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From the Head of Junior School

Suzanne HaddyIn providing a strong, holistic and rigorous education, we spend a good deal of time and effort ensuring there is both great breadth and significant depth in what we offer. And I’m pleased to say that this is exactly what was apparent as I stood back and reflected on some of the happenings and conversations across the Junior School recently.

I was pleasantly amused to hear a little anticipatory “Yay, it’s #EMPOWHER now!” the other day as the girls were moving from one lesson to the next. What better affirmation for our newly-launched Junior School wellbeing program, which is having a very successful first term. Girls are engaging thoughtfully and respectfully with the content and are enjoying opportunities to think about and discuss wellbeing issues that are important and meaningful to them.

Mind Lab continues to stretch and challenge our students’ thinking skills, and they are proudly exclaiming their ‘light-bulb’ moments each time they make a connection between a strategy used in Mind Lab and in another area of learning. Along with noticing these daily transferences, we are also thrilled that 50 of our Year 5 and 6 students deepened their learning through putting themselves forward to compete in the interschool Mind Lab Olympics competition this term.

Providing both breadth and depth in leadership training for our Year 6s continued this week with a two-day leadership workshop. The students investigated aspects of leadership that are particularly relevant to the work they will undertake next term as peer leaders for our Reception to Year 5 students.

The Year 5s have been excitedly, and for some a little nervously, preparing for their tour to Sovereign Hill, where they will become engrossed in 1850s life on the goldfields. What better way to experience both breadth and depth in their learning than this fully immersive experience where girls and teachers step back in time for two days, living and learning as if in an 1850s Victorian gold-mining town, in 1850s style clothing?

These rich, broad experiences are complemented purposely and robustly with explicit approaches to the teaching of literacy and numeracy, with none more important than the teaching of phonics and literacy in the early years of school. With significant talk in the media recently about lowering levels of early phonics acquisition in Australia, it is timely to share the great importance we place on this aspect of our students’ education here at Saints Girls. In fact, because this is of such importance, we have modified aspects of our early phonics teaching to ensure our students have the richest and most rigorous program possible, and you can see more about this in the video attached to this article.

Our students are incredibly fortunate. Their learning experiences are indeed both broad and deep, varied and enjoyable. It’s the cumulative effect of the myriad of experiences such as these that will result in strong, confident, capable women of tomorrow.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Shark Attack Survivor’s Empowering Message

W9 - Paul de Gelder

Shark attack survivor, ex-Navy diver and motivational speaker Paul de Gelder blew our students away this week with a powerful presentation arranged as part of our #EMPOWHER wellbeing program.

He spoke to our girls about how resilience, determination and a positive mindset can help overcome some of life’s greatest challenges.

Eve Habel (Year 12) and Imogen Elliott (Year 9) had the opportunity to interview Paul after his talk; have a listen to his key messages for our girls:

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Head of the River

W9 - Head of the River

Last Saturday was the conclusion of the Rowing season and it was a perfect day set in perfect conditions. Everyone arrived bright and early to set up tents, flags, balloons etc., which was headed up by the Friends of Rowing, and it looked fantastic. The job for the girls was to organise all the boats to make sure they were ready for the races. Everyone was in a fantastic mood and really happy to be there representing their school. As a tradition, the girls and coaches do a chant in a massive circle, which is always a lot of fun and gets everyone excited for the day.

I would like to go through each crew with the positives they got out of the day:

8C: They rowed together and their timing was good. They all had a positive attitude and had a fantastic experience.
8B: Raced well and were really positive before, during and after the race. Their technique has improved so much from the start of the season and they were focused and switched on.
8A: The girls didn’t quite get the result they were looking for but came together and supported each other. They can’t wait to give it a good go again next season and now know what’s required to take that step up.
9C: Finished the race strongly which has been something that they have been working on, so that was a big tick. They also looked to be moving in time and moving together.
9B: They fought hard to the finish line. They had a positive attitude and motivation going into the race.
9A: The girls took the spirit of the day and enjoyed the occasion. Technically, they rowed well and together.
10B: Won their race and never stopped believing. They trusted each other to have a good race.
10A: Had their best race of the season, they backed each other 100%. Rowed hard and put the other crews under plenty of pressure.
1st IV: Despite all of their ups and downs, they made it to the day and had a strong row. Sometimes just getting there is a win in itself.
1st VIII: Did what no other 1st VIII crew has done in the history of Saints Girls’ rowing by finishing in 4th place at Head of the River. It was a brilliant effort by the girls, they looked great and seeing their faces at the end of the race really made me feel proud.

