition point in their lives. Comments made on a number of occasions referred to:

  • the camaraderie that comes from belonging to one of our four Houses, where students bond across year levels in the friendly but fierce rivalry of the House competitions such as Choral Night, Sports Day and Swimming Carnival,
  • a learning environment where everyone wants you to do your best,
  • the size of our School where you get to know everyone regardless of your year level,
  • teacher-student relationships where the teachers know us really well and you can have a friendly chat, but the teachers still have high expectations for our learning and behaviour, and
  • being supported and not judged by your peers and the staff to try new things and to take opportunities.

Together, we explored the profound sense of belonging that comes from being part of a community where every voice is heard, every passion is celebrated, and every individual is valued. These conversations reinforced the powerful impact that our School community has on shaping not just academic achievements, but also the personal growth and lifelong bonds that makes you a Saints Girl for life.

Of great significance in Term 2, is the much loved ‘Hat Ceremony’, held earlier this week. We officially welcomed our Mid-Year Reception students into the ‘big School’, marking the commencement of their school journey. This event included both our current students who have been part of our community in our ELC, and the new students who are starting with us. We look forward to getting to know our new students and their families, and sharing with them what it means to be a Saints Girl.

I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to making this term another successful one at St Peter’s Girls’ School. I wish you a relaxing term break, with time for sharing cherished moments with your family and friends.

Cherylyn Skewes

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Important Dates

Term 3 Commences: Tuesday 23 July
Year 11 Relationships Day: Friday 26 July
Mid-Year Reception Meet the Teacher: Tuesday 30 July
Senior Drama Performance: 31 July & 1 August
Patteson House Dinner: Friday 2 August
ELC Coffee Van: Friday 2 August
ELC Teaching and Learning Evening: Wednesday 7 August
Rock Band Concert: Thursday 8 August
Selwyn House Dinner: Friday 9 August
Kilburn House Dinner: Friday 16 August
Book Week: 19 – 23 August
ELC Book Week Parade: Wednesday 21 August
Hear me Roar: Friday 23 August

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ELC Hat Ceremony

On Monday, 12 of our ELC children participated in one of our most special traditions at St Peter’s Girls’ School, the Hat Ceremony. This tradition was established many years ago and is now one that is looked forward to by many.

The Hat Ceremony involves children transitioning into our Mid-Year Reception class being formally welcomed during a School Assembly. During this Assembly, they are presented with new school bags and hats by our Senior Prefects and Head of Junior School, Marika Taylor.

This important tradition supports families and their children who are entering the Junior School to feel a wonderful sense of community and belonging that St Peter’s Girls’ School is renowned for. We wish these children a wonderful start to school next semester and look forward to hearing more about their continued learning journey.

Chloe Skoss
ELC Pathway Ferguson Teacher

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Year 9s Shine at Arts Collab Night

The Annual Year 9 Arts Collab showcased the artistic abilities of our Visual Art, Dance, Drama and Music students in one evening of creativity and fun! This year the Drama students presented two highly entertaining plays; ‘Lip Service’ and ‘Bad Auditions by Bad Actors’. The dancers presented their own choreography, representing many themes including fame, being envious of others and disloyal friendships. They also raised the Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre roof with a Hip Hop dance performance inspired by Barbie.

The Visual Arts students exhibited some exquisitely detailed acrylic paintings in the foyer, and three highly talented musicians impressed everyone with their instrumental skills. It was another night dedicated to celebrating our students and their artistic endeavours, which allowed them to express themselves in a variety of ways. Watching the performers leave, filled with pride and the excitement and adrenaline of performing, it was a very rewarding conclusion to an Arts-packed term!

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Year 11 and 12 Drama Productions

This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing and Josephine In-Between

The SACE Stage 1 and 2 students have been working separately on two plays that explore similar themes of journeys, growth, and self-discovery through the theatrical form of Children’s Theatre.

These two pieces, This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing written by Finegan Kruckemeyer and directed by Katherine Kitching, and Josephine In-Between written and directed by Michael Butler-Wills, will be performed on:

Wednesday 31 July at 1.45pm and 7pm
Thursday 1 August at 7pm
Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School

Bring your inner child and let your imagination take flight as our characters experience the world through the magic of storytelling, with all the highs and lows, the loves and losses, and the joy and heartbreak that might be found on all good journeys.

Book your tickets now!

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Hear me Roar – Save the Date

We are excited to announce our 130 Anniversary Music Concert – Hear Me Roar.
A high-energy concert to celebrate all things women! Featuring renowned Cabaret Festival artists Libby O’Donovan and Amelia Ryan performing their hit cabaret show ‘I am Woman’, plus some of your favourite Old Scholar soloists, all accompanied by our wonderful Choirs and Orchestra.

