eNews – Week 4, Term 3 2022

Issue no. 24

Science Week at Saints

It’s National Science Week and the theme for 2022 is ‘Glass: There is more than meets the eye’. Many of our Junior School girls led the charge on Monday, eagerly participating in a range of colourful activities to celebrate all things science! Here’s a snapshot of some of their scientific endeavours.

Year 6 – Tools for Touchscreens
The Year 6 scientists began the day learning about touchscreens. They were required to design fair scientific tests to evaluate the effectiveness of various materials on an iPad touchscreen. Fruit seemed to be the best fit, with girls being able to select, type and draw on their iPads with apples, bananas and oranges!

Reception and Year 1 – Sugar-Glass Decorations
The Reception and Year 1 scientists investigated the use of glass in windows by making their very own sugar-glass windows. The window frames were constructed using dough, while the sugar-glass was created with hard boiled lollies. The girls were able to design their glass using different coloured lollies, making their windows look like stained glass.

During Recess, many girls gathered on the Oval to see even more science! We did a Mentos and Coke explosion, showing the girls how two common items can make large chemical reactions. They enjoyed seeing the Coke explode across the table!

Year 3 – Lava Lamps
Our Year 3 scientists were able to make their very own lava lamps! They combined water and oil together with food colouring and Alka-Seltzer tablets to create a colourful and bubbly reaction. They were very excited to see the way their lava lamps bubbled and fizzed and loved the chance do their own experiments in the Science labs.

At Lunch, I had a large group of girls join me in the Science Centre to discover how glass is formed. We learned all about glassblowing and the techniques involved before the girls gave it a go themselves using honey! Honey has very similar properties to molten glass, meaning our scientists were able to see how temperature impacted their glassblowing.

Year 2 – Kaleidoscopes
The Year 2 scientists were captivated by kaleidoscopes. With the help of Emma, fourth year pre-service teacher, we planned a scientific experiment to make the light-capturing kaleidoscopes and observe the mirrored reflections. Each day this week, the Year 2 scientists engaged in experiments and activities to explore the glass theme. From nature walks with magnifying glasses, to playing with musical jars, to investigating how solar panels work, they’ve discovered that the magic of science is all around us!

Overall, the girls had a fantastic science-filled day learning all about the wonders of glass. Take a look at our short video Reel on Instagram below, which has already notched up almost 7000 views!

Sophie Dolling
Scientist in Residence

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JobChat Gems at STEM Evening

On Tuesday evening, our Scientist in Residence Sophie Dolling hosted the JobChat STEM Careers Evening with guest speakers Amy Brooks-Birve, Ashleigh Geiger and Old Scholar Amy Seppelt (Kilburn 2001).

In conjunction with the University of Adelaide, our guests provided valuable advice about the advantages of studying STEM subjects at school and beyond. Parents and students were also given interesting insights about the guest speakers’ individual career changes within STEM study and work, and ultimately how each of them came to be in their current roles.

Upon listening to the speakers share their experiences, it was evident that exciting futures exist in STEM and women have an ever-increasing presence within these fields.

Carolyn Farr
Careers Coordinator

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From Our Director of Enrolments, Marketing and Advancement

Adelaide Schools

Since arriving at Stonyfell nearly 11 years ago, I have been privileged to witness the journey our girls enjoy during their time at Saints. In my first five years at the School, I was involved in the day-to-day lives of our students, enabling me to learn about the many educational, co-curricular and wellbeing programs that we offer, and to observe our girls on their path towards adulthood. These experiences equipped me with the knowledge to guide our new families along their journey as the Director of Enrolments, a role I commenced in 2016.

This year, I commenced the role of Director of Enrolments, Marketing and Advancement, giving me the privilege to engage with our wider community. I have been fortunate to reconnect with a range of community members such as current and former parents and staff, Old Scholars, and particularly those community members who have held several roles at the School over the years. It is through these connections that a sense of belonging is created which is unique to Saints Girls. The strong dedication from you, our current parents, and your commitment to our School is what enables our girls and all community members to create lifelong memories, friendships and networks.

Looking back at my fondest memories of Saints Girls, what stands out are the times when we have come together to celebrate the girls and their achievements. As we emerge from the past two and a half years into our new definition of ‘normal’, I can once again feel our community coming together. The energy was palpable at our recent Choral Night and as we celebrate each House Spirit Week; the girls are embracing the ability to hold our events once more. You, as parents, are encouraged to come and celebrate your daughters at the many events that will occur throughout this semester. From welcoming new families into our ELC all the way through to farewelling our Year 12s, your presence at these occasions is truly valued.

In the Enrolments, Marketing and Advancement Office, I am joined by Enrolments Manager Rachel Vanderzon, Community Relations Manager Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn 1986), Community Relations – Events Officer Fiona McGregor, Enrolments and International Student Manager Ann Li, ELC Enrolments and Finance Officer Sarah Elliott (nee Royce, Selwyn 1986) and our School Archivist Anne Daniell (nee Crisp, Kennion 1969).

Please keep your eye on the School’s upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jesseca Geraghty
Director of Enrolments, Marketing and Advancement

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Year 5 Production: Set Sail for Our Must-Sea Show!

Save the date and come along for a rollicking time at the Year 5 Production Pirates of Penzance JR. in Week 10! The girls have been preparing to take the audