eNews – Week 8, Term 3 2021

Issue no. 28


Family Joy at Junior School Art Trail

Our Junior School girls were delighted to welcome their grandparents and treasured friends to explore their stunning Art Trail exhibition around the School today.

The young artists proudly displayed their works including laser-cut creatures, a doughnut wonderland, abstract sculptures, imagination machines, nature paintings, upcycled dolls and stencilled street art. The pieces have been carefully dotted around the campus, adding colour and magic to walls, windows and even ceilings!

We look forward to welcoming Junior School parents to experience the Art Trail next week.

Art Trail: Parents and Daughters
Monday 13 – Friday 17 September

Reception – Year 2 students:
7.45 – 8.20am, Monday 13 September to Friday 17 September
3.45 – 4.30pm, Wednesday 15 September and Friday 17 September

Year 3 – 6 students:
Students can escort their parents around the Art Trail during the afternoon/evening of their Student-Led Conference on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September.

For more information, click here.

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From Our Director of Early Learning

Adelaide Schools

ELC Garden of Possibilities

The proposal of the newly-landscaped Hallett Garden was inspired by the work we have undertaken over the past five years embedding Kaurna culture into the everyday life of ELC. When we met with the landscape architects, we shared many significant aspects including the symbols and narratives that share our journey.

Each pathway leads to a significant place, enabling the children and the adults to refamiliarise themselves with our stories through play. The garden is now the keeper of our history, so as new families and staff arrive, the history is there to tell our story. We worked on the design for months, ensuring each aspect was included and represented appropriately. Kaurna elder Tamaru advised us on the Australian natives that we have included, and our focus on sustainability guided our decision-making processes. The work finally commenced in the July holidays, and we have been privileged to see the space change before our eyes.

In only a matter of weeks, we have almost forgotten the landscape of the old Hallett Garden. It has transformed into what is now a highly appealing and engaging play space for children. The deep slope of the old garden has been altered into a far more level and usable space. The engaging pathways lead to various open-ended play opportunities, and we are seeing the children generate new games and discover limitless possibilities. To use the word ‘delight’ to describe what we are seeing is truly an understatement! The joy in the play is contagious; new energy and a different type of engagement are witnessed. Educators are carefully observing how the children interpret spaces to create their play.

In the first week, we saw a rush of activity: the children racing between each space, being sure to touch every new aspect. Running was pivotal as they had to move everywhere fast. However, in more recent days, the pace has slowed and engagement has heightened, and this is where we begin to see the true purpose and possibilities of the new spaces emerge. There is a wonderful collaboration between groups in a wide range of spaces. The sandpit is a different offering now as the children discover water in a new sense, being able to engineer pathways for water travel. Water is also utilised in the sensory kitchen for amazing new experiences enhanced by utensils to stretch the imagination.

I could not be prouder of this space and what it offers for the children’s imagination and play. It reminds us how pivotal being outdoors is and the importance of play in the lives of all children. It epitomises childhood, and St Peter’s Girls’ ELC ensures our children have plenty of opportunities to maximise this precious time in their lives.

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

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Spectacular SACE Music Concert

One of my favourite concerts of the year is the SACE Music Concert. Sharing the night with our Year 12 girls and having taught some of them since Junior School makes the evening extra special. It was lovely to watch our girls enjoy themselves last night as a group of talented and passionate young women. It has been such a pleasure to work with them and see them develop into such confident and sophisticated performers. The staff wish our Year 12 Music girls all the best with their upcoming exams and hope they continue their music-making, enjoying all the benefits it can provide as they enter adulthood.

Here are some reflections from our performers:

The SACE Music Concert provides an excellent opportunity to bring together all the components of performance that we have been developing in rehearsal this year. It is rewarding to perform alongside my friends and see our amazing and inspiring Year 12 girls perform. – Stella Rasheed

The concert was a wonderful opportunity for girls of all ages to show what they’ve worked on over the past few months. Ranging from Junior School girls to SACE Stage 2 students, all performances captured their hard work on stage. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the St Peter’s Girls’ Music community. – Lauren Parker

The Music Directors have done a wonderful job in supporting the girls in their music journey at Saints Girls. It was great to help Little Big Band on the night and mentor the junior trombone players. I am so proud of everyone and what they have achieved. – Matilda Chu

The concert was an uplifting and rewarding evening that showcased the girls’ incredible musical abilities. After being impacted by COVID restrictions, it felt great to get on stage and perform. – Georgia Evans

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Sports Day – Full Results

Sports Day Award Winners


Page Shield – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kilburn, 3rd Kennion, 4th Patteson
Junior Shield – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kilburn, 3rd Patteson, 4th Kennion
Middle Shield – 1st Kennion, 2nd Selwyn, 3rd Kilburn, 4th Patteson
Senior Shield – 1st Kilburn, 2nd Selwyn, 3rd Patteson, 4th Kennion

