Enews – Week 9, Term 2 2018

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From the Principal

Last week, I was privileged to attend a presentation by American icon Billie Jean King. A champion for social change and equality, she created new inroads for all genders in sport and beyond during her legendary career and she continues to make her mark today. In partnership with Teneo in 2014, she launched the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative to address inclusion and diversity issues in the workplace. The gender pay gap has been a significant focus of her work with figures in her home country indicating women are paid an average of 80 cents on the dollar compared with men.

The gender pay gap is even greater in retail, where women make an average of 70 cents on the dollar compared with men. She decided to tackle this head on and her company engaged coffee chain Starbucks in a partnership with the aim of addressing pay inequality within its organisation. In March, Starbucks announced that it had reached 100 percent gender and race pay equity among all US employees in similar roles. Pay equity is a complex issue that requires analysis and investment to achieve and vigilance to maintain but the Starbucks case study shows it can be done.

The most recent estimates by the World Economic Forum indicate that the global economic gender gap will take 217 years to close. That is, parity won’t be obtained until 2235! As the graph below indicates, the pay gap in Australia was heading in the right direction.

Enews W9 - Graph

But despite the slow and steady progress made towards gender equality in recent years, 2017 was not a success. In fact, the gap between men and women across health, education, politics and economics widened for the first time since records began in 2006.

Interestingly, new research from the UK suggests the gender pay gap starts long before entering the world of work. A study of just over 500 parents and children released in May found boys get more pocket money than girls for both household chores and good behaviour rewards. On average, boys receive £6.99 for carrying out household chores, while girls only get £4.67. The survey, carried out by Santander, also found a big difference between the amount children are paid for good behaviour, with boys getting £8.28 compared with girls only getting £4.18.

At the other end of the spectrum, as women hit retirement, there is a large discrepancy in superannuation, as illustrated below:

Enews W9 - Graph-2

An abundance of evidence shows that women face structural barriers at work. Gender bias and rigid gender norms perpetuate traditional leadership cultures that reinforce obstacles to women’s advancement. Women are routinely judged as less qualified and competent than men. Trying to teach women to fit into a system in which talent and value are often implicitly coded as ‘male’ has, so far, failed.

Earlier this year, I spoke to the Middle and Senior School girls on the topic of feminism. For the record, feminism by definition is, “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” It’s the theory of political, economic and social equality of the sexes. It’s a belief system that will quite simply make the world a better place. Feminism is not designed to deliver instead of men or more than men but the same as men and alongside men. Clearly, these figures indicate that feminism is not a word we don’t need anymore. There is no use-by-date to feminism. We need to own this word, we need to own this movement. Demanding answers and fuelling debate – that’s the real essence of feminism. We can’t leave it up to the Billie Jean Kings of the world. There must be collective action and shared responsibility for driving gender parity. We all have a role to play.

Staffing News

At the end of this term, we farewell Pam Reid from the ELC. She has been teaching with us since 2015 and we wish her well in her new endeavours. Kate Mount, Director of Early Learning, will take some much-deserved long service leave in Term 3 and Kirsty Porplycia will act in her role during this time. Anna Stefopoulos also commences long service leave during Term 3, and we wish Sarah English all the best as she begins maternity leave. Parents will already have received email communication alerting them to teacher changes that have occurred as a consequence of these staff movements.

Science Centre

Demolition works will continue over the holiday period, making the footprint for the new building clear. Please note that the School and ELC will be closed on Monday 9 July while our electricity infrastructure is upgraded. The Science Centre project is currently in the detailed design phase with our architects and I hope to bring you more images in the term ahead.

Best wishes for the holidays and I look forward to welcoming the girls back to school on Tuesday 24 July.

Julia Shea


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Highlights of Term 2

We caught up with some of our students to share their reflections on a busy and successful Term 2:

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Newest Saints Girls

This week, we celebrated one of the biggest days on the ELC calendar: the Hat Ceremony!

Our newest Saints Girls were thrilled to receive their ‘big school’ hat and bag from the Year 12 Prefects before they start Mid-Year Reception next term.

The Hat Ceremony has become a cherished tradition at St Peter’s Girls as our community places great emphasis on the transition from ELC to school.

