Enews – Week 6, Term 1 2017

Issue no. 6

From the Head of Junior School

Suzanne HaddyExcellent schools constantly evaluate what they do, and as a consequence, evolve and change in order to improve the outcomes for students. Last year in the Junior School, this evolution saw the establishment of the Intensive Languages Program, the addition to our Learning Strategies team of a Coordinator of EDGE (Enrichment, Differentiation and Gifted Education), some early expansion of our digital technologies programs, and the introduction of the online learning portal, Canvas. In readiness for the beginning of the new school year, we enhanced our physical spaces by refurnishing and refurbishing some of the Junior Primary and Year 3 classrooms, and we have created a new covered sandpit and swing area adjacent to the oval.

This year in the Junior School we will be continuing to progress and excel, with the introduction of a few key initiatives.

The first is the introduction of three Year Level Coordinators across the Junior School. These three teachers will assist in developing the direction of our curriculum and wellbeing programs, liaise with teachers, help with organisational aspects of the Junior School, and be an additional person who will know your daughter. Our Coordinator of Reception and Year 1 is Mrs Louise Davies; overseeing Years 2, 3 and 4 is Ms Rebecca Dillon; and the Coordinator for Years 5 and 6 is Ms Shelley Hampton.

The second initiative is the introduction of additional teachers in Years 4, 5 and 6 to teach Mathematics. This is an exciting opportunity, by which students in these three year levels will be able to work in smaller groups for three Mathematics lessons per week. We will form these groups based on the students’ initial understanding of the upcoming units of work, forming two ‘core’ groups and a ‘core plus’ group. The groups will be fluid throughout the year. Students will be taught during these three lessons either by their class teacher or one of the other teachers of Years 4, 5 and 6. This structure will enhance how well we target students’ needs in Mathematics, whether it be that they are struggling with some areas, working capably at year level, or have advanced skills and understandings. For the other Mathematics lessons, in addition to these three lessons each week, girls will work with their class groups and class teacher, still with differentiated teaching, and will have opportunities to work at their skill and ability level.

While this is happening, we will be introducing Mind Lab in Reception and Years 1, 2 and 3. The Mind Lab methodology uses hands-on strategy board games to develop cognitive, social, emotional and ethical thinking skills that span all learning areas, and encourages risk-taking and flexibility of thinking. Mind Lab teaches students how to think strategically, work interdependently, apply a wide range of problem-solving strategies and reflect upon their effectiveness. The skills learned in game-playing situations are then related to real-life situations, and students are encouraged to transfer and extrapolate the learning from the Mind Lab sessions to situations they encounter in their daily lives. Teachers will be involved in significant training in Mind Lab methodology and practice before it is introduced into classrooms later this year.

Another important initiative is the introduction of sufficient iPads across Reception to Year 4, to enable every student to have sole use of the same iPad all year. Students had the use of shared iPads last year, however the shared model is problematic when trying to enable seamless saving, uploading, printing and sharing of work. Running alongside the introduction of 1:1 iPads for Reception to Year 4 students will be lessons in digital citizenship, digital safety and digital skill development, assisted by our eLearning Integrator, Melissa Bray, who will be working closely with Junior School teachers to develop programs and teach in the digital technologies area.

You will also know that we will be creating a new whole school (ELC to Year 12) wellbeing program, aimed at teaching the skills our girls need to thrive and flourish in a world that, by its nature, is not always smooth. We need our young people to be equipped to manage the undulations in the road of life and prosper from them. While providing a road that is consistently flat, shiny, smooth, and without difficulties, in order that our children are constantly ‘happy’, may seem like a good idea in the short-term, it will not set our young people up for success later in life. A more sustainable and beneficial approach is to develop an understanding that life will be bumpy, and we can learn and use particular skills to best manage those bumps. The new wellbeing program will incorporate some of what we currently do, and have a number of new aspects. During the year we will be inviting Dr Tom Nehmy to speak with parents on the topic of wellbeing and resilience, with particular emphasis on our younger children. This should be an excellent event, so please keep your eyes on the Enews for that. We would love to see you here.

