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From Our Principal

Adelaide Schools

Our girls have an increasingly strong social and environmental awareness which is to be celebrated.

As the leaders of tomorrow, they are passionate about steering our world towards a low carbon, climate-resilient future. But when we’re caught up in the pre-Christmas frenzy, the rightly revered eco-household model doesn’t sit well with my preparations!

‘Mum, that Christmas tree is made of plastic. Did you know that the main raw material for fake Christmas trees is both non-renewable and polluting, and you can’t recycle it. Furthermore, PVC production results in the unhealthy emission of a number of carcinogens.’

‘Mum, that‘s a lot of wrapping paper. Did you know that contrary to popular belief, most wrapping paper actually isn’t recyclable. In fact, if the wrapping paper has glitter, texture or any metallic element to it, the product actually isn’t just non-recyclable, it can be a contaminant too.’

And then there’s Christmas lunch where I’m planning the traditional roast turkey and ham only to be met with: Mum, just a reminder that my boyfriend is a gluten-free, lactose-intolerant vegan. What were you planning on cooking for him?’

When did food become so complicated? Yes, we all need to do the right thing, but it can get a little overwhelming and we fall into the trap of just wanting to get it done. The interesting thing is that when the girls return to school next year, they’ll hardly comment on the presents they received or what they ate for Christmas lunch. Instead, they’ll excitedly tell stories of the family camping trip, that amazing day at the beach with friends or that hilarious family game of Pictionary. At a time when many of us will travel interstate to reconnect with loved ones whom we haven’t seen for so long, the tree and the wrapping paper aren’t important. Give the gift of time, be present in the moment and invest in the human connections that the border restrictions have curtailed. I can’t wait to get to Melbourne to give my Mum and my sister a big hug. I hope that the Christmas season brings you many heartfelt and affectionate hugs too, because the simple hug is the best gift of all.

Staffing News

The end of an academic year often marks a time for change for some of our staff and 2021 is no exception. I’d like to acknowledge those who have been here for a significant period of time and thank them for their wonderful contribution to Saints Girls:

• One of the first ports of call at the start of any Saints Girls’ journey is the School Shop. After nine years of exemplary service, we say farewell to Sue Burnett and wish her all the best as she relocates overseas.

• Chan Chau has been with us for the past five years in the role as PA to the Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School. We thank Chan for the positivity and conscientiousness that underpinned her work and wish her well for her next move.

• Monique Green is a proud and passionate advocate for girls and women in technology. She has been with us for six years and is the force behind the incredibly popular Girls in Tech day. Links between the School and industry have flourished under her time here and we congratulate her as she takes the next step in her career.

• Julie Robertson has brought humour and expertise to Saints Girls’ English lessons for the past 13 years. As the inaugural IBDP Coordinator, she oversaw the introduction of the Diploma Programme, and as such, leaves a lasting legacy on the Senior School in particular. We wish Julie all the happiness and joy that retirement can bring.

• Following five years as Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School, Kate Mortimer heads north to Queensland to take up the role of Principal at Sheldon College. Kate has overseen many significant initiatives during her time here, particularly the launch of the #EMPOWHER wellbeing program. Importantly, she has ensured that her work is always bound in the latest research and shown to positively impact on the young people in our care. She formed a wonderful connection with the girls in Senior School, and her trademark ‘hola’ greeting and aviator sunglasses will be very much missed!

• Kate Mount began her Saints Girls’ journey in 2005. The word ‘legend’ is often overused, but Kate is a genuine legend in the early learning field. Under her leadership, the ELC has become renowned on an international scale. A highlight was certainly the visit of esteemed Reggio Emilia expert Professor Carla Rinaldi and the glowing feedback she provided on the quality and authenticity of our teaching program. Kate’s influence on early learning has extended well beyond the walls of Saints Girls, with her contribution recognised by an award from the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) just last week. Kate leaves an indelible mark on our community and she will be sorely missed, but we wish her well for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

There are some wonderful new members of staff commencing at Saints Girls in 2022. I look forward to introducing them to you at Drinks on the Lawns which will be held on Friday 11 February.

For parents of Year 7 to 12 students, please take the opportunity to join us at Presentation Night next Tuesday (book now via, and our whole community is warmly invited to tune into Carols in the Chapel on Monday (watch the live stream via These are two special traditions in our School. It’s important that we come together as a community and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our girls this year, and take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve heard the girls rehearsing and the music and choral work will be amazing.

It has been an absolute privilege to lead the School in its 127th year. I wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Julia Shea

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From Our 2022 Deputy Head Prefect

W8 - Deputy Head Prefect 2019

It’s hard to believe that yet another school year is reaching its end. It feels like just yesterday when I first walked into the Year 11 Common Room, but now Year 12 is quickly approaching! While Term 4 is drawing to a close, Week 8 is still full of many exciting events to celebrate and wrap up the school year.

We started the week with the ELC Hat Ceremony, where we welcomed our newest Saints Girls to the ‘big school’. The Hat Ceremony has been a School tradition for 10 years now and is a very momentous occasion for the girls and their families. It’s always so heart-warming to see the girls begin their schooling journey and transition into Reception. As part of the Prefect Team, being involved in this ceremony was so special and I’m looking forward to seeing the new Receptions around the School next year.

On Wednesday, we had the Pocket Points and Sports Awards Assembly, which celebrated the remarkable co-curricular achievements of girls from Years 7 – 12. The School provides many opportunities to get involved with music, sport and other co-curricular activities, which are a fantastic way to meet new people, while having fun. It’s often hard to step out of your comfort zone, so I would like to congratulate all the girls who participated in co-curricular activities and commend their commitment and willingness to try new things.

Next week, we have Presentation Night and Carols in the Chapel, which are always highlights of the year. These exciting events bring together our School community after a busy year and include many great performances from our talented musicians.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back in 2022.

Chi Chi Zhao
2022 Deputy Head Prefect

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Year 6 Graduation

On Tuesday, we celebrated our Year 6 students at their Graduation ceremony. We thanked them for their contributions to the Junior School and farewelled them, as they make their way to Middle School and the next phase of their education journey.

During the ceremony, Samantha Li played a stunning violin piece by J.S. Bach, ‘Violin Partita No.1 in B Minor’, the Junior Choir presented a beautiful arrangement of ‘Heroes and Dreamers’ by Pinkzebra, accompanied by our talented Year 6 strings quintet, and the finale was a delightful composition by the entire Year 6 group, sung as an en-masse choir, titled ‘The Future’s Ours’.

One of the highlights was hearing each student reflect on her year as a leader in the Junior School. The ceremony was followed by The Exhibition, which was a fabulous showcase of the students’ final inquiry work.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Year 6 Exhibition

The Year 6 Exhibition is the final step in the Primary Years Programme journey. The students chose a personal project that connected to the idea that, ‘Global citizens can take action for the future of the planet.’

Each student visually represented their learning, explained their thinking behind it and created a digital message to share the knowledge they developed throughout this project. They also kept a journal of the process and spent time reflecting on the skills and dispositions required to complete this unit of work.

The girls proudly showcased their work in our Science Centre this week. Parents, staff and students from various year levels visited the displays to hear each student share their learnings and articulate the important ‘take away’ messages designed to raise awareness and interest around very worthwhile global topics.

Helen Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School/IB PYP Coordinator

Our ELC Hat Ceremony – A Treasured Tradition

This week, we celebrated a treasured Saints Girls’ tradition: the ELC Hat Ceremony!

Our 2022 Receptions were excited to accept their ‘big school’ hat and bag with the help of our Head of Junior School Suzanne Haddy and incoming Prefects.

We wish our newest Saints Girls all the best for school next year!

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Saints of Service Learning

The delivery of a meaningful Service Learning program is close to our heart as we inspire women of character and influence who emulate the courage, creativity and compassion demonstrated by our founding Sisters.

In 2021, we are extremely proud of our students and staff for leading a variety of initiatives to support communities both locally and globally, and we look forward to building upon this work in 2022.

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Stars Shine at Years 1 and 2 Nativity

There was much excitement in the air as the Year 1 and 2 girls shared the story of the Nativity in two special performances last Friday. The stars shone brightly overhead as the angel chorus embarked on an important mission to share the news of the birth of a very special baby. But despite her best efforts, one angel nearly missed it all!

First, she missed the announcement to the shepherds because she went to the wrong hillside, and then she was late to meet the Wise Men because her map blew away! The Wise Men were in desperate need of help because they managed to lose the star. Luckily, when the late angel followed the crowds to a quiet stable, she was just in time to share the wonderful news.

