eNews – Week 5, Term 4 2023

Junior School students are excited for the much-awaited new playground that will be constructed over the summer holiday period at the end of this year. During the consultation phase, students provided lengthy wish lists of the types of equipment they like to play on and the ways they like to engage in play. Consideration of our School environment and the beautiful natural reserves that surround us, led to the final design by Climbing Tree, and the use of natural materials will be a significant feature. It will include several different play zones with plenty of options for both active and passive play, as well as nooks that can double as outdoor learning spaces.

Play is essential for the development of the whole child. From a physical perspective, gross motor skills are developed through opportunities to run, climb, jump, hang, crawl, push and pull. Core strength, which is essential for sitting and classroom learning, is enhanced through climbing, stretching and reaching. Balance and coordination are developed through moving on uneven surfaces, negotiating ladders and moving across wobbly ropes.

Lessons learned at home and in class in relation to interacting with others are trialled and practised on the playground, where children need to take turns, share space and equipment, and respect others’ opinions. Social, emotional, and self-management skills are integral to successful play, as children problem-solve and negotiate, invent games, and involve each other in imaginary scenarios. Language and self-confidence improve through opportunities for non-structured, self-driven and creative playtime activities.

Well-designed playgrounds play a crucial role in learning, and our new playground and surrounding play areas will be both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. The girls will be thrilled to see and experience the results of their design input when they arrive back at school in Term 1 next year.

Suzanne Haddy 
Head of Junior School 

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Introducing the Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre

Last week marked a historic moment in the life of our beloved School. We celebrated the renaming of our Arts Centre, while also honouring the legacy of our institution, embracing its future and paying tribute to two extraordinary individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping our educational community – Jane Jeffreys ( Kennion 1972) and Bruce Linn.

The Arts Centre has been the cornerstone of our School, providing a space for creativity, expression and many outstanding productions from our students.  We have seen the development of remarkable musical talent through our exceptional School orchestras, our singing groups such as Enchante, and musical productions, some of which have been publicly acclaimed.  Of equal importance, the Arts Centre has been a space for the coming together of our community.

Jane Jeffreys and Bruce Linn have played pivotal roles in projects central to the transformation of St Peter’s Girls’ School becoming an outstanding primary and secondary educational institution for Girls, for generations to come.

Their linkages with the School, directly and through their families, traverse many decades.  However, it is particularly their leadership roles that we celebrate.

Jane served on the Board of Governors from May 1996 to May 2010.  She initiated the drive which raised $1.5 million towards the funding of the Performing Arts Centre; a drive which Bruce was able to implement with enormous commitment and success.

Jane was instrumental in recruiting Bruce Linn to the Board of Governors on which he served from March 2002 to May 2015. Bruce led the Board’s development of the Masterplan to bring about the campus transformation and facilitate record enrolments that have resulted in the creation of the School we now all enjoy. Bruce also donated his time to rewriting and modernising the Constitution along with valuable direction to the Board’s Governance.

Both Jane and Bruce have served on all our sub-committees and have been active Board Members with decades of involvement in the School. They have both been generous donors financially, with their time and most importantly, their knowledge and passion.

Their efforts have not only led the way in the development of our School facilities, but also in the enrichment of our School community. In naming the Arts Centre in their honour, we thank them for these sustaining contributions.

Our School has a rich history, one that is filled with the accomplishments of our students, educators and the countless individuals who have supported us over the years. It is this legacy that we honour by naming the Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre.

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Kennion Make a Splash at Junior Swimming Carnival

On Monday, some of our younger students dove headfirst into the excitement of the Year 2-3 Swimming Carnival. The girls capped off their swimming block by showcasing their swim strokes, skills, and determination. The school pool was buzzing with excitement, both from students and parents in a fantastic display of House Spirit and support for their fellow teammate.

Congratulations to all the girls who participated, and in particular Kennion who emerged as the champions of the day.

