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Momentum is Building at Saints Girls

Building works at St Peter’s Girls are in full flight as a suite of projects take shape.

Our new Science Centre has reached a significant milestone with the successful installation of the roof, keeping the project on track to open in Term 4. As work ramps up on the southern side of the construction site, the main playground will be closed from Tuesday-week until the end of term to ensure safety. The top playground will still be available and other activities on the oval are being planned. During the holidays, a new canopy will be installed over the Stott Wing balcony providing much-needed shelter.

Once we move into the Science Centre, our existing Science facility will be transformed with a new IT hub, a dedicated space for media production, as well as additional new classrooms for our Junior School. Following those upgrades, classrooms along the Junior School corridor will be refurbished and new breakout spaces will be created including plans for a deck overlooking Ferguson Park.

Our highly-anticipated pool change rooms are now complete and new seating is being ordered ready for the summer season.

Another project about to get underway is the restoration of the Chiverton balcony, which requires a delicate touch as it is heritage-listed.

Across the road, the Bell Yett car park upgrade is nearing completion, with contractors for Burnside Council expecting it to re-open next week.

As we know, there has never been a better time to be at Saints Girls and the future is even brighter as we deliver these transformational building works.


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From the Director of Early Learning

Embedding Reconciliation into Daily Life in the ELC

KM ELC photoAt St Peter’s Girls’ Early Learners’ Centre, reconciliation is a part of our daily practice. Living by values such as compassion and inclusion, we work intentionally to find the similarities in our human race and celebrate the diversity of who we are and the different stories we have. This week in the ELC, we marked the significance of Reconciliation Week in our culture by raising three flags – an Australian flag, an Aboriginal flag and a Torres Strait Islander flag – and participating in a traditional smoking ceremony with our Kaurna elder Tamaru. We have installed three flagpoles within the grounds of the ELC to serve as a daily reminder of our identity.

As part of the School’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a group of senior students wanted to fly the three flags alongside some of our ELC friends during the smoking ceremony. We have worked in partnership with the students to make this a reality, and the significance of this moment with the flags really demonstrates the whole School’s understanding and acknowledgement of this important week. In addition, the ELC has written its own Reconciliation Action Plan and this sits alongside the School’s plan.

In the ELC, we are teaching the children the Kaurna language and heritage. The children enjoy learning another language, and love the sounds of the words and the connections they can make to their beautiful Ferguson Park. This is the place where the language is made real for them, as it is within this context that they truly begin to understand the significance of our land and what it can teach them.

We believe we have a responsibility to be at the forefront of reconciliation, educating our youngest students and their families alongside ourselves. We are taught everything we know from our Kaurna elders, in particular Tamaru, whom we have developed a strong relationship with. Tamaru is now a significant part of our ELC community and believes that working side-by-side in an authentic way will have a significant impact on the future for the next generation. As the adults in their lives, we have a responsibility to have an open dialogue with our children, educating them as they grow and deepening their understanding of the culture, land and world they are growing up in.

It has been an honour standing in Ferguson Park each morning last week, listening to each group of children and educators confidently recite the Acknowledgement to Country in Kaurna. We know we have created something very special in our ELC by embedding reconciliation into our daily practice, and we recognise that these values of reconciliation and compassion are paramount in our daily practice.


Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

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Saints Girls Now on Spotify!

St Peter’s Girls’ School has arrived on Spotify, with our new album Enchante Live!

Enchante converged on Wizard Tone Studios at Hendon late last year to professionally record eight tracks with their incredible jazz vocals. Led by Sari Noble and Sally Rounsevell, the girls were accompanied by David Goodwin (piano), Robyn Habel (bass), John McDermott (drums), and our amazing Extension Strings.

So get behind the girls and add the album to your playlist; simply search for: Enchante Live

Go to Spotify

You can also download the album from independent online music store CD Baby.

And be sure to check out this sensational video of one of the tracks recorded at Wizard Tone Studios:

Please note: Spotify users must be 18 or older, or be 13 or older and have parent or guardian consent

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da Vinci Decathlon Success

W5 - da Vinci Decathlon

Our annual da Vinci Decathlon was another huge success, attracting scores of school groups from across Adelaide.

