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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for Esperanza

Our immensely talented vocal ensemble Esperanza has enjoyed stunning success across a host of competitions, accruing significant prize money including from their recent Grand Final appearance in Musica Viva’s ‘Strike a Chord’ contest. So the question was then, “Where to from here and how should we spend this money?”

In a time where live performance has become restricted, we were keen to ‘pivot’ and find a way to safely share our music with the largest audience possible. It seemed obvious then, that the next step for Esperanza was to record and release their first full feature video single.

During the Term 2 holidays, the girls spent time with our resident music wizard David Goodwin, laying down their individual tracks for one of the most difficult and challenging pieces of music that Esperanza has tackled to date. During the Term 3 holidays, timelines were put together for video shoots and finding the best locations, which included our own Chapel, Ferguson Park and the dizzying heights of Mount Osmond!

Esperanza experienced first-hand the all-important industry skills crucial to the marketing and promotion of commercial music. Special thanks must go to David Goodwin for audio, Chelsea McGuinness for her continued support and vocal coaching behind the scenes, and the amazing team at Lifesketch Films for video and editing. Featuring our own talented Sophie Norman, we hope you enjoy ‘How Great Thou Art’.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher


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From Our Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

W4 - Banner
The Co-Curricular program at Saints Girls is a crucial part of the holistic education we offer our girls. Involvement in the program is an integral aspect to life at St Peter’s Girls and is one of the reasons that we have such a wonderful sense of community. School life is not restricted to academic learning, and it is through our rich co-curricular program that our girls are able to grow and develop in different areas. Importantly, they are given the opportunity to try their hand in a wide range of areas to truly find what it is they love to do.
Richard Lisle inside 220
A review of co-curricular offerings revealed the following information.

• There were 72 activities on offer in the Co-Curricular program across sport, Creative Arts and community/club options

• Participation in different activities allowed girls to form strong connections with their peers, with girls of different ages and with our staff

• Many of our girls are involved in a variety of activities and continue with this involvement throughout their senior years of study, when there is no longer a co-curricular requirement

• Students involved in the program as mentors and coaches reported feeling greater connection to the School community as a result

Throughout the year, I have been talking to students about what benefits they can gain from active participation in co-curricular activities. With an easing of health restrictions, there’s never been a better time for girls to start considering what to get involved in for the remainder of the year and into 2021, but also to think about what transferable skills and attributes they’ve picked up through their involvement with the program. Often, we take the opportunities afforded us for granted, but a little time spent considering how those opportunities have allowed us to demonstrate and develop courage, creativity and compassion, just as our founding Sisters did with their pioneering work, is time well spent.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Maths Achievements Add Up!

W4 - Primary Maths Challenge
One of the key aims of the PMA Powerful Learners Mathematics and Numeracy Challenge is to further develop students’ appreciation of the scope of mathematics, and their creative and critical thinking skills. Our girls have certainly achieved this.

• Evelyn Gautier in Year 6 investigated the mathematics involved in creating a Disney Theme Park in South Australia and produced an incredible project with more than 100 pages of outstanding problem-solving and creative mathematical planning.

• State Winner: The Reception EDGE group (Imogen Colwell, Vickie Huo, Alison Wang and Jessie Zhang) investigated “How Mathematics can help the Mid-Year Receptions start school”. Video taken during the project clearly shows each of the girls using maths creatively towards their goal.

• State Winner: Year 1/2 EDGE group (Amber Guo, Jiaen Lu, Samaira Soodan, Sanisha Vaidya, Charlotte Di Giorgi, Elise Fuller, Olivia Ianniello and Aarabi Piragalathan) investigated “How the Internet stole all of the female mathematicians.” All sorts of multimedia has been utilised to record the creative mathematical musings of this group as they unearthed the amazing female mathematicians throughout history that the internet had been ‘hiding’.

• State Winner: Year 3 EDGE group (Chloe Li, Mathilda Begg, Bonnie Qu, Grace Marshall, Lily Croser-Barlow and Sophie Edwards) investigated the maths involved in travelling all the way to Mars. Loads of creative and critical mathematical thinking was evident throughout the girls’ hypothetical journey to the Red Planet.

This challenge is open to all students from ELC to Year 7. Anyone interested in entering the 2021 challenge is encouraged to contact me.

Cath Kelly
Reception – Year 6 Learning Strategies Teacher

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Striking Performance by Aerobics Girls

W4 - Aerobics

Following on from their previous placings in State competitions, one of the three Saints Girls’ Aerobics teams had the chance to compete in the South Australia National Series, hosted by FISAF. The G.O.A.T.s presented a striking performance and placed 1st in the Secondary School Pre-Choreographed Teams division. The scores are now being processed and compared with other teams across Australia, and without moderation in consideration, the G.O.A.T.s are currently leading in the division. Congratulations to my teammates Jessica Cao, Ruby Croston-Melling, Annie Warrick and Amelie Zacharia Henley, and all the girls who competed in Aerobics teams this year.

The Aerobics program at Saints Girls is a fun way to build strength, flexibility and stamina through high energy fitness and/or performance routines. The girls meet a few times a week where they rehearse and train to perform at numerous district, State and national competitions. The program requires no prior skills and is a great challenge for anyone looking for a bit of fun while exercising.

Maddi Harmer
Year 10 student

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Youngest Saints Bond with Buddies

W4 - Buddies

The Mid-Year Reception class is very privileged to visit their Year 5 buddy class on a weekly basis. This time provides rich learning opportunities for both classes. The Year 5 girls have a chance to show leadership and mentoring skills, and for the Reception girls, this is a time to be risk-takers and try a more challenging task with the support of an older student.

This week, the girls worked collaboratively to create a poster that embodies the concept, ‘We explore and learn about our school through our senses’ which is a play on the current inquiry focus in Mid-Year Reception. The Year 5 gurus led their younger buddies around the School for a photoshoot of smells, sights and sounds. They returned to their class to piece together their poster and print the final product. The results were outstanding.

Buddies is a valued time for both classes and an important connection and friendship that can continue throughout their journey at St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Zoe West
Mid-Year Reception Teacher

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Runaway Success at Athletics Carnival

W4 - Athletics

There were some terrific results from the All-Schools Athletics Championships, with Saints Girls winning 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Special mention to Charlotte McAuliffe (4 Gold) and Malaika McLeod (2 Gold).


Holly Cardone
Gold U18 High Jump (1.58m), Bronze U18 Triple Jump (10.11m), 9th U18 100m (13.95), 5th U18 200m (28.10)

Keeley Fahey
Gold U18 Pole Vault (3.00m), 4th U18 100m Hurdles (18.05), 5th U18 Javelin (24.55m), 6th U18 Shot Put (9.09m)

Olivia Kelly
Silver U18 High Jump (1.48m), 11th U18 100m (14.35), 5th U18 Shot Put (9.28m), 6th U18 Long Jump (4.68m), 8th U18 400m (1:07.69)

Lady Murphy
6th U16 90m Hurdles (15.35)

Malaika McLeod
Gold U14 1500m (4:53.00), Gold U14 800m (2:17.90 – narrowly missing the meet record of 2:17.56).

Carys Kinsella-White
Silver U14 High Jump (1.43m), Bronze U14 400m (1:02.91- 2.5 sec PB), 7th 200m (28.40), 6th U14 Triple Jump (9.46m)

Charlotte McAuliffe
Gold U14 100m (13.21), Gold U14 200m (26.63), Gold U14 400m (1:01.08), Gold U14 Long Jump (4.83m), 4th U14 High Jump (1.38m)

Daisy Braithwaite
5th U16 1500m (5:38.99), 4th U16 3000m (12:25.23), Silver U16 3000m walk (15:11.98)

Chloe Richardson
5th U14 800m (2:30.98), 7th U14 1500m (5:17.44)

Elodie de Wit
5th U14 1500m (5:11.59), Silver U16 3000m (11:00.70)

Congratulations girls!

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Year 4 Campers Enjoy Great Outdoors

W4 - Year 4 Camp 2

Of course we were up for the challenge!