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Life’s a Picnic for Year 12 and ELC

This week, our Community Service Prefect Dominique organised a picnic for the ELC children and the Year 12 girls. Together, they ate their lunches and enjoyed many fun games such as ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’ and ‘Duck, Duck, Goose!’

This fun experience saw Year 12 Selwyn and Kennion students joining the School’s youngest members during Home Group. The Patteson and Kilburn Year 12s will attend a second event next term, maintaining interaction between ELC students and older girls in preparation for the transition to the ‘big school’.

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Creativity on Show at ARTSCollab

Without doubt, the highlight of my term was Wednesday night’s ARTSCollab, a showcase of Middle School Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts merged together to make one highly creative, very entertaining presentation. My vision was to give students a chance to perform on stage and hopefully discover a thrill for doing so.

It was also important to communicate all the wonderful learning opportunities the girls have encountered during their lessons to our community: from song writing, to dance routines to self-devised (and often hilarious) plays. What a way to wrap up a busy term!

Kate Burnett
Head of Arts

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Lofty Times at Year 12 Retreat

W9 Year 12 Retreat

Our Class of 2018 is on a high after completing the two-day Year 12 Retreat at Mount Lofty.

The girls enjoyed the great outdoors with a hike up to the summit, worked collaboratively during team building activities and were fortunate to hear words of wisdom from some inspiring Old Scholars. They had an incredible experience together which will no doubt hold them in good stead as they prepare to complete their studies and look towards life beyond school.

The retreat forms part of our Outdoor and Experiential Education Program which complements the School’s #EMPOWHER wellbeing initiative by giving girls life and study skills for now and into the future.

“It’s humanised the whole Year 12 experience where you don’t have to feel like you have everything under control at all times because everyone goes through their stresses and that’s okay. It was a chance to take a break and reflect on how far we’ve come but also what we still have to go and how we make the most of it and appreciate the opportunities we still have. – Antonia Kirsten-Parsch

“It’s collectively a great time to be a whole grade and not, for once, having to worry about work. I loved hearing from the Old Scholars, especially as someone who doesn’t really know what I want to do, it’s great to hear that they were in the same space as me.” – Olivia Compare 

Many thanks to the following Old Scholars who volunteered their time to speak with our students:

Jess Gurner (Patteson ’10), Katherine Schultz (Kilburn ’11), Mia Shepherdson (Kilburn ’13), Rebecca Slimming (Kennion ’13), Sophie Fry (Patteson ’15).

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Saints Girl Delivers Winning Speech

W9 Aditi

Year 11 student Aditi Tamhankar recently had great success in the Probus Public Speaking Competition. We asked her to recap her experience:

“The competition aims to get Year 11 students speaking about topics that matter to young people. Contestants had to present a 6-minute prepared speech as well as a 3-minute impromptu speech which was written with only 10 minutes’ preparation time.

I spoke about the plight of vulnerable children of war in my prepared speech and about ‘Incredible Futures’ in my impromptu speech. The standard of speeches was extremely high, and some excellent topics were discussed.

I was thrilled when they announced I was the winner and received the Don Neill Memorial Trophy on behalf of the School.”

Aditi Tamhankar
Year 11 student

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Year 6s Impressed by Impressionism

W9 Year 6 Art Excursion

Year 6 artists attended the Colours of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, as part of their Visual Arts study into landscape painting and impressionism.

The exhibition includes more than 65 impressionist masterpieces from the renowned collection of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

It charts the revolution of colour that lies at the very heart of impressionism and includes master works by Monet, Renoir, Manet, Morisot, Pissarro and Cézanne.

The girls all found the exhibition very inspiring!

Sarah Casson
Junior School Art Teacher

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Year 8s and ELC Go Hi-Tech

W9 ELC + Tech

For the past few weeks, the Year 8AST Digital Technologies class has been developing a lesson in technology that could be shared with the children in the ELC Hallett Room. The students listened to guidance from ELC staff and children about the best method to teach new technology in an age-appropriate way.

During a visit to the Maker Space, the Hallett Room friends discovered how to draw a picture on the iPad and laser cut it. They also navigated through a storytelling adventure using Bee-Bots and Sphero Balls, visited planets in our solar system using Sphero Balls and learnt how to make Ada, the ELC Humanoid Robot, walk and talk.

The Year 8s loved the opportunity to buddy-up with an ELC friend and act as teachers for the lesson. The ELC children enjoyed making new friends and learning about new technologies.

Monique Green
Digital Technologies and Coding Teacher

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A Message from the Patteson House Captain

W9 Patteson

At a glance, nine weeks seems like a quiet term, but the grounds and calendars of Saints Girls have been anything but. Free from big Interhouse and whole-School events, Term 2 has been packed with smaller initiatives and activities, focussed on inter-year level interaction and improving awareness.

This year’s overarching Prefect theme is “Dare to be…”, and many of the individual and group Prefect initiatives are linked to this theme. The ‘Dare To’ bucket list was continued, dishing out a set of 20 objectives to each Sub-School. The list was completed in record time, and the students thoroughly enjoyed a new set of challenges that pushed them to get to know other students, learn new skills and work as a team. International Student Prefect Erica Reid spearheaded this term’s Prefect focus, “Dare to be…Aware”. This initiative saw a series of talks from girls and teachers with international heritage and opened students’ eyes to the stories of Australian people from different cultures. Erica, Zaina Khan, Candy Feng and Ms Stefopoulos all spoke honestly about their experiences in Australia, touching on topics like the impact of words, the result of propagating negative stereotypes, bullying due to differences and the importance of acceptance. Students will undoubtedly walk away from this term more aware of those around them.

Lucy Cox’s ‘Open SRC’ saw its first assembly slot, where she reported on the SRC’s addressing of Tuck Shop prices and clocks in the Middle School. The initiative targets recurring school issues students feel have been poorly addressed or communicated in the past and involves the whole School in the process of addressing the problem, increasing the transparency of the SRC.

Emma Bleby, the Debating and Public Speaking Prefect, coordinated the first Interhouse debating competition to great success!

The House Captains organised an Interhouse frisbee tournament during a House meeting, daring the girls to participate. With no shield and no pressure, all girls were able to enjoy participating, both watching and playing, in a more relaxed environment.

Chapel Prefect Cate Neale began collection of food and blankets for The Magdalene Centre, which will continue into next term. This initiative takes the Christian belief of helping and giving to others and incorporates it into daily school life and Chapel Services. Furthermore, students now have a direct connection to those who are in need, and upon seeing the collection baskets and those who have contributed, can reflect on the lives of disadvantaged Australians.

The new and unique initiatives that continued or commenced this term have been successful and were well-received by the students. These events and ideas allow the Prefects to create change in their areas and utilise their leadership for the benefit of the School. Next term will undoubtedly be busy with Spirit Weeks, House Dinners and Sports Day. After a few weeks of rest, the girls will surely be ready for another action-packed term!

Beth Cross
Patteson House Captain

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Enviro Club Shwops Clothes for a Cause

W9 Clothes Shwop

Recently, the Environment Club held a ‘Clothes Shwop’. The girls were asked to look in their wardrobes and start cleaning out any items they no longer wore or wanted but were still in good condition. Students were given tokens based on the number of items they donated, which were entered into a draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher. The winner was Year 10 Lucy Young.

The Clothes Shwop operated with fitting rooms and mirrors over two lunchtimes and many girls happily walked away with various items.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event a huge success. A big thank you to the Property Services team who set up the “shwop” on both days.

All items not selected by students were donated to St Vinnies, Norwood. St Vinnies greatly appreciated the four big bags full of clothing, letting us know that their donations are at an all time low at the moment. It might be a good opportunity for the rest of our community to clean out the wardrobes over the holidays.

The Environment Club

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Special Visit for Junior Orchestra

W9 Music

Last Wednesday, we were lucky to have composer Karen de Nardi drop in to work with our Junior Orchestra on her composition “Heroes and Villains”. She has published many of her works and, although well-known for her string compositions, she is also a talented violist.

It was wonderful to have her explain to our junior musicians the story behind her composition, her vision for this piece, as well as help perfect the technical considerations needed to capture the contrasting moods of this exciting composition.

Sari Noble
Acting Director of Music

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Budding Young Composers

What you will find if you step into one of our Music classrooms is a vibrant, rigorous and challenging curriculum. The Middle School curriculum has been designed to strengthen not only practical performance skills, theoretical understanding and historical context, but to also highlight the application of these skills through creativity – primarily composition and song writing.

Our song writing process begins in Year 6 when our students work together to write their own Year 6 Graduation Song. They brainstorm key ideas, play with lyrics, experiment with melodic ideas and harmonies, and learn about the fundamental structures behind a well-written song.

In Year 7, these ideas are then consolidated and combined with Music technology.  Garage Band is used to record and create effective backing tracks for compositions while also providing a wonderful tool for experimenting with drum loops, virtual instruments and arranging.

In Year 8, students learn about rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass and drums) and can then create live backings and arrangements, whilst in Year 9, girls take their composing one step further by using the music publishing tool Sibelius to notate their composition as a fully-fledged arrangement.

Under the guidance of Robyn Habel, who is herself a talented song writer, we have seen the emergence of many budding young composers in the Middle School, and it is exciting to witness the level of creativity that is beginning to evolve as students take risks in their experimentation. This year, several of our students will be entering their compositions in the Young Composers’ Award including Year 9 student Emeshe Robson and a group composition from Year 7 students Stella Rasheed, Monika Ceplitis and Alicia Toh.

Sari Noble
Acting Director of Music

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Upcoming House Dinners

Annual House Dinners

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework and get creative and colourful at the Annual House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the Trybooking links below to purchase your daughter(s) a ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: Celebrations
3 August (Week 2)
Book now:

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Coachella
10 August (Week 3)
Book now:

Selwyn House Dinner
Theme: Hollywood – A Night at the Oscars
24 August (Week 5)
Book now:

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: What I wanted to be when I was three
31 August (Week 6)
Book now:

Year 12 House Captains

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Mamma Mia! Movie Fundraiser

W8 FOA Mamma Mia Movie Night_eNews Banner

Join us on Saturday 28 July for an ABBA-solutely fantastic time at the MAMMA MIA 2: Here We Go Again movie fundraiser.

The Regal Theatre
275 Kensington Road
Kensington Park
Drinks: 1.30pm
Movie: 2pm

Tickets are $22 per person and include a champagne or soft drink as well as FruChocs on arrival.

Tickets via

We hope to see you there!

Friends of the Arts

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Prized School Visit

W9 Prized School Visit

As part of an exclusive experience auctioned at last year’s Long Lunch, the School welcomed parent Emma Robinson for a special behind-the-scenes visit day last week.

“It went above my expectations. I especially enjoyed having a tour of the Property Services shed with Paul, and appreciated the hands-on approach to the demolition and preparation for the new Science Centre.

“I loved re-visiting and re-engaging with the ELC and seeing its metamorphosis from when we began there 10 years ago. It felt like going back, but going forward.

“The format was very well done, from having Julia’s park for the day, to welcoming the students and speaking in Chapel.”

Emma’s talk in Chapel about the benefits of volunteering to local communities such as ours was well received by the students.

She says the visit was a fantastic prize and encourages everyone to get behind the auction items at this year’s Long Lunch in September.

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Tempt Your Senses at The Long Lunch

The Long Lunch

Sunday 23 September, 12 – 5pm

Tempt your senses as we embark on a Spanish Fiesta at The Long Lunch, indulging in Spanish food and wine in a marquee along the path to our Chapel at St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Seats are limited, so book now:  

St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation

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Order Your 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership

W5 Entertainment Book

Exciting news! Until the end of the month, everyone who purchases an Entertainment Membership through our online order page will receive the choice of FREE Postage OR a BONUS $10 Woolworths WISH eGift Card! Offer ends tomorrow at midnight.

As a St Peter’s Girls’ School Parents’ and Friends’ Association fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to a special element of our Master Plan which will be announced soon.

You can order via the form at the Front Office or pre-purchase online: Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Junior School Vacation Care

W7 Vacation Care

Our next installment of Vacation Care is almost here. We have three weeks of activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Some of our home-based days will include an indoor glamping party and jewellery making!

Vacation Care – July 2018 Program

Places are limited, so click here to secure your booking now!

*Please note: the School will be closed on Monday 9 July due to an electricity upgrade, so Vacation Care will not operate that day.

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School Shop Opening Hours

The School Shop will be closed for most of the holiday break, but will be open on Friday 20 July from 9am to 4pm, and on Monday 23 July from 9am to 4pm.  Normal hours will resume on Tuesday 24 July.

Sue Burnett
School Shop Manager

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Winter Interhouse Meal Deal

W9 Winter Interhouse Meal Deal

The Winter Interhouse will be held on Saturday August 11 and, to feed the hungry players and supporters, the Saints Sport Support Group is providing breakfast!

