eNews – Week 5, Term 4 2022

Issue no. 35

From Our Director of Teaching and Learning

Adelaide SchoolsI’ve had the privilege to present to our Year 11 girls over the past two weeks around topics both in support of their learning as well as their wellbeing. As they prepare for final assessments and exams, we discussed the importance of organisation to identify their commitments and plan their revision time effectively. We explored the personal challenges that can emerge through their academic journey and the role that positive intrinsic resilience plays in supporting the girls through these times.

Resilience is an individual’s capacity to be able to respond to change. It covers not only the ability to be able to persist and to bounce back after challenges or setbacks, it is also the ability to learn from and respond positively to a whole range of changes.

The research is clear: the more positive emotion you experience, the more resilient you will be. For that reason, the girls and I explored three key pillars that have been proven to cultivate positive emotion, one of which is gratitude. Through the explicit teaching of positive emotion strategies, we can help our girls become more resilient and happier for the benefit of their learning and personal life.

The girls engaged in a gratitude reflection where they responded to questions including what are three things that went well for me today, who am I most grateful for today and why, and what am I most looking forward to about tomorrow.

Such journaling can help rewire our brains to start scanning the world for the positive. Research has shown that through continued engagement of sharing and documenting gratitude, individuals are less likely to get sick, have higher energy levels, feel happier, more enthusiastic, more determined, have better quality of sleep, and exhibit lower levels of depression and anxiety.

These benefits are all highly advantageous for our girls’ learning and wellbeing. Sharing gratitude is equally powerful in eliciting positive emotion in both the sender and the receiver.

As a take away, I encourage all of you tonight to ask at the dinner table, what/who are you most grateful for today? Tomorrow, send an email to a co-worker or friend telling them that you are grateful for them and see the positive emotion it can empower.

Kate Morgante
Director of Teaching and Learning

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Good Sports Rally at R to 3 Sports Morning

Today’s R to 3 Sports Morning was the perfect crescendo to our celebration of PE Week. The excitement levels are always high as the girls showcase what they have been learning throughout the year to staff and families.

The focus of the event is on fun and participation. In this age group, building positive experiences of being physically active helps foster a love for PE and sport, one that we hope will last for their entire lives. The girls participate in a host of games, each harnessing a different FUNdamental movement skill. They compete in their Houses to develop teamwork while also fostering healthy competitiveness.

Alastair Eglinton
PE Teacher

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Selwyn Makes a Splash at Junior Swimming Carnival

After being postponed due to the wet weather on Monday, our Year 2/3 Swimming Carnival was bathed in sunshine yesterday as our eager athletes hit the School Pool. As always, the girls displayed teamwork and participation competing in a range of races including Freestyle and Backstroke.

This smaller-scale carnival is a fantastic chance for our younger girls to get a taste of House rivalry and competitive swimming before they join in the Years 4 -12 Swimming Carnival. House pride certainly was in full flight as Patteson pooled their voices to win the Spirit Cup. At the conclusion of the event, with all the results tallied, the winner was announced: SELWYN!

Well done to all girls and staff on another brilliant School sporting event!

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Girls Have a Ball in PE Week

PE Week was a great success! Each lunchtime, many girls took part in a variety of activities including R – 3 skipping, dodgeball, obstacle course, Staff v Student Lacrosse (results in Sports News), rock-paper-scissors chasey and classic catches!

PE Week is an important opportunity to promote physical education, so it was fantastic to see the girls giving the activities a go whilst also getting some exercise in. Yesterday, we also held the Year 2/3 Swimming Carnival where the girls were able to display their skills in the School Pool, and PE Week finished on a high with today’s R – 3 Sports Morning.

Annie Warrick
2023 Sports Prefect

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Noteworthy Honour for Noble Music Teacher

When reflecting upon a career of 32 years, 21 of which I have spent at Saints Girls, it really has been a privilege to bring music into the lives of many young people. After all these years, I still remain a passionate advocator of music as a means of fostering creativity, self-expression, confidence and self-esteem.

Many of my students have gone on to become professional musicians, songwriters and music educators, but when I look back, I find myself thinking of the ones who have grown in different ways; for example, the shy introverted student who works their way up from the training choirs, continually and nervously auditioning each year, developing true resilience after setbacks, before eventually making it into Chamber Choir, Enchante or Esperanza. To watch some of these students then learn to express themselves through their music, to develop confidence in their ability to communicate, and to bring joy to others through their music…that is what I think about.

