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W8 - Banner Image Sports Day

From Our Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220Everyone will have a favourite memory from last week’s Sports Day. Many will have fond memories of the way the girls received the news that, after 12 years of distinguished service, Neil Fuller will be stepping down as Director of Sport – their genuine display of gratitude and affection was a pleasure to witness. For some, maybe the photo finish to the Year 12 Relay, or the near-perfect handicapping of the Saints Girls’ gift which saw Year 5 student Phoebe Lucas hold off Year 12 track star Millie Wilkin by just about 20cm! Others will remember the excitement of being in the crowd around the High Jump mat as another School record was set, or being part of a winning Tunnel Ball team that’s now been unbeaten for nine years. Perhaps it was seeing girls attempt an event that was clearly out of their comfort zone, such as Javelin or the Hurdles, or maybe sitting back in awe as sprinters seemed to glide down the track in pursuit of each other, of the finish line, and maybe another personal best.

My abiding memory occurred in a Junior School 100m race. With five or six races in each year group, these events can tend to blend into one another. This one stood out to me because it encompassed with complete clarity what we often talk about as the essence of a ‘Saints Girl’. With about 20 metres to go in a reasonably tight race, one runner, striving for that extra ounce of effort, tripped up and came crashing down onto the track. In a flash, and despite what was evidently not inconsiderable pain, she got up and continued to finish the race for her House, showing admirable grit, determination and courage in the process. As she finished, just two or three seconds behind the other girls, she was immediately surrounded by her fellow runners, all far keener on checking her wellbeing and commiserating with her, than celebrating their own achievements. That instinctive compassion, and the genuine sense of care and community which it builds, is what makes Saints Girls such a powerful place to belong to.

With our Year 9 and 10 students heading off on their week-long camps on Monday, all sleeping under canvas, there will be further opportunities to show courage and compassion, and the chance to deepen their networks of support for each other. We wish them and their teachers well, and hope they enjoy more than a glimpse of the spring weather we’ve welcomed this week.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate the way our Year 8 and 9 students prepared for and carried out their exams. It was encouraging to see so many girls had heeded advice from their subject teachers on how best to prepare for each subject, whilst also using strategies and resources available through our #EMPOWHER wellbeing program.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Introducing our Student Leaders for 2021

W8 - 2021 Student Leaders

St Peter’s Girls is thrilled to announce our Student Leaders for 2021.

We are excited to see what initiatives they have planned as they uphold our values of courage, creativity and compassion.


Saskia Jonats Head Prefect
Lara Wakeham Deputy Head Prefect
Victoria Thorp SRC Prefect
Cynthia He International Prefect
Holly Wallman-Craddock Debating and Public Speaking Prefect
Cheri Wong Music Prefect
Sara Peak Community Service Prefect
Amelia Pudney Chapel Prefect
Sophie Barr Sport Prefect
Emeshe Robson Kennion House Captain
Molly Bond Kilburn House Captain
Georgina Keough Patteson House Captain
Gemma Schaedel Selwyn House Captain

Deputy House Captains

Portia Maerschel Kennion Deputy House Captain
Sophie Kameniar Kilburn Deputy House Captain
Stephanie Smalls Patteson Deputy House Captain
Ashley Piper Selwyn Deputy House Captain

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SACE Concert Music to the Ears

What a wonderful feeling it was for our Music girls to perform to a live audience at last night’s SACE Music Concert. It’s been six months since they’ve had the chance to share their music performances on stage to friends and family, and they did not disappoint.

Our Year 12 students completed the practical components to their Music subjects, supported by their peers and fellow musicians. I think the highlight for all was the ABBA audience singalong, our finale for the evening’s event. It was a fabulous night of creativity and community.

Check out the highlights video below. Music credit to Year 11 student Georgie Raftopoulos, who wrote and performed an original song called ‘Standing In Your Shadow’.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Sports Day Results

W8 - Sports Day Results


Page Shield 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Kilburn, 4th Patteson

Junior – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Kilburn, 4th Patteson
Middle – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Kennion, 3rd Kilburn, 4th Patteson
Senior – 1st Selwyn, 2nd Patteson, 3rd Kilburn, 4th Kennion

Spirit Cup (results contribute to Spirit Cup, awarded at the end of the year)
1st Kilburn, 2nd Patteson, 3rd Kennion, 4th Selwyn

Aggregate Cups

Year 4: 1st Lauren Disney (KEN), 2nd Claris Stolcman (KEN), 3rd Jess Woods (PAT)
Year 5: 1st Phoebe Lucas (KIL), 2nd Isla Fahey (SEL), 3rd Aleesha Gray (KIL)
Year 6: 1st Chloe Richardson (KEN), 2nd Elodie De Wit (SEL), 3rd Adjoa Yawson (SEL)
Year 7: 1st Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL), 2nd Malaika McLeod (KEN), 3rd Carys Kinsella-White (KIL)
Year 8: 1st Amelia Lucas (KIL), 2nd Sophie Ricciuto (KEN), 3rd Daisy Braithwaite (KEN)
Year 9: 1st Chloe Porter (KEN), 2nd Lady Murphy (SEL), 3rd Isabelle Tran (KIL)
Year 10: 1st Imogen Elliott (KIL), 2nd Alexia Politis (PAT), 3rd Tahlia Cahill (KIL)
Year 11: Olivia Kelly (SEL), 2nd Holly Cardone (KIL), 3rd Portia Maerschel (KEN)
Year 12: 1st Millie Wilkin (KIL), 2nd Funto Komolafe (SEL), 3rd Hattie Maerschel (KEN)


Year 4 100m – Lauren Disney (KEN) 14.00sec
Year 4 200m – Lauren Disney (KEN) 29.02sec
Year 4 400m – Lauren Disney (KEN) 1:07.23
Year 5 Shot Put – Diya Bhinder (SEL) 7.75m
Year 5 Long Jump – Amelia Lucas (KIL) 3.87m
Year 5 1500m – Isla Fahey (SEL) 5:40.48
Year 6 1500m – Elodie De Wit (SEL) 5:29.42
Year 7 1500m – Malaika McLeod (KEN) 5:16.45
Year 7 800m – Malaika McLeod (KEN) 2:25.40
Year 7 Long Jump – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 4.45m
Year 7 High Jump – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 1.54m
Year 7 100m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 12.61sec
Year 7 200m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 27.21sec
Year 7 400m – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL) 1:01.98
Year 7 Triple Jump – Carys Kinsella-White (KIL) 9.49m
Year 8 100m – Amelia Lucas (KIL) 13.05sec
Year 8 200m – Amelia Lucas (KIL) 27.11sec
Year 8 Javelin – Claudia Pearce (SEL) 32.63m
Year 11 High Jump – Olivia Kelly (SEL) 1.62m
Year 12 High Jump – Ehi Oyugbo (SEL) 1.60m
Year 4 – 4x100m Relay – Patteson 1:09.27
Year 12 – 4x100m Relay – Kilburn 54.55sec
Year 7 – 9 – 4x100m Relay – Selwyn 56.07sec

Track Champion

Junior – 1st Lauren Disney (KEN), 2nd Isla Fahey (SEL), 3rd Chloe Richardson (KEN)
Middle – 1st Malaika McLeod (KEN), 2nd Lady Murphy (SEL), 3rd Daisy Braithwaite (KEN)
Senior – 1st Millie Wilkin (KIL), 2nd Imogen Elliott (KIL) 3rd Kendra Ware (SEL)

Field Champion

Junior – 1st Phoebe Lucas (KIL), 2nd Victoria Zou (KEN), 3rd Adjoa Yawson (SEL)
Middle – 1st Chloe Porter (KEN), 2nd Januri Wagaarachchi (PAT), 3rd Claudia Pearce (SEL)
Senior – 1st Adele Eaton (SEL), 2nd Sophie Barr (KIL), 3rd Ella Liddy (SEL)

Athlete of the Day

Junior – Lauren Disney (KEN)
Middle – Charlotte McAuliffe (SEL)
Senior – Olivia Kelly (SEL)

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Golden Journey for Dedicated Saints Girl

W8 - Gold Award

Congratulations to Year 12 student Matilda Braithwaite who has achieved the Gold Award in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

The Award allows young Australians aged 14 – 24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world, regardless of their location or circumstance.

The Four Sections of the Award are: Physical Recreation; Skills; Voluntary Service; Adventurous Journey plus Gold Residential Project (Gold Level only).

Through Matilda’s Award journey, she has participated in a wide range of activities within and outside of school including:

Physical Recreation – swimming, triathlon, athletics and rowing
Skills – debating and sport umpiring
Service – cooking for a food bank, delivering breakfasts to those in need and coaching athletics
Adventurous Journey – Year 9 and 10 camps plus Rowing Camp

Matilda completed her Gold Residential Project by attending the Cambodia Service Learning Trip.

Achieving the Gold Award recognises individual goal-setting and self-improvement through persistence, and Matilda certainly embodies this. After her three year journey, she will be honoured at a ceremony with the Lord Mayor next month.

Well done Matilda!

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health and Outdoor Education

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Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Finalists

W8 - State finalists
In the Year 10 Business, Enterprise and Technologies course, our class explored Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be used for different applications in today’s climate. We entered the Microsoft AI for Good Schools Challenge earlier this year, and one team has been successful with their application.

Chi Chi Zhao and Genevieve Lochowiak presented their project, DIVE (Drones In Voicing Emergencies), a system to prevent and detect bushfires. DIVE is through to the South Australia and Northern Territory Finals, competing against more than 600 other teams. They submit their final entry early next week and we all look forward to hearing the results. All the best!

Garth Coulter
Head of Digital Learning and Technology

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Aerobics Girls Pumped Up by Challenge

W8 - Aerobics 3

After a stop-start season due to the global climate, the Saints Girls’ Aerobics teams were finally able to show off their skills and compete in the Blitz It Challenge. This was the first competition for many girls in our youngest team, The Fab 5. They competed in the Cadet Large Aerobics Team division and came 2nd against a large array of schools across Adelaide.

Both of Saints’ Middle/Senior teams have been eager to hit the stage for many months. Liquid Gold and The G.O.A.Ts won 3rd and 1st respectively against a few Loreto teams in the Junior Large Aerobics Team division.

Our Aerobics girls worked incredibly hard for these achievements and have been proud representatives of the School. Congratulations to all who competed.

Madeline Harmer

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Runaway Success at Cross Country

W8 - Cross Country

On Wednesday 2 September, 12 Saints Girls raced in teams of four in the SAAS Cross Country State Relay Championships, the last event of the season held at Waite Oval, Urrbrae. The girls ran incredibly well over the season, dominating the Middle and Primary points for girls. A special mention to Isla Fahey, Elodie de Wit and Chloe Richardson for helping Saints Girls climb to the top in the Middle Girls’ division, even though they were originally in the Primary Girls’ division and missed the first two races.

In the relays, Elodie de Wit, Chloe Richardson, Cleo Hart and Charlotte McAuliffe (running in replacement of injured Isla Fahey) claimed 1st place in Primary Girls. In the Middle Girls, Saints Girls had two teams. The second team of Poppy Marshall (volunteering to make up the full second team for the relay), Lady Murphy, Eleanor Saies and Dani Cox took out 3rd place, and the first team consisting of Daisy Braithwaite, Malaika McLeod, Carys Kinsella-White and Alice Braithwaite came 1st. A special mention to Malaika for winning every single Middle Girls’ race.

Everyone contributed to make the season a huge success for the School. Congratulations to all the girls for giving it a go and helping the team. Can’t wait for next season.

Daisy Braithwaite
Year 8 student

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Chamber Music Championship – Vote Online Tomorrow!

W7 - Esperanza

Tomorrow from 1.30pm, Esperanza will live-stream nationally via the Melbourne Digital Concert Hall as part of the ‘Strike A Chord’ National Chamber Music Championship. This performance brings together musicians from all around the country to celebrate chamber music.

We would love for you to join us and vote for Esperanza for the audience prize. The SurveyMonkey voting link will be provided during the interval.

Tickets to the virtual championship can be obtained for free using the link below. More detailed instructions for watching on the day will be included in the online ticket.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Kilburn House Dinner

W8 - Kilburn House Dinner 2

You could feel the tension between the heroes and villains in the Arts Centre on Friday night of Week 5. It was Kilburn’s annual House Dinner featuring this year’s theme ‘Heroes and Villains of Hollywood’. We were visited by heroes such as Superman, the Incredibles and Cat Woman, up against the most evil villains including Thanos, The Joker and Maleficent. Celeb spotters also identified Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears! For dinner, we enjoyed a tasty feast including party pies, sausage rolls and spring rolls for entrée, a variety of delicious, fresh pizzas for mains, and some sweet cake with ice cream for dessert.

