Enews – Week 6, Term 4 2018

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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

W6 - Futures

Richard Lisle inside 220Tuesday night saw the Arts Centre and Middle School filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, as parents of Years 7 and 8 students attended the annual ‘Futures Expo’ in great numbers. Yet again, the evening was split into two parts, with the first half of the evening allowing all present a chance to congratulate our Years 7 and 8 ‘companies’ on their successes in a number of different categories.

Quite unique to these awards is the way that we engage with our external community mentors and experts to help us judge the work of the companies against a varied set of criteria. Each company submits a short ‘pitch’ video, and these are all (35 this year!) viewed by our generous judges. As ever, the variety of concepts and approaches was testament to the creativity of our young minds, and the skill of their teachers and mentors in guiding, prompting and challenging them along the way.

One of the features of this year’s course has been the growth in the involvement of industry mentors. We have been lucky enough to double the number of mentors this year having taken a strategic decision to move in this direction in 2017. Each company was assigned a mentor and had a number of sessions with them as the year progressed. Our thanks go to the following people for their generous donation of time and expertise:

Tiffany Young
Joni Combe
Mark Ledson
Michael Blake
Mary Goldsmith
Herve Astier

The second half of the evening allowed all groups to showcase their company, its journey and the final results at a booth in the Middle School, as parents were invited to tour the expo, asking questions and being tempted to purchase products as they wandered. With Christmas around the corner, there were many tempting offers, and very keen vendors!

Congratulation go to all our companies, many of whom were determined to work for the benefit of others, resulting in some powerful learning and meaningful interaction with a range of not-for-profit organisations. I’d also like to commend those students brave enough to approach me for a start-up loan, and who were subjected to some quite detailed questioning, and at times quite frank feedback!

This year’s winners were:

Most Creative Ideation Process – Charge It Up
Responding to Failure and Building Resilience – Blush
Most Thorough Prototyping and Iteration Process – Gobble Fresh
Most Likely to Have Real World Impact – Returning Learning
Most Innovative and Creative (Commercial) – Knots
Most Innovative and Creative (Not-For-Profit) – Culture Cuisine
Most Likely to Attract Investment – Gobble Fresh
Most Worthwhile Problem Being Solved – All companies!!!

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Warm Reception for Festive Season

W6 - Reception Assembly
The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway at Stonyfell!

This morning, our Reception girls took to the stage in the Arts Centre for their Christmas Celebration. Fellow Junior School students, staff and proud parents watched on as the girls brought a merry story to life and shared their favourite elements of the festive season.


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Spirit of Christmas at the ELC

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in our ELC, where the children have launched the Giving Tree. As well as adding their own decorations, they’re also placing donations under the tree as they learn about the significance of giving to others.

Tonight, the children will celebrate through song and dance during our ELC Carols on the Lawn from 5pm.

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Saints Girls Great Sports in 2018

In another phenomenal year in sport for students across Years 7 – 12, Saints Girls have claimed the most overall shields and pennants in the IGSSA competition for the second year running. The results below do not include our other successful results in Lacrosse, Touch Football, Water Polo and Rowing, Knockout sport and our near-clean sweep of our Summer and Winter Intercol with Walford.

While we continue to seek out fantastic coaches and deliver an enjoyable program, the students’ efforts and support of parents place us in this awesome position. I wish to thank each and every person who has been involved again this year and look forward to more fantastic results in 2019.

A Grade Shield – Immanuel
B Grade Shield – Scotch
Year 10A Pennant – Immanuel
Year 9A Pennant – Scotch
Year 8A Pennant – Seymour
Year 7A Pennant – Pembroke

A Grade Shield – Scotch/Seymour
B Grade Shield – (St Doms) Pembroke

A Grade Shield – Pembroke
B Grade Shield – Seymour
Middle A Pennant – Scotch

A Grade Shield – Westminster
B Grade Shield – Wilderness

A Grade Shield – St Peter’s Girls
B Grade Shield – Immanuel/Pembroke
1st Singles Winner – Tiana Glazbrook (St Peter’s Girls)

A Grade Shield – Immanuel
B Grade Shield – Immanuel
Middle A Pennant – Westminster

A Grade Shield – Concordia
B Grade Shield – Immanuel
Middle A Pennant – Concordia