Coming together to share the Christmas spirit with the Saints’ community was an absolute joy and an experience the girls will treasure for a lifetime.

Kathryn Clark, Bec Greenhalgh, Liz Sandercock and Michelle Liddy
Year 1 and 2 Teachers

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Countdown to Carols in the Chapel

St Peter’s Girls’ School Chapel
7pm, Monday 6 December

As our annual Carols service is now booked out due to capacity limitations, we warmly invite families not in attendance to enjoy this special tradition virtually via our live stream.

Live stream link:

In the meantime, take an exclusive look behind the scenes:

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Presentation Night 2021

Influencers Church, Paradise
Tuesday 7 December

Students arrive at 6.15pm (unless otherwise advised by the Music Department)
Doors open at 7pm
Presentation Night is a compulsory event for students in Years 7 – 12.

Parents of Year 7 to 12 students can book seats via

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Farewell to Our Director of Early Learning Kate Mount

Yesterday morning, it was delightful to see the School community pay tribute to and formally farewell our outgoing Director of Early Learning Kate Mount.

Kate has served St Peter’s Girls with pride and distinction for 16 years, leading a number of early childhood initiatives with impact on local, national and international scales. Her achievements include trailblazing work in Reggio Emilia, technology, The Arts, sustainability, service learning and reconciliation education, the latter of which was recently acknowledged with a national honour. She has been a dedicated mentor to our ELC staff, constantly striving for best practice, continuous improvement and teamwork of the highest calibre. Most crucially, she has always put the children at the heart of everything she does, and we thank her for the enormous contribution she has made during her time at Stonyfell.

At the helm in 2022 will be some very familiar faces in our ELC community: Caterina Pennestri and Henrietta Balnaves. Caterina will be our Educational Leader responsible for the oversight, strategy and consistent delivery of our exceptional teaching and learning programs across the Centre. Caterina’s academic and professional credentials are world-class, with a Master of Art Education, Pedagogical and Evaluative Studies, and prestigious postgraduate training at Reggio Emilia in Italy, studying the philosophy that guides our ELC’s teaching and learning. Henrietta will be our ELC Manager, leading the day-to-day operations of the Centre including staffing, logistics and compliance. She is perfectly placed for the role having spent 2021 working closely alongside Kate as ELC Coordinator. She will also continue to lead our wonderful ELC Vacation Care program. To further strengthen our programs and practices, and the vital transition of our girls from ELC to school, the Centre will now fall under the stewardship of our Head of Junior School Suzanne Haddy, and we look forward to harnessing her extensive expertise.

We are looking forward to another tremendous year at St Peter’s Girls’ ELC in 2022 and, once again, we thank Kate for her significant contribution and wish her all the best for the next chapter.

Julia Shea

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Fashion of the Futures

This semester, our Year 7 and 8 Futures Program students have been learning about the future of the fashion industry. There have been many aspects to consider: sustainability, inclusivity of minority groups, and the use of current and emerging technologies.

We were fortunate to welcome Cooper Davis into the program, a professional fashion designer, who shared some fascinating insights into the highly competitive industry. The girls worked together to find solutions to problems that the fashion industry faces, and displayed the results at their Expo last night.

Awards were presented to the following groups:

$20 Boss
Most Profitable Business: Less the Stress – Ruby Clark, Maddie Oborn, Alison Francis, Penelope Gapes, Octavia Parkinson
Most Creative: Rings of Pride – Tammy Tang, Savannah Walls, Sophe Wang, Hayley Webb, Annie Goldsmith

Industry Intrapreneurship
Most Likely to Succeed x 2
MIA – Malaika McLeod, Isabella Howie, Alyssa Walpole
Keepsafe – Annabel Keough, Zoe Papageorgiou, Emily Tolladay, Melissa Yang

Future of Fashion
Best Solution: Annie Goldsmith, Nellie Ion, Chloe Richardson
Most Creative: Imogen Lindh, Olivia Park, Kiera See
Most achievable: Jackie Balasis, Rose Downie, Amelia Sutherland
Most Collaborative: Shea Forster, Alyssa Tran, Jiahui Zhang

Congratulations to all the girls involved.

Sarah English
Futures Teacher

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Camp Rocks for Year 5 Geologists

The Year 5 girls experienced a camp of a different kind this year and decided to stay in South Australia, visiting Robe in the South-East.