Well done to all the girls on a great season, you truly made it one to remember and I hope you all go away looking forward to next season and have that same willingness to learn and improve. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the girls, it was brilliant to see the Saints’ colours.

Ben Flannagan
Director of Rowing

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Flashback Friday to Choral Night 2019

W9 - Choral Night
The Choral Night audience was treated to a special video production put together in the weeks leading up to the event. Opening the show, the ‘Choral Night Dance-Off’ video fired up the crowd and the girls as they watched each House face-off on Chiverton Lawns.

The production of the video required much work behind-the-scenes, and was filmed across various recess and lunch times.

Well done to everyone involved, especially our guest star, Gabriella Noskovic from Year 1, who did a great job delivering the dance-off invite to Selwyn.

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New Dimension for Food Tech Students

W9 - Food Printer

The Food Technology department, led by Jenni Manson, is working with a 3D food printer to print out food designs and structures with her classes, and to provide an opportunity for the girls to use cutting-edge technology in the modern food industry.

Jenni has worked with many chefs in the past and has identified the trend of 3D printing being used in the modern food industry. The technology is being used in professional restaurants and even in future homes, and looks to be something that will be more common in the next few years. NASA is currently working on providing this technology to expand the food options for astronauts, while the US Army is also looking into personalised nutrition using 3D food printing.

After searching the globe for an appropriate printer to begin the culinary experimentation for her classes, Jenni settled on the Foodini, manufactured in Barcelona.

The ‘Foodini’ printer requires some preparation before you can simply print the design. The machine differentiates itself from other food printers with its ability to produce products from fresh ingredients that are hand loaded. However, users must prepare the food refills by chopping, cutting or processing them.

This process allows users to know exactly what ingredients are used to print their food item, which is a quality many people would appreciate. The machine does not use any additional food glues to create its designs, but allows the girls to experiment with food consistencies and textures to produce a viable mixture.

Jenni’s in-class work with the girls has begun to extend to Science, Nutrition and even Psychology in how this technology may change the way that consumers are able to prepare and plate food. Jenni has mentioned possibilities of aged-care and child food presentations.

Jenni was recently invited to meet up with the Head Chef Brendan Wessels and Technical, Culinary and Research Director, Lindsay Dürr, of the d’Arenberg Cube. The meeting was to discuss food technology and recipes the girls are able to create using this process. “We spent a long time researching this (food printer), and this thing was so new it did not come with even a manual or warranty.” said Brendan during the conversations. “I see that it will be something that has huge potential in the industry.”

We are excited to see where Jenni will take this unique technology with our Saints Girls in the next few years. Bon appétit!

Garth Coulter
Head of Digital Learning and Technology

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Mind Over Matter at Mind Lab Olympics

W9 - Mind Lab

After several rigorous and brain-stretching rounds of internal competitions involving 50 of our Year 5 and 6s, eight students were chosen to represent Saints Girls at the Mind Lab Olympics interschool competition last Tuesday, and they did us proud. Not only did they play well, they showed great strength of character in maintaining their composure and determination against some very strong competition.

We congratulate the following students for their tenacity and excellent sportsmanship as they competed in their respective games:

Abalone – Jiahui Zhang and Nicole Wang
Checkers – Alannah Godfrey and Elaine Chen
Octi – Shirley Liu and Lyra Cox
Quoridor – Madi Dornbusch and Arabella Walsh

A special congratulations goes to Jiahui Zhang, who received a bronze medal for her efforts in ‘Abalone’.

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Major Step for Talented Dancers

W9 - Dance 2

At the beginning of the year, I came across some information from Australian Dance Theatre, seeking talented, young dancers to audition for their youth ensemble. Knowing the style, strength and skill of two SACE Dance students, Claire Hunt (Year 11) and Jessica Schaedel (Year 12), I put them forward for the audition.

Having studied ADT throughout their Dance program, it has been so amazing that these two successful dancers are now working amongst the best contemporary dancers and choreographers ADELAIDE has to offer. Proud teacher moment!

