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From Our Head of Junior School

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We recognise the importance of reconciliation every day at Saints Girls, but National Reconciliation Week provides a point-in-time opportunity for focused attention. This year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week, ‘Be a Voice for Generations’, encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in our everyday lives. Junior School students and staff continued to develop their understanding about reconciliation in numerous ways this week. These are just some of them:

Reception students began their music lessons this week by singing an Indigenous song called Ngaya Naba which means ‘my family’ or ‘our family’. The girls played along with their non-tuned percussion instruments. They also listened to the sounds of the didgeridoo.

During PE lessons, Reception, Year 1 and 2 students learned about different traditional Indigenous Games. They were taught the story and background of several different games such as Parndo, Mer Kai and Wana.

Year 1 students shared an Aboriginal story each day this week and have been learning Kaurna greetings. Students have been observing changes in the sky and landscape and drawing on First Nations knowledge of Aboriginal Astronomy and Kaurna seasons to expand their learning. They are building an understanding of the importance of The Acknowledgement of Country by exploring the natural, constructed, and managed environments at School and in Bell Yett Reserve, and by considering ways they can care for places.

Our Year 2 EAL/D (English as an additional language or dialect) students investigated the Australian ‘Kutika’ Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo this week. After sharing a book about ‘Kutika’ they asked questions and provided explanations about the relevance of the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo as a Kaurna symbol; and learned how across Australia the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo is intertwined in Indigenous histories, cultures and languages.

The Year 3s have been learning about the significance of Reconciliation Week through class discussions, videos and picture books. After exploring the meaning of the Australian Aboriginal flag together, the 3SMU girls created their own depiction of the flag, conveying the meaning of each colour symbolically through their artwork. The 3MOMC students read ‘Finding our Heart’ and discussed the Uluru Statement. They discussed the meaning of the word ‘reconciliation’ and how we can all be a voice and heart for ‘bringing together’. They created a collaborative artwork to symbolise this concept.

The Library has been a hub for deep learning about Reconciliation across the year levels.
Through a selection of picture books by indigenous authors, the Year 1 classes worked towards a better understanding of what ‘reconciliation’ means. They also discussed how our School acknowledgement, in both Kaurna and English, brings together two languages.

The Year 4 library classes investigated reasons for the inclusion of different features in Welcome to Country ceremonies that they had seen. Discussing the information on cards from the ‘Our Land Our Stories’ series, viewing Aunty Joy Murphy read her book ‘Welcome to Country’ and reading from the book ‘Come Together’ by indigenous musician Isaiah Firebrace, all helped to clarify different perspectives and thoughts.

Year 5 library lessons were aimed at increasing understanding of the Stolen Generations through watching a video of Archie Roach’s autobiographical song, ‘Took the Children Away’, followed by the Adam Briggs tribute song to Roach, ‘The Children Came Back’. Students compared the lyrics and mood of the songs, then discussed how the songs viewed the past, present and future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They created collections of words and phrases that they felt linked these songs to Reconciliation Week.

Year 6 classes watched video clips during their library lessons relating to events marking the start and end dates for Reconciliation Week, and considered their significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. May 27 is the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum that resulted in changes to the Constitution, and 3 June is Mabo Day commemorating an historic legal land rights decision. They also viewed parts of the 2008 Apology to Indigenous Peoples and discussed its connection to the upcoming Australian Indigenous Voice Referendum.

In Art lessons, the journey into Reconciliation Week began last week, with Mya Damon, a Ballardon-Nyoongar (WA) artist, visiting for a full day to work with Year 5 and 6 students. Mya shared her artwork and told some of the stories behind them. Many topics were discussed, including what makes a community, the purpose of Reconciliation Week, and the 2023 Referendum. Mya shared some signs and symbols from her mob and encouraged the students to design similar symbols that represent a special community or a symbol that represents themselves. Mya then helped students add these to seven large collaborative paintings. We are delighted to have Mya back next term to help us finish painting the canvases.

It wasn’t just students expanding their understanding and developing their appreciation of local Aboriginal culture and connection to land this week. Junior School teachers enjoyed a very informative investigation of the features and plants of Ferguson Park. ELC teacher Nell Tierney shared some of the wonderful learning she had acquired through working with Kaurna Elder, Uncle Tamaru, and explained properties and uses of some of the plants, known to Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

We encourage families to talk with students about their learning during Reconciliation Week, and to find opportunities to continue these conversations throughout the year.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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The Countdown to Matilda the Musical Begins!

