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From Our Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

Just over two weeks ago the Year 12 cohort reached a significant milestone, the halfway point of their final year of schooling. Fondly known as ‘Halfway Day’, the acknowledgement of reaching such a milestone provided a moment to reflect for students, parents and staff alike.  A relatively new event that schools are now celebrating, Halfway Day provides students with a transitional moment or a rite of passage as their time at school draws to a close. Rites of passage highlight and celebrate the movement from one stage of life onto another, they mark a ‘time before’ and a ‘time after’. When done effectively, the marking of a rite of passage can evoke reflection and celebrate changes physically, spiritually, psychologically and socially.

Halfway Day provided the Year 12s with an opportunity to stop and take stock of all that has been in their school journey, while also preparing for all that is to come. In addition, Halfway Day provided an outlet in what can be a stressful year, for a few hours our Year 12 cohort were relaxed, played, sang and danced while being surrounded by their friends and teachers.

The request from the cohort to mark such an event was simple, they asked for one last ‘kids’ party. The theme itself demonstrates they are acutely aware that they are leaving behind childhood and adolescence and are moving towards young adulthood. Planning a child’s party for 73 people proved almost as much fun as the night itself. Giant inflatables filled the gym, students painted each other’s faces, or played games. Music was at top level and fairy bread was enjoyed as an entrée before dinner. There were water balloon competitions, pass the parcel, donut eating races and pinatas. Throw in lolly bags, ice cream and a unicorn theme and you have all the makings of the ultimate party! We wish the cohort all the best as they navigate the second half of their final year and look forward with excitement to see all that they achieve.

Lauren Sutton
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

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Important Dates

Mid-Year Reception Transition Morning: Monday 17 June
Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews: Tuesday 18 June
Ladies Night Out at the Movies: Wednesday 19 June
Reception to Year 9 Piano Recital: Thursday 20 June
School Tour: Thursday 20 June
OSA Sydney Reunion:
Saturday 22 June
Strings Concert (Years 2 to 12): Monday 24 June
Year 9 Arts Night: Thursday 27 June
Last Day of Term 2: Friday 28 June
OSA Annual Reunion Dinner and St Peterstide: Friday 28 June
OSA Canberra Reunion: Saturday 29 June

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Health Careers Expo: Inspiring the Next Generation

After the success of last year’s STEM Careers event, this week St Peter’s Girls’ School hosted a Health Careers Expo for Senior School students and invited Year 7 to 9 students to attend during lunchtime.

The Expo offered our students invaluable insights into the real-world applications and opportunities within the diverse Health field. By partnering students with Saints Girls’ community members, such as Old Scholars and parents, we provided students with access to real world insights into vocational fields to inform these far-reaching decisions. Our community members who are professionals in the Health sector, shared their career highlights and journey, shedding light on what is possible for those embarking on a similar path. Their contribution was vital in inspiring and informing our students about the varied and fulfilling career options available in the Health industry.

We would like to thank all of our fantastic female health professionals who so willingly gave of their time to share their expertise and to inspire the next generation.

Carolyn Farr
IB Diploma Coordinator / Careers Coordinator

Karen Alderson
SACE Coordinator / Careers Advisor

Health Careers Expo Student Report

The Middle and Senior students had the opportunity to attend the Health Careers Expo during their lunch break yesterday. Various health professionals were present to offer advice, share their experiences, and provide insights into their respective fields. This event allowed us to explore different career options in the health sector and interact with experts who could guide us on potential career paths. We had access to a wide range of professionals from diverse areas, including General Practice, Midwifery, Podiatry, Dermatology, Paramedicine, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and more. Additionally, we had the chance to communicate with university representatives from Flinders University, the University of South Australia, and the University of Adelaide. One of the highlights was the opportunity to interact with simulation patients and sonography equipment. We were even able to try out an ultrasound machine on one of our teachers, Ms Moxon, which was an exciting hands-on experience! A particularly valuable aspect of the Expo was the chance to hear from Saints’ Old Scholars who have pursued careers in the health sector. They shared their personal experiences, including challenges they faced, such as gender biases in the industry and finding a work-life balance – issues that we hope will see positive changes in the future. They provided us with insights into their career paths and offered guidance to address our concerns and questions about pursuing a career in healthcare. Their stories and advice were invaluable in helping us understand the dedication and resilience required to succeed in this field. Overall, we had a great time and found the Expo very valuable gaining an insight into a range of courses and future career pathways!