Teaching is not for the faint-hearted. It is a challenging and sometimes all-consuming career, so it is wonderful when teachers are acknowledged for their work; be it by a lovely little post-it note left by a student, a beautifully written student card, a student leaving an iced latte on my desk to get me through the day (you know who you are!) or a thoughtful email by a parent. ln the public sphere, I have also been very lucky, in 2018 receiving the Association of Heads of Music in Non Government Schools (AHOMINGS) ‘Long and Noteworthy Service’ award, and in 2019 receiving the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) ‘Music – Educating for Life’ award.

Last Friday, I had the honour of attending another AHOMINGS ceremony where I received an award for ‘Significant Service to the Music Profession’, largely related to my work in the choral field. While these awards are a wonderful recognition of the work I have done within Music Education and in the choral arena, I will continue to look back on what is most important to me, that at some stage, somehow, and for someone…I’ve made a difference.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Guest Artist a Brass Act

Music students were fortunate to enjoy a visit last week from our Guest Artist Jordan Murray who has established a career in many diverse areas of the music industry. Primarily known as a trombonist, Jordan has also developed a reputation as a composer and arranger. His next big career move is to fill the shoes of James Morrison as the next Music Director of Generations in Jazz.

The girls shared:

‘Dr Jordan Murray’s workshop with Stage Band and Little Big Band was extremely insightful and educational. His extensive knowledge on jazz rhythms and stylistic techniques will definitely assist the girls in their musical journeys both independently and together in ensembles.’ – Matilda Chu (Lead Trombone Stage Band, 2023 Band Captain)

‘Working under the direction of Jordan Murray was inspirational. Through our 1.5 hour rehearsal, we learnt all about jazz swing styles and techniques, and I made sure to soak up as much of the information as I could to then apply to my playing. I am so grateful we could have this rehearsal with Jordan as it brought the best out of Stage Band.’
– Lauren Parker (Bass Player Stage Band)

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Being Brave, Making Change

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Ambassadors recently presented proposals to the School’s Senior Leadership Team, seeking support for the actions they as Ambassadors for reconciliation consider important.

Iszabella Lochowiak shared a proposal which asked, ‘To change the Acknowledgment to further recognise and respect the Kaurna people and their land. As a sign of respect, to adopt an Acknowledgement that the whole School could use, from our youngest students in the ELC to our Year 12s, by reciting words in Kaurna before the English words. This acknowledges their language was spoken on this land for thousands of years before Australia was colonised.’ Her proposal means that, in 2023, ‘A simple Acknowledgement in both Kaurna and English will be shared at every Assembly and major meeting. Doing this publicly shares the native language and the spiritual connection with Kaurna land.’

Shields with the new Acknowledgment will be located around the School and the short phrase ‘Respectfully teaching and learning on Kaurna land’ will be attached to School email signature for both staff and students as a sign of our commitment to reconciliation.

Ambassadors Alexandra Nguyen and Olivia Park proposed placing new flagpoles at a highly visible location within the School so that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags could fly daily with the Australian flag. Olivia stated, ‘Alexandra and I were thinking about this action and the perfect location for the flags to be placed. We wanted the location to be a main entrance that would be visible to all members of the School community, pedestrians and drivers.’ Alex went on to explain, ‘We proposed the action of flying these three flags at a prominent location and chose the front of the Science Centre.’

The girls concluded, ‘We must remember that small steps like these lead the way to change and reconciliation.’ These examples of student empowerment show our girls as change agents and highlight how student actions can lead to truly positive outcomes.

Lisa Hollis
RAP Coordinator

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Mesmerising Year 10 Drama Production

Congratulations to the Year 10 Drama students who this week performed the thought-provoking play, Property Rites.

Written by Alan Haehnel, it follows the story of Kyle Macmanus who has invested millions in a high-tech work of art: 14 human-figure sculptures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues and more. But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions; the figures are alive!

Interwoven with stylised movement and chorus work, our sci-fi-esque production explored concepts of ownership, identity and wanting to ‘break free’. The Year 10 girls embraced this challenging piece with great focus and maturity, resulting in a compelling and powerful performance. Well done girls!

