Enews – Week 5, Term 1 2018

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W5 Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival Highlights

Selwyn took out the overall McGill Shield as Saints Girls staged yet another successful Swimming Carnival which saw 13 records broken. Thanks must go to the staff and officials, along with the many Old Scholars who assisted at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre last Friday. The carnival spirit is always fantastic and the amount of smiles on faces is what it is mainly about.

Congratulations to all participants!

McGill Shield

1st Selwyn (1984), 2nd Patteson (1684), 3rd Kilburn (1639), 4th Kennion (1497)

Senior Shield

1st Selwyn (633), 2nd Kilburn (577), 3rd Kennion (507), 4th Patteson (485)

Middle Shield

1st Patteson (695), 2nd Selwyn (673), 3rd Kilburn (466), 4th Kennion (433)

Junior Shield

1st Selwyn (678), 2nd Kilburn (596), 3rd Kennion (557), 4th Patteson (504)

Aggregate Cups

Year 4
1st Stella Spalvins, 2nd Chloe Richardson, 3rd Lily Marshall

Year 5
1st Lauren Pearce, 2nd Elysia Scarr, 3rd Mollie Kennett

Year 6
1st Marcella Tolley, 2nd Ayla Blaskett & Charlotte Norman, 3rd Dani Cox

Year 7
1st Georgina Wakeham, 2nd Poppy Marshall, 3rd Sophie Dansie

Year 8
1st Tara Young, 2nd Emily Baldwinson, 3rd Chi Chi Zhao

Year 9
1st Stephanie Smalls, 2nd Lara Wakeham, 3rd Lily-Rose Spartalis

Year 10
1st Lucy Young, 2nd Annabel Baldwinson, 3rd Matilda Braithwaite

Year 11
1st Grace Sampson, 2nd Nicolette Miller, 3rd Rose Pittman

Year 12
1st Thandi Murada, 2nd Erin Barrera, 3rd Antonia Kirsten-Parsch

Champion Swimmer Events (Medleys)
1st Lucy Young, 2nd Grace Sampson, 3rd Annabel Baldwinson

1st Lara Wakeham, 2nd Stephanie Smalls, 3rd Tara Young

1st Marcella Tolley, 2nd Ayla Blaskett, 3rd Lauren Pearce

New Records
Year 6
25m Backstroke – Amelia Lucas – 20.46sec

Year 7
50m Breaststroke – Poppy Marshall – 37.25sec

Year 9
50m Butterfly – Stephanie Smalls – 29.37sec
50m Freestyle – Stephanie Smalls – 27.37sec

Year 10
50m Freestyle – Lucy Young – 28.36sec
25m Backstroke – Amelie Eaton – 18.79sec
25m Freestyle – Hannah Keough – 15.50sec
25m Breaststroke – Hannah Keough – 20.06sec

Year 11
25m Freestyle – Sarah Carrodus – 15.13sec

Year 12
25m Freestyle – Kate McKellar-Stewart – 15.71sec

Year 7-9 Medley Relay – Patteson 1:03.27
Year 10-12 Medley Relay – Kilburn 1:03.64
Year 10-12 Freestyle Relay – Selwyn 53.49sec

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From the Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School

W5 Camp

This week, all of our Years 7 and 8 students have been on their annual camp. Year 7 travelled down the South East of the State, staying in a campsite just outside Robe, visiting local beaches, bushland and waterways, as well as the Naracoorte caves. They’ve been challenged by surf, kayaking, deep underground exploration and hiking.

Richard Lisle inside 220I was lucky enough to accompany Year 8 students to the remote and beautiful Stun’Sail Boom property on the south side of Kangaroo Island. During this camp, students are afforded the privilege of visiting what I consider to be some of the world’s most spectacular beaches (Snelling’s and Western River Cove), as well as enjoying the natural beauty of Remarkable Rocks and Admiral’s Arch on the island’s western tip. Students further hone their caving skills, as well as snorkeling, bodyboarding, sand boarding and hiking.

