Enews – Week 6, Term 3 2017

Issue no. 26
Enews-banner W6 Yeah the Girls

‘Yeah the Girls’ Shout Outs

‘Yeah the Girls’ is an initiative designed and led by the 2017 Prefect Team. It is an opportunity to recognise the achievements of girls from Reception to Year 12. The aim is to build a stronger and more united community by bridging the gaps between Sub-Schools. We want the girls to be proud of what they have achieved both in and outside of school.

The campaign is based on three ‘E’ words: Empowerment, Encouragement and Equality. Each can be linked to specific areas such as sport, The Arts, charity work and academia.

The Prefect Team would like to remind and encourage parents to contact the School with information regarding your daughter’s successes. These will continue to be celebrated during assembly and in the Enews.

This week, we acknowledge Antonia Kirsten-Parsch (Year 11), Nicolette Miller (Year 10) Sophie LeMire (Year 10), Bree Jakupec (Year 10), Jessica Schaedel (Year 10), Stage Band, Concert Band, Senior Percussion, Development Band, the Open A Netball Team and Dominique Rigby (Year 11).

Antonia Kirsten-Parsch has been accepted into the National Youth Science Conference, a Year 12 program designed to broaden the understanding of STEM subjects. She will visit Canberra for 12 days in January, exploring science and technology-related laboratories and facilities as well as attending lectures, site tours and workshops. Antonia began her application process in May. She completed two stages of a written application, attended three interviews and delivered two speeches. She has also been invited to a reception at Government House. We wish her all the best for her travels in January.

Nicolette Miller has been selected in the Under 16 South Australian Water Polo Team. Taking up the pursuit in Year 7, she was excited to combine her enjoyment of swimming with team sport, and has continued to play every season since. Encouraged by her school coach, Nikki joined the Eastern Saints Water Polo Club. Her commitment to training with the Under 16 State Development Squad over the past four months and her swimming ability has resulted in her selection. The team will compete in the National Championships in Hobart from 27 September to 2 October.

Sophie LeMire and Jessica Schaedel recently completed their CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) dance exams in Jazz 6 and 7. These exams achieve SACE points, and assist in the lead up to receiving a Teacher’s Certificate and Teacher’s Diploma, acquired after the completion of level 10. Additionally, Sophie is preparing to sit her Cecchetti Advanced 1 Ballet exam. The girls find the experience is beneficial to their growth as dancers, and also fuels their ongoing love of dance.

Bree Jakupec completed her RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Grade 7 dance exams this year and is currently working towards her Advanced 2 exam. Earlier this year, she attended the Orlando Ballet School Summer Intensive in Florida. She believes sitting exams gives her something to work towards and provides an excellent performance opportunity. She also finds external opinion from the examiner beneficial to measure her progress.

The School’s Senior Percussion Ensemble, Developmental Band, Concert Band and Stage Band participated in the ABODA Band and Orchestra Festival at Westminster last week. The first three received a Silver award and the Stage Band scored Gold, placing first in the intermediate category. The competition is adjudicated by some of Australia’s most well-respected musicians and conductors.

The Saints Open A Netball Team has finished the season in third place on the overall ladder, close behind Immanuel and Westminster. This is an excellent effort from the girls. Their teamwork and commitment has enabled them to remain competitive against top schools. The girls look forward to future challenges and hope to improve upon their final position next year.

A member of the Campbelltown Soccer Club, Dominique Rigby was part of a team that won the Grand Final Cup competition, contributing a valuable goal. Her team remained on top of the league’s ladder, having won 16 of 18 games throughout the season. Dominique began soccer 10 years ago; she enjoys the challenge of playing and the opportunity it has given her to make many new friends.

Yeah the Girls!
Chelsea Marchetti                     Georgia Bateman
Patteson House Captain        Kennion House Captain

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From the Director of Early Learning

W6 Lead Article
Pam Reid and Caterina Pennestri presenting in the ELC, and our young ELC students using GoPro cameras in Ferguson Park.

Progressive practice comes with challenges

Kate-Mount-ELC-picThe ELC pedagogy is in a continual growth cycle; reflection, critical analysis and innovation are all key elements. We are charged with the mission of providing the best we can for every child, every day. It is not good enough to be aiming at the mainstream group of learners or to be utilising a model that has been used by others. We need to shape the teaching and learning to be ours, unique to our setting, our children and our identities.