Save the Date: 23 August 2024, 7pm
Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School

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Shark Tank Winners!

Please join me in congratulating ‘noobiboobi’ (Soph Langley, Ella Lawes and Anna Venning) on winning first place in the Shark Tank eSchool competition during Week 8 of this term.

In Stage 1 Business Innovation students are asked to solve a problem and develop a solution, turn their solution into a desirable, feasible, and viable business. Then pitch it to the ‘Sharks’ (or judges) and ask for funding to start their business.

Shark Tank eSchool is a National program modelled from the TV show Shark Tank. Many schools from all over Australia compete. Two groups from each school are chosen to participate in semi-finals, and then only a select few qualify for finals. In the finals round, noobiboobi pitched their business and succeeded at convincing the Sharks that their idea was worth investing in.

‘noobiboobi’ was developed to solve the problem of women having to wear uncomfortable boob tape that is insufficient in providing enough security and comfort. They designed a product that allowed women to receive customisable boob tape that was fitted to their individual measurements and the dress or outfit that they wanted to wear.

When you see the members of ‘noobiboobi’, please congratulate them on an excellent achievement.

Maeghan Stace
Year 11 Business Innovation Teacher

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Lots of laughs at ‘The Fall Guy’ at the Ladies’ Night Out!

The ladies who came out to support the Friends of the Arts (FoA) at the Regal Theatre on Wednesday 19 June had a fun time catching up with a glass of bubbles despite the rain.  Thanks to all those who came out to support the Performing Arts Program at St Peter’s Girls.  Recent purchases by the FoA in preparation for ABODA include a bike horn, a travel case for the percussion equipment and a cymbal case.  Hopefully next year, even more of you will be able to join us for a fabulous night out at the movies, travelling back to the 1920s, in the beautifully refurbished Regal Theatre.  Congratulations to the lucky raffle winners and thank you to Victoria Braithwaite for her generous donations of ‘The Family Cook’ vouchers.

  • Early bird Carols and Choral night VIP tickets – Bernard Chong
  • 1st prize – 2 tickets 130 Celebration – R Green
  • 2nd prize – 4 VIP tickets to Carols in The Cathedral 2024 – Margie C
  • 3rd prize – 4 VIP tickets to Choral Night 2025 – G Flynn-Agrawal
  • 4th prize – $100 Family Cook Voucher – T Warrick
  • 5th prize – $100 Family Cook Voucher – L Price
  • 6th prize – $100 Family Cook Voucher – C Valmorbida

For anyone who would like to join the Friends of the Arts and contribute to the Performing Arts community at St Peter’s Girls, please contact Fiona McGregor, Community Relations

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Year 4s Become Politicians for the Day

On Tuesday 25 June, the Year 4s went on an exciting excursion to the Burnside Council and met former staff member and Old Scholar, Mayor Anne Monceaux (nee Harrington, Kennion, 1966), along with her staff. We got to see her parlour and the Council Chambers.

First, we met Sarah McConaghy-Beasley (Environmental Sustainability Officer) and learned about the council bin collection and how to put your rubbish in the right bins. We had a bin relay where we had to put rubbish into the right bins, but fast. The team who put all their rubbish in the bins first wins. Next, we were split into groups and did a word jumble, then played a card game with pictures of rubbish and mini models of bins. After that, we went into the Mayor’s Parlour to learn about the history of Burnside. There were lots of beautiful paintings! Fun fact: Mayor Anne was in Kennion. The Mayor took us to the Council Chambers, we sat in the chairs where the councillors sit in a real Council meeting, this was such an honour. The Mayor explained how a council meeting works and how they come to a decision in real life.

All the Year 4s agree that this was a very fun and educational excursion. We will use the knowledge we learnt about local councils for future years.

Eva Ghai

This week the girls from 4JAAN and 4OCO, teachers and amiable parent helpers went on an excursion and got to see Burnside’s Mayor, former staff member and Old Scholar, Anne Monceaux. We got to see the Mayor’s fancy parlour and the Council Chambers.

In the Mayor’s parlour we got to see the Royal Burnside Council crest and the council fur coat. Mayor Anne told us about how the first thing she did as Mayor was to add Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags because before, Mayor Margret Bond (the previous Mayor of Burnside) didn’t have any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander recognition at all. We also got to see the Council Chambers and sit in the Councillors’ chairs and learned all about the board meetings that were held in that room. At the end Mayor Anne even let us eat some of the mentos that were for the councillors.

Overall, I think that the Year 4 girls really enjoyed going to the Burnside Council, we loved meeting the mayor of Burnside and it helped us improve our understanding of the local government and now our understanding is excellent.

Matilda Mollison

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Year 3s are Scientists in the Making

Our Year 3 students have spent Term 2 as astronomers, researchers, fossil hunters, chemists, physicists and weavers. They have used the language and curiosity of scientists to find out more about ‘How the World Works’.

The girls conducted wonderful experiments in the laboratories under the guidance of our Senior Science Teacher, Mr Craig Byrne and Scientist-in-Residence, Lene Van Schalkwyk. They looked into ways that traditional weaving was used by our Indigenous Australians and created a woven item with the help of our Indigenous Liaison Officer, Kendall Fitzgerald. They researched famous scientists, learned about the movement and effect of the sun and moon, and designed their own magnificent inventions.

It has been a rich and exciting unit of inquiry, and we look forward to seeing how our budding young scientists help make the world a better place in the future.

Sarah Mulraney & Monique McLeay
Year 3 Teachers

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ELC – News from Learning Community 1

As we conclude the term in Learning Community 1, our unit of inquiry into how ‘curiosity can drive research’ has led us to deeply explore the concepts of responsibility and causation. Reflecting on how we share the planet, our goal was to foster critical thinking and research skills across our classrooms. By promoting these skills, we aim to nurture knowledgeable and thoughtful students within the ELC.

During our inquiry, our children engaged in many experiences that stimulated their curiosity and problem-solving abilities. For instance, when we experimented with sowing seeds and researching what vegetables can be planted in the cooler seasons, the children explored biological processes and developed their awareness of scientific and mathematical concepts. These playful interactions encouraged them to ask questions, make predictions, and test their ideas, laying the groundwork for more advanced research skills.

Throughout the term, both rooms have used a story book to help drive the inquiry and further literacy initiatives. Through imaginative play such as role-playing scenarios from the books, the children developed the ability to critically think about different situations and make decisions. This playful learning environment not only nurtured their cognitive development but also fostered creativity and resilience, ensuring essential components of lifelong learning.

In conclusion, we have observed that our children have enthusiastically embraced their roles as budding scientists and biologists, eagerly researching and discovering new aspects of their environment. This natural drive of curiosity and exploration has been a significant part of their learning journey. We look forward to harnessing this enthusiasm and continuing to foster their inquisitive minds into the next term.

Kathy Mc Cabe, Dot Kelly, Annabelle Redmond and Nell Tierney
Learning Community 1 Teachers

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Year 4 and 6s Represent Saints at Poetry Recital

Last Wednesday, the IPSHA Poetry Recital Competition was held at St Peter’s College.

Poetry recital is a valuable and engaging part of the classroom oral language program. This competition is designed to encourage students to enjoy reading, appreciate poetry, develop memorisation skills, promote good elocution, and gain confidence in performing before an audience.

Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 all presented a poem to their class over recent weeks. From this stage, a group of students from each year level performed a set poem from a work of Shakespeare and a poem of their choice at the in School final.

Eva Ghai from Year 4, Alyssia Moro from Year 5, and Dilini Ranathunga from Year 6 went on to present engaging performances at the final. Each student showed amazing poise and presence and captured the rhythm and interesting language in their poems beautifully.

Congratulations to each student for representing our School so admirably. Dilini Ranathunga is to be commended on placing second in her division.

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Elodie Runs for The Smith Family Charity

The Smith Family is Selwyn’s House Charity, and the Year 10 Selwyn Home Group are currently involved in the Student2Student reading program to help disadvantaged students become better readers. Each week, the Selwyn girls meet with their buddy and support them to improve their reading, mentoring them to meet their goals. Supporting disadvantaged students and communities is a worthy cause and I have found the experience of providing reading support to my buddy very rewarding.

In addition to the reading program, I was keen to see what else I could do for The Smith Family as this cause is important to me. During the month of June every year, The Smith Family hold an annual fundraising event known as the Dream Run. This challenges participants to run or walk 50km, 100km or 150km in one month and raise money to provide support for disadvantaged Australian kids so they can achieve their dreams. I set myself a goal to run 100km this June and to raise $1000 in the process. I have successfully achieved this goal which will support a child’s education for two years, allowing them to pursue their future aspirations.

Through my participation in the Student2Student reading program, and fundraising for the Smith Family, I have gained an insight of the many children who do not receive the same valuable education.

Elodie de Wit
Year 10, Selwyn

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Annual House Dinners – Book Now!

During Term 3 all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at our annual House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses. Each House’s Year Level categories can be found on the posters located around the school so keep an eye out.

This is a compulsory event for all Year 7 – 12 students. Visit the TryBooking links below to book your daughter(s) a ticket for the night.

Patteson 2 August (bookings close Friday 26 July at 5pm)
Theme: Icons

Book now

Selwyn 9 August (bookings close Friday 2 August at 5pm)
Theme: Aussie Icons

Book now

Kilburn 16 August (bookings close Friday 9 August at 5pm)
Theme: Met Gala

Book now

Kennion 30 August (bookings close Friday 23 August at 5pm)
Theme: High School Cliques

Book now

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July Vacation Care

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

July 2024 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so secure your booking now – click here

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Holiday Opening Hours

1 – 17 July CLOSED
Thursday 18 July 9am – 4pm
Friday 19 July 9am – 4pm
Monday 22 July CLOSED

The School Shop will resume regular hours on Tuesday 23 July.
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm).

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957
Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence i.e. illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Sport Results

Wednesday 19 June – Tuesday 25 June


Senior A: Saints (13.6.84) v (0.0.0)
Best players: Mathilda Thomas, Ella Ridge and Daisy Kennett
Superwoman: Emily Conti pushed off defenders and used her speed to run into the forward line and kick a great goal.

Middle A: Saints (9.2.56) v Immanuel College (2.1.13)
A great game, well matched against Immanuel.
Best player: Grace Mayen for great repeat efforts through midfield and aggressive on ball.
Superwoman: Ruby Pahuja put in excellent work and effort through midfield which was a new position for her. Applied feedback and gave it everything.


Senior A: Saints (3/5/126) v Pembroke Senior A (3/6/153)

Senior B Blue: Saints (1/2/104) v Wilderness Senior B1 (5/9/170)

Senior B White: Saints (3/5/93) v Walford Senior B (3/5/126)

Senior C Blue: Saints (2/2/91) v Wilderness Senior C2 (4/4/109)

Senior C White: Saints (3/3/90) v Woodcroft Senior C (2/2/79)

Senior C White: Saints (3/3/90) v Woodcroft Senior C (2/2/79)

Senior D Blue: Saints (0/0/35) v Seymour Senior D (3/3/63)

Senior D White: Saints (2/2/101) v Woodcroft Senior D (4/4/114)

Senior D Silver: Saints (2/2/84) v Pembroke Senior D (4/4/114)

Senior E Blue: Saints (5/5/135) v Seymour Senior E2 (2/2/129)

Senior E White: Saints (4/4/99) v Pembroke Senior E Blue (2/2/100)


Year 5-6 Silver: Saints (22) v Pembroke Year 5/6 Blue (17)
For once we were the team with extra numbers, which came in handy with Pembroke having four. Special mention to Ruoyu, Emilia, Esther and Isabella for playing a quarter for the other team. Our shooting was hot, and our defence was impeccable – led from the back as always by Sohpia Lau.
Best Players: Ruoyu Chen, Esther He, Emilia Wang, Isabella Zhu.
Superwoman: Isabella Zhu played for the first time in a few weeks and hit the ground running.

Year 4 White: Saints (8) v Seymour Year 5/6 Blue (48)
Best Player: Emily Do
Superwoman: Lucy James

Year 4-6 Blue: Saints (17) v Wilderness Year 6 White (39)
Best Players: Amelia Bartter and Maggie Will
Superwoman: Indy Stankiewicz played a great game, showing her improvement across the term, finished some great baskets and played some great defence!


Premier League: Saints (47) v Seymour Premier League (69)

Premier League Reserves: Saints (35) v Seymour Premier League Reserves (84)

Senior C: Saints (25) v Scotch Senior C Navy (17)
Best Player: Linna Song
Superwoman: Aliya Trench

Senior D White: Saints (50) v Concordia Senior D (25)

Year 7/8C: Saints (15) v Scotch Year 7C Navy (15)
Best Player: Ginny Farag
Superwoman: Joshitaa Reddy

Year 7A: Saints (18) v Immanuel Year 7A (62)
Best Player: Eliza Phillips made great drives onto the circle, good positioning
Superwoman: Ruby Pahuja did a mountain of work on centre passes, worked hard in attack and defence

Year 8B: Saints (24) v Scotch Year 8B (31)
The girls played a great game, working well as a team! After playing Scotch just last week and going down 41-9, the girls were eager for redemption. I am so proud of how they rallied around one another and kept with the opposition all game. Although they didn’t get the win, a score of 24-31 is such a better result and definitely a more accurate reflection of their skills.