We stayed at the Tarooki Uniting Church camp site in Robe and used this as our base for travel around the region. Prior to camp, the girls studied the geology and geomorphology of the area, in particular, the specific Karst topography that has given rise to the many beautiful caves, coastal formations and sinkholes. Vulcanism was also a focus and how the Blue Lake and Mount Schank are part of Australia’s volcanic history.

We visited the Engelbrecht Diving Cave, the Tantanoola Cave and the world heritage listed Victoria Fossil Cave. These three caves are all very different and the latter allowed the girls to learn about fossils and the early megafauna of Australia. A highlight of our visit to Naracoorte was the Wonambi Fossil Centre, well worth a visit as it is an excellent interactive exhibit using audio-animatronics. Accompanying this, we visited two sinkholes –  Cave Gardens and Umpherston – and marvelled at the beauty of the gardens surrounding them.

Time also allowed for a very competitive sand sculpture competition on Long Beach at Robe, and a hike along the beautiful cliff walk in Robe. Historical South Australia was then studied as we visited Penola and the church and schoolhouse in which Mary MacKillop taught, where the nuns lovingly told us their story and shared the paths to Sainthood.

The girls were an absolute credit to the School, and their excitement, positive behaviour and probing questions were commented upon by all of the guides at all sites visited.

Shane Davidson, Shelley Hampton and Sarah Mulraney
Year 5 Teachers

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Meeting of Minds at Ethics Olympiad

Last Friday, a group of girls from Years 7 to 9 represented Saints at the Middle School Ethics Olympiad. They started training early in Term 1 and held several sessions a week in preparation, with the excellent guidance of Emily Teague and Ms Burton-Howard.

The online Olympiad lasted for several hours and both of our teams participated in four rounds against other South Australian schools. Each round involved the discussion of two different cases, where we talked about the ethical issues in current society and brainstormed and presented potential solutions to these problems. The stimuli included topics such as gender expectations in our society, the right to privacy and second chances, what makes a joke ethical and the morality of lies.

The Ethics Olympiad was an eye-opening and valuable experience for the girls. Despite neither teams placing this year, we will only continue to grow from this and come back even stronger and better in the future.

Angelina Hii
Year 9

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Special Plaque for Ferguson Park

The Environment Club has partnered with the Friends of Ferguson to achieve great progress in caring for Ferguson Park. This year, students in the club have volunteered lunchtimes to work with Dr Geoffrey Bishop, President and passionate member of the Friends of Ferguson, to remove invasive weeds within the park. Some of the Environment Club members were also privileged to unveil the new memorial plaque on Hallett Road.

Dr Bishop explains, ‘The brass plaque replaces the original plaque dating from 1949 which was stolen in May 2020. The Friends of Ferguson made the decision to raise funds to replace the plaque with a replica of the original bronze plaque which recorded the donation of the eight hectare bushland reserve to the people of South Australia by Alice Effie Ferguson.’

The Friends of Ferguson along with the Environment Club hope that this plaque will be a sign of continued support for the park and its great sense of community.

Emily McCorley
Environment Club Member

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Geography Students Sample Food Forest

In early November, the Year 9 Geography class went to Gawler for an excursion to the Food Forest, a sustainably run farm. We learnt about sustainable agricultural practices, how to produce zero waste and what they are doing to help combat climate change.

We were given samples of dried fruit and pistachio nuts to try. After the sampling, we learnt about how they recycle water with micro-organisms and reeds and how they make fertiliser. We also learnt about the interconnected nature of the farm, how geese help with weeds, and that trees are positioned in a certain way to take advantage of the wind to maximise pollination.

At the core of the farm is the idea behind permaculture, which is a way of farming that incorporates natural features from surrounding ecosystems and a ‘whole system’ way of thinking. To achieve this, the Food Forest has a code of ethics: care for the people, care for the earth, and take personal responsibility for population and consumption. This excursion was an incredibly rewarding experience and a great way to experience sustainable farming first-hand.

Alvie Iley
Year 9 student

Year 1s Get Crafty for Christmas

Class 1LS certainly have such generous families who, over the past two weeks, have spent time with the girls enjoying some wonderful Christmas activities.

Miranda (Jessie’s mother) educated the students on some aspects of Chinese culture and provided photos of different scenes in China. The girls made a photo frame adorned with Christmas decorations. Javaria (Sophia’s mother) helped the girls make elf trees and personalised baubles. Beth (Holly’s mother) and Tracey (Holly’s aunt) taught the girls to make clay earrings, while Chris (Holly’s grandmother) made lavender sachets with them.

