Enews – Week 9, Term 1 2017

Issue no. 9

From the Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220
Courage, Compassion, Creativity…. Last week had them all!

Anyone who witnessed both the annual Choral Night last Thursday, or the Head of the River Regatta at West Lakes on Saturday, couldn’t fail to recognise our core school values lived out by our girls.

Choir competitions between Houses first began in 1935. In 1944 they became an annual event, moving to an evening format in 1957. They used to include a section for soloists, and it wasn’t until the 1990s that the competition took the form that we now recognise. Each House has to arrange and sing a set Hymn, a House Song to a set theme, and a Year 12 dance item. The girls have just two weeks to prepare their House items, using lunchtimes and Home Group time for rehearsals.

This year’s theme of ‘the 80s’ gave our creative House Captains plenty of scope for gently reminding their parents of the cultural highlights (or lowlights) of that particular decade, as well as reminding them of their age! It also resulted in some lively and catchy House Songs, that brought huge applause from the large and loud Town Hall audience.

The set hymn, Come Down O Love Divine, was interpreted in creative ways by all four Houses. To arrange a 3-part choral piece for non-specialist singers, and then to coach, cajole and persuade the girls to produce such a high level of final performance takes creativity and courage in equal measure. Our House Prefects, ably supported by their deputies, and their Year 12 peers, deserve special praise for the way they organised practices and motivated their students over the two week period. Each one of them had moments where they experienced doubt, and anxiety over whether they would be able to perform at the level they desired, but all of them rose to the challenge, showing courage and determination along the way.

The creativity shown by all the Year 12 choreographers was astounding, whilst the courage shown by the girls to commit to the dances was admirable – we’ll see if the staff can match that level of courage when they perform ‘moments’ from all four dances on Celebration Day at the start of Term 4!

As with any competition, there can only be one winner. Amongst the celebrations as Selwyn was announced as this year’s winner, the disappointment of many in the room was palpable. My lasting memory of Choral Night 2017, therefore, will not be anything musical, choral or choreographed, but instead the level of compassion and comradeship shown between House Leaders, from student to student, both on the night and throughout the next day. It can be an exhausting two weeks, and emotions run high at times, and the way that our students were able to finish the week in such a celebratory, compassionate and empathetic way was a credit to all involved.

At the Head of the River Dinner, Barney Habel, President of the Friends of Rowing, opened the evening by describing what it means to be a rower:

“Victories that are easy are cheap, but rowing never gives an easy win!

A rowing victory is won through blisters, heat and exhaustion, through early mornings and late afternoons, with homework done in cars and beds long after everyone else has finished theirs and flopped in front of the TV. It is for that reason that I congratulate the 10C and 8B crews with all my heart. Your wins were absolutely spectacular!

The seniors have been living in each other’s pockets for months now. Many have rowed together for up to four years. In that time you have shared buses, pillows, bangers, food, clothes, slides, concerts, sunblock, smells, lifts, race plans and, above all, your hopes. You can joke, tease and inspire each other in equal measure because you are family, and for all your lives you will speak a language none of us will ever fully understand.

I want all the rowers here tonight to know how proud we are of you. As parents, we are told to raise girls who possess persistence and resilience – in you we have succeeded! As girls, you are told to follow your dream, to take a risk, to dare to succeed or fail….and you have done that! It was hard, it hurt…but it was worth every single second!”

There was a moment earlier in the day, after our victorious Year 8 and 10 crews were long out of the water, when our other crews had, to varying degrees, come to terms with the fact that this had not been their year to claim the ultimate prize, when the First VIII, our Senior Crew, returned to the edge of the lake. They had finished their race a few minutes earlier, coming fifth when fancied to do much better. Their disappointment was palpable.

I’m still trying to fully process what happened next. There was no polite applause, no pats on the back, no questioning of what might have gone wrong. Instead, almost as one, our spectating students and fellow rowers surged forward into the water to meet them. There was cheering, hugging, screaming. There was laughter, and there was singing – perhaps the most vehement, proud and loud version of the School Song I’ve ever heard. But this wasn’t a celebration of their race; this, I think, was a celebration of their journey. There was an acknowledgement that for many of the boat, this was their last race. It was an understanding that the esteem in which they are held is the result of things far deeper than the result of one race. However, it also spoke of compassion, voiced in a very modern, yet still a very ‘Saints’, way. A more detailed recap of Head of the River will feature in next week’s Enews.

