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From Our Director of the Early Learners’ Centre

In our Early Learners’ Centre (ELC), we place significant emphasis on the learning environment, recognising its pivotal role in shaping children’s experiences and fostering holistic development. Our spaces are meticulously curated to ignite imagination, evoke wonder, and stimulate curiosity. Both the indoor and outdoor environments are thoughtfully designed to engage, inspire, and support children’s exploration and inquiry.

Through a careful planning process, our environment is tailored to encourage active engagement, exploration, and questioning, aligning with our learning intentions. We understand that the environment is not merely a backdrop but an essential component of the learning process, influencing how children interact, discover, and construct their understanding of the world.

The recent upgrade and extension to Learning Community 2 exemplifies our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for our children and families. As we near completion of stage one, we are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the two new extended learning spaces, a new piazza area, a commercial kitchen, and updated toilet facilities for our children. These enhancements will provide a flexible and dynamic environment conducive to rich learning experiences, collaboration, connection, and community.

The building process has been a wonderful provocation for our Pathway children who have carefully observed the changes that have taken place. I have enjoyed hearing their thoughts about what they think the new environment will need and how they will be able to create their own sense of belonging to this new space. One of the biggest concerns raised was the removal of our fairy garden and the beloved bell that the children cherished ringing on their way into the Centre each day. As this element of the ELC is quite precious to the children, there have been rich discussions along with creative designs brought to life on how to resolve this issue. It’s inspiring to witness the children’s creativity, I encourage you to watch this space as our Pathway children are busy creating a little magic of their own.

As we prepare for the handover from the builders and await final approval from the Educational Standards Board, the excitement among both the Pathway children and staff is palpable. We eagerly anticipate the transition into our new learning space and all the rich opportunities it will provide for our Learning Community 2 friends.

Liz Schembri
Director of ELC

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Important Dates

Head of the River: Saturday 16 March
Choral Night: Thursday 21 March
ELC Coffee Van: Thursday 28 March
Good Friday: Friday 29 March
Easter Monday: Monday 1 April
Shakespeare on the Lawn, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Friday April 5
Last day of Term: Friday 12 April

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Head of the River – Tomorrow!

The SA Schools’ Head of the River will be held at West Lakes tomorrow, Saturday 16 March from 8.30am. This is one of the largest school sporting events in SA and regularly draws thousands of students, families and old scholars out to support their schools.

Our rowers have been training hard to prepare for the event, and it would be great to see the Saints Girls’ community out in force to support our crews!

Please note any students attending are required to be in full summer uniform.

For more information and schedule of events click here

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Choral Night – Next Week

Choral Night is one of the most anticipated events on the Saints Girls’ calendar, and this year’s spectacle carries the theme ‘Love’.

Thursday 21 March (Week 8), 7pm
Futures Church (formerly known as Influencers Church)
57 Darley Road, Paradise SA 5075
Bookings are open, 4 tickets per family, click here to book.

We look forward to the festivities and can’t wait to see what our girls have in store!

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Our Generations of Saints Girls

Last week, the Old Scholars’ Association was delighted to host the annual ‘Generations Breakfast’ on Chiverton Lawns. This special event was an opportunity to acknowledge the Old Scholars’ connection and highlight the importance of generations in the School’s rich history. Current students attended the morning with their Old Scholar mothers and/or grandmothers to celebrate 130 years of St Peter’s Girls’ School with a commemorative photo capturing a moment in time.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we invited Old Scholar guest speaker Fiona Dorman (nee Khor, Patteson 1996), President of The National Council of Women SA Inc and President Elect, Claire Newland (nee Hale, Patteson 2014) to join us. Fiona shared with the audience how she is driven to advocate for diverse voices in our community and to drive advocacy initiatives and reforms, working with grass roots organisations in gender equity and equality, diverse and inclusive representation, women’s rights, homelessness, domestic violence, economic participation, and security.

We are pleased to provide you with the links below to download family photos that were taken on the morning by our Communications Team. We recommended using a desktop computer to do so. Once you click on the below links, the photos will automatically download to your ‘downloads’ folder on your computer.

The 130 Group Photograph is also available to purchase. The photo is 12” x 8” photo (larger than a normal Class photos) and the cost is $25.00. Please email if you would like to purchase this photo.

Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity for Old Scholars to reconnect and celebrate being a Saints Girl.

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Junior School Friendship Workshop – Book Now



We are proud that our Junior School is a ‘URSTRONG’ School. This whole School friendship strategy connects our students, teachers, and parents with a common language around friendships.

Junior School parents are invited to take advantage of a free Parent Membership to access hundreds of resources. For more information click here.

We are also pleased to partner with the URSTRONG organisation to offer a ‘Language of Friendship’ parent and child online workshop on Tuesday 19 March at 6pm. This session will teach you and your children the skills and language to foster healthy, feel-good friendships. To register, click here.

Helen Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School

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Hovercrafts: The Coolest Way to Learn Newton’s Laws

Our Year 10 Physics students have been riding on air, quite literally, as they use hovercrafts to demonstrate an aspect of Newton’s First Law: an object will continue moving in a straight line at the same speed unless acted upon by a non-zero net force.

Because they have super low friction with the ground, the girls experienced firsthand how, with just one push, they could glide across the entire gym floor with almost no loss of velocity, as Newton predicted.

Fun and physics continued as the girls also investigated Newton’s Second Law, F = ma, by seeing how adjusting the force on the hovercraft (how hard it is pushed) and the mass of the hovercraft (how many girls are riding on it) affects its acceleration.

This is just one of the many ways St Peter’s Girls’ School makes science exciting and accessible. We’re not just teaching facts; we’re inspiring our future scientists.

Melissa O’Loughlin
STEM Innovation Leader

David Stuart
Senior Science Teacher

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Traditional Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop

Li Cai, a local Chinese artist renowned for her beautiful artwork, recently conducted a workshop for Year 4 students studying Chinese, delving into the traditional art of lantern painting with watercolour and paper cutting. The workshop was a delightful fusion of cultural exploration and artistic expression, as Li Cai guided the girls through the techniques and symbolism in Chinese lantern art.

The girls, filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, embraced the opportunity to unleash their creativity on the blank canvases before them. Each stroke of the brush became a manifestation of their interpretations of the poem they had learned, ‘山村咏怀’ (Shān Cūn Yǒnghuái), which translates to ‘Thoughts on a Mountain Village.’

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ELC – News from Learning Community 1

Exploring Ferguson Park through the Five Senses

‘There is nothing in the intellect that was not first in the senses.’ – Aristotle

Along the southern boundary of the ELC sits Ferguson Conservation Park. It is a beautiful, natural space filled with local flora and fauna. Ferguson Park has strong ties to the history of the ELC and our growing understandings of Kaurna language and culture. It is a place of significance for all in the ELC.

Recently, the weather has been too hot for us to venture into Ferguson Park; we’ve had to be creative about how we can still explore this environment that is so special to us. With support from our Atelierista, Ms Caterina, we have transformed the Stonyfell Deck into a ‘Ferguson Park Laboratory’. With carefully selected samples from the park, and a range of investigative tools, the children have been invited to engage and explore through their senses. We have used the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling and touching to make discoveries about the living environment of Ferguson Park.

The children have used binoculars to view birdlife and the tops of trees, utilising mark making materials to record their observations. They’ve covered their eyes to focus only on the sounds they can hear. They’ve used mortar and pestles to crush leaves, bark and seed pods, using the senses of touch and smell to differentiate between specimens.

Educators have observed a sense of wonder for the natural space of Ferguson Park, as the children begin to cultivate an ecological identity through their sensorial explorations. We are very much looking forward to getting out into in the park as the weather cools to fully appreciate its beauty.

How can you continue this learning at home?

Take a walk in the backyard or local park and gather a range of samples of the local flora. As you look, feel, touch, taste and listen, use a range of descriptive words to label what you are experiencing through your senses.

All families are warmly welcome to join us on visits to Ferguson Park. Please talk to your key teacher about how you can get involved.

Nell Tierney, Annabelle Redmond, Dot Kelly and Kathy McCabe
Learning Community 1

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Celebrating the Indian Holi Festival

On Monday 25 March, the Prefects will be holding a lunchtime activity for Years 2 to 12 to celebrate the Indian tradition of Holi. This activity will involve painting handprints on a banner, located on the oval. The banner will say ‘Happy Holi’ and all contributors will be receiving a lolly with a fun fact attached!

