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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220This week all Year 8 students and Home Group teachers joined their counterparts from Walford Anglican School for Girls for their annual Co-Education Day at St Peter’s College. The day is an opportunity for all students to start building positive and respectful relationships, ahead of the more formal wellbeing sessions that occur in the Senior School.

The day is structured so students experience 10 different activities across the day, working with a group of students from both Walford and St Peter’s College. This year, once again, there were a great variety of activities, all connected by the need for collaboration, teamwork and careful intentional listening. Whether our girls were working with boys and girls from both schools in small groups to solve unusual problems they’d not seen before or engaging in large group collaboration tasks that required them to take a variety of roles, it was pleasing to witness them rise to such a variety of challenges in a way that was both respectful of the views of others, and also showed a determination to have their voice heard, and to contribute and lead where appropriate. A number of the activities also allowed the students’ competitive streak to shine, which was enjoyed by many.

The day was punctuated by the opportunity for free time for all students to mingle freely. It was great to see so many students from all three schools socialising in a positive way, with many clearly building on pre-existing friendships with students from both schools, whilst others getting to know each other for the first time. With perfect spring weather, it was also an opportunity for some of the girls to kick a football, or just sit and enjoy the sunshine – all without the distraction of any technological devices.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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W4 - EDGE Day

This term the withdrawal element of EDGE took a slightly different shape in the form of EDGE Day. On Tuesday, students came together to develop skills in the area of ideation and design-thinking. This approach is human-centred, allowing students to work collaboratively to identify and solve complex problems.

Students identified issues facing native wildlife in South Australia, and critically selected the issue and solution they wanted to focus on by reading a range of research materials and listening to talks given by experts. This experience allowed them to build skills in creative and critical thinking whilst also developing their empathy. It was amazing to see students of all ages working together towards a common goal, sharing and learning in unison.

Becca Burton-Howard
EDGE Coordinator

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A Message from the Head Prefect 2020

W4 - Head Prefect

This year, in Term 3, I was fortunate enough to receive the news that I had obtained the role of Head Prefect for the Class of 2020. I knew I wanted to apply for this role because of my ambition to help people and to lead our fantastic Saints Girls’ School community.

To me, leadership is about putting others before myself, and constantly striving to assist others both in and out of a school setting. I am a firm believer in the idea that leadership is not something that is defined by a badge, but rather the ability to be compassionate and authentic when motivating others. I feel that the entire Prefect team for 2020 will be an excellent group of leaders who reflect and demonstrate these qualities.

For the Prefect team’s first group session, on 26 and 27 October, we participated in two workshops focusing on the importance of others within our School community, brainstorming ideas of the initiatives we would like to implement throughout 2020. I would definitely say it was a successful weekend, and the students should be excited for what we have in store for them next year.

Some main ideas we want to enhance throughout the School community next year is for the girls to embrace themselves for who they are, to recognise and appreciate the girl in the middle, and to try the plethora of opportunities that are offered here at Saints. We believe, with the right mindset and the determination to create change, we will be able to implement new initiatives that encourage these messages.

We cannot wait for the opportunities we will receive next year and the new memories that will be formed. The Prefect team and I are so excited to see what impact we can make on the School community before our high school journey here at Saints comes to its conclusion.

Isabella Bernardi
Head Prefect 2020

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National Award for Music Education

W4 - Music

It was a privilege to attend the ASME (Australian Society for Music Education) XXII National Conference and a true honour to be presented with the ‘Music Educating for Life Award’ which recognises exceptional contribution to music education at a national level.

For me, the biennial national conference held at the University of Western Australia invoked a kaleidoscope of ideas and thoughts. Some were enlightening, others challenged pre-conceived notions, and many reaffirmed what we as music educators already know: that Music is pivotal to a child’s education. Perspectives explored included the connection between literacy, language development and music learning; the importance of music in maintaining and establishing cultural identity; Dalcroze methodology and its inherent integration of numeracy and spatial awareness; and Indigenous viewpoints and respectful use of Indigenous elements within music making.

