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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Witness the Fitness

Kate Mortimer‘Witness the Fitness’ are the words that Year 12 have heard (and lived) for the past few weeks in their #EMPOWHER lessons. They have been participating in a variety of 25 minute fitness workouts including aerobic circuits, Zumba and challenging HIIT sessions. These sessions have been intentionally difficult, requiring the girls to push past their perceived physical limits. The reasoning that we provided the girls of why we were running the sessions would not surprise anyone. Foremost is the fact that vigorous exercise produces endorphins, which naturally make you feel better, increase your energy levels and improve your mood. Year 12 is also a year of high stress, so 25 minutes of hard exercise forces you to stop thinking about school work. It is impossible to think about tasks or exams when blood is being directed to muscles and you are concentrating on instructions. Other benefits include the personal satisfaction that comes from completing a hard workout as well as the bonding that takes place between the girls when they complete a difficult endeavour together.

While all of the above are worthwhile benefits of vigorous exercise, they will not necessarily result in continued behaviour or the formation of a habit of exercising. The reason for this is quite simple and can be explained by author Steven Covey who, in ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, argued that forming a habit requires three key elements. Knowledge, skills and desire. The girls already had the knowledge. One cannot dispute that they all clearly understood that exercise was beneficial to their health. Of course, this also applies to the Australian adult population. Most Australian adults know that exercise is beneficial, but many do not exercise or prioritise fitness. Desire, or the use of independent will to complete a task was present in some girls, but absent in many when it came to regular fitness sessions at home. But interestingly, their desire in regard to attending these sessions was high. Participation rates for ‘Witness the Fitness’ were over 98%. Girls came to sessions on time, enthusiastically and openly spoke about looking forward to working out.

There is though, a very particular skillset needed to complete 3 x 25 minute vigorous exercise sessions each week and, prior to starting this unit, I asked the girls who would be confident to lead the year group in a 25 minute interval workout. Three students raised their hands. Therein was the baseline reason of why ‘Witness the Fitness’ was needed. The aim was that at the conclusion of the unit, every girl would be able to complete a hard interval workout, within a very confined space (think bedroom, hotel room or park) and that all they needed was 25 minutes. It was through the provision of the skills, doing these together and the positive feelings that resulted from their participation that gave the girls the best chance of making regular vigorous exercise a habit. The feedback provided from the girls was overwhelmingly positive, with the request for more sessions a clear indication that ‘Witness the Fitness’ is here to stay. I thank Samantha O’Brien, Jenni Manson and Dan Searle for their willingness to join me in leading sessions and working out with the girls.

Today also saw the conclusion of the Year 10 and Year 11 exams. I spoke with the girls prior to the commencement of the exams about maintaining their perspective throughout and, most importantly, to set aside time to really consider their results. Exams are an entirely predictable entity. There will be easy, moderate and hard questions. Expect them, prepare for them and if you encounter difficulty, you must answer the question of why this was. Was it simply a hard question that was intentionally there to test higher-order thinking? Could your preparation have been better? Was your studying actually effective? It is the answers to these questions which will result in improvement in future exams.

Kate Mortimer
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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Saints Girls Win Shark Tank eSchool

W8 - Shark Tank eSchool

Year 11 Business Innovation students Sabrina Passelli, Sarah Pike and Mahala Truscott have won first prize in the inaugural Shark Tank eSchool Venture Showcase.

The program encourages students to think creatively and develop solutions to real-world problems, while prototyping their ideas and pitching their presentations to a panel of experts. The girls competed against 500 students in 120 teams from schools across the State in presenting to a panel chaired by RedBalloon founder and Shark Tank judge Naomi Simson at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Wednesday. The judges praised their efforts in teaming with Walk for Life, a large-scale aid project of the Glencoe Foundation, which has provided free treatment for children with congenital clubfoot deformity in Bangladesh since 2009. Their team goal was to modify the clubfoot brace worn post-surgery to improve comfort and foot positioning.