You might know the story of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. You might have seen the 1996 movie starring a young Mara Wilson, or the 2022 musical on Netflix. You might even have been lucky enough to see Matilda live on stage. But let me tell you – our Matilda, featuring over 70 students on stage and supported by over 30 more in the band and behind the scenes, is a whole new level of magic!

The School Musical is held every two years. Matilda will be the third production I have had the pleasure of being involved with and each year I don’t think the standard can get any better – but the bar just keeps getting raised higher and higher! The talent pool here at Saints Girls is just huge. Auditions were an absolute delight – watching and listening to an extraordinary group of girls made casting such a difficult task. If only there were more parts!

Our younger students in particular really excited us, giving us so much confidence in the continuing growth of the Arts Programs at our school. Since then, we have been hard at work singing, dancing, playing, creating, sewing, painting and organising our way to excellence and we are almost ready to present to you our spectacular production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.

We have a stellar cast and crew, featuring some of Saints Girls’ most talented singers, dancers, actors and musicians. One of the best things about working with these girls is their ability to use their initiative, be resourceful, and take ownership of their work. You will see many outstanding dance pieces choreographed by our Assistant Choreographer and Year 12 student, Amelie Zacharia Henley, scenes self-directed by the actors, and costumes selected and made by the ensemble themselves.

This is one of the things I am most proud of – the way our musical is truly a product of the hard work and creativity of our staff and students. Putting on a Musical is an absolutely massive task. Our staff have put in hundreds of hours of work to ensure that what you’re going to see on stage next week is the absolute best piece of musical theatre it could be, so I want to give a shout out to the incredible talent of Kate Burnett, Sally Rounsevell, Joni Combe, Scott Lorien and Kirsten Mansfield. The talented cast – particularly ‘Matilda’ (played by the extraordinarily talented Maddy Schroeter) and her classmates – have also dedicated many extra hours outside of ‘normal’ rehearsals to perfect choreography and singing.

Please join us on June 7, 8 and 9 to experience St Peter’s Girls’ present Matilda the Musical. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Kat Kitching
Producer and Co-Director 

Matinee Performance: 8 June, 1pm
Evening Performances: 7, 8 & 9 June, 7pm
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School 

To secure your tickets – click here

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical
Book by Dennis Kelly
Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin
Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).
All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.
Orchestrations and Additional Music – Chris Nightingale.

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SACE Stage 2 Dancers Take Centre Stage

Well done to our SACE Stage 2 Dance Choreographers on their stunning performance of ‘CREATE23.’

The students worked tirelessly to develop their own dance pieces for assessment, choosing a theme to form their choreography around. Students were able to select external dancers or use themselves in their dance.

A special mention goes to the Year 9 and 10 dancers also involved in this performance. It was a wonderful evening for the dance community in supporting our students and their creative work!

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts


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Ethics Students Raise Their Voice

Last Wednesday, eight of our Senior School students represented St Peter’s Girls in the state Ethics Olympiad. The Ethics Olympiad is an excellent opportunity to discuss current ethical issues in our society and collaborate with teams from other schools to answer a set of questions about these dilemmas.

Both senior teams worked extremely hard in preparation for this event, familiarising ourselves with the eight ethical cases and building up knowledge and research, enabling us to discuss the issues from many perspectives. This effort is reflected in the results with our team of Year 12 students placing 1st, and our Year 7 – 11 team placing 4th. The girls are congratulated on their fantastic achievement and hope to continue their success in the National Ethics Olympiad in July.

Madison Liddy
Year 12 student

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Beating Plastic for Environment Day

On Monday 5 June we will celebrate World Environment Day, a day where people take the opportunity to actively and consciously support the environment. This year’s theme focusses on solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution.

The World Environment Day website states, ‘The world is being inundated by plastic. More than 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year, half of which is designed to be used only once. Of that, less than 10% is recycled. An estimated 19-23 million tonnes end up in lakes, rivers and seas. Today, plastic clogs our landfills, leaches into the ocean and is combusted into toxic smoke, making it one of the gravest threats to the planet.’

Additionally, microplastics always find their way into the food we eat, our drinking water and even the air we breathe. Many plastic products contain extremely harmful and dangerous additives, which absolutely poses a threat to our health now and in the future.

Luckily, many scientists around the world are working on solutions to tackle this issue, and a lot is already happening. What we need the most now is a surge of public and political support to help speed up actions from governments and companies to solve this crisis. This highlights the importance of this World Environment Day commencing action from every corner of the world.