Reflecting upon each of these perspectives led me to pause and truly consider why I chose and continue to teach Music, after 29 years of sometimes uplifting, but more often than not, challenging work.

Why? Because I love music for music’s sake. Because I love the way music creates life-long bonds with my students. Because I love knowing that I am passing down the legacy of those that taught me what I know today. Because I love watching the development of confidence that comes with music-making. Because I love the sense of community that music-sharing establishes. Because I love knowing that I am making a difference in the literacy and numeracy skills of young children. Because I love watching children have the ability to express themselves through creativity. Because I love what my students teach me. And… because I love that I am making a difference.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Primary Maths Challenge Success!

W4 - Maths

Congratulations to four Junior School students – Evelyn Gautier (Year 5), Lois Burton-Howard (Year 3), Caitlyn Sam-Ling (Year 3) and Edwina Cannon (Reception), for receiving awards in the 2019 Primary Maths Challenge. Last Friday night the wonderful achievements of our girls were celebrated in front of several hundred invited guests and mathematicians of all ages at the Findon Function Centre.

Below are a mixture of the glowing comments from Lisa-Jane O’Connor on stage and the judges detailed feedback.

Evelyn Gautier – State Winner – Individual Open Category
‘The Munchkin Story’ – Congratulations Evelyn on an outstanding investigation. You used mathematics in an extremely powerful manner to determine that your Munchkin Kitten, Loki, was the best choice. The judges particularly loved your use of probability to guide you in the selection process. You made your mathematical thinking crystal clear and your reflections were relevant and extremely comprehensive. You have created a beautifully presented and amazingly clear 86-page folder of which you should be enormously proud. Best of all, your amazing investigation process enabled you to welcome Loki into your family! Evelyn’s reflection: “Before this challenge I was convinced that Maths was just another subject at school, but after the PMC, I realised that maths is essential and it is truly everywhere”.

Lois Burton-Howard – State Winner – Individual Maths and Literacy Award
‘Number Girl’s Icecream Mystery’ – Congratulations Lois! After your first book in the Number Girl Series last year, we were so excited to receive the second instalment this year! We loved that you have created a fabulous way to help girls see themselves as mathematicians and show that Maths is just everywhere! Through creating and writing your story you were able to learn about budgets, averages, distance and speed and apply this knowledge well. Amazing use of the power of technology too!
NOTE: This award is only awarded occasionally to outstanding entries that celebrate mathematics through literacy.

Caitlyn Sam-Ling – Highly Commended – Individual Set Task
‘Epic Flight Centenary’ – You have certainly learned so much about this journey of these adventurous pilots. The way you chose to present each panel with the display of the journey leg and details made it really easy to follow and explore. There is currently much public interest in this ‘Epic Flight Centenary’ and we thought lots of people would love to read your entry. Your entry provides much information about the distance travelled in the journey and your comparisons about what this trip would look like if we tried it today. Congratulations!

Edwina Cannon – Highly Commended – Family Entry Open Category
‘Tessellation and Pattern Discovery’ – Wow Edwina, that certainly looks like a fantastic book and you spotted lots of different tessellations. Your movie was a great way of sharing your mathematical thinking – we could see all of the things that you explored and thought about. Congratulations on taking us on a wonderful mathematical learning adventure!

Ishana Roy and Charlotte Di Giorgi in Year 1 also created wonderful mathematical investigations and a superb poster and model. Whilst they didn’t win a prize this year, they should both be enormously proud of their fabulous efforts and learning.

I’ve loved being part of the Primary Maths Challenge for the past 14 years and can’t wait to see what amazing investigations our girls become involved in next year!

Catherine Kelly
Junior School Learning Strategies

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Winning Words for Saints Girl

W4 - Debating 2
Congratulations to Emma Pool who was the Year 8 winner of Debating SA’s Debater of the Year for 2019. Emma was presented with her medal by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia.