Finally, in recognising the importance of developing the wellbeing of all within our community, I encourage you to take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to pause, and watch the following clip. I showed the second half of this at a Junior School assembly last year, and was reminded of it a couple of weeks ago when it was shown at a meeting of primary principals. If you haven’t seen it before, if nothing else, I guarantee you will find the photography breathtaking. If you are particularly time-poor, start the clip at 3.45mins.

Best wishes for a wonderful year.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Meet our Director of Sport – Neil Fuller

Neil FullerWith the recent hot weather, I have been asked about the value of winning and how I have dealt with losing. I can say that my journey began as an amputee athlete with no high hopes or aspirations, I simply wanted to have fun and compete. It took years before my attitude changed and when I became the best in the world the focus also changed to become, now how do I stay at the top? It got to such a point where I would never miss a training session, whether that be 40 degrees or 3 degrees and hailing. It was all about training smarter and thinking that if I miss this training session what are my competitors doing. I thought of a Canadian competitor who in winter faces six feet of snow or an American who faces the hot humid conditions in the middle of Arizona – are they training? If they want to be better than me I bet they are, so if I want to stay in front of them I need to train.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not obsessed, just committed to achieving my goals, and sessions were always modified, often shortened but focused either on specific technique or maximum effort with long recoveries.

On losing, it is an essential part of becoming better, learning from the experience and to try and do things differently, and hopefully better. In 1998 at the World Championships, my 4x100m relay team broke and set a new World Record in the semi-finals. Obviously excited of running faster and winning the gold in the final, I left my mark too soon and I ran out of the zone, we were disqualified. It was heartbreaking not only for me as I blamed myself, but also for the team. It was a learning experience for sure, a very emotional one. Losing is not a good feeling, it should hurt, but it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Two years later in Sydney at the 2000 Paralympics, the men’s amputee relay team, running in the same order, won gold and set a new World Record.

What makes the difference is having realistic goals, understanding what it takes to achieve these and then for me the key ingredient was based on the PDB program, ‘Perseverance, Determination and Belief’.

Neil Fuller
Director of Sport, 4-time Paralympian and 6-time gold medallist

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da Vinci Decathlon Club

The run-up to the da Vinci Decathlon has begun. Next week we will launch our Wednesday morning da Vinci Club before school, 7.45 – 8.25am, and further lunchtime session on Thursdays. We are looking for students in Years 5, 6, 7 and 9 who are dedicated, creative problem-solvers who will work well as part of a team.

The decathlon provides an intellectual forum for teamwork, creativity and academic challenge. For potential inclusion in the competition teams, it is important that students commit to the da Vinci Club by attending sessions, participating in occasional holiday and weekend sessions, and researching and completing tasks in their own time. We will explore ten different topics in the style of an Olympic decathlon that include Engineering, Mathematics, Ideation thinking, Code Breaking, Drama, Art and Poetry, Science, English and Cartography.

If you would like any further information, pop in and see Ms Burton-Howard in Room MB209 or Mrs Nair in the Magill Room. Alternatively, contact Ms Becca Burton-Howard at

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Reminder – Update your details for 2017

With the new academic year well underway, we ask families to please check their contact details are up-to-date and ensure your daughter’s medical records are correct.

You can check these details by logging on to the Link portal.

> Log in to the Link Portal using your individual username and password
> If you can’t remember your password, follow the link to reset it

Medical details

The School is required to have correct medical information on record for all students. Please take a moment to review the information we have on file for your child and complete any updates or changes as required.

Click on the My Details tab of the portal to review and update details such as medical, physical and dietary details, provide legal and other consents, as well as your address, occupation and other family information.

Ensure you click through each section of the My Details page, and complete the updates for each of your children.

Buzz Book – family contact information

While in previous years the printed Buzz Book has provided contact information for School families, you will now be able to access the contact details of parents online. The School appreciates that some families may not wish their contact information to be shared in this way.

To review your contact information, and provide your consent for your family’s details to be included, please complete the following steps:

> Click on the Buzz Book tab
> Check your details and tick the items you wish to be included
> Submit the form
> Repeat the process for any other daughters/children you have at the School
> Changes can be made by providing updates through the My Details section above

You can then access contact information of other School families from the same page of the Link portal. You will automatically be shown details of parents in your daughter’s year level, but can remove that filter from the top of the column to show all families. You can use the filters provided, such as surname, to narrow your search.