Spirit Cup


Aggregate Cups

Year 4: Gold – Bonnie Qu (92), Gold – Emily Robinson (92), Bronze – Ella King (84)
Year 5: Gold – Lauren Disney (90), Gold – Lucille Trengove (90), Bronze – Audrey Fox (88)
Year 6: Gold – Isla Fahey (96), Silver – Phoebe Lucas (92), Bronze – Wei Ning Khoo (74)
Year 7: Gold – Chloe Richardson (94), Silver – Abigail Hawkes (79), Bronze – Elizabeth Osei-Tutu (73)
Year 8: Gold – Charlotte McAuliffe (125), Silver – Malaika McLeod (102), Bronze – Carys Kinsella-White (90)
Year 9: Gold – Amelia Lucas (96), Silver – Sophie Ricciuto (90), Bronze – Alice Braithwaite (87)
Year 10: Gold – Chloe Porter (98), Silver – Adelaide Murphy (92), Bronze – Annabel Ryan (83)
Year 11: Gold – Imogen Elliott (96), Silver – Alexia Politis (90), Bronze – Efua Yawson (77)
Year 12: Gold – Olivia Kelly (98), Silver – Holly Cardone (92), Silver – Keeley Fahey (92)


4x100m Relay (Year 9) – Kennion 59.55sec
Year 5 100m – Lauren Disney (KEN) 13s 98ms
Year 5 1500m – Lauren Disney (KEN) 5m 35s 29ms
Year 8 100m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 12s 39ms
Year 8 200m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 25s 90ms
Year 8 400m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 57s 83ms
Year 8 800m – Malaika McLeod (KEN) 2m 19s 2ms
Year 8 1500m – Malaika McLeod (KEN) 5m 0s 5ms
Year 8 80m Hurdles – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 13s 26ms
Year 8 High Jump – Carys Kinsella-White (KIL) 1 metre 57cm
Year 8 Long Jump – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 5 metres 1cm
Year 12 100m– Lakara Stallan (KIL) 12s 15ms
Year 12 200m
– Lakara Stallan (KIL) 25s 9ms

Champion Athlete

Junior School: Isla Fahey
Middle School: Charlotte McAuliffe
Senior School: Olivia Kelly

Field Champion

Junior Field Athlete: Isabella Huf
Middle Field Athlete: Claudia Pearce
Senior Field Athlete: Chloe Porter

Track Champion

Junior Track Athlete: Lauren Disney
Middle Track Athlete: Malaika McLeod
Senior Track Athlete: Imogen Elliott

St Peter’s Gift Winner:

Charlotte McAuliffe

W8 - 2021 Student LeadersSports Day Award Winners Abigail Hawkes, Malaika McLeod and Liz Osei-Tutu

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Introducing our Student Leaders for 2022

W8 - 2021 Student Leaders

St Peter’s Girls is thrilled to announce our Student Leaders for 2022.

We are excited to see what initiatives they have planned as they uphold our values of courage, creativity and compassion.


Sophie Norman Head Prefect
Rune Chi Zhao Deputy Head Prefect
Tia Bailey SRC Prefect
Shreya Jayaprakash International Prefect
Charlotte Adams Debating and Public Speaking Prefect
Caitlin Middelberg Music Prefect
Emily Teague Community Service Prefect
Grace Dwyer Chapel Prefect
Charlie Fishlock Sport Prefect
Toni Christiansen Kennion House Captain
Dayna Petruzzella Kilburn House Captain
Ruby Deakin Patteson House Captain
Adele Eaton Selwyn House Captain

Deputy House Captains

Sivanthi Sivasuthan Kennion Deputy House Captain
Eva Young Kilburn Deputy House Captain
Martha McCormack Patteson Deputy House Captain
Amelia Brett Selwyn Deputy House Captain

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Historic Honour for Saints Girls

The Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize is a competition open to Year 9 and 10 students to independently research a World War I or II serviceman or woman and how their experiences and sacrifice reflect the Anzac Spirit.

Last Friday, Year 10 students Saffron Chen and Ellie Humphrey were among 16 students who received their medal and certificate from Premier Steven Marshall for their outstanding entries. The ceremony was held at the Torrens Parade Ground in the City.

The Anzac Spirit School Prize is in its 15th year and had a record number of over 1000 entries. Students, their families, teachers and dignitaries were fortunate to hear of the life-changing experiences of the 2020 recipients including how they have made lifelong friendships with fellow recipients and become ambassadors in commemorative history.

The latest recipients have earned a place on a study trip to Darwin from April 16 – 26 next year, which will feature tours to significant indigenous and military commemorative sites, and the dawn service on Anzac Day. We look forward to hearing about and learning from their experiences.