Also known as the Festival of Love or the Festival of Colours, Holi is a traditional Hindu holiday that falls on the full moon day of Falgun. This event celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring, rejoicing in the triumph of good over evil marked by Prahlada’s victory over Holika according to legend. This festival welcomes new beginnings, where people can release all their inhibitions and start fresh. On the first day of this two-day festival, a bonfire is lit to symbolically burn away all the bad and give way to a colourful and vibrant new future.

Some of the activities traditionally included during Holi involve throwing powdered colours in the air. Each colour can symbolise a different meaning – for example, red can symbolise love and fertility for the new season, while green represents vibrant new life and beginnings. On Holi, people spend time with family and friends, and eat lots of good food and dance to traditional music.

We hope to see many of you out on the oval celebrating this lively and inspiring festival with us!

Alysa Trinh
International Student Prefect

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The Long and the Short of it

During Writer’s Week a competition is held for young people under the age of 18 to enter a microstory of 50 words or less. This year there were over 600 entries in the competition. Lily Marshall (10 Selwyn) was awarded runner-up for the competition, which is a remarkable achievement! The judges commented that they were ‘particularly impressed’ by Lily’s entry which was written in response to the question: what does it mean to be human? Lily’s story, in full, is as follows:

Beyond The Trenches by Lily Marshall
Air heavy with gunpowder, a symphony of explosions and artillery echoed across the battlefield. A soldier, toughened by war, looted the fallen. Amongst the belongings, he discovered a photograph – the fallen enemy, wife, two children smiling. The man, once faceless, reflected shared humanity; only separated by opposing trenches.

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Dance Workshop for Seniors

This week, dancers from SACE and IB had the privilege of engaging in a workshop led by Dance North company, currently on tour with their production ‘Wayfinder’ for the Adelaide Festival. Artistic Director Kyle Page, along with one of the company’s dancers, shared repertoire from the show and provided insight into the conceptualisation process behind it. This invaluable experience enriched our students’ understanding, offering them the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned professionals.

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Anzac Day Poppies

Ms Stef along with members of the Environment Club have been busy crocheting poppies for Anzac Day. These hand-made poppies will be on sale during lunchtime in Week 9 for $3 with all proceeds going to our local RSL.

Januri  Wagaarachchi
Environment Club Captain

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ELC Parent-Teacher Conversations

ELC Parent-Teacher Conversations will take place on 2, 3 and 8 April (Weeks 10 and 11), with bookings opening on Tuesday 12 March.

This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher and discuss their learning. From these discussions, future goals for your child may be created to ensure they reflect the perspectives of parents and educators.

Bookings can be made via myLink:
Log in to the myLink Parent Portal with your username and password. The username is your ID number followed by

If you don’t know your password, use the link provided on the login page to reset it.

Once you have logged in and arrive on the Welcome page, click the ‘Community Portal’ tab in the top menu, then click the ‘Interviews’ tab and select the required cycle; you can log in and change your booking any time up until 5pm Wednesday 27 March.

If you require myLink assistance, please contact the IT Hub via 08 8334 2227 or

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Our Year 10s Present Shakespeare on the Lawn

We are thrilled to share that the Year 10 Drama and Dance students are presenting Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on Chiverton Lawns on 5 April. This exciting venture is a collaboration between Performing Arts and our Visual Arts’ students who are creating amazing costumes and beautiful pendant flower lamps to hang from the trees. It includes the work of Food Technology students who are preparing picnic hampers for the event.

This will be a wonderful community event, where you will be able to catch up with other families and the wider School community on our beautiful lawns and be entertained by our Year 10 Arts’ students.

Friday 5 April from 5.30pm, Chiverton Lawns

  • 5.30pm – Set up your picnic spot, collect food orders, be entertained by our musicians.
  • 6.30-7.30pm – Performance.
  • 8.30pm – Event finishes.

The performance is free of charge and bookings are open! Please click here to prebook your attendance and food.

The delicious, themed picnic hampers created by the Year 10 World of Food students include a wonderful selection of tasty items such as home-made quiches, quince paste, dips, lavosh, cheeses, cured meats, baguettes and crackers, presented with a custom-made cheese board. They will also include lovely, sweet treats such as brownies and fresh and dried fruits and will serve at least four people as an entrée.