Having been charged with both affirmation and challenge last October by the world’s leading early childhood educator, Professor Carla Rinaldi when she visited our Centre, we were almost given permission to challenge what has become norms in early childhood practice. With careful thought, collaboration, reading and analysis, we are in the midst of creating a new innovation and we are proud of it!

The challenges are plentiful; with our work comes serious documentation. We were recently filmed for a day by Australia-leading early childhood organisations Early Childhood Australia and REAIE (Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange). The footage is to be used to form new and inspiring teaching modules for educators around the nation. We have also been asked to present our work at an International Conference to be held here in Adelaide in November entitled: ‘Re-Imagining Childhood, a Collaboration of Local and International Perspectives on Early Childhood.’ The keynote speakers for this conference come from Reggio Children Foundation Scientific Committee: Professor Carla Rinaldi, Professor Gunilla Dahlberg and Professor Peter Moss – world-acclaimed researchers in education. Whilst these accolades of our practice are generous and affirming, they also bring high expectation for us to deliver what is worthy of these audiences. Our presentations in November will be in front of a few hundred participants, the largest audience we will have presented to.

The sharing of practice goes beyond just showing what happens in a typical ELC inquiry; it will be deeply analytical, process and theory-based, and demonstrate our courage in leading the way with new ideas and thinking that has come from our own research. Our culture to learn in the ELC as a group of professionals is outstanding and I am thankful that we are not delivering children with pre-determined understandings about what we believe they should know, rather we are listening and learning intently alongside them and creatively providing unique learning experiences that truly cater for and inspire every child, every day in an Australian context for early learning. I look forward to sharing more of our work with our School community.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended and supported our Father’s Day Breakfast at the ELC on Wednesday. The turnout was equally as brilliant as the weather. These events are incredibly important in nurturing our vibrant community, and we embrace any opportunity to bring our families together.

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

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‘Tech Girls Are Superheroes’ Success

W6 Tech

Girls in Year 9 Digital Technologies have developed apps that could take them on a tour of Silicon Valley. Four teams entered the app building competition ‘Tech Girls Are Superheroes’, with three being announced as SA finalists. One team “Fünf Tech” has been invited to attend Nationals this Sunday at the Queensland University of Technology.

Their app is called V-Link and will connect retirees with not-for-profit organisations. It represent about 90 hours of work each for these students. Tech Girls Are Superheroes encourages girls aged 8 to 16 to consider a career in the STEM field.

The girls had to solve a problem in the local area and align it to one of the 17 United Nations development goals. The girls learn the basics of computer programming, coming up with a mobile app business idea, writing a business plan, testing the idea, developing a prototype and pitching it on YouTube.

This is the School’s first year in the competition which attracted 250 teams from Australia and New Zealand. Congratulations to our SA finalists, and good luck to “Fünf Tech” at Nationals!

Monique Green
Digital Technologies Teacher

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Notable Results at Prestigious Music Festival

W6 Stage Band

This year was another outstanding showing for Saints Girls in the ABODA Band and Orchestra Festival. Each year we enter several groups in the competition as it is a wonderful way for our girls to hear similar standard ensembles and enjoy the experience of performing to a different audience.

The Senior Percussion Ensemble, Developmental Band and Concert Band all received Silver awards, and the Stage Band received Gold and overall winner in their intermediate division against 17 other schools. It is our first win in this division by the Stage Band, a terrific result for all the hard work and commitment the girls have put in this year.

Congratulations to all of our performers!

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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SACE Dance Performance 2017

Enews Banner Week 6

With less than one week until this year’s SACE Dance Performance Night, rehearsals are in full swing! RAW explores the different emotional states expressed through dance. The evening features a variety of performances from the Stage 1 and 2 Dancers, as well Year 9 Dance, Drama and senior Music students. With this year being one of the biggest in the SACE Dance Program, an enthusiastic and engaged audience is required to help these incredibly talented dancers perform at their best.