Singing, Dancing, Rowing. Courage, Creativity and Compassion… Last week had it all!

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

9-Head-of-the-RiverOur senior rowers at Head of the River.

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Student safety alert

Students and families are reminded to be wary of approaches from strangers, especially when they are unaccompanied or travelling to and from school. If they are approached students should not respond and should not accept offers of rides or gifts.

Students should seek the assistance of other nearby adults if they feel unsafe and should report the event to a trusted adult (parent or school staff member) as soon as possible.

SAPOL advises that taking out a mobile phone and calling police can deter the offender and they recommend the student making a formal report to their closest police station.

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Choral Night 2017
– an evening of choral brilliance!


Selwyn House

After two busy weeks of hard work and practice, Selwyn House took out the annual Choral Night competition last Thursday night, on what is easily the most anticipated night of the school year.

Selwyn began their winning repertoire with a beautiful rendition of Bianco Da Siena’s hymn, Come Down O Love Divine, which was arranged and conducted by the very talented Sarah Brownridge. We followed it up with an energetic and toe-tapping performance of Hall and Oates’ classic hit, You Make my Dreams Come True, which had the audience bopping in their seats. The Year 12s finished off the night with some unique moves, dancing to a mash-up of Hannah Montana, The Black Eyed Peas and The Pussycat Dolls.

I could not be more proud of every Selwyn girl and being able to captain such an amazing group of girls, alongside Molly Ellis, and it has been such a privilege. The hard work of all Selwyn girls and teachers finally paid off last Thursday when we walked away with the shield – which truly made all of our dreams come true!

We were up against very strong competition and the evening showcased the incredible depth of talent and passion of girls from all Houses. It was a night all the Year 12s will treasure in the years ahead.

Emma Mockridge
Selwyn House Captain

Patteson House

Congratulations, Patteson girls, on an amazing night! The girls sang like angels to a beautiful arrangement by Lydia Smalls to this year’s hymn, Come Down O Love Divine, and an iconic 80s classic, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, by Tears for Fears. The girls worked so hard over the past two weeks and it is such an amazing feeling to stand up there and see them sing their hearts out on the night, no matter what! The Patteson Year 12 girls also performed their dance routine that they have worked so hard on for the past three months, including a range of songs such as Formation by Beyoncé, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson Five. I am so proud of the efforts from all the girls last Thursday night and no matter what the score, they should be so proud for what they have achieved. Well done, girls!

Chelsea Marchetti
Patteson House Captain

Kilburn House

Choral Night 2017 was an extremely rewarding evening for the girls of Kilburn. The Years 7 – 12 girls gave their all learning the house song and hymn during rehearsals, and should all be proud of their amazing performance. The hymn was angelic and Toto would be proud of our incredible rendition of Africa and our synchronized moves. The atmosphere of the night was incredible, and it was amazing to experience all the Kilburn girls collaborating, forming new friendships, and just having fun. To Uthpala De Silva, Sophie-Louise Shearwood and Emily Murdock, thank you for your tireless effort with the music. Your contributions were amazing. To the Year 12 dance troupe, who pulled off Sascha Czuchwicki’s routine, you were incredible and dynamic. Congratulations to all – you should be proud to call yourselves Kilburn girls!

Georgia Nicholls
Kilburn Deputy House Captain

Kennion House

The Kennion Years 7 – 12 girls put in an enormous effort and sang with great energy on the night. Qianna Huang’s arrangement of Come Down O Love Divine was indeed divine and was the perfect song to begin the evening with. It really set the bar for the other Houses. Our House song, Eye of the Tiger was full of energy and sounded brilliant. The band was awesome, the “choralography” looked fantastic and Georgia Bateman, our house captain, conducted with such enthusiasm. Finally, the Year 12 Kennionites danced up a storm with their medley of Time of My Life, Mickey and I Love It, choreographed by Shardia Russo. All the Houses sang, played and danced so well but we are especially proud of the Kennion girls for delivering everything they had on the night. Thanks girls!

Alex McKay
Head of Kennion House

9 Choral Night 2

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Year 5 camp at Sovereign Hill


In Week 8 of Term 1 the Year 5 girls travelled with much excitement from school to Sovereign Hill in Victoria! The two Year 5 classes travelled on a huge coach for approximately 8.5 hours, with three stops on the way, Tailem Bend, Keith and Horsham.