Common to both camps are the challenges presented by communal living, staying under canvas for a week, cooking on trangias and in communal outdoor kitchens, and coping with “reduced” creature comforts, and no electronic distractions! Both camps force our girls to plan menus, and to prepare and pack for a day/night expedition away from the main camp, in a remote location, reached by a full day’s hike. In the South East, this is via a spectacular beach walk and trek through the Little Dip Conservation Park; on Kangaroo Island, our students follow a river to its mouth at a spectacular remote beach, before making a river crossing and then finding a suitable place to camp.

Both camps are deliberately placed in the first term to help our students bond with each other in their new Home Groups, as well as to help our new students spend time getting to know each other and their classmates away from the classroom environment. Crucially, wherever possible, our dedicated Home Group teachers accompany their classes, continuing to build that important bond between them and each girl in their care. This develops the work that they have already done during their ‘1:1’ sessions with each student in Weeks 3 and 4 as part of the #EMPOWHER wellbeing program. Our experience over many years of running these camps is that the informal work done throughout this week and the observations made by our staff really help us understand each student better. As a result, it allows us to support them as they flourish during their Middle School years.

Every student gets the chance to develop their self-management, communication and collaboration skills, all crucial to the development of balanced, effective and successful adolescent learners.

Each student will come back with at least one great story to tell, and memories that will last well beyond the grime and odours that so preoccupy them on their return to school at the end of camp!

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal/Head of Middle School

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Garden of Saintly Delights Blossoms

W5 Garden of Saintly Delights2

The Garden of Saintly Delights was in full bloom last Sunday 25 February.

Hosted by the Parents’ and Friends’ Association, the School fair attracted bumper crowds who were treated to acts including Peter Combe and The Amazing Magic Mike, entertaining children and adults alike. W5 GardenWhile many kids were up on the oval tackling the waterslide, rock climbing and jumping castles, the parents enjoyed shopping at the beautiful array of market stalls in the Gym.

It was an amazing display of our School spirit and the strength of our community, which is what made the day so successful.

On behalf of the P&F committee, I would like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who make events like this possible.

Stay tuned for our exciting announcement about our next event on Saturday 16 June.

Bronwyn Bartter
P&F Association President

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Year 11s Speak Out on ABC

Last night, two of our award-winning public speakers, Zaina Khan and Aditi Tamhankar, took to the airwaves with Peter Goers on ABC’s Evenings Program.

The Year 11 girls discussed a wide range of topics such as multiculturalism, their research projects and favourite books.

They were both thrilled to be on the program, which aims to give our young people a greater voice.

Hear the extended audio here.

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Intrepid Encounter for Environment Co-Captains

Our Environment Club Co-Captains were delighted to have an audience with polar explorer, author, filmmaker and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM during an exclusive event this week. Ally Reade and Kate McKellar-Stewart listened intently as Tim described some of his adventures, including how he claimed the record for the fastest unsupported journey to the South Pole.

W5 TimSt Peter’s Girls often sends students to attend special events such as these hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) to provide access to expert speakers and valuable networks in a small group setting.

Ally and Kate certainly came away with many positives from Tim’s motivational words:

“I was lucky enough to listen to Tim tell his story of how he and five others attempted to recreate Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Greatest Journey of Survival’. This epic adventure involved Tim and his crew using the same equipment, eating the same food and sailing in a replica of the same boat used by Shackleton. Tim faced enormous challenges including the never-ending struggle against the conditions. I was overwhelmed by the obstacles he had to overcome, and the achievements he and his team made along the way. His motivation, determination and perseverance are truly inspiring.” Ally Reade

“Approached by Shackleton’s family, Tim took off with a team of six men to travel, just as the old explorers did, in a wooden boat, dressed in cotton smocks. Not only did he undertake this epic journey, he also came to bring in both his leadership skills, and wonder of the environment and nature alike. An advocate for Nature Play SA and a member of the advisory board of the Australian Geographic Society, Tim cares greatly about the environment. This was evident in his talk about climate change and how we, as people and as members of a larger community, can raise awareness and be a leader in the environmental field.” – Kate McKellar-Stewart