All the girls and staff competed in ‘Guess the Baby Face’ and the ‘House Dinner Quiz’, testing their knowledge about heroes and villains as well as facts of Hollywood. But the most enjoyable part to watch was the lip sync battle where contestants from each year level, including staff, competed against other year levels to show off their acting and singing skills. Tesse and Alyssa won overall for incorporating their very special guest Mrs O’Brien into their choreography. It was also pretty funny to see Mrs O’Brien and Mr Byrne show us their moves to ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from Grease.

All the costumes the girls and staff showed up in were amazing and very creative. A ‘best-dressed’ was announced at the end of the night for each year level as well as an overall best dressed which was awarded to Sophie Kameniar who came as Thanos. A big thank you to all the Year 11 parents, staff (especially Mrs O’Brien), and of course, the Kilburn girls for making the night one to remember.

Molly Bond
Year 11 student

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The Long Lunch – Auction Pre-Bidding Now Open!

W8 - The Long Lunch

We warmly invite you to view the huge selection of Live and Silent Auction items on offer at the 2020 Foundation Long Lunch here.

Pre-bids can be made prior to the event by contacting Melissa Westgate, Foundation Manager via or 08 8334 2244.

You do not need to attend The Long Lunch to bid or to buy a Raffle Ticket!

Pre-bidding closes Friday 18 September at 5pm. When placing a bid, please provide the item number (specifying whether it is a LIVE or SILENT auction item), your contact details and your final bid.

Successful bidders at the event will need to pay for the item(s) and collect them on the day. Successful bidders not in attendance will be notified by phone on Monday 21 September.

Happy bidding, and for those attending The Long Lunch, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 20 September!

If you did not secure a ticket to this sold out event and would like to join us as a volunteer on the day, please contact me ASAP.  Fun, camaraderie, laughs, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Junior School Vacation Care

W8 - Vacation Care

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of onsite adventures and excursions, there is plenty of fun to be had.

September / October 2020 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so click here to secure your booking now!

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Year 5 Production – Tickets on Sale!

W3 - Year 5 Production Banner

Secure your seats to this wonderful show: St Peter’s Girls’ School’s production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical JR.

Due to current venue capacity and registration requirements, tickets are only available online via TryBooking. There will be four shows: two matinee sessions and two evening performances.

24 and 25 September at 1.30 and 7pm
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre

Ticket prices:
Adult $17
Student/Concession $12
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) $42


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P&F Family Day

W4 - P&F Family Day

Sunday 18 October from 12 – 4pm

Join the Saints Girls’ community on Chiverton Lawns for our P&F Family Day!

Tickets include pasta, pizza and a glass of wine or soft drink. Additional drinks and gelato will be available for purchase. There will be kids’ activities and roving entertainment to enjoy.

BYO chairs, tables and/or picnic rug.

Ticket Prices
Adult $20
Child $15
Family of Four $50

Book at:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Young Chicks Attend Saints Girls

W8 - Chickens

Excitement ran high last Monday as three little chicks and 12 eggs arrived for the Year 2 scientific inquiry into lifecycles. Over the past fortnight, the girls have made detailed scientific observations into the growth and development of the chicks as they hatched and grew. They observed that hatching lasts quite a while. The chick makes a little hole in the shell but takes some time to work on it until the egg cracks open. Some chicks take about 20 minutes while others can last up to five hours, and sometimes you can hear little chirps from inside the egg. When the chicks come out, they are really cute and wet. They need to stay in the incubator for at least five hours for their feathers to fluff up and then they can move to the brooding pen.

Over the two weeks, the chicks have grown much bigger. They’ve started to lose their down as their feathers grow. Each has a different personality. Popcorn and Ninja love to perch and are starting to fly. Whitney and Brittany like to be together and they chirp loudly if they are apart! The girls are delighted that the chicks are being adopted by one of our staff members, Ann Li, and will continue to have a special connection to the Saints Girls’ community!