World Environment Day 2023 will showcase how countries, businesses and individuals are learning to use materials around the world more sustainably, offering hope that one day, plastic pollution will be history.

The Environment Club provide all students the opportunity to collect plastic recyclable items at school, as picture above.

Labrini Psaltis, Grace Brockhouse, Elaine Chen
Environment Club Members

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Year 3s Historical Library Learnings

The Year 3 classes recently visited the Burnside Library for some educational sessions.

With the guidance of a History and Cultural Officer, we first viewed some treasures from the Local History room, including past maps, books, objects and newspapers related to the Burnside district. This linked with our Unit of Inquiry ‘Where we are in place and time’ and deepened our understanding of primary and secondary sources of information.

For our second session, we met author Corinne Fenton, who shared her writing and research processes involved in creating some of her picture books. In honour of May being History month, Corinne also described the historical background behind some of her stories. We had many questions and Corinne was kind enough to answer these with detailed responses and interesting anecdotes.

Louisa Mitchell
Junior School Teacher Librarian

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EDGE Girls Launch into STEM Workshop

Last Monday the Year 7 EDGE girls took part in a workshop run by the University of Adelaide. We learnt about rockets and the scientific methods and reasoning involved in simple and complex rockets which we really enjoyed as we are studying STEM as our focus this term.

We started off learning about the different types of rockets – I hadn’t realised how simple rockets could be! Did you know that by blowing up a balloon and then releasing it you are creating a rocket? We explored Newtons Laws of Motion and the forces required when sending a rocket off into space, then we looked at the companies and programs involved in space exploration.

Our main task for this lesson, however, was to create a rocket with a skewer and a matchstick-head rolled in foil. The chemical reaction in the matchstick created a gas which built up in the foil and, when it released, the foil was propelled by the built up gases.

This workshop was very engaging and it was a great team activity as everyone was really involved and became quite competitive!

Luci Trengove
Year 7 student

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Performing Arts Dinner Highlights

Last Friday evening, we held the inaugural Performing Arts Dinner in our Arts Centre. It was an amazing and successful evening, with delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere made up of Performing Arts students, parents and staff, with the assistance of our wonderful DJ, Angus Brill-Reed providing the music.

We were lucky enough to hear from industry guest speakers; Rachael Beck (singer/actress), Zoe Komazec (Mary Poppins the Musical), Jack Ziesing (Stephanie Lake Dance Company) and our very own Izzy Norman (Patteson 2020, Bachelor of Music), all providing some insight into their career pathways and journey throughout the Performing Arts industry.

We also enjoyed fantastic live performances throughout the night including Old Scholar Alex De Porteous (Patteson 2016) who shared her beautiful voice with us.

My (Zara) highlight from the night was our amazing Staff band, who blew everyone away with their renditions of ‘Flowers’ by Miles Cyrus and ‘Ease on Down the Road’ by Charlie Smalls.

I (Amelie) thought it was wonderful to see the bond between some of our oldest and youngest Performing Arts girls celebrating the community we love.

It was a perfect way to celebrate our Performing Arts within the school community, hear from industry professionals and hit the dance floor together! We are so grateful to everyone who supported us with this evening, it was a very special night. Thank you also to the Friends of the Arts for their continued support.

Zara Blight and Amelia Zacharia Henley
Performing Arts Captains

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Year 8 Traders Top of Their ASX Game

We are so proud of our Year 8 Futures students who recently completed the national ASX Sharemarket Game. The game attracts participants across Australia providing a risk-free platform to hone their trading skills.

Organised with the aim of promoting financial literacy, the competition creates a vibrant community of traders sharing insights and experiences. It proved to be an invaluable learning experience for all involved, empowering individuals to understand market dynamics and make informed investment choices.

After two months of competing, the ASX Sharemarket Game has concluded and the top three traders within St Peter’s Girls’ School are:

1. First Place: Madeleine Andrejewskis
• Ending Portfolio Value: $54,832.17
• ROI: 9.66%
• Strategy: Madeleine went above and beyond and sought the advice from a financial planner, following their advice. Luckily, her advisor didn’t let her down.

2. Second Place: Lily Forby
• Ending Portfolio Value: $53,275.20
• ROI: 6.6%
• Strategy: Lily looked at the historical data and trends for each company and read some news about whether the company would continue to be popular. If she felt that it would be, she bought shares.