Parents, give yourselves the morning off from making breakfast and let us do it for you.

Meals can be purchased from the BBQ area, just follow the yummy smells from 8 – 10.30am.

This year, we’re offering delicious egg and bacon sandwiches, sausages in bread and a variety of beverages. Food options start at $2.

Cash and EFTPOS facilities will be available to purchase your Winter Interhouse meal.

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Sports Uniform Reminder

W4 Sport Uniforms

Currently, a number of students are continuing to wear outdated PE/Sports uniform items including culottes and polo tops. This clothing has not been stocked in the School Shop for five years and is not part of our current uniform guidelines. Please ensure your daughter is not wearing these items at the commencement of Term 3. We thank you for your support in this matter.

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Sports News

W9 Sport


We wish to extend our congratulations to the following students who have made State and National teams:

Netball: Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 7) has been selected in the 12 and under State Netball Team and will compete in Darwin from 15 – 22 September. Our Netball Director Alice Johnswood will also be travelling as a Team Coach.

Volleyball: Charlotte White (Year 11) will be travelling to the USA as a member of the Australian Junior Volleyball Team from 24 July to 1 August.

Hockey: Molly Dwyer (Year 6) will be travelling to Newcastle from 12 – 17 August to compete in the Primary School National Hockey Carnival.

Cross Country: Chloe Richardson (Year 4) has been selected to compete in the National Primary Schools Cross Country Championships on the Sunshine Coast from 24 – 27 August.

Swimming: Lauren Pearce (Year 5), Tara Young (Year 8), Lara Wakeham (Year 9) and Grace Sampson (Year 11) will all be competing for South Australia in the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships in Hobart from 25 – 31 July.

Four Saints Girls will take part in an exhibition relay at the Swimming Australia Pan-Pacific Trials and we wish Thandi Murada, Grace Sampson, Stephanie Smalls and Tara Young the best of luck when they compete on 2 July.

AFL – (Aussie Rules)

Open – Saints 3.2 = 20 defeated Pulteney 0.0 = 0
A strong defensive display by Saints saw them win strongly over a spirited Pulteney team. The game was quite even through the centre of the field, however Thandi Murada, Olivia Harby and Holly Cunningham were able to provide the clearances and run that was required to keep the ball moving to our forwards. An improvement in the girls’ ability to lead saw more effective ball movement and our forwards were able to take some effective marks inside 50m. Defensively, our team was strong, led well by Lulu Tierney, Ellie Anderson and Ebony-Jade Nash Smith. It was some of the best football the girls have played, and especially impressive considering there was only one player on the bench for the game, with some key players missing. An excellent display by all involved, and the improvement in skills and game style was highly evident. Goals scored by Millie Wilkin, Thandi Murada and Paris Robinson. – Holly Cunningham (Captain)

Middle – Saints 4.6 = 30 defeated Pulteney 0.0 = 0
The Middle School team had its breakthrough win against Pulteney. A focus at training recently has been awareness of our opponents and position on the field to make sure that they don’t get uncontested possessions and easy goals. It was fantastic to see our girls put this into action in a match. Their endeavour, enthusiasm and competitiveness have been excellent all season and this, combined with good ball use and defending, enabled them to hold Pulteney scoreless while kicking four goals themselves. Saskia Jonats and Keeley Fahey each scored two goals. Best players were Anda Ceplite, Kellie Bested, Lily-Rose Spartalis and Saskia Jonats. – Brian Parson (Coach)


This week saw our top teams play against one another. Despite some tough matches, the A1 and B1 teams came out on top, and we commend each girl for putting in 110% effort and having fun. These were our last games for this term and the teams have set the bar high, so we look forward to watching everyone progress next term. – Erica Reid and Cate Neale (Co-Captains)

A1 – Saints 6 defeated Saints A2 0
Best players: Amy Li, Cate Neale, Laura Sivewright, Gloria Gao

A2 – Saints 0 defeated by Saints A1 6
Best players: Lola Diamond, Charlene Lee

B1 – Saints 4 defeated Saints B2 2
Best players: Tiffany Zhou, Amanda Fang

B2 – Saints 2 defeated by Saints B1 4
Best players: Yujia Sun, Michelle Yeoh

C – Saints 5 defeated Immanuel 1
Best players: Ruby Richards, Millie Han

D – Saints 6 defeated Immanuel 0
Best players: Charlotte Stewart, Natacha Zisos Troupakis, Isabelle Reynolds, Vanessa Pols

E – Saints 6 defeated Wilderness 3
Best players: Olivia Tenten, Grace Reynolds


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 3
It was an unfortunate loss but the team played really well, having most of the possession. We had multiple outcomes in the circle resulting in several short corners, although were unable to score. The determination and strength we showed in defence and through the midfield resulted in Seymour scoring from only runaway balls. Despite the score, it did not reflect the true persistence, drive and teamwork every player displayed today: definitely our best game yet! – Carla Lawrence (Captain) 

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 0
Saints had many goal opportunities but were unable to convert. Our new recruit, Molly Dwyer (Year 6) scored both goals for Saints. Georgina Keough, Bridgett Leach and Molly all linked up together in the midfield which created many opportunities up forward. Saints Girls are continuously improving each week. – Tash Hammond (Coach)


Under 18 – Saints 7 defeated by Woodville 15
Unfortunately, the Under 18s did not play to their full ability or at peak competitiveness and subsequently lost by 8 goals to Woodville. Despite being a game well within our reach as we are close on the ladder, we were not mentally prepared for a competitive game.  Goal scorers were Sophie Auricht, Steph Smalls, Portia Maerschel and Hattie Maerschel. Izzy Norman did an excellent job fighting as goalie and stopped many of the opposition’s shots. I urge all players to continue to practise during the holidays so we can return next term and have many more successful games. – Sophie Auricht (Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 15 defeated East Torrens / Payneham 11
The girls started the match particularly well. Alannah Godfrey (Year 5) did a great job at leading to the ball to be the next pass. In defence, Maddy Lisle (Year 7) was the back up on several ground balls to help cause turnovers. Zoe Pool (Year 6), in attack, did well at getting the ball and being aggressive at the goal. In addition, Dani Cox (Year 6) shot some great goals using her dodging skills. At half time, the score was even and the girls needed to work on passing to those who were free and shoot around the goalie. Jenna Maione (Year 6) and Ashlyn May (Year 6) did well in flicking the ball to themselves. All of the girls also worked hard to stick to their players in defence. Lara Maione (Year 5) and Alannah were our goalies. Goal scorers were Dani (3), Alannah (4), Jenna (1) and Ashlyn (7). Best players were Alannah, Zoe, Ashlyn and Maddie. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints 5 defeated St Aloysius 1
The girls demonstrated great teamwork, as well as an exceptional improvement in stick skills. Best players this week were Claris Stolcman, Ella Pearce and Amelia Lively – some of the youngest girls in our team who, despite their age, were very enthusiastic and helped lead the team to success. In the future, we will look at improving our passes in attack, tighter defence and stronger goal shooting. Well done girls on another well-deserved win, and massive thank you to Tim who coached the second half of the game while I had to umpire. – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Junior Interhouse
On Monday 26 June, the Year 5/6 netballers participated in the annual Interhouse Netball Competition. The teams were well organised by the Year 6 Netball Captains and our student coaches assisted in coaching, umpiring and scoring. A high level of skill was displayed by all and matches were played in the right spirit with lots of cheering and clapping! The winning House boiled down to the final match played between Selwyn and Kilburn, who were both undefeated. Selwyn came out the eventual winners after a very tough match. Well done to all involved.

Round 1
Patterson 4 def by Kilburn 6
Kennion 6 def by Selwyn 7

Round 2
Patterson 5 def by Selwyn 11
Kennion 2 def by Kilburn 6

Round 3
Kennion 3 drew with Patterson 3
Selwyn 11 def Kilburn 4

1st – Selwyn
2nd – Kilburn
=3rd – Patterson & Kennion

Open A – Saints 24 defeated by Pulteney 30
The Open As played a tough game and it was goal for goal until the fourth quarter when Pulteney took every opportunity to score. Saints played a tight one-on-one defensive game and work hard each quarter. In the third quarter, we made enough ground through intercepts and rebounds in defence but were unable to convert as Pulteney’s strategies prevented girls scoring. Best players were Charlotte White, Hannah Freeman and Brooke Elliott for their constant effort in defence. Their hands were up over the ball at every opportunity, consistently fighting for rebounds and smoothly transitioning the ball from defence to attack. Saints played a difficult game but constantly reviewed plays to maximise scoring opportunities. Good work girls. – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith

Open B – Saints 29 drew with Pulteney
This was an absolutely fantastic game with an extremely tight score throughout. The girls played an amazing and high intensity match and really kept their heads up and remained positive during the entire game. Tesse Parker and Ehi Oyugbo showed that they deserved their spot on the team by each playing an awesome game. Well done girls, you all played really well. Keep up the good work. – Lulu Tierney

Open C – Saints 37 defeated by Pulteney 42
Saints were missing key players across each of the thirds and it took the girls until the second quarter to settle into the game, with many poor passes and mistakes in the first quarter. They finished the game strong but it wasn’t enough to recover. – Emma Weber

Open D – Saints defeated Pulteney (on forfeit)

Open E – Saints 34 defeated by Seymour 45
The Year 12 social team played with a strong level of determination, creating a close match despite an overall loss. Thank you to those stepping outside their comfort zones by filling in as centre and a special mention to Zara Stefani who played for us in the last quarter after already completing another netball match. Congratulations to Dominique Rigby for getting multiple goals when trying her hand at shooting! Outstanding defence work was also delivered by Chanel Stefani, as well excellent shooting and leading by Ava Loechel. Great teamwork was demonstrated by the players, despite facing a tough opposition, and a great match was played overall. – Lauren Hernan

Year 10C – Saints 15 defeated by Seymour 50
The 10Cs had a competitive match against Seymour and showed hard work and determination. During the first half, the girls proved to be adjusting to the bitterly cold weather, and Imogen Parkinson played an exceptional role in defence with many intercepts. Mid-court players Catlin Fidler and Clair Kao played really well in attack despite Seymour’s strong defence. Changing the positions in the last quarter had a positive effect on the game, allowing a higher scoring quarter. With Charlotte Sellars in goals and Faye Ma in defence, we were able to turn the ball over and score some goals. The end result certainly did not reflect the girls’ endurance throughout the whole match, with a well-played game. – Zara Stefani

Year 9A – Saints 43 defeated Pulteney 21
Our first half wasn’t at our usual high level but we improved steadily in the second half of the game to be back up to speed. Our defenders did a really good job of keeping the ball out of the ring as much as possible and our attackers did an amazing job attacking and defending. As a team, I would say this has been the best game of the season so far. – Olivia Kelly

Year 9B – Saints 7 defeated by Pulteney 21
Even though we lost, it was the best game we have played so far and I am so proud of every single girl in our team. We stayed positive and cheered each other on throughout. We moved all the positions around each quarter and, by the end of the game, we solidified which girls were best suited for their position. I can genuinely say that I was impressed by everyone’s efforts and I can’t wait to see how we progress as a team throughout the rest of the season. – Thuhansa Hattotuwa

Year 8A – Saints 69 defeated Pulteney 9
It was an exceptional win and we dominated in all positions across the court. It is difficult to nominate best players as we all excelled. Our passing was fast, hard and accurate as we moved the ball quickly along the court. We intercepted many of the other team’s passes which we turned into goals. There were no mistakes in any quarter and we kept the momentum up for the whole game. We kept calling for the ball and our communication was fantastic. If we keep this and our pace up, we will remain a formidable team. Congratulations to everyone as we all contributed 100% for the entire game. – Toni Christiansen

Year 8B – Saints 28 defeated by Pulteney 30
Our girls played an amazing game despite a narrow loss. Our second and fourth quarters were the highlights, with good defence and shooting. I was incredibly proud of how the girls managed to reduce the margin by 9 to being only 2 down. The girls in attacking positions worked the ball down to the goal ring and then the shooters shot some good goals. The defensive side of the court kept the ball out of Pulteney’s goal ring and made many turn overs. The girls should be very proud of how they played. – Chloe Venning

Year 8C – Saints 26 defeated by Immanuel 28
Everyone in the team played absolutely amazing, I think it was the best game we have played so far. Our defence was really strong, Anika Bruin had a huge number of intercepts and Charlotte Adams took all the rebounds. In the centre third, Chase Hocking made so many intercepts and played extremely well. Letitia Page-Thomson was really good as she kept in front of her player and Eva Young also did a great job in the goals as she dodged to gain better position. Annie Bradshaw was good at sticking to her player and moving into the space. Everyone in the team played extremely well and we all put a lot of effort in. – Annie Bafile