The girls will donate their $5,000 prize money to the Walk for Life foundation to help realise their project.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Business and Enterprise Teacher

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Back to the Futures

Our fantastic Futures Program continues to go from strength to strength, following the success of our recent Market Day.

Unique to our Middle School, the program exposes our Year 7 and 8 students to the concept of Entrepreneurship. With advice from industry mentors, girls create mini companies to develop products or services, often to help solve a real-world problem.

Take a look at the video below to see this innovative program in action!

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Familiar Face at ‘Business Chicks’ Breakfast

W8 - Breakfast

On Thursday morning, a fortunate table of guests including two Year 12 students and some of our staff had the opportunity to attend a very special ‘Business Chicks’ breakfast at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Old Scholar The Hon Julie Bishop (Kilburn ’73) inspired the room with stories surrounding her trailblazing career. She reminisced about growing up in Adelaide, becoming a litigation lawyer and how she decided to run as a candidate for the seat of Curtin in 1998. She also detailed the time she served as a Minister in a range of portfolios including Foreign Affairs from 2015 to 2018. Some of the inspirational topics the audience enjoyed most were her funny stories and insights into meeting the world’s most influential leaders.

There are so many Saints’ success stories and it’s always wonderful to have these special opportunities to celebrate our Old Scholars and their achievements.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Guest Experts Lead Enterprising Forum

W8 - Business Forum

The Year 12 Business and Enterprise Forum was held at the School on Tuesday, giving girls the opportunity to question a panel of business leaders on a range of topics, from deregulation of shopping hours and big data abuse, to start up failures.

The panel featured:
Jenny Paradiso – Managing director and Co-Founder, Suntrix Solar – Telstra Business of the Year – Telstra Businesswoman of the Year
Jason Haseldine – Director of Finance and Administration, St Peter’s College
Professor Noel Lindsay – Pro Vice Chancellor, Entrepreneurship/Dean of Business, University of Adelaide

Girls will use the information as valuable primary sources in completing their investigation assignment. The School thanks the participants for their time and valuable contributions.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Business and Enterprise Teacher

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Top End to the Season for Year 5 Blue Netball

W8 - Netball

Year 5 Blue – Saints 11 defeated Walford 5
The girls ended this season really well with a great win, also their first win of the season! We managed to score 11 goals which was achieved through the teamwork and persistence of all the girls.

Eliza Brill Reed and Alison Francis made plenty of intercepts, while Eve Dillon, Adjoa Yawson, Aurelia Pyne and Jiahui Zhang scored lots of goals in the ring. Pollyanna Townsend, Hannah Dillon and Lucy Tulloch all worked well defending and moving the ball down the court.

It has been a pleasure to see the girls growing as a team and as individual netballers. This season, we have spent a lot of time on making space when attacking the ball. In this game, it was clear that the girls took this training on board; each time we made a turnover, the girls ran back and were able to lead forward for the ball. They showed positive team spirit by trying their best even when they were in their non-preferred positions. It has been a tough season with many losses, but we couldn’t be prouder of the sportsmanship that the girls showed, always congratulating and shaking hands with the opposition and still cheering at the start of each quarter with gusto!

Rebecca Scott-Toms, Charlotte Adams and Efua Yawson
Year 5 Blue Coaches

“I think we’ve had a great season because we all worked together as a team and tried our hardest. We have grown so much as players and really developed our skills. We were lucky enough to win our last game and it was so exciting.” – Eve Dillon

“This netball season has been very enjoyable because I’ve been able to play sport with my friends and we work well together as a team. Our first win was so much fun because we’d never had the joy of winning as a team before.” – Alison Francis

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Saints Girls Visit Saints Boys

W7 - Year 5

In Week 6, the Year 5 and 6 cohorts travelled to St Peter’s College Junior School to undertake an activity day, centred around collaboration and building connections. The girls worked within their Houses on a rotation, in partnership with the boys, to undertake tasks where teamwork was the key component to attaining success. This included an orienteering activity using iPads where groups had to venture around the campus to find clues, unlocking questions and seeking solutions to problems.