Gregor Dingwall
Head of Humanities

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Year 2 Artists Plant New Seed for van Gogh

As part of our Art Trail and connected to the central idea, ‘Learning about the past helps us understand the present and imagine the future,’ Year 2 Artists have responded to Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers by creating a modern, collaborative mural on the Junior School Art Room window. The girls have shown plenty of enthusiasm and creativity, using different colours and techniques in their artwork.

After a hugely successful exhibition enjoyed by grandparents and treasured friends today, our Reception to Year 6 students are excited about the next stage of the Art Trail when they welcome their parents next week.

Sarah Casson
Junior School Art Teacher

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Picture Perfect Presentation into Film Production

On Monday, the School’s Year 10/12 Certificate III: Screen and Media students welcomed special guest Anna Hodge from Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) to present the roles and pathways in visual effects film production.

Anna is the Manager of Training and Education at RSP. She has been with the company for more than five years, working on the development of young artists and junior filmmakers. Anna’s presentation about the roles of VFX at RSP and her fantastic insights into career pathways and university courses were highly relevant to our budding filmmakers.

We were able to see snippets of the VFX added to the multitude of projects that RSP has worked on including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2), Thor: Ragnarök, Avengers: End Game, and many more.

The girls found Anna’s visit extremely helpful as it allowed them to understand the depth and breadth of the VFX industry.

Garth Coulter
Head of Tech & Digital Learning

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Saints Girls Shine in the Studio

Earlier this term, Georgie Raftopoulos recorded two of her original songs for her SACE Stage 2 Music Explorations assignments. The recording was completed at the University of Adelaide, with uni students Annie Siegmann and Georgia Oatley engineering.

Georgie recorded the vocals and vocal harmonies for both songs and accompanied herself on a grand piano. She also created a beautiful string arrangement to enhance her composition. Cheri Wong performed the string arrangement on violin, Caitlin Middelberg also on violin and Lauren Parker on cello.

The recording was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to experience a professional studio setting and work with university students who are also developing their craft. One of the songs can be heard online; there will be an entry and link in the next Out of the Blue Arts Journal. Check it out!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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Bienvenue to Year 5 French

What’s a unit on French food without a cooking and tasting experience? But what does a cooking experience look like in 2021?

On Thursday, the Year 5 French classes crafted delicate ‘pains au chocolat’ (chocolate croissants) using plasticine. They watched a French tutorial and saw how the process of making these traditional treats is lengthy and complicated, with lots of refrigeration time and plenty of butter! The girls listened out for keywords such as names of ingredients and numbers for times and measurements. They also listened to the pronunciation and intonation of the speaker. The girls used visual, written and verbal clues in the video to follow, along with rolling out the dough, incorporating the butter and rolling up the pastry and chocolate.

After they had made and admired their creations, we had our own ‘Here’s one I prepared earlier’ moment, where each girl was given a pre-made pain au chocolat to try. They had to remember their French manners to ask for their pastry and say ‘S’il vous plait’ and ‘merci’. We enjoyed a French café atmosphere with French music, and it was great to hear the girls trying out their French phrases with each other.

Mairi Walker
French Teacher

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Year 5 Production – Tickets Selling Fast!

The countdown is on to our latest show-stopping Saints Girls’ Year 5 Production: Singin’ in the Rain JR.

The girls will be performing on Thursday 23 September and Friday 24 September.

Tickets are open to the wider School community and are selling fast, so secure your seat here.

We look forward to another incredible production!

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The Long Lunch – Sunday 19 September

Auction Pre-Bidding Now Open (including non-attendees)

We warmly invite you to view the huge selection of Live and Silent Auction items on offer at the 2021 Foundation Long Lunch here.

You do not need to attend the lunch to buy a raffle ticket or to bid on and potentially win an item.

How to Bid:

1. Register for GalaBid by texting ‘stpetersgirls’ followed by your
full name to 0458 678 678 (e.g. stpetersgirls Jane Smith), or register online via; during registration, all bidders will be asked to select one of the School Houses for our House fundraising competition

2. View the auction items here:

3. Bid on the items

4. If you make the winning bid, you’ll receive a text on Sunday 19 September after the auction closes at 3.45pm, with a secure link to pay for your item(s); successful bidders not at the lunch will then be contacted by phone on Monday 20 September to arrange collection

Successful bidders at the event will need to pay for their item(s) and collect them on the day

Happy bidding! For those attending The Long Lunch, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 19 September! If you are not attending, please feel free to join us virtually via our Live Stream.

If you did not secure a ticket and would like to join us, or volunteer, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

Seeking Volunteers

There are several opportunities to get involved and volunteer at The Long Lunch.
We are seeking parent/grandparent volunteers for set up on Saturday 18 September, and are also looking for assistance in the kitchen and for the auctions during the event.