If you do NOT submit your consent, your information will NOT be included in the online directory this year. Both contacts will need to provide their individual consent.

An online business directory will also be launched this year, so you can browse for local businesses with a Saints Girls connection.

Updates throughout the year

Should any of these details change throughout the year, please use the ‘Change Details’ tab in the Link Portal.

If you experience difficulties using the Link Portal, please contact or phone 8155 5791.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the School’s records accurate.

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Introducing the judge of Choral Night!

Choral Night Tickets on Sale

St Peter’s Girls’ School is excited to announce the judge of our esteemed Choral Night on 23 March, Lauren Henderson.

Lauren is a DownBeat award winner, and no stranger to the stage. Prior to her study at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide, Lauren travelled throughout Europe and Japan, singing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including the Vienna Town Hall and the Australian Embassy in Vienna. In 2016 Lauren was appointed head of jazz voice at the Elder Conservatorium at the University of Adelaide. With extensive performance experience on stage with The Idea of North, Joe Chindamo and Geraldine Turner, Lauren also had time to complete an acting degree at Flinders Drama Centre in 2008. In 2013 Lauren received the Helpmann Academy Vocal Jazz Award and in 2015 she was one of the top 20 semi-finalists in the Thelonious Monk Competition for jazz voice. In 2016 Lauren was nominated for the Freedman Jazz Fellowship.

The School is thrilled to welcome Lauren to Choral Night 2017 in the pivotal role as judge!

Tickets are available now and can be purchased at

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Dance excursion

Enews Week 6 Dance Excursion

On Thursday 23 February the Stage 1 and Stage 2 dancers attended an open rehearsal for The Australian Dance Theatre’s new work, ‘The Beginning of Nature’. The rehearsal began with the dancers participating in a vigorous acrobatic warm-up, which we soon learned was important for the prevention of injury due to the demanding, athletic choreography. After this we watched the company rehearse sections of the piece. This gave us an insight into what it is really like to be a professional dancer and showed us the focus, commitment and fitness level that is required to pursue this career.

After the rehearsal, we had an opportunity to ask the dancers and choreographer, Gary Stewart, questions. We heard more about injury prevention, a dancer’s diet, techniques used to create choreography, rehearsal hours and show preparation. This was all relevant and useful information, especially as we will be creating our own compositions throughout the course.

The following Tuesday we went to watch the first preview of ‘The Beginning of Nature’ at Golden Grove Arts Centre. Although the show was not completely performance-ready (no lighting or live singing in Kaurna language, which is a key feature of the piece), it was an amazing show which demonstrated the hard work involved in creating a show like this. Seeing the dancers’ emotional connection with the audience, fearless movement and teamwork skills inspired us all greatly. The choreography was modern and interesting and really helped portray the central theme of the piece: human impact on nature.

We are all feeling inspired and excited to apply our new knowledge to our work in dance lessons.

Emma Vaughan-Roder
Year 11 student

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Reception excursion to Adelaide Fire Station

Enews Week 6 Fire Station

This term the Reception students are investigating the central idea, ‘People play different roles in the communities to which they belong’. Our lines of inquiry are:

Various communities we belong to
Roles of people who are part of our communities
The impact of community roles on people

Last week the Reception students visited Adelaide Fire Station. The girls had a very exciting time! They heard about fire safety and the importance of having a fire plan at home. The girls experienced what it’s like to sit in a fire truck, shoot water from the fire fighter’s hose and learn about the important role of a fire fighter. They especially enjoyed seeing Michelle Knuckey and Passant Ibrahim dressed up as fire fighters.

The students, teachers and parents would like to say a special thank you to all the fire fighters for keeping Adelaide safe. They have such an important role within our community!

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 Entertainment Book Pre-Sales

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club is delighted to present our 2017 Entertainment Book fundraiser. For every book that is sold, part proceeds will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Support St Peter’s Girls Mothers’ Club and buy your new Entertainment Book before 3 April 2017 to go into the draw to win a Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park. Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online or via the form and then pick them up from the Front Office when they arrive. If you would like to see the actual book before you purchase, there will be a display copy in the Front Office, Staff Room and ELC.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Those who purchase before 3rd April 2017 will go into the draw to win an Annual Family Pass to Cleland Wildlife Park.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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FAME update

Enews Week 6 FAME Update

This year’s musical, FAME, has hit the ground running and our first 2 weeks of rehearsals were a smash hit! The girls have worked very hard to perfect the choreography for our first full chorus dance, ‘There She Goes / Fame’, and have started the choral rehearsals for the first ensemble song of the show, ‘Hard Work.’