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of these fun activities.

Liz Sandercock
Year 1 Teacher

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Success Multiplies at Junior Maths Challenge

One of the key aims of the PMA Powerful Learners Mathematics and Numeracy Challenge is to further develop students’ appreciation of the scope of Mathematics, and their creative and critical thinking skills. Our Saints Girls have certainly achieved this at the 2021 challenge with some fantastic results:

• State Winner: Reception students Javeria Ishaq, Grace Guo, Cate McDonald, Lemary Li and Abigail Wong investigated, ‘How do you make a Mathematician?’

• State Winner: Year 1 students Poppy Begley, Mila Bradshaw, Olivia Rachwal, Angela Shi, Amelie Tan and Jessie Zhang investigated, ‘Maths about the Human Body’

• State Winner: Year 2 students Poppy Davidson, Samaira Soodan, Sanisha Vaidya, Aimee Ju, Laura Lu, Amber Guo, Faye Zhao and Esther He investigated, ‘The Tales of Mathematics Village – A Podcast of Mathematical Mysteries’

• Highly Commended: Year 3 students Elisa Fuller, Violet Tulloch, Chloe Xu and Ava Bartlett investigated, ‘Our School’s Mathematical History’

• State Winner: Year 1 class group The Pastariffic Team investigated, ‘The Mathematics of Making Pasta’

This challenge is open to all students from ELC to Year 7. Anyone interested in entering the 2022 challenge is encouraged to contact me.

Cath Kelly
Junior School Learning Strategies Teacher

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Sky No Limit for Year 2 Kite Creators

Colour filled the skies above the Oval yesterday as the Year 2 girls and parents came together to launch their beautifully handcrafted kites. These creative and vibrant kites were carefully planned and designed as part of our ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry.

Watching the kites dance across the sky as their proud owners ran below was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a terrific year of learning together.

Kathryn Clark and Bec Greenhalgh
Year 2 Teachers

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Grape Expectations on Penfolds Adventure

The Year 9 Geography excursion to the Penfolds Magill Estate Cellar Door was an experience like no other. As part of our ongoing investigation regarding permaculture and the overarching theme of sustainability, we travelled to the vineyard to explore inputs and outputs of this type of farming.

We started by listening to the history and the story of Penfolds, established in 1844 by Chris and Mary. We learnt that geographical regions with a Mediterranean climate are the most suitable to produce the top grapes that wines are made from. We were also surprised by the fact that volcanic soil is perfect for grape vines as it is packed with nutrients!

Of course, the impact of climate change would not be missed. We were informed about the detrimental impacts that climate change has brought to the vineyard, including past hailstorms that were strong enough to take out half the crops. Luckily, this vineyard will not contribute much to the current climate crisis as Penfolds has already planned for and implemented strategies to be run by renewable energy, with the aim of the farm being fully sustainable by 2025 and carbon neutral by 2030. As we made our way to the vines, we noticed a thick layer of weeds growing beneath. Astonishingly, the weeds were legumes which were purposely left there to both help fix nitrogen into the soil and to prevent the soil above the roots of the vines from reaching extreme temperatures on warm days.

Our tour guide, Greg Pearce (General Manager Viticulture and Project Vale at Treasury Wine Estates) made this trip exceptionally insightful and educational, where we were able to ask many questions and learn a lot about viticulture. The experience will definitely be treasured for the years to come.

Jessica Zhang
Year 9 Geography

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‘Movember’ Changing the Face of Men’s Health

From humble beginnings in Australia in 2003, the ‘Movember’ movement has grown to be a truly global one, inspiring support from over six million Mo Bros and Mo Sisters around the world.

This year, 15 intrepid male staff members signed up to grow a mo and raise awareness of men’s health issues. An official charity, all funds raised go towards a range of men’s health support services and initiatives.

Movember’s success can largely be attributed to the strength of the global community. Regardless of the city in which we live, we’re part of something bigger, united by a commitment to help change the face of men’s health.

There is still time to lend your support at

Craig Burne
Head of Science

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Important Notice for Volunteers:
COVID-19 Vaccination Evidence

The State Government has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for all people who work at an education and early childhood setting unless an official medical exemption applies. This Direction also extends to volunteers and parent helpers.