The girls completed many fun activities, including a two-day school program where they went back in time to become children of the 1850s with lovely costumes which they happily wore. Other enjoyable activities included the Trapped mine tour, gold pour demonstration, Blood on the Southern Cross and many more extremely exciting experiences! The girls loved their visit to M.A.D.E (Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka), including visiting the Eureka Battle area and seeing the real Eureka Flag!

The camp had been a long awaited event and the girls are a little sad it has now passed but enjoying looking at the photos and reliving the memories which we’ll keep for a long time to come.

Jenna Maione and Naomi Singh
Year 5 students

Our camp to Sovereign Hill was definitely the best camp I have ever been on. Many of the events and excursions were lots of fun, including the pantomime, M.A.D.E. (Museum of Australian Democracy of the Eureka Rebellion), The Gold Museum, Blood on The Southern Cross, Trapped mine tour, Aquatic Centre, the gold pour demonstration, visiting the battery (where they crushed quartz to find gold), the Red Hill mine tour and the playground at Lake Wendouree. Some of my highlights from the camp were seeing the pantomime which was hilarious and going to school in costume, like they would have done in the 1850s.

I loved the pantomime so much because it was funny and they had great actors who played their characters really well. During the pantomime they told us how to be a great lady/wife and husband. Some of my friends even had to go up on stage and do ballroom dancing. It was really funny watching them dance. After they had finished teaching us how to be a lady they did another performance. It was Jack and the Beanstalk. It was hilarious! My friend, Amy, and I could not stop laughing.

Another great experience I had was going to school at Sovereign Hill. Everyone was given a dress which they wore for two days. It was similar to dresses worn by young girls in the 1850s. We wore pantalettes and a pinafore. Pantalettes are a long pair of baggy cotton trouser-like undergarments which ladies and young girls wore. Pinafores are like an apron but it covers from your neck down to below your waist and only young girls wore it. They used pinafores to keep their dress clean because they only had one dress, so on Sundays you could take off your pinafore and your dress underneath would be clean for church. During school was the best part as we got to attend a classroom which was set up as an 1850s classroom. We had to walk in lines of two, from shortest to tallest. We learned how to write in cursive and how to do needlework. We also had to learn our seventeen times tables! My friend, Arlie, was picked to be an employee at the teacher’s Criterion Store, because she had excellent needlework.

I think that Sovereign Hill is the best camp and I encourage you all to go there. It is definitely worth the long drive!

Marcella Tolley
Year 5 student

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Year 3 excursion to Monarto Zoo


The Year 3 classes have been studying a unit that focusses on the Central Idea, ‘human actions can preserve or endanger animal life’. For the past weeks we have been busy inquiring into the classification of animals, reasons why species become endangered and extinct and human responsibilities for the survival of species. The girls began this unit exploring claims to determine if something is living and the difference between plants and animals. The focus then shifted to animals. Girls worked in teams to classify animals according to their observable features. They worked as ‘mini taxonomists’ using branching keys to help them sort animals into groups. They visited Adelaide Zoo to see how animals are cared for and how the public are educated by keeping animals in captivity.

Our latest excursion to Monarto Zoo enabled us to see endangered species in a more natural habitat and learn about their threats and ways humans can increase population numbers by their actions. The girls made a difference by helping the Zoo Keepers in their daily activities. The tour of the Zoo by bus opened the girls’ eyes to the wide variety of endangered animals at risk in our world. The day was capped off with a relaxed year level barbecue to build community when we returned to school. The Year 3s are now more aware of endangered animals and will certainly be able to make more informed choices in the future.

Deborah Cope
Year 3 Teacher

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IB Spanish excursion

Enews Spanish week 9

On Sunday 19 March our IB Spanish ab initio students were fortunate enough to be invited by the Spanish Embassy to visit the frigate, Cristóbal Colón, which came all the way from Spain and which was docked at Outer Harbor for four days.

Our students had the opportunity to meet some of the Spanish crew, including the Captain of the frigate, the Sergeant, a few officials and some of the 180 sailors. The girls were able to introduce themselves in Spanish, to ask if they could take photos and, of course, to thank everyone en español. Although some of them were obviously a bit shy to use their Spanish language skills outside the classroom for the very first time, they did a great job! Luckily, some of the people from the boat could speak English too. So, the tour involved some conversations in Spanglish.

They asked the ship staff many questions about what it is like to live on a boat – with no windows – for months without having their families close. They also found out that there were about 30 women who were part of the team and who had the same roles and responsibilities as the rest. And, of course, they were interested to know what kind of food they have on board – to which the simple answer from one of the officials was “¡comida española!” (Spanish food!).

It was surprising to all to find out that although doctors can be contacted via videoconference when needed, they are not part of the troop during their long trips.

The young marineros took us to the ‘brain’ of the fragata: a room where the latest technology equipment enables the crew to ensure everything works perfectly at all times. There, we were even shown a video to see what they usually do when they are on the high seas!

It was a one-off experience that allowed us to be ‘on Spanish territory’ without leaving Adelaide!

“I found the excursion extremely beneficial to my Spanish skills and it placed me in a situation where my language skills were challenged. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the Spanish culture, language and learn about something I would never usually think about. I was very surprised about the complexity of the frigate and the many individual roles which were assigned within the frigate.” – Sophie Auricht, Year 11 student

“I found it very interesting that many of the sailors were religious and prayed daily to protect them at sea.” – Felicia Mi, Year 11 student

Muchas gracias to all the kind people who welcomed us on board and who made this visit fun and educational.

Carolina Barquero Masero
Spanish ab initio Teacher

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Halogen Young Leaders’ Day

9 Young Leaders

On Monday 20 March, 12 girls from Year 6 went to Halogen Young Leaders’ Day at the Convention Centre. We were accompanied by Mrs Charlton and Willow’s mum Sarah Stewart-Rattray. It is a program for the future leaders, which is held in venues in capital cities around Australia, with multiple speakers sharing their thoughts, ideas and advice. Every year, there is a different theme based on leadership qualities, the theme for this year was IMAGINATION. The day began with Jay Weatherill the Premier of South Australia introducing the day and speakers.

The first speaker was Sam Skinner who is the CEO of the Halogen Foundation who spoke in detail about personal core values and challenged us to choose just one leadership value. The second speaker was Matt Cosgrove, an author and illustrator, who spoke about believing in yourself, the power of imagination and having an open mindset. Kelly Vincent, who is the youngest Member of Parliament, talked about growth in leadership, patience and kindness. The final speaker was Brent Reilly, former Adelaide Crows player. He faced a terrible injury during a training session which resulted in him receiving a concussion, a fractured skull and brain injury. He conquered these challenges with a positive mindset and encouraged us to do the same with our personal challenges. Between each speaker, two hosts (Jem and Dubsy) entertained us by showing videos, talks and performances about a range of of leadership. It was very enjoyable and this has inspired us to take action be a better leader.

Ellie Humphrey and Willow Stewart-Rattray
Year 6 students

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Tertiary and Careers Expo

After interviewing a number of Year 12 students over the past few weeks, it is obvious that they are at various stages of decision-making about possible career pathways. To obtain their dream job they need to determine the level of education required and where appropriate courses may be available for them. A part of this process involves finding people and resources to help them to achieve these goals.

An opportunity is presenting itself next weekend at the Tertiary and Careers Expo at the Adelaide Convention Centre. All the girls attended this expo in Year 10, but it is especially relevant this year as they begin to make decisions about differing courses and university offerings. This expo provides access to a number of Australia’s tertiary institutions as well as other providers such as private education colleges, Defence Force, vocational and training providers.

It is really important that the girls have the most up-to-date and relevant information so that they can make informed decisions when applications open for university preferences in August. Years 10 and 11 students could also benefit from this expo as it is never too early to begin exploring possible options.

Tertiary and Careers Expo Information

Karen Alderson
Careers Counsellor

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Saints Girls in Wicked performance

Wicked Photo

Four Year 6 girls are being wicked, but don’t worry; it’s all in the name of musical theatre. Cartia Lanzoni, Olivia Slivak, Maiya Jakupec and Montana Melisi are performing in the forthcoming SHANE DAVIDSON PRESENTS production of the Stephen Schwartz musical masterpiece, Wicked. The girls are the youngest performers playing Ozians, Munchkins and even winged monkeys in this youth production where the leads are all 17 – 19 years of age in a large cast of 40 performers.