Drinks will be sold by the Friends of Arts on the night.
St Peter’s Girls’ picnic blankets for purchase.

Any profits from the sale of the picnic baskets will be donated to the House Charities.

It will be a magical evening not to be missed!

Kate Burnett
Head of the Arts

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm).

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957
Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence i.e. illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Sport Results

Wednesday 6 – Tuesday 12 March


Senior B: Saints (62) v Westminster Senior B (27)

Middle A: Saints (49) v Scotch Middle A (38)

Middle A: Saints (40) v Seymour Middle A (26) catch up game


Senior A: cancelled

Senior B Blue: cancelled

Senior B White: cancelled

Year 5/6 White: Saints (3/27) v Seymour (0/62)


All Tennis cancelled due to heat.


All Volleyball cancelled due to heat.


Senior A: Saints (12) v Pembroke Open A (1)
Best player: Zara Trim was very aggressive in attack by creating lots of scoring opportunities and was very quick in transition from defence to attack.
Superwoman: Olivia Reynolds had great composure with the ball, she is very knowledgeable about the game.

Senior B: Saints (2) v Wilderness Senior A (6)
Best Player: Shea Forster was solid in goals, swam hard, scored one, drove in well
Superwoman: Evie Gosse played the whole game while recovering from injury

Senior C: Saints (15) v Mercedes 2 (0)
Best player: Isla Fahey showed next-level intensity and energy throughout the game with lots of steals that led to turnovers.
Superwoman: Natalia Quinn, what an amazing effort, she played up from the middle team and scored a goal!

Middle A: Saints (7) v Wilderness Middle B (5)

Summer Intercol Schedule

ROWING: Saturday 16 March
Squads racing against each other at Head of the River at West Lakes from 8am-3pm

TENNIS: Monday 18 March
Premier League, Division 1.2 and Division 3.3 vs Walford being played at Saints from 4:15-5:45pm
Saints will be providing a coffee van onsite and giving away free coffee and cake to any students or parents/guardians who attend.

BASKETBALL: Wednesday 20 March
Senior B and Middle A vs Walford at Walford from 4:15-5:45pm

CRICKET: Friday 22 March
Senior A vs Walford at Kensington District Cricket Club from 4:15-5:45pm
Friends of Sport will be providing a free BBQ to any students or parents/guardians who attend.

VOLLEYBALL: Saturday 23 March
Senior A, Senior A, Middle A and Middle B vs Walford at Walford form 8:00-10:00am
Support Points will be on offer for girls who attend and check in with the House Representative. So make sure you get along and support Saints at this year’s Intercol!

2024 U15 & U19 Badminton State Championships

Congratulations to Caitlyn Sam-Ling on competing in the U15 & U19 State Championship, held on 24 and 25 February.

In the singles tournament, Caitlyn made it to the Semi-Finals, going down in her match to the Number 1 Seed and eventual winner.

Caitlyn won in both the Girls Doubles and the Mixed Doubles matches in straight sets, she didn’t lose a single set in either event!

Caitlyn and her Mixed Doubles partner have won the last three South Australian State Junior Tournaments and reached the Quarter Finals in the 2023 Under 13 National Championship.

Saints are looking forward to following Caitlyn’s involvement in Badminton over the coming years!


IGSSA Swimming Carnival

It was another big day of racing for St Peter’s Girls’ School, as we competed in the IGSSA Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 12 March.

Several of our swimmers had competed in the State Championships over the long weekend, but despite this were very competitive in their events and showed fantastic school spirit throughout the day!

Saints had podium finishes in 28 events, which saw us finish third overall, out of eight competing schools.

Our 1st Place winners were Charlotte McAuliffe in the Open 50m Backstroke Div 2, Chloe Sturt in the 14yo 50m Backstroke and Freestyle Div 1 and Meg Paul in the 14yo 50m Freestyle Div 2.

A special mention to Alice and Daisy Braithwaite who represented the School in swimming for the last time as they complete Year 12 at Saints. Both girls have made a significant contribution to the Swimming Program over their time at Saints, with Alice being named the 2024 Swimming Captain.

We thank Alice and Daisy for their contribution and efforts. They have proudly represented the school on several occasions and have been exemplary role models for all students.

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