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GEMS Connect with SAAB Australia


Our GEMS students are once again benefitting from our partnership with SAAB Australia. Engineers from SAAB mentor our students each fortnight as they prepare for the SUBS in Schools competition. This week, students are putting the finishing touches on their Mini-ROVs (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles) and testing them in the School pool. They are also finalising their CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings of their birdhouse, ready to print them on the new 3D printer in the Maker Space. Rachel Klink, visiting Adelaide from SAAB in the USA as part of her leadership training, gave students advice about project management as they begin planning for their major project, the State Finals of the SUBS in Schools competition in Term 3.

Brian Parsons
Head of Science

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Girls in Tech Expo

W5 Girls in Tech Expo

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be holding our inaugural Girls in Tech Expo next Thursday 8 March.

Students in Years 6 and 7 will be joined by girls from other local schools for a day of dynamic seminars and workshops hosted by facilitators including industry experts. In collaboration with the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), this special event is an incredible opportunity to further expose girls to technology and the rewarding career paths associated with the field.

It is also a fitting way to celebrate International Women’s Day and to launch the 2018 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero challenge, a youth STEM entrepreneurship competition that encourages girls to tackle real-life problems with technology solutions.

From virtual reality to drone technology and driverless cars to humanoid robots, there will be something for everybody, and we look forward to immersing our Years 6 and 7 girls in this incredible experience.

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Summer Interhouse Meal Deal

W5 Summer Interhouse Meal Deal

The Summer Interhouse will be held on Thursday 29 March 2018, the last day before Easter.

The Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) will once again be cooking up lunch for all of our hungry Reception – Year 12 students on the day. Volunteers will hand-deliver the Reception – Year 2 lunches to the classroom for lunch time and Years 3 – 12 can pick up their lunches from the barbecue area. We’re again offering delicious Hamburger Meal Deals (vegetarian option available). Parents, give yourself a day off from making the school lunches and let us do it for you!

Please pre-order your daughter’s Meal Deal via, as there will be no cash sales on the day. House water bottles and wrist bands can also be pre-ordered.

All proceeds raised by the Saints Sport Support Group directly benefit our Saints Girls and their sporting endeavours. Some of our recent purchases included awards for our 2017 volunteer coaches at our Sports Awards. We also funded an entire year group of girls to complete their Bronze Medallion in 2017, and plan to do the same in 2018.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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Reception to Year 3 in High House Spirits

W5 R-3 Spirit Day

Last Friday, while the “big” girls were off having their Swimming Carnival, the R – 3 classes enjoyed the first of two House Spirit days for 2018.

After gathering to yell out the House chants with gusto, our Year 3 House leaders ran a series of sporting activities such as ‘Rob the Nest’, a three-legged race and a dress up relay, which each class undertook with great excitement and laughter! With the weather being a little warmer than we’d have liked, the teachers organised a zooper dooper iceblock for each girl. Our amazing Tuck Shop manager Deb sewed a fabric holder in the House colour for each girl as a keepsake. With the support of the Property Services team and the detailed planning by the Year 3 teachers, Mrs Cope and Mr Routley, another fun-filled day was had by all!

R – 3 Teachers

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Year 1LS Celebrates Chinese New Year

W5 Year 1

Have you noticed some exciting learning that’s been happening in 1LS this week? We are abuzz with activities to celebrate and enhance our understanding of Chinese or Lunar New Year! Activities included discovering which year we were born in (mostly the Year of the Rabbit) and learning to create bar graphs with data such as how many of us have used chopsticks. The girls also had a reading circle to learn about the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac, composed a list of spelling words around the theme and made a very tricky Year of the Dog lantern (thanks for your perseverance Mrs Storer!). To cap it off, four parents hosted a cooking lesson on Wednesday morning to make dumplings. Not only did the girls display outstanding skills as mini chefs, they also gobbled up the end product with relish.

Kung Hei Fat Chou / Gong Xi Fa Cai or Happy New Year for the Year of the Dog from 1LS!

Liz Sandercock
Year 1 Teacher

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Year 10 Food and Hospitality Explore Indigenous Food

W5 Year 10 Food2

As part of our Year 10 Food and Hospitality ‘Influences on Australian Food Culture’ unit, our class travelled to the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Our guide Trent showed the students a variety of Australian plants and explained how they were traditionally used by the Indigenous peoples for food preparation. He also showed us the variety of tools used and how they are sourced from plants. The tour links in with the preparation of a variety of dishes at school using native ingredients such as wattle seeds, bush tomatoes, lemon myrtle, paper bark, macadamias and a variety of other ingredients, in contemporary Hospitality standard dishes.

Jenni Manson and the Year 10 Food and Hospitality class

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Director of Music Moves up the Ranks


Our Director of Music Sally Rounsevell is also a member of the Australian Army Band, and this week she was promoted to Sergeant! We asked her to tell us more about her background in music with the Army and the experiences she has had:

“In 1999, straight out of high school, I joined the Australian Army as a Reservist Musician. Almost 20 years later, I am celebrating my promotion to Sergeant. Upon leaving school, I knew I wanted to be a musician and while I was studying a Bachelor of Music Performance, being a member of the Army meant I could get paid to play and practise, maintain my fitness and enthusiasm for pushing my limits and risk-taking, and still stay in Adelaide, my home town. While it has been tough balancing my work, life and Army career, it has been hugely rewarding both personally and musically. I met my partner Phil in the Army, have made lifelong friends and played some amazing music at some pretty awesome venues. Being in the Army has given me confidence in my abilities to just get the job done no matter how complex or impossible it may seem, and to be able to stay calm and focused under pressure. This has come in very handy being the Director of Music here at Saints! Musically, I have travelled overseas and played at ANZAC memorial services in France. I have also performed interstate including in Darwin and Sydney, and have worked with some incredible musicians such as Guy Sebastian and Marina Prior. Being a Sergeant will mean that while I still perform in the band as a flute and piccolo player, I will also be able to more fully support my superior officers with the administration and running of the band, which I am very much looking forward to.”

Congratulations Sally!

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Rapid Rise for Saints’ Surfer

W5 Surfing2

Over the recent school holidays, Year 8 student Imogen Elliott applied for a Global Surf Industries Educational Scholarship, with 14 up for grabs across Australia.

Imogen had to submit a short essay on ‘Why life is better when you surf’. She also had to outline her community involvement and why she would be a worthy recipient. In addition, she needed to produce a short video, which can be viewed here.

Imogen recently found out she was successful! The talented surfer has won $1000 towards educational expenses, and two new surfboards to the value of $2500, including the one she’s pictured with above.

Congratulations Imogen!

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Chickenpox Notification

Please be advised that there has been a confirmed case of Chickenpox (Varicella Zoster) in Year 4.

Symptoms usually appear 14-16 days after exposure and may include the following:

  • Slight fever, may feel tired and weak
  • May report a stomach ache
  • Itchy and blistered rash or spots

After a day or two, the rash will form crusts which will remain for a few days. As the blisters spread, some will be healing as new ones appear.  Your daughter needs to remain home from school until all blisters are crusted over as she is contagious until that time (please contact Front Office to advise).

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Health Centre on 8155 5762 or speak to your daughter’s teacher.

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Order Your 2018 | 19 Entertainment Book

W5 Entertainment Book

The 2017 | 18 Entertainment Membership is expiring on 1 June 2018. Pre-order your NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership NOW!

As a St Peter’s Girls’ School Parents’ and Friends’ Association Fundraiser, part-proceeds from every book sold will go to a special element of our Master Plan which will be announced soon.