We’d like to remind the girls that the schedules for rehearsals are all up on Canvas and we will be putting up weekly reminders each Sunday about all weekly rehearsals. Please check the Canvas notifications regularly for any updates.

Abby Davey
Director of Arts

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Master Plan Update: From the construction zone

Enews Week 6 Building Site

The external areas of the construction zone have been a hive of activity this week. As the photos depict, a large amount of soil was removed to make way for the new timber decking. Next week focus will be turned to the internal areas of the building whilst external works will include brickwork and the concrete component of the timber decking.

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Carpark and Traffic Management

The start of a new term provides an ideal opportunity to remind members of the School community about the importance of complying with the guidelines the School has developed for our car park. We want to ensure the safety of all members of our community.

The most important points to remember are:
• keep the car park entrance and exit zones clear.
• use the set down and pick up zones appropriately during peak times.
• obey speed limits when driving through the car park
• to allow traffic flow, the car park entrance and exit zones must be kept clear at all times.
Please do not queue across these areas.
• be mindful of residents; please do not park across driveways or in front of bins on

In peak times, do not park in the set down and pick up zones for extended periods. When cars overstay in this area, the car park quickly becomes gridlocked, also bringing traffic on Stonyfell Road to a standstill.

Drivers must observe the 10 kilometre per hour speed limit at all times in the car park, whether entering, exiting or travelling through it. Speed limit signs are clearly displayed in prominent locations and, in order to ensure the speed limit is observed, speed humps were installed two years ago.

We expect all members of the community to drive with care in and around local streets. Please give way to pedestrians and take note of speed limits.

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Order your Summer Interhouse Meal Deal

The Summer Interhouse competition will be held on Thursday 13 April 2017, the last day of Term 1.

The Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) will once again be cooking up lunch for all of our hungry Reception – Year 12 students on the day. Volunteers will hand-deliver the Reception – Year 2 lunches to the classroom for lunchtime and Years 3 – 12 can pick up their lunches from the barbecue area. This year we’re offering delicious Hamburger Meal Deals (vegetarian option available). Parents, give yourself a day off from making the school lunches and let us do it for you.

Please pre-order your daughter’s Meal Deal via, as there will be no cash sales on the day. Orders can be placed from Friday 3 March and will close Friday 7 April. House Water Bottles and Wrist Bands are also available to be pre-ordered.

All proceeds raised by the Saints Sport Support Group directly support and benefit our Saints girls and their sporting endeavours. Some of our recent purchases include new athletic crop tops, a high jump mat, and GPS units to be used during PE as well as rowing. We funded an entire year group of girls to complete their Bronze Medallion.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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St Peter’s Girls’ School Tutor Program

We would like to remind all parents and students that the St Peter’s Girls School Tutor Program for students in Years 7 – 12 started this week.

Please note:

  • There are two tutors available every morning and afternoon, except Monday morning and Friday afternoon.
  • A maximum of 6 girls can sign up for each session.
  • If the session is full – please still put your name on the list. We need to make sure we are clearly tracking how many people would like to use this system, and therefore employ more tutors if needed.
  • This is not 1:1 tutoring, so you need to expect that you might not have the tutor all to yourself. They are there to assist you with areas that you need some help with.
  • Remember to see your teachers and raise with them any issues you may be having in class.
  • The sheets are now up outside the Head of Senior School’s office. They will be copied and taken to the Resource Centre and a roll will be marked. If you sign up, you need to attend.
  • You may like to sign up as a group, if a few of you are having issues.
  • The subjects the Tutors can help you with are also listed on the sheets.

Due to feedback regarding the previous Canvas sign-up process, we have moved to a simple sign up system – via sheets. We will be monitoring it closely and will make changes after we have seen how many students are using the Tutor Program over the next few weeks.

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Learn how to build your own iPhone app!

Code Camp Enews
St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark for students in Years 2 – 7. Code Camp runs 26 – 28 April from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark is $350 for three days, and there is an early bird special for bookings made by Tuesday 14 March 2017.