The Year 5/6, 7 and 9 competitions were held over three days in the Arts Centre, pitting teams against each other with mind-stretching tasks across 10 disciplines including Engineering, Code Breaking, and Art and Poetry.

Our girls achieved some terrific results in fields such as Ideation and Mathematics.

Congratulations to all involved!

For full results and team photos, click here.

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Inaugural Ethics Olympiad Champions

W5 - Ethics

On Wednesday 22 May, nine girls from Years 9 to 12 attended the first South Australian Ethics Olympiad. This is a new competition in which students work in teams of four to five to engage in discussions of various ethical issues. Topics discussed included China’s social credit system, de-extinction, private money in academia and the use of drones in warfare.

Two Saints Girls’ teams competed, and both did extremely well. The team of four consisting of Victoria Thorp, Emily Loh, Sara Peak and Srishti Sharma finished in the top 10, and the team of Emily Teague, Natacha Zisos-Troupakis, Ella Liddy, Emily Downie and myself progressed to the Grand Final.

In the Grand Final, we participated in more discussions and answered questions from the judges, many of whom are qualified in Philosophy. We were very excited to hear that we won the competition! Currently, there is no national final, but we may have the opportunity to engage in discussions via video conferencing with students from around Australia and the world to further our understanding of ethics.

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‘Saints in Style’ Hits All the Right Notes

W5 - Saints in Style

Our ‘Saints in Style’ concert wowed the crowds last Friday night as our talented Music students teamed up with acclaimed Old Scholars.

Featuring violinist Sophie Rowell (Kilburn ’92), Concertmaster with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and talented vocalists Emma Kavanagh (Kilburn ’14), Erin McKellar (Patteson ’13), Chelsea McGuinness (Kilburn ’16) and Meena De Silva (Kilburn ’13), plus many of our fabulous Jazz vocal ensembles and Stage Band fresh from their adventures at Generations in Jazz. Also making appearances were Chamber, Concert and Junior Choirs, senior bands including Concert Band, as well as Extension and Senior Strings.

It was a remarkable display of the calibre of our Music platform at Saints Girls. Have a listen to just some of the highlights:

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From the Chapel Prefect

W5 - Prefect Article
Today, the Year 10 girls from Selwyn and Patteson held their House Charity fundraising day. This included a casual clothes day, Selwyn held a sausage sizzle, whilst the Patteson girls ran a cupcake stall. It was a great success in raising funds for The Smith Family and the Little Heroes Foundation.

The girls all put in a lot of work organising the stalls and should feel very proud of their efforts. The House Charity system is an important part of the School, as it teaches us the attributes of compassion and giving back to the wider community.

Mr Bassett regularly speaks about compassion and giving back in our whole School Chapel Services. This year, we’ve learned about the remarkable people that Jesus met throughout his life and the influence he had on them.

The amazing fundraising by these Houses demonstrates the importance of giving back to the community to support those in need.

Amy Rice
Chapel Prefect

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Receptions and Year 11s Share Food for Thought

W5 - Reception and Year 11

This week, the Year 11 Nutrition students and Meg Karvonen’s Reception class joined forces to experiment with the School’s newly-acquired 3D food printer. The girls worked together to compare their creations with those printed by the 3D food printer, undertaking a sensory analysis. The Receptions loved the opportunity to attend a Senior School class, and the Year 11s were excited to share their enthusiasm with the Receptions. It’s wonderful to see the unique and collaborative culture of our School on display.

A few Receptions shared their thoughts on the experience:

“It was very satisfying!” – Laura
“It was a tasty experience. The chocolate mousse was sweet and delicious.” – Matilda
“It was great, and I loved that we spent time with the Year 11s making chocolate mousse hearts. When Mr Carey turned on the food printer, there were red lines and it printed the chocolate mousse into the shape of a love heart.” – Mikayla
“I used my sense of taste to work out which chocolate mousse love heart tasted the best.” – Penny

Christopher Carey
Science Teacher

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Car Park – Action Required

Once again, we urge parents of Year 2 – 12 students not to enter the School’s car park for pick up until at least 3.30pm to allow for the smooth and safe early collection of Reception and Year 1 students.

We also reiterate that there is no right turn into or out of the car park.

It is hoped that the Bell Yett car park will re-open next week.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping to improve safety and traffic flow for all.

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The Addams Family – Tickets on Sale!

Enews - The Addams Family

The Addams Family is getting excited to make their debut appearance at St Peter’s Girls on 12 June…less than two weeks away! Students have achieved so much in the time we have been rehearsing – learning lines, songs, music and choreography. Not to forget our awesome stage crew who have joined us this term in order to produce a smooth-running performance from behind the scenes.

Tickets are on sale now –

Kate Burnett
Head of Arts

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A Taste of Multiculturalism for Year 3

W5 - Year 3

“On Friday of Week 3, Year 3 held a multicultural food sharing day. In inquiry, we have been learning all about what makes us unique. We brought in food that was important to us. We were able to experience foods from different cultures that we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try. We had a huge picnic and there was so much food!” – Beatrice Tolley and Valentina Patino

“When I discussed this topic with my parents, we decided that I should bring in Irish soda bread because this bread had an interesting story. It is one of the best breads in the world. Irish soda bread is a traditional product made with only the most basic of ingredients: flour, baking soda (used instead of yeast), soured milk to moisten and activate the soda, and salt. I enjoyed sharing Irish soda bread. I think being open-minded is really important; I tried Chinese dumplings, pasta and lollies. I thought the day was awesome!” – Beatrice Tolley

“I decided with my parents that I should bring in a three-milk cake because we have this cake when we celebrate Easter. I enjoyed sharing it. I think being open-minded is important; I tried pasta and banana bread. I thought the day was epic!” – Valentina Patino

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National Reconciliation Week Breakfast

W5 - Breakfast

On Monday, Saints Girls attended the National Reconciliation Week Breakfast.

Lucy Young and Hattie Maerschel (both Year 11) met guests including singer Zaachariaha Fielding and composer/keyboardist Michael Ross from Electric Fields, who recently performed at EuroVision, and indigenous journalist Aunty Janette Milera.

The girls listened to a keynote address by Associate Professor Chelsea Bond.

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Anglican Schools Unite in Cathedral

W5 - Year 7

This week, 17 Year 7 girls joined 11 other Anglican schools at the annual Combined Anglican Schools Service in St Peter’s Cathedral. They were involved in workshops and activities, they learnt about the cathedral, met the Archbishop and experienced the many components that make up our joint worship service. They all enjoyed the service and workshops and loved meeting other students. The theme of the service was Reconciliation; it began with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by Uncle John and a talk by Hugo Hart, Captain of St Peter’s College and a proud indigenous man. The prayers, readings and songs all pointed towards the ultimate reconciliation that Jesus made possible between us and God. As Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians, “Because of God’s great love for us, he made us alive with him. It is by God’s grace that you are saved.”

Thomas Bassett
School Chaplain

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THRASS Dress Up Day

W5 - Dress up day 2

Hello, we are Annie and Clara from Mrs Liddy’s Year 1 class. We are going to tell you what we did on THRASS Dress Up Day. All of the Receptions and Year 1s dressed up as something on the THRASS chart. THRASS stands for Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills.

First, we made treasure boxes, and they were hard and easy. Then we made money and treasure. We also made banana sandwiches and jam sandwiches. We used banana and jam because they were on the THRASS chart. We did a parade with the Receptions and Year 1s, and then we all wanted the teachers to do it. They were funny. Mrs Liddy dressed up as a frog. She jumped across the room. Mrs Sandercock dressed up as a lion and she roared at us.

We all felt wonderful and had a fantastic day!

Annie and Clara
Year 1 students

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Important Health Message

With the State in the grips of a flu crisis, we must reiterate an important health message to our community.

If your child is showing any signs of illness, please do not bring them to school. This includes if they have a temperature of 37.5 degrees and above, and/or if they’ve received medication such as paracetamol. This also extends to other ailments such as stomach aches and vomiting.

This is not only for your child’s comfort and recovery, but also to protect other children and our staff.

For more information regarding influenza, please click here.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Health Centre via 8155 5762 or If your daughter will not be attending school due to illness, please notify us via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts)
Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to also include the Class/Home Group teacher when sending via email.

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Do You Have a Connection to Woodlands Girls’ Grammar?

Scholarship Information

The Elaine Balfour Ogilvy Scholarship is for girls who are planning to enter Year 12 next year, who attend an Anglican school and whose mother, grandmother or great-grandmother attended Woodlands Girls’ Grammar School. The scholarship was created by the Woodlands Old Scholars in honour of an old scholar, one of the Australian Army nurses who died in the horror of war after the fall of Singapore.

Applicants need to post an introductory letter and four copies of their CV to:

The President
Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association
39 Partridge Street
Glenelg  SA  5045

Applications close 22 July 2019

Interviews conducted during Term 3 will give the panel a chance to have an informal chat with the girls. We will be assessing attributes such as presentation and enthusiasm, and will take this opportunity to see certificates and awards which substantiate the CV.

For any enquiries, please contact me via

Louise Sorrell
President, St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association

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Entertainment Book

W5 - Entertainment Book

Purchase a new Entertainment Book/Digital Membership from the Parents’ and Friends’ Association before midnight tomorrow and receive a bonus $10 Priceline eGift Card!

Purchase your membership here!

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Community Golf Day

W1 - Community Golf Day

St Peter’s Girls’ Community Golf Day will be held on Thursday 14 November.

Book your spot to play on the day and network with other community members and businesses connected to our School:

Community Golf Day Information

If you require further information about this event, please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations office via or 8334 2244.

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Saints Girls Now on Instagram!

W1 Instagram Banner

The School is proud to launch our newest social media offering to celebrate our fantastic community.

We look forward to sharing exciting images and cutting-edge videos showcasing life at Saints Girls. Be a part of the action and follow us via @stpetersgirlsschool

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Seat of Encouragement – Style a Tile

W2 - Science

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make your mark on our new Science Centre.

Purchase and personalise a tile for our ‘Seat of Encouragement’ and leave a legacy for generations of Saints Girls. Many tiles also include inspiring quotes to further empower our girls.

Secure your tile via

If you require more information or have any constructive feedback to add value to achieving our collective goal, please contact Melissa Westgate via 8334 2244 or

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125 Gala Ball

W8 - 125 Gala Ball

Our 125th anniversary Gala Ball is shaping up to be a spectacular evening.

Highlights will include a delicious three course meal, premium beverages and fantastic live entertainment by leading party band The Cast, as well as our own talented student performers.

When: 6.30pm, Saturday 19 October 2019
Venue: William Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval
Dress: Black Tie

Tickets: $150 per person; tables of 10

Book via or 8334 2225

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Saints Girls Teams Up with BankSA

W2 BankSABankSA has partnered with St Peter’s Girls’ School in offering our community a great fundraising opportunity. If you’re keen to take your support to the next level while potentially saving yourself money, then this program is for you. We’ve made it really easy to further support the School, while also making sure you’re getting the best possible service and a great deal on your home loan.

Not only will you get a great rate with BankSA, you’ll also be supporting St Peter’s Girls’ School, as each BankSA home loan allows us to make a charitable donation in your name of between $1,000 and $6,000. As the SPGS Building Fund has DGR status, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction.

It’s that simple

  • The more home loan referrals, the more money BankSA will donate to the School
  • Donation paid at settlement of the home loan
  • Unlimited donation potential

Both St Peter’s Girls’ School and BankSA have a proud history in South Australia and a strong sense of community.

To discuss further how BankSA can assist you and make a charitable donation in your name, simply call our BankSA Partnership contact:

Jasper Ooi
0401 717 894

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Code Camp Winter Holidays

W3 - Code Camp 2

Code Camp is returning to St Peter’s Girls these winter holidays. Girls and boys have fun with friends while building important skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app and game development.