Kathryn Clark and Rebecca Greenhalgh
Year 2 Teachers

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Fine Dining with Stage 2 Food and Hospitality

W8 - Food and Hospitality

On Thursday 3 September, the Stage 2 Food and Hospitality girls were pleased to undertake their final group practical activity. They planned and presented a formal dinner with an Asian-inspired theme. Each student was responsible for the preparation and banquet service of at least one dish. The dinner was enjoyed by family members in the Food Technology Centre, which was transformed into a beautifully decorated contemporary restaurant.

The students participated in all aspects of the organisation of the dinner from identifying the theme, selecting and trialling dishes, choosing the décor and plating, and arranging the order and timing of the service. They consistently shared ideas and supported each other with the decisions made. They were also involved in creating an invitation, considering dietary needs and preferences, and making the final choices on all aspects of the event. The menu consisted of an entrée of spring rolls, san choy bow, prawn wontons, pork dumplings, followed by a main course of lemon chicken, pad Thai, coconut chicken curry and beef with black bean served with an Asian-inspired salad and fried and steamed Rice. Dessert was pandan crepes with shredded coconut and palm sugar.

The event enabled each student to showcase the organisation and time-management skills they have developed over the year and to experience some of the reality of serving a larger group in a collaborative manner.

Jenni Manson
Food and Hospitality Teacher

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School Shop

With only two weeks left until the end of term, it’s time to dust off those summer uniforms and see if they still fit.

The School Shop will be open during the second week of the school holidays on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 October from 9am – 4pm.

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Hats are Back!

With the return of higher UV levels, Reception to Year 9 students are now required to bring their navy blue broad-brimmed hats to school. Reception and Year 1 students also have the option of the junior bucket hat.

Students in Reception to Year 6 who currently wear their PE uniform to School on PE lesson days should wear their hats to and from School during high UV periods.

Students in Years 10 to 12 are also encouraged to wear a School hat at high UV times.

For more information, please refer to our Sun Protection Policy in the ‘Whole School’ section of the ‘School Documents’ page on myLink.

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Car Park Courtesy

The School has again received complaints about traffic blocking Stonyfell Road for lengthy periods during drop-off and pick-up. If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street. Unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please also refrain from turning right into or out of the car park, and please do not queue in the car park’s lanes as this often prevents drivers who are legally parked from exiting.

We have also received complaints about cars being parked too close to driveways or across from other vehicles in surrounding streets, making it extremely difficult for residents and other road users to navigate.

We ask all community members to please show consideration for others; thank you for your cooperation.

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Entertainment Membership

W1 - Entertainment Book
Purchase your Entertainment Membership today and support us to reach our fundraising goal for 2020. Simply order online via our School’s page:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bronwyn Bartter on 0402 392 609.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Sports News


Open – Saints 2.1 – 13 defeated by Immanuel 11.12 – 78
Despite the score not being in our favour, the girls played extremely well against a highly-experienced side. They fought hard for the ball and made space across the field. They all communicated well and, as a collective, we never stopped trying, which is all you could ever ask for. Special mention must go to the Middle School girls who stepped up to the plate and played extremely well in a Seniors’ game. I can’t wait to play my last game of footy with these girls and see just how far we have come. – Bella Bernardi (Captain)

Middle – Saints did not play


Good job to all who played in what was a challenging round. Congratulations to our A team who won all their matches; you all played very well. All teams tried their hardest and should be very proud of their efforts. One more week of games to complete the season. – Amelie Dunda (Captain)

Open A: 6 – 0 defeated Pembroke
Best Players: Yang Yang Gu, Gloria Gao, Amelie Dunda, Mahala Truscott