Year 8D – Saints 34 defeated Immanuel 3
Our team played very cooperatively and even got to do our first winners cheer. The game started off well in the first two quarters as the score rose, keeping our opposition at 0. By the third quarter, Saints had a very good lead which allowed Immanuel to have each centre pass, but even this only gained Immanuel 2 or 3 goals. In the last quarter, Saints players changed around positions with the shooters in centre court and defence, and mid courts moving into shooting roles. This gave us all a chance to try new positions. Throughout the game, we were exceptional in shooting and turn-overs as we dominated the centre third. – Caitlin Middelberg

Year 7A – Saints 56 defeated Pulteney 8
It was a really fun match and the team worked together well. Our shooters led both in and out of the circle with lots of good shots; our mid-court worked the ball up and had some good passes; and the defenders stayed tight on their players ending in several intercepts. Overall, everyone had a good game and it was a nice end to the term. – Ellie Humphrey

Year 7B – Saints had a bye

Year 6 Blue – Saints 17 defeated Wilderness White 9
Coaches: Karen Braund, Char Parker, Eleanor Pyne and Charlotte Adams

Year 6 Silver – Saints 16 defeated Wilderness Gold 4
The team played a great game. A big well done to Amy Dillon who passed and led brilliantly on court, also to Olivia Oakes who defended and used her voice very well, and to Steph Andrejewskis and Lydia Burrough for their outstanding defensive circle work. This has been the best game the team has played, and we are very impressed with the girls’ improvements this season. – Brooke Elliott

Year 6 White – Saints 6 defeated by Wilderness Pink 8
Zoe Graves continued to show her ability to predict play and was constantly a pass option by coming forward to the ball and finding space to lead into. Jenna Maione was strong and determined as always and she, along with several of the players, intercepted many of the opposition passes. It was great to see all the girls attempting to use shoulder passes where suitable and they often set themselves up to be able to drive forward to the ball more often than before, which reduced crowding on court. With a couple of ‘super goals,’ everyone contributed to this positive result and finished the season on a high note! – Alice Johnswood

Year 5 – Saints 18 defeated Wilderness White 3


Year 6/7 – Saints 1 drew with Pembroke 1
The team played Pembroke earlier in the season and lost 3-nil. In this game, they started really well, dominating the midfield which enabled them to take a 1-nil lead at half-time. In the second half, Pembroke scored early when the team did not clear the ball in defence. But they never gave up, creating plenty of scoring options, without much luck. Special mention to Molly Johnson who was goal keeper for the entire game and did a fantastic job. Well done girls. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 4 defeated Wilderness (Year 6) 3
The girls had a strong start with Levanya De Silva having one of her best games of the season, scoring a hat trick and playing amazingly in the midfield. The other goal scorer was Olivia Reynolds who converted while playing up front for the first time as well as being a crucial part of the midfield. Charli Young, Matilda Powell and Angelina Daskalos all made numerous saves in goals and really helped hold off Wilderness from scoring. It was great to see all the girls give goalie a try through the season. Overall, the girls should be really proud of their efforts as they have come so far as a team. Their attitude at training and games have been phenomenal, and they are always ready to play but, of course, have fun.  – Siena Kulinski

Year 3/4 – Saints 4 defeated Wilderness Pink 2
This game marked the end of our season and the girls were keen to finish with another win. They were again required to fill positions for the opposition which they were really happy to do. The game started at an extraordinary pace and, before half-time, we had a 3 goals to nil lead. Fantastic play across the pitch got the ball to Emily Bates who scored all three goals for St Peter’s Girls. To make the game more interesting, Emily Bates and Alyssa Piantedosi played for Wilderness in the second half. Showing excellent character, these girls tried really hard and Alyssa Piantedosi managed to score two goals against Sophia Holoviak. Our defence played extremely well and it was really positive to see Evelyn Gautier, Lyra Cox, Jiahui Zhang and Isabella Lochowiak play their best games for the season. To cap off the game, in the final half with the score 3-2 in our favour, Diya Bhinder managed to score her first goal for the season. Well done to all the girls for their contributions, it would be great to see you back again next year for another season! – Mark Routley (Coach)

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