“Debating has always been a part of my life, particularly since my sister joined the family! Whether it’s debating the existence of a word or putting forward arguments for my favourite movie, it seemed only natural that debating would catch my eye. I first started debating in Year 6 and quickly discovered that I loved being able to rebut an opposition’s case as well as form clever arguments with my teammates. As a third speaker, I do have the tendency to run overtime because I spend too long trying to pick apart any flaws in an opposition’s case, but this is something I’d like to work on.

This year I worked alongside an exceptional team – Zara Blight, Angel Li and Lilly Maerschel – who have supported me and worked with me to create the best speeches in order to challenge our opposition. I also had the best coaches in the school – Isabelle Norman and Ellie Anderson – who have helped and guided me along the way. I could not have won this award without any of these people, as it takes a great team to win anything worthwhile. I was very excited and grateful to receive the Year 8 Debater of the Year Award for 2019 and can’t wait for many more debates in the future!”

Emma Pool
Year 8 student

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Pawsitively Fun Lesson for SACE Stage 1 Biology

W4 - Biology 2

The SACE Stage 1 Biology girls have learnt how to calculate the surface area to volume ratio of cells and animals. They put their new knowledge into action this week to calculate the surface area to volume ratio of two very special visitors – Baxter and Tilly! With the final results in, it is clear Baxter needs to reduce his volume!

Christopher Carey
Science Teacher

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OSHC Temporary Relocation

Parents of R-6 students are advised that the OSHC program, which is currently based in the Food Tech building, has been temporarily relocated to the transportable on the oval, effective Monday morning.

To access the transportable, please use the main staircase outside the Stott Wing (with the St Peter’s Girls’ sign), move through the corridor between the Stott Wing and the Middle School, and the transportable can be found to the right. Children will need to be dropped off and collected from the transportable.

Beck Kranz
OSHC Supervisor

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Year Level Representatives for 2020

We are now recruiting and looking forward to receiving nominations for Year Level Reps for 2020!

We’d like to thank our 2019 Year Level Reps for their amazing efforts and dedication to the role in our 125th year! There have been so many fantastic year level events that have taken place over the past year and these events wouldn’t happen without our valued volunteers.

In early 2020 Melissa and Fiona, from the Community Relations Department, will be holding a meeting in which Year Level Reps will be invited to attend along with the Presidents of our Community Groups at the School. This collaborative information session will set the scene for our 2020 events and give our Year Level Reps the opportunity to appropriately plan their year level events for 2020.

If you are interested in being a Year Level Rep in 2020 or you would like to nominate someone in your Year Level please contact us ASAP as we are already planning for next year.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Melissa Westgate

Fiona McGregor

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Year 6 Buddies Explore the Golden Rule

W4 - Buddies

As a part of the Year 6 Leadership program, students have spent time working with Ms Haddy exploring the ‘Golden Rule’ and its ancient and universal history. This has led to the girls now teaching their younger peers about the rule during their buddy sessions with some Reception and Year 1 students. Through Ilene Cooper’s picture book, the girls have further explored the timeless rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated. They are learning that the rule is golden, as it is such a simple and valuable rule to live by. Although it may not always be easy, the Golden Rule is something everyone can do; young or old, everyone can act to make the world a better place.

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Guitar Ensemble Rocks the ELC!