The code for early bird discount is SPG-30, however bookings made up until midnight Sunday 12 March 2017 will not require a code.

Code Camp Information Flyer
Visit the Code Camp website for more information and to book

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A special guest in our ELC – Boori Monty Pryor

ELC Guest Week 6 Boori Monty Pryor

Our city of Adelaide has come alive with the buzz of the Fringe Festival, Writers Week and Clipsal – many exciting events that you may have visited with your children. This week our very own ELC community came alive as we were visited by storyteller, writer and performer, Boori Monty Pryor.

Boori was born in Townsville in 1950. His father is of the Birri-gubba people and his mother is Kunggandji. Boori is a multi-talented performer and an accomplished didgeridoo player, having played with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra at the Melbourne Wurundjeri Welcome to Michael Jackson, and in Sydney for the Pope. Boori is in great demand as a public speaker and storyteller, and travels extensively throughout Australia and overseas year-round to perform for school students and professional adult groups.

We were thrilled to have Boori spend time with us at our ELC. He was able to instantly create a strong connection with the children through the act of storytelling. Boori is certainly a master of his craft, immersing and engaging his audience in the story, and the educators have all learnt and been inspired by him. We invite you to see evidence of this engagement through the photos displayed in our rooms.

We will be building on this visit by inviting the children to deepen their ideas on identity – our individual identity, our ELC community identity and our identity as Australians – through storytelling. Boori’s visit has challenged us to share our stories through telling, singing, dancing and creating to form meaningful and lasting connections.

Leanne Williams
ELC Educator

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Sensational rowing results!

Enews Week 6 Rowing

Captain’s Report

It has been an exciting season so far for the St Peter’s Girls’ Rowing Program. All of the hard work and effort put in by the girls at training is paying off, with great success by all crews at regattas. The holiday rowing camp was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to bond and row some quality kilometres on the Murray River. Despite some particularly windy and challenging conditions, the girls trained very well and made significant improvements to their rowing stroke.

The Year 7 girls started competing in regattas at the start of the year. The girls have worked hard on their technique in both gym sessions and on the water, and have made tremendous improvements.

The junior girls have had a highly competitive and successful season. Changes made to their rowing technique and race strategies help them to develop and improve every week.
The intermediate girls have proved their ability as strong and technical rowers all season, dominating the Year 9/10 competition. Special mention must go to both the A and B crews, who rowed their first 2km races at this weekend’s State Championships, placing 1st and 3rd respectively.

The senior girls have had the most successful season for St Peter’s Girls to date. Weekly training sessions on the River Murray have allowed the squad to complete long and hard rows, giving us an ‘extra edge’ on other crews. One of the main highlights for the girls in both the 1st VIII and the 1st IV was at the Port Adelaide Regatta, where both crews placed first. The intent with which the senior girls have both trained and raced throughout the season is something that they should be incredibly proud of.

On behalf of the girls, I would like to thank all of the coaches for their ongoing commitment to their crews. I would also like to thank parents for their support. The cheering that comes from the St Peter’s Girls spectators is an invaluable source of inspiration to all the girls at every regatta.

Head of the River will take place on Saturday 25 March. It would be wonderful to see as many Saints girls, parents and staff there as possible, cheering all the crews over the finish line, and I wish the best of luck to all the girls in the coming weeks leading up to the Head of the River, followed by the National competition in Sydney.

Sophie Freeman
Captain of Boats

State Championships

On the weekend, we had the State Championships and we had five crews representing the School. We had the 9A, 10A and B, 1st IV and 1st VIII competing over the Saturday and Sunday at West Lakes.

The 9A crew, who have only been really rowing as a crew over the last couple of weeks, had a great heat, finishing second to Wilderness. In the final they struggled to find technical consistency, which is very important in rowing, but they gave it a ‘real hot go’, which is all anyone can ask. This week at training we will work on some of these things, which will hopefully help the crew for the regatta on the weekend.

The 10A and B quads raced on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday both Year 10 Schoolgirl quads had a heat and final. The 10A quad posted the fastest time in the heats, putting us in the middle lane for the final, which was a fantastic effort. The B crew also did really well, just missing out on the final by the smallest of margins, 0.3 of a second. The final was a hard-fought race, with the Seymour quad coming out on top and with our A crew just getting pipped on the line by Scotch. It has been a three way battle all season between these crews and we look forward to having another go at Seymour and Scotch this week. It is still really close, which makes it very exciting for both the A and B crews.