Open B: 4 – 2 defeated by Pembroke
Best Player: Cheri Wong

Open C: 6 – 0 defeated by Pembroke
Best Player: Holly Wallman-Craddock

Open D1: 4 – 2 defeated by Pembroke
Best Player: Yvanda Qu

Open D2: Bye

Open E1: Bye

Open E2: 7 – 2 defeated by Pembroke
Best Players: Kayla Park, Abigail Papps

Open E3: 6 – 3 defeated by Pembroke
Best Player: Claudia Henschke, Hattie Xu


Year 6 Blue – Saints 12 defeated by Seymour 54
Great team effort and special mention to Jiahui Zhang who scored 6 points. Really good to see the girls grow in shooting confidence and be rewarded. Seymour had a lot of talented players and we did a wonderful job trying to stop them with our defence on the smaller courts there; it was tricky! – Sarah Turnbull (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 14 defeated by Walford 22
The girls played well, scoring the first points of the match. They played their best defence yet, sticking on their players, allowing them to get numerous intercepts and rebounds. The girls should be proud of their performance as they have improved a lot since their first game. – Emma Matheson (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 26 defeated Walford Blue 20
This is the second time we have played Walford Blue this season and they have been our toughest competition. We had a large lead early, but Walford kept fighting to stay within 10 points for most of the game. Another great team effort from all the girls with over half of the team scoring points. – Katherine Perkas (Coach)


Open – Saints 1 defeated Immanuel 0
Immanuel provided tougher competition as the girls followed their efforts at Sports Day with a hard game. Saints played their positions well and provided a strong defensive press which gave Immanuel little options for their outlet. Holly Cardone moved into a half back position and created many attacking opportunities coming out of defence. Amelie Eaton played well as left attacking midfield, using her talented skills of back stick trapping to eliminate her opponent in a single movement. Well done to the girls for scoring a goal in the third quarter and holding the lead for the rest of the game. I’m excited to see what the girls bring to our Intercol game against Walford. – Olivia Goldsmith (Captain)


Under 13 – Saints 10 defeated East Torrens/Payenham 6
The team played a very competitive game, resulting in a 10 – 6 win! Claris Stolcman and Cleo Hart put in 100% and scored many goals. Jamie Gower (guest player) and Alannah Godfrey helped in the midfield, along with Zoe Pool who hustled hard for every ground ball, gaining procession. The defence was particularly strong with Eliza Burmester and Matilda Wilkin staying tight on their defenders and running hard for any loose balls. Congratulations again to Emily Bates who played a top game in goals, making some exceptional saves. Great game girls! – Millie Wilkin (Lacrosse Captain)


Open A – Saints 30 defeated by Scotch 50
In the first quarter, scores were level at 13 – 13. This was due to the girls’ great determination and intensity. They worked well together and fed the ball into the circle cautiously but accurately. We collaborated and communicated, enabling connections to be made down the court from defence line throw-ins. Best players were Olivia Kelly, Anna White and Alexia Politis. All players stepped up to the challenge and took on board Sue’s feedback from training. The girls have improved since our last game and are excited for Intercol. Let’s go girls. – Hannah Freeman (Captain)

Open B – Saints 36 defeated by Scotch 37
The Open Bs had a great game against Scotch, with the girls applying pressure down the court in all four quarters. We started off slightly behind in the first, but got back into the game due to increased drive down the court. Ruby Deakin and Lucy White did particularly well to steer the ball out of defence and down to our attackers. Milly Brett had an outstanding last quarter in WA by moving the ball efficiently down to our shooters, along with obtaining many intercepts. Ehi Oyugbo from the Open As played with us and had a great first game back from injury. A fantastic effort from all the girls! – Gemma Schaedel

Open E1 – Saints 28 defeated Scotch 22
A very exciting end to the girls’ school netball with another win. We were behind at half-time, but worked hard in the third quarter to make a strong comeback and secure the final win. Best player was Amelia Goehr for her perfect shooting in the third quarter. Well done on a great season and best of luck in the future girls! – Emma Mockridge (Coach)

Open E2 – Saints had a bye

Year 10A – Saints 17 defeated by Scotch 66
It was a tough game for the As, facing a very consistent and comprehensive side with undeniable State talent. It was still a good performance from our girls, scoring when we moved the ball down our end, but our opponent’s defensive pressure built across the whole game. The girls did not lose their spirit and kept trying, which was impressive to see under difficult circumstances. We definitely built throughout the game, and started to focus on our leads and using fakes to force the defenders to jump at the ball. Still impressed with the performance and can see how much the girls have improved during the season. – Milli Gentle (Coach)

Year 10B – Saints had a bye

Year 10C – Saints 6 defeated by Immanuel 56
Tough game again, facing another Immanuel team. The defensive efforts by duo Charlotte Adams and Ayshviina Nair were fantastic, allowing us to have a lot of possession and work on the connections down court. One more game of the season and I have faith this may be our lucky one! – Elena Vaananen (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 48 defeated Scotch 34
It was the best game the girls have played so far and they fixed up all the issues from the previous game. It was an outstanding effort and we hope they can finish the season on a high. – Della Griffith (Coach)

Year 9B – Saints 30 defeated by Scotch 35
After a slow start, the girls played very well later on, winning the last two quarters. Both Maddy Lisle and Samantha Keough were in fine form. They played full games and were able to communicate very well. Ruby Richards also played her best game for the season, acting as a critical player in moving the ball from defence to attack, as well as keeping the ball in our attacking half. – Natasha Dinan (Coach)

Year 9C – Saints 30 defeated Immanuel 8
An outstanding effort from the team. Immanuel put up a good fight and the Saints Girls lifted in response, playing at their full potential. Best players were Lila Gosse and Georgina Wakeham, both scoring a number of the goals towards the win. – Lulu Tierney (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 14 defeated by Scotch 52
The girls played a hard game against Scotch. Our defence of Gloria Zou, Sophie Edwards, Airlie McCabe and Charlotte Norman were amazing and tried their hardest with Scotch’s attack being very strong. Airlie McCabe was always at the third line ready to reset the play on the attack side when needed. Sophie Ricciuto, Soph Ryan and Charlie Piper all did well in shooting, but had a very tough game with the opposition’s defence. Our mid-court of Mathilda Thomas and Claudia Pearce did a terrific job of bringing the ball down the court to the attack. It was a challenging game but we all tried our hardest. – Charlie Piper

Year 8B – Saints 26 defeated Scotch 17
The girls played an amazing game and all put in lots of effort. Our defence was strong, with Olivia Oakes and Ruby Adams making many intercepts in the goal third. Throughout, there were many strong leads and great turnovers. The mid-court were fluent in moving the ball down and getting it to our shooters who were consistent with their goals. Special mention to Ruby Adams for being player of the match. Everyone played their hardest, resulting in a well-deserved win; good job girls. – Jasmine Segredos

Year 8C – Saints 25 defeated Pembroke 14
Saints began strongly, finishing the first quarter 9 – 1. As fatigue began to set in during the second, the girls made a few extra mistakes; their leads were not as sharp, and consequently, the score became closer. To their credit, the girls got back into the right mindset and controlled the play in the final two quarters. Best player was Charlie Edwards who, playing centre and wing attack, greatly assisted the flow of our attack by leading into space and making quick and accurate passes into the goalies. – Nikki Miller (Coach)

Year 8D – Saints 6 defeated by Pulteney 31
The girls were much stronger in transitioning the ball into our attacking end, giving us more shots at goal. It was quite back and forth for both teams. Our passing let us down at times; however, we had some great intercepts. Pulteney had a flawless shooting circle which was tough for our defenders. Despite the loss, the girls played one of their better games of the season. Improvements in areas of play compared with the beginning of the season are evident. – Gina Barker (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 26 defeated by Scotch 38
The girls played a tight game against Scotch and each quarter was close. The defence started to loosen at half-time and the ball was making it into their goals. A shout out to Carys Kinsella-White and Jodhi Pincombe in goals, as once the ball got down to the attack side, there was goal after goal. Tough game girls, you all tried your hardest. Next time, we can come out stronger and ready to win our last game of the season! – Olivia Reynolds

Year 7B – Saints 12 defeated by Scotch 36
This game was extremely tough, but we tried our absolute hardest. The third quarter was the most even because of Matilda Powell and Emily Tolladay’s defending skills. They knocked out may balls, keeping us level. At half-time we were getting closer to catching up but we missed some passes and shots. In the last quarter, everyone pushed to their limits to finish off with a bang. We ran our hardest, tried our hardest, shot our hardest, defended our hardest, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to win. Great job girls, this game was tough. GO SAINTS! – Alyssa Tran

Year 4 Blue – Saints 10 defeated by Pembroke Blue 11
Wow! What a great match. Saints played a strong team game. Coming from behind, the girls never gave up, keeping Pembroke scoreless in the second quarter, outscoring Pembroke 4 – 2 in the third, but unfortunately, just 2 short of a win. Awesome game girls. Well Done. – Karen Braund (Proud Coach)