A big thank you to the parents who joined us, adding to the atmosphere and excitement. The girls always really appreciate your support and the opportunity to showcase their learning. A special thanks to the Year 6 Leaders, as well as teachers and staff who assisted to make the event run smoothly.

Alastair Eglinton
PE Teacher

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Dance and Drama Double Bill Delights

On Wednesday 15 November, the Year 10 Drama class performed Little Girls Alone in the Woods, a story about feminism and standing up for what you believe in. We faced many challenges during the process of putting our show together causing us to learn how to adjust, adapt and improvise. Limited rehearsal time and pre-production complications provided tough challenges that we readily accepted. We learned how to become more confident on stage by embodying our characters and thinking like them during the whole production to help us act. The best part about performing was the relief when we lined up on stage and did our bows together. It was uplifting to hear the audience cheering for us after stepping up to a challenge.

Januri Wagaarachchi
Year 10 Student

Our dance performance of Mulan was a culmination of four weeks of dedicated collaboration and creative exploration. Rita and I, as a duo, aimed to challenge societal perceptions of gender roles through our improvisation strategies and original movement. Portraying Mulan’s dual identity, I embodied the struggles of women confined by traditional expectations, while Rita represented the strength and potential of women breaking free from these limitations. The process was challenging, involving meticulous choreography, music editing, and stage lighting design, but the journey was immensely enjoyable.  As Mulan, I found profound meaning in transcending stereotypes, illustrating that woman, too, possess great power and the ability to honour their families through individual achievements. This performance encapsulates the transformative power of breaking free from societal constraints and embracing one’s true capabilities.

Elena Liu
Year 10 Student

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Science and Sustainability at Annual EDGE Day

EDGE Day on Tuesday 14 November was a launchpad for our future leaders in science and sustainability. Over 70 eager students from Reception to Year 10 embarked on an educational adventure to the Waite Campus, the largest Agriculture Research Centre in the southern hemisphere. Our annual EDGE Day, dedicated to extending and enriching the brightest young minds, transcended beyond the traditional classroom setting to showcase innovative leaders and provide a unique university experience. The girls learnt about sustainable nutrition and food science – with an exhilarating twist of space exploration with Executive Officer Dr Lieke van der Hulst.

The girls delved into the fascinating concept of entomophagy – eating insects and learnt about the fascinating health benefits of duckweed as a sustainable food. Choosing foods made from these ingredients are healthier, more sustainable and better for space travel. After an exciting morning at the Waite Institute, which incorporated the cutting-edge Food Innovation laboratory for a sensory evaluation experience, the girls returned to school for a design sprint challenge. It was here that the true spirit of STEM came to life. They were tasked with a question that demanded creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration – essential skills for the STEM leaders of tomorrow. The energy was electric, the ideas groundbreaking, and the teamwork inspiring.

It’s not just about the science; it’s about the journey. Watching friendships form across year levels, witnessing confidence soar, and seeing the integration of Philosophy, STEM, Critical Literacy, and Design Thinking in action. These experiences ensure that our girls are not only prepared for the future but are actively shaping it.

Our EDGE Day is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the vast potential within each student, ensuring that every girl can reach for the stars – quite literally this time. We eagerly await the innovative solutions our girls will bring to their classrooms, our community, and the universe at large. As we continue to foster a love for learning and discovery, we celebrate the success of EDGE Day. It’s a clear reminder that at St Peter’s Girls, the sky’s not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

Melissa O’Loughlin
STEM Innovation Leader
Becca Burton-Howard
Gifted and Talented Teacher

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Year 8 Filmmakers Inspire Audiences

In a dazzling showcase of talent and creativity, our Year 8 students recently took centre stage at the School’s Short Film Festival. The event was a resounding success, celebrating the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of these young filmmakers. With a total of six award categories and a multitude of exceptional short films, the evening was a testament to the students’ burgeoning talent and their commitment to learning the art of filmmaking.

The purpose of the short film unit was to teach our students essential project management skills through the filmmaking process. From writing and production to film and sound editing, these students took on the roles of producers, directors, editors, and sound designers, showcasing their capabilities in various aspects of project management.