Year 8C: Saints (19) v Woodcroft Year 8C (9)

Year 8D: Saints (8) v Immanuel College Year 8C (27)
Best Player: Anvika Singh had awesome consistent shooting the entire match
Superwoman: Aarcha Rakesh was always supporting her team members and had a positive mindset.

Year 9A: Saints (27) v Seymour Year 9A (46)
So proud of the girls’ efforts, they were only three down going into the third quarter, but with a couple of injuries leaving only six on the court, they weren’t able to hold on. Then came back in the last quarter equalling Seymour’s score.

Year 9C: Saints (31) v Immanuel Year 9C (27)
Best Player: Grace Davies
Superwoman: Diya Bhinder


Premier League: Saints (2) v Mercedes Premier League (1)

Pink Round – Get your Socks!

IGSSA is once again running Pink Round to support Breast Cancer awareness and research. Pink Round will take place in Week 2, Term 3 and will include all matches and trainings that week. Year 3 to 12 students participating in co-curricular sport will be able to wear Pink Socks (if purchased) and a Pink Ribbon throughout that week’s sporting sessions.

Friends of Sport have kindly offered to supply ribbons to all players for Pink Round.

Our Sports Captains will be holding a bake sale during Pink Round, along with some other initiatives. More about this will be communicated early in Term 3.

If you wish to purchase pink socks for your daughter/s to wear during Pink Round please fill out the form via the link below.

Click here to order.

Orders will close on Thursday 4 July at 5pm, no further orders will be accepted after this time.

Alice Johnswood
Director of Sport

Summer Sports Awards

Despite the cold wet weather this week, on Monday we celebrated our Summer Sports Award winners at a special Sports Assembly. While participation from all girls is a key focus of our co-curricular program it is also important to recognise those who excel in their chosen sports. Coaches selected a Best and Fairest Player. This was their most skilful and influential player, who not only showed dedication to training and matches but also played with fierce competitiveness and respect for her teammates, coaches and the opposition. The coaches were then able to choose either a Coaches Award or Most Improved, with the following selection criteria:

The player who was coachable, took on board feedback and had a ‘team first’ attitude. The player who consistently supported and helped her teammates and demonstrated our School values – courage, creativity and compassion.

The player who showed the most improvement in skill (both technical and tactical) throughout the term. The player who sought feedback and could be seen trying to implement that feedback in both training and matches.

Well done to all girls who received an award. Click here to see our full list of award winners.


Saints Teams Selected for Aerobics National Championships

On Saturday 22 June, our Aerobics teams competed in the FISAF State competition held at the Shedley Theatre in Elizabeth. Since the first competition, all teams have been working extremely hard to perfect their routines and it paid off onstage as we had three teams invited to attend the National Championship! This is the biggest number of teams Saints Girls has ever had invited to Nationals, so we are very proud of these amazing results.

In the Secondary pre-choreographed phase 1 section, Synergy placed fourth overall but were lucky enough to be invited to Nationals based on their scores! In the Secondary pre-choregraphed phase 2 section, Intensify came fourth overall but once again the scores were close, so they too were invited to Nationals! Finally, Fiesta came first in the Secondary fitness team category, which secured their spot at Nationals! These sections had fierce competition, so it is a great achievement for everyone.

This year Nationals will be held in the Gold Coast in Queensland from August 29 to September 1. This is an amazing opportunity for the girls, and we are excited to help develop their routines in preparation for this competition.

Although not all Saints Girls teams were invited to Nationals, we are exceptionally proud of their hard work and effort over the past few terms. Their aerobics season is not over yet as they still have the opportunity to compete in the ‘Blitz It’ challenge which will be held in August, and we would love to see everyone return to the sport next season!

We are proud of all the girl’s effort and commitment throughout this season, and we couldn’t be happier with the improvement in every team this year!

Saints Girls Kicking Goals

Congratulations to Aleesha Gray and Chloe Richardson who have been named in the South Australian State Soccer Team. Aleesha and Chloe will be competing in the Youth National Championships in Victoria from 3 to 8 July. Aleesha will compete in the Under 15 competition and Chloe in the Under 16 team. The girls will be competing at the home of the Matildas – La Trobe University.

Chloe and Aleesha are very dedicated to their training and have heavy loads, which they work in with schoolwork and other commitments. Congratulations girls, we are very proud of you, and we can’t wait to hear all about your experiences when you return.

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