W4 - Guitar 2

Last week Saints’ Guitar Ensemble performed for the children and staff of Learning Community 1 in the ELC. The children were delightful! They sat quietly through the whole performance and many were mesmerised by the guitars. A few of the children asked if they could strum the instruments, and our girls happily obliged. The guitar ensemble is made up of Daisy Kennett (Year 7), Mikaela Udall (Year 8), Chi Chi Zhao (Year 9) and Amelia Pudney (Year 10). We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the ELC, providing many more concerts to this very appreciative audience!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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SciWorld Visits our Mid-Year Receptions

W4 - Mid-Year Reception

On Wednesday 6 November, the Mid-Year Receptions were lucky to have Natalia from SciWorld run a senses workshop in our classroom. As a part of our inquiry unit ‘We experience and learn about the world through our senses’, the girls engaged in hands-on activities using their senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell. Activities included blindfolded activities to enhance our sense of touch with feeling bags, trying a range of glasses and googles which modified our sight, and matching different smells with their pictures. A highlight for the girls was the listening post where, blindfolded, they listened to a recording of someone giving them a ‘haircut’, which almost felt real without our sight to tell us otherwise. Thank you to SciWorld for an exciting opportunity to deepen our experience of our senses.

Sarah Lane
Mid-Year Reception Teacher

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Japanese Exchange

W4 - Japan Exchange

It was the second time that I have been to Japan on an exchange and it was absolutely amazing. My host family was so nice and caring, and they took me to lots of fascinating places. My favourite one was the Tokyo Skytree, which was the highest tower that I had ever been to and it was fantastic to observe the entire city from the top. In order to improve my Japanese skills, I tried to speak as much Japanese as possible. I enjoyed chatting with my host family and we had many interesting conversations of the similarities and differences between the cultures of China, Australia and Japan. I was so glad to see my old friends at Senzoku Gakuen and I also made many new friends this time, they were such friendly girls who always took good care of me. I got the chance to experience a number of club activities such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Kendo (a traditional Japanese martial art which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour). I was amazed by the beauty of traditional Japanese culture. All in all, it was such a valuable exchange and, compared to last year, I was more confident this time. If you are considering going on exchange to Japan next year, I strongly recommend it!

Hannah Shao
Year 11 student

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Year 1 Stay Back

W4 - Year 1

There was a countdown last Friday as 30 excited Year 1s, their teachers, Ms Haddy and Mrs Smith waited for the Stay Back to begin! At 3.15pm the girls quickly changed into casual clothes before meeting in 1ML to welcome two very special guests: two small joeys being hand-reared by the Richards family. The girls were besotted! Then we headed to Bell Yett Reserve for some fun on the playground whilst Ms Haddy got the surprise craft activity ready. The girls loved hearing Ms Haddy read The Paper Bag Princess then had so much fun making a puppet of one of the characters. Their wooden spoon puppets were very creative and lovingly constructed. When it was time to eat dinner, it was like a swarm of locusts had landed. In no time, nine massive pizzas were demolished! The girls enjoyed a little ice cream tub for dessert, followed by a quick play on the playground. Then, before we knew it, parents were arriving as it was 7pm. A fantastic time was had by all.

Liz Sandercock and Michelle Liddy
Year 1 Teachers

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Year 9s Get Creative for Animal Awareness

W4 - Year 9

Animal Week is a fun week that has occurred every year of Middle School within our Year 9 cohort. Animal Week is a week where every day, anyone who wants to participate, wears the assigned hairstyle which represents an animal. We started off the week on Monday with Ponytails for Ponies, then on Tuesday it was Pigtails for Pigs, followed by Plaits for Platypuses, Buns for Bunnies and finished off with Fishtails for Fish. Animal Week really is a fun week and it’s nice to see so many people joining in. I have big plans for this event and I hope in the future we could, as a year level or even as a school, use this event to raise money for animals in need.

Amelie Gray-Combe
Year 9 student

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School Shop Reminder – Year 3 Parents

Parents/Guardians of Current Year 3 Students

As your daughter will be in Year 4 next year, there are a few different uniform items you will need to purchase before Term 1, 2020.

The junior blazer (cardigan) is replaced by a navy blue jumper and a blazer. The rash vest and solar pant is replaced by the School bathers.

It is advisable to make an appointment on 8334 2228, as the School Shop is currently busy with new student fittings.

