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From the Acting Director of Early Learning

“Participation in educational services is a process of reciprocity where children and adults encounter one another in a relationship that is filled with opportunities for teaching and learning. Participation is not limited to child and educator but also encompasses families and members of the wider community.” – Mel Angel, St Peter’s Girls’ ELC Educator

In early childhood education, we recognise that the best experiences for children happen when there is a strong relationship between the educational facility and the child’s family. The relationship with each will be unique, although all partnerships will share the same features of trust and respect.

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At the ELC, we believe if we want our children to learn about the value of community and connections with others, we need to consider the example we set and the opportunities we provide. We have witnessed when families participate in the life of the School, it deepens their understanding of their child and their capabilities. It creates a beautiful connection between home and school through shared experiences.

The ELC educators have reflected on the concept of participation and what this looks likes. We have recognised that participation looks different for children, so therefore it needs to look different for families. What can we put in place to support the participation of all families? What can we do to encourage the participation of our families? How can we include the children to engage their family in the ELC?

Community Service Prefect Dominique Rigby has strengthened connections between the ELC and the ‘big school’ by organising a special picnic lunch for the children and the Year 12s each term. They have been meeting on Chiverton Lawns to eat their lunches together, share jokes and stories, and this has heightened the children’s understanding of the ‘big school’. Their faces light up as they begin to establish connections with the ‘big girls’ and understand they are part of the wider Saints’ community.

Last Saturday, the Ferguson Room children and educators invited families to join them on a botanical exploration of Ferguson Park. The children shared their learning with their loved ones as they looked for special leaves, flowers and grasses. Our friend and Kaurna elder Tamaru shared his connection to the land through stories about his culture and family traditions.

This week, the children hosted their Grandparents and special friends for an afternoon tea, where they enjoyed sharing their learning environment.

Through these experiences, the strength of our community has been evident and it has been truly heartwarming to witness.

Kirsty Porplycia
Acting Director of Early Learning

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Introducing our Prefects for 2019

W8 - Prefects 2019

St Peter’s Girls’ School is thrilled to announce our Prefects for 2019.

We are excited to see what initiatives the incoming leaders of the School have planned, as they uphold our values of courage, creativity and compassion.


Isabella Villani Head Prefect
Hannah Brown Deputy Head Prefect
Tahlia Towers SRC Prefect
Ammi Yagnik International Prefect
Aditi Tamhankar Debating and Public Speaking Prefect
Mary Brownridge Music Prefect
Sarah Carrodus Community Service Prefect
Amy Rice Chapel Prefect
Rose Pittman Sports Prefect
Annabelle Langley Kennion House Captain
Charlotte White Kilburn House Captain
Nicolette Miller Patteson House Captain
Amy Carrodus Selwyn House Captain

And congratulations to our other student leaders for 2019:

Jessica Schaedel Selwyn Deputy House Captain
Eve Habel Kennion Deputy House Captain
Molly Lucas Kilburn Deputy House Captain
Olivia Law Patteson Deputy House Captain


Music Captains
Marley Banham Head Chorister
Annabelle Langley Chorister
Hannah Brown Chorister
Rachel Banham Chorister
Aditi Tamhankar Chorister
Rachel Banham Strings Captain
Rachel Banham Band Captain


Sport Captains
Rose Pittman and Nicolette Miller Athletics
Isabella Bernardi AFL
Amy Li Badminton
Sarah Matheson Basketball
Matilda Braithwaite Cross Country
Olivia Goldsmith Hockey
Millie Wilkin Lacrosse
Sivi Sivasuthan Netball
Amy Carrodus Rowing
Rachel Kameniar Vice Captain of Rowing
Ellie Anderson Soccer
Aroha Munroe Softball
Grace Sampson Swimming
Annabel Baldwinson Tennis
Eve Habel Touch Football
Charlotte White Volleyball
Nicolette Miller Water Polo
Rachel Banham Chess Captain
Lucy White Environment Club Captain
Rachel Banham Library Captain
Madison McGregor-Simms Technical Theatre Captain

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W8 - Sports Day2

The weather certainly put on a show for Sports Day 2018, and the action on the track and field was just as impressive. Read below for a comprehensive list of shield winners and new record holders!

Page Shield (Overall)
1st Selwyn – 4260 points
2nd Kilburn – 3696 points
3rd Patteson – 3294 points
4th Kennion – 3197 points

Junior Shield
1st Kilburn – 1275 points
2nd Selwyn – 904 points
3rd Patteson – 847 points
4th Kennion – 711 points

Middle Shield
1st Selwyn – 1678 points
2nd Kennion – 1188 points
3rd Kilburn – 1093 points
4th Patteson – 1075 points

Senior Shield:
1st Selwyn – 1678 points
2nd Patteson – 1372 points
3rd Kilburn – 1328 points
4th Kennion – 1298 points

Year 11 100m – Rose Pittman (KIL) 12.87sec
Year 11 200m – Rose Pittman (KIL) 25.58sec
Year 11 400m – Rose Pittman (KIL) 56.57sec
Year 11 800m – Rose Pittman (KIL) 2:14.13
Year 11 Shot Put – Nicolette Miller (PAT) 9.61m
Year 11 Discus – Nicolette Miller (PAT) 33.61m
Year 11 Javelin – Nicolette Miller (PAT) 30.59m
Year 11 High Jump – Milly Wood (SEL) 1.56m
Year 10 High Jump – Ehi Oyugbo (SEL) 1.55m
Year 9 High Jump – Olivia Kelly (SEL) 1.55m
Year 9 Shot Put – Sophie Barr (KIL) 10.58m
Year 9 Discus – Sophie Barr (KIL) 33.04m
Year 7 Triple Jump – Chloe Porter (KEN) 9.21m
Year 6 High Jump – Amelia Lucas (KIL) 1.36m
Years 4 – 6 4x100m – Kilburn 59.98
Years 10 – 12 4 x100m – Kilburn 55.40
Year 12 4 x100m – Selwyn 1:00.17
Year 11 4 x 100m – Selwyn 59.65
Year 8 4 x 100m – Kilburn 59.68
Year 7 4 x 100m – Selwyn 1:00.62
Year 4 4 x 100m – Selwyn 1:13.26

Aggregate Cups
Year 12: 1st Thandi Murada (KIL), 2nd Katherine Woolley (PAT), 3rd Holly Cunningham (SEL)
Year 11: 1st Rose Pittman (KIL), Nicolette Miller (PAT), 3rd Hannah Brown (SEL)
Year 10: 1st Millie Wilkin (KIL), 2nd Ehi Oyugbo (SEL), 3rd Funto Komolafe (SEL)
Year 9: 1st Sophie Barr (KIL), 2nd Portia Maerschel (KEN), 3rd Olivia Kelly (SEL)
Year 8: 1st Imogen Elliott (KIL), 2nd Alexia Politis (PAT) =3rd Toni Christiansen (KEN) and Chi Chi Zhao (SEL)
Year 7: 1st Chloe Porter (KEN), 2nd Willow Stewart-Rattray (PAT), 3rd Georgina Wakeham (PAT)
Year 6: 1st Amelia Lucas (KIL), 2nd Molly Dwyer (PAT), 3rd Jenna Maione (KIL)
Year 5: 1st Carla Massicci (KIL), 2nd Lara Maione (KIL), 3rd Winnie Vartuli (KIL)
Year 4: 1st Chloe Richardson (KEN), 2nd Jiahui Zhang (SEL), 3rd Alyssa Piantedosi (KIL)

Track Champion
Senior: 1st Rose Pittman (Yr 11 KIL) = 2nd Thandi Murada (Yr 12 KIL) and Millie Wilkin (Yr 10 KIL)
Middle: 1st Imogen Elliott (Yr 8 KIL), 2nd Charlotte Staples (Yr 7 SEL), 3rd Portia Maerschel (Yr 9 KEN)
Junior: =1st Carla Massicci (Yr 5 KIL) and Chloe Richardson (Yr 4 KEN), 3rd Molly Dwyer (Yr 6 PAT)

Field Champion
Senior: 1st Nicolette Miller (Yr 11 PAT), 2nd Katherine Woolley (Yr 12 PAT), 3rd Clair Kao (Yr 10 PAT)
Middle: 1st Chloe Porter (Yr 7 KEN), 2nd Sophie Barr (Yr 9 KIL), 3rd Lucy White (Yr 8 KIL)
Junior: 1st Sienna Huxtable (Yr 6 SEL), 2nd Gabby Howard (Yr 5 SEL), 3rd Madison Dornbusch (Yr 4 KIL)

Athlete of the Day
Senior: Rose Pittman (KIL)
Middle: Chloe Porter (KEN)
Junior: equal Chloe Richardson (KEN) and Carla Massicci (KIL)

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Another Wave of SUBS Success

St Peter’s Girls’ dominance in the SUBS in Schools technology challenge has grown, with more success in 2018.

Last week, two of our teams were crowned State Champions in Spatial Design and Large ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle), with second place in those categories awarded to two other groups of Saints Girls. The four teams have been invited to participate at the National Finals in December. The Year 10 students spent many hours developing and refining their projects, enjoying industry collaboration with mentors from SAAB.

Last year, four of our students were crowned National runners up for their submarine efforts, and another group before them took out the inaugural National title, demonstrating the School’s strength in this vital area.

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The Long Lunch: Auction Pre-Bidding Now Open!

W8 - Long Lunch Pre-Bidding

We warmly invite you to view the huge selection of live and silent auction items on offer at the 2018 Foundation Long Lunch here.

Here are just a couple of the amazing auction items available for pre-bidding:

Ultimate Corporate Entertainer: Big Bash
Enjoy a night out with 16 guests in a Corporate Box at the Adelaide Oval for the Big Bash on 23 December 2018. Includes 16 tickets, catering and drinks, hosted in the CBA corporate facility at Adelaide Oval.

The Bend Supercars: Corporate Experience
Feel the ultimate adrenaline rush as you experience this amazing package, including 4 x Corporate hospitality tickets for Saturday and Sunday at the 2019 Supercars event at The Bend. This unbelievable package also includes a Course Car Hot Lap for each of the 4 guests!

Pre-bids can be made prior to the event by contacting Melissa Westgate, Foundation Manager via or 08 8334 2244.

You don’t need to be attending The Long Lunch to bid!

Pre-bidding closes Friday 21 September at 5pm. When placing a bid, please provide the item number (specifying whether it is a LIVE or SILENT auction item), your contact details and your final bid.

Successful bidders at the event will need to pay for the item(s) and collect them on the day. Successful bidders not in attendance will be notified by phone on Monday 24 September.

Happy bidding, and for those who are coming along to the Foundation Long Lunch, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 23 September!

Please note: While the event is sold out, we welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to help with set-up on Saturday and/or for the event on Sunday; please contact me ASAP.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Online Safety Presentation for Parents – NEW DATE

W8 - St Peter's Girls Presentation_small
Please register your attendance via

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Summer Uniform Reminder

W8 - Summer Uniform

As there are only two weeks until the end of Term 3, it’s time to dust off those summer uniforms to check whether they still fit in readiness for Term 4.

The School Shop will be open on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 October from 9am – 4pm.

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Junior School Vacation Care

W7 - Vacation Care

Our next installment of Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Vacation Care – October 2018 Program

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

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Calculated Moves in Maths Challenge

W8 - Mathematics

The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians is an opportunity for students with high mathematical aptitude to complete a series of problems that are beyond the current course of study but appropriate for their age.

The students complete fully-worked solutions without the assistance of their teachers, parents or the internet.

This year we had a number of participants, with Heidi Gong (Year 6), Ellie Humphrey (Year 7), and Emma Pool (Year 7) receiving Distinctions. Chi Chi Zhao (Year 8) achieved a High Distinction. Well done to all!

Matthew Durant
Head of Mathematics

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More than Words: Poetry Recital Excellence

W8 - Poetry

During Term 3, the Year 4, 5 and 6 classes have focussed on performance poetry in the lead up to the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Poetry Recital Competition. The top three performers from each class participated in an in-school Preliminary Final where they performed a poem in front of a school adjudicator. One student was chosen from each year level to represent the School in the Final and these students were Sophie Blight (Year 4), Zoë O’Callaghan (Year 5) and Charlotte Norman (Year 6).

The Final was held at Wilderness School on Wednesday 5 September. This competition is designed to encourage an enjoyment of reading and an appreciation of poetry. It also helps develop memorisation skills, promote good elocution and provides an opportunity for students to gain confidence in performing before an audience.

Our three representatives competed with 39 other students from a range of independent schools. Students were expected to recite one poem set by the IPSHA panel and one poem of personal choice. In Year 5, Zoë was awarded third place for her reading of Tide Talk by Max Fatchen and The Day the War Came by Nicola Davies. The competition was tight and all three competitors performed in an outstanding manner. They can be congratulated on their personal commitment to rehearsing and memorising their poems as well as the courage they displayed in performing before such a large audience.

Rebecca Riley
Year 2, 3 and 4 Coordinator

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Year 6 Art Exhibition – You’re Invited!

W8 - Year 6 Art

We invite you to view the Year 6 art exhibition, showcasing eight collaborative EXPRESSIONIST artworks and numerous individual IMPRESSIONIST artworks.

Year 6 artists have been inspired by the lurid colour and experimental brushstrokes of expressionism, as well as the vibrant colours and spontaneous brushstrokes of impressionism.

A video of the process, including students’ thoughts, will be featured on the TV screens surrounding the artworks, which are on display in the Junior School corridor and the corridor between the Centenary Wing entrance and Student Services.

Check out this snapshot:

The exhibition will be available for viewing every day of Week 9 from 3 – 4.15pm, or during your Parent-Teacher Interview time.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Ms Casson and the Year 6 Artists

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Year 5 Production Tickets on Sale!

W6 - Year 5 Production

Book your tickets to see this wonderful show – St Peter’s Girls’ School’s Production of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s ‘Mary Poppins JR’.

Mind you, there’s nothing ‘junior’ in terms of the talent and staging!

Grandparents who would prefer to attend a matinee performance will be invited to buy tickets to the School session on Friday 28 September at 1.15pm, which our Junior School students will be attending.

27 – 28 September 2018 at 7pm
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre

Ticket prices:
Adult $15
Student/Concession $10
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) $35


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Code Camp at St Peter’s Girls’ School

W4 - Code Camp

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark, Ignite and Blast AR (a new offering at Saints Girls!) for students aged 7 – 13. The camps are held from 2 – 4 October from 9am – 3.30pm. The cost is $349 for three days.

Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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City of Burnside Holiday Activities

If you’re looking for some activities to keep the kids busy these school holidays, click here!

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UN Women Fundraiser Concert

W2 Fundraiser Poster_Enews bannerJoin us for a night of song as we support UN Women in their work contributing to the safety, education and livelihood of women around the world.

The evening will showcase a dynamic array of performers of all ages, with a diverse sound of genres including music from St Peter’s Girls’ top ensembles (Enchantè, In-Ta Jazz and Extension Strings), Old Scholar Erin McKellar (Patteson ’13), Girl Nation, internationally-renowned jazz vocalist Anita Wardell and guest speaker Olivia Rogers.

The concert will encapsulate women working together to create beautiful music despite age, race and level of ability as we join together to create change.

Tickets available via

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Matilda – The Play – Casting Call

Shane Davidson Presents one of Roald Dahl’s most loved and favourite stories of all time about the genius little girl, Matilda. This play follows all of the book’s favourite scenes including Matilda starting at Cruncheon Hall Primary, making new friends, meeting the loving Miss Honey and avoiding her disgusting parents. It contains a few songs, which help tell of Matilda’s adventures and how she deals with the revolting Miss Trunchball!

This show is suited for 7 – 12 year olds; rehearsals commence in Term 4 at St Peter’s Girls’ School on Sundays from 10am – 1pm. Performances will be held on Saturday 8 December.

For further details, contact Shane Davidson –

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Friends of Rowing Season Opening BBQ

W6 - Rowing BBQ

Friday 19 October at 6pm on the School grounds

$25 per adult
$20 per rower/child
(included: yummy yiros, soft drinks and nibbles)

Bubbly, white/red wine and beer will be available for purchase. This family fun night is open to the whole School community.

Join us as we welcome all of our new and returning rowers and their families.

Tickets available via

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Sports News


Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 7) has been named a Co-Captain of the State Primary School Netball team travelling to Darwin in Week 9.

Imogen Elliott (Year 8) has been selected to represent School Sport SA at the National Surfing Championships being held on the South Coast from 1 – 9 December


Year 6 Blue – Saints 32 defeated by St Ignatius 44
The game was a challenging one for the girls. It was a windy day and St Ignatius was a tough team. We stayed with them for most of the match but unfortunately they got away in the fourth and we couldn’t catch up. – Harrison Petkovic (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 20 defeated Pembroke 17
A really pleasing win today with only five players. Everyone contributed and it was great to see more shots starting to drop. I asked the team for a really strong defensive effort after quarter-time and they delivered, keeping the opposition to 9 points for those three quarters. Lydia and Jenna led the way defensively and Amy finished off their good work with 8 points. – Brenton Davies