“During this term, the Dance girls have been working very hard finishing and polishing all our dances ready for our moderation. Having the tarkett laid on the stage and finalising all our dances has made the reality of how soon our moderation and performance night is. I believe this has made all the dancers focus more on this subject, trying to perfect their skills and technique to be able to achieve the highest mark on the night.” – Charlotte Yandell

“SACE Dance this year has still enabled me to challenge myself physically and mentally. With Kate Burnett’s incredible choreography, I strongly believe this upcoming dance performance will defiantly be a night not to miss. The standard of dance is very high and I can’t wait to show everyone how far this group of girls has come. See you there!” – Amy Steele

The evening commences at 7pm in the Arts Centre next Thursday 7 September. Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the door. Refreshments and snacks are also available to purchase from 6.30pm. RAW is an evening not to be missed!

Shaelyn Bischoff
SACE Stage 2 Dance student

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Patteson House Dinner 2017

W6 Patteson

As a Year 12, there are many ‘lasts’. All in one year, you have your last first day of school, last Swimming Carnival, last English assignment, last Sports Day. Our last House Dinner was an event that not only Year 12s, but all Patteson students, will remember as a highlight of this year.

At 6.30pm last Friday, an amazing group of clowns, mimes, gypsies, and circus animals made their way through the popcorn arch and into the big top (a.k.a. the Arts Centre) for a night of fun, food and games. Girls had the chance to play musical ‘clown nose’ chairs, design clown costumes out of newspaper, pin the tail on the elephant and take part in the annual ‘guess the baby’ quiz.

We had a delicious dinner of wedges and burritos, followed by ice cream and doughnuts for dessert. To top off the evening, the whole House competed in an egg and spoon race, which was won by our very speedy Year 7s (looking forward to seeing you girls fly through your novelties on Sports Day!).

A huge thank you to the Year 11s for all the time and effort put towards organising this night, your weeks of planning made our last House Dinner one of the best.

Emily Keough
Patteson Deputy House Captain

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EDGE of Academic Success

St Peter’s Girls’ School encourages all students to challenge their thinking. This occurs in every classroom, every day, and is supported by our specialist teaching and learning. One of our signature programs, EDGE (Extended, Differentiated and Gifted Education), is having a real impact with individuals, small groups and entire classes.

EDGE provides rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities through enrichment, extension and acceleration across disciplines such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Philosophy, Critical Literacy and Creative Problem Solving.

The feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to strengthening vital programs such as this to help our girls reach their potential.

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Saints Girls Enjoy Thoughtful Outing

W6 PhilosothonOn Wednesday of Week 6, the St Peter’s Girls’ School Philosophy Club visited St Peter’s College to prepare for our first Philosothon later in the year. This was a great experience, as we were able to share ideas and opinions, and listen to perspectives of people we’d never met before. Many of us were shy at first being in a different environment with different people, but as the conversations progressed, everyone contributed, confidence grew and we got to know everyone in the room by their minds, not just their appearance.

We began with a couple of games to move around the room, which were designed to extend our awareness of others and our confidence. The discussions began with a stimulating thought experiment called ‘The happiness machine’. We explored the proposition that real happiness is more important than virtual happiness. The experience helped us see the way other people’s minds worked, as some ideas were those we would never have thought of, and vice versa. The discussions were excellent practice for listening and thinking carefully in a different environment, being aware of other people’s ideas and having the confidence to voice our thoughts in a respectful and constructive way. Despite being among people we had not met before, we were able to explore these complex issues with depth and clarity.
Thanks to Mr Wills and Ms Burton-Howard for taking us on this excursion. We look forward to the Saints Boys visiting us next time.
Charlotte Bleby
Year 9

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Talent Show For Worthy Causes

W6 Staff Talent Show

On Tuesday 29 August, the Year 10 Patteson and Kennion Home Groups hosted the annual House Charity Day in support of both The Little Heroes Foundation and KickStart for Kids.

While Patteson organised the staff-student talent show, Kennion was in charge of baking food to sell including brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

Well done to Sarah Pols (Year 10) for commencing the talent show with ‘Music of the Night’, followed by the ‘Not-So-Famous’ vocalists consisting of Ms Bray, Ms Davey, Ms Burton-Howard and Ms McKay, singing ‘The Teachers Argument’ from FAME – The Musical. Next up was a group of almost about eight teachers named ‘The Foxes’ who danced along to ‘What Does The Fox Say’, followed by Ms Stef who performed ‘Black Death’, a common song in history class. Well done to all the acts, especially ‘The Foxes’ for being named the overall winner, and also to Sarah Pols for winning the student award.

Excellent work by the Year 10 Patteson and Kennion girls for organising such a successful event, as the talent show and bake sale raised over $540 for the two charities. It was a very fun, entertaining day and we appreciate the support of all teachers involved and Sarah Pols for helping us to raise donations.

Ebony Lohe
Year 10 Student

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Sports Day 2017

W6 Sports Day

Friday 8 September

St Peter’s Girls will stage the annual Years 4 – 12 Sports Day Carnival at SA Athletics Stadium (previously SANTOS Stadium) at Mile End on Friday 8 September 2017. The day will begin at 8.30am and conclude by 4pm.

The Saints Sport Support Group will be running a raffle with excellent prizes on offer. They will also be selling House wristbands ($2 each) and House logo water bottles ($10), which students can purchase at the gate on the day.

With the ease of parking and close proximity to the city, we encourage you to come along and support your daughter/s.

> Parents are invited to join their daughter’s House in the first event at 9am, the House Scramble. The objective is for each House in turn to get as many participants across the line over 300m in 70 seconds.

> Parents and students can also compete in a House Rowing Challenge using ergos from 10am – 12pm.

We look forward to a sensational Sports Day and hope to see the School community join us to cheer on the athletes! A program of events will be emailed to parents prior to Sports Day.

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Year 5 Production – Disney The Lion King JR. tickets on sale!

W5 Disney The Lion King JR.

Year 5 students have been extremely busy preparing for our production of Disney The Lion King JR. in Week 10.

Wonderfully familiar songs and a joyful storyline will burst onto the St Peter’s Girls’ stage in the Arts Centre on 28 and 29 September 2017. Be quick and grab your tickets!

Ticket prices:
Adult $15
Student/concession $10
Family (2 adults/2 children) $35

Visit to book your tickets!

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Code Camp at St Peter’s Girls’ School

W4 Code Camp

St Peter’s Girls is now hosting Code Camp Spark AND Code Camp Ignite!

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark and Code Camp Ignite for students in Years 2 – 6. Code Camp runs 4 – 6 October from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark or Code Camp Ignite is $350 for three days.

Code Camp Information Flyer
Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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The Long Lunch – featuring MC George Kapiniaris!

W9 The Long Lunch

Join us on a Greek Odyssey at the St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation Long Lunch

W2 The Long Lunch George
Sunday 24 September 12 noon – 5pm
Held at a secret location on the St Peter’s Girls’ School grounds

Tickets $120
Book at

Volunteers needed

The St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation is seeking volunteers in the lead up to and at The Long Lunch. If you or a family would like to help out with set-up and food preparations on Saturday 23 September, serving at the bar during the lunch, or assisting in the Food Tech Centre on the day between 8am and 6pm, we would be extremely grateful.

If you can help, please contact Melissa Westgate via or 8334 2244.

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Golden Ticket Lottery – would you like to win $15,000 off your School fees?

Golden Ticket Enews Image

Visit to purchase your ticket in the Golden Ticket Lottery!

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Summer Sport Schedule: Week 8, 9 & 10 of Term 3

Please note that Years 7 – 12 sports commence in this period as well as trials for Aerobics. A full schedule for Term 4 will be sent out in Week 10, which will include a complete listing of sports for all year levels.

Tennis – squad training is ideally held in the mornings. Thursday is available for those in the lower grades or those who cannot attend mornings due to transport.

Rowing schedules will be provided by Director of Rowing Ben Flannagan.

If students have any questions about teams or cannot attend a designated session, they should discuss alternative arrangements with Neil Fuller (Director of Sport).

Volleyball: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Open C/D)

Basketball: 7.10am-8.10am (Open A/B)
Tennis: 7.10am-8.10am (Open squad training)
Basketball: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Middle – Years 7 – 9)
Softball: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Open A/B/C)
Rowing: 3.40pm-6.15pm (Juniors – Year 7/8)

Athletics: 7.10am – 8.10am (Years 4 – 12)
Volleyball: 7.10am-8.10am (Open A/B)
Water Polo: 7.00am-8.00am (Open A/B/C)

Tennis: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Open squad training)
Touch: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Years 7 – 11)
Volleyball: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Middle C/D – Years 7 – 9 + new players)
Water Polo: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Middle – Years 7 – 9 *Note: this term only)
Rowing: 3.40pm-6.15pm (Juniors – Year 7/8)

Athletics: 7.10am – 8.10am (Years 4 – 12)
Tennis: 7.10am-8.10am (Open squad training)
Volleyball: 7.10am-8.10am (Middle A/B)
Aerobics trials: 3.45pm-4.45pm (Years 5 – 11)

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Sports News

W6 Sport
The final round of winter sport for students in Years 7 – 12 saw many play in our first Winter Intercol against Walford. Scores of all matches between the two schools accumulated points for the overall trophy. In a close battle, it came down to Saints’ strength in badminton that saw us prevail and add to our Summer Intercol, with an overall 15 wins to 8, and 2 draws.

Congratulations to those who took part!


Wednesday 23 August
Year 6 White – Saints 28 defeated Walford 22
The team played very well, defeating Walford. They all played extremely hard in both offence and defence throughout the whole game which was close throughout. The most pleasing thing was seeing the girls put into place what they had been working on at training. – Sarah Matheson (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 16 defeated Walford 10
Overall the girls played well together this week resulting in a win. The girls showed that hard training pays off through their tight defence. A special mention to Mabel for concentrating hard on her defence skills. – Josephine Dal Pra (Coach)


Wednesday 23 August
Year 4 – Saints 20 defeated St Andrews 2
Once again, the girls got off to a great start with many great plays into attack, with excellent shooting from both Sophie and Kate. In defence, there were many great interceptions made from Nicole and Alyssa which made shooting for the other team hard. Others helped move the ball down the court well. In the second half, the girls also played very well. In attack, Grace and Emily communicated and shot well, doing some amazing passes between each other. The girls should be very happy with this win as they all played well as a team. – Chelsea Walls (Coach)

Year 2/3 – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 19
The Year 2/3 team played their second game of the season against Wilderness. While the girls lost the match, they managed to score their first goal of the season. Everyone is doing very well at learning the rules and positions on the court and the improvement each week is extremely noticeable. – Emily Braggs (Coach)


Wednesday 23 August
Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 3
The game was an unlucky end to the season for the girls. With both teams being equally skilled, it seemed that our opponents’ home ground advantage allowed them to pull away with a win. Despite the score, the girls were able to display how far they have come this season. Layne Beveridge worked exceptionally hard up the wing during this game and was able to create many chances for the girls. Additionally, Izzy Villani and Olivia Law’s hard work helped stop Wilderness dominating the midfield, and opened the game up for Saints. It’s been a pleasure being able to captain these girls this year and I hope to see them all out on the pitch next season! – Dominique Rigby (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 4
The girls started slowly and with some showing little interest in wanting to play which saw the team concede 3 goals in the first half. There was a big change at half-time and they finally started to fight for the ball and create some good scoring opportunities. Emma Matheson saved a number of shots in the second half to keep Saints in the contest while Sara Possingham made a number of creative forward runs but despite some good build-up play, Saints couldn’t convert. – Charlie Capogreco (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 5
An unfortunate end to the season but although we were dominated for most of the game, the girls didn’t give up. We still had some close chances which could’ve got us a goal or two back from them, but our finishing wasn’t up to par. Everyone still gave everything they had and fought back to try and get something out of the game. They were a tough opponent but still plenty of positives to come out of the game. – Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Year 7 – Saints 1 drew with Walford 1
The girls played exceptionally well throughout the game. They went 1-0 up right at the end of the first half and went into half-time in good spirits. They came out the second half firing. We won a penalty but unfortunately, we couldn’t convert. The match ended 1-1 after having a host of chances to win the game. I’d like to thank all the girls and congratulate them on a good season. – Kosta Bakopanos (Coach)