Fifty keen Year 4 students made their way to Woodhouse Activity Centre from Monday 26 October (Week 3) for their three-day camping experience. Not only did this camp link to the inquiry that ‘Living things depend on each other and the environment to survive’, the program facilitated by Active Ed outdoor education also incorporated team problem-solving. Highlights included cultural clay cooking, orienteering, conquering fears on Challenge Hill and painting the ‘story of camp’ using Kaurna symbols. We were all grateful to and inspired by Kaurna elder Tamaru who joined us for an entire day to share his culture with us.

Goals of the program include:

• Strengthening social skills such as the ability to compromise, negotiate, lead and build on each others’ strengths
• Developing independence, resilience and risk-taking
• Gaining an understanding of traditional Aboriginal plant use
• Experiencing some of the ways Aboriginal people lived prior to European settlement
• Fostering reconciliation

As a special treat on the final night, the students enjoyed cooking marshmallows around a campfire. It goes without saying that the Year 4s had a fantastic experience, creating memories that will last a long time.

Rebecca Riley, Shane Davidson and Olivia Coulter
Year 4 Teachers

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Surf’s Up for Year 11 PE

W4 - Surfing

The Year 11 PE class was able to take part in their surf camp at Middleton this week which was rescheduled from Term 1. They dealt with some cold and windy conditions on the first day but were able to display great resilience in continuing to catch waves and paddle back out through the choppy waves.

By day 2, the girls progressed impressively and were riding waves constantly, developing their turning skills once up. We were fortunate to be able to stay at Chiton Rocks Surf Lifesaving Club and then enjoy much better conditions by Friday. Thanks to the girls for their efforts over the camp.

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health and Outdoor Education

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Delicious Halloween Delicacies

W4 - Year 5

Last Friday, in anticipation of Halloween, the Year 5 girls spent some time creating their own creepy crawlies. With liquorice, fondant, icing and chocolate buttons, the girls decorated a couple of biscuits each, making themselves some sweet treats and resisting the temptation to not devour them before they were complete. From all reports, these spooky Halloween delicacies were delicious!

Sarah Mulraney and Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teachers

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Year 6 Campers Hit the Water

W4 - Year 6 Camp

The Year 6s enjoyed a wonderful week on camp at Hindmarsh Island in Week 1. They let their adventurous spirits shine through, sleeping in tents, canoeing, fishing and night hiking. They enjoyed collaborating to build rafts together, exercised their leadership during problem-solving activities and learned more about the indigenous heritage of the area. The evening campfire, complete with toasted marshmallows, was a tasty highlight. Exhausted and happy, they returned to school with wonderful memories of their final Junior School camp to cherish forever.

“I really enjoyed the night walk we took because when we turned off the torches, we could gaze up at the beautiful night stars.” – Isobel

“I especially enjoyed raft-making as it was an excellent team-building activity. It was also a really great opportunity to have fun and learn some new skills with my friends.” – Ali

“I really enjoyed going canoeing on the river. It was fun to get to know everyone more and trying not to capsize.” – Adjoa

Sarah Braithwaite, Kim Butler-Nixon and Monique McLeay
Year 6 Teachers

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Action Stations: PE Week Next Week!

W4 - PE Week 2
With PE Week in Week 5, the Sport Captains led by Sophie Barr (2021 Sport Prefect), have come up with a range of fun activities.

Prizes will be on offer for some activities as well as the daily Sports Quiz Question. The question will be in a range of locations around the School, and the first person to find Sophie and answer correctly will win.

Lunchtime in the Gym – Come and Try Badminton (Years 4 – 6)
Lunchtime on the Oval – Tennis Ball Catch (Reception – Year 3)
Other Activities – Quiz Question

Lunchtime in the Gym – 100m Ergo Challenge (Years 5 – 9)
Lunchtime on the Oval – Activity Session with Payneham Union Aussie Rules Coaches (Years 5 – 10)
Lunchtime in the Pool – Fun Water Polo Activities (Years 5 – 7)
Other Activities – Quiz Question, Year 2 ACHPER Activity Day

Lunchtime on the Oval – Staff vs Student Touch Football
Other Activities – Quiz Question

Lunchtime in the Gym – Dodgeball run by Year 9 Sport Captains (Years 7 – 9)
Lunchtime on the Oval – Soccer Challenge (Reception – Year 3)
Other Activities – Jess Trengove talking to Year 4 – 6 students in Home Group; Quiz Question

Lunchtime in the Gym – Dodgeball run by Year 9 Sport Captains (Years 4 – 6)
Other Activities – R to 3 Sports Morning, Quiz Question

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Road Safety and Courtesy

The School has received concerns about parents and caregivers walking children across the road in front of moving traffic at drop-off and pick-up times. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of using the designated crossing for the safety of all.

In addition, the School continues to receive complaints about traffic blocking Stonyfell Road for lengthy periods during drop-off and pick-up. If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street. Unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please refrain from turning right into or out of the car park, and please do not queue in the car park’s lanes as this often prevents drivers who are legally parked from exiting.

We have also received complaints about cars being parked too close to driveways or across from other vehicles in surrounding streets, making it extremely difficult for residents and other road users to navigate.

We ask our community members to please show consideration for others and the safety of all; thank you for your cooperation.

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Sports News

W4 - Sports News Banner


Year 5/6 Blue – Saints 1 defeated by St Ignatius 94
This was a very difficult game with the opposition having several highly-skilled players. Savannah Walls was outstanding in defence, producing many tackles. Isla Fahey tried hard on the wing, constantly running to be first to the ball. Saints didn’t give up despite the score and have learned how much more they can improve to be competitive. – Maia Schnaars (Coach)

Year 5/6 White – Saints 12.12-84 defeated Pulteney 0.1-1
What great game where the girls dominated from the outset. What was rewarding was that 9 of our 11 players scored a goal as they all continue to develop skills that benefit them and the team. The girls are tackling hard, handballing, carrying the football and attempting to bounce. Great result team. – Milli Gentle (Coach)


Middle A – Saints 24 defeated by Seymour 30
For the last game of the season, the Middle As did an excellent job playing as a team and had a high work rate throughout. They did extremely well to keep the margin within 10 points the entire game, even reducing it to as little as 2 at half-time. Special mention of Sophie Ricciuto’s excellent defensive effort with multiple steals, and Januri’s aggressive drives to the basket, scoring half the team’s points. – Kat Perkas (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 8 defeated by Seymour 44
The Middle B team had a tough game but never gave up. Their ball movement and defensive pressure has improved from the start of the season. – Kat Perkas (Coach)


On Saturday 31 October, the St Peter’s Girls’ Rowing program was scheduled to compete in our first regattas of the season: a 4800m time trial for the Seniors and Intermediates, followed by a Junior Regatta over 1000m. The weather was not favourable, with a strong southerly wind making for difficult conditions on the course. As such, we had to make the choice to withdraw our Year 7s and 8s from the Junior Regatta. Although it was unfortunate to cancel the Juniors’ first regatta of the season, they will have many more opportunities ahead of them.

Racing for our Senior and Intermediate crews went ahead, with both squads producing excellent early season results in the 4800m Time Trial Regatta. The 1st VIII showed good speed early on the course, placing 1st at the intermediate time check (2800m), and eventually finished in 3rd with less than 5 seconds separating the top three crews. Similarly, the 9/10 A crew showed consistent pace across the course, placing 3rd at both the intermediate check point and finish line in the Schoolgirl 9/10 Coxed Quad division. Given that both crews were ‘rate-capped’ (intentionally limited in their strokes-per-minute for technical development), these results bode well for what they are capable of achieving at the Round the Island Regatta in Week 5.

1st VIII 3rd 19:43.20
9/10 A 3rd 23:35.70
9/10 B 17th 29:48.00

Brynley Millward
Director of Rowing


Middle – Saints defeated Scotch
Although the game turned out very different than expected, the girls willingly volunteered to help Scotch fill their side. Kate Thomas got the game off to a great start in the field and had an amazing pitching game as well. Although Dani Vari was playing for the other team, her abilities with the bat were again incredible, hitting yet another home run. This was backed up by Ashlyn May, who also hit a home run, however for Saints this time. As always, Nellie Ion had exceptional talk in the field, encouraging each player, creating a positive atmosphere for the game. Georgie Williams also had one of her best games yet, making great contact with the ball! An amazing game all round. – Kellie Bested (Softball Captain)