3. Third Place: Abbey Phillips
• Ending Portfolio Value: $53,207.00
• ROI: 6.414%
• Strategy: Abbey chose a strategy of random luck. Fortunately, it paid off … this time.

Please join me in congratulating these girls and all the girls in Year 8 on their participation in the Sharemarket Game.

Kyle Martelle
Futures Coordinator

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Saints Girls fly to Neverland with Peter Pan

We’re excited for the Saints Girls who’ll be appearing in the classic tale of PETER PAN by Shane Davidson Presents in June.

Come with Peter Pan, Wendy and her brothers John and Michael, as they fly into Neverland where they meet the Lost Boys, and the infamous Captain Hook. Wendy enjoys meeting the mermaids from the lagoon and making friends with the strong girl, Tiger Lily, where, with Peter’s help, they take on the pirate crew before returning home.

This classic play will delight all ages. Come along to one of our four performances.

Venue: Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden St, Hindmarsh
Dates: Friday 2 June (7pm) and Saturday 3 June (1pm, 4pm and 7pm)
Tickets: $25 via TryBooking – click here

Shane Davidson
Year 5 Teacher

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Spread Drive Supporting KickStart for Kids

This term, Junior School students are invited to participate in the KickStart for Kids Breakfast Spread Drive. This drive is an initiative organised as a collaborative project between a group of Year 12 students and the Year 6 Student Ambassadors. It is aimed at raising awareness about other children in our community and the work of KickStart for Kids.

KickStart for Kids is a South Australian organisation that aims to create an equal chance for all children to succeed in life. They run breakfast and lunch programs to provide meals for children who go to school hungry. Students are better able to focus, interact with others, and perform well in class when they have eaten nutritious meals.

KickStart for Kids relies on contributions from the community. So, we invite Junior School students to bring in breakfast spreads, such as jams, Vegemite and honey to support this organisation and support the children who benefit from their programs. Please don’t bring products that contain nuts. There will be a collection box located near the Junior School Library from next week until the end of the term.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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STEMLICIOUS: Nourishing your Future

In 2 weeks, the Gym transforms into the STEMLicious Arena: Ignite Your STEM Career Path!

Girls, are you ready to seize your future? With the upcoming STEM Careers Event, now is the time to ignite your curiosity, challenge your thinking, and dream of the remarkable possibilities that a career in STEM can offer.

Women comprise just under half Australia’s workforce but remain significantly underrepresented in STEM careers. A STEM career isn’t just about equations and experiments—it’s about improving the world. Women like Professor Lisa Butler, Dr Rebecca Vivian, and Professor Maria Parappilly exemplify the power and potential women bring to STEM fields.

This exciting event is not just about hearing inspirational stories from accomplished women. It’s an opportunity to envision a clearer and bolder vision for yourselves in STEM. Let’s fill the void, break the norms, and stand tall in a field that is not just for men but also intelligent, innovative, and hardworking women like you. Together, we can change the narrative. We look forward to seeing you at the STEM Careers Event—our future STEM leaders.

We are thrilled to announce that St Peter’s Girls’ School will host a crucial STEM Careers
Event. This exciting lunchtime gathering on is set to inspire our Year 9 – 12 students and broaden their horizons in the dynamic world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Thursday 15 June (Week 8)
Gym, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Year 9 – 12 students

Meet some of our STEM Mentors:

Joining us will be Maria Parappilly OAM, a renowned Professor of Physics at Flinders University and the Director of the STEM Enrichment Academy. Professor Parappilly’s commitment to enriching STEM education is truly inspiring, and her experience will undoubtedly ignite the interest of our young women.

One of the eminent personalities joining us is Professor Lisa Butler, a leading researcher in the field of prostate and breast cancer at SAHMRI. Professor Butler’s internationally recognised work focuses on combating prostate cancer, developing innovative treatment response biomarkers, and testing new prostate cancer drugs. Her life’s work not only displays a fascinating story of success and dedication but also emphasises the profound impact women can make in the scientific and medical world.

Dr Sarah Keenihan, is a writer and editor specialising in science, technology, medicine and other complex fields. She works on a freelance and contract basis with clients in universities, government, the media and private sector.

Dr Eleanor Need, is an experienced auditor with a focus on public sector accounting. She has an extensive background in medical research, including critical analysis, written and oral communications and problem solving.

Marissa Bond is a Chief Technology Officer, STEM Communicator, qualified teacher, and  the fearless leader behind Lumination’s software development team. With over 15 years of experience and a PhD in hand, she’s at the cutting edge of crafting immersive, future-forward educational solutions. Leveraging emerging technologies, she helps schools and workplaces embrace innovation. Get ready to explore how her ground-breaking software is shaping the future and empowering learners.

We really hope you can join us in Week 8.

Melissa O’Loughlin (STEM Innovation Leader), Sophie Dolling (Scientist in Residence) and Carolyn Farr (IB Diploma Coordinator/Careers Coordinator/Mathematics Teacher)

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Piano Eisteddfod – Register Now

On Thursday 22 June in Week 9 of Term 2, the Arts Department will hold St Peter’s Girls’ Piano Eisteddfod. It is open to all Junior and Middle School students who play piano. Parents are welcome to attend, and the time of each student’s performance will be communicated to families.

Girls will have the opportunity to perform a piece to a panel of judges, who will critique their performance based on accuracy, technique and musicality for their specific music level. This is a great opportunity for girls to perform in a supportive environment and receive some valuable feedback.

Girls are asked to play one piece that best displays their musicality and technical ability at their own musical level. There will be no minimum or maximum time limit. While the Eisteddfod provides our top piano players with a platform to perform, the aim is to give performers of all levels the opportunity to participate.

A Piano Recital will be held on Thursday 29 June at 6pm. Students will be chosen from the Eisteddfod performers who show confidence and a high level of musicianship. Selected recital students will be notified by email.

If your daughter would like to be involved, please complete and return the Piano Eisteddfod Consent Form by Tuesday 13 June. Girls can collect the form from the Arts Office or you can download it via the link below. Students will later receive their time slot to perform in the Eisteddfod.

Download the Piano Eisteddfod Consent Form

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Confirmation Eucharist – Term 3

Within the Anglican Church, Confirmation is a time for an individual to take on the promises made on their behalf by their parents at their baptism. Simply put, Confirmation is a public declaration of your faith.

This year we will be holding a Confirmation Eucharist in Term 3, where Bishop Denise will be confirming students who wish to be involved. Preparation classes will be held in Terms 2 and 3 in the lead up to this service. These classes will cover the basics of Christianity and explore the promises the students will be making.

Confirmation is available for students in Year 7 and above.

If your daughter is interested in being Confirmed, or you have any questions, please contact me via Further details about the Confirmation process and the service are to come.

Thomas Bassett
School Chaplain

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COVID-19 Information

Please find the latest guidance from SA Health:

  • It is strongly recommended that students stay home if they have cold or flu-like
    symptoms, and test for COVID-19.
  • Whether they receive a positive or negative result, they should stay home until symptoms subside (usually five to seven days).
  • It is strongly recommended that parents/guardians inform the School if a student is a
    close contact. For further advice regarding close contacts, click here
  • While face masks are no longer mandated, they are an important physical barrier to help stop the spread of COVID, particularly when indoors.

If your child tests positive to COVID-19, please inform the School. Please also notify the School each day of absence, or provide the expected period of absence.

You can notify us via one of the following methods. Please include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group. If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.


Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

Phone: 8334 2200

For more SA Health information, click here

Please note that if your child is unwell, they should remain home until they have recovered, irrespective of the illness.

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School Medical Information Reminder

It is imperative that all medical information, including immunisations, is up to date on the School’s myLink parent portal.

Please follow this pathway to check and/or update details: myLink > Community Portal > My Details > select child name

If you have any questions, please email

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Absences from School

If your child will not be attending school/ELC due to illness or otherwise, please notify the School via one of the methods below.

Please include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group, along with the reason for the absence as the School requires this for government reporting purposes.

If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Reconciliation Round

In Weeks 5 and 6, IGSSA (Independent Girls’ Schools Sporting Association) is celebrating Reconciliation Round. Each IGSSA school is encouraged to celebrate these rounds in their own way. Saints chose to do the following:

• Indigenous ribbons were provided to all Year 3 – 12 teams to wear during these rounds
• Our teams lined up facing the opposition at the start of the game and recited our Indigenous acknowledgement
• At the conclusion of the game, our coach presented the best player from the opposition team with a Best Player medal
• Teams came together and had a team photo post-match

Our Sports Captains have further celebrated Reconciliation Round by decorating the school with themed balloons, streamers and Reconciliation Sport Posters.

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2023, ‘Be a Voice for Generations’, encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives – where we live, work, socialise and play sport.

Links to further information, facts, posters, social tiles and other resources from Reconciliation Australia are available at National Reconciliation Week – Reconciliation Australia.

