Enews – Week 7, Term 1 2017

Issue no. 7

From the Head of Senior School

Kate Mortimer EnewsA spotlight on leadership

Titles and leadership often go hand in hand. If you have a title, for example Prefect, Captain, Prime Minister, Manager or CEO, you are a recognised leader. But titles can be unhelpful when it comes to leadership. Having one does not necessarily make you an effective leader.

Perhaps at present, the most obvious example of this in society is that of Donald Trump. His title as the President of the United States of America means that he is recognised as ‘a leader’ and many consider the person who holds this particular title to be ‘the leader of the free world’. However, the question of whether or not he is an ‘effective leader’ remains to be seen. This is in contrast to the example of Angela Merkel of Germany. There would be very few in the world who would question her effectiveness as a leader.

The easiest way to identify leaders in schools is, of course, by their title, and last year we proudly announced our new Prefects. We have 13 students who took on leading roles in an area of school life. This group of girls has moved into roles that require public speaking, event management, creativity, mentoring younger students and many more duties that will place demands on their time and ask them to work outside their comfort zone. They are currently taking up the challenge of being effective leaders. Their ideas for the year are motivating and only they can determine the lasting impact they will have. Our discussions have lately focussed on what it means to be an effective leader and the fact that wearing a badge counts for very little. You remain the same leader, whether you take the badge off or leave it on. While it is early in the year, I can say with assurance that these girls are leading from the front. They are focussing on doing the small things well, on building clear plans for the year and on prioritising the steps that they can take to shine the spotlight upon others. There is a very clear difference in being ‘a leader’ and being ‘a leader worth following’.

But, more importantly, we as a school should recognise the many types of leaders who at times can be harder to identify. At St Peter’s Girls, these leaders can be found everywhere. These are the girls who step up and volunteer when others step back. They are the girls who take the time to ensure others in class understand a topic when they sense they are having trouble. They are those who set the tone in study lessons, who hold people to account when they treat others poorly. They are the ones who at recess and lunch pick up the rubbish their friends have left behind. They are those who organise events and activities to be inclusive of everyone, who work to maintain positive relationships in friendship groups. They are those who lift others up, rather than pull them down.

It is important that we recognise these girls, as they are all leaders worth following.

Kate Mortimer
Head of Senior School

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Saints Cafe

Enews Saints Cafe

Saints Cafe is a student run initiative with the help of Ms Casson. The managers and staff do everything, from covering the financial side of things to marketing our products as well as producing the products. There are three managers, Ankita Rajbhoj (Financial Manager), Teegan Lindsay (Staffing Manager) and Zoë Scobie (Marketing Manager). Each one of these roles is quite vital in making sure that the café is running efficiently.

Saints Cafe is open from 7.30 to 8.15am, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Our aim this year is to be a fully ‘green cafe’ (an ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable cafe). We use bio-degradable cups and lids that are compostable, and BioNapkins made from FSC© certified pulp and certified carbon neutral. We also now use paper straws instead of plastic ones, because paper degrades. If you bring your own keep cup (with a lid) we will reward you with a 50c discount off your coffee – we believe it is better for our environment to REUSE cups.

We support local farmers and buy our milk from Tweedvale Milk. This is a family business in the Adelaide Hills. They are serious about their quality of milk, the farmers treat their cows well and the milk is delicious! In consideration of the people who are lactose free, we also stock Soy and Zymil milk.

Our protein balls are sugar free, and include organic almond butter, organic raw cacao powder, honey, coconut, chia seeds, organic coconut oil and protein powder. We will also be introducing and trialling some new menu items, such as muffins and banana bread.

We are trialling a new coffee bean supplied by local boutique coffee shop, Seafaring Fool, and have a beautiful rich coffee taste to them. As well, there is a new hot chocolate powder from a West African natural cocoa bean. There will be ice coffees, mochas and chocolates available too! We have been practising our customer service skills and would love to hear your feedback, so let us know how we are going.

Lastly, new loyalty cards will be available so please keep your card handy in your wallet to get a free coffee or protein ball.

As you can see, Saints Cafe this year is an environmentally friendly, all round ethical cafe. We hope you enjoy our Cafe this year and we hope to see you on our Food Tech Centre deck for a delicious drink!