Year 3/4 Teeball – Saints defeated Walford
A slow start from the girls but as the game went on, the improvement was very obvious. Issy O’Toole and Hannah Ibrahim made some awesome efforts in the field to get good catches and excellent plays to make outs. The girls also managed to get a 7-run inning from good hard running and very smart hitting. – Payne Sowter (Coach)


Despite facing fierce conditions, both the Saints Open A and Open B teams defeated Scotch. The girls were absolutely amazing, even on a day with 30 degree weather, and did not lose a single set – an extremely impressive feat. The Open As started out strongly with both doubles winning 6-0. Tahlia Cahill faced a tough match in her first week as number 1, but fought hard with a comfortable 6-0 win. Britney and I also finished 6-0, whilst Sienna had a closer 6-2 win. Overall, a great effort and we are hoping to bring some of the energy and fight displayed in these matches to our last round against Concordia. – Ruby Deakin (2021 Captain)

Premier League – Saints 6-36 defeated Scotch 0-2
Singles: Tahlia Cahill 6-0, Sienna Glazbrook 6-2, Ruby Deakin 6-0, Britney Korir 6-0

Premier Reserves – Saints 6-36 defeated Scotch 0-10
Singles: Charlotte Staples 6-2, Ella Dnistriansky 6-4, Imogen Nienaber 6-1, Grace Beaumont 6-1

Division 1 Blue – Saints 6-36 defeated Pembroke 0-4
Singles: Georgia Mallick 6-0, Ariel Spartalis 6-0, Eva Young 6-2, Adele Eaton 6-0

Division 1 White – Saints 5-32 defeated Pembroke 1-11
Singles: Bridgette Leach 6-0, Soph Ryan 2-6, Ayanna Roy 6-1, Sapphire Moser 6-2

Division 2 – Saints 3-25 defeated Pembroke 3-20
Singles: Astrid Teague 1-6, Sophie Abbott 5-6, Eva Chassiotis 6-1, Alison Francis 6-1

Division 3 Blue – Saints 3-26 defeated by Scotch 3-32
Singles: Chloe Richardson 6-4, Elodie de Wit 6-5, Shirley Liu 6-5, Olivia Reynolds 3-6

Division 3 White – Saints 3-24 defeated Pembroke 3-21
Singles: Gloria Zou 0-6, Helen Zhang 6-0, Tara Nedumaran 1-6, Zihan Huang 6-1

Division 4 – Saints 0-14 defeated by Scotch 6-36
Singles: Lydia Tolley 2-6, Nathara Perera 3-6, Amy Hu 2-6, Freya Hermann 1-6

Junior Division 2 – Saints 0-5 defeated by Wilderness White 6-24
Singles: Charlotte Hocking 0-4, Abbey Phillips 0-4, Chelsea Francis 3-4,

Junior Division 3 – Saints had a bye

Year 6/7 Knockout
Saints entered the Year 6/7 Knockout which was unable to be completed in Term 1. Unfortunately, the girls were defeated by Fulham Gardens 5-1 with Fulham now proceeding to the State Finals. Players Malaika McLeod, Sapphire Moser, Eva Chassiotis and Alison Francis represented the School well and certainly gave their best in some windy and tricky conditions. – Neil Fuller (Supervisor)


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 6
Our Open As came up against a difficult opponent in Wilderness but the early signs were good. The girls were making ground strongly and went close to a couple of tries before Wilderness slipped through defensive gaps that opened as the girls tired towards the end of the first half. Our movement improved in the second half and we only allowed 2 tries in, but could not catch them offside to score. Some great communication from Ellie Anderson along with excellent defensive efforts from Stephanie Smalls. – Holly Cardone (2021 Captain)

Open B – Saints 7 defeated Marryatville 3
Great job girls! It was our best game as a team; we had been focusing on communication which was on display. The middles rucked the ball fast up the field which allowed for many tries to be scored. At training, we had been working on many plays which we implemented into the game. Try scorers: Adele Russell (2), Grace Richards (2), Ellie Humphrey (1), Madison Liddy (1), and Ruby Richards (1). Well done girls! – Willow Stewart-Rattray