You can order via the form at the Front Office or pre-purchase online: Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and new phone app offer our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and, at the same time, support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Code Camp at St Peter’s Girls’ School

W5 Code Camp

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark and Code Camp Ignite for students in Years 2 – 6 on 23, 24 and 26 April 2018, 9am – 3.30pm. The cost is $349 for three days.

Visit the Code Camp website for more information
Visit the St Peter’s Girls’ School booking page

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Olympic Guest Speaker for Head of the River Dinner!

W5 Rowing
Friends of Rowing are delighted to announce that Hannah Campbell-Pegg will be our guest speaker at the Head of the River Dinner on 17 March 2018.

Hannah made her Olympic debut at the 2006 Torino Winter Games and followed this up as Australia’s first luge dual-Olympian, competing in Vancouver at the 2010 Games. Prior to her involvement in the luge, Hannah was a member of the Australian bobsleigh team from 2002 to 2004. Since her retirement from competition, Hannah has coached for Australia at the 2012 Youth Olympics and the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics.

Hannah is well-known for her energy and fearless approach to a dangerous and demanding sport. Throughout her career, she suffered various crashes and is familiar with the need to manage stress and expectations prior to elite performances. She is a teacher at Ravenswood School in Sydney and is passionate about empowering young women to reach their potential.

Join us in listening to Hannah and enjoying a delicious two-course meal at the 2018 Head of the River Dinner.

$55 per person (parents and rowers)
$20 per child 11 years and under

Dr Jane Webb-Williams
President – Friends of Rowing

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Coles Sports for Schools

W3 Sports for Schools

Until 15 June, those who shop at Coles will receive one Sports for Schools voucher for every $10 they spend (terms and conditions apply). We invite the Saints Girls’ community to bring the vouchers to the School and place them in one of two collection points: one by the gym and one at Student Services. Vouchers can then be redeemed for a variety of different sporting equipment.

The School is planning to donate the majority of sporting goods received from St Peter’s Girls’ vouchers to New Hope for Cambodian Children, where the Cambodia Trip students intend to visit at the end of the year.

Further details are available here.

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Sports News

W3 Sport

Many students currently have an opportunity to nominate for State school teams in a wide variety of sports and ages. Details can be found here:
Just a reminder that students nominating for State teams must be representing Saints Girls in that sport to be eligible.


In Week 3 of Term 2, we will again be running our Interhouse Cross Country ‘Fun-Run’. This event is also a major fundraiser and we will be raising money to go towards a synthetic running track to our long jump pit. The fun-run is all about participation, with students having an enjoyable day. Family support is the key to our fundraising success and, although it is not compulsory, we do encourage everyone to get involved.

In the coming weeks, students will bring home further information about the day and will be able to create a student profile page. Students who raise just $10 will receive a reward for their effort, and the more they raise, the better their reward.


Open A – Saints 53 defeated Walford 31
The team came away with a convincing win against Walford. From tip off, the team’s defence was outstanding, which created easy baskets. All six girls played well. The team scoring was again led by Sarah Matheson with 16 points, captain Ella Robinson with 14 and Sivi Sivasuthan with 11. Keep up the good work and let’s keep winning. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 14 defeated by Walford 86
With the Year 7 and 8s on Music Camp, we only had enough girls to field one team in A Grade against an extremely tall Walford side with a number of district players. The girls were outclassed but gave it their best shot and did some good things offensively, with Emanuelle Russell scoring the first 8 points, and a special mention to Ashley Piper who hustled all game. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle B – no game due to camp

Middle C – no game due to camp


Over the weekend at the State Champs Regatta, the conditions proved challenging for the competing crews. Saints only entered their advanced crews due to the high standard of racing, so the seniors and intermediates raced over Saturday and Sunday. The first 8+ had a difficult first race battling with the conditions. Saints generally row on the Torrens where there are flat conditions, therefore the waves and wind at West Lakes made for tricky racing. After a 4km run between races, the 8+ executed a great final placing third and obtaining a good, quick time. The girls and I were happy with the second racing result. – Olivia Compare (Captain of Boats)