Written in collaboration by Ankita Rajbhoj, Zoë Scobie, Teegan Lindsay and Ms Casson

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Years 11 and 12 PE – Blue Belt certification

Enews Blue Belt

The Year 11 and 12 PE girls completed their self-defence practical unit last week, which culminated in them receiving their Blue Belt certification, the first time Saints has completed this program. Throughout the first few weeks of school the girls perfected their punch and kick routines, arm and leg strikes, partner sparring and probably their least favourite activity, push ups and sit ups. The girls also completed some other activities that were not required for their Blue Belt but are common in self defence, such as throws, take-downs and defence against random attacks. Mike Downton from Golden Knights Martial Arts Academy said all girls performed exceptionally on their assessment day, which is credit to the hard work they have put in throughout the unit.

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education

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Year 7 Camp

W7 Enews Year 7 Camp

On Year 7 camp we did a hike along the beaches at Robe. Most of the hike was through the Little Dip Conservation Park, along sand dunes and tracks. The view on the walk to the campsite was breathtaking and due to fog we couldn’t see very far in front or behind us – it looked really cool! We were thankful that the weather was cool so that we didn’t get too hot carrying our big rucksacks. We also really enjoyed using the map to find our way, because for most of us this was the first time we had used a map to find directions. At lunch we played hacky sack in the dunes and jumped on each other in the sand. We had a ‘sand in the shoe’ competition to see who had the most sand in their shoes at the end of the hike. Lucy piled the sand in her shoes and walked for a long time with the sand coming out of the top. She won the competition and got some garlic bread cooked by Johno, our team leader, at dinner.

When we arrived at the wild campsite we set up our tents and got changed for the beach. Some of us didn’t bring our bathers and so we just went swimming in our clothes. At the beach we dug huge holes to make little baths near the water and we got pinched by crabs that we found. The water was crystal clear and we were able to catch waves on the boogie boards.

Back at the camp we set up our trangias and cooked our own dinner from the food we had carried with us the whole hike. Gloria and Mia made a delicious carbonara pasta and the best dessert went to Amelie and Annabelle who made a chocolate fondue with oreos and marshmallows! We played bush charades as the sun went down and then cuddled into our tents because it was so cold. Overall we had an amazing hike and had so much fun!

The girls in 7ADA

On the last full day of camp, 7VBR went kayaking in the lake. The day was filled with lots of fun and activities to do like the shark and seal game where the sharks had to try and eat the seals. Another activity we got to do was make a sail with a tarp to move us along in the water when we were rafted up as a group. Near the end of the day we all came together in the kayaks and had afternoon tea and learnt how to number off from 1 to 16 in Indonesian – which we messed up a lot. After a big day and cleaning up the kayaks, we went for a dip in the lake, which we enjoyed since it was a hot day and the water was nice and cool. Overall, you could say that we had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.

Imogen Elliott and Primrose Robinson

Caving was an awesome experience. We first visited a fossil cave and were amazed by the spectacular animatronics in the megafauna showcase. We saw pits with bones that were remnants of the megafauna that graced Australia, such as the marsupial lion and over-sized kangaroos as large as trees. Adventure caving allowed us to get on our hands and knees and get dirty. It definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones but, at the same time, it was a highly enjoyable activity. Climbing through small cracks can be difficult but we all encouraged each other through to the end.

Azaan Singh

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Winter uniform

It is four weeks until the end of Term 1 and change of uniform from Summer to Winter.

If you require a winter uniform fitting, please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 for an appointment before the end of term. Please note the winter skirt should be no shorter than mid knee cap and no longer than mid-calf.

The School Shop will only be open for limited hours during the first week of the school holidays – Thursday 20 April and Friday 21 April, 9am – 4pm.

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Winter sports nominations

W7 Enews sports nominations

Please note that winter sports nominations for students in Reception to Year 12 close at 5pm on Sunday 19 March.

Students in Years 5 to 12 have been sent the link to nominate and we encourage you discuss and go through the options with them. Students who select more than one sport, must ensure they can fulfil the commitments relating to each sport for the season. Please note that training days cannot be confirmed until coaches are appointed.

Students in Years 7 to 12 will be graded and movement between teams will be based on player ability, availability and attendance.

We ask parents of students in Reception to Year 4 to complete the nomination.

Sports Policy:
• Years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to participate in both a summer and winter sport in accordance with the School Sports Policy.
• Years 5 and 6 student are expected to participate in at least two different sports throughout the Year.

Nominations close at 5pm on Sunday 19 March.

An overview of sports offered at each year level is also available on the School’s website.

> Complete the form now

For further information about the sports on offer, please contact me on

Neil Fuller
Director of Sport

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A night on the green

Enews Dads Night Out invitation 2017

Don’t miss Dads Night Out for some barefoot bowling!