Kate Burnett
Head of Arts

“My experience so far with the ADT Youth Ensemble has been amazing. We have had the opportunities to work with many different choreographers and have already performed with the company in one of Lewis Major’s Fringe shows. The majority of the time, Lewis Major takes our classes, but on other occasions, we have had the chance to work with other professional dancers from the company as well as some soloist choreographers. Each week, we do a technique class where we explore different aspects of technique. Some weeks we do a ballet technique class with exercises at the barre and other weeks we do a contemporary technique class which often involves a lot of floor work. Each of the teachers takes on technique differently. This exposure to different forms of technique has helped me to formulate choreography for my Stage 2 Dance Composition.

Lewis choreographs all of our pieces that we perform and, on the weeks that he is absent, we often do tasking. This is where we are given a way to formulate choreography. Sometimes we are told to use a stimulus in the room, and other times our stimuli is based on descriptions of movement that we can interpret in our own way to create a phrase of movement. We are currently working on a piece with Lewis for the Neon Teen Takeover that is to be performed in the Art Gallery of South Australia.” – Claire Hunt (Year 11)

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Extension Strings Hit the Recording Studio

W9 - Recording Studio

Last Monday, Extension Strings took to Wizard Tone studios to record the string backing for one of Enchanté’s favourite songs, I Hear Your Name. It was a challenging task where each student was required to wear headphones, or ‘cans’ in recording jargon! In order to create the overdub, students had to synchronise their playing with our pre-existing recording, a real challenge, given the nature of this very demanding piece.

As always, Extension Strings rose to the occasion, finishing the recording process in just three takes. Special thanks to Cheri Wong, Faye Ma, Rachel Banham, Angel Li and Zoe Vine Hall for their professionalism in creating this special recording which we hope to release very soon. Stay tuned!´

Sari Noble
Music Teacher/Ensemble Director

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Seat of Encouragement – Style a Tile

W3 - Seat

The Next Challenge: Building for Tomorrow

Our ‘Seat of Encouragement’ will be a striking feature in our new Science Centre. Located on the second level between the four general laboratories, the seat will be accompanied by individual tiles, recognising donors who contribute to this unique St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation campaign.

We invite current/past parents and staff, Old Scholars, friends of the School and local businesses to purchase an expression of encouragement to embolden and inspire our girls.

The St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation raises funds to advance the School’s educational, scholarship and building programs. By purchasing a tile, you will be supporting the learners of today and tomorrow.

All tiles can be personalised and many offer the choice of a motivational quote. They can be purchased via

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Junior School Vacation Care

W9 - Vacation Care

Our next instalment of Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

Vacation Care Program – April 2019
Click here to book Vacation Care

Please note that Vacation Care will not be available on Friday 26 April.

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Temporary Holiday Closure – 26 April

We wish to advise families that the School will be closed on Friday 26 April during the school holidays due to a major upgrade of our electricity infrastructure. As such, ELC and OSHC Vacation Care will not be available on the 26th, and the School Shop will not be open that day as previously scheduled.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide the best facilities for our students.

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School Shop Reminder

W5 - Winter Uniform

With only two weeks remaining until the end of term, this is a reminder to parents of new students to ensure they have their winter uniform requirements prior to the start of Term 2.

If you have not already been in to see us or made an appointment, please do so as soon as possible as places are filling fast.

This is also a timely reminder to all other students to dust off your winter uniforms to ensure everything still fits!

In the holidays, the School Shop will be open on Tuesday 23 April from 9am – 4pm for fittings by appointment only, and on Wednesday 24 April from 9am -1pm. Please note that the School Shop will now be closed on Friday 26 April due to site works as outlined above.

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AFLW Player’s True Calling

W9 - Guest

This week in Chapel, we had the great pleasure to welcome AFLW Adelaide Crows player Hannah Martin to speak to the girls about her experience playing footy at the highest level and how her Christian faith has influenced the way she plays.

Hannah is in her first season with the Crows and spoke to the girls about the amazing opportunity she has been given to play the sport she loves. She talked about the challenges and pressures of playing football and the way her faith has supported and helped her though these.

She also told the girls about the pressure she felt to perform and do her best, and that she was finding worth and identity in playing well. She then challenged herself and the girls to think about where us, as people, get our worth. Hannah shared that the value she finds in being a follower of Jesus is bigger than any importance or value that being a successful footy player could have.

The Gospel of John says, “Anyone who believed in his name, he gave the right to become a child of God”, and Hannah reminded us all if we believe and follow Jesus, our worth comes from being a child of God, rather than anything we could do.