Wicked is the prequel to The Wizard of Oz and follows the incredible, untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two girls who first meet as sorcery students at Shiz University: the blonde and very popular Glinda and a misunderstood green girl named Elphaba. The show has a live orchestra and songs include Popular, Defying Gravity and For Good. It is the perfect school holiday outing and is suitable for all ages. Visually, the show is spectacular, with wonderful lighting and special effects which complement the hundreds of costumes.

Season dates: 19 – 23 April 2017
Tickets: Adults $35, Concession $25

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Winter uniform reminder

A reminder that girls will be required to wear their winter uniform from Term 2. Uniform requirements for winter are outlined below. Please contact the School Shop if you require a new winter skirt that meets the required length.

Winter Uniform

· The winter uniform for students in Years 4 to 12 consists of the winter skirt, shirt, long blue socks or tights, School tie, blazer and black school shoes. Shoes must be black lace-up or buckled school shoes. The jumper may be worn under the blazer.

· The winter uniform for students in Reception to Year 3 consists of the winter tunic, shirt, long blue socks or tights and junior blazer.

· Students in Years 7 – 12 may wear their House coloured tie.

· Students may choose to wear the navy blue School scarf. This can be worn indoors and outdoors. Students in Year 12 may choose to purchase the white Year 12 scarf.

· The winter skirt should be no shorter than mid knee cap and no longer than mid-calf.

· The tie must be done up to the neck and hide the top button, not worn loosely.

· If wearing socks, they must be pulled up to the knee, not worn down around the ankles.

· An undergarment that is not visible may be worn for additional warmth.

If you require a winter uniform fitting, please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 for an appointment before the end of term.

The School Shop will only be open for limited hours during the first week of the school holidays – Thursday 20 April and Friday 21 April, 9am – 4pm.

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Junior School Vacation Care program now available

Enews Week 8 Vacation Care

Our next instalment of Vacation Care is just around the corner. We only have eight days these holidays, and have jam packed them with loads of fun and adventure! Our Vacation Care program is held during each school holiday period and we’d like to extend a warm welcome to primary school aged children from the wider community to attend. Students are welcome to invite friends or siblings to share in the range of enriching activities for both girls and boys.

Children can bring along their wheels and scoot through our obstacle course, cruise the Port River on our dolphin watch excursion or join us on an amazing adventure as we embark on our first ever overnight camp at the Adelaide Zoo doing their exciting ‘Zoosnooze’ program.

This will be an amazing opportunity for children to join our staff for special access animal feeding, dinner under the stars, night walks through the zoo and much more.

> Download the program here

Vacation Care has become very popular and sessions can book out very quick. Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking today!

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Come ‘n Try

Come n Try

Come ‘n Try is fast approaching, so why not encourage your children to get active over the holidays and try a new sport they maybe haven’t had the chance to experience?

Come ‘n Try is an initiative of the Adelaide City Council, presented by ‘Life. Be in it’ and seeks to encourage 5 to 16 year olds to get active by trying an exciting new sport or recreational activity in the school holidays.

Sports on offer include lawn bowls, cheerleading, lacrosse, diving, water polo, netball and rugby. To keep updated on the sports available, please visit

It will take place during the second week of the April School holidays, 24 – 28 April 2017, and it is held in the Adelaide CBD and parklands.

For more information and bookings visit

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CSIRO Science Bootcamp

CSIRO Education and Outreach have an exciting opportunity during the April school holidays for students in Years 8 – 10. Students can spend two days exploring acoustics, sound, and personal electronics with CSIRO. They’ll see CSIRO labs and testing facilities, meet and chat with research scientists, explore sound studies and take home an audio amplifier.

This is a unique chance to go behind the scenes of Australia’s premier research agency, CSIRO. There is a cost to participate in the two-day program and bookings are essential.

CSIRO Science Bootcamp Information

More information can be found by visiting their website at

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Learn how to build your own iPhone app!

Code Camp Enews

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark for students in Years 2 – 7. Code Camp runs 26 – 28 April from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark is $350 for three days.

Code Camp Information Flyer

Visit the Code Camp website for more information and to book

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Dads Night Out – A night on the green

Enews Dads Night Out invitation 2017

Don’t miss Dads Night Out for some barefoot bowling!

Date: Friday 7 April 2017

Time: 6.30pm onwards

Venue: Trinity Gardens Bowling Club, 30 Canterbury Ave, Trinity Gardens

Tickets: $40 via
Includes entry, bowling fees and lots of finger food
Bookings close Wednesday 5 April

Enquiries: Emma Robinson on 0412 002 123 or

Drinks, silent auction items and raffle tickets can be purchased on the evening – cash only.