This camp is from Wednesday 10 July to Friday 12 July, and St Peter’s Girls will be hosting Spark, Web Hackers and Little Heroes.

Code Camp Flyer

Bookings can be made via

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Sports News

W5 - Sport


Open A – Saints did not play

Middle B – Saints 10.15 = 75 defeated Concordia 0.0 = 0
The girls had an absolutely outstanding game on Friday afternoon against Concordia. Our attack played an excellent match, managing to get through Concordia’s strong defence. Ella Dnistriansky scored an impressive 4 goals, Indya Dodd scored an incredible 3 goals, Grace Richards scored an amazing 2 goals and Eva Young scored 1 great goal. Chloe Porter was fantastic in ruck and the midfield played a super strong game, getting the ball straight into the forward half. Despite not getting many touches, our defence was able to apply pressure and prevented Concordia from scoring at all. The girls should be extremely proud of their efforts and I hope we can bring home a lot more wins as the season continues. – Dayna Petruzzella (Year 9)


Saints won four out of five matches we played at Walford, which is an amazing result and great effort from all the players. We had a convincing win from the Open A against one of our strongest opponents, Westminster, losing just one singles, and a close and intense match from the Open B. The girls have demonstrated excellent teamwork, showcasing our skills to win. I’m sure everyone has improved throughout the matches, especially for the Open E girls, who are constantly learning from experience. Well done everyone!

Open A – Saints 5 defeated Westminster 1
Best players: Yang Yang Gu, Gloria Gao and Mahala Truscott

Open B – Saints 3 (149) defeated Walford (128)
Best players: Amelie Dunda and Cherie Wong

Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Westminster 1
Best players: Yujia Sun and Candy Feng

Open C2 – Saints 6 defeated Walford 0
Best players: Natacha Zisos Troupakis, Christina Song, Alice Liang and Heidi Chow

Open D – Saints did not play

Open E – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 8
Best players: Saffron Chen


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 1
The girls played a fun game in very heavy rain on the weekend. During the first quarter, the rain made it hard to play and the pitch was filled with water. Luckily, the weather cleared up and we were able to create excellent ball movement between lines. Well done to Bridgette Leach who played really well in the midfield by dominating Wildy’s strong players. – Olivia Goldsmith (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 3
The girls played a hard-fought game in the rain but lost 0-3. The team had many good chances but could not finish, with the rain making it difficult for the girls to play their natural game. Lady Murphy played a great defensive game and Amelie Eaton was a stand-out again. – Will Stapleton (Coach)

Year 5/6 – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 1
The girls had good attacking play and defended really well in the first half. In the second half, the Seymour girls proved too strong with their solid defending and clinical strikers, although Saints continued to show glimpses of great hockey. – Jacob Evans (Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 3 defeated by Walford 4
The girls played a very strong game with passing and tackling an obvious strength. They implemented skills obtained from training and were constantly using the free space across the whole pitch. One thing to take away for the next match is to ensure that each tackle made is done so with a 1v1 mindset to give away fewer frees. Despite their loss, the girls should be very proud of their achievements, especially since an obvious improvement was made from the previous week. – Carla Lawrence (Coach)


Under 13 – Saints 15 defeated Wilderness 4
Another great game. The girls are really starting to improve at defending their player and have stayed consistently strong in midfield, winning us possession out of the centre almost every time this match. Just before half-time, we started playing non-dominant hand with three passes before going to goal, which resulted in eight different girls getting goals. Some of them even left-handed! Really proud of the teamwork the girls displayed this game. Hope we can keep it up. – Caitlyn Grayson (Captain)

Under 11 Blue – Saints 2 lost to St Dominic’s 8
It was a very wet Saturday morning but the girls began the match well. For the first half, Chelsea Francis (Year 3) was our fantastic goalie who saved almost all the shots on her. Lilly Meo (Year 3) and Eliza Burmester (Year 3) both did a great job at running with the ball into attack and throwing it long for their teammates to run onto. Some fantastic running was shown by Enya Ouyang (Year 3) who used her quick pace to run and fight hard for ground balls. In defence, Anvika Singh (Year 3) did well at sticking to her player. In addition, Ruby Kelly (Year 3) in defence did some great intercepts and worked hard to be the next pass in attack. The girls played a great game and are getting much more confident. Goal scorers were Chelsea and Lilly. Best players were Eliza and Lilly. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 White – Saints 4 defeated by St Aloysius 6
This was a particularly challenging game, with very wet conditions and no subs. Even so, the girls played well, using their speed to move up and down the field to help their teammates. They did an excellent job passing the ball, with our goal shooting hotshot Claris Stolcman scoring our 4 goals. First-time goalie Heidi Godfrey-Tunno also worked hard in goals, learning more and more as the game progressed and stopping a number of goals! Great teamwork and sportsmanship was shown, particularly by Millie Lively who, despite hurting herself multiple times, got straight back up and soldiered through the whole game as a very valuable team member. Great collaboration was demonstrated and with such a close result, I hope that this encourages the girls to challenge themselves even more next week! – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Open Knockout – Saints 33 defeated by Scotch 48
On Thursday 23 May, St Peter’s Girls participated in the SSSSA Knockout Netball competition. Saints started strongly by moving swiftly, transitioning the ball mid-court to the goal third, allowing goalies to score quickly. It was an undeniably challenging game and it took time for Saints to settle and work cohesively as one unit until the second half. Each player dug deep in the second half and tightly contested every ball from the start and kept close to Scotch by scoring goal-for-goal. Easy feeds and excellent ball placement into the goal shooter from Scotch gradually wore our defensive team down, however, the girls still managed to put up a fight and did an amazing job to eventually shut down the shooters. Saints proceeded to place pressure on Scotch as best they could and played the game until the end regardless of the score. Best player was Ehi Oyugbo as her constant defensive pressure was effective, causing errors in Scotch’s plays. Second best was Alexia Politis for an amazing game in Centre and for smoothly transitioning the ball from defence to attack. The final score does not reflect Saints’ outstanding effort and they should be extremely proud of their development. Well done girls!

Open A – Saints 44 defeated by Concordia 48
The girls demonstrated great team effort and perseverance throughout. Saints was patient in bringing the ball out of defence and working in our goal third to get to circle edge. We kept the score close until the second quarter when Concordia’s defensive pressure challenged every pass down the court, forcing Saints high and wide. With Anna White sick, the Open As introduced Olivia Kelly from Open Bs into the line in the second half. Sivi Sivasuthan and Nicolette Miller worked well in the ring whilst overcoming the pressure out forward by the defenders, while Ehi Oyugbo and Hannah Freeman rebounded all of Concordia’s missed goals, assisted well with Sarah Wishart and Olivia Kelly in WD. Best player was Hannah for her continuous efforts in defence which helped keep Concordia’s scoring to a minimum. Second best was Sarah who fulfilled the role of WD, placing hands-over pressure and turning over many balls. – Sivi Sivasuthan (Captain)

Open B – Saints 37 defeated by Concordia 45
The girls played well in all aspects of the court. Special mention to Isabella Bernardi and Kellie Bested who played in centre court, always putting in an extra mile intercepting and making space. Concordia was a strong team but no doubt we can beat them next game! – Eve Habel

Open C – Saints 11 defeated by Concordia 57
The girls played a tough game against a strong opposition. They worked hard in tough conditions with Ailani Cox and Keeley Fahey pairing well together in defence to keep their players away from the post. Kellie Bested played some top netball in Centre with Ellen Zhang in WA, who led throughout. Emma Matheson shot well, and Faye Ma defended well down the court. Unfortunately, the score did not reflect the effort of the team, but we hope to continue to improve at training. – Amelia Pudney

Open D – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 71
Edie McKellar played really well in C, making some solid passes and getting in front of the ball. Concordia applied a lot or pressure and if Saints can work on slowing down the passes, we will make fewer errors, such as stepping with the ball. Our communication was quite good and all the girls tried really hard. – Annabel Bernardi

Open E2 – Saints 38 defeated Seymour 24
The entire team demonstrated a great sense of teamwork and communication. Georgina Bafile and Sarah Matheson were a strong pair in the ring and worked together to consistently shoot precise goals. Throughout the match, the mid-court players made clear passes to each other, bringing the ball down to the goal circle at a quick pace. A special mention to Molly Lucas who was quick on her feet and always available to pass the ball to, especially in Centre. A great effort from everyone, demonstrating energy and dedication in all four quarters of the game. – Aditi Tamhankar

Year 9A – Saints 18 defeated by Concordia 26
The girls played a solid game and coped well with the wet weather, especially because we only had seven players. Defence was strong, and mid-court and shooters worked well together. – Joss Forster

Year 9B – Saints 36 defeated Concordia 17
Although it was cold and raining, that didn’t stop the 9Bs from playing an amazing game. The rain did make it much harder to play, but the girls listened to advice and implemented it. The defence was incredibly tight, and the girls made it very hard for Concordia to score any goals. The girls who shot in this game were extremely efficient and moved very well in the circle, making it easier for the players outside the circle to feed in. All of them did extremely well to have such efficient play in cold and wet conditions. – Chloe Venning

Year 9C – Saints 34 defeated Seymour 13
Despite the very wet weather, we managed to win by 21. Our defence in the goal circle was strong as well as the shooters who worked well together. The mid-court players communicated strongly and had the ball flowing to our attacking side efficiently. We were very happy with how we did and had a lot of fun. – Annie Bradshaw

Year 9/10D – Saints 8 defeated by Pembroke 31
Saints had an unfortunate loss against Pembroke. Most of our goals were scored by Lucy Moten and Caitie Walker, with Caitie and Stella Clark filling in. Despite being down at quarter-time, we tried hard and remained competitive, maintaining good defence. Primrose Robinson excelled in GD and defended her player really well. The court was wet and slippery, but the team worked together and their spirit stayed high. – Charlotte Parker

Year 8A – Saints 36 defeated Concordia 22
Despite the wet weather, our girls played a great game. We were strong in our defensive end and were also very good down in attacking and throughout the mid-court. We had to adapt to the team we were playing and the wet weather, which we did quite well. Some things we could work on in training are getting the right timing for leads and making our passes more accurate and controlled. – Grace Richards

Year 8B – Saints 37 defeated Concordia 9
The 8Bs moved the ball down the court really well, which made it easy for the shooters to score the goals. I thought we could have slowed the ball down which might’ve resulted in even fewer errors. Our defence was terrific, with all of the defenders sticking on their players and putting in 100% effort in getting the rebounds, and when the ball was turned over, we all became defenders to help us regain it. All of the girls played exceptionally well. – Charlotte Staples

Year 8C – Saints 25 defeated Wilderness 1
The girls played a fantastic game, resulting in a huge win again. Our team in attack worked together well, with marked improvement in communication. This resulted in our successful use of some set plays we have been practicing over the past few weeks. Our defenders continued their strong display of intercepts, rebounds and turnovers from previous weeks, ensuring players always had maximum opportunity to make use of every changeover. Good job girls! – Georgina Wakeham

Year 7A – Saints 27 defeated Concordia 24
The girls played an amazing game. We had a rough start but came out to win. The shooters did really well in the goal ring, getting most shots in. Charlotte Norman and Lilli Bennett did really well to pass the ball down the court. Concordia had a strong attack but our defence managed to keep the ball moving to the other end. Mathilda Thomas was a strong centre and was all over the court. She made many intercepts to get Saints a shot at goal. The team worked really well together the whole game. Amazing third game girls. – Charlie Piper

Year 7B – Saints 7 defeated by Concordia 25
A great game against Concordia, with everyone putting in 100%. The rain might have come down, but that didn’t dampen our spirits! Our mid-court players did their best to get the ball into the goal circle but were occasionally stopped by the strong Concordia defence. Maddy Penley and Ayanna Roy in mid-court were a force to be reckoned with, picking up a majority of our centre passes and passing quickly to our shooters. A special shout out to Maddy Penley for playing three quarters in Centre and to Ruby Powell for bagging a number of goals. A great effort girls and I think that we can get up next match! – Ayla Blaskett

Year 7C – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 22
Although it was an early start to the morning, the team played extremely well. In the last two quarters, it started pouring with rain, but we still put in 100% effort. A special mention goes to Hope Sanders-Wills for scoring a goal during this game. – Emilia Libri

Year 6 Blue – Saints 11 defeated by Walford Gold 16
The team played a really good game. Some girls who played particularly well were Kate Thomas, Winnie Vartuli and Anna Venning. The girls just need to work on slowing down their play and the accuracy of their passes. The end result didn’t reflect how well they played. – Charlotte Adams

Year 6 White – Saints 8 defeated by Walford Blue 18
The team got off to a rocky start, with Walford connecting the ball well down the court and their goalies finishing off in the circle. Our girls rallied in the second quarter and tried to put into play what the coaches had spoken to them about during the break. They worked harder on their one-on-one defence and making sure they were passing to the first free player they saw when in attack. We continued to improve as the match went on and had some fantastic passage of play, moving the ball with ease from one end of the court to the other, and some great defensive efforts with intercepts, rebounds and deflections across the board. Congratulations to Savannah Walls who led strongly from the front in our attack end, and Emily Bates and Sophia Langley for working tirelessly in defence. – Alice Johnswood

Year 5 Blue – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 6
The girls came back in an exciting final quarter to dominate the court. Alison Francis made it nearly impossible for the opposition to get the ball past her while she was in defence. Pollyanna Townsend also had a great game, picking up lots of loose balls and getting her hand to many opposition passes. I have been impressed with the girls improvement over the season. Next one girls!

Year 5 White – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke White 14


Open A – Saints 3 defeated Concordia 0
The team played a great game against Concordia resulting in a 3 – 0 win! Chi Chi Zhao did a top job playing striker, scoring a very exciting first goal of the game. Along with Chi Chi, Chloe Deieso, Olivia Law and Isabella Villani had an excellent game up in the forward line. After a run from the defence by Millie Wilkin and great through-ball, Isabella scored an unstoppable goal, hitting the bottom right corner. The third goal of the game was brilliant, scored by Lucy Benn from outside of the 18-yard box! As a team, we have really improved over these first few weeks, so I look forward to seeing our progress and hopefully winning more games in the future. – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 3 defeated Seymour C1 1
Great game this week, defeating Seymour. Particularly strong match for Tahlia Towers on her birthday, with tireless work winning the ball in midfield and scoring our third goal. Charlotte Cohen, returning from injury, had already put us in a great position with 2 goals, 1 individual and 1 from an excellent through-ball from Tahlia. Defence was led by Sara Peak and it was no coincidence that Seymour scored their consolation goal whilst Sara was off the pitch. Thanks to Stella Clark for stepping in to goal with some good clearances. Molly Bond and Louisa Reid combined well in midfield. Player of the Match: Tahlia Towers, Happy Birthday. – Steve Benn (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated by Immanuel 4
The girls faced strong competition, however, they showed up ready to fight and tried to take the win. After Immanuel’s first goal, the girls worked hard to even the score line again with Anushka Rajbhoj netting the equaliser. Unfortunately, at the end of the first half, Immanuel broke through our defence and scored a second goal. After an unlucky penalty in the second half, Caitie Walker put Saints back in the game with our second goal. Despite ultimately conceding the loss 2-4, the girls played tirelessly throughout. Azaan Singh and Lysiane Franchi worked hard to control our midfield, and should be proud of the improvements they’ve made in this season so far. – Dom Rigby (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2
The girls are becoming more determined to attack the ball and move forward towards goals. Our goal was scored in the second half by Jas, to keep it at 1-1 until the dying minutes when Wilderness scored to go ahead. Great game, keep going girls, you are doing great! – Kerry Hudson (Coach)

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