We thank Hannah for taking the time out of her busy Grand Final preparations to speak to us all and wish her the best of luck.

Thomas Bassett

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Wild Time at Monarto Zoo for Year 3

W9 - Year 3s

On Friday of Week 6, the Year 3s went on an excursion to Monarto Zoo. We became zoo keepers and helped look after the animals’ enclosure by removing the poo. We observed lots of critically-endangered animals and learnt about Monarto Zoo’s conservation programs. We saw leopards, lions, zebras, giraffes and chimpanzees. It was exciting to learn about the different animals and how we can make a difference in helping raise awareness to support endangered animals.

Anika Vaidya (Year 3 student)
Lizzy Mitchell (Year 3 Teacher)

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Fundraising for Fiji and Cambodia

W9 - BBQ Fundraiser

As part of the Year 11 Service Learning Program, our students have the opportunity to volunteer in Fiji and Cambodia.

We offer a diverse range of volunteering experiences, from constructing rainwater tanks and performing reef conservation in Fiji, to building houses and teaching and working in a children’s village in Cambodia.

In order to maximise the impact of our volunteering, we raise money to facilitate our actions and donate to organisations that work to improve the lives of people in developing countries. Fundraising activities include Bunnings BBQs, raffles, cupcake stalls, small business ventures and movie nights.

Last weekend, our students raised over $1000 at our Kent Town Bunnings sausage sizzle and we hope to repeat this success on Saturday 4 May.

Lynne Spry
History/Legal Studies Teacher

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Piano Eisteddfod at St Peter’s Girls

W9 - Piano Eisteddfod

The St Peter’s Girls’ Piano Eisteddfod is once again being held in Term 2 this year. This is a great opportunity for piano players of all ages and skill levels to perform a piece of music in front of an audience on our beautiful grand piano.

Between 12.15 and 3pm on Monday 27 May, entrants will be given a time to come to MB120 and perform their prepared piece. Parents and friends are welcome to watch this performance. Girls will be given written feedback on their performance as well as a participation certificate.

For girls who have an exam coming up or have never had a chance to play a piano piece in public, or just want to share one of their favourite pieces, this is the perfect opportunity.
This Eisteddfod is open to all students at Saints Girls, no matter how long or short a time they have been learning piano.

From the Eisteddfod, 10 girls will be selected, representing each year level, to perform at an evening recital on Thursday 6 June. At this performance, we are lucky enough to have secured David Goodwin to be our special guest performer. David is an outstanding Adelaide-based piano player who regularly performs both Jazz and Classical music at the highest level. He is a fine musician who is sure to inspire our developing piano players.

I look forward to hearing all our wonderful piano players performing their favourite work at our Eisteddfod in May. Entry forms will be available in Week 1 of Term 2.
Happy practicing!

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Firm Footing at SACE Dance Day

W9 - Dance Excursion

On Tuesday 19 March, the Stage 1 and 2 Dance students participated in the annual SACE Dance Day along with many other schools at the Festival Centre. We were provided with many experiences which have consolidated our understanding and expectations of the SACE Dance course. To begin, we listened to presentations from Jacinta Hirisken, a current student at the Australian College of the Arts, and Jessica Schaedel, who was representing our School after completing the Stage 2 course in 2018 with exceptional results.

The first contemporary class we participated in consisted of floor work, travelling exercises and weight transfer which particularly benefited our technique component of the SACE course. We were so fortunate to have Larissa McGowan, renowned contemporary choreographer and dancer, provide us with challenging exercises and specific advice for improvement.

We also participated in a fun and fast jazz class taught by Natalie Linke, a SACE Dance examiner. The final workshop focused on our own choreography, which is a part of the course I love. We explored concepts such as how to build an initial concept into movement and then communicate this to audiences. We were able to use the foyer spaces of the Festival Theatre as our inspiration to create movement within.

The concluding Q&A, run by SACE Dance examiners, gave us further insight into the assessment criteria of each course section. The Saints’ SACE Dancers thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be inspired by industry dancers, choreographers and leaders.

Tilly McCormack
Stage 2 Dance

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125 Gala Ball – Tickets Now on Sale

W8 - 125 Gala Ball

Our 125th anniversary Gala Ball is shaping up to be a spectacular evening.

We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating this significant milestone in the School’s history. We encourage all community members including current and past parents, past staff and Old Scholars to come along.