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 4
This was a great opportunity to face a more experienced side and play in a different umpiring environment. Despite the score, we managed to keep our heads up throughout. We played a great first half that consisted of fast rucks and strong communication. Special mention to Phoebe Black for her loud directions! We also started to put in the wraps that we have been working on at training. We set up a few tries but we struggled to score. Well done to Poppy Oswald for scoring! We still need to work on our fitness in the second half as when we are tired, we don’t hit the ball at pace or get on-side quick enough. We also need to work on moving off the line while defending and to not just run sideways. Also, well done to Sophie Edwardes for her fast chasing! Great job girls. – Annie Bui

Middle A – Saints 5 defeated Pembroke 4
The girls played a great game. Our attack was strong and we executed some great quickies, helping us move down the field very quickly. Our defence helped prevent many opportunities for the opposition to score tries. It was a close game at half-time, the score being 1-0 our way. We picked up the pace and managed to score many tries in the second half. Mathilda Thomas played an amazing game scoring 4 tries and Jasmine Segredos scored 1. – Jasmine Segredos

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by St Ignatius 7
Everyone worked really hard and went all out to score a try but we just didn’t quite get there. The training that we did during the week focusing on defending really helped us. I think that we need to work on making sure that we know some specific rules surrounding the 7 metre line when we are attacking. Good effort girls. – Lucy Mitchell

Middle C – Saints had a bye


Thursday – 29 October

Open A – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1 (25-16, 25-16, 13-15)
Another change up with an after-school game against Seymour to catch up some games from Term 1. A very confident start with a serving display of excellence from Ruby Deakin, Clair Kao and Georgie Keough, and Anna White setting up plays with brilliant passing, wrapping up the first set quickly. The second set swung wildly back in Seymour’s favour with our girls not taking the opposition seriously enough and making simple errors. A quick timeout at 16-16 refocused the girls, and Georgina served 9 straight to close out the set 25-16. The third set was still a mental challenge with simple errors and very low energy levels giving the set to Seymour 13-15. We will look at further improvements across the final two games. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1 (21-13, 14-21, 21-17)
Open B had a plan against Seymour. And while it is always good to have a plan, make sure you always have a back up. Saints started the game positively and dominated in most aspects with Chloe Venning and Sivanthi Sivasuthan winning many service points. Sophie Norman and Milly Brett were both strong at the net in attack and defence. Claiming the first set, Saints became complacent in the second with less talk and motivation, and this was evident in the score. Saints however regained the spark in the last set and came from behind with a strong finish to secure the win. – Neil Fuller (Supervisor)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 0 (25-20, 26-24, 15-8)
The girls had a great game with communication the key. They were a lot louder in their calling and demonstrated increased confidence. With improved communication, so to was their team spirit which allowed the girls to enjoy the game more. – Milli Gentle (Coach)

Saturday 31 October
Open A – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 1 (26-24, 18-25, 15-13)
Saturday morning came around and after a limited training on Friday due to weather causing restrictions of available gym space, there was an energy that had been missing for the past few weeks. The players greeted their club mates in the opposition and proceeded to focus on a determined warm up. The spiking warm up lines became a show of strength, with each team showing off their brands and neither side taking a backward step.

A loss to Pembroke would have placed Saints Open A no higher than 3rd place, with one match left to play against Concordia and the opportunity for the Pennant. The game began with both teams filling up the gym stadium with enough energy to blow off the roof. Clair dominated with serves early and Lucy kill-blocked a huge spike from Pembroke. Both teams slugged it out with the standard of volleyball at a level that would attract advertisers and subscribers on a live stream.

– Georgina Keough (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 1 (25-15, 14-25, 15-8)
Back to a Saturday morning match for Pembroke, the girls were instantly awake when they entered the gym during the Open As game. Infected by the energy, the girls warmed up well and got straight down to business in the match. Joss Forster had a solid run of serves that stunned Pembroke and Saints took the first set easily 25-15.

Pembroke sprang into action in the second set as our energy dropped and we struggled to convert good passes into attack. Not committing to shots and plays broke down our attack to allow Pembroke back into the match.