School Shop

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Barefoot Bowling

Friends of Rowing - Barefoot Bowling

Join us for an afternoon of barefoot bowling! This is a fundraising event hosted by the Friends of Rowing and all School community members are welcome to attend.

Date: Sunday 1 December 2019
Time: 3pm onwards
Venue: Sturt Bowling Club

Corner of Trimmer Tce and Edmund Ave, Unley
Tickets $25 via

Includes entry, bowling fees, BBQ and nibbles. Drinks available for purchase at the bar.

Bookings close 9am Friday 29 November.

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National Recycling Week

W5 - E-Waste

National Recycling Week is coming up between 11 – 17 November. To promote this, we will be encouraging our School community to take advantage of our e-waste recycling. If you have any e-waste items please drop them off into our two purple TechCollect bins. These bins are located near the entrance/exit to the School (in front of the Property Services sheds). They will be out for the duration of National Recycling Week. They will come out again on the first Friday of the new month.

The Environment Club

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The Athletes Foot – School Rewards Program

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association are excited to be collaborating with the amazing team at The Athletes Foot Burnside by joining their School Rewards Program.

The School Rewards Program is a great fundraising opportunity, with $5 from every pair of shoes purchased being donated back to our school. This applies for each pair of shoes purchased for the whole family, across the complete in-store range of adults and/or kids sports, school, work and casual shoes.

So head on down to The Athletes Foot Burnside and check out their exclusive MyFit 3D fitting technology and the school approved range of shoes.

Please check with your school’s uniform policy to ensure shoes are approved before purchasing.

The Athletes Foot – School Rewards Program Information

Bronwyn Bartter
Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Charging for Charity – Cambodia Service Learning Trip

W10 - Fundraising

To support fundraising for the Cambodia Service Learning Trip, the fundraising team is selling portable chargers for just $40 via

We are all very excited to take part in this trip, making life-long memories and seeing the impact of our fundraising in a community where we can improve the quality of life.

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Sports News


Year 5-6 Blue – Saints defeated by St Ignatius
The girls again showed great determination with their skills constantly improving. A couple of girls had injuries, resulting in us playing short of players, making the task more difficult against a structured team. Our defensive pressure was good with Emily Bates and Savannah Walls. Coco Dimond and Nellie Ion continue to improve and Lucy Tulloch and Lucy Kitching both had great games up forward. – Millie Gentle (Coach)

Year 5-6 White – Saints 1.0-6 defeated by Wilderness 6.6-36
The match started very tight with the ball going up and down the field with no scores as of yet. Wilderness got a few quick scores at the end of the first quarter to put them in the lead, however, Levanya kicked a goal at the end of the quarter to even up the scores. At quarter time, I gave the team a goal to stick their tackles and put defensive pressure on Wilderness. Throughout the second quarter we saw some great tackles from all girls out on the field and some that stopped certain goals. Our defensive pressure was the best that it had been all season, with all girls tackling, smothering the ball and doing 1-on-1 defence. In the forward lines, Kate Thomas, Pollyanna Townsend and Valerie Ng all had opportunities to kick goals, however, the Wilderness defence proved to be too strong. – Lane Trenorden (Coach)


Middle A – Saints 12 defeated by Wilderness 52
It was our last game for the term and the girls played hard against a very good and tall team. Transition was good but we just could not finish off the good shots we did take. A special mention to Sophie Norman who was outstanding at the defensive end and would have had at least 15 blocks. With most of the team moving up to Open next year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts this year. It was greatly appreciated. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 8 defeated by Wilderness 52
A tough game against an extremely tall team. Our effort levels were good but we struggled to shoot over them, and they scored easily at the end due to their height. Once again Helen played a great game and her ball handling was outstanding. I would like to thank the girls for their efforts this year. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle C1 – Saints 16 defeated by Concordia Gold 24
Saints were missing quite a few players, but those who played, played their hearts out, showing even more improvement in all areas of the game! Emily McCorley top scored this week with 10 points, followed by Bella Sanders-Wills with 4. Saffron Chen also scored her first bucket! We played some really good basketball and kept the score close for most of the game. – Sharnee Jones (Coach)