Another task the girls enjoyed participating in was the design technology challenge where they had to create a famous landmark using limited materials. It was impressive to see the girls working with the boys to communicate, strategise and create their final design. Other activities undertaken were Mind Lab games and tabloid sporting events. We would like to offer our thanks to the staff at St Peter’s College Junior School who prepared the day and made it a worthwhile experience for all.

The Years 5 and 6 Teachers

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Senior Drama Production – I, Pandora

W8 - Senior Drama Production

The senior Drama students have been working hard on their production for this year – I, Pandora – and it is shaping up to be an evocative and creative show! An original piece, it interweaves both the ancient tale of Pandora and a more contemporary story of a woman whose choices open the lid on a range of unfortunate consequences. The play will run on August 7, 8 and 9 at 7pm in the Arts Centre. Don’t forget to mark the dates in your diary.

Tickets via

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English/Drama Teacher

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Junior School Vacation Care – Countdown is On!

W7 - Vacation Care

Our next instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

Vacation Care Program – July 2019
Click here to book Vacation Care

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Year 7 Geography Venture into the Field

W8 - Year 7

Is your suburb liveable?

On 7 June, the Year 7 cohort ventured to Bowden to investigate how liveable or walkable Bowden is compared with their own suburb.

Students had been working in teams to define what liveablility or walkability actually means, and set out to identify criteria and field work methods they could use to gather data.

Nine stops were predetermined, where students could observe, take photos, count objects and gather their data to compile a field work report with their analysis and evaluation.

We were also fortunate to have Joanne Owen from Renewal SA talk about the future plans for Bowden and how they are endeavouring to make this a five star sustainable development.

“The field trip was a really great way to help us understand liveability. I learned that there are lots of deciding factors in how liveable a place is. Two of the main factors that my group found were the pollution levels and amount of traffic on minor and major roads. We decided Bowden is currently very liveable. However, some of the government housing needs serious upgrading and repairs. We also noticed that as Bowden still has lots of building to be done, there will be more people, traffic and pollution in the future that may impact peoples’ decision to live there.” – Stephanie Andrejewskis

“I really enjoyed the excursion. I learnt that even if a town or suburb is very modern, it can still have flaws. I learnt about the different criteria that people use to judge liveability. My impression of Bowden is that it is a good place to live for students at university or people who like to live in an apartment.” – Zoe Pool

Humanities Department

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Year 7 Music Explore Cultural Harmonies

W8 - Music

This week, the Year 7 Music classes were visited by singer-songwriter Hannah Yates. Hannah led workshops that explored indigenous music and issues of social justice. As a member of the indigenous community in SA, Hannah shared her personal story with the class, giving them a first-hand insight into a different culture. The girls were also entertained by a number of Hannah’s original song performances that explored acknowledgment of country, the stolen generation and preservation of indigenous language. The class also sang a traditional Aboriginal lullaby for Hannah, entitled ‘Innanay’, which they have been learning over the past couple of weeks during their indigenous music unit.

Hannah was awarded First Class Honours for her project on the preservation of indigenous language and culture through song. In 2018, she stepped into a Master of Philosophy, studying music education for students living in low socioeconomic areas. She is soon to release a solo CD which blends folk-style story telling with themes of social justice.

The workshops were educational, insightful and entertaining. They culminated in the class singing and dancing to a song that celebrated indigenous language. Hannah remarked that the class was so polite, attentive and delightful! We hope to have her back in Semester 2 for more workshops!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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Mary Magdalene Volunteers Warm Hearts

W8 - Volunteering

Thank you to our Middle School families who made soups, pasta dishes and casseroles which were served last Saturday night to more than 80 patrons of the St Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre in the city.

Thanks also to your generous donations of money, we were able to purchase roast chickens to supplement the meals and provide ice cream and lamingtons for dessert.

Our parent and student volunteers Sian Hodgkinson, Jodie Dodd, Nic and Emily McCorley, Ann Li, Derek Yang, Michael Dillon, Jim and Jasmine Segredos, Ellie Anderson and Olivia Goldsmith heated and served the food before washing up with good grace and a ready smile for the patrons.