Friday 25 August
Year 6 – Saints 7 defeated Wilderness Blue 0
A great game from all the girls with a convincing victory, everyone had a fantastic game and the team worked very well together. Our shooting has improved a huge amount since the last game which definitely helped our success. Plenty of positives to come out of the game but also still lots to work on. – Vincent Talladira (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 7 defeated Loreto Blue 0
The team went in search of a win and attacked from the outset, scoring 2 goals in the first half. The great worked continued in the second half, adding another 5 goals based on relentless attacking pressure and some great team plays. – Charlie Caprogreco (Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 2 drew with Pulteney 2
The Year 3/4 soccer girls took the field and started at a slow pace, however the cogs were turning. The Pulteney girls managed to slot in a quick goal past Grace Stevens that seemed to catch our girls unaware. Our forwards had some chances but seemed to pass the ball to the Pulteney goalkeeper instead of manoeuvring it past her. Iszabella Lochowiak was in the mix with several possessions in a new midfield role. By half time our girls were in the unfamiliar position of being two goals down and allowing Pulteney a clean sheet. When our girls came back out after the break, they showed excellent perseverance, determination and grit. They clawed their way back into the match and nearly obtained the lead however our third goal was disallowed. Anna Venning scored another two goals to increase her season tally. Nicole Wang and Shirley Liu both played excellent games and each girl continues to improve. The Year 3/4 soccer girls’ have the next two rounds off as two byes are scheduled. Training will be held this week but will be cancelled the following week as Year 3 students will be on camp. – Mark Routley (Coach)


Saturday 26 August
Another successful week and great finish to the season for all of our teams. The A and B teams have finals on  9 September.

Results and Intercol round
A defeated Walford  4-2
Best Players: Emily Murdock, Nancy Huang, Cate Neale, Erica Reid

B defeated Walford  6-0
Best Players: Laura Sivewright, Lola Dimond, Amy Li, Charlene Lee

C defeated Walford  6-0
Best Players: Gloria Gao, Mahala Truscott, Georgia Bowden, Sophia Casanova Clarke

D1 defeated Walford  5-1
Best Players: Amelie Dunda, Tiffany Zhou, Aleisha Elliott

D2 defeated Wilderness 2     4-2
Best Players: Nicola Jones, Helen Han, Meredith Li

E1 defeated Wilderness 1   7-2
Best Players: Yujia Sun, Angela Feng, Christina Song

E2 defeated Walford    5-4
Best Players: Runze Li, Lauren Hernan

E3 defeated by Seymour   6-3
Best Players: Holly Wallman Craddock, Chi Chi Zhao

Summary of the season
The B team were undefeated, the C and D1 teams only lost one match and both were 3-3 losses, D2 and E1 won all but two of their matches, E2 won half of their matches and the E3 team showed improvement each week and were victors against Wilderness 2.
Undefeated player in singles – Laura Sivewright, Mahala Truscott, Gloria Gao, Amelie Dunda, Candy Feng, Nicola Jones, Tiffany Zhou, Yujia Sun.
Players who only lost one match – Amy Li, Lola Dimond, Sophia Casanova Clarke, Meredith Li, Ashleigh Rogers and Christina Song.

I would like to congratulate our captain Emily Murdock for the leadership, assistance in coaching and support she has shown to all of our players. Playing at number one in the A team is a difficult position especially when she is required to play State team members. Emily won more than half of her matches. Good luck to our A and B teams on 9 September and hopefully we can win the B grade shield for the 6th time in a row! – Sonya Risbey (Badminton Coordinator)


Saturday 26 August
Open A – Saints 4 defeated Walford 2
This final game was an important one for all the girls as it was an Intercol match and the last game for our four Year 12 girls. Everyone played their absolute best and were sure to put 100% out on the field. In the first couple of minutes of the game, Jemimah Simpson scored a fantastic goal by carrying the ball all the way down the field and using her speed to pass the Walford defenders. For the first half of the game it was very close as Walford were able to match our score until it was 2-2 by half-time. Going into the second half, Saints were determined to keep the up and hopefully win the game. We managed to score another two goals in the second half to win the game. Another girl who played really well was Poppie Goldsmith, who scored one of our goals in the second half. All of the girls played an amazing game and ended the season on a high. – Lara Khoury (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 drew with Walford 1
The Bs continued their consistent form with another tight game, eventually drawing with Walford. Some excellent passing through the midfield with Amelie Eaton and Lucy Steele-Scott combining for a 1-2 set up, some close attempts with a great chase down from Georgina Keough eventually ending in a goal to Annabelle Black. Walford were able to even the match with a goal of their own before the last few minutes were played at a high intensity as both teams chased a goal to seal the match. It was excellent to see the improvement of many of the girls in this last game of the year, especially Alice Reid in goals and Olivia Tenten up forward. – Sophie Fry (Coach)


Saturday 26 August
Under 15 – Saints 13 defeated Woodville 1
Saints put up a strong fight from the beginning, with the defence doing particularly well throughout the game. Terrific teamwork from everyone led to moving the ball up and down the field with ease. The attackers of Portia Maerschel, Hattie Maerschel, Millie Wilkin and Chelsea Walls combined as an exceptionally strong unit with a total of 13 goals. A special mention goes to Abbie Lisle for her great field work and consistent efforts to get the ball. The girls should be very proud of themselves for putting up an excellent game to the Woodville Warriors. Well done guys! – Isabelle Norman 

Under 11 – Saints Blue 1 defeated by East Torrens Payneham 9
It was a fast-paced match on Saturday with many turnovers but all of the girls did well at running up and down the field. In defence, Serae Stolcman (Year 3) caused some of these turnovers with holding her stick up. Madison Dornbusch (Year 3) and Savannah Walls (Year 3) did a great job at running confidently with the ball. Hayley Webb (Year 3) and Sophie Lively (Year 3) never gave up when fighting for ground balls, which helped them successfully scoop up the ball. In the second half the girls worked on sticking with one of the opposition players in defence and defending them with their stick straight in the air. Several girls had shots on the goal but missed ever so slightly. The girls did much better in the second half, especially in defence as the opposition shot much fewer goals. Elizabeth McKernan (Year 4) was goalie for the match and saved a number of shots. Goal scorer was Madison. The girls put in a good effort against an experienced team. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 – Saints White 0 defeated by Wilderness Blue 6
This week the Under 11 White lacrosse team played against Wilderness Blue. Unfortunately, they lost 0-6, but despite this score, it was an exceptional effort from the girls as they were playing against a far more experienced team. This was an excellent opportunity for the girls to improve their skills and their developing skills particularly in defending. Congratulations to all of these girls for working incredibly hard and for maintaining such great teamwork. The regular coach, Courtney, was away this week, however she will return later this week to coach the team on Saturday. – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Saturday 26 August
Open A – Saints 46 defeated Walford 32
The Open A netball team concluded their season on a high, winning the first ever Intercol game against Walford. This was a hard-fought match with both teams being within a goal of each other for the first half. All girls worked together as a team, backing each other up with rebounds, touches on the ball and intercepts. This team effort resulted in great play by the girls. Special mention should be made of Holly Cunningham and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith, whose determination and drive in the mid-court assisted with clean ball movement and transition from defence to attack. The girls have remained competitive throughout the season and finished in third place overall, close behind Immanuel and Westminster. This is a huge improvement from previous years and the girls should be proud of their efforts. – Sophie Freeman and Abbey Goodwin (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 44 defeated by Walford 48
The Open B girls had a close contest against Walford in their last game of the season. They started the game strongly with all the girls having an impact, seeing them win the first quarter. In the second quarter, Walford picked up their intensity and things started to get a bit tougher. Jessie Rundle was continually creating turnovers to keep the girls in the game. Nikki Miller was a strong target under the post and Brooke Elliott was working the front cut well. The last quarter saw the girls go down by 4 goals. Although the girls didn’t get the win, they played their best game of the season and should now look forward to pushing for ‘A’ selection next year.  – Alex Walker (Coach)

Open E (Year 12) – Saints 46 defeated Walford 17
This week’s game was a very exciting and successful Intercol encounter against Walford! The girls played an amazing last game, finishing off our School netball on a high. Thank you to Grace Dawson for filling in for us and playing exceptionally well in defence, making a number of turnovers.  – Emma Mockridge 

Open E (Year 11) – Saints 41 defeated Walford 12
Fantastic game to finish a very successful season. So much improvement from every member of the team. Special mention to the girls who played out of position in defence this week, you were all fabulous. – Jo Knapp (Coach)