The festival featured trailers for the nominated short films in each category, building anticipation for the winning entries. The announcement of the winners was met with excitement, and the audience had the privilege of watching the award-winning films in their entirety.

The festival featured six award categories, each celebrating different aspects of filmmaking:

  • Best Film Editing: This award recognised students who excelled in the post-production process, expertly weaving together scenes to create compelling narratives. The winner in this category was OUT!
  • Best Sound Editing: Students in this category were acknowledged for their adeptness in creating soundscapes that enriched the emotional experience of their films. The winner in this category was Rules.
  • Best Production Design: This category celebrated students who showcased creativity in the visual elements of their films, including sets, costumes, and props. The winner in this category was Hey Angel.
  • Best Original Screenplay: Exceptional storytelling was the focus here, honouring students who crafted engaging and imaginative scripts. The winner in this category was Driver’s License.
  • Best Cinematography: Cinematic artistry took centre stage, recognising students who captured visually stunning scenes and transported audiences into their worlds. The winner in this category was Bullied.
  • Best Picture: The grand finale of the evening, this award recognised the overall excellence of a short film, taking into account all aspects of filmmaking. The winner in this category was Real.

As the festival came to a close, the audience was left inspired by the creativity, dedication, and hard work of these young filmmakers. It was a night where project management skills were put into practice, storytelling took centre stage, and the importance of sound and visuals was celebrated.

The evening was a testament to the dedication of our students, as well as the support and guidance of their parents, guardians, teachers, and school staff. It showcased the limitless potential residing within our girls. We celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Year 8 students and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success. The Year 8 Short Film Festival was not just a one-night event; it was a platform for inspiration and a testament to the power of storytelling and creativity. We thank everyone who attended and supported the festival and, more importantly, the students who brought their visions to life. The future of storytelling and filmmaking is indeed bright, and we can’t wait to see what these talented young individuals will create next.

The winning entries are available for the School community to watch – click here to view.

Kyle Martelle
Economics, Business & Humanities Teacher

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Academic Prizes for Junior Girls

The ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) Mathematics and English Competitions are offered to all students in Years 3 to 6. Pleasingly, a large proportion of our students choose to sit these challenging papers, requiring them to stretch their capabilities and use their creativity, imagination and current knowledge in new contexts. We were thrilled to announce at a recent Assembly, that the highest possible awards were received by Lily Croser-Barlow (Year 6) and Amy Li (Year 5). Lily was awarded a medal for her achievements in the English paper and Amy received a medal for her achievements in Mathematics. Amy was also awarded ‘Best in School’ for her achievements in the Australian Mathematics Competition. We Congratulate Lily and Amy on their efforts and achievements.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Year 11s Perform ‘Picture Day’


Based on interviews conducted with their peers, the Stage 1 Drama and IB Theatre students presented ‘Picture Day,’ a self-devised theatrical work that explored the various challenges faced by students today. The short vignette-style play used a variety of theatrical styles and influences such as Verbatim Theatre, physical theatre, monologue, naturalism, Epic Theatre and expressionism, framed by the concept of photographs. The piece included IB student Maddy Penley’s final Collaborative Project work which explored the impact of surface-level friendships and isolation from a friendship group. The students should be proud of their thought-provoking, original work of Theatre.

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Magic and Wonder at Year 8 Arts Night

The Saints Girls’ community is welcome to join us for the upcoming Year 8 Production ‘Ella Enchanted’, showcasing the students’ talents in Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts. The girls have taken the lead in creating choreography, selecting the songs, directing scenes, coordinating the costumes and sets, making this event a true celebration of collaboration and creativity!

No bookings required, come along on Friday 24 November at 7pm to see this spectacular show.

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Year 5 AMEB Awards

On Saturday 4 November, Year 5 girls, Dilini, Nour and Aarabi, were awarded AMEB Speech and Drama Certificates. Dilini achieved a Grade 3 high distinction, the only SA student to receive this award. Nour was awarded a Grade 3 high credit and Aarabi gained honours for Grade 2. Well done girls, you should be very proud of your efforts!

