Enews – Week 7, Term 2 2017

Issue no. 18

From the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Let’s talk about exams…a little differently.

Kate MortimerSchools will always talk about exams. This is not a bad thing, nor is it unexpected.

In fact, it is common.

But, what is unfortunate, is that society, schools and therefore students commonly focus on examination results. Which is not exactly helpful in reducing the pressure or stress that students associate with exams.

So what then should we be talking about when it comes to exams?

The best thing we can do for our girls is to keep it simple. So what is an exam? The answer is so basic that it can change the way students approach them.

An exam is a piece of paper with questions on it, and you write down what you know. That’s right…you write down what you know. It is the application of what you have already learnt in class and how well you understood and can remember this.

All of us have been there. There has been a time that we did not know all of the answers in an exam. It is the unpacking of the ‘why’ we did not know, that actually makes exams less stressful and allows us to approach them as a learning experience.

This week, the girls easily identified ‘why’ they may not know an answer. Some reasons were:

1. They studied for the exam, but could not recall all of the information required to answer this question. Their answer was patchy, as their neural pathway was not quite strong enough. They simply could not remember all of the information. The lesson? A more thorough preparation was needed. It takes all of us a different amount of time to ‘remember’ what is needed. Therefore make use of a range of studying strategies that assist in retention. For example, ‘read it, write it, see it, say it, do it’. Specifically saying something aloud and teaching someone else are most effective to retain information.

2. They had absolutely no idea of the answer. They had not studied the content and therefore they had nothing to write or they ‘guessed’. The lesson here is to ensure in future exams you allow yourself enough time to cover all the content in detail.

3. The question was just too hard. They had studied thoroughly and covered everything. They felt confident, but this question was the ‘deal breaker’. The key here is to remember, exams are meant to be challenging. Expect the deal breaker and prepare for it. The best preparation for the ‘deal breaker’ is to do sample questions. Become comfortable in the areas you know you may find difficult.

Examinations start for Years 10 and 11 next week, and many other girls in both the Middle and Senior Schools will be sitting a range of tests in the coming weeks. Tests and exams are meant to make you feel a little uncomfortable, and there is nothing alarming about this.

But I encourage all of us to look past both the discomfort and the final result. Look at and talk about the ‘why’.

After all, exams are just pieces of paper and you write down what you know.

Kate Mortimer
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

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Stage 2 Business and Enterprise forum

W7 Business and Enterprise

Adelaide business identities and parents of students, Daryl Bateman (Cota Insurance CEO), Mark Nicholls (Arrium company lawyer) and Peter Khoury (ElectraNet Executive Manager Corporate Development), were panel members of a Business Enterprise forum at the School this week. Girls studying Stage 2 Business and Enterprise asked them questions on contentious topics relating to their individual Issue Studies, including:

· Does UBER have a competitive advantage in the teenage girl transport market?
· Are penalty rates in South Australia stifling small businesses?
· What impact does online shopping have on South Australia’s bricks and mortar retailers?

The panel members were forthright in their answers and provided varied and valuable information for the girls to incorporate into their assignments. The School takes this opportunity to further thank all the participants for their valuable contributions.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Business and Enterprise Teacher

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Saints Girls challenge their thinking


Science and Engineering Challenge, UniSA, Mawson Lakes

In the real world, there is not always only one right answer. There can often be several effective ways of solving a problem. Engineering is a field where creativity and understanding come together, designing and implementing a process or product to meet a need.

The Science and Engineering Challenge is conducted by the University of Newcastle, with assistance from Rotary and local universities. Eight teams represent each school, trying to develop the most effective solution to the problem. This year the activities were:

• Building the lightest and strongest bridge
• Designing a ‘Mars Rover’ vehicle to carry a load across a rough surface
• Creating and transmitting a coded message using light signals
• Developing an electricity network for a city and responding to challenges posed by various scenarios
• Constructing light but strong tables and chairs
• Making a bionic hand that can pick up objects and communicate using sign language
• Building a tall and strong tower that can withstand an earthquake
• Developing an efficient transport network for a rural region

Thirty-two St Peter’s Girls’ School Year 10 students took part in this year’s Science and Engineering Challenge heat at UniSA Mawson Lakes. They demonstrated a highly motivated and dedicated approach to the challenges. Discussions about the strategies they were trialling were animated as they cooperated on their solutions to the problems posed. Most impressive was the way that our students spontaneously applied Mathematics and Science concepts in their designs.

All students enjoyed the day, gaining a real sense of accomplishment when they grappled with a problem and completed the task. Check out this video that captured some of the activities the students participated in on the day.

Brian Parsons
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

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Master Plan Update: From the construction zone

W7 Building Site

Big developments are in store for our new Middle School this weekend. A giant metal canopy is scheduled to be craned into place tomorrow morning, creating a striking entrance.

The timber deck on the back oval is starting to come together, steel work is in place for the new walkway to the lift and Stott Wing, and the interior fit out of the building continues to progress.

Stay tuned for next week’s Enews to see the latest from the construction site as we count down to next term’s opening!

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FAME – The Musical gets ready to take the stage

W7 Fame - The MusicalEmma Carrodus and Michelle Rupert

As we get closer to showtime, we sat down with a couple of the performers to see how rehearsals are going and what they’re looking forward to about the production! Tickets are on sale soon, so please stay tuned for more details in future editions of Enews.

“I am thrilled to be a part of FAME – The Musical. I have met great new people and learned so much about acting, dancing and singing. So much effort goes into a production and so we learned the importance of responsibility, cooperation and teamwork. I am privileged to be working with such a talented and hardworking cast and support crew. My role as a boy has been a great challenge. I felt nervous at first and out of my comfort zone but everyone has been positive and supportive. I love seeing all the scenes come together after a lot of hard work. Recently, we tried on our costumes for the first time and it was very exciting. We can feel the final stages of preparing for this musical. It is set in New York in the 80’s so try to imagine all the tacky neon clothing that will fill the stage. The final pieces come together to create this awesome musical!”
– Michelle Rupert

“FAME – The Musical rehearsals have been an amazing experience for all actors, dancers and musicians contributing to the musical, no matter if you have a main role or are in the dancing chorus. As a part of the Acting Chorus, I contribute to singing and dancing in the big numbers such as Dancin’ on the Sidewalk and There She Goes/Fame, as well as acting in a few scenes.

My favourite part in the musical is learning the dances and the choreography as I like the upbeat music and moving around. I also think the whole cast sounds really good when we’re all singing the songs confidently with sharp cut offs and strong harmonies.

There are limited weeks and rehearsals before our performances in Term 3, so the Fame cast have already tried on their costumes for their individual characters (some boys, girls or in between). I really like the bright colours of the costumes and the edginess some of them have, even though they can be slightly tacky. The main cast have also had their head shots in their black clothes for the FAME – The Musical program and some of the cast have even seen the mini model of what the set will look like on stage (made by Ms Mansfield), and I think it will look so cool!”
– Emma Carrodus

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Making Musical Connections

W7 Music
Left: Enchanté performing with Adelaide Connection
Right: (L to R) Music Teacher Sari Noble, Michelle Nicolle, Old Scholar Lucy Mount (Selwyn ’15), Anita Wardell, Year 9 student Izzy Norman, and Old Scholar Chelsea McGuinness (Kilburn ’16)

One of our primary goals in the Music Department this year has been to form strong connections within the tertiary sector, in the areas of Music Performance and Music Education. Many of our girls go on to study music at tertiary level, be it in music education, music theatre, classical or jazz performance.

More recently, many of our students have chosen to pursue a pathway specialising in vocal jazz. With the aim of tertiary collaboration in mind, Enchanté has been working hand-in-hand with the award-winning university jazz choir , “The Adelaide Connection” culminating in last Thursday’s fabulous performance as part of the Winter Cabaret. Last weekend, St Peter’s Girls also played host to an amazing jazz vocal workshop for university vocal students, our own music girls, the university music staff and the St Peters Girls’ music staff. The workshop featured the un-paralleled talents of highly-acclaimed jazz singer Michelle Nicolle, arguably one of the best in her field. Michelle has toured extensively both internationally and nationally, has won multiple aria awards, the Australian Entertainment MO award and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival National Jazz award. Joined by the equally talented UK artist and BBC jazz award winner Anita Wardell, students learnt the finer points of vocal improvisation, story-telling, lyric delivery and band direction.

Special congratulations must go to our very own Year 9 Music student Izzy Norman, who showed great risk-taking during the workshop, capably holding her own against final year university students. The workshop culminated in a performance at the Publisher’s Hotel at which Izzy delivered an outstanding rendition of “Feelin’ Good” to great applause. In Izzy’s own words:

“The workshop last weekend was such an amazing, life-changing experience! Both Michelle and Anita taught me so much and inspired me to devote myself to singing from the heart and loving the beautiful art form that is jazz.”

W7 Winter Cabaret - Jade LeydenThroughout the year, the Music Department has also been busily connecting and forming relationships in the wider community. We have forged strong ties with 5MBS Radio and more recently, ABC Radio Adelaide. Our latest appearance featured our talented SACE Stage 2 vocalist, Jade Leyden (pictured right) with ABC host Peter Goers.

Click here to listen to her wonderful performance.
Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Spotlight on 7B netball

W7 7B netball
Recently, while at the School on a Saturday morning taking some snapshots of the lift walls being installed for the new Middle School, Communications Coordinator Hayley McLauchlan headed over to the netball courts to watch Saints Girls in action. The players from 7B were kind enough to have a team photo and a few of them shared their experiences playing netball at the School.

“I have been playing netball in school for a few years now. In the past, I have mostly played goal attack but now I like to play centre and wing attack because I love running around, receiving and passing the ball. I love the amount of teamwork that it takes to play a successful game of netball. Every position is important no matter what, and if everyone plays it well, you are unstoppable! I enjoy playing with everyone on my team because we have so much fun and always find something to improve on individually or as a team.” – Eva Young

“This is my second season of playing netball. I played for the first time for Saints in Year 6 and really loved it. I enjoy the exercise and developing new skills and hanging out with girls in my year. My favourite position is goal defence because I like intercepting the ball, but we often play a range of different positions. My team is really great. They are friendly and relaxed, and we play well together. I appreciate that our Coach pushes us to do better but doesn’t get upset if we lose.”
– Adele Russell

“I love playing netball and have played since I was in Year 1 so this is my eighth year. I can’t really remember what position I played but I think it was either centre, wing defence or goal defence – either way, I loved being on the court. When I was younger, I always loved the idea of shooting goals for my team and getting the ball in my hands. I love netball because it’s fun, you get to be with your friends, you get to build your teamwork skills with other girls and you build your confidence – not just as a player but as a person as well. I love netball so much and I definitely encourage everyone to do it because it is a great way to be active and have fun with your friends.” – Efua Yawson

“I really love playing netball for the school and have been playing since Year 2. It’s a really fun game and I love how we are in teams with people who are around the same level as us.”
– Charlotte Adams

“I absolutely love netball as it is my favourite sport that I play at school. The reason why I love netball is because it is a lovely team sport. I love working with people and you really do make a connection with your team as you go through the season. I have been playing netball for a couple of years and I have always been a shooter. Goal attack has always been my favourite as I love running, but also shooting. I have never really liked defence but whenever I have to practice in that position I do it. I have always been an attacker and our last game I was put into centre but it really isn’t my strong position. I love netball, I will continue playing it for a long time. – Izzy Gilroy

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Junior School Vacation Care

W7 Vacation Care 2

Our next instalment of Vacation Care is almost here! We have three weeks of action-filled activities to keep the children busy through the break. With two excursions/incursions in each week, there is plenty of fun to be had. Some of our home-based days will include making lava lamps, foil art and dream catchers.

Our excursions/incursions include the movies, The Beachouse, The Menz FruChocs Shop, Latitude, ten-pin bowling and a jumping castle.

View the Vacation Care program here

In recent times, Vacation Care has booked out very quickly and places are limited, so please click here to fill out the form and secure your booking now!

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Unlock your children’s potential with Dr Lea Waters

W7 Book

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Arts Alive 2017

Arts Alive invitation

You are warmly invited to attend the 2017 Junior School Arts Alive Exhibition.

STEAM: A celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the ARTS

Friday 23 June
Grandparents and Special Older Friends
R – 2    11am – 12.30pm
Years 3 – 6    1.30 – 3pm
Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Parents and friends
Open from 4pm for viewing
R – 2     Opening Ceremony at 5pm
Years 3 – 6    Opening Ceremony at 6pm
Wine for sale by the glass and finger food provided.

Saturday 24 June
Friends, Family and Community
10.30am – 12.30pm

Entry by donation

For catering purposes, please book through

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School Shop

New to the School Shop – elastic ties in House colours – $25

W5 House Ties

The School Shop will be open during the last week of the school holidays on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 July from 10am – 4pm. We will also be open Monday 24 July 10am – 4pm, resuming normal trading hours on Tuesday 25 July.

For any enquiries or uniform appointments please call the School Shop on 8334 2228 or email

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The 2016 | 2017 Entertainment Membership expired on 1 June 2017

Order your new 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership before 30 June 2017 to go in the draw to win a $50 Archer Hotel dining voucher AND a pass for 2 adults and 2 kids to Adelaide Zoo!