On Sunday the 10A and B quads again raced in the U17 and Schoolgirl quads. Both these races are over 2kms, which the girls have only raced once before, so it was going to be interesting to see how they performed. Both crews did unbelievably well in the finals, with the 10A quad winning both the U17 and the Schoolgirl finals and the B crew getting 3rd in both. I must say that both crews looked tired in that last race after having a heavy few weeks of training coming into State Championships but they showed grit and determination to hold on. Hopefully now, with us rolling into taper, the girls will start to freshen up and start feeling great.

The 1st IV only raced on Saturday but they had a tough day of racing, having to do four 2kms. They have really had some hard racing up against crews that are 1st VIII girls from other schools broken into IVs. The girls, to their credit, have stuck it out and given every race a real crack. Even though the crew has been moved around, their times remain consistent, and a good result is just around the corner. Hopefully, this weekend at the Super Series regatta they can put it all together and keep that focus.

The 1st VIII had one race on Saturday and one on Sunday and for them it has all been about racing consistently hard over the 2kms. Walford, who have been doing well this term, are slowly getting pulled back. On Saturday in the U19 VIII race we came second to Walford but there was enough there to start giving the girls some confidence. One thing about school rowing is that generally a lot of it is in the head and confidence, and self-belief can be the difference between a crew winning and losing. The girls now seem to be getting this, as the following day in the Schoolgirl VIII race they pushed Walford all the way to 1500m, bow for bow, and just a couple of mistakes cost them. Again, it really opens things up for this weekend and hopefully we can take it further. Get behind your girls, be positive and help them believe.

Ben Flannagan
Director of Rowing

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Sports News

Enews Week 6 Sports


Congratulations to Imogen Elliott (Year 7) who created history in being the first Saints girl to compete at the Secondary School surfing competition held at Middleton. In tough conditions, Imogen competed against many older girls but finished third in the Under 16 girls category. We congratulate Imogen for her achievements.


Middle A – Saints 13 defeated by Walford 37
The girls had a slow start this week, not really getting into the match until the second half. The second half saw the girls have greater possession of the ball, effective movement down the court into attack and more scoring opportunities. Ashley Piper was a standout for the As this week as she had the ability to read the ball well and make quick breaks down the court. Ella Liddy was our top scorer once again this week. Vanessa Brooks (Supervisor)

Middle B – Saints 13 defeated by Walford 39
The girls put a good team effort in this week, unfortunately not matching up to the accurate and strong Walford girls. Kellie Bested was aggressive toward the ball, causing many turnovers down the defensive end. Funto Komolafe used her height well in both attack and defence to get rebounds. We had numerous point scorers this week, with all girls willing to go for goal. Vanessa Brooks (Supervisor)


Thursday 2 March
Open A – Saints 2 defeated by St Ignatius 6
The Open As faced a tough game against St Ignatius. The team worked strongly in defence, continuously swimming back to defend the goals and restrict St Ignatius. The consistent, high intensity levels shown throughout the game were commendable and, had some of Saints many shots resulted in goals, it could have been a different outcome. Well done to Belen Swart and Katherine Woolley who shared the goalkeeping duties, and Carys Jones for scoring both goals. Sarah Richards (Captain)

Open B – Saints 9 defeated St Aloysius 7
Saints started slowly and St Aloysius led 2-1 at the first quarter, with a Saints goal from Olivia Goldsmith. The second period was a close encounter, with both teams demonstrating good attacking skills. The honours were shared 4-4 for the quarter, with Saints goals coming from Erin Barrera (2) and Olivia Goldsmith again finding the net. Saints gained superior control of the ball in the second half with 3rd quarter goals to Chanel Stefani and Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith, while restricting SAC to one goal. Again, in the last quarter the game was even, with both teams adding two goals and Saints goals by Erin and Ebony. Neil Fuller (Director of Sport)