Saturday 18 September, 10am – 3pm
Two shifts: 10am – 1pm and 12 – 3pm

Sunday 19 September, 9am – 6pm
Two shifts: 9am – 1pm and 1 – 6pm

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations Office via 8334 2244 or It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet and work with others from our community.

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Adelaide Wind Orchestra Presents Splinter

Rock, Funk, Metal, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Gospel and Soul music become symphonic in AWO presents Splinter at Elder Hall at 7.30pm on Friday 1 October.

We are offering free tickets for students to see us live, using the promo code STPETERSGIRLS

Book here:

Comprised of only instruments made of metal, Michael Daugherty’s aptly tiled ‘Motown Metal’ opens the program and harks back to rhythms and sounds of 1960s’ Detroit. ‘Come Sunday’ by Omar Thomas is a response to the largely absent voice of African Americans in the modern wind band idiom. It is both frenzied and joyous, familiar and enthralling, drawing on Gospel, Jazz and Blues influences, finishing with the energetic and toe-tapping ‘Shout!’

Holly Harrison describes Splinter as a ‘Mosaic or stylistic patchwork’, and this reflects the pieces that combine splinters of Rock, Funk and other popular contemporary musical styles.

Capping off the program, Matthew Hindson’s ‘Requiem’ mourns the loss of Sydney’s nightlife back in 2015 under strict lockout laws, now sadly ironic in 2021.

Joining Adelaide Wind Orchestra in a special performance is the Adelaide Saxophone Orchestra and features many, if not most, of Adelaide’s leading single reed players and saxophonists including some ASO guest stars performing David John Lang’s new composition, ‘Yuluna Loop’.

7.30pm, Friday 1 October
Elder Hall, University of Adelaide
Conductor – Bryan Griffiths

Michael Daugherty – ‘Motown Metal’
David John Lang – ‘Yuluna Loop’ (World Premiere)
Omar Thomas – ‘Come Sunday’ (Australian Premiere)
Holly Harrison – ‘Splinter’ (Australian Premiere)
Matthew Hindson / Paul Mac – ‘Requiem for a City’

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School Shop – Summer Uniform

With only two weeks of Term 3 remaining, it’s time to dig out that summer uniform and see if it still fits for the start of Term 4.

During the school holidays, the School Shop will be open on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October from 9am to 4pm.

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Entertainment Membership

To support Saints Girls and secure your Entertainment Membership, click here.

Adelaide Schools

Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information.

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Absences from School

If your child is going to be absent, late to school or leave early, please use one of the following methods to notify the School providing student name, class/Home Group and reason:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to include the class/Home Group teacher when emailing. It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

It is absolutely imperative to keep unwell children at home until they have recovered, even if symptoms are mild. This is not only for their own health and safety, but for that of all students and staff.

We thank all of our families for their cooperation.

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Sports News


A reminder to complete Summer Sport nominations over the weekend. With training starting for many sports in Week 9, it is important to attend or communicate any absence so we can finalise teams before the new season. We have some exciting new opportunities in Term 4, with Cricket being introduced into the IGSSA program, Touch Football starting for our Year 5s and 6s, and an introductory Badminton program for Year 6 girls. We hope by starting these programs earlier, the girls can develop some fundamental skills before moving into competition format in Senior School.


Year 6: Saints v Bye
Year 5: Saints 6 v Walford 30


Year 4: Saints Blue 16 v Saints White 6
Year 3: Saints 5 v Seymour Green 5


U13: Saints 8 v Woodville 13

After a massive Sports Day program on Friday, the girls had to get up early on Saturday for their first-ever finals appearance in Division 1. Although Woodville got off to a good start in the first half, the girls began to make a comeback in the third quarter, however, could not quite get there. Despite the loss, the girls played well gaining possession from the centre, having some good shots on goal and fighting hard until the very last whistle. When comparing this game to the girls’ first game of the season, there is an obvious improvement and the coaches are extremely proud of how far the girls have come. Many will now be moving up into U15s and I can’t wait to see them thrive next year. All the U13s are encouraged to come to the Burnside Junior Presentation Day on Sunday 26 September from 11am to 2pm at Burnside Lacrosse Club. Great job girls on an amazing season and I can’t wait to welcome you back next year! – Stephanie Smalls (Lacrosse Captain)



From 1 to 3 September, we were fortunate to compete in the SAPSASA Hockey Carnival 2021 at Grange Hockey Club, representing the East Adelaide district. Our team consisted of four Saints Girls and a variety of players from schools in East Adelaide. We played nine games in total and were successful in five, lost two, drew two and finished 3rd overall. We enjoyed connecting with others through sport and loved the friendly competition. – Abbey Phillips, Maddie Oborn and Phoebe Lucas

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