A fundraising event hosted by the Mothers’ Club

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club is delighted to present our 2017 Entertainment Book fundraiser. For every book that is sold, part proceeds will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Support St Peter’s Girls Mothers’ Club and buy your new Entertainment Book before 3 April 2017 to go into the draw to win a Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park. Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online or via the form and then pick them up from the Front Office when they arrive. If you would like to see the actual book before you purchase, there will be a display copy in the Front Office, Staff Room and ELC.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Those who purchase before 3 April 2017 will go into the draw to win an Annual Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Order your Summer Interhouse Meal Deal

Enews Summer Interhouse 2

The Summer Interhouse competition will be held on Thursday 13 April 2017, the last day of Term 1.

The Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) will once again be cooking up lunch for all of our hungry Reception – Year 12 students on the day. Volunteers will hand-deliver the Reception – Year 2 lunches to the classroom for lunchtime and Years 3 – 12 can pick up their lunches from the barbecue area. This year we’re offering delicious Hamburger Meal Deals (vegetarian option available). Parents, give yourself a day off from making the school lunches and let us do it for you.

Please pre-order your daughter’s Meal Deal via, as there will be no cash sales on the day. Orders can be placed from Friday 3 March and will close Friday 7 April. House water bottles and wrist bands are also available to be pre-ordered.

All proceeds raised by the Saints Sport Support Group directly support and benefit our Saints girls and their sporting endeavours. Some of our recent purchases include new athletic crop tops, a high jump mat, and GPS units to be used during PE as well as rowing. We funded an entire year group of girls to complete their Bronze Medallion.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls’ Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News



Congratulations to Ailani Cox who recently received the trophy for best all round Intermediate (Under 15) female for 2016. Ailani has established two new State records for shooting at a distance of 50 metres and gave a record for two divisions – Cadets (under 18s) and Under 20s. Ailini currently holds a total of 18 State records over four age divisions and has been selected in the South Australian junior compound Archery team for 2017 and will be representing South Australia at the junior nationals at Twin City Archers, Morwell, Victoria, on 8 – 12 April.


Portia Maerschel (Year 8) has been selected to represent the South Australian Little Athletics Association at the Australian Little Athletics Championships in Sydney on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April 2017.


The Hot Shots lunchtime tennis program has been a great success and, as such, our coach, Matt Ford, will be running a Winter Tennis program. If your daughter participated in the lunch tennis in Term 1 this is a chance for her to continue on and improve her skills. Alternatively, if you missed out on tennis in Term 1, you can now join in for Term 2.

Girls who register for the lunch tennis program can receive a free Hot Shots t-shirt.

To enrol your daughter, please contact Matt directly. All payments will be made directly to Matt for the Winter season.

Contact Matt on 0412 855 073 or email


Wednesday 22 March
Open A – Saints 20 defeated by Concordia 50
A great game played against Concordia by the Open A girls last week! Despite the loss, the girls worked the ball down the court beautifully, just having a bit of trouble trying to get through the defence in the key and have a shot. Defence was excellent, gaining lots of rebounds with minimal fouls; this is excellent given that the girls were up against a very tall opposing side. To finish off the game, our very own Isabella Bernardi scored a shot from the half-way line! Congratulations, girls, on yet another fun week! Looking forward to next week’s game! Chelsea Marchetti (Captain)

Middle A – Saints 19 defeated by Concordia 61
A slow start for the Saints girls this week as it took them the first ten minutes to get into the game, allowing Concordia to get a solid lead from the ‘get go’. When the girls had a positive attitude and communication on court they were able to make many turnovers in defence. Unfortunately, our ball movement into attack wasn’t always effective, with too many players standing still waiting for the ball. Well done to Emma Matheson for her constant voice on the court and team direction throughout. Vanessa Brooks (Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 18 defeated by Concordia 32
These girls are really working well as a team, communicating and supporting each other well. All players put in a top effort for the entire match, and were simply beaten by a taller, stronger team. Kellie Bested once again demonstrated her strong ability to read the play and make quick intercepts and strong passes into attack. Sivanthi Sivasuthan was quick to move down the court and applied great one-on-one pressure in defence. With one final match next week, hopefully we can get a win! Vanessa Brooks (Supervisor)