Highlights will include a delicious three course meal, premium beverages and fantastic live entertainment by leading party band ‘The Cast’, as well as our own talented student performers.

This is an event not to be missed and a fantastic opportunity to see familiar faces from your Saints Girls’ journey.

When: 6.30pm, Saturday 19 October 2019
Venue: William Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval
Dress: Black Tie

Tickets: $150 per person; tables of 10

Book now via or 8334 2225

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Absence from School

Schools are required under the Education Act 1972 (SA) and the Education (Compulsory Education Age) Amendment Act 2007 to ensure that students enrolled at the school do attend school and participate in the learning program.

Whilst we accept there are occurrences such as family emergencies and opportunities for girls to participate in various competitions, sporting and otherwise, that necessitate absence from School, the booking of family vacations during term time is not something that the School can support. In order to maintain the continuity of your daughter’s education, it’s important that she attend all school days.

Applications for leave should be sent to the relevant Head of Sub-School. Applications seeking leave for family holidays during term time will not be approved. Term dates are available on the myLink parent portal and the website. As has always been the case, illness substantiated by a medical certificate will be the only circumstance under which the rescheduling of an assessment task in the Senior School would be warranted.

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Community Golf Day

W9 - Community Golf Day

St Peter’s Girls’ Community Golf Day will be held on Thursday 13 November.

Do you play golf, have a golf membership or are you interested in golf? We need your expertise and advice!

Please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations office via or 8334 2244.

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Entertainment Book

W7 - Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ Parents’ and Friends’ Association is fundraising via Entertainment Book/Digital Membership.

We’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus early bird offers for loyal supporters.

Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away.

Purchase your membership here!

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Tennis Coaching at St Peter’s Girls

W9 - Tennis Coaching

The lunchtime ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program in Term 1 has been a great success! It has been wonderful to see so many girls out on court learning the basic skills of tennis in a fun environment.

Tennis lessons will continue during Terms 2 and 3 for those interested in continuing in the program, however these lessons (or private/small group coaching) will be conducted by Matt Ford, separate from our school program as we turn our focus to winter sports.

Tennis coaching in Terms 2 and 3 is open to all girls from Reception to Year 4. In Term 2, Matt will be handing out a special Hot Shots certificate to each girl, which gives them guidance as to what level they are currently at and shows them some of the different skills needed before moving up to the next level.

For those who participated in Term 1, the coaching will occur on the same day in Term 2 and Matt will notify you if there are any changes to the days. The fees for Term 2 will be $125 and will need to be paid directly to Matt.

Please direct all enquiries and bookings to Matt Ford: or 0412 855 073.

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Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures – Holiday Activities

Register your child for an ADVENTURE these April school holidays!

Return transport, qualified instructors and all equipment is provided for our awesome full day adventure activities.

Click here to see what’s available – but get in quick, limited spaces available!

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Sports News

W9 - Sport

INTERCOL v Walford

The annual Summer Intercol between Saints Girls and Walford is currently locked at two sports each. The schools are vying for the Rosser/MacDonald Summer trophy –

Walford – Rowing and Basketball
Saints – Tennis and Volleyball

With no match-ups in Term 1 for Softball and Water Polo, we hope to be able to play these in Term 4 to establish an overall winner.


Outstanding results were achieved at the State Championships. Despite a nasty fall in the 100m event, Amelia Lucas recovered with a Silver medal in the Triple Jump with a jump of 9.42m, 4th in the 200m Hurdles (31.40) and 4th in the 200m (28.02).

Lauren Disney won four golds in a very strong age group with good competition pushing her to earn Gold in the 60m Hurdles (10.7 – new State record), 200m (31.97), 100m (15.03 – new State record) and 70m (10.69 – which was .05 out of the record set in 1977!).

Congratulations to both girls – awesome effort.


Open A– Saints 46 defeated Immanuel 21
The girls played hard in both offence and defence. They had a good last game and we tried to get every girl to score.