Middle C2 – Saints 12 defeated by Concordia Blue 44
There was an exciting start to the game with Rosanna Stone sinking the first basket and taking Concordia by surprise. Monica Isaac also got more involved in offense this week by getting her first ever basket. The Sanders-Wills sisters (Bella and Hope) were our two leading goal scorers, but could not have done it without the consistent support from teammates working hard to create these scoring opportunities. Concordia is a strong team to face but the girls’ energy and enthusiasm to strive for their best is inspiring, and resulted in a lot of fun had by all despite what the scoreboard says. Very proud of them all! – Louise Neale (Coach)


The Open A girls played another tough match against Seymour College, losing 5-1 in very windy conditions. I want to congratulate each girl for their exemplary sportsmanship, both on and off the court. All players improved on their scores from the last match against Seymour, showing lots of promise for 2020.

The Open B players played an extremely close match against Scotch College, only narrowly being defeated on games. All girls played well and demonstrated amazing team spirit. Everyone played well, tried hard and had fun at the same time. Well done!

I am so proud of all the girls, with the As finishing fourth overall and the Bs finishing eighth overall. Good luck to all players on Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back in the Tennis Program in 2020! – Annabel Baldwinson (Captain)

Premier League – Saints 1-16 defeated by Seymour 5-30
Singles: Ruby Deakin 2-6, Annabel Baldwinson 2-6, Maiya Jakupec 6-0 (forfeit), Emily Loh 1-6

Premier Reserves – Saints 3-24 defeated by Scotch 29
Singles: Charlotte Staples 6-5, Imogen Nienaber 2-6, Georgia Mallick 1-6, Tahlia Louca 6-3

Junior Division 1 – Saints 4-25 defeated Seymour 2-20
Singles: Sophie Blight 2-4, Nicole Wang 4-0, Alison Francis 3-4, Chloe Richardson 4-3

Junior Division 2 – Saints 5-24 defeated Pulteney 1-11
Singles: Alexandra Nguyen 4-2, Jerrie Wu 4-0, Shirley Liu 4-0, Charlotte Thorpe 0-4

Junior Division 3 – Saints 4-20 defeated Seymour Blue 2-14
Singles: Lily Forby 4-1, Abbie An 4-1, Freya Hermann 0-4


Open A – Saints 5 defeated Pembroke 4
What an outstanding win! Saints Girls defeated Pembroke, one of the top three teams in the ‘A’ Division. The team played with absolute enthusiasm and determination, with every girl playing their part. At the beginning of the second half, we were 4-2 down. Yet with strong communication and lifted spirits, the girls were able to perform as a united team, winning by one. Goal scorers were Ehi Oyugbo, Eve Habel, Olivia Goldsmith and Hannah Freeman. This game has proven Saints Girls are a force to be reckoned with. – Hannah Freeman (Captain)

Open B – Saints 4 drew with Wilderness 4
The Bs played a great game on Saturday against Wilderness, and were very strong in defence. It was clear the skills we have been working on in trainings were used during the game, which was really good to see. We were able to see areas we can improve on in future games, but also got to see the areas where we have improved on from our previous game. – Amelie Eaton