The Direction is for at least one dose of a Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approved COVID-19 vaccination and a booking for a second dose. These requirements apply from 11 December 2021.

Schools now need to collect COVID-19 vaccination evidence. As such, we kindly ask all volunteers to upload their vaccination certificate (or medical exemption) via the School’s secure link before 31 December 2021. To upload, CLICK HERE

When attempting to upload, please ensure your web browser is up to date. We can accept the COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement. Certificates with redactions for privacy can be accepted contingent upon the COVID-19 vaccination evidence being visible.

Privacy and cyber security safeguards have been enacted, and access to files will be limited to a small number of staff. Please do not email your certificate to the School due to the risk of personal information becoming compromised externally.

For alternative options such as providing a certificate in person for scanning or sighting, and for any queries or assistance, please contact my Executive Assistant Sue Dickinson via or 8334 2226.

It is important to emphasise that once the requirements take effect, volunteers will not be able to volunteer for the School until COVID-19 vaccination evidence (or medical exemption) has been provided.

More information about the Direction can be found here.

Instructions for accessing COVID-19 vaccination evidence can be found here.

Please note, this Direction does not apply to students, or parents who do not work/volunteer at the ELC/School.

We thank all of our wonderful volunteers for your ongoing support and cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Julia Shea

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Be Involved in ‘Our Saints’ Community

Would you like your daughter’s Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunts and/or Uncles to receive our biannual Saints Alive magazine and our weekly eNews updates? Sign up for the free ‘Our Saints’ membership for Grandparents, other treasured family members and friends.

For more information and to join this unique group, please click here and email the completed form to Foundation Manager Melissa Westgate via

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Giving Old Soles New Purpose

Do you have a closet full of pre-loved sports shoes you would like to get rid of?

The Athlete’s Foot Burnside is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint by conducting a Sports Shoe Recycling Program.

We also remind our community members to please support their ongoing promotion by purchasing your shoes this Christmas at The Athlete’s Foot Burnside. When you visit, $5 from every shoe purchased by anyone connected to our community will be donated back to St Peter’s Girls’ School. This is an ongoing partnership, so please let their staff know that you would like your donation to come to Saints Girls when you make a purchase.

Thank you for your kind support.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Professional School Photo Offers

Focus School Portraits is offering Saints Girls’ families two special packages to purchase professional photos taken at various School events including House Dinners, the Old Scholars’ Reunion Dinner, The Long Lunch and Valedictory Dinner, as well as upcoming events such as Carols in the Chapel and Presentation Night.

Offer 1 – $88
To view the photos, visit
Select Gallery
To access, use the password: SaintsGirls
Email Mark at quoting the photo numbers and event. He will be in contact with you to finalise the order.

Offer 2
The Special Groups offer includes photos of House Captains, Generations, Originals, Year 12 cohort and the Year 12 image from the Chiverton Balcony
Select School Portraits
Enter access key: AU6Z7HZ5

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark via or 8389 9002.

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Bushfire Action Plan

As summer approaches, it is timely to remind families about the School’s Bushfire Action Plan.

The policy was developed in consultation with the CFS, MFS, Department for Education and other stakeholders to ensure staff and students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

For more information, you can access our Bushfire Action Plan on the myLink Parent Portal by clicking the ‘School Documents’ menu item, followed by the ‘Whole School’ tab.

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Junior School Vacation Care

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

December 2021/January 2022 Vacation Care Program
Places are limited, so secure your booking now!

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Uniform Requirements for 2022 Year 4 Students

If your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform requirements that you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2022.

The junior blazer (cardigan) is no longer worn and is replaced by a navy blue jumper and a wool blazer.

It is advisable to make an appointment on 8334 2228 as the School Shop is currently busy with new student fittings.

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2022 Swimming Requirements for Years 4 – 10

In preparation for the 2022 school year, we ask parents to check that their daughters have correctly-sized bathers for swimming in the new year. Swimming activities will commence in Week 1 of Term 1 for all girls in Years 4 – 10.

If your daughter requires new bathers, we highly recommend making an appointment with the School Shop on 8334 2228 and purchasing before the end of Term 4.

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School Holiday Closing/Opening Dates

The Front Office will be closed from Friday 17 December until Monday 10 January.

The IT Department will be closed from Friday 17 December until Tuesday 4 January.