Year 9A Rowing
The South Australian State Championships were held at West Lakes last Saturday. With crew Keely Flannagan, Ella Waltham, Olivia Kelly, Sophie Barr and Jodi Papendorf, we placed second in the qualifying race to go through to the final, with one of the best times we have had this season. With very strong winds, our start in the final was good but unfortunately we snapped an oar, putting us out of the race. We are looking forward to our next regatta. – Jodi Papendorf (Cox)


Year 5/6 Blue – Saints 14 defeated Seymour 9
After an extremely tight first innings, the girls put on their game face to perform yet another outstanding game, defeating Seymour. All players had an exceptional match, stopping any ball that came their way. A special mention to Nellie Ion and Lara Maione on their commendable pitching and catching in the second innings and to Ruby Adams for her home run.  – Jasmine Ledgard (Coach)

Year 5/6 White – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 7
The girls should not be disheartened by the score, with this week’s game being their best yet. Charlie Piper and Daisy Kennett formed a dynamic and successful duo as pitcher and catcher respectively in the second innings. All girls put their newly-learnt fielding skills to use, which resulted in many great plays. Confidence in the batting box has also improved tremendously, along with stealing and base running. Thank you to Dani Cox for making up numbers this week and being a great asset to the team. – Lydia Smalls (Coach)

Year 5/6 Silver – Saints 9 defeated Pembroke 8
All girls played a great game, working really well together. Mathilda pitched extremely well and Madeline took some amazing catches. I look forward to our upcoming games as the girls have really improved over the past weeks. – Victoria Gilroy (Coach)

Year 5/6 Gold – Saints 7 drew with Wilderness 7
The second game for the Gold team this season showed some great improvement in the girls’ batting and running. After learning how to steal in training, the girls were stealing the bases every time they could. Fielding came with some challenges but Emilia Libri and Charlotte Norman did well as pitcher and catcher. Whether we drew or won came down to the last Wilderness batter and it was just unfortunate that we couldn’t get the final out! Despite that, all girls played well and are showing great improvement. – Claire Hale (Coach)

Year 3/4 Blue – Saints 16 defeated by Saints White 17
The game on Wednesday was a loss of 17-16. The blue team played a great game with special mention to Isla Fahey in pitcher playing a strong game and Hannah in the outfield. The girls all had motivation to play and where good sports playing against their fellow classmates. By Kate McKellar-Stewart & India Deere (coaches)

Year 3-4 White – Saints 17 defeated Saints Blue 16
Despite this week being an internal game against the other 3/4 tee ball team, the girls showed great skills and enthusiasm when playing each other, with a great win from the white team who scored just one more run than the other team. A top game by all the tee ball girls this week, well done! – Lulu Tierney and Alice Tyson (Coaches)


Premier League – Saints 4- 32 defeated Walford 2-19
Singles: Tiana Glazbrook 4-6, Yasmin Glazbrook 6-2, Olivia Harby 6-1, Annabel Baldwinson 6-3

Premier League Reserves – Saints 2-21 defeated by Walford 4-32
Singles: Mahala Truscott 1-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-4, Chelsea Staples 6-4, Taj Shahin 2-6

Division 1 Blue – Saints 5-32 defeated Immanuel 1-17
Singles: Mahala Truscott 6-4, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-0, Chelsea Staples 2-6, Charlotte Staples 6-0

Division 1 White – Saints 1-11 defeated by Immanuel 5-32
Singles: Taj Shahin 0-6, Bridgette Leach 2-6, Ella Dnistriansky 6-2

Division 2 Blue – Saints 3-23 drew with Immanuel 3-23
Singles: Tiffany Zhou 6-2, Adele Eaton 6-1, Georgia Langley 6-2, Ariel Spartalis 1-6

Division 2 White – Saints 3-27 defeated Immanuel 3-20
Singles: Izzy Harker 6-0, Milly Wood 3-6, Annabelle Langley 3-6, Amelie Eaton 6-0