Mollie Kennett and Olivia Park
Year 11 Students

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Sport Mentoring Program at Saints Girls

Amelia Lucas, Sports Prefect for 2024 tells us about the Saints Girls Sports Mentoring Program, an idea she developed in collaboration with the Sports Department.

‘I have been involved in a wide range of sports during my time at Saints, so the idea of developing an interactive Mentoring Program was always something that interested me. At Saints, we have multiple Middle and Senior School students who excel in their respective sports and are incredible role models for the Junior School girls. The idea that these girls could engage in a coaching position whilst fostering deeper connections with our Junior School students, seemed like an amazing opportunity, so I developed a rough outline for the Program.

The student Mentoring Program allows Middle and Senior students to develop their coaching and umpiring skills, by contributing to the effective delivery of a sports program of their choice in the Junior School co-curricular sport offerings.

The mentors receive support from the Sports Department and work collaboratively with the coaches and support staff in their chosen sport, to develop skills such as – leadership, planning and communication.

This week, the Mentoring group met with Steve Symonds from TEAMS with Purpose, where he discussed with us the importance of self-reflection and giving and receiving feedback. Steve has a wealth of coaching experience. It was great to have an external coaching professional to talk to the girls and give a different perspective on topics that we have been working on throughout the term.

The student Mentoring Program is always evolving and I’m excited to continue to work with the girls and staff and see just how far we can take the Program.’

Amelia Lucas
Sports Prefect

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Ladies Night Out at the Movies – Next Week



Bring your girlfriends, mothers and sisters and join us for an unforgettable night of action and comedy as Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling entertain us with an ‘epic story of cosmic proportions’.

You’ll be greeted on arrival with a complimentary glass of bubbles and chocolate, ready to sit back and enjoy the show.

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2024 (Week 8)
Time: 6.30 pm for 7 pm Movie
The Fall Guy
Venue: Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park SA 5068
Cost: $25 per person (includes bubbles and chocolate on arrival)
Raffle tickets: $5 for 1 ticket, $10 for 3 tickets

Our coveted raffle prizes are returning, including tickets to Choral Night 2025 and Carols in the Cathedral 2024. Waltz past the queues straight to your reserved seats with the VIP guests!

Raffle tickets can be purchased online with your movie ticket and will also be available on the night. Prizes include four tickets to Carols in the Cathedral and four tickets to Choral Night 2025 or one of three $100 vouchers for The Family Cook, generously donated by Victoria Braithwaite (current Year 10 parent).

This wonderful event is hosted by The Friends of The Arts community group. All proceeds go directly to support the many wonderful Arts programs at St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Please join us for an evening to remember.

To book tickets – click here.

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Vacation Care Booking are Open!

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

July 2024 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so secure your booking now – click here

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Bookings Now Open for ELC Vacation Care!

Dear ELC Families,

School holidays are around the corner, so if you would like your child to attend ELC during this time, please click here to access our online booking form.

ELC Vacation Care will run from Monday 1 to Monday 22 July.

Vacation Care runs similar to a normal day within the ELC, led by Valentina Fernandes in Learning Community 1 and Liz Ewers in Learning Community 2. Our days are filled with a range of creative, inquiry-based and hands-on experiences, using our indoor and outdoor spaces as well as our ELC Community Garden and the School lawns. Children will frequently participate in music, dance, picnics on the lawns, gross motor and cooking experiences.

During Vacation Care, children are required to wear their ELC uniform to support consistency and continuity throughout the school year. Children will need to bring their own packed lunch, hat, water bottle, and a change of clothes each day. Due to allergies, we kindly ask that you do not pack nuts or nut products in your child’s lunch box. A healthy morning and afternoon tea and late snack will continue to be provided to children.

As ELC Vacation Care staffing and catering are based on bookings, please make your bookings by Thursday 27 June 2024 (Week 9). Due to limited spaces during ELC Vacation Care, please book early!

*Please note that ELC Vacation care is strictly for ELC enrolled children.

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ELC – News from Learning Community 1

Developing Early Research Skills in our Youngest Learners

This term, the Central Idea in Learning Community 1 has been ‘Curiosity can drive research’. As children have explored intentional learning spaces and the natural environment around them, educators have been observing closely to identify what draws their curiosity. During visits to Ferguson Park, the children have discovered a clear, golden and sticky substance on the gum trees known in the Kaurna language as ‘Ngum ngum’. The Ngum ngum captivates their attention, immediately dominating the focus in the park as they hunt to find more, problem solve to remove it from the trees, and begin to ask many questions. They are taking discoveries home to share with their families. We as adults understand that Ngum ngum is tree sap, but we want to explore this new natural substance alongside the children, supporting them to channel their curiosity and wonderment into developing research skills.