A Grade Shield – St Peter’s Girls
B Grade Shield – Seymour

Shield – Seymour
50m Freestyle Championship – Emily Liu (Westminster)
U13 Age Group Pennant – St Peter’s Girls
U14 Age Group Pennant – Seymour
U15 Age Group Pennant – St Peter’s Girls
U16 Age Group Pennant – Seymour
Open Age Group Pennant – Immanuel

Overall Trophy – St Peter’s Girls
Field Games – St Peter’s Girls
Open Relay – Westminster
100m Championship – Lakara Stallan (Westminster)
U13 Age Group Pennant – Pembroke
U14 Age Group Pennant – Pembroke
U15 Age Group Pennant – St Peter’s Girls
U16 Age Group Pennant – Wilderness
Open Age Group Pennant – St Peter’s Girls

Middle School – Pembroke
Senior School – Immanuel

St Peter’s Girls – 9
Immanuel – 8
Seymour – 6
Pembroke – 6
Scotch – 4
Westminster – 4
Wilderness – 2
Concordia – 2

Neil Fuller
Director of Sport

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eChallenge Rewards for St Peter’s Girls


St Peter’s Girls was extremely successful in the Schools Stream of the University of Adelaide’s Australian eChallenge awards, scoring second prize overall and the Microsoft Award. Nineteen teams entered from across SA with two of our three teams making the State Finals; the winners were announced on 15 November at a gala presentation at Adelaide Oval.

44145951660_7ca66e051d_o.jpgThe Australian eChallenge is an annual competition-based learning experience that develops strategic business thinking for early-stage entrepreneurial ventures. Teams pitch business proposals for their new, previously unfunded business concepts to potential investors from the local business community.

2nd Prize of $2,5000Sunscope – Developed by: Belle Black, Sophie Johnson, Lucy White and Lucy Young.
Sunscope is a mobile phone lens and app that detects and displays whether sun block has been effectively applied.

Day at Microsoft Prize valued at $10,000Pre-Pear – Developed by: Orla Clayton, Charlotte Creek, Renee Lawrence and Charlotte Sellars. Pre-Pear is an app that uses an IBM artificial intelligence software. The contents of a fridge and pantry are photographed and a recipe is generated using the detected ingredients. The day at Microsoft includes a tour of its State headquarters and access to mentors.

Run since 2001 by the University of Adelaide’s Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), the competition is a proving ground for future entrepreneurs.

“Entries for this year’s awards have been consistently high. The teams’ concepts show ingenuity, creativity and diversity. Ideas are rigorously examined by the best minds in business and research for their originality, viability and impact,” says Pro-Vice Chancellor – Entrepreneurship and ECIC Director Professor Noel Lindsay.

Participants also benefit from workshops conducted by experts in their field, the opportunity to work with business mentors, connection with the business and research community, and the chance to enrol in the national eChallenge.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Economics, Business and Enterprise and Humanities Teacher

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Labour of Love Instrumental in School’s History

W6 - Organ

Last week, Rodney Capon visited St Peter’s Girls to oversee some maintenance on the pipe organ that he built many years ago. In a touching moment, Rodney listened as 2019 Head Prefect Isabella Villani played the organ.

The Chapel pipe organ originally started as a home project back in the late 1960s. Rodney had a passion and talent for woodwork, metalwork and also electronics (amongst many others things) and thus, the organ became a unique instrument combining all of these passions. Rodney then rebuilt the home’s garage to accommodate the instrument, and 11 years later, it sat pride of place in the extended home and had become not only the focus of many organ music society dinners and music concerts but one of the many different instruments learnt by the children of the home. After the children grew up and left home, the difficult decision to sell the organ was made, and in 1986, St Peter’s Girls bought the organ, and the dismantling and rebuilding process began. Another year later, the organ was ready to begin a new role. No longer just a beautiful and complex instrument played by a few family members and friends at home, but a stunning addition to a whole community that is St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Meg Pucknell
Daughter of Rodney Capon

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Junior School Vacation Care

W6 - Vacation Care

Our next installment of Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

December 2018 and January 2019 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking now!

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 2018

Year 9 Graduation
2.15pm Friday 30 November

Year 6 Graduation
2pm Wednesday 5 December

Presentation Night
Friday 7 December
Adelaide Town Hall
Compulsory for Years 7 – 12

Students must arrive at the Adelaide Town Hall by 6.30pm. The event will conclude by 9pm.