Date: Friday 7 April 2017

Time: 6.30pm onwards

Venue: Trinity Gardens Bowling Club, 30 Canterbury Ave, Trinity Gardens

Tickets: $40 via
Includes entry, bowling fees and lots of finger food
Bookings close Wednesday 5 April

Enquiries: Emma Robinson on 0412 002 123 or

Drinks, silent auction items and raffle tickets can be purchased on the evening – cash only.

A fundraising event hosted by the Mothers’ Club

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Head of the River

The countdown is on for the Head of the River, to be held on Saturday 25 March at West Lakes. Students, parents and families are invited to attend and support our girls from the edge of the rowing course.

This year a bus will again be provided from the School to West Lakes for students wishing to attend. Please book at seat at by 4pm Thursday next week. The bus will depart at 8.30am and return to Saints Girls by approximately 1pm.

This year’s rowing is expected to be bigger and better than last, with the girls’ lead-up training being exceptional. Please come along to attend this historic regatta and support our rowers.

As with previous years, spectating students are expected to wear full School uniform, including hat. If the weather is cool and an outer garment is required, students must wear their blazer. In the lead up to Head of the River, please note that the car parking provisions and shuttle bus location has changed. Below is a flyer explaining the new car parking arrangements.

Head of the River car parking

Additionally, the opportunity to preorder apparel for the Head of the River closes this weekend on Sunday 19 March. There will be some apparel available for purchase on the day but popular items are likely to sell out quickly.

Visit: to preorder and avoid disappointment. All orders placed by this weekend will be available to collect from the Merchandise stand at the Head of the River on 25 March.

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Choral Night

Choral Night Tickets on Sale

Choral Night is next Thursday 23 March. Please join us for what is always a highlight on the School calendar.

Tickets can be purchased at

Time: 7pm
Date: Thursday 23 March 2017
Venue: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide
Tickets: $10 each (a maximum of four tickets per family applies)

We hope to see as many parents as possible join us for what is sure to be a fun and entertaining evening.

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Entertainment Book Pre-Sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club is delighted to present our 2017 Entertainment Book fundraiser. For every book that is sold, part proceeds will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Support St Peter’s Girls Mothers’ Club and buy your new Entertainment Book before 3 April 2017 to go into the draw to win a Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park. Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online or via the form and then pick them up from the Front Office when they arrive. If you would like to see the actual book before you purchase, there will be a display copy in the Front Office, Staff Room and ELC.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Those who purchase before 3rd April 2017 will go into the draw to win an Annual Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Calling for volunteers – we need your help!

The School Banking program is growing! We need two volunteers to assist with the running of the program. Are you a passionate Saint’s supporter with a spare hour on a Wednesday to have some fun counting cash and stamping some deposit books? If so, we would love to have you become one of our School Banking Coordinators.Calling all volunteers

This only takes a small amount of your time one day a week and the Commonwealth Bank will provide support in how to run the program. Your help with the program will greatly benefit students as they develop vital saving skills and also help our School with fundraising.

Currently, School Banking day is Wednesday.

If you are interested in volunteering for this great program, please contact Carrol (an Old Scholar’s mum) on 0476 828 134 for more details.

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Reminder – Update your details for 2017

With the new academic year well underway, we ask families to please check their contact details are up-to-date and ensure your daughter’s medical records are correct.

You can check these details by logging on to the Link portal.

> Log in to the Link Portal using your individual username and password
> If you can’t remember your password, follow the link to reset it

Medical details

The School is required to have correct medical information on record for all students. Please take a moment to review the information we have on file for your child and complete any updates or changes as required.

Click on the My Details tab of the portal to review and update details such as medical, physical and dietary details, provide legal and other consents, as well as your address, occupation and other family information.

Ensure you click through each section of the My Details page, and complete the updates for each of your children.

Buzz Book – family contact information

While in previous years the printed Buzz Book has provided contact information for School families, you will now be able to access the contact details of parents online. The School appreciates that some families may not wish their contact information to be shared in this way.

To review your contact information, and provide your consent for your family’s details to be included, please complete the following steps:

> Click on the Buzz Book tab
> Check your details and tick the items you wish to be included
> Submit the form
> Repeat the process for any other daughters/children you have at the School
> Changes can be made by providing updates through the My Details section above

You can then access contact information of other School families from the same page of the Link portal. You will automatically be shown details of parents in your daughter’s year level, but can remove that filter from the top of the column to show all families. You can use the filters provided, such as surname, to narrow your search.

If you do NOT submit your consent, your information will NOT be included in the online directory this year. Both contacts will need to provide their individual consent.