Open C – Saints 16 defeated Sacred Heart 0
Saints started the game by controlling the ball, and through strong swimming and pressure created many turnovers. The pleasing aspect of this game was how all players worked together with some great passing and creation of scoring opportunities. Goals were scored by Harriet Maerschel 5, Lucy Young 4, Olivia Goldsmith 3, Matilda Braithwaite 2, Erin Barrera 2. Neil Fuller (Director of Sport)

Middle A – Saints 4 defeated by St Ignatius 6
We played the St Ignatius A team on Thursday and played really well. The score was 6-4 their way but the score didn’t reflect how we played. Our stand out players were Saskia Jonats, Alyssa Woolley, Mia Nicholls, Adele Eaton and Lara Wakeham. These girls were always on top of the ball and knew what was going to happen. The other girls played exceptionally well too but we just need to work on staying goal side of the opposition. Adele Eaton

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated by Loreto 15
This was another difficult game against an older and more experienced opposition. The team are definitely improving both as individuals and as a team, gaining experience and confidence. Well done to all players. Hannah Andrews (Coach)


Friday 3 March
Division 1 – Saints 6-28 defeated Seymour 0-3
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-1, Fleur Maris 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-1, Bridgette Leach 4-0

Division 2 Blue – Saints 2-15 defeated by St Andrews 2-16
Singles: Olivia Slivak 3-4, Marcella Tolley 3-4, Lucy Schirripa 1-2

Division 2 White – Saints 3-15 defeated by Pembroke 3-16
Singles: Sophie Dansie 4-1, Pearl Richards 2-4, Grace Richards 0-4, Adelaide Murphy 1-4

Division 3 – Saints 0-7 defeated by Pembroke 4-16
Singles: Georgia Parsons 0-4, Dani Cox 3-4


Saturday 4 March
Division 1 Blue – Saints 3-28 defeated Walford 3-23
Singles: Annabel Baldwinson 6-1, Lily-Rose Spartalis 2-6, Daveena Dhillon 4-6, Shamilla Dhillon 6-1

Division 1 White – Saints 6-36 defeated Walford 0-9
Singles: Mia Dodd 6-1, Imogen Nienaber 6-2, Tahlia Louca 6-2, Emily Baldwinson 6-2

Division 2 Blue – Saints 5-31 defeated Walford 1-15
Singles: Mahala Truscott 6-1, Renee Lawrence 6-2, Emily Downie 1-6, Amelie Eaton 6-1

Division 2 White – Saints 3-27 defeated Wilderness 3-21
Singles: Taj Shahin 3-6, Stella Clark 5-6, Georgia Langley 6-0, Amelia Wood 6-1

Division 3 Blue – Saints 1-21 defeated by Pembroke 5-35
Singles: Anneliese Thomas 4-6, Yunfei Ma 6-4, Olivia Zito 5-6, Charlotte Stewart 3-6

Division 3 White – Saints 3-22 defeated by Pulteney 3-24
Singles: Mia-Rose Taliangis 2-6, Orla Clayton 6-0, Adele Eaton 6-2, Letitia Page-Thomson 0-6

Division 4 White – Saints 3-23 defeated by Walford 3-31
Singles: Sophie Abbott 6-5, Hilary Clark 6-3, Thuhansa Hattotuwa 2-6, Charlotte Adams 6-5


Saturday 4 March
Open A – Saints 15 defeated Walford 0
The Open A softball team took another step closer to winning the Intercol and IGSSA shields with a convincing win. Everyone played an exceptional game working well together. After having a challenging first innings, Saints came on top, hitting every ball that came their way. Highlights of the game were Aroha Munroe’s great pitching and hitting, along with Imogen Parker’s outstanding catching. Next week we contest the State Knockout rounds and look forward to progressing to the finals. Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)

Open B1 – Saints 19 defeated St Michael’s 17
This week the Open B1 team had another win for their second game of the season and defeated St Michael’s 19-17. All girls played extremely well and worked well as a team, with great pitching by Millisent Wilkin and outstanding batting from all girls. The match was exciting and an entertaining game for all.

Open B2 – Saints 14 defeated Walford 11
This was a close game, with Saints down after the first innings 6-7, before having some great pitching and fielding as well as good base running to lead 9-7 after the second innings. In the final innings, Holly Cardone pitched and Alice Girdler took over from Stephanie Smalls as catcher, with Saints again outscoring Walford 5-4 to earn a well-deserved win.