Our final opportunity to assist the centre for 2019 is Saturday 3 August when the Junior School will be asked to provide food and volunteers.

Susanna Anderson
Mary Magdalene Parent Coordinator

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School Shop Holiday Hours

The School Shop will be open on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 July from 9am – 5pm.

School Shop

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Community Golf Day

W1 - Community Golf Day

St Peter’s Girls’ Community Golf Day will be held on Thursday 14 November.

Book your spot to play on the day and network with other community members and businesses connected to our School:

Community Golf Day Information

If you require further information about this event, please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations office via or 8334 2244.

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Important Health Message

With the State in the grips of a flu crisis, we must reiterate an important health message to our community.

If your child is showing any signs of illness, please do not bring them to school. This includes if they have a temperature of 37.5 degrees and above, and/or if they’ve received medication such as paracetamol. This also extends to other ailments such as stomach aches and vomiting.

This is not only for your child’s comfort and recovery, but also to protect other children and our staff.

For more information regarding influenza, please click here.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Health Centre via 8155 5762 or If your daughter will not be attending school due to illness, please notify us via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts)
Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to also include the Class/Home Group teacher when sending via email.

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Car Park – Action Required

Once again, we urge parents of Year 2 – 12 students not to enter the School’s car park for pick up until at least 3.30pm to allow for the smooth and safe early collection of Reception and Year 1 students.

We also reiterate that there is no right turn into or out of the car park.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping to improve safety and traffic flow for all.

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GIRL POWER Workshops

Our mission at GIRL POWER is to foster a positive mindset, inner confidence and resilience in young girls through fun and interactive workshops. Our workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of creative and engaging activities. Girls come away from a GIRL POWER workshop knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives and with increased social awareness.

Information Flyer

For more information, visit

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Seat of Encouragement – Style a Tile

W3 - Seat

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make your mark on our new Science Centre.

Purchase and personalise a tile for our ‘Seat of Encouragement’ and leave a legacy for generations of Saints Girls. Many tiles also include inspiring quotes to further empower our girls.

Secure your tile via

If you require more information or have any constructive feedback to add value to achieving our collective goal, please contact Melissa Westgate via 8334 2244 or

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Entertainment Book

W7 - Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ Parents’ and Friends’ Association is fundraising via Entertainment Book/Digital Membership.

Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away.

Purchase your membership here!

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Saints Girls Now on Instagram!

W1 Instagram Banner

The School is proud to launch our newest social media offering to celebrate our fantastic community.

We look forward to sharing exciting images and cutting-edge videos showcasing life at Saints Girls. Be a part of the action and follow us via @stpetersgirlsschool

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Saints Girls Teams Up with BankSA

W2 BankSABankSA has partnered with St Peter’s Girls’ School in offering our community a great fundraising opportunity. If you’re keen to take your support to the next level while potentially saving yourself money, then this program is for you.

Not only will you get a great rate with BankSA, you’ll also be supporting St Peter’s Girls’ School, as each BankSA home loan allows us to make a charitable donation in your name of between $1,000 and $6,000. As the SPGS Building Fund has DGR status, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction.

It’s that simple

  • The more home loan referrals, the more money BankSA will donate to the School
  • Donation paid at settlement of the home loan
  • Unlimited donation potential

Both St Peter’s Girls’ School and BankSA have a proud history in South Australia and a strong sense of community.

To discuss further how BankSA can assist you and make a charitable donation in your name, simply call our BankSA Partnership contact:

Jasper Ooi
0401 717 894

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Code Camp Winter Holidays

W3 - Code Camp 2

Code Camp is returning to St Peter’s Girls these winter holidays. Girls and boys have fun with friends while building important skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app and game development.

This camp is from Wednesday 10 July to Friday 12 July, and St Peter’s Girls will be hosting Spark, Web Hackers and Little Heroes.

Code Camp Flyer

Bookings can be made via

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Business Directory at Saints Girls

W1 - Business Directory

Book your very own personalised advertisement today. Three options available – $500, $250 or FREE

> Promote your special business offer and change your advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
> Simply support businesses connected to our School
> Refer a business
> All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Association fundraising efforts

For more information on how to get involved, contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244 or

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Sports News


Open – Saints 2.0-12 defeated by Pulteney 4.3-27
The girls played another great home game at Payneham and, despite a loss, demonstrated their improvement, particularly in the second half where they worked and communicated better together. Special mention to Kellie Bested and Sarah Wishart who both did exceptionally well on the field. They had great disposals and showed their excellent kicking abilities. The team’s improvement in skills is a reflection of their hard work in training. They are all incredible young players and it will be great to see what they have in store for the next game. – Bella Bernardi (Captain)

Middle – Saints 2.2-14 defeated by Woodcroft 5.2-32
Our attack had a tough game as the opposition’s defence was challenging, but we scored 2 goals: one to Chloe Porter and the other to Ellie Humphrey. We had possession for the majority of the game but Woodcroft moved into their attack quickly. Chloe Porter had an incredible game playing ruck the entire time and maintaining possession, along with some strong hit outs. Our defence worked well together trying to get the ball out of Woodcroft’s forward line. Our team is improving so much and, each week, we are getting better and better. – Sarah Gulliver


Out of the six matches played, Saints had three wins. The girls from Open A and B showed stronger badminton skills and game strategies against their opponents and performed well in all of their singles matches. For doubles, the Open A players were not in the state of playing in the beginning and couldn’t fully engage in the game, which the coaches reminded them to quickly adjust. Likewise, some unnecessary errors were shown in the doubles game from the Open B team but the girls were able to exercise their skills and tactics to win the match beautifully. There were also some very good matches by the Open C, D and E girls. The girls are developing their skills, better understanding the winning tactics and learning to play some smart games on court. We feel confident and look forward to more improvement. Congratulations to all the girls who competed, well done! – Amy Li (Captain)

Open A – Saints 6 defeated Walford 0
Open B – Saints 6 defeated Walford 0
Open C1 – Saints 4 defeated Walford 2
Open C2 – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 5
Open D – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 6
Open E – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 7


Open A – Saints had a bye

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by St Dominic’s 6
The girls played a hard-fought game but unfortunately were beaten by a stronger team. A highlight was Matilda Braithwaite scoring her first goal for the season. Mabelle Kayser continues to make some great saves in goal which is outstanding given she is still only in Year 7, and Georgia Hoskins played a solid game in the inner position. – Will Stapleton (Coach)

Year 5/6 – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke Blue 7
The junior girls had their game at Pembroke which was a tough battle. The girls’ defensive work proved to be hard to beat in the first half, handling the attacking pressure from Pembroke well. In the second half, the girls went on the attack, earning a few short corners but couldn’t find the back of the goals and left Pembroke on the counter attack. – Jacob Evans (Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 3 defeated by Wilderness 5
The girls played a very strong game with passing and structure their obvious strengths. A big thank you to Aleiyah Abraham who volunteered to play with Wilderness as they only had four players, resulting in a game that was 5v5. Each player continues to improve each week, with spacing and structure having improved dramatically since the beginning of the season. One thing to work on for the final game is second attempts after tackling, so that we come out of every tackle with the ball. The girls played a game that reflected teamwork and sportsmanship skills very well and they should all be very proud of themselves. – Carla Lawrence (Coach)


Under 13 – Saints 16 defeated St Aloysius 4
We played St Aloysius at Newland Reserve just down the road from St Peter’s. We scored 6 goals in the first quarter, with the opposition failing to score. Saints started playing mercy rule for the remaining three quarters with players shooting left handed and passing three times before a shot. The girls’ skills have come a long way this year with five players getting left-handed goals, which resulted in a great win. – Caitlyn Grayson (Coach)

Under 11 Blue – Saints 3 defeated by Eagles 11
The girls were all very eager to play after the long weekend break. Lilly Meo (Year 3) did a great job at ground balls and Amelia Lively (Year 3) used her speed to run the ball over the half-way point to achieve the required two passes in our attacking half. Chelsea Francis (Year 3) did well at fighting hard for ground balls and continuously moving in attack to be the next pass. Our goalie for the first half was Matilda Birmingham (Year 3) who used her stick skills to shoot hard in the corners of the goal in the second half. Ruby Kelly’s (Year 3) defence was very good as she stuck to opposition players and she was our goalie in the second half. The girls all did great as we had no subs. Goal scorers and best players were Matilda (2) and Chelsea (1) – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 White – Saints 4 defeated by Wilderness 7
After the long weekend break, the girls were refreshed and ready to play. The team continues to play with great heart, speed and professionalism, which at times frustrated their opponent, causing Wilderness to commit infringements. Unfortunately, Wildy had some taller/older players who were able to physically control the play, but Saints was always hot on their heels and never gave up. Special mention goes to our goalkeeper this week, Heidi Godfrey-Tunno (Year 3), for her steadfast defence of the goals for the whole game! All 4 of our goals were scored by Claris Stolcman (Year 3). – Courtney Tasker (Coach)

Judy Thurgood Trophy Game
Under 18 – Saints 4 defeated by Wilderness 9
It was great that we could get together an Under 18 team for this game and, considering it was the first time the team had played together, it was a top effort from everyone. From the first whistle, the girls hustled hard for ground balls and played strong defence, stopping many shooting opportunities. Saskia Jonats did a great job in goal, making many important saves. In our attacking half, all girls showed great determination, constantly moving, cutting for the ball and also doing great off-ball movements. Our goal shooters were Hattie Maerschel (1), Stephanie Smalls (2) and Chelsea Walls (1). Also, congratulations to the younger players – Willow Stewart-Rattray, Emma Pool and Dani Cox – who came out and played their first U18 game. Although the score wasn’t in our favour, it was a great effort from the girls. – Millie Wilkin

Under 13 – Saints 8 drew with Wilderness 8
We competed against Wilderness for the Judy Thurgood Trophy. Our Under 13 Division 2 team played their Division 1 team. This team was the biggest challenge that the girls have faced this season. Our defence struggled but was bolstered by an amazing effort in goals by Emily Bates and Zoe Pool. We were down 5-4 at half-time and ended with a nail-biting goal in the last few seconds to finish with an 8 all tie. – Caitlyn Grayson (Coach)


Open A – Saints 62 defeated Pulteney 30
The As played a magnificent game against Pulteney. Saints got a great start and managed to extend the lead throughout the match. The first quarter definitely set a strong foundation in which the girls worked extremely hard. Due to myself being injured, the team was able to try a new combination of Anna White and Nicolette Miller in goals. The shooters worked well together, rebounding all missed shots and playing with confidence. The defensive unit which consisted of Hannah Freeman, Ehi Oyugbo and Sarah Wishart were outstanding at putting pressure on Pulteney’s goalies, restricting them to very limited goals each quarter. Well done to the mid-courters – Alexia Politis and Maggie Bailey – who worked tirelessly to smoothly transition the ball from defence to attack and into the goalies to score. A big shout out to Hannah for another amazing game and for receiving best player. Her constant defensive pressure and the determination brought to each game does not go unnoticed off and on court. Huge congratulations to the team for playing fantastic netball! – Sivi Sivasuthan (Captain)

Open B – Saints 61 defeated Woodcroft 15
This was a great game from all the girls as everyone began with strong enthusiasm and the teamwork continued throughout the whole game. A big thank you to Sivani Sivasuthan, who injured herself and was not up to playing in the As, who stayed behind and played for the Bs who had some girls out with injury and illness. The speed down the court was great and everyone’s leads were on time! It is obvious that the team is enjoying playing together and ready for another big win. – Eve Habel

Open C – Saints 49 defeated by Pulteney 51
The team put up an amazing fight against an equally strong side. Willow Stewart-Rattray (filling in from the Year 8As) and Amelia Pudney worked well together in the ring, putting up solid shots, and Jessica Schaedel and Keeley Fahey took many intercepts in defence. Hannah Brown and Sophie Dansie (also filling in from the Year 8As) made strong leads in the mid-court which allowed the team to come back. Unfortunately, the score did not go our way and we ended up losing by 2 goals. – Kellie Bested

Open D – Saints 20 defeated Pulteney 18
The Open Ds played really well as a team, winning our first game of the season. Our shooters – Grace Richards (from the 8A team) and Jenna Bowden – played exceptionally well and helped us finish in front by 2 goals. The girls are always improving and it’s great to see them having fun. – Georgina Devine

Open E1 – Saints 27 defeated Wilderness 21
Saints had an amazing start in the first quarter and were looking at a definite win until Wilderness pegged the score back in the second and third quarters. The spirit and determination of both teams peaked in the last quarter, with Saints taking the win. We showed good tactics in getting the ball across the court but stronger passes and leads could have potentially made for an easier victory. The girls played well and enjoyed the game. – Zara Sadri

Open E2 – Saints 17 defeated by Wilderness 30
The team played Wilderness, giving it their best shot! We worked on slowing down the ball and maintaining our defensive pressure when Wildy worked the ball down to their end. We had a lot of fun, with all players having a go in new positions! Although the result wasn’t in our favour, the second and fourth quarters were a lot stronger as we continued to concentrate on getting the ball down to our end. Our goal shooter Asha Short was extremely accurate whenever the ball came to the goal circle, and our goal defenders worked particularly hard in getting the ball out of Wildy’s goal circle. – Annabelle Langley

Year 9A – Saints 49 defeated Pulteney 17
Saints had a successful game against Pulteney with a tremendous win. The first quarter started off a bit shaky with only a 3 point lead, however, we worked together as a team to increase this difference. We had great defence by Lucy White and Ruby Deakin who gained many turnovers. The fourth quarter was the best which contributed to the achievement of such a high score. The girls’ enthusiasm to win was demonstrated through their game play. – Sivanthi Sivasuthan

Year 9B – Saints 49 defeated Pulteney 3

Year 9C – Saints 50 defeated Pembroke 16
Saints worked collaboratively and shot many goals. The attack worked well to get the ball into the goal circle and when Pembroke received the ball, our defence worked hard and used cooperation to get turnovers. The girls worked really well as a team, especially Annie Bradshaw who was Centre. Caitie Walker and Izzy Gilroy both did extremely well as shooters. By working as a team and using our skills and improvement from training, Saints came home with the win. – Gracie Ganzis

Year 9/10 – Saints 32 defeated Immanuel 8
For the first time this season, we faced players of our own age and were rewarded with a convincing win. We were grateful for the contribution made by two Year 8 players – Maddie Harrex and Georgia Mallick – who were great in both defence and attack, helping us all lift our game. Charlotte Parker and Lucy Moten excelled in goals and made the most of their many chances. The whole team’s spirits were raised by the more even competition in this match and the result was a resounding win. Well done everyone! – Sophie Abbott

Year 8A – Saints had a bye

Year 8B – Saints 29 defeated Pulteney 6
In the first quarter, Saints were all bunched up and couldn’t create space to pass. Initially, this included a lot of lob passes that were intercepted when trying to get the ball into Emily Bryce and Georgie Owler in goals. At the other end, Saints’ defence was strong, turning the ball over by putting pressure on the opposition and, with changes to passing, we were able to convert with goals with the shooters making good leads. In the second half, Saints continued with strong team work but there is still room for improvement in slowing the ball down the court and waiting for good leads. We can also work on driving forward and not stopping mid-way as well as clearing out to make a different option. – Grace Beaumont

Year 8C – Saints 21 defeated Wilderness 14
The team was well aware that a consistent performance was vital to achieve a win against this challenging opposition. Therefore, from the onset, we dug in deep. Our defending was strong, our attacking was consistent and our shooting accurate. As a result, we got off to a convincing start and we worked hard to capitalise on our lead to eventually win the game by 7 goals. – Georgina Wakeham