Alice Johnswood
Sports Administrator



Open A: Saints (0) v Scotch (75)
Year 7-10: Saints (6) v Scotch (34)


Open A: Saints (3) v Wilderness A (3)
Open B Blue: Saints (1) v Wilderness A (5)
Open B White: Saints (6) v Walford B (0)
Open C Blue: Saints (6) v Walford C (0)
Open C White: Saints (3) v Wilderness C3 (3)
Open D Blue: Saints (2) v Walford D (4)
Open D White: BYE


Junior School
Year 3/4: Saints Blue (18) v Saints White (16)
Best Players: Winnie Christo and Maggie Will
Super Woman: Emma Brooks – for playing excellent defence and scoring the winning shot in the last minute of the game


1st – Isla Fahey
2nd – Malaika McLeod
3rd – Daisy Braithwaite
4th – Ava Field
7th – Alice Braithwaite

Overall points: 81


Open: Saints (2) v Seymour (8)

Junior School
Year 4 – 6: Saints (1) v Wilderness 5/6 (2)


U13 Blue: Saints Blue (13) v Glenelg Blackhawks (3)
Best Player: Chelsea Francis
Super Women: Neela M and Millie Lively for fighting hard on the groundballs and always being free for the next pass
U13 White: Saints White (4) v Eagles (12)


Senior School
Premier League: Saints (22) v Scotch Open A (43)
Premier League Reserves: Saints (17) v Scotch Open B (57)
Open A: Saints (16) v Scotch Open C (50)
Open B: Saints (12) v Scotch Open D (52)
Open E: Saints (43) v Seymour Y10 E (34)

Middle School
Year 9A: Saints (18) v Scotch Y9 A (21)
Year 9B: Saints (18) v Scotch Y9 B (36)
Year 8A: Saints (22) v Scotch Y8 A (42)
Best Player: Maddison Sims
Super Woman: Lauren Fuller
Year 8B: Saints (19) v Scotch Y8 B (34)
Best Player: Baye Reynolds
Super Woman: Ruby Marschall
Year 8C: Saints (10) v Scotch Y8 C2 (36)
Year 7A: Saints (35) v Scotch Y7 A (16)
Year 7B: Saints (9) v Scotch Y7 B (23)
Year 7C: Saints 7C (15) v Concordia Y7C1 (21)
Year 7D: Saints 7D (13) v Concordia Y7C2 (32)

Junior School
Year 6 Blue: Saints (25) v Pembroke White (4)
Best Player: Ruby Pahuja – Ruby’s positive attitude coupled with constant movement helped the team transfer the play from mid field to the goal circle with ease.
Super Woman: Bessie Kennett – Bessie displayed positivity, improved stamina and increased defensive pressure this week to help the team keep the majority of play forward of centre.
Year 6 White: Saints (6) v Pembroke Blue (7)
Best Player: Laura Akeel
Super Woman: Wizzy Layton
Year 5/6 Silver: Saints (23) v Pembroke Green (13)
Best Player: Violet Tulloch – for her tight defence, rebounds and centre court efforts.
Super Woman: Mimi Birmingham – for her excellent leading and great work in shooting.
Year 5 Blue: Saints (5) v Pembroke Yellow (17)
Year 5 White: Saints (0) v Pembroke Red (29)
Best Player: Elise Fuller
Year 4 Blue: Saints (8) v Immanuel (11)
Year 4 White: Saints (3) v Concordia (8)
Best Player: Ava Duldig


Senior School
Premier League: Saints (1) v Seymour PL (6)
Best Player: Grace Beaumont – huge display in goals, saved multiple shots on goal, showed great courage, and did not hesitate to charge out of goals and claim loose balls.
Super Woman: Bella Sander-Wills – in her first game with the Open As, Bella slotted in defence and played like one of our most experienced team members.

Middle School
Middle A: Saints (3) v Wilderness A (2)
Best Player: Natalia DiMauro
Super Woman: Mila Fassina
Middle B: Saints (1) v Wilderness B White (5)
Best Player: Jackie Balasis

Junior School
Year 5/6 Blue: Saints (0) v Loreto (7)
Best Player: Natalia Quinn
Super Woman: Lily Shean
Year 5/6 White: Saints (1) v Pulteney Navy (4)
Year 3/4: Saints (4) v Loreto (1)
Best Player: Claire Lucas – Claire great start with two goals in the first half and a terrific effort as goalkeeper in the second half.
Super Woman: Hazel Bigg – Hazel never stopped running and applied feedback excellently.

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