Open C – Saints 3 defeated by Gleeson 4
Gleeson were strong competition. We had a good show of sportsmanship, with some of our players playing for the opposing team due to them being short of players who were stuck in traffic. In the first half we presented a strong attack, with Kellie Bested scoring a try and Olivia Kelly scoring two. In the second half, however, our defence weakened which created gaps and opportunities for the opposition to gain momentum. This led to tries being scored as gaps opened up. Looking forward to future games, we need to work on consistently hitting the ball at pace and depth to create momentum and space. Defensively we will focus on running to them to shut down their attackers. – Becca Burton-Howard (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 1 drew with Pembroke 1
Last Saturday the Saints Middle A team played Pembroke in a particularly wet match. All girls played well with the wet conditions, and Lady Murphy made the first try for Saints early in the first half. The girls went on to maintain a strong defence against Pembroke only let them score one try. After half time the rain bucketed down, yet the girls held strong. Not too far into the second half the match was called off due to the rain. Outstanding effort by all girls. Final scored ended in a tie with one each way. – Isobel Yelland and Madison Liddy

Middle B – Saints 3 drew with St Ignatius 3
During Saturday’s game we played St Ignatius and tied 3-3. Our tries were scored by Amy Dillon, who scored 1, and Jasmine Segredos, who scored 2. Our tries were scored by a quick run down the wing. During the match we put everything from training into the game including quickies and switches which we have definitely improved on. Our rucking was also really good and Charlie Piper did some particularly good rucking which helped us move up the field. Our communication during the game was fantastic especially Scarlett Dillon who was instructing the team well and incredibly loudly. This week, our defence was perfect, and in the first half the other team didn’t score any tries. The girls all played really well and we will continue working on our skills during this weeks training. – Scarlett Dillon


Year 5-6 Blue – Saints 2 defeated Seymour Pink 1
Saints played in a close game but managed to come out victorious, winning 2 of the 3 sets. All the girls did such a great job, their serving winning us the game. – Ava Loechel (Coach)

Year 5-6 Silver – Saints 3 defeated Seymour White 0
The team played really well and are already showing great improvement. Annabel Keough played really well and Ellie Tosolini’s serving improved a lot from last week. – Georgina Keough and Anna White

Year 5-6 Black – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour Green 3
St Peter’s Girls’ Black hurriedly came together to make a fourth team and although they went down (16-25, 14-25 and 13-25), they all played to the best of their abilities. Bettina served particularly well and Abiola called clearly. Keira successfully returned a couple of tricky serves and Ruby’s movement towards the ball greatly improved. – Kim Butler-Nixon (Staff Supervisor)


Open A – Saints 13 defeated Wilderness 7
The A’s had a triumphant win against Wilderness with a margin of 6 goals. The girls managed to control their many attacks to maintain a constant winning streak throughout each quarter. Best player went to Nicolette Miller and Lara Wakeham. Nicolette had many successful shots on goals and was a constant force to be reckoned with in attack. Lara was constantly available in attack, and showed her ability to outswim anyone many times, allowing her to have multiple shots at goal. Keep it up girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

Open B – Saints 11 defeated Mercedes 6
The girls played a strong game against Mercedes, winning by 5 goals. The B’s dominated in both attack and defence, and maintained a strong lead throughout the game, with Mercedes scoring only two goals each for the last three quarters. Best players were Sophie Dansie and Georgina Wakeham. Sophie always made herself available for her team in attack and provided support in every opportunity she got. Georgina was a key player in attack, leading her to have multiple goals. Overall a good effort girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

Open C – Saints 5 defeated by Wilderness 8
The girls had an amazing game, winning the first two quarters; 1–0 and 3–2. While the girls unfortunately lost the game, they played a brilliant game and showed their skills. Best players were Ashlyn May and Lila Gosse. Ashlyn was constantly determined and showed resilience throughout her time in both goals and on field, where she became a key person in offence. Lila played a persistent game where she supported her team by always being there in both offence and defence. Keep up the amazing work girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

Year 7-8 – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 19
Last Thursday the Year 7/8 girls played a very challenging game against Pembroke. Despite the loss, they never gave up. After each break, the girls listened to my advice and tried their hardest to improve. Each quarter the girls improved, meaning they were able to keep Pembroke to only 2 goals in the last quarter and were able to get many shots themselves. I am very proud of the girls efforts and look forward to this week. – Gemma Rowe (Coach)

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