Saturday 4 March
Open A – Saints 3 defeated Walford 0
The first Intercol volleyball game to take place between Saints and Walford was highly anticipated amongst the volleyball teams. The Open A girls managed to save themselves from a challenging start by Walford, to come through and win all three sets. Rachael Disney proved a great setter, working all around the court to provide excellent sets for the girls, along with Tahlia Towers who executed brilliant spikes and covering throughout the game. The girls look forward to hopefully maintaining their winning streak. Abbey Goodwin (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Walford 1
This week the girls played an intense game against Walford, fighting in the first Saints and Walford Intercol in history. Despite losing the first set, the girls came together as a team to defeat Walford for the remainder of the game. Ava Loechel and Charlotte Carney exhibited impressive blocking and spiking skills, which helped to maintain the lead. The encouraging talk and teamwork from the girls kept the atmosphere enthusiastic and competitive, pushing the team over the line for another successful win. Special mention to Qianna Huang and Grace Dawson for some amazing serving. Georgia Bateman

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Walford 2
The Open Cs put up against a great fight against Walford. The girls all served very well, particularly Zhijun Li and Catherine Neale. The girls’ ability to cover the court has significantly improved, which enabled them to set up more three-hits and therefore win more points. Lauren Hernan, Isabella Villani and Nicolette Miller all worked well at the net, blocking spikes and setting them up to be hit back. Everyone displayed great overall teamwork this week. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Open D – Saints 0 defeated by Walford 3
The girls displayed great team spirit throughout the game, keeping everyone’s spirits high. Particularly, Molly Lucas, Chloe Deieso and Jiayi Wang served very well. Marley Banham covered and blocked well, which meant that a fight was put up for all points. Zhangyu Han’s passing was excellent throughout the game, enabling many three-hits to be set up. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated Walford 1
This week the Middle As played their first Intercol against Walford. They started the match strongly and enthusiastically, with an easy win in the first set. However, the team dropped their heads for the second set and had to fight back hard in the third. Great serving from Georgina Keough and defence from Ruby Bouhamdan secured the win. Georgia Howe and Victoria Neale (Coaches)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Walford 0
The Middle Bs had a comfortable win this week against Walford. The whole team played brilliantly; in particular, there was great serving from Lola Dimond who had numerous serving streaks putting the opponents under pressure. Clair Kao also had a great game, moving around the court and returning the ball deep into the back court, making it very hard for Walford to return. Georgia Howe and Victoria Neale (Coaches)

Middle C – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0


Monday 6 March
Open A – Saints 5-31 defeated Scotch 1-13
Singles: Tiana Glazbrook 1-6, Yasmin Glazbrook 6-1, Jade Leyden 6-1, Olivia Harby 6-1

Open B – Saints 6-36 defeated Scotch 0-12
Singles: Emily Loh 6-1, Clair Kao 6-3, Sarah Richards 6-0, Annabel Baldwinson 6-2

Primary Schools – East Adelaide District Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 7 March
Saints sent a small but enthusiastic group of swimmers to the annual East Adelaide District Carnival. Every participant competed very well against some very good competitors.

Outstanding performances were achieved by:

Georgina Wakeham – 1st 11-year Breaststroke and backstroke and 3rd in freestyle
Poppy Marshall -1st in 12-year breaststroke, 2nd in butterfly and 4th in freestyle
Rune Chi Zhao – 3rd in 13-year freestyle and breaststroke and 4th in backstroke
Marcella Tolley – 4th in 11-year breaststroke
Olivia Downie – 4th in 12-year breaststroke
Sophie Norman – 4th in 13-year breaststroke

Secondary Schools – State Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 8 March
Once again the Saints swim team contested the A Grade of the Statewide Secondary Schools Swimming Carnival. With the State’s top 10 Schools competing, Saints were aiming to ensure we remained in the top division and achieved this with an overall placing of sixth. There were a number of notable performances with Shania Morgan (Year 12) winning the Open Girls Division 1 Breaststroke event, and the Under 15 4x50m Freestyle team (Annabel Baldwinson, Lucy Young, Harriet Maerschel and Grace Sampson) also claiming victory. All girls should be proud of their involvement and most students will compete again when the 10 independent girls schools compete next week.

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