Carols in the Cathedral
Monday 10 December
St Peter’s Cathedral
Compulsory for Years 4 – 12

Students need to arrive by 6.30pm and be collected by 8pm.

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Staffing News

W6 - Staff

As we approach the end of another terrific year, we have a number of staff taking leave in 2019 and a handful who we bid farewell.

  • Meredith Beck retires from Saints Girls after almost 27 years of outstanding service. Karen Alderson takes over the role of SACE Coordinator from 2019.
  • Congratulations to Brian Parsons on his appointment as Head of Learning and Teaching at Walford. Emily Gough has been appointed as Acting Head of Science for 2019.
  • Anne Charlesworth has accepted a teaching position at Pembroke School. We’re delighted that Clare Gaskell will remain with us in a permanent role.
  • Emma Smerdon (Science) and Julieanne Thomas (ELC) commence maternity leave, and Vanessa Brooks (PE) also takes leave in 2019.
  • Natalie Lockwood and Sophie Yu finish their time as co-educators in the ELC and we wish them well in their new endeavours.
  • Carolina Barquero Masero returns to Europe. We thank Carolina for her work in establishing Spanish ab initio in our IB Diploma Programme offerings.
  • We wish Sallyann Bruun (Year 2) and her family all the best as they relocate to Melbourne. Deborah Cope (Year 3) also finishes her time at Saints Girls.
  • Anna Stefopoulos returns from long service leave at the start of Term 1. We thank Kimberly Di Benedetto and Siobhan Curran for their contributions during Semester 2.
  • With Karen Alderson and Emily Gough stepping into senior academic roles next year, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Danielle McGregor will be Head of Kilburn House and Clare Gaskell will be Head of Selwyn House.

There are some wonderful new members of staff commencing at Saints Girls in 2019 and I look forward to introducing them to you early next year.

Julia Shea

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Food for Thought for Year 9 Geography

W6 - Year 9 Geography

As part of our unit on food security, we recently visited the Gawler Food Forest. We learnt how this farm ensures sustainable food production and provides an alternative method of crop production, creating a self-sufficient and permanent farming system through its permaculture practices. We observed the benefits of this production including many social, economic and environmental factors. Visiting this farm was a fantastic experience as we improved our knowledge on global food security, providing us with a first-hand experience and allowing us to have an insight into what we consume on a day-to-day basis.

Lara Wakeham
Year 9 student

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Serving up Support from the Kitchen

W6 - MMC

Saturday 17 November was our final volunteer night of the year contributing food to the Mary Magdalene Centre in the city. A huge thank you to all the generous Junior School families who made soups and main courses for nearly 100 people in dire need of a home-cooked meal. Both the patrons and the regular Centre volunteers complimented us on the quality of the meals and the generous portions. As the saying goes, it takes a village, and without the generosity of our School community through food and monetary donations, this could not have come together. Not only were three courses provided but there was also food left over to give the patrons to take away, which is always much appreciated.

Our thanks to our parent volunteers Donna Meo, Wendy Shi, Arti Yagnik, Sally Forby and Susanna Anderson for heating, stirring, serving and washing up on the evening with good grace and many laughs.

Thank you to all of our School families for your support of the Mary Magdalene Centre this year!

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When Art, Culture and Languages Meet

All our languages students were encouraged to participate in the recent National Languages Competition organised by SBS. They had to submit a photograph or a drawing representing what learning a language means to them. They were also asked to include a short caption in the target language.

W6 - PaintingIsabelle Reynolds, one of our Year 11 IB Spanish ab initio students, a languages lover, a young person with very creative thinking skills and unique views about intercultural understanding (as well as a great artist!) decided to participate in this competition, making this mind-blowing drawing in which she has represented what learning Spanish means to her.

Perhaps for those unfamiliar with the Hispanic world, its history and its countless cultures, the drawing may not convey much. However, Isabelle has been able to combine several cultural aspects from a number of Spanish-speaking countries in a very unique way, managing to make references and allusions to history, colonisation, nature, the different meanings and interpretations that death and beauty can have for different cultures, gastronomy, music, dance, passion and love. Finally, she made it clear how, for her, learning a language is much more than memorising words.

