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W8 - 2020 Leaders

Introducing our Student Leaders for 2020

St Peter’s Girls is thrilled to announce our Prefects for 2020.

We are excited to see what initiatives the incoming leaders of the School have planned, as they uphold our values of courage, creativity and compassion.


Isabella Bernardi Head Prefect
Ellie Anderson Deputy Head Prefect
Lucy White SRC Prefect
Faye Ma International Prefect
Hattie Maerschel Debating and Public Speaking Prefect
Isabelle Norman Music Prefect
Lucy Young Community Service Prefect
Matilda Braithwaite Chapel Prefect
Millie Wilkin Sport Prefect
Olivia Goldsmith Kennion House Captain
Tilly McCormack Kilburn House Captain
Emily Downie Patteson House Captain
Michelle Rupert Selwyn House Captain

Deputy House Captains

Sarah Wishart Kennion Deputy House Captain
Tesse Parker Kilburn Deputy House Captain
Belle Black Patteson Deputy House Captain
Ehi Oyugbo Selwyn Deputy House Captain

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From the Acting Director of Early Learning

W8 - ELC

KPOur Early Learners’ Centre enjoyed a landmark occasion on Wednesday as we combined our annual Grandparents and Special Friends’ Afternoon Tea with the official opening of our ELC Community Garden.

During the last school holidays, our Community Garden vision and planning came alive. A new space has been created for our community of learners; a space of research and discovery where the children can experience sustainable practices and respect for the environment. We gave time to the children to familiarise themselves with the garden. Daily visits have been promoted to create experiences and memories in this new space. The Community Garden is now a place of our community; a place of stories, emotions, learning discoveries, and it has become a place to reflect our culture.

I take this opportunity to thank the countless people involved in lifting this project off the ground: Kate Mount for her vision; the support from the children across the Centre alongside their knowledgeable teachers; Tamaru, our Kaurna friend; Property Services; and The Friends of the ELC. Having strong, ethically-minded community members behind a project such as this supports its success and gives it life.

As we have embraced this time to wait, explore and discover a garden of possibilities, the children have shown to us – the adults – how to rediscover something we had forgotten existed. We have rediscovered the more magical things in life; things we have looked over in our busy days or taken for granted. So today, I encourage everyone to rediscover something you had forgotten about, because when you do, your soul will be nourished.

Kirsty Porplycia
Acting Director of Early Learning

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Ponytail Project Fundraising Hits $15,000!

W8 - Ponytail Project 3

The Ponytail Project goes from strength to strength at St Peter’s Girls’ School with over $15,000 raised by students willing to cut 10cm from their ponytails for the benefit of cancer sufferers in SA.

Kennion ($7618) has a had a great week fundraising and now has a strong lead, with Kilburn next ($4116), and Selwyn ($1843) and Patteson ($1602) further behind but still doing a great job. This week has also seen teachers get on board, with Clare Gaskell (Selwyn) and Lisa Hollis (Patteson) both ready to ‘Rock the Chop’ for Cancer Council SA on Wednesday 25 September.

Students interested in taking part should go to and register now and join their House teams.

Anyone interested in supporting a participating student or teacher should go to the House team sites:

Great effort girls!

Dr Thomas Barclay
Science Teacher

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Top Marks at History and Geography Competitions

W8 - Geography

St Peter’s Girls’ students participated in both the Australian History and Geography Competitions in Term 2, with results recently announced. The School has a rich tradition of success, with this year being no exception, in the multiple choice format based on the Australian History and Geography curricula.

Of particular note was the performance of Year 7 student Heidi Gong who received a medal and prize for achieving the equal-highest result in Australia for the Geography Competition. Due to the timing of our curriculum, Year 7 and 9 students sit the Australian Geography Competition, while Year 8 and 10 students participate in the Australian History Competition. The highest achieving students for each competition are recorded below:


High Distinction
Year 8
Bronwyn Gautier
Jasreet Mavi

Year 10
Sara Peak
Holly Wallman-Craddock

Year 8
Stella Rasheed
Lilly Maerschel
Willow Stewart-Rattray
Mikaela Udall
Isabelle Tran

Year 10
Stephanie Smalls


High Distinction
Year 7
Heidi Gong (top 1% and equal-highest in Australia)
Jasmin Baker

Year 9
Ruby Deakin
Emily Elston
Emily Teague

Year 7
Misha Yagnik
Lydia Burrough
Ruby Powell
Jenna Maione
Zara Chessell
Marcella Tolley
Ayanna Roy
Emily McCorley

Year 9
Charlotte Adams
Adele Russell
Flossie Wilson
Chi Chi Zhao

Gregor Dingwall
Head of Humanities

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English Prizes for Worthy Words

W8 - English competition

Each year, the South Australian English Teachers’ Association runs a competition for young writers and selects winners from each year level from 7 to 12 in the categories of prose and poetry. This year, two year 7 students from Saints Girls achieved places.

Matilda Chu wrote an evocative poem entitled ‘Our Place’ in which she explored the impact of white culture upon indigenous people, cleverly using narrative point of view, anaphora and varying structural devices to raise questions and engage the reader in the emotional circumstances of Aboriginal people. She won third prize in the Year 7/8 Poetry category. Ruby Powell entered a narrative in which she explored the theme of the loss that results from ageing, and wrote an imagistic story in which she cleverly used expository detail to involve the reader in the lives of her characters. With this story, Ruby won first place in the 7/8 Prose category: a remarkable achievement.

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English

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Legal Eagles Swoop on Mooting Finals

W8 - Mooting

The Adelaide Law School hosted a Mooting competition exclusively for high school Legal Studies students to learn more about the law, its application in practice and oral advocacy skills essential to practising law. It was judged by experienced lawyers and university law lecturers, providing a taste of what can be experienced when studying law.

The competition involved arguing a case in tort law against other teams, as well as writing submissions to the court on the case.

Our Year 11 Legal Studies girls entered the competition and won a spot in the Grand Final. In a split decision, they were awarded second place and a prize of $800. We also won the ‘Best School Spirit’ award, and Annabel Baldwinson was judged best speaker in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to our girls who now look forward to competing on the national stage in the Bond University High School Mooting Challenge next year.

Lynne Spry
Legal Studies Teacher

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

W8 - Silver

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a self-development program available to youth globally. The purpose is to encourage young people to set their own goals and challenges, work towards achieving them, and then be recognised at the end for sustaining the commitment they have made. The award itself does not have any competition between participants, and therefore, self-motivation is key.

The philosophy of the award was very appealing and intrigued me as I have always loved challenging myself. The program has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each requires an increasing level of commitment and effort. While I have achieved my Bronze and recently my Silver, I plan to continue with the project to gain my Gold award. The Silver award entails: one hour a week of voluntary service for six months; one hour a week of physical recreation for six months; one hour a week of a chosen skill for six months; and a three-day, two-night adventurous journey. The award allows the participant to choose which activity they participate in within the category. I played hockey and did rowing for my physical recreation, I tutored a Year 5 student and participated in fundraising for the Cambodia Service Learning Trip for my voluntary service, and I developed skills of learning how to drive and becoming a barista. I highly recommend the program to all students as it forces the individual to look at themselves, their interests, abilities and ambitions, then set themselves challenges which develop fundamental life skills.

Charlotte Creek
Year 11 student

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Year 1 Bee Musical Creates a Buzz

W8 - Year 1

The Year 1 students are currently exploring the Central Idea, ‘Through The Arts, people express their feelings and tell stories.’

As part of this inquiry, the girls performed the play The Bee Musical at our Junior School Assembly in Week 6. They worked together to learn their lines as well as many songs that helped to tell this story which connected with their Term 1 Central Idea, ‘Invertebrates have a role in balancing the natural world.’ The students enjoyed learning about bees and how important they are, and the performance allowed them to share their knowledge through The Arts.

The audience enjoyed an entertaining, colourful and enthusiastic show. Well done to the girls for such a wonderful effort. A special thank you to Miss Wise and Property Services for helping to create the amazing bee hive for the stage, and Ms Burton for helping the girls to learn the songs in their Music lessons.

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Sports Day Results

W8 - Sports Day Results

Battered by windy conditions and closely monitoring the possible threat of hail and thunderstorms, Sports Day 2019 went ahead with gusto at the SA Athletic Stadium last Friday. In typical fashion, the Year 12s stormed the arena to generate the House spirit that defines the carnival.

With students participating in track, throws, jumps and a variety of novelty events, the competition was fierce yet friendly.

Despite the conditions, almost a dozen new records were achieved.


Junior: 1st Selwyn (1427), 2nd Kilburn (12983), 3rd Patteson (1000), 4th Kennion (870)
Middle: 1st Kilburn (1711), 2nd Selwyn (1526), 3rd Kennion (1386), 4th Patteson (1208)
Senior: 1st Selwyn (1850), 2nd Kilburn (1512), 3rd Kennion (1488), 4th Patteson (1433)

Page Shield: 1st Selwyn (4795), 2nd Kilburn (4506), 3rd Kennion (3744), 4th Patteson (3641)


Year 7 200m – Amelia Lucas 28.21sec
Year 10 High Jump – Keeley Fahey 1.57m
Year 10 Discus – Sophie Barr 29.52m
Year 11 100m – Millie Wilkin 12.80sec
Year 12 Discus – Nicolette Miller 29.76m
Year 12 Javelin – Nicolette Miller 31.70m
Year 12 200m – Rose Pittman 26.20sec
Year 12 400m – Rose Pittman 53.68sec
Year 12 800m – Rose Pittman 2:25.11
Year 12 4x100m Relay – Selwyn 58.93sec
Year 10-12 4x100m Relay – Kilburn 53.55sec

Year Level Cups

Year 4: Gold –  Isla Fahey (SEL), Silver – Imogen Pearce (SEL), Bronze – Wei Ning Khoo (KIL)
Year 5: Gold – Chloe Richardson (KEN), Silver – Jiahui Zhang (SEL), Bronze – Cleo Hart (PAT)
Year 6: Gold – Carla Massicci (KIL), Silver – Lara Maione (KIL), Bronze – Levanya De Silva (PAT)
Year 7: Gold – Amelia Lucas (KIL), Silver – Daisy Kennett (PAT), Bronze – Ashlyn May (KIL)
Year 8: Gold – Chloe Porter (KEN), Silver – Isabelle Tran (KIL), Bronze – Poppy Marshall (SEL)
Year 9: Gold – Imogen Elliott (KIL), Silver – Lucy White (KIL), Bronze – Alexia Politis (PAT)
Year 10: Gold – Holly Cardone (KIL), Silver – Keeley Fahey (SEL), Bronze – Portia Maerschel (KEN)
Year 11: Gold –  Millie Wilkin (KIL), Silver – Ehi Oyugbo (SEL), Bronze – Hannah Freeman (KIL)
Year 12: Gold – Rose Pittman (KIL), Silver – Nicolette Miller (PAT), Bronze – Hannah Brown (SEL)

Field Athlete of the Day

Junior: 1st – Aurelia Pyne (KIL), 2nd – Gabby Howard (SEL), 3rd – Wei Ning Khoo (KIL)
Middle: 1st – Chloe Porter (KEN), 2nd – Lucy White (KIL), 3rd – Sienna Huxtable (SEL)
Senior: 1st – Nicolette Miller (PAT), 2nd – Sophie Barr (KIL), 3rd – Chelsea Walls (PAT)

Track Athlete of the Day

Junior: Equal 1st – Isla Fahey (SEL), Chloe Richardson (KIL), Carla Massicci (KIL)
Middle: 1st – Imogen Elliott (KIL), 2nd – Poppy Marshall (SEL), 3rd – Amelia Lucas (KIL)
Senior: 1st Rose Pittman (KIL), 2nd – Millie Wilkin (KIL), 3rd – Simran Rai (KIL)

St Peter’s Girls’ Gift

Rose Pittman (KIL)

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Junior School Vacation Care – Countdown is On!

W8 - Vacation Care

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Vacation Care Program – October 2019

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

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You’re Invited! Friends of Rowing Season Opening BBQ

W8 - Rowing

Sunday 27 October from 5 – 7pm on the School grounds

$25 per adult
$20 per rower/child

(includes yummy chicken, lamb or falafel yiros, nibbles and soft drinks)

Bubbly, white wine, red wine and beer available on the night for purchase.

Join us as we welcome all of our new and returning rowers and their families to mark the opening of the 2019-2020 season.

Tickets available via

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Raising ‘Dough’ for Cambodia Trip

W8 - Cambodia Fundraiser

To support fundraising for the Cambodia Service Learning Trip, we invite you to enjoy a pizza dinner at the Feathers Hotel on 23 September (Monday, Week 10). For every pizza sold, $10 will go towards the trip. You are now able to make a reservation by clicking here, or by calling the Feathers on 8249 7700. On the night, there will be a raffle with a great prize.

The fundraising team is also selling portable chargers for just $40 via

We are all very excited to take part in this trip, making life-long memories and seeing the impact of our fundraising in a community where we can improve the quality of life.

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Georgia Beaton Cup

W8 - Netball

The annual Georgia Beaton Cup netball game between Old Scholars and senior students was held on Saturday 7 September.

Introduced in 2017, this contest is designed as a link for the senior netballers to continue to play as Old Scholars.

After a highly entertaining and competitive battle, Georgia presented the trophy to the triumphant students, making the ledger 2-1 their way. Thanks to all of the parents, staff and students for supporting this OSA event. We are excited to announce that there are four teams registered to play Old Scholars’ netball this summer.

Megan McCormack
Old Scholar Officer

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Kilburn House Dinner

W8 - Kilburn

The annual House Dinner is an event that all Saints Girls look forward to, as it is the opportunity to dress up in a fancy costume to a chosen theme and experience a night full of games and loads of fun. On 30 August, the Kilburn girls stepped inside the ‘Kilburn Op Shop’ where they had the challenge of putting together a groovy outfit on a budget. As each girl strutted her stuff on the catwalk, participated in a range of entertaining games and enjoyed the night with friends, it became a night to remember!

A huge shout-out and congratulations to all the Year 11 Kilburn girls for organising the night and bringing it to life. We all did an amazing job and should be so proud with how it turned out. Also, a big thank you to all parent helpers with preparing the food. We hope everyone had an awesome time, especially the Year 12s at their last House Dinner.

Tilly McCormack and Tesse Parker
Year 11 Kilburn

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Girls eChallenge Their Thinking

Last year, Renee Lawrence, Charlotte Sellars and Charlotte Creek competed in the University of Adelaide’s Business and Innovation competition, eChallenge. They developed an application that would assist in reducing the 4.6 tonnes of food waste per annum in Australia. Their application, Pre-Pear, allows the user to take a photo of their food storage area (fridge, panty, etc.) and recipes can be generated based on the ingredients recognised by the application. Allergies, favourite foods and cuisine preferences can all be adjusted. Pre-Pear utilises IBM’s artificial intelligence visual recognition API to identify the photographed ingredients.

After writing a business proposal, creating a mock flow of Pre-Pear and basic exemplar coding, we pitched our idea to four judges who are professionals in their fields and/or angel investors. We won the ‘Day at Microsoft’ prize valued at $10,000 due to the technology background of our application.

On 21 August, we travelled with Mr Garth Coulter, the School’s Head of Technology and Digital Learning, to Microsoft’s head office in Adelaide with a team from Glenunga International High School who were co-recipients of the prize. We were lucky enough to hear from the head of the office and his pathways to his position. We also heard from various specialist employees developing Microsoft’s d projects such as artificial intelligence for good and diversity within the company. We participated in various activities that reflected on the eChallenge experience and our future pathways.

The eChallenge was a great experience as it gave me insight into university life and how to build a successful business. The day at Microsoft was also a fantastic experience as the speakers provided an understanding as to what it is like working in a major multinational company.

Charlotte Creek (Year 11 student)
Gabriele Trobbiani (Economics, Business and Enterprise, and Humanities Teacher)

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Call for Eisteddfod Results

If your daughter has recently competed in a music eisteddfod and you would like her results to be shared with the community, please send them through to Arts Administrator Jeanne Phillips via and they will be published in next week’s eNews.

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Thursday Club Special Performance

W8 - Thursday Club

Thursday Club is an extension program for vocalists and instrumentalists who show interest and aptitude for performing within the Jazz ad pop genre. Renowned Adelaide Jazz guitarist Mike Bevan works weekly with students to develop their knowledge and skills in creating unique music arrangements for performance.

On Thursday 26 September, our Thursday Club will be performing a two hour set at Base Camp Café on Glynburn Road at Burnside from 5 – 7pm. We invite everyone to come along to this local venue, hosted by past Saints Girls’ parent Boris Vidic. Entry is free, and tapas and beverages will be available for purchase to enjoy while listening to some high-quality music from our Thursday Club vocalists accompanied by Mike on guitar.

A great way to celebrate the end of term and relax after a busy Thursday!

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School Shop Reminder – Summer Uniform

With only two weeks left in Term 3 and a change from winter to summer uniform imminent, it’s time to dig out those summer dresses to ensure they still fit, or to upgrade if necessary.

The School Shop will be open on Thursday and Friday of the second week of the school holidays (10 – 11 October) from 9am – 4pm.

Summer uniform is required from the first day of Term 4.

Please call the School Shop on 83342228 or email to book a uniform fitting appointment.

School Shop

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OSA Movie Fundraiser – TOMORROW

W3 - OSA Movie Night_eNews Banner

The OSA is delighted to be hosting a movie fundraiser – Downton Abbey – at 1.30pm tomorrow at the Regal Theatre.

Please join us for a relaxing afternoon watching the movie which picks up in 1927, about a year and a half after the series finale was set, and revolves around the good folks at Downton preparing for a very special visit from the King and Queen of England.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door; the price includes a drink on arrival (soft drink or bubbles) and chocolates.

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Year 5 Production Tickets on Sale!

W4 - eNews Banner

Secure your seats to see this wonderful show: Ian Fleming’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR.

Grandparents who would prefer to attend a matinee performance will be invited to buy tickets to the school session on Friday 27 September at 1.15pm, which our Junior School students will be attending.

26 – 27 September 2019 at 7pm
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre

Ticket prices:
Adult $17
Student/Concession $12
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) $42


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Could You be a Stallholder at The Garden Of Saintly Delights in 2020?

Although it’s still six months away, a great event takes planning, and The Garden of Saintly Delights is certainly one that captures the heart of our School community. With rides, food, entertainment and more, there is something for everyone, including shoppers with our ever-growing market place.

The 2020 event will be held on Sunday 29 March. I am coordinating our Market Stalls and am looking to gather as many different and varied stalls as possible.

So, if you have a business or sell a product that would suit being a part of our market, please get in touch via my email as I would love to have as many of our families exhibited as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine Scarr

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Sports News


Year 4 Blue – Saints 4 defeated by Wilderness Gold 11
The girls tried really hard, but unfortunately, Wilderness were too strong and accurate with their shooting. There were some great passages of play, moving the ball down the court. Awesome effort by all the girls. – Karen Braund (Coach)

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