Joni Combe
Drama Teacher

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Year 9/10 Dance Choreography Evening

6pm, Monday 28 November (Week 7)
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Free Admission

During this term, the Year 9 and Year 10 Dancers have been deepening their understanding of the choreographic process by using research to generate movement concepts. They have creatively explored a number of themes and experimented with how to communicate these ideas with audiences.

Student-devised work, supported by their teacher, enables meaningful opportunity for collaboration, communication and problem-solving. Creative possibilities are endless!

Most importantly, the dancers are all very proud of their work and look forward to sharing this at our Year 9/10 Choreography Evening where Year 9 Dancers present Raising Awareness and our Stage 1 Dancers present Trapped. Please come along and support our talented dancers. Free admission and no booking necessary.

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Year 8 Production – Next Week!

7pm, Thursday 24 November (Week 6)
Arts Centre, St Peter’s Girls’ School
Free Admission

The Saints Girls’ community is invited to attend the upcoming Year 8 Production The Real Story of Alice in Wonderland showcasing students’ talents in Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts.

With the girls self devising the choreography, selecting the songs, directing the scenes and organising the costumes and sets, this really is a celebration of collaboration and creativity!

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Year 11s Scale New Heights on Retreat

The Year 11 Retreat to Glenhaven Park Camp Site was an adventurous experience in which everyone was encouraged to challenge their thinking and push past physical and mental barriers.

I particularly enjoyed fun activities such as the Tower Challenge and Initiatives as they challenged the Home Groups to think strategically and collaboratively. Additionally, the high ropes were a fun and exhilarating activity that allowed me to develop skills such as confidence when climbing and jumping off a 12m pole blindfolded!

It was a terrific experience that the Year 11 girls will no doubt be discussing in the years to come!

Emma Pool
Year 11 student

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Building Bonds on Year 7 Co-Ed Day

Our Year 7 students recently took part in a Healthy and Respectful Relationships Co-Educational Day with St Peter’s College and Walford Anglican School for Girls.

It provided a wonderful opportunity for the girls and boys to work together and problem-solve scenarios throughout the day. They engaged in a range of fun activities and classes run by teachers and counsellors from across the three schools, including a gym circuit, quizzes, sports, drama, code breaking, engineering challenges and much more.

Thank you to Saints Boys for hosting this fantastic day and well done to all involved!

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Friends of Ferguson Park Return to Their Roots

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Friends of Ferguson Conservation Park (FFCP), the first nature-based Friends of Parks SA group.

On Sunday, members of the School’s Environment Club attended the Celebration Afternoon Tea held on the Chapel Path Lawns, where the girls were recognised for their commitment and contributions to Ferguson Park. This year, Environment Club members have recorded photos to show the growth of areas over time, and participated in weeding.

FFCP President Dr Geoffrey Bishop spoke about the group’s history and paid tribute to two important figures in the story of the park. The first was Alice Effie Ferguson whose family lived at Chiverton from 1896. Before her death in 1949, Miss Ferguson bequeathed 8 hectares of the property to the people of South Australia as a nature reserve. The balance of the property included the lovely homestead that became the site of St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School when the School relocated from North Adelaide in 1957.

Adelaide SchoolsThe School has had involvement with the group since 1984, working with FFCP for 37 of its 40 years. The students’ first initiative was a Jubilee 150 project called ‘A Child’s Eye View of Ferguson Park’ that was coordinated by teacher Anne Harrington. FFCP’s logo was designed by Year 10 student Ilze Tomanis (Patteson 1990) and adopted in February 1989; it features the park’s iconic Native Pine.

Dr Bishop said, ‘The School’s involvement has since expanded into a variety of projects. It has been a valuable association and we enjoy working with Anna and the Environment Club girls. The park is both a valuable biodiversity reserve and a teaching and learning resource.’

Well done girls!

Dr Geoffrey Bishop
FFCP President
Anna Stefopoulos
Environment Club Facilitator

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Year 9s Forage in Food Forest

Last week, the Year 9 Geography class visited the Gawler Food Forest and met with the farm’s developers, Graham and Annemarie Brookman. They learnt about the different techniques Graham and Annemarie use to produce organic food that they sell at the weekly Adelaide Farmers’ Market at the Adelaide Showground.

The students explored the farm property, which consists of 15 hectares growing over 160 varieties of fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables. The girls really enjoyed the pistachios, the best they have ever tasted!

Students were also able to add to their learnings by investigating methods used to help improve food security, one such being permaculture. Graham explained, ‘Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by ethics and design principles that feature on this site (Permaculture Principles, 2022).’ Graham demonstrated how the farm has adopted permaculture principles, from water filtering systems and water saving devices to compostable toilets and water storage, and that they try to use natural methods to get rid of pests including a number of geese which do this efficiently.

The girls asked intelligent and thoughtful questions and will use the information gained from this first-hand experience to write reports on what methods support food security.

Anna Stefopoulos
Geography Teacher

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Global Crusaders Team Up for EDGE Day

Each year, we hold an EDGE Day and present a group of students with a real life problem to solve. In previous years, we have looked at the issues facing animals native to Australia, space junk and escaping Adelaide Gaol. This year, the students were tasked with finding a multi-faceted solution to natural disasters using ideation and design thinking techniques. They worked in mixed-age teams from Reception to Year 10.

Girls were fortunate to participate in workshops led by the University of Adelaide and our Scientist in Residence Sophie Dolling, culminating in a presentation. In addition to our regular EDGE provision, this event provides an exciting chance for students to learn from experts, mix across Sub-Schools and for the older girls to have the opportunity to lead.

‘I enjoyed the EDGE Day because I got a giant Freddo Frog as my team won the best ideas for natural disasters. We did a presentation to show how drones and bunkers could be used. I enjoyed working with the big girls and sharing creative ideas.’ – Kate (Year 1 student)

‘My favourite part was learning about volcanoes and making all the things for our solutions. I really liked making an earthquake-proof building and using the wobble table to see if it would stay together. I also liked inventing things that could help save people from natural disasters. It was a bit scary at the start, but once we got to know each other, it was fun.’ – Samaira (Year 3 student)

‘The day involved many skills such as communication and thinking. Our ultimate task was to find a possible solution for what to do when a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, tsunami or bushfire strikes. This day was delightful and one of my highlights of the year.’ – Caitlyn (Year 6 student)

‘We were presented with the wonderful opportunity to work with girls from across Sub-Schools.I found myself enjoying the activities and getting to know the girls in my group, making this day an unforgettable one. This experience helped me develop many skills such as teamwork, patience and leadership whilst allowing us to make friends throughout the School along the way.’ – Elaine (Year 8 student)

‘I enjoyed exploring numerous extended learning topics alongside students from other year levels. EDGE Day has taught me how to think both critically and creatively and to work in a team to achieve a desired outcome, skills I am sure I will take with me well past my EDGE Program years. I have also had the opportunity to lead in EDGE Day activities, encouraging everyone to be bold in their ideas and to collaborate using different strengths to the team’s advantage.’ – Emily (Year 10 student)

‘My journey in the EDGE Program has been an experience like no other. It has provided me with the opportunity to be enriched, extended and accelerated to complement my mainstream classes. I have absolutely loved being in a learning environment that is both engaging and challenging. I particularly enjoy EDGE Days as they present me with opportunities to build relationships with younger girls and hone my critical thinking, time management and problem-solving skills.’ – Jess (Year 10 student)

Becca Burton-Howard
EDGE Coordinator

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Safety Drive for Young Road Users

Last Wednesday, Year 11 students took part in the South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) Road Awareness Program (RAP) in the Arts Centre. It is aimed at keeping our students safe on the roads with an honest and straightforward concentration and common-sense message.

Dave, a firefighter from the MFS, spoke to our students about:
• Good attitudes, smart decision-making and safe behaviours
• The dangers of excessive speed, distractions and driving under the influence
• Being a responsible passenger and pedestrian
• Becoming a responsible driver
• First-hand experience of the trauma suffered by all parties involved in both fatal and non-fatal road crashes

Statistics show that road crashes are one of the major causes of death and serious injury for 16 – 24 years olds in South Australia, and the presentation was designed to be a hard-hitting and realistic insight into road trauma.

After the presentation, the girls completed some evaluation questions to identify changes in attitude that can lead to changes in behaviour as road users. They were asked to nominate what type of driver/road user they were prior to the RAP presentation, then indicate the type of driver/road user they intend to be moving forward after the presentation. I can report that, initially, while most girls indicated they were responsible drivers, there were some who did not fully identify as such. However, in response to the question, ‘Following the program, will you adopt safer road behaviours?’, the girls responded affirmatively.

The presentation had an enormous positive impact, equipping our Year 11s with an understanding of how their choices can affect others and how they can support each other to make better decisions.

Karen Alderson
SACE Coordinator/Careers Advisor

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Treasure Box Donation Drive

This term, the Year 10 Kilburn cohort is hosting a donation drive for our new House Charity, Treasure Boxes. This South Australian not-for-profit organisation provides vital essentials to babies, children and teenagers living in disadvantage in our community.

We are launching a campaign to help this charity to provide further support this holiday season. It will run in Week 6 and Week 7, and there will be a collection bin in the Middle School where donations can be placed. Treasure Boxes has provided a list of sought-after items:


We encourage everyone to bring in at least one item from this list so that we can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate in our community this Christmas.

Alysa Trinh
Year 10 student

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Carols in the Cathedral

St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide
Tuesday 6 December
Students to arrive at 6.30pm
Doors open at 6.45pm, event commences at 7pm

Carols in the Cathedral is a compulsory event for students in Years 5 – 12

Illustration by Isabella Ding (Year 9 student)

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Presentation Night

Adelaide Town Hall
Friday 9 December
Students to arrive at 6.30pm (unless advised otherwise by the Music Department)
Doors open at 6.45pm, event commences at 7pm

Presentation Night is a compulsory event for students in Years 7 – 12

Further details including ticket information will be communicated to families shortly.

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SLIC Reviews – New Edition Out Now!

The final issue for 2022 of the Student Libraries Initiatives Club’s Magazine is now available: SLIC reViews Issue 4.

In this edition, the girls are excited to share their favourite romance books. Last month, Adam Silvera, author of smash hit They Both Die at the End, released a prequel, The First to Die at the End. This story celebrates the lasting impact that people have on each other and proves that life is always worth living to the fullest.

These books and many more are available in the Library and on the Wheelers for Schools website.

Start reading SLIC reViews now – click here

Kate McBride
Library and Information Services

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Scholastic Book Club

End-of-year deals in Issue 8 Book Club

Last chance to stock up on some fabulous books including The Speedy Sloth (National Simultaneous Storytime Book for 2023) by Rebecca Young and illustrated by Heath McKenzie. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Diary of a Wombat with Diary of a Rescued Wombat: The Untold Story by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. The (almost) true tale of one small wombat who learnt how to train her humans, inspiring the internationally best-selling picture book.

Place your Issue 8 order online via the Scholastic Australia LOOP website and enter the promo code LOOPDEALS to get your discount:

$15 off when you spend $80 and over
$10 off when you spend $50 – $79
$5 off when you spend $30 – $49
$3 off when you spend $20 – $29

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Friends of Rowing – Wine Fundraiser

Support the development of the Rowing Program at St Peter’s Girls’ School by purchasing from a fantastic selection of wines:

  • Lambert Estate – Barossa Valley
  • The Lane – Adelaide Hills
  • Bird in Hand – Adelaide Hills
  • d’Arenberg – McLaren Vale

Vintages are subject to change. In the event of wines being in short supply, we will contact you. Prices are only available for this fundraiser. Each wine can only be ordered by minimum purchase. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Purchases can be made via TryBooking – click here

The campaign runs until 11 December 2022 (no orders after this date can be accepted). Orders to be collected on Sunday 18 December from 11am – 3pm at St Peter’s Girls’ School. Wine can be collected after Sunday 18 December by prior arrangement; please contact Fiona McGregor, Community Relations – Events Officer via 8334 2225 or

Liquor Licence: #203237

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Professional School Photo Offers

Offer 1 – $88 digital package (unlimited number of photos)
To view the photos, visit
Select Gallery
To access, use the password: SaintsGirls
Email Mark at, quoting the photo numbers and event. He will be in contact with you to finalise the order.

Offer 2 – $27 per printed photo
The Special Groups offer includes photos of House Captains, Generations, Originals, Year 12 cohort and the Year 12 image from the Chiverton Balcony
Select School Portraits
Enter access key: 7XE7K6YB

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark via or 8389 9002.

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Junior School Vacation Care – Book Now

Our next awesome instalment of Junior School Vacation Care is almost here. We have some great activities guaranteed to keep the children entertained through the break. With an array of excursions and on-site adventures, there is plenty of fun to be had.

December 2022 / January 2023 Vacation Care Program

Places are limited, so secure your booking now – click here

Please make your booking requests via the link above by 2pm Friday 2 December, as each booking made after this time will incur an additional $5 fee.

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COVID-19 Information

As you may be aware, a number of COVID-19 requirements have been lifted including mandatory isolation for those who test positive. Notwithstanding this, SA Health encourages anyone who is ill to stay home until the symptoms have cleared (usually five to seven days).

As there is no longer a set COVID isolation period, you must notify the School each day your child will be absent, or provide the expected period of absence.


0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

Phone: 8334 2200

The School is no longer required to record details of COVID-19 cases for SA Health; however, there is still a requirement for South Australians who test positive using a RAT to report their result to SA Health online.

Close contacts with symptoms should get tested and stay home until well.

For more information, click here

As always, we will keep you informed of any updated advice.

Please note that if your child is unwell, they should remain home until they have recovered, irrespective of the illness.

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School Medical Information Reminder

It is imperative that all medical information, including immunisations, is up to date on the School’s myLink parent portal.

Please follow this pathway to check and/or update details: myLink > Community Portal > My Details > select child name

If you have any questions, please email

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Road Safety Alert

The School has received reports of concerning driver behaviour on Hallett Road. This includes holding up traffic while waiting for cars to leave in order to park near the ELC, performing risky u-turns and parking in bus zones.

As our staff have no jurisdiction over public roads, the School will be asking the police to conduct regular patrols at peak times.

We implore all of our community members to support road safety and show courtesy to others.

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Car Park Protocols

It is important to remind families about our car park protocols, particularly during drop off and pick up.

If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street.

Please note that, unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please also refrain from turning right into or out of the car park at peak times, and please do not queue in the car park’s lanes as this often prevents drivers who are legally parked from exiting.

We have also previously received complaints about cars being parked too close to or in front of driveways, or across from other vehicles in surrounding streets, making it extremely difficult for residents and other road users to navigate.

We ask all community members to show consideration for others. Thank you for your cooperation.

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School Shop Notices

School Shop Holiday Opening Hours

Thursday 15 December – Friday 20 January: Closed
Monday 23 January: 9am – 3pm
Tuesday 24 January: 9am – 3pm
Wednesday 25 January: 9am – 3pm
Thursday 26 January: Closed
Friday 27 January: Closed

Normal Hours resume from Monday 30 January
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

To help reduce your waiting time, and if you require a full fitting, it is advisable to call the School Shop on 8334 2228 prior to coming in.

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop

Uniform Requirements for 2023 Year 4 Students

If your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform requirements that you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2023.

The junior blazer (cardigan) is no longer worn and is replaced by a navy blue jumper and a wool blazer.

With only four weeks until the end of term and a high volume of new student fittings, it is advisable that these items are purchased before the end of year.

School Shop

New ELC Uniforms

We are excited to announce our ELC will be rolling out a new custom-designed uniform from December 2022. This beautiful new range takes into consideration the unique sizes, proportions and needs of our youngest community members, giving our ELC children a smart, cohesive look, and simplifying the routine of getting dressed in the morning.

2023 will be a phasing-out period, where children can continue to wear pieces of the old ELC uniform to supplement their outfits, giving families time to purchase the new garments.

From 2024, the new ELC uniform will be compulsory for all children to wear during their time at the ELC. Children will need to wear both the top and bottom pieces (t-shirt; shorts; long sleeve top; long pants). A plain navy-coloured long sleeve top will be permitted to be worn underneath the t-shirt. For summer and high UV periods, children will wear the new ELC bucket hat, and for cooler periods, there will be new ELC vest and jacket options to replace non-ELC jackets, jumpers and vests.

These new items will be available for purchase from our School Shop in mid-December, and we look forward to seeing the children proudly wear their new ELC attire.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Absences from School

If your child will not be attending school/ELC due to illness or otherwise, please notify the School via one of the following methods and include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group.

If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

Please also provide a reason for the absence as the School requires this for government reporting purposes.

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

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Sports News


Open A: Saints (73) v Scotch (74)
Open B: Saints (1/42) v Scotch (4/58)

Cricket is a fairly recent addition to the sport offerings at Saints Girls. We started off with very limited skills and knowledge of the game. Entering into the competition for the first time was difficult because we were put up against amazing teams who had some extremely skilled players. However, over the past year, with the help of Mr Peak, Mr Bassett and Mr Millward, we have trained twice a week working on our fielding every Thursday night, and batting and bowling on Friday mornings.

Since the first season, we have improved dramatically with the A team getting their first win a few weeks ago and the B team making the Grand Final. Our fielding has improved and we are now not afraid to attack the ball as well as take a catch or be there for back up. Our bowling accuracy is now incredible with the Open As getting only 11 extras in 12 overs at our last game. When batting, we have become much more confident in facing faster bowlers and have learnt how to place our shots to make the most out of each ball that comes our way. It has been unbelievable to be a part of Cricket at Saints Girls and watch every single player grow in their knowledge and execution of the game. I feel so privileged to be the Cricket Captain for 2023 and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that these girls achieve in the future. – Jenna Maione (Captain)


As part of the Year 11 PE course, the girls participated in a coaching clinic at Royal Adelaide Golf Club. The group has been using golf as the vehicle to examine biomechanical concepts such as moment of inertia, levers and stability. They have been attempting to improve the power in their golf swings by adhering to these specific biomechanical principles.

The girls learnt many new skills whilst partaking in putting, driving range and full hole activities with RAGC Junior Coordinator Matt Antell. We hope they will be able to bring these new ideas to their swing analysis in the coming days. – Dan Searle (Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education)


On Wednesday, a group of girls who play Lacrosse at a club level went head-to-head with a team of staff members in a Staff v Student match. The staff team was a combination of experienced players and newcomers to the game. They put up a good competition for the students, but in the end, the girls did take the victory. Mr Peak wowed all the students with his amazing goalkeeping skills. The girls are very happy with the final result and can’t wait for a rematch next year! – Dani Cox (Lacrosse captain)


Open A: Saints (4) v Seymour (0)
Open B: Saints (8) v Seymour (1)
Middle A: Saints (2) v Wilderness (1)
Middle B: Saints (3) v St Michael’s (4)

Throughout this year, the Touch Football program at Saints Girls has seen incredible development in the girls’ skills, positive sportsmanship and success. Since going to the Gold Coast over the October holidays, both the Middle and Open A teams have been undefeated. It has been remarkable to watch how both teams have been able to improve their strength in defence, whilst also taking risks in attack to try new plays we have been developing. For the Open As, our highlight for the term was a high-pressure match against Pembroke where we came away with a 5 – 3 win after sticking out a tough game in the heat. The Middle A team similarly had a strongly contested match this week, with a 2 – 1 win after holding Wilderness off from scoring until the final minutes of the game.

In addition, it has been great to see both the Open B and Middle B teams progress, with some girls stepping up into leadership roles, whilst others have learnt the structure of the game after playing for their first season. Last weekend was a highlight for both teams, as the Open Bs had a strong win against Seymour with many players getting the opportunity to score, and the Middle Bs came close to their first win before the game was called off. We look forward to continuing to develop into the new year and encourage girls of any skill level looking to try out a new summer sport to give Touch Football a go!


Open A: Saints (1) v Seymour (2)
Open B: Saints (0) v Seymour (3)
Open C: Saints (3) v Seymour (0)
Middle A:
Saints (1) v Seymour (2)
Middle B:
Saints (0) v Immanuel (3)
Middle C1:
Saints v Immanuel (Immanuel forfeited)
Middle C2:
Saints (1) v Immanuel (2)

Our Open Cs had a solid 3 – 0 win over Seymour. A great game for the girls with continuous development in each set. They were constantly loud and supportive of each other with Sophie and Kira (Middle A) taking the lead on this. – Antonio (Coach)


Open A: Bye
Open B: Saints (15) v Immanuel (2)
Open C: Saints (13) v Walford (7)
Middle A: Saints (11) v Wilderness (5)


Congratulations to Elodie de Wit who has been selected into the Crows AFLW Academy for 2023.