Learning a language is about international mindedness. It is about becoming more aware of the world we belong to and its idiosyncrasies. It is about learning from the endless points of views and perspectives of others, about intercultural understanding and about self-discovery. It is about seeing the world through different lenses, about gaining another viewpoint. And, as Isabelle has demonstrated to us, it is about understanding the world in other ways by enabling us to communicate our thoughts and opinions in many different ways; they are key elements of the IB programme. In her own words:

“It’s about opening your mind to new cultures and being accepting and able to admire the beauty and individuality of different cultures. I know that there is a lot of discrimination and hate in the world and I believe learning a language is a way to open your mind and become more understanding and connected with people you may have previously thought to be very different from you. I think that the diversity of our world and its cultures is what makes it so beautiful and I wish that everyone could see it that way and be completely accepting of our differences. This open-mindedness would make the world much safer and happier for many people who face discrimination daily because of their culture, religion, race, sexuality, gender, etc. Learning Spanish opens my mind and the doors to many new cultures, and to endless experiences and lifestyles. It makes me happy and it gives me the ability to relate, learn and communicate with many more people than I am able to with only English.”

Congratulations to Isabelle. We are still waiting for the results of this competition. However, regardless of the outcome, I am sure you will agree with me that she is already a winner! ¡Enhorabuena!

Carolina Barquero Masero
IB Spanish ab initio teacher

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Robokids Crack the Code

W6 - Robokids

All of our students in Years 3 – 6 have participated in a series of workshops run by Robokids. Morgan, the Robokids facilitator, began each workshop by asking the students to think about the real-world application of coding and robotics. He then provided a series of challenges where students had to work collaboratively to code a LEGO robot. This program focused on the girls being digital creators, fostering computational thinking which underpins much of our modern society, while also developing critical thinking, creativity, curiosity and resilience.

A real highlight was the synchronised EV 3 ‘Hokey Pokey’, which the girls coded from scratch.

“This was a fun day as I learnt how to code and got to work in a group. Ours was the winning group and our code was then used by the whole workshop to have our robots do the Hokey Pokey all at the same time. I really loved this day and would love to do it all again.” – Charlize Merenda (Year 6)

Helen Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School

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School Leaver Study 2019 – B Part of It

Year 12 South Australian students in 2018 who were enrolled in the Meningococcal B high school study B Part of It have an opportunity to continue in the study and have another throat swab taken as part of the School Leaver Study from 1 February 2019. Students who participated in the study in 2018 will receive a letter in the next few weeks providing further information. For any students who DID NOT participate in the high school study, there is an opportunity to join the School Leaver Study by visiting the B Part of It stands at Orientation Week (‘O’ Week) at the main campuses of Flinders University, the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide. School leavers who opt to have a throat swab will be required to complete a brief questionnaire and a consent form. Participants will be reimbursed for their time with a $40.00 Coles Myer voucher. Please visit the B Part of It website in early 2019 for further information on swab locations.

Meantime, the Eastern Health Authority advises that all vaccination visits for students in Year 8 and for the Meningococcal B study are now complete for 2018. If any students were absent and need to catch up on missed doses, bookings can be made via or 8132 3600.

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Code Camp at St Peter’s Girls’ School

W5 - Code Camp

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark (ages 7 – 12), 2D Game Makers (ages 7 – 12) and AR Creators (ages 8 – 13) from 15 – 17 January 2019 from 9am – 3.30pm. The cost is $349 for three days.

Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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French Markets

W6 - French Markets

Crêpes, cafés, fromage, baguettes and more is what you will find at the French Markets this weekend at Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens, Unley. Enjoy some French food, music and craft stalls and take your daughters along to order in French! Details via

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Kids Movie & Disco: Supervised Lock-In

Friday 14 December from 6 to 9.15pm

For more information, please click here.

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The Garden of Saintly Delights – SAVE THE DATE

W5 - GoSD Enews

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association encourages you to ‘Save the Date’ Sunday 24 February for next year’s school fair, The Garden of Saintly Delights.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Also, if you have a business or know of any businesses that would like to be involved with the fair, we are looking for sponsors. Starting from as little as $250, you can have your company logo on one of the many fair attractions and advertising material.

Please contact us if you would like more details.