As a Mothers’ Club fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

If you would like to buy a book, you can fill out the form at the Front Office or simply go online. Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and new phone app offer our community members a great way to try out restaurants and activities around SA, save money and, at the same time, support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Learn how to build your own iPhone app!

Code Camp Enews

Are you looking for an indoor school holiday activity?

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark for students in Years 2 – 7. Code Camp runs 17 – 19 July from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark is $350 for three days.

Code Camp Information Flyer
Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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Sports News

W7 Sport

If you have any news items or sporting success stories please email them through to me at


South Australia recently hosted the National Lacrosse Championships and this allowed the Saints under 15 team to travel to Payneham to watch SA play a combined NSW/Qld team. With Sarah Lowe (Burnside) familiar to the players representing SA, it was a great opportunity for the team to watch and learn what State level Lacrosse is like. For me personally, it was a terrific experience and did indeed showcase the speed, skill and great teamwork that Lacrosse provides. SA were outstanding and won the game comfortably, but it is the way they played that hopefully will assist our own players to become better as individuals and as a team. Neil Fuller (Director of Sport)


Congratulations to Lucy White (Year 7) and Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 6) who represented East Adelaide at the State Primary Netball Championships. While both were in different teams, they were both successful. Well done girls!


Wednesday 7 June
Year 6 Blue – Saints 31 defeated Wilderness Purple 1
The Year 6 Blue team had another very successful game with every girl playing well in attack and throughout the mid-court. Unfortunately for our defence, the ball was turned over by the strong work of our attackers before it got to their end. The girls made great leads in attack, used their shoulder passes and shot well. Sarah Matheson (Student Coach)

Year 6 Silver – Saints 8 defeated by Seymour Blue 28
The team had a tough game against Seymour this week. Each girl worked hard and listened very well. Marcella Tolley was one of our best players, demonstrating her quick dodging and clean leads into the circle, particularly in the last quarter. Isobel also had a very good game, as she had good vision down the court and worked hard at waiting for the ball. Well done to all the girls and the hard work they put in, keep improving. Brooke Elliott and Tahlia Towers (Student Coaches)

Year 6 White – Saints 22 defeated Pembroke Red 17
The girls had a great win this week and worked well together as a team. The last quarter was the best as they scored the most goals and the defence performed really well. Isabel Burmester played especially well and has improved over the last few weeks. With a couple of games to go, we will aim to continue to focus on strong passes so they make their destination. Georgina Bafile and Ammi Yagnik (Student Coaches)

Year 5 – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness Red 1
It was a great and very close game with a lot of teamwork by the girls. The ball was constantly passed back and forth along the court due to the great work from both our attackers and defenders. The girls showed large improvements and put our training drills into play with more shoulders passes and less of the looped, chess passes. It was a great team effort from the all of the girls and especially Jasmine Segredos and Zara Chessell who shot our three goals. Great win girls!! Charlotte Parker and Ally Reade (Student Coaches)


Wednesday 7 June
Open A – Saints 1 defeated Concordia 0
Undeniably, this has been the best game of the girls’ season so far. They worked hard as a team for the entire game and were rewarded with their first victory of the season. Congratulations to Olivia Law for scoring a great goal.  Ellie Anderson kept the defence controlled, let nothing pass her and was a standout player in the match. Once again, congratulations to the girls and I hope we’ll be able to score another win next week. Dom Rigby (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 3
The team started the match well, scoring the first goal and taking a 1 nil lead into half-time. In the second half, Seymour created more chances in front of goal to come away with the win. Special mention to Katelin Calandro in goals who made some great saves. Peter Krantis (Director of Football)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated by Concordia 4
Although the score might not show it, this performance was by far our best this season. The girls conceded some unlucky goals but still fought back to get two of their own. Overall, we should be happy with the game as it showed a lot of what the girls have been working on at trainings and if we continue to put the effort in, we will continue improving. Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Year 7 – Saints 1 defeated by Woodcroft 6
After a long trip, the girls were still welcomed by a sunny afternoon. Woodcroft had longer before the game to get ready and this showed with Saints starting slowly and conceding an early goal. Tahlia Louca and Annie Bradshaw showed determination in defence but Woodcroft often had more players around the contest. Mia Dodd and Emily Elston also had good games and while the team created a number of good scoring chances, they couldn’t find the net as often as their opponents. Kosta Bakopanos (Coach)


Friday 9 June
Year 5/6 – Saints 5 defeated Walford 1
With strong team play the girls were able to pass the ball around and have some fast breaks up the field resulting in brilliant team goals. It was a great team effort with all girls showing steady improvement and ensuring all players are part of the team. Sophie Fry (Coach)

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