The School Shop will be closed from Friday 3 December until Monday 24 January.

School Shop January Opening Dates

Monday 24th: 9am – 4pm
Tuesday 25th: 9am – 4pm
Thursday 27th: 9am – 4pm
Friday 28th: 9am – 4pm
Monday 31st: 8am – 4pm

To help reduce your waiting time, and if you require a full fitting, it is advisable to call the School Shop on 8334 2228 prior to coming in.

New School Shop hours commencing Monday 31 January 2022:
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm
(closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

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Entertainment Membership

To support Saints Girls and secure your Entertainment Membership, click here.

Adelaide Schools

Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information.

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Absences from School

If your child is going to be absent, late to school or leave early, please use one of the following methods to notify the School providing student name, class/Home Group and reason:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to include the class/Home Group teacher when emailing. It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

It is absolutely imperative to keep unwell children at home until they have recovered, even if symptoms are mild. This is not only for their own health and safety, but for that of all students and staff.

We thank all of our families for their cooperation.

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Sports News


Best Player – Annie Warrick
Most Coachable – Sophie Kameniar
Best Player – Sophie Ricciuto
Most Coachable – Levanya De Silva

Open A – Yang Yang Gu – Best Player
Open B – Charlotte Stewart – Best Player
Open C – Yvanda Qu – Best Player
Open D – Kaylah Park – Best Player
Open E1 – Alyssa Bo – Best Player
Open E2 – Winnie Tian – Best Player
Open F1 – Eva Chassiotis – Best Player
Open F2 – Chiara Ranasinghe – Best Player

Best Player – Poppie Goldsmith
Most Coachable – Bridgette Leach

Best Player – Alannah Godfrey
Most Coachable – Cleo Hart
Team Player – Ruby Kelly

Open A
Best Player – Alexia Politis
Most Coachable – Annie Warrick
Team Player – Gemma Schaedel
Open B
Best Player – Milly Brett
Most Coachable – Sadie Vikor-Lam
Open C
Best Player – Adele Eaton
Most Coachable – Chloe Venning
Open D
Best Player – Ayshviina Nair
Most Coachable – Charlotte Adams
Intermediate A
Best Player – Ellie Humphrey
Most Coachable – Georgia Mallick
Intermediate B
Best Player – Emma Pool
Most Coachable – Bella Sanders-Wills
Intermediate C
Best Player – Olivia Oakes
Most Coachable – Angelina Hii
Year 9A
Best Player – Sophie Ricciuto
Most Coachable – Airlie McCabe
Year 9B
Best Player – Jasmine Segredos
Most Coachable – Ruby Powell
Year 9C
Best Player – Ayanna Roy
Most Coachable – Zoe Graves
Year 8A
Best Player – Ella Warrick
Most Coachable – Anna Venning
Year 8B
Best Player – Phoebe Russell
Most Coachable – Mollie Kennett
Year 8C
Best Player – Jerrie Wu
Most Coachable – Jiana Song
Year 7A
Best Player – Mia Bennett
Most Coachable – Lexie Fishlock
Year 7B
Best Player – Annabel Bamford
Most Coachable – Izzy Bonett
Year 7C
Best Player – Serae Stolcman
Most Coachable – Ashmitha Ramesh

Best Player – Lucy Benn
Most Coachable – Grace Beaumont
Best Player – Chloe Richardson
Most Coachable – Lucy Lowry


The Year 5 Touch Football team was a new initiative this year to introduce our junior students to the game. Coaching the girls has been a great opportunity to share principles of the sport, including the rules and terminology. The students had no previous experience of the sport and it was exciting each week to see them improve in technique and fitness. The girls played well as a team with courage and enthusiasm against teams that were much more experienced and older, but they never gave up.

A big thank you to all the parents who brought the girls out and to Tracey Woods for helping with the coaching. We look forward to next year and hopefully the prospect of a further competition in Term 1.

Girls who will be in Year 5 or 6 next year and would like to give it a go can contact Tommy Peak or Becca Burton-Howard.

Tommy Peak:
Becca Burton-Howard:

If your daughter has had tennis coaching in Term 4 and would like to further improve her skills, this could be a fantastic opportunity. Tennis lessons can be arranged during the school holidays.

All lessons are run at the School and are available for all ages.

For more details, please contact Matt Ford via 0412 855 073 or

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