Year 7A – Saints 29 defeated Immanuel (A2) 14
The girls did an amazing job defending and attacking, along with showing great spirit on court. During the first quarter, we were down a few goals, however, no one gave up and everyone played their best throughout. Jasmine Segredos showed fabulous shooting skills by scoring goals in each quarter. With teamwork and hard work we pulled off an outstanding win. Special thanks to Coach Gemma for her encouraging support on the sidelines. – Gloria Gou

Year 7B – Saints 37 defeated Pulteney 7
The game was really great because everyone put in 100%. At times, it was tough because the other team gave it their all. Ayla Blaskett, Marcella Tolley and Ruby Powell were all good in goals, moving around and getting in front of their player. Ayanna Roy, Zara Chessell and Charlie Edwards also did a great job by calling for the ball, leading forward and bringing the ball down into attack. Ruby Adams, Stephanie Andrejewskis and myself were really good in defending and nearly got every rebound. Great work girls, you did well. – Olivia Oakes

Year 7C – Saints 9 defeated by Pembroke 19

Year 6 Blue – Saints 15 defeated Wilderness White 8
The girls played a strong game against a skilled team and managed to win by listening and having fun for their last match of the season. Congratulations to Emily Tolladay as she shot accurately and played one of her best games in GK. Carla Massicci moved incredibly well in the circle and was always leading and being an option. Lucy Mitchell managed to apply pressure which led to many turnovers. The whole team has improved their skills immensely and this has a lot to do with the help and guidance of their wonderful Coach, Karen. It has not only been a pleasure to coach alongside Karen but also to see how much of a positive attitude she has had towards these girls. Thank you so much and well done to everyone throughout the season; it has been a pleasure to help coach such bright and bubbly girls! – Chloe Venning

Year 5 White – Saints did not play

Year 5 Blue – Saints 11 defeated Walford 5


Open A – Saints 2 drew with Wilderness 2
The girls fought hard and were pleased to come away with a draw. Kendra Ware did an amazing job as goalkeeper and should be very proud of her efforts. Unfortunately, we conceded 2 goals before getting a chance to score but, in the second half, the girls played with great determination. The first goal was scored by Ellie Anderson after tackling the goalie and poking it in. Our crucial second goal was scored by Chi Chi Zhao after an assist by Isabella Villani. Special mention to the defenders – Millie Wilkin, Adele Russell, Tahlia Louca and Chloe Deieso – who played very well and made some strong tackles. The girls have been playing so well this season and I’m so proud of the progress we’ve made. The only downfall was a late injury to Lucy Benn, and we hope she has a speedy recovery. I look forward to playing some strong competition in the next match and putting our skills to the test against Pembroke. – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Wilderness 1
Saints began full of confidence but struggled early on to combat the Wilderness pressure. This tested our defence with Stella Clark, Sara Peak, Imogen Parkinson and Michelle Rupert repelling many attacks, and when the ball got past them, Annabelle Langley did an admirable job in goal. Despite this, Saints went a goal down which sparked them into action. Some winning tackles and persistence in midfield from Amelie Eaton, Matilda Braithwaite and Molly Bond finally saw Saints gain ascendancy, forcing a penalty which Emily Downie converted to level the score. In the second half, our constant pressure was finally rewarded with Imogen Parkinson scoring an amazing goal to secure the win. Great job by all players. – Neil Fuller (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by St Michael’s 8
While the girls didn’t have a great start to this game, by the second half, they started to work as a team unit again and have more success with their attacks. Facing a team of much older girls, Saints did well to continue to put up a fight until the final whistle. Georgia Evans and Azaan Singh were key players, working tirelessly as well as encouraging other members of the team to take on challenges. Caitie Walker had an impressive performance as goal keeper in the second half and was a vital part of our defence. Hopefully next time the girls’ hard work will pay off and we can secure a win! – Dom Rigby (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 3
All 3 goals against Middle B were scored in the first half. In the second half, lots of changes were made and girls played positions they don’t normally play. They really worked hard to keep a clean sheet and Lila got her very first goal through sheer determination and not giving up. The girls were very happy for her and they all seemed to really enjoy playing the game. They are coming along well and are getting better every week. Well done girls, keep going. – Kerry Hudson (Coach)

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