Year 10A – Saints 23 defeated by Walford 34
Our last game was highly competitive against Walford. Both teams battled hard for the win, with scores remaining close for the first half, but due to illness and a ball to Hannah’s face, we had players playing out of position which meant that Walford pulled away with the win. I was very proud of the sportsmanship and team the 10As presented on Saturday morning, they were understanding when positions needed to be swapped around and were gracious in their defeat. A great end to a tough season. – Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10B – Saints 23 defeated by Walford 33
Although going down, the girls played their strongest game and indicated just how much they have improved over the season! The determination and drive possessed by the entire team did not go unnoticed by the Coach, umpires or parents, and their teamwork and effort are to be commended. I am so proud of how far this game has proved the girls have come and they should all feel very accomplished. Best players were Sarah Carrodus, Neve McCormack and Brooke Weymouth for another successful game in all aspects. – Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 45 defeated Walford 20
Walford were strong from the start and we could tell they wanted to win badly. At quarter-time, we knew we could play so much better and had to think how much we wanted to win. The second quarter was a vast improvement as our awesome defenders conceded only 2 goals, allowing us to win the quarter by 20 goals. Staying focused and playing exceptionally well in the third quarter, we maintained our lead and this continued into the last quarter. It was an amazing team effort from all the girls. – Tesse Parker 

Year 9B – Saints 37 defeated Walford 32
The 9Bs had a remarkable win against Walford this week. It was a close game with Walford getting a better start in the first quarter to lead by 3 goals. Saints didn’t give up and in the second and third quarters turned the deficit into a 4-goal lead. Leaving everything on the court for the last game of the season, the win was made possible by Lucy Young’s outstanding intercept of the ball, and Clair Kao, Emma Matheson and Charlotte Sellars’ goal work. Our strength was in our attacking team which created an easy, fast ball play straight into the goal circle. Likewise, we had many strong centre passes enabling us to be in front of the opposition. The Bs really bonded as a team this season and this was reflected on the court with our teamwork. Overall, we ended the season on a high with an incredible win. Great work girls! – Zara Stefani 

Year 9/10C – Saints 19 defeated by Walford 29
The team played their final game of the season against Walford and displayed a very solid effort, keeping up with the opposition for most of the match. The girls did very well to adapt to new positions as we were lacking in defenders and shooters. Although the girls didn’t win too many games this season, they improved significantly and always came out with a great attitude. – Emily Braggs (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 31 defeated Walford 23
The girls played an outstanding game against Walford this week. Individually, each of the girls worked extremely hard to stay on their player and apply defensive pressure. On top of this, everyone worked very well as a team and the support shown on court was fantastic. Ending the season with a win was great and the girls should be proud. It has been a pleasure coaching this team, they have continued to improve and I am so proud of them all. – Amy Wishart (Coach)

Year 8B – Saints 25 defeated by Walford 42
The girls should be so proud to end the season with a fight. Their strong defence, leading in front and strong passing into attack paid off when they were up at half-time. Even though the other team came back with the win, the girls kept fighting and never gave up. Best players were Keely Flannagan and Emeshe Robson for their strong defence and for improving so much for their final game this season. Overall, the girls have improved immensely and the hard work has paid off this season. It was a privilege coaching them.
– Sophia West (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 39 defeated Walford 20
The 7A netball team finished their season with a win against Walford. It was great to see all their hard work in trainings on display in their final game with perfect ball movement down the court and fantastic teamwork. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach this young team and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve in future years. – Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 28 defeated Walford 15
The girls finished their season with an outstanding game and a great win. All parts of the court were strong and worked on specific areas and skills we have been working on to play a great game. Defence worked hard to cause many turnovers, allowing our shooters to score. Even with a tall goal shooter on the opposition, the defenders were able to keep the ball away from her. Thank you to the girls who were willing to play out of position, even if it was at the other end of the court. All of the girls should be very happy with their efforts throughout the season and how much their skills have improved.  – Georgia Naughton (Coach)

Year 7C – Saints 4 defeated by Concordia 27
The 7Cs had a tough match for their final game. With three team members unable to play, each girl was required to play a four-quarter game. The girls showed spirit and determination, without letting the score get in the way of their efforts. I am so proud of how far every girl has come, with each one improving significantly from the first match of the season. It has been an absolutely pleasure to coach this team and I wish them the best in their future netball endeavours! – Sarah Miller (Coach)

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