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Happy Christmas to You from Peter Combe and the Girls at St Peters

On Saturday 2 December, a group of talented dancers and singers from St Peter’s Girls will be performing in Peter Combe’s Christmas show at the Dunstan Playhouse. The event will showcase a live band and the Adelaide Youth Strings, bringing beloved tunes such as ‘Wash Yourself in Orange Juice’ and ‘Newspaper Mama’, along with Peter Combe’s festive songs and Christmas classics. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in one of Adelaide’s most prestigious theatres.

The shows are on Saturday 2 December at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets for the show can be purchased through the Adelaide Festival Centre website.

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Remembrance Day – St Peter’s Girls 2023

At the 11th hour on the 11th day in November 1918, the guns fell silent on the ‘War to End all Wars’, or as we know it today the First World War. At that time there was two members of my Paternal family serving in the Palestine Campaign, as part of the Australian Mounted Corps. They were Sergeant Patrick Malone, aged 38, and Trooper Ernest Malone (his son aged 16). Trooper Malone was only allowed to stay at ANZAC Cove, with his dad, as the Commanding Officer said, ‘if is his is as half as tough as his dad, I would take him every day”.

Both gents, 12 months before, where part of the ‘charge of Beersheba’. More astonishing was that they were both part of the ill-fated defence of ANZAC Cove, and saw action at the battle of the Nek, which was Australia’s worst military defeat of the ANZAC Campaign. Many other Battle Honours when earned during the 8-month campaign, and it had changed our country forever.

Our family has been fortunate / unfortunate enough to have only had one person die in war. This was my great uncle Private Louis David Robert Bruce, of the 2/24 Battalion (Rats of Tobruk). Louis wounded whilst attacking a machine gun post at the battle of El-Alamein, in current day Libya on the 10 Nov 1942, and died from these wounds on the 16 Nov 1942. Whilst many of our family (six straight generations, plus three uncles, five great uncles and many more) have served in various Wars and Peacekeeping missions ranging from World War One, World War Two, South Vietnam, Southern Rhodesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Solomon Island and Counter Terrorism, we fully believe in a free world, free from war, free from tyranny.

Whilst we stand and sit here today, we remember ALL of those who have served in our nations name and upheld our way of living. There are many who did not return from these battles and Wars, however; there were many that did. Out of the misery of war, the Australian term of mateship shone through. Organisations such as Legacy, the RSL and the Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) Veterans evolved out of this. My Organisation, the TPI, provides a service to the disabled veterans and advocate and lobby governments for improved rights and provisions of the veterans of which we have currently over 60,000 members nationally and just over 2300 in SA. We are, and will continue to be, a fully volunteer organisation, that is a Not-for-profit charity, to ensure we have a clear separation from governments and corporate Australia.

As it was stated after World War One, Mates look after Mates (which means brothers look after brothers; and SISTERS look AFTER SISTERS). After all we are one big family, that being AUSTRALIAN. Remember that we are ALL AUSTRALIAN.

These men and women who served and returned, carried the burden of their war for the rest of their lives. They saw things that no one should ever have to see, in the hope that their children and grandchildren would not have to or answer the call to arms for their country.

An interesting fact is that the Australian government created what was known then as the Repatriation Commission, which is now the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was through this Commission that Veterans of World War One built the largest ‘War Memorial’ in the world, so that their mates would never be forgotten. This memorial is the ‘Great Ocean Road’.

There will always be people in the world to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. They all have a common theme, that being Compassion, Creativity, and Courage, which just happen to be the same values of this great School.

The only difference is that veterans had the morale compassion to stand and protect the ideals that they held dear, they had the morale creativity to invent and discover ways to help and protect those that they were there to protect as well as each other, and the moral courage to stand up for those that could not. However, with these morale values does come with some personal and family sacrifice, be it physical or mental, and all we ask in return is a simple thank you!

Finally, on days such as Remembrance and ANZAC Day we need to, as a community, ensure that we do remember all of those that did not return home, having died in battle, giving us the ultimate sacrifice, being the freedoms, we have, and enjoy today.

To my many brothers and sisters that are no longer with us, I say till we meet in Valhalla.

Lest we Forget.

Scott Jeffrey
State Secretary & National Vice President of the Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans Association

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Footsteps and Fun at Year 1 Stayback!


Friday was filled with anticipation as the Year 1 girls prepared for their special evening, Stayback at School! This opportunity allowed the girls to develop independence and organisation as they managed their belongings and participated in some wonderful activities, especially after a big week of Swimming! They delighted in the ‘Footsteps’ dance session with Tawnee . The fruit platters were delicious as was the pizza! This year the girls loved participating in science activities, enjoyed making and decorating a kaleidoscope and investigating the beautiful patterns that can be made. We settled down to watch the well-loved movie ‘The Whale and the Snail’ after enjoying ice cream for dessert. Luckily it cooled down to enjoy a sunset play before heading home for a well-earned rest! It was an absolute delight to enjoy this special event with the girls.

Kathryn Clark and Liz Sandercock
Year 1 Teachers

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Year 9 Play – The Rehearsal

This term, the Year 9 Drama students have been preparing for their performance of ‘The Rehearsal’ by Don Zolidis.

The play centres around a young teacher who is trying to pull off a production of Guys and Dolls. He quickly discovers that putting a musical together is not easy, especially with a megalomaniacal stage manager, a lead who’s convinced that Wicked is a much better show, and an actor who insists she is clinically incapable of following directions. The play is a hilarious and poignant look behind the scenes of a drama production filled with — what else? — lots of drama!

The Year 9 Drama 01 class will present ‘The Rehearsal’ on Wednesday 22 November while the 09 Drama 02 class will perform on Monday 27 November. These lunchtime performances will commence at 1.10pm in the Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre and no tickets are required.

Come along and see our talented students in action!

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Vacation Care Bookings Open Now

With the School Holidays just around the corner why not take a look at our Vacation Care program and join in on one of the many exciting adventures planned to keep the children entertained.

Click here to book, places are limited so get in quick!

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Immunisation Program 2023

As the school year ends, we would like to send a reminder to all parents/legal guardians of students in Year 7, 8 and 10 to catch up on any vaccines their children may have missed throughout 2023.

The 2023 School Immunisation Program consists of the following vaccines:
Year 7 and 8 – a single dose of Gardasil vaccine (human papilloma virus)
Year 7 and 8 – a single dose of Boostrix vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough)
Year 10 – a 2 dose course of Bexsero (meningococcal B)
Year 10 – a single dose of Nimenrix (meningococcal ACWY)

Most students would have completed the program this year through our school visits, however due to absenteeism/illness, there may be outstanding vaccines for some students.

If you would like to follow up on any missed vaccinations for your children, click here to please make an appointment or you may contact us at Eastern Health Authority on 81323600

Rebecca Haysman
Senior Nurse/School Immunisation Coordinator

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Shane Davidson Presents – The Lion King JR


Join us in this magical spectacular production as we take to the Pridelands and join the circle of life with fantastic music, big dance routines and wonderful tunes such as ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’, ‘He Lives in You’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’.

With a wonderful cast, including 25 girls from Saints and a vibrant array of beautiful costumes, face paint and eye-catching headgear for all the characters, this show will entertain all ages.

The production will be held on November 25 & 26 at the St Peter’s Girls’ School Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre.

Tickets now on sale – click here to book.

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Bushfire Action Plan

It is important to remind families about the School’s Bushfire Action Plan.

The policy was developed in consultation with the CFS, MFS, Department for Education and other stakeholders to ensure staff and students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

For more information, you can access our Bushfire Action Plan on the myLink parent portal by clicking the ‘School Documents’ menu item, followed by the ‘Whole School’ tab.

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School Health Centre Notices

It is imperative that all medical information, including immunisations, is up to date on the School’s myLink parent portal.

Please follow this pathway to check and/or update details: myLink > Community Portal > My Details > select child name

If you have any questions, please email

COVID-19 Information

Please find the latest guidance from SA Health:

  • It is strongly recommended that students stay home if they have cold or flu-like
    symptoms, and test for COVID-19.
  • Whether they receive a positive or negative result, they should stay home until symptoms subside (usually five to seven days).
  • While face masks are no longer mandated, they are an important physical barrier to help stop the spread of COVID, particularly when indoors.

If your child tests positive to COVID-19, please inform the School. Please also notify the School each day of absence, or provide the expected period of absence.

You can notify us via one of the following methods. Please include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group. If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.


Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

Phone: 8334 2200

For more SA Health information, click here

Please note that if your child is unwell, they should remain home until they have recovered, irrespective of the illness.

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence ie illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Sport Results

Wednesday 8 November – Tuesday 14 November


Year 4-6 Blue: Bye
Year 3-4 White: Cancelled


Open A: Saints (43) v Scotch Open B (12)
Best Player: Phoebe Russell for her consistent effort in offence and defence. Always gives her all for the team.
Superwoman: Ashlyn May as she is always the loudest voice of encouragement to all the girls on the team. The umpire this week even commented, ‘I wish my team was this supportive when I played school basketball.’ Well done girls!

Middle A: Saints (72) v Scotch Middle A (36)
Best Player: Wei Ning Khoo
Superwoman: Zoe McArthur, for her excellent cuts into the key and rebounding

Middle B: Saints (38) v Scotch Middle B (6)
Best Player: Vienna Howes, for her great shooting
Superwoman: Lucy Tulloch, for her excellent rebounding.

Middle C: Saints (11) v Concordia Middle C3 (32)

Middle D: Saints (5) v Concordia Middle C2 (31)
Best Player: Ivy Zhang gave 110% the entire game. Chased down players in defence and helped out her teammates when their players dribbled past them.
Superwoman: Sandra Hennes took the job of defending the best opposition player. She did a great job staying with her and getting lots of rebounds.


Open A: Bye

Open B: Saints (11) v Wilderness Senior B (4)
Best Players: Alyssa Tran
Superwoman: Zara Trim

Open B: Saints (6) v Seymour Senior A (14)
Best Players: Olivia Reynolds
Superwoman: Isabella Howie

Middle A: Saints (11) v Mercedes (6)


Senior A: Cancelled

Senior B Blue: Cancelled

Senior B White: Cancelled

Year 3-6 Internal: Cancelled


Senior Open A: Saints (8/58) v Wilderness Premier League (4/40)

Experienced: Cancelled

Intermediate Blue: Cancelled

Beginner Blue: Cancelled

Beginner White: Cancelled

Senior Division 2: Saints (44) v Wilderness Blue (30)
From Head Coach Eva Young: The girls had a win today and should be proud of their efforts and the spirit in which they played the game. Charlotte T has a very good tennis brain and strategy. Ziyu (Jerrie) Wu has great timing which translates to powerful groundstrokes for her age. Alice Morel is steady off both sides and is making good progress. What Youn (Kaylah) Park lacks in power she makes up for in heart and fighting spirit. Lilly Michelon has a solid game and is really keen to learn and improve. Alyssa Walpole also has a good base to build upon.
In my mind, they are all ready to rapidly accelerate their games if they want to keep going with their tennis, but they all need different things which makes it tricky from a training point of view. It was great to meet and talk to more parents, it has given me a better understanding of what they are looking for from the tennis program.

Senior Division 4.1: Cancelled

Senior Division 4.2: Cancelled

Senior Division 4.4: Internal game


Senior A: Saints (2/72) v Immanuel (1/45)
Best player: Claudia Pearce
Superwomen: Ella Ridge and Anna Venning for keeping composed and calm and getting long-serving runs

Senior B: Saints (1/58) v Immanuel Senior B3 (2/72)
Best player: Ella Warrick
Superwoman: Lydia Burrough for showing great effort and intent to keep the ball off the floor.