Researching looks different for many children as ages and developmental abilities vary in Learning Community 1. Many children will quietly investigate the Ngum ngum using their senses to notice details. They actively listen to the verbal observations of their older peers and educators. Educators have provided a range of research tools, including pieces of Ngum ngum inside specimen containers, magnifying glasses, reference cards, photos, and a light table. The children explore and engage with these tools with confidence, communicating an understanding that these tools can be manipulated to find out more.

Many children respond to opportunities for extension and can confidently share hypotheses and theories, including:

  • Alfred: It’s glass
  • Natalie: It’s made of sugar
  • Alessia: I think it’s made of honey?
  • Regan (looking at photo): Find on tree
  • Kiara: It’s sticky glue
  • Chloe O: Ngum ngum is on the trees because the koala eats it.

Often these theories will drive the direction of our research or inquiry. When researching, information is gathered from a variety of resources. With children aged two and three, it is appropriate and engaging to explore primary resources, including oral histories and storytelling. We may find out more through engaging with an expert such as St Peter’s Girls’ School Cultural Liason Officer, Kendall Fitzgerald, or with a member of The Friends of Ferguson Park. We might then explore a secondary source of information to support our discoveries, including looking for images in a non-fiction reference book or online.

We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you as we continue to research Ngum ngum.

Annabelle Redmond, Nell Tierney, Dot Kelly and Kathy McCabe
Learning Community 1 Teachers

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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

Monday 10 June was China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 (Duānwǔ jié). To explore its rich customs and traditions, our Year 11 IB Chinese B students had the opportunity to indulge in the tasting of zongzi—sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, a staple of the Festival. The experience was not only about savouring these delicious treats but also about understanding the history and the stories behind this significant festival.

The cultural experience was enhanced with a tea tasting session. The students learned to appreciate the subtle nuances of Jasmine and Pu-erh teas, two of China’s most prized teas, served in traditional Chinese porcelain. They practised the etiquette of tea drinking, including the ‘knocking gesture’—a traditional way of expressing gratitude by tapping the table with bent fingers when someone pours tea for us.

In addition to the culinary delights, the students explored various traditional customs associated with the Dragon Boat Festival through a creative project. They put together informative posters about activities like hanging mugwort and calamus, painting protective symbols, racing dragon boats, and wearing fragrant pouches. These posters helped the students delve deeper into understanding the diverse and symbolic practices beyond just enjoying zongzi, offering insights into customs that are deeply rooted in promoting health and wellbeing.

Ying Liu
Year 11 IB Chinese B Teacher

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202for Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser

On Tuesday 18 June as part of the Term 2 Prefect initiative ‘202for…sharing your voice’ the Prefect team will be hosting a bake sale, raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation funding world-class breast cancer research.

We believe this is a relevant cause in today’s society and an important opportunity for our girls to use their voice and raise awareness.

Cupcakes will be $2 each. We will be accepting cash only so make sure you bring your gold coins and come along and support this very important cause.

The Middle and Senior School girls are invited to wear a pink accessory to School on this day supporting the GO PINK initiative created by the NBCF. We can’t wait to see everyone rocking their brightly coloured pink accessory!

Daisy Kennett
Head Prefect

Sophie Ricciuto
Deputy Head Prefect

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm).

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957
Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence i.e. illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Sport Results

Wednesday 5 – Tuesday 11 June


Year 5-6: Saints (2.2.16) v Scotch Year 4-6 Gold (13.9.87)


Year 5-6 Silver: Saints (21) v Pembroke Year 5/6 Silver (15)
These are the types of games that make you addicted to a sport. Showing genuine results from things we have directly practiced and discussed as a team. Great passing, team-wide defence and 100% effort from everyone on both ends.
Best Players: All four girls on the court.
Superwoman: Emilia Wang is a 1-woman fastbreak, Emilia showed great dribbling ability, good forward passing, good defence, and has developed the confidence to now shoot in her end-to-end dribbling ability.

Year 4 White: Saints (18) v Wilderness Year 5 Blue (31)
Superwoman: Aubrey Porplycia

Year 4-6 Blue: Saints (48) v Seymour 4-6 Blue (15)
Best Players: Maggie Will and Ashlee White
Superwoman: Advika Desai had great all round performance showing her improvement this season, hit the scoreboard several times, played some great defence and had some great steals as well as some great passes in offence.


Year 3 White: Saints (6) v Westminster Year 3 (1)

Year 4 Blue: Saints (2) v Concordia Year 4 (20)
Best Player: Kate Yin
Superwoman: Rania Gao and Eva Nicholls

Year 5 Blue: Saints (14) v Seymour Year 5 Purple (3)

Year 5 White: Saints (4) v Scotch Year 5 Navy (4)
Best Player: Josephine Jeffrey – great touches in defence
Superwoman: Isla Bembridge – amazing work as captain helping the team and keeping the energy


Middle A: Saints (4) v Pembroke Middle A (5)

Middle B: Saints (11) v Mercedes Middle B (1)

Footy Girls Visit Norwood Redlegs

Our Senior A Aussie Rules team were lucky enough to have Norwood Football Club open their doors to them for training this week. The girls met with Norwood SANFLW staff, coaches and players and were able to have exclusive use of the ground for their training session. The SANFLW Head Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach took the girls for a dynamic warmup before sharing with them some of the S&C programming that members of the SANFLW squad complete as part of their weekly training regime. The girls then had a tour of the stadium facilities, followed by a team dinner whilst they watched Norwood’s SANFLW squad train.

Thank you to the Norwood Football Club and Saints staff for facilitating this session!

Saints Knocking it Out of the Park!

Over the past few weeks, Saints has entered several Knockout teams and Carnival teams in the School Sport SA competitions. Our girls showed Saints spirit while competing and have done themselves, their coaches and their teammates proud.

Our Year 9/10 Volleyball team headed to The Arc to participate in a Round Robin against four other schools. We had convincing wins over Mary MacKillop and Adelaide Botanic, a one-all draw with Adelaide High and a narrow loss to eventual winners Our Lady of the Visitation. We finished third in our group overall and unfortunately this means the girls didn’t progress to the final’s.

New Netball Director, Phoebe Guley and Megan Harper took our Year 7/8 Netballers to Henley High to compete in what we knew would be a very tough Round 1 fixture. Taking on Westminster (known for their strength in Netball across all year levels), Henley HS (a special interest sports school with an established specialist netball program) and Tatachilla Lutheran, we knew even at our best it would be difficult to progress to Round 2. This proved to be the case, with the girls not having their best day on the court and going down in all three matches. Despite the losses, the girls learnt a lot about resilience throughout the day which I’m sure will hold them in good stead for the future.

Coaches Trudy Wishart and Georgia Bannister had a rollercoaster ride with the Year 9/10 netballers, eventually progressing to Round 2. In game 1, we took on Woodcroft College. The game went into double overtime thanks to a buzzer beater from Madeleine Andrejewskis at the end of normal game time to lock up the scores. Scores remained tied at the end of overtime, so the girls continued to play until one team was two goals ahead. Fortunately for Saints, we came out on top!

Game 2 against Mary MacKillop was a close affair in the first half, before our girls pulled away in the second, winning by close to 20 goals.

The winner of the day, and the school that would progress to Round 2 came down to the last match of the day between us and Loreto. It was a tough match, with some great skills on display from both teams. Saints lead the entire match and looked in control despite the tight scoreline. A surge at the beginning of the last quarter saw Saints out to a commanding 10 goal lead, which the girls maintained until the final whistle.

Our Year 9/10 Soccer team has also progressed to Round 2 after a very close Round 1 fixtures against Nazareth College, who have a special interest soccer program) and Tatachilla Lutheran. The girls, lead by Kristian Quirke and Abbey Burns, defeated Nazareth 2-0 in their opening match and then drew one-all with Tatachilla. This was enough to progress through to Round 2.

Finally, our Cross Country Program continues to thrive with our girls achieving some outstanding results at the most recent State Championships held at Oakbank. With a smaller team than usual due to injury, illness and other absences our girls raced strongly and came away with some medals!

  • 13 year old individual: Amelia Sheridan, 1st place
  • 15 year old individual: India Goodall, 1st place
  • 15 year olds team: India Goodall, Ava Fox, Isabella Black & Isabella Blake, 1st place
  • 16 year old individual: Elodie de Wit, 3rd
  • Open individual: Daisy Braithwaite, 3rd

Congratulations to all the girls who competed in these teams and good luck for future rounds.

Best of luck to our Open Hockey girls, competing in the State Finals day on 20 June, to our Year 5/6 and Year 11/12 netballers in their first round matches and our Year 7/8 Soccer girls who will also compete before the end of term.

Alice Johnswood
Director of Sport

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