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Sports News

W6 - Sports News


Harry Long Basketball Carnival
For the second year in a row, Saints Girls entered a team into the Harry Long Basketball Tournament which is open to students in Years 6 and 7. Saints suffered a couple of injuries in the lead-up to the carnival. Facing some older and often taller opponents, the girls improved throughout the day. After losing the opening game to host Westminster, and then Seymour, Saints pushed and were narrowly defeated by eventual winner Trinity College. The girls finished with victories against St Ignatius and Pembroke in a successful and enjoyable day. All players contributed, with great consistency shown by Ashlyn May, Ellie Humphrey and Helen Zhang, who were well supported by Charlotte Norman, Charlie Piper, Mathilda Thomas and Amy Dillon.


Year 5/6 White – cancelled due to weather


Division 1 Blue – Saints 1-21 defeated by St Ignatius 5-33
Singles: Imogen Nienaber 2-6, Charlotte Staples 4-6, Georgia Mallick 4-6, Bridgette Leach 6-3

Division 1 White – Saints 3-31 defeated St Ignatius 3-23
Singles: Ella Dnistriansky 3-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-4, Georgia Langley 5-6, Adele Eaton 6-1

Division 2 Blue – Saints 4-32 defeated St Ignatius 2-25
Singles: Taj Shahin 6-5, Tiffany Zhou 5-6, Ariel Spartalis 6-4, Stella Clark 6-1

Division 2 White – Saints 0-14 defeated by Pulteney 6-36
Singles: Issy Harker 5-6, Amelie Eaton 0-6, Milly Wood 2-6, Orla Clayton 4-6

Division 3 White – Saints 4-31 defeated Pulteney 2-22
Singles: Eva Young 4-6, Chase Hocking 6-3, Sophie Abbott 6-4, Victoria Thorp 6-0

Year 5/6 Division 1 – Saints 5-24 defeated Wilderness White 1-13
Singles: Winnie Vartuli 4-3, Alexandra Nguyen 4-3, Chloe Richardson 4-1, Sophie Blight 4-0

Year 5/6 Division 3 – Saints 1-13 defeated by Scotch 5-22
Singles: Gloria Zou 0-4, Jerrie Wu 4-2, Emily Bates 1-4, Charlotte Thorpe 3-4


Open A1 – Saints 7 defeated Pembroke 3
The girls had a strong game against Pembroke and this was super impressive and shows how much we have developed this season. Each player was involved in setting up plays to allow us to score. Despite only have one sub the whole game, we were faster than Pembroke which meant we were able to run through their defence. Great play and/or tries by Hannah Lunn, Ella Liddy, Hannah Freeman, Chelsea Walls, Olivia Goldsmith and Ehi Oyugbo. This season has been fantastic so far and we look forward to continuing our form into Term 1, 2019. – Eve Habel (Captain)

Open A2 – Saints 3 defeated by Wilderness 6
The girls came up against a strong opponent in Wilderness but we were definitely up to the challenge. They were able to break through our defence on a couple of occasions with ‘half’ runs, but the girls worked their way back into the game with some excellent attacks. This placed our opponents under pressure and led to lots of opportunities to score with Anna Pryor and Belle Black doing just that. It was a good finish to the year and we look forward to Term 1, 2019. – Dan Searle (Coach)

Open C1 – Saints 4 defeated St Aloysius 0
What a great way to finish a successful season! Although we still had a slow start interrupted by turnovers, when we had the ball, the girls were brilliant. Defending exceptionally, not letting a try through for the full 40 minutes, the girls rebounded with commitment and desire to break through the weary defence to score. Thank you to Sarah Wishart, Ellie Anderson, Bella Bernardi and Poppie Goldsmith for playing two games, and congratulations to try scorers Amelia Pudney, Ellie Anderson, Ashley Piper and Paris Robinson. The girls should be proud of their season and I hope they continue playing touch in Term 1, 2019. – Ben Goldsmith (Coach)

Open C2 – Saints 2 defeated by St Michael’s 5
The defending was good, allowing the attackers little space and cutting down on their room to run. The wings made sure they stayed on the outside shoulder, preventing any opportunity to get through the defensive line. The team worked well to get back on side and, when on the try line, made sure that they came up. The players passed the ball backwards, ensuring they didn’t get any penalties for passing forwards. The team worked hard to take the touch with their hands so that they could control the play. Looking forward to next year, the team now needs to improve its attack, making sure that they create space using techniques such as wrapping. The girls also need to focus on running straight and hitting the defence in the same spot. It has been a good start to the season with many players coming out for the first time. The girls have improved greatly and we hope to see this continue next year. – Emanuelle Russell