An online business directory will also be launched this year, so you can browse for local businesses with a Saints Girls connection.

Updates throughout the year

Should any of these details change throughout the year, please use the ‘Change Details’ tab in the Link Portal.

If you experience difficulties using the Link Portal, please contact or phone 8155 5791.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the School’s records accurate.

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Order your Summer Interhouse Meal Deal

Enews Summer Interhouse 2

The Summer Interhouse competition will be held on Thursday 13 April 2017, the last day of Term 1.

The Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) will once again be cooking up lunch for all of our hungry Reception – Year 12 students on the day. Volunteers will hand-deliver the Reception – Year 2 lunches to the classroom for lunchtime and Years 3 – 12 can pick up their lunches from the barbecue area. This year we’re offering delicious Hamburger Meal Deals (vegetarian option available). Parents, give yourself a day off from making the school lunches and let us do it for you.

Please pre-order your daughter’s Meal Deal via, as there will be no cash sales on the day. Orders can be placed from Friday 3 March and will close Friday 7 April. House water bottles and wrist bands are also available to be pre-ordered.

All proceeds raised by the Saints Sport Support Group directly support and benefit our Saints girls and their sporting endeavours. Some of our recent purchases include new athletic crop tops, a high jump mat, and GPS units to be used during PE as well as rowing. We funded an entire year group of girls to complete their Bronze Medallion.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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Sports News

W7 Enews Sport

Olivia Goldsmith (Year 9) who has been selected to represent South Australia at the U15 Australian Hockey Championships in Sydney from 1 – 13 April 2017.

Matilda Braithwaite (Year 9) has continued her preparations for the National Triathlon Championships with a first place at the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlon Short Course (150m swim, 8km cycle and 1.5km run). Not only did she win her age, but she was also third overall out of a field of 60.

Netball Clinics – April holidays

Our Director of Netball, Alice Johnswood, will be offering netball coaching clinics during the April school holidays. Clinics are available for players aged 5 – 15 years and all experience levels are welcome. All sessions will be delivered by qualified, experienced coaches with one coach provided for every nine players. The clinics are being run at the Campbelltown Netball Courts – Crowle Road, Paradise on Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 April.

Clinics available:
·         Beginners Clinic – for players 5 – 7 years old who are just starting out on their netball journey.
·         Intro to Match Play – for players 8 – 10 years old who are about to play their first
season of netball, or have played one season of netball.
·         GS/GA Skills – for players aged 11 – 15 who play in these positions or want to learn how to.
·         WA/C Skills – for players aged 11 – 15 who play in these positions or want to learn how to.
·         C/WD Skills – for players aged 11 – 15 who play in these positions or want to learn how to.
·         GD/GK Skills – for players aged 11 – 15 who play in these positions or want to learn how to.

For further information click here and to register contact Alice Johnswood 0412 454 784 or email

SA Athletics Academy

South Australia’s Athletics Academy is a junior development program that has been developed by Athletics South Australia and Little Athletics South Australia, to provide all young athletes from 9 to 19 years of age the opportunity to take their athletics to the next level! The Academy has four squads; Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Target Talent Program (TTP). Each squad has eight sessions throughout the year, with one session per month on a Sunday at the SA Athletics Stadium starting on Sunday 30 April 2017.

For more information, please click here

Cross Country & Walks Holiday Development Clinic

The Cross Country & Walks Holiday Development Clinic is a brand-new clinic during the April school holidays and is open to any child or teenager between the ages of 8 and 17.

The clinic is run on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 April for half a day from 9am – 12.30pm at the SA Athletics Stadium. The clinic involves the opportunity to learn from highly qualified and experienced cross country and walks coaches. The coaches will provide training tips and programs to best prepare your students for the upcoming winter athletics season.

For more information, please click here.


Wednesday 8 March
Middle A – Saints 10 defeated by Scotch 61
Saints faced another team which contained a number of club players. Emma Matheson tried hard and she was supported well by Ella Liddy but Saints lacked height in rebounds in both offense and defense and Scotch had one player who dominated scoring including a number of outstanding three-pointers. Neil Fuller (Supervisor)


Wednesday 8 March
Teeball Blue – Saints 18 defeated Seymour 9
The girls had a great win this week and are improving with their batting in particular, with all of the girls hitting exceptionally well to make quick runs. Once again, the girls managed to make some great fielding plays from the outfield into first base. I am so proud of the improvement the girls have demonstrated and hopefully this will continue in the coming weeks. Best players were Elysia Scarr and Charlie Piper who both hit very well. Alice Tyson (Coach)