Middle A – Saints 24 defeated by Concordia 71
After a tough first half when the score was 46 to 4, the girls played a great second half, 20 to 25. Playing against a much taller team, we were able to make our shots in the second half which meant we could set up defensively and create many turnovers, leading to easier scoring. A special mention to Chi Chi Zhao for her 10 points. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 8 defeated by Concordia 55
Another tough game although it was closer than the score suggests as we were just not able to make our shots. The team continues to show improvement each week; another good rebounding game by Emily Elston. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 6 defeated by Wilderness 40
We scored our highest points in a game and, even though it wasn’t very high, it was a very good game. Wilderness were all quite tall so we struggled to rebound, but the girls didn’t give up. The more reserved girls are starting to really get in there and have a go which is nice to see. – Sharnee Jones (Coach)


Year 5/6 Blue – Saints 8 defeated by Seymour Blue 9
The girls have improved so much since our first game in both their attitude towards the game and their skills. It was really exciting because we scored 7 in the first inning then another 1 in the second. Seymour scored only 2 in the first, and then 7 in the second, so it really came down to the wire as Seymour had loaded bases with none out then scored 1 run which tied the score, then we got 2 outs, and then they scored the last run to win. – Steph Collet (Coach)

Year 5/6 – Saints White 9 drew with Seymour Green 9
For our last game of the season, the girls played Seymour and ended up with a tie after three full innings. The girls showed true determination with only seven girls playing the field. Great base running and hitting were our offensive strengths and the defence did a great job helping out our pitchers. I am so proud of all of the girls on an amazing season. Everyone developed a lot with their skills on the field and all 10 girls made great teammates throughout the season. – Jess Dreswick (Coach)

Year 3-4 – Saints Blue had a bye

Year 3-4 – Saints White 9 defeated by Walford 11
Walford batted well in the first, getting 7 runs straight up but with good fielding in the next two innings, we kept their runs to only 4. Our girls worked well together in the field with Lauren taking a catch, and our batting really improved making it an exciting game losing by only 2 runs. – Pauline Noblet (Coach)


The Open A team had a convincing 4 sets to 2 win over Concordia. Ruby Deakin played an amazing singles, winning 6-1. The number 2 doubles utilised many strategies to win in 6-5. Every player performed to an exceptionally high standard, showing amazing sportsmanship on and off the tennis court.

The Open Bs had a lovely win against Concordia, winning 4 sets to 2. Tahlia Louca had a wonderful singles, winning 6-0. Charlotte Staples and Imogen Neinaber were a strong pair in the number 1 doubles, working well together to win 6-1. Every player was terrific and their efforts show through these amazing results! – Annabel Baldwinson (Captain)

Premier (A Grade) – Saints 4-26 defeated Concordia 2-22
Singles: Mia Dodd 0-6, Ruby Deakin 6-1, Maiya Jakupec 6-3, Annabel Baldwinson 6-1

Premier Reserves (B Grade) – Saints 4-30 defeated Concordia 2-18
Singles: Imogen Nienaber 6-2, Charlotte Staples 5-6, Georgia Mallick 6-4, Tahlia Louca 6-0

Division 1 – Saints 6-36 defeated Pembroke 0-6
Singles: Ella Dnistriansky 6-0, Bridgette Leach 6-1, Adele Eaton 6-0, Grace Beaumont 6-2

Division 2 – Saints 1-16 defeated By Pembroke 5-31
Singles: Stella Clark 6-1, Victoria Thorp 2-6, Sophie Abbott 4-6, Faye Ma 1-6

Division 3 – Saints 3-26 defeated Pembroke 3-24
Singles: Eva Young 4-6, Chase Hocking 6-2, Astrid Teague 6-2, Azaan Singh 4-6

Division 4 Blue – Saints did not play

Division 4 White – Saints 1-21 defeated by Walford 5-32
Singles: Ayanna Roy 3-6, Lilli Bennett 1-6, Gloria Zou 4-6, Nathara Perera 6-2

Junior Division 1 – Saints did not play

Junior Division 2 Blue – Saints 6-28 defeated Pulteney White 0-1
Singles: Nicole Wang 4-0, Eva Chassiotis 4-0, Jerrie Wu 4-0, Asha Eaton 4-1

Junior Division 2 White – Saints 3-16 defeated Pembroke 3-14
Singles: Shirley Liu 4-0, Olivia Reynolds 2-4, Charlotte Thorpe 4-3, Stella Spalvins 0-4

Junior Division 3 Blue – Saints 2-14 defeated by Seymour Green 4-21
Singles: Lilly Michelon 0-4, Annabel Keough 4-1, Ella Lawes 3-4, Abbie An 0-4

Junior Division 3 White – Saints defeated by Seymour White


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Marryatville 3
Marryatville is one of the top teams, yet the girls performed strong defence, preventing them from scoring frequently. Every girl put loads of effort into the game which really showed in our fast and controlled rucking. The girls made near to zero silly mistakes which let us down last week, so that was super exciting. Hannah Freeman was our mighty scorer, once again legging it through an open gap created by the girls’ set play. Best player for this game was Ella as she was always pushing up on defence and thinking ahead. I was really impressed with this game and reckon we will get them next game. – Eve Habel (Captain)

Open C1 – Saints defeated 2-3
The C1s worked really well as a team and were able to put what we had learnt in trainings into the game. We had two amazing tries from Kendra Ware and Stephanie Smalls as well as lots of impressive runs from girls playing in the centre. Even though we were short one try at the end, everyone tried their hardest and we had a very strong defence. – Amelie Eaton

Open C2 – Saints 4 defeated Seymour 1
The team worked well together in attack when looking for holes in the opposition’s defence line where a try could be made. Scorers were Olivia Kelly, Kendra Ware and Adele Russell. It was a good game where the team worked well together. – Dan Searle

Middle A – Saints

Middle B – Saints had a bye

Middle C – Saints 9 defeated St Dominic’s 1
This was a great game with the team having the opportunity to put in play some of their new defensive strategies. It was also good to see an increase in communication resulting in a number of well-orchestrated tries scored. The wingers worked well with Apurva Ichalkaranje and Lady Murphy scoring a number of tries. It was also good to see Jasmine Segredos sneak in and score a try after fast-paced rucking destroyed the defence. The girls worked hard to encourage and support each other, leading to a convincing win over St Dominic’s. – Becca Burton Howard (Coach)


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Immanuel 2 (20-25, 25-21, 10-15)
With everything on the line mid-way through the season, both teams came out swinging. We were a little slow out of the blocks with our decision-making. Facing a strong side bolstered by a strong serving Swedish import, we knew we had a battle on our hands. Fighting hard, we struggled with passing and transition to attack. Georgina Keough returned with a serving run of her own but we couldn’t catch up, with Immanuel taking the first set.

Revved up for a comeback, the girls came out determined as Charlotte White returned fire with strong serves of her own. We were well ahead in the second set but Immanuel started to claw their way back and nearly caused an upset, but some smart tipping from Brooke Elliott made sure we took the second set pushing the match to a decider.

There was tense, unrelenting pressure from both teams with neither side willing to back down. Sisters Charlotte and Anna White combined to set a monster block, lifting the confidence of the team. The set was 8-all. Up stepped the opposition Swede to serve to give them some ascendency. We battled hard right to the end but were unable to take the points. This hopefully leaves us hungrier for this week when we come up against another strong opposition in Concordia. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 2 (24-26, 22-25)
Much like the Open A game, this match was going to be a tough encounter. Both teams scrambled, chasing down balls, and the air was electric with each side working extremely hard in the heat. The first set scoreline was 24-24 before Immanuel were able to take it out 24-26.

The second set played out similar to the first. Ruby Deakin was able to get good runs of serves and Chloe Deieso, playing a second match for the morning, was dominant at the net. The girls are working better as a team each week and all players are progressing well with their individual skills. Concordia need to watch out this week…the Saints are coming!!! – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open C – Saints 3 defeated Woodcroft 0
The Open Cs had a great game. All the girls have improved so much since our first game of the year and are finally getting the results they deserve. A highlight was in the second set; we were down 15-22, however, Amy Li’s strong and consistent serving gave us the run we needed to come back and win the set 25-23. Caitlin Fidler and Ellen Zhang also had particularly good games but, overall, this win will give the team the confidence they need going into the next couple weeks and hopefully we can have a strong finish to the term. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0
The Middle As had yet another comfortable win. As a team, we have been working on our serving in training and in games continue to show how strong a serving team we are. Charlie Fishlock made an example of this by serving 18 points in a row to win us the second set. Even when the opposition was able to return the ball, the girls were always ready to receive it and spike it straight back. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0 (25-14, 30-28, 18-12)
A nail-biting second set for the girls. Playing three passes saw a point scored each time they were successful using teamwork and three passes. MVP – Gracie being most improved. – Vicki Dent (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0 (25-22, 25-17, 30-28)
The Cs felt some pressure in the final set, with play moving point-to-point to each time. The girls handled the pressure well and produced some good serves to take a very close third set. MVP – Rebecca for her leadership on court and good energy, keeping her team mates in high spirits – Vicki Dent (Coach)


No games due to Choral Night

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