Year 7/8 – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 4
The team was on the back foot early, having to spend lots of time in defence. Our attack could not penetrate as we were trying to pass the ball large distances instead of compact ‘rucking’. The girls quickly understood this and played fantastically well in the second half, with a try each to Ellie Humphrey and Madison Liddy. Great improvement was shown by all and we look forward to our last game of the season. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)


Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Walford 0
Our strong serves made it hard for the opposition to return the ball, but when they did, Hilary Clark and Dayna Petruzzella moved around the court well to cover and return. It was great to finish this year of volleyball with a win; the girls have improved so much and have been a pleasure to coach. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Woodcroft 0
Although it was a hard-fought game, the Middle Ds came away with a win. After a slow start, the girls definitely proved themselves to be the stronger servers. Georgina Devine and Thuhansa Hattotuwa worked well together at the net using their height as an advantage to hit any loose balls back at the opposition. This team has had a great season; they always listen at training, show great sportsmanship during games and I really hope to see them all out again next year. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle C1 – Saints 3 defeated Walford 0
Saint overcame a sluggish start, gaining momentum when Eliza Monaghan won 9 serves in a row to set up a great first set victory. The teamwork has improved greatly and the net-work was especially good from Sophie Norman and Sarah Gulliver. Joss Forster, Ayshviina Nair and Izzy Gilroy also served consistently, winning many points. – Neil Fuller (Coach)

Middle C2 – Saints 3 defeated Woodcroft 0
With thanks to Sophie Norman, Izzy Gilroy, Charlie Fishlock, Hilary Clark, Chloe Venning, Dayna Petruzella and Ayshviina Nair who all played twice to provide their opponents with a game. The girls enjoyed this, their last match of the year, and showed great enthusiasm and team encouragement throughout. They were set some goals during the game and worked hard to achieve them. – Neil Fuller (Coach)

Year 6 – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1
The team was given a chance to redeem themselves with a rematch against the Seymour team they faced the previous week. We got off to a rocky start, dropping the first set 18-25, but were hopeful to find some extra energy. The second set saw a huge improvement, especially with Ruby Powell’s strategic plan to serve at and capitalise on the opposition’s weaknesses. This won the team several points and proved to be highly effective and was very impressive to watch. The girls took out the second set quite comfortably 25-20. In the final set, they were determined to secure the win. This showed in their work ethic to chase down balls even when it seemed impossible. Lauren Parton worked really hard to chase balls that didn’t quite go where planned, managing to get touches on hard balls. Ruby Adams placed her serve very strategically in the back court to secure several points, much to the opposition’s surprise. It was really impressive to see Dani Cox execute her serve after working really hard during training on this skill. The girls managed to fight until the last point, taking out the 3rd set 28-26. It was really wonderful to see them come back from losing the first set as that isn’t easy to do; the girls should be proud. Well done. — Charlotte White

Year 5 – Saints 3 defeated Seymour White 0
It was a great game as each girl played to the best of her ability, resulting in an excellent win. It is evident that their volleyball skills have improved, with serves readily going in and rallies happening between the two teams. – Isabella Villani


Wonderful news for Nicolette Miller who has been selected as part of the FYFE Adelaide Jets Women’s Squad for the 2019 Australian Water Polo League season. She will be training and potentially travelling and competing in the league at various locations across Australia from February to April.

Open A – Saints 8 defeated St Ignatius 6
Saints played a fantastic last game of the season, remaining undefeated for the term. Our focus was to apply a strong defence to every player, which we did very well. We also made the most of our opportunities in attack to score goals. The best player this week was Nicolette, with her strong defensive play, creation of opportunities in attack as well as scoring 5 goals. A special mention to Kellie who played her first game in the As and made a valuable contribution to our team’s success. It was a close match which we won by all the girls maintaining their skills and focus throughout. Great finish to the term girls! – Nicolette Miller (Captain 2019)

Open B – Saints had a bye

Open C – Saints had a bye

Year 7/8 – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke 12
The girls faced a very strong opposition, but to their credit, kept on trying until the very end of the game. Due to applying good pressure in defence, they made several steals, but unfortunately were unable to convert many of these opportunities into goals. As accuracy of their passes and shots for goals improve, the team will find that they have the potential to defeat opponents such as this. All players should be congratulated on their enthusiastic effort displayed throughout the whole game. The best players were Lady and Lila. Great work girls! – Nicolette Miller (Captain 2019)

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