Year 5 – Saints 32 defeated Wilderness 2
The team had a great win against Wilderness. Unfortunately, our opposition only had four players but it was good to see the girls show great sportsmanship as one player from our team filled in for them each quarter to help out. Another great team effort, the girls are getting much better at lay ups and passing ahead to their teammates after a few dribbles. It’s terrific to see so much improvement from all players. – Sarah Turnbull (Coach)


On 12 September, as part of the Gymnastics program, girls in Years 3 – 5 were given the opportunity to represent Saints Girls at the interschool Gym For All Challenge. This competition allowed each student to demonstrate the gymnastics skills they’ve developed throughout the year and to build valuable skills such as teamwork and resilience. The girls learnt routines for four different apparatus and rehearsed these over several weeks. Each gymnast showed great determination and enthusiasm, particularly during somewhat daunting times such as mounting the beam or performing individual routines. I hope that the new students thoroughly enjoyed the fun competitiveness of the day as there were smiles all round when the awards were presented. – Emma Auricht (Captain)


Under 13 – Saints 12 defeated Brighton 10
All of the girls were eager to have a second chance to go into this year’s Grand Final. Ashlyn May (Year 6) did an excellent job at getting centre possession almost every time. Whilst in midfield, Jenna Maione (Year 6) and Alannah Godfrey (Year 5) ran hard into space to be the next pass. Dani Cox (Year 6) impressed by running around the goal to improve her angle and shoot goals. In defence, Lauren Pearce (Year 5), Phoebe Black (Year 7) and Elysia Scarr (Year 5) did well at keeping their sticks up. Emma Pool (Year 7) and Lucy Schirripa (Year 7), also in defence, ran hard to keep up with players and slide to the girl with the ball. Zoe Pool (Year 6) ran hard on back-ups to keep possession of the ball, whilst Mathilda Thomas (Year 6) and Lara Maione (Year 5) did a great job at running away from their defenders. Maddy Lisle (year 7) was our awesome goalie. Goal scorers: Dani (5), Jenna (1), Ashlyn (2) and Mathilda (4). Well done to the girls for playing a great team game and getting into the Grand Final, which will be held at Norwood Oval tomorrow at 8:30am. We hope to see you there and, if you are coming along, perhaps arrive a touch earlier as parking can be limited. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints 9 defeated East Torrens Payneham 8
It was a gorgeous Saturday morning for our final match of the season. Saints came up against a formidable opponent and played their best game of the year by using the strategies that they’d been developing over time. It was a true team effort, as made evident by the fact that six players from the 11-person squad scored goals, and the whole team assisted in make these goals possible. All the parents should be very proud of how well their daughters performed under pressure. The coaching staff hope that all of the girls return next season and bring a friend along to continue to grow Saints’ Lacrosse program.

Goal scorers were Madi Dornbusch (Year 4) with 3, Claris Stolcman (Year 2) with 2, and Grace Jones, Sophie Lively, Savannah Walls (all Year 4) and Ella Pearce (Year 3) with 1 goal each. The top goal scorer for the season was Savannah Walls. Special mention goes to our goalkeepers this match, Claris Stolcman, who was very courageous, and Emily Bates (Year 4) who was an impenetrable force in defence. – Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Year 3/4 Blue– Saints 7 defeated by Seymour 12
The girls played really well as a team and, despite the loss, they worked hard to cause multiple turnovers. Our defence was strong and every player put pressure onto each pass to then work out down our end. Well done to all girls who played in the mid-court and worked together to take the ball from defence to attack. Our shooters were strong and kept moving around to work the ball in to the ring to score goals. A special mention to Charlotte Catchpole who played a brilliant game and tried out positions in all areas of the court. – Georgia Naughton

Year 3/4 White – Saints 1 defeated by Pembroke 3
Our girls showed lots of determination and teamwork. Their shoulder passes and leading into space have improved each week and there were some lovely passages of play from one end of the court to the other. Defensively, the girls have been working hard on their one-on-one defence and 3-feet hands over defence. Almost all players managed to turn the ball over at some stage and if they didn’t, they were quick to make sure they had their hands up defending the pass. The game was close from start to finish, with Pembroke just pipping us in the last quarter. Well done girls, a great effort! – Alice Johnswood

Year 4 – Saints 16 defeated Pembroke 3
After a slow start to the game in the first quarter, the girls lifted and played an excellent second quarter. Throughout the game, they had some fantastic passages of play. They continued to display great teamwork and encouragement on the court. Chloe Richardson played an outstanding match using her speed to take multiple intercepts against tall opposition. Well done girls! – Chelsea Walls

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