Wednesday 22 March
Year 6 – Saints 6 defeated by Seymour 7
This week’s game highlighted the improvement in skills, as well as teamwork developed over the past term. The girls have been focussing particularly on their fielding skills at training lately, and this was evident in their precision and decision-making on the diamond this week. It was a very tight game that had all parents on the edges of their seats, but unfortunately time was not on our side. Well done to Willow Stewart-Rattray for her spectacular diving catch and to Ellie Humphrey, whose determination as pitcher should not go unnoticed. Lydia Smalls and Jasmine Ledgard (Coaches)


Friday 24 March
Division 1 – Saints 5-26 defeated Pembroke 1-8
Singles. Maiya Jakupec 4-1, Fleur Maris 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-0, Bridgette Leach 2-4.

Division 2 Blue – Saints Blue played Saints White
Doubles: Olivia Slivak and Alicia Toh defeated by Sophie Dansie and Grace Richards 2-6, Lucy Schirripa and Georgie Owler defeated Pearl Richards and Adelaide Murphy 6-0, Monika Ceplitis and Summer Ward drew with Georgia Parsons and Tara Nedumaran 5-5
Singles: Olivia defeated by Sophie 3-4, Alicia defeated by Grace 2-4, Lucy defeated Pearl 4-1, Georgie defeated Adelaide 4-2, Monika defeated Georgia 3-0, Summer defeated Tara 3-2


Saturday 25 March Head of the River
Year 10C
At the fantastic event of Head of the River this week I had the privilege of coxing the Year 10C crew of Shunem Josiah, Yuija Sun, Charlotte Sellars and Hannah Lunn (Coach: Jian Luca). They have been working very hard up to Head of the River and their perseverance paid off in this very important regatta. It was a smooth start and they took the lead early. I am so proud of this crew, and they truly deserve their first place as ‘Head of the River’. Well done! Jodi Papendorf (Cox)

Year 8A
Our crew of Sophie Kameniar, Ella Waltham, Olivia Kelly and Keely Flannagan were very excited and a bit nervous about this enormous event – Head of the River. We placed first in our heat and were into the final. We had a good start and pace but the other schools proved themselves to be the stronger rowers on the day. I am exceptionally proud of my crew who have done St Peter’s Girls proud this season. We are all looking forward to our next season of rowing. Jodi Papendorf (Cox)


Saturday 25 March
Open A – Saints 7 defeated Scotch
Saints maintained a winning performance, defeating Scotch. The girls were switched on from the start and batted very well. Once again, Aroha Munroe shone with outstanding pitching and she was backed up by Imogen Parker as catcher. All girls should be proud of the first term’s efforts. Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)

Open B1 – Saints 17 defeated Scotch 14
Saints came from behind to claim an emotional victory. As the score indicated, batting was very good from both teams in a high scoring encounter. Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)

Open B2 – Saints 2 defeated by Seymour 18
Unfortunately, we faced a team that could easily be playing in the A Grade. Despite the loss, the girls played well and never dropped their heads.


Saturday 25 March
Division 1 – Saints 4-26 defeated Wilderness 2-22
Singles: Annabel Baldwinson 6-1, Lily-Rose Spartalis 2-6, Daveena Dhillon 0-6, Shamilla Dhillon 6-1

Division 1 White – Saints 5-33 defeated Wilderness 1-15
Singles: Mia Dodd 6-0, Tahlia Louca 6-0, Emily Baldwinson 6-1, Mahala Truscott 6-4

Division 2 Blue – Saints 4-28 defeated Wilderness 2-15
Singles: Stella Clark 4-6, Renee Lawrence 0-6, Amelie Eaton 6-0, Emily Downie 6-1

Division 2 White – Saints 0-10 defeated by Wilderness 6-36
Singles: Taj Shahin 5-6, Amelia Wood 2-6, Georgia Langley 0-6, Anneliese Thomas 0-6

Division 3 Blue – Saints 0-15 defeated by Wilderness 6-36
Singles: Yunfei Ma 4-6, Annabelle Black 1-6, Orla Clayton 5-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 5-6

Division 3 White – Saints 2-20 defeated by Wilderness 4-29
Singles: Adele Eaton 6-2, Aleisha Elliott 0-6, Sophie Abbott 3-6, Olivia Zito 3-6

Division 4 Blue – Saints 0-10 defeated by Wilderness 6-36
Singles: Siena Zito 0-6, Hilary Clark 4-6, Qingxin Feng 0-6, Thuhansa Hattotuwa 1-6