With both teams having a nervous start and missed serves, Chloe Venning stepped up and pulled out 3 jump serves in a row. Everyone went wild. Pembroke sided out Chloe’s third serve but we sided out straight back before Samantha Keough displayed calm under pressure by getting her serves in. Pembroke were behind on the scoreboard and tightened after each serve, struggling to get up a decent attack. The girls took the set and match and are energised for a final game against Concordia. – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open C – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 3 (17-25, 19-25, 11-25)
The girls played really well, moving to the ball and working together as a team. – Ava Loechel (Coach)

Middle A – Saints had a bye

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated Pulteney 1 (15-25, 25-17, 25-14)
This was a much improved game from the team with great intensity. After losing the first set, the girls remained positive and started to understand the movement required on the court to meet the ball. – Katie Dancer (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 1 (25-13, 25-20, 20-25)
The girls challenged themselves, often trying overarm serves. Players were excellent in communicating and improved in tracking the ball in the air to prepare for shots. We encourage them to keep asking questions to develop their skills. Well done to all. – Katie Dancer (Coach)

Middle D – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 3 (23-25, 18-25, 23-25)
This was a very close and entertaining match. The girls are improving every week and did a great job of calling for the ball and covering the court. – Ava Loechel (Coach)

Year 6 Blue – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1 (18-25, 25-22, 25-13)
A top game with obvious improvement from the last match. After putting a large focus on serving and gameplay at training, it was clear that the girls have taken in what they learned. The team’s serving was amazing, which ultimately won us the game. We introduced a few more players this week, Iszabella Lochowiak, Abiola Ajao and Keira See, who fit in well and did some great work throughout. The girls became more determined after losing the first set and we kept pushing, making sure to celebrate the points we won, and not to lose energy if we lost a few in a row. The girls had a great start in the third set and with their confidence high, they enjoyed the game more. With some great serving, we were able to get ahead and we started to focus on teamwork and trying to use more than one touch to get the ball back over the net. Amazing work girls, keep it up! – Georgina Keough (Student Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2
The girls played an excellent and exciting game against Wilderness. Saints started strong in the first set, with Jiahui Zhang and Chiara Ranasinghe sending some strong serves over the net. The girls were communicating on the court and had great support for their teammates which helped win the first set. Saints were leading in the second, with courageous efforts from Ellie Tosolini and Ashmitha Ramesh. However, Wilderness fought back with strong serving to take the second set. In the last set, Nethushi Ratnayake and Amelia Olesen hit some amazing points, but the Wilderness girls brought intensity and were able to close out the third despite the girls’ incredible efforts. They greatly improved from their first game and should all be super proud of their efforts. – Dayna Petruzella (Student Coach)

Year 5 Silver – Saints 3 defeated Seymour Blue 0
All the girls played exceptionally well in their second match. Their game play and performance emphasised the improvement from the last game. The girls’ serves were strong and consistent which was great to see. It was the highlight of the match and the girls should be so proud of how they played. Their enthusiasm and communication with each other developed a strong sense of teamwork which created an encouraging atmosphere where the girls had fun. Their sets and digs also showed improvement in direction and strength of their hits which was advantageous in winning points. I am really proud of the girls and am looking forward to continuing to work with them. – Toni Christiansen (Student Coach)


Open A – Saints 9 defeated Wilderness 4
The girls played a hard-fought four quarters with awesome teamwork and strategy. Lara Wakeham and Stephanie Smalls had astounding communication and collaboration as they organised critical player swaps in defence. Best player was Poppie Goldsmith with another sensational backhand and brilliant aggression and fight in the centre forward position. The team played their best attacking game this season – a very impressive effort girls! – Saskia Jonats (2021 Captain)

Open B – Saints had a bye

Open C – Saints had a bye

Year 7/8A – Saints had a bye

Year 7/8B – Saints 6 defeated by St Ignatius 8
The girls had a much better game, showing considerable improvement in driving and moving the ball down the pool. Their determination to get the ball was evident in their success in achieving many steals. Best player was Claudia Pearce who was strong in attack, being the highest goal scorer for the team with 4 goals. She also read the play very well whilst in defence, enabling her to achieve many intercepts. Well done also to Airlie McCabe and Alyssa Tran who both scored a goal. – Nikki Miller (Coach)

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