Year 4 White – Saints 14 defeated Seymour 6
All the girls worked as a team, with the mid-court maintaining drive and our defence making a number of turnovers and really standing out in the defensive half. The 7 – 1 lead in the first quarter definitely helped the team secure a great lead and position for the rest of the game. The girls showed more positive transitions from defence to attack and an increased ability to convert this into goals. It was excellent to have another win! Next time, the girls will be playing their last game for the season, so it would be great if we can finish with another win! – Sivani Sivasuthan (Coach)

Year 3 – Saints 9 defeated Wilderness Green 2
A thrilling match against the only side that has beaten us this term, back in the first round. The entire team was very hard to beat defensively. Wilderness had a lot of trouble getting the ball down the court due to all of our girls putting pressure on their players and collecting any loose balls. Ruby and Lydia moved beautifully in goals together, providing many options for passers. Great match, can’t wait for the next! – Rebecca Scott-Toms (Coach)


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Walford 4
The Open A girls played the annual Intercol game against Walford which unfortunately resulted in a loss. We started strongly, applying high pressure and stopping Walford from having shots on goal. The result was 0 – 0 at half-time thanks to Kendra Ware’s amazing goalkeeping. Unfortunately, a goal conceded early in the second half made it difficult to regain momentum. Tahlia Louca, Azaan Singh and Adele Russell produced some great kicks out of the backline to forwards Chi Chi Zhao, Ashley Piper and Emily Downie. Our wingers, Anushka Rajbhoj and Annie Bradshaw, were attempting crosses when they had the chance and helping out in defence when needed. Sophie Barr did a great job tagging Walford’s strongest player and removing her from the contest. As always, Lucy Benn and Lysiane Franchi were excellent in the midfield, never failing to tackle and take players on. It was great to play at home this match and have Saints’ supporters on the sidelines cheering the team on. I am a very proud of how far this team has come over the shortened season and I wish them all the best next year! – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Scotch 4
For our final game of the season against Scotch, who were top of the table, it may have been a 0 – 4 loss, but that was all in the first half where we started slow and let in a few cheap goals. However, the second half was a complete turnaround, and the girls fought and defended hard to make it a more respectable game. As it was the last Saints’ game for some players, they made the most of it, playing with spirit until the final whistle and keeping Scotch scoreless in the second half. We did have a chance ourselves to score, but unfortunately didn’t convert.

It’s been a pleasure coaching these girls this season given all that’s been going on; their commitment, team spirit, determination and achieving their team goal of winning a game means a lot to the girls and me. They have shown their full capabilities and skills that have developed greatly, as shown in their game play both individually and as a team. I much appreciate the girls showing up to games and training in rain, hail or shine and giving it their all. Best wishes to all the players in their next phase of life, and keep pursuing soccer as it’s an amazing game. – TJ Scarsgill (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 drew with Walford 0
The girls came out strongly and toughed it out in what was a highly competitive affair against Walford at Intercol in which we were unlucky not to come away with the win.

We had the better of the opening half, with our midfielders Georgia, Jess and Mary battling hard for control and succeeding. Our defenders Annie and Grace B did very well in getting to the ball first to limit the opposition’s attacks, while Ruby and Ariel put in some great tackles. Januri was excellent up front, beating her defenders, and was unlucky not to score with her strikes coming so close but only just wide. The second half continued in much the same fashion as the first with Saints dominating most of the play. Lilly and Chloe made some great runs down the wing while Jas never stopped chasing, putting Walford under pressure. I was pleased to see Tamsin and Levanya playing well in a variety of positions throughout the match. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hit the back of the net, and some heroic goalkeeping in the final moments by Grace S ensured we ended the match with a nil-all draw.

I have had an enjoyable time coaching this season; it was fantastic to see every player come out with a positive attitude to improve their skills. The girls showed great resilience all season and they should be extremely proud of their efforts and improvements each game. Well done on a great season girls! – Ange Gouvielos (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Walford 3

Year 6 – no game due to Sports Day

Year 5 – no game due to Sports Day

Year 3-4 – no game due to Sports Day

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