Division 4 White – Saints 0-5 defeated by Wilderness 6-36
Singles: Letitia Page-Thomson 1-6, Eva Young 0-6, Charlotte Adams 4-6, Efua Yawson 0-6


Saturday 25 March
Open A – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 0
This week the Open A girls had a convincing win against Seymour. Winning three sets to nil, the girls once again showed their massive improvement from across the term to close the match convincingly in all three sets. Ava Loechel came out firing in her debut game, showing excellent spikes and blocks across the net. Charlotte White also shone, with her accurate serving winning many consecutive points for the team. The girls look forward to a challenge for their final game next week against arch rivals, Concordia. Abbey Goodwin (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The Open B were unlucky to lose this match. Some inconsistencies were the telling factor, but the girls worked hard and now look forward to Concordia for the final round of the term. Dan Searle (Supervisor)

Open C – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1
The Open Cs played an absolutely terrific game, defeating Seymour 2-1. After a slow start, the girls lifted their game significantly and put up a good fight. The amount of 3-hits in the last two sets improved greatly, particularly with the help of Lauren Hernan, Catherine Neale, Carla Lawrence and Molly Ellis. Serving was also another strength of the team, particularly by Isabella Villani, Nicolette Miller and Mengyuan Li. Overall, the girls lifted their abilities significantly and put into place the skills which we have been working on for the past weeks. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Open D – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The Open Ds played an amazing game; however, they were defeated in a very close third. The girls worked so well together, calling and playing to a new level. Particularly, Charlene Lee, Eleanor Pyne, Jiayi Wang, Ruoyu Han and Marley Banham played terrifically, setting up many 3-hits and serving very well. Chloe Deieso showed some terrific work at the net, blocking and spiking consistently. Overall, the girls put up a very strong fight and played to a high standard. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1
The Middle As had another close match this week; however, due to great enthusiasm and focus throughout the whole game, they came out with a win. Jessica Wishart and Ruby Bouhamdan were the best players of the game. Jessica Wishart was very active at the net and managed to get some great spikes and blocks, while Ruby Bouhamdan served well and moved efficiently around the court, setting up some great three hits to win us points. Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 0
Once again, the Middle Bs had a great game this week when, for the first time in a while, the girls were put under pressure. With a team full of such strong servers, the girls have become comfortable with our opposition struggling to return the ball. However, this week Seymour defended really well and forced our girls to move their feet, get their body behind the ball and set up 3-hits. Emily Dobson-May and Lucy White, in particular, did this well, putting in lots of effort to go for every ball. Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The Middle Cs played a tight game against Seymour last Saturday, displaying lots of improvement and fight from the beginning of term. Sarah Gulliver served extremely well, while Lara Slape passed the ball consistently, and Jia Wen Feng also moved into position quickly throughout the match. The girls have always kept their intensity high and hopefully they can finish off Term 1 in style next weekend at Concordia. Dan Searle (Supervisor)


Monday 27 March
Middle C1 – Saints 7 defeated by Pembroke 44
Up against another strong side, the girls worked together to enjoy their last game of Term 1. Moving the ball quickly in attack saw the team break Pembroke’s defence and gain some baskets. A great effort all round! Peter and Jo (Coaches)

Middle C2 – Saints 11 defeated by Pembroke 22
The C2 team were able to use teamwork to keep up with Pembroke. The girls started strongly, leading from the start. The whole team should be commended for a great finish, as they outscored Pembroke in the second half. Peter and Jo (Coaches)


Monday 27 March
shields alive. With the conclusion of games for Term 1, players will be looking forward to resuming games in Term 4.
Open A – Saints 6-36 defeated Concordia 0-6
Singles: Tiana Glazbrook 6-0, Yasmin Glazbrook 6-0, Jade Leyden 6-0, Olivia Harby 6-3

Open B – Saints 5-35 defeated Concordia 1-8
Singles: Sienna Glazbrook 6-0, Violette Maris 6-1, Clair Kao 6-0, Sarah Richards 5-6

Year 6/7 Knockout
Wednesday 29 March

The team easily progressed to the next round with a convincing win over Linden Park Primary School. The team of Sienna Glazbrook, Mia Dodd, Imogen Nienaber, Tahlia Louca and Emily Baldwinson won 6-36 to 0-7 to progress to the next round.

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