Teeball White – Saints drew with Walford
The match was played with great enthusiasm and courage. Each of the girls tried her absolute best on the field. Although we drew, the girls played an absolutely outstanding game and made me very proud. Thanks to all the girls for a great game. This week’s best players were Ishita Chellaboina and Mabelle Kayser. Lucinda Tierney (Coach)


Thursday 9 March
Open A – Saints 6 defeated Nazareth 4
The girls ensured defence was prioritised and the girls were always tight on their players. They took advantage by stealing the ball and did a great effort of gaining possession. The girls played a strong first half, only allowing the oppositions to score one goal, as pressure was applied and their attack was strong. The girls continued their high intensity throughout the whole game. Best player was given to Nicolette Miller. Sarah Richards (Captain)

Open B – Saints 14 defeated Walford 3
Open Bs played a great game, winning the first Water Polo Intercol against Walford! Everyone defended their players well throughout the entire match, putting pressure on all of the opposition. Many girls had the opportunity to have shots at the goals and we were able to give other girls opportunities to score. It was a high intensity game and the girls worked hard right from the get go to the end. It was a great first intercol. Everyone played an exceptional game and best play was awarded to Sarah Richards.

Open C – Saints 7 defeated St Mary’s 4
The girls played a great game, ensuring they took possession of the ball early in the game. The girls had a slow first half and the score did not reflect the excellent play. In the second half the attacking improved and the players were able to finish off their shots. The girls used their space well, which allowed shooting to become easier and created better play. Special mention to Matilda Braithwaite and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith.


Friday 10 March
Division 1 – Saints 5-27 defeated Pembroke 1-14
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-2, Sophie Dansie 4-2, Olivia Slovak 4-2

Division 2 – Saints Blue defeated Saints White
Marcella/Lucy vs Grace/Matilda  4-3
Monica/Alicia vs Pearl/Adelaide  1-4
Singles: Marcella Tolley v Grace Richards 4-3, Lucy Schirripa v Matilda Thomas 1-4, Georgie Owler v Pearl Richards 1-4, Alicia Toh v Adelaide Murphy 2-4, Georgie Owler v Tara Nedumaran 4-0, Dani Cox v Monica Ceplitis 4-0


Saturday 4 March
We are into our last two weeks of the season and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. It will be a sad time for me as six of the Seniors will be finishing School rowing and I have coached most of these girls from when they first started. I then also look at the girls we have coming through and it is very exciting, as we have so much talent. I want to thank the parents for being supportive of your daughters, bringing them to training and regattas, and everything else you do to get them through a season. It is a fantastic sport as it has its highs and lows, which is reflective of life.

Well done to all the girls who raced on Saturday. We had many close results and things really seem to be coming together right towards the end of the season. Try to attend all training in these last couple of weeks as it will be important just to work on any of those tiny technical things. Girls, try to get plenty of rest, eat well, and stay on top of your school work, the time will go very quickly. Ben Flannagan (Director of Rowing)

Saturday 11 March
Year 8A
A smooth start this week gave us an early lead. Half-way through the race Scotch College closed the gap putting quite a bit of pressure on us. Our crew of Sophie Kameniar, Ella Waltham, Olivia Kelly and Keely Flannagan kept a good pace and pulled through with another first place. Jodi Papendorf

This week Emma Carrodus, Paris Robinson, Hannah Freeman and Eleanor Anderson raced really well and the girls came third in their heat. In the final, the girls came third again. They have been training well over the last few weeks and should be really proud because they are improving so much. Abigail Lisle

The year 9B crew of Imogen Parkinson (stroke), Isabella Bernardi (3 seat), Hannah Keough (2 seat) and Sophie Johnson (bow) came second in the heat behind Wilderness and in the final they finished fourth. The girls will continue to work as a team and improve their timing. The girls rowed really well and have improved over the week. Charlotte Creek


Tuesday 14 March
Despite our sixth finish in the State Secondary A grade carnival last week, the inclusion of Year 8s back from camp and the addition of Year 7s meant that Saints were confident of retaining the Di Medlin Swimming Shield at the IGSSA carnival. There were many close races and outstanding individual performances, including a new meet record from our Open Medley relay team of Shania Morgan, Mikaela Georgiadis, Rachael Disney and Thandi Murada. At the half-way point Seymour led Saints by just 10 points, but Saints prevailed, recording some excellent results in the breaststroke and also the freestyle relays to edge ahead and finish as winners. Special mention goes to the members of the Under 13 and Under 14 teams who won the age pennants, and all team members are to be congratulated.

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