Division 3 Blue – Saints 5-33 defeated Immanuel 1-12
Singles: Victoria Thorp 3-6, Lilly Alexander 6-0, Cheri Wong 6-2, Sophie Abbott 6-0

Division 3 White – Saints 5-30 defeated Pembroke 1-13
Singles: Stella Clark 6-2, Shunem Josiah 6-5, Anneliese Thomas 6-0 (forf), Orla Clayton 6-0 (forf)

Division 4 Blue – Saints 5-32 defeated Wilderness 1-19
Singles: Siena Zito 6-3, Hattie Xu 6-1, Yujia Sun 6-4, Ammi Yagnik 2-6

Division 4 White – Saints 4-25 defeated Wilderness 2-15
Singles: Eva Young 6-1, Chase Hocking 6-1, Hilary Clark 6-0, Amy Hu 0-6

Junior – Division 1 – no game due to Swimming Carnival

Junior Division 3 – no game due to Swimming Carnival


From the start of training this year, all girls have been enthusiastic and dedicated to Touch, which has shown in their game play. This week, there has been a significant improvement across all teams. On Saturday, girls worked well together in rucking and keeping the ball in their half most of the time and scoring by using plays learnt in training. This week was very successful for Saints Girls, as each player has learnt something new and executed it in a game having positive impact on the team’s overall outcome. – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith (Captain)

Open A – Saints 2 defeated St Ignatius 1
The Open A team defeated St Ignatius and worked on small aspects of the game such as possession and rucking.

Open B – Saints 6 defeated St Ignatius 0
Open Bs had an amazing 6-0 win and this was set-up by working together and using strategic plays learnt in training. Most impressive was the team defence, resulting in St Ignatius remaining scoreless. Also pleasing was the team’s ability to keep to the rules and structures. Sophie Auricht, Olivia Goldsmith, Ella Liddy, Annabelle Black, Hannah Brown and Emma Auricht consistently worked hard in the first three rucks, gaining good ground which then provided Jemimah Simpson and Hannah Freeman space and time on the wings to weave their way through the opposition defence to find the touch line. – Ben Goldsmith (Coach)

Open C – Saints 2 drew with St Michaels 2
Our girls had a very good game and managed to draw two-all with the St Michaels’ girls last Saturday. Ehiaghe Oyugbo scored both of our trys, which would not have been possible without the space made by each of the girls. Lucy White also got incredibly close to scoring a third try for us but unfortunately just missed out. The wing defence was greatly improved during this game as were the fast rucks. Next game we can focus on keeping our talk up and running straight up to make the touch. – Emma Matheson

Middle – Saints 1 defeated by St Ignatius 2
The team played a great game and everyone demonstrated solid improvement in their skills. Saints scored an early try in the first half after Ashley Piper took the tap from a penalty and ran through the defence. Throughout the game, the team rucked the ball with intensity making good ground. Emanuelle Russell and Shreya Jayaprakash committed to the dummy half position and everyone started to make use of the full field to create more opportunities. There was good read of play in both attack and defence and lots of opportunities created for our team to score.

St Ignatius scored a try in the first half and then a second try in the second half from an intercept. Our defensive play was exceptional with everyone marking their players and putting pressure on the other team, which resulted in lots of dropped balls. There was good talk both on and off the field and good response when the ball changed direction. Most importantly, when the opposition broke through our defence a couple of times, there was good back up with both Ashley Piper and Holly Cardone running the length of the field to prevent a try. The girls can hold their heads high knowing that they all played well. It was great to see their hard work from training pay off and to see them enjoy the game. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2
This week, we had to shuffle players due to a number being unavailable. Brooke Elliott stepped in and led the A team in stifling conditions, and Chloe Deieso assisted in the setting in her first A grade match, executing the role very well. The third set was a close contest but we were unable to get over Wilderness on their home court. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 3
Although the team lost, it was another close contest with all girls playing well in new positions. Clair Kao and Molly Lucas put up the sets and Sivi Sivasuthan and Kate McKellar-Stewart putting away some good spikes. The girls are still settling in to a system, but impressed with the progression as a team. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open C1 – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-11)
The team played some excellent volleyball with all players showing consistency and improvement on serving which enable many points to be won. Meredith Li and Cate Neale were both dominant in this role and on court Lauren Hernan, Millie Han and Ally Reade all dug and set brilliantly, setting up and saving many points. As the contest went on, Saints controlled the game more and more to finish with a well-deserved win. – Neil Fuller (Coach)