Senior C: Saints (0) v Concordia Senior C2 (3)
Best player: Izzy McCabe. She had improved her passing and setting which allowed us to set up some good plays.
Superwoman: Ruby Powell. She supported her teammates and was able to set up some good plays by directing everyone.

Middle A: Saints (2/58) v Concordia Middle B (1/58)
Best player: Vi Anh (Angelina) Tran
Superwoman: Lily Forby

Middle B: Saints (3/75) v Walford (0/49)
Best player: Ashmitha Ramesh had a very consistent performance on the court. Her confidence in skill allowed her to also be relaxed and take in coach’s advice to try new things during a game, these being blocking and overarm serving. Overall, a great game from Ashmitha.
Superwoman: Lyra Cox once again brining great attitude to the game and speaking out during a team break to encourage her team mates to bring more voice to the court (and then leading this as well).

Middle C: Saints (1/51) v Immanuel (2/54)
Best player: Jasmin Cetinkol
Superwoman: Christina Zhu

Middle D: Saints (0/58) v Immanuel (3/77)
Best player: Lucy Cree
Superwoman: Tongwen Huang


Middle A: Saints (9) v Cabra Dominican College (0)
Best player: Eleanor Bartter and Lucille Trengove
Superwomen: Maisy Ion as she improves each week. She is engaged in the game, rucks the ball well and reads the play creating opportunities to score. Vienna Howes – a new player to the game, Vienna’s skills are consistently developing and gaining more confidence.
From coach Tracey Hunt: Our whole team showed great sportsmanship throughout the game. Cabra were short on players and our girls stepped in to fill their team. The referee commended the girls on their sportsmanship at the end of the game.

Middle B: Saints (1) v Seymour (7)
Best player: Kaylisiah Jang for scoring our try of the game.
Superwoman: Ivy Pratt for scoring her first try and taking on the role of captain seriously.  Emma Sayers was heard motivating the team on and off field and communicated efficiently to assist in working as a cohesive team.

Open A: Saints (3) v Pembroke (1)
Best player: Ava Field
Superwomen: Anna Russell, Alice Braithwaite, Lucy Mitchell, Lucy Lowry, Naomi Singh, Cleo Hart for implementing the defence they learnt in training into the game and stopped a try.

Open B: Bye

Open C: Saints (4) v St Dominic’s (1)
Best player: Olivia Reynolds
Superwoman: Aliya Trench

Year 7-9 State Badminton Winners!

On Friday 10 November, our Year 7-9 Badminton girls headed to Badminton SA to compete in the State final of the School Sport SA Year 7-9 Badminton Knockout Competition. The temperature was forecast to be in the high 30’s and with no air conditioning in the venue the girls were in for a hot day!

Our team comprised of Caitlyn Sam-Ling, Abbie An, Olivia Ng and Valerie Ng with Thanh Ngoc (Gemma) Phan also taking part in the teams’ semi-final matches. The team had comprehensive wins against Woodcroft College (8-0) and Unley High School (6-2). Our final matches were against Glenunga International High School, who had won both their fixtures earlier in the day. So, it all came down to this!

Our girls were exhausted, playing consecutive matches in the heat against the other teams who had brought extra players who rotated giving their players a rest. We were even after the singles matches, so the State title would be decided on the results of the final doubles matches of the day. Our girls dug deep and managed to hold off a fast-finishing Glenunga to win and be crowed State Champions!

The success of this competition is not only attributed to our girl’s skill, but also highlights their dedication throughout the badminton season with rigorous training and exceptional teamwork. Head Coach, Teoh Weixian said ‘The girls did really well and showed a positive spirit during this event. I am very proud of them.’

The girls wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to all the parents and coaches their commitment in coming out in support of the team in the extreme conditions. They couldn’t have done it without your support!

Well done girls!

Agnes Li
Badminton Captain

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