Open C2 – Saints 2 defeated Woodcroft 1 (25 – 20, 18 – 25, 25 – 20). The girls played terrifically, displaying some great fight and technique. Jess and Tilly did a great job, particularly blocking and intimidating at the net. Ellen and Paris served extremely well, getting many run-ons and enabling us to focus on three-hits. The girls showed great improvement and team spirit. I look forward to watching them play next week for our intercol against Walford. – Georgia Howe (Coach)

Open D – Saints 3 defeated Walford 0 (25 – 7, 25 – 19, 25 – 18).
The girls played a strong game, demonstrating many of the skills which we worked on in training such as blocking at the net, backwards setting and over-arm serving. Sarah Matheson and Mary Brownridge were excellent at blocking spikes at the net, and calling the ball in and out. Overall, the girls showed great teamwork, enabling them to play an exciting game. By Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 0 (25-19, 25-17, 25-20, 15-12)
The girls played a great game of volleyball this week. An all-round team effort, with energy and determination through the whole game. Toni Christiansen’s strong serving and Charlie Fishlock’s attack at the net put Wilderness under enormous pressure and secured us a win. A majority of the team also hung around and played a second game against one of Wilderness’s spare teams. This allowed us to attempt some game strategies we had been focusing on in training, giving the girls a chance to practise new skills in a game environment.

Middle C – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 3
Despite the result, the girls are starting to show some considerable improvement in all aspects of play. As Wilderness only had four players, Saints provided them with two each set to ensure the game went ahead. Lucy Moten and Jenna Bowden were both very consistent, and Emeshe Robson and Sissi Jiang dug the ball very well. With more team encouragement, I am sure the enthusiasm will generate some wins. – Neil Fuller (Coach)


Congratulations to Emily Baldwinson who has been selected to represent South Australia as part of the Adelaide Jets Team at the 14 & Under National Club Championships in Albury/Wodonga from 28 March to 2 April.

Open A– Saints 5 drew with St Ignatius 5
Yet another great week in the pool from all teams, with one draw and two wins. St Ignatius is a very strong team and our girls were relentless in their attack and defence. It was a great team effort from all the girls, with Alyssa Woolley and Nicolette Miller playing incredibly well. – Erin Barrera (Captain)

Open B – Saints 17 defeated Walford 5
Saints B played Walford as part of intercol and had a commanding win. The girls played so well, the umpire had to introduce the mercy rule, which is where the opposition team is allowed six players (excluding the goalie) at once and the other team is only allowed five. All girls played fantastically to reach such a victory, with Lara Wakeham and Lucy Young both contributing substantially to the overall score. – Erin Barrera (Captain)

Open C – Saints 11 defeated St Ignatius 2
The Saints C team were again outstanding against St Ignatius, with every player challenging themselves. They were impeccable in attack and defence. – Erin Barrera (Captain)

Year 7/8A – Saints 1 defeated by St Ignatius 12
Despite the result, it was a great game. The girls have improved so much since the last game. We were able to get the ball down to our attack, resulting in many shots of goal, which kept hitting the cross bar. However, they were far better from shots on goal from the previous week. The girls never gave up, and showed great resilience and determination. Very proud. – Gemma Rowe (Coach)

Year 7/8B – Saints 3 defeated by Wilderness 9
The result did not reflect the game. Our girls had majority of the ball with many turns-overs and great pressure in defence. Again, many shots on goal that just kept hitting the crossbar, however, the improvement from the week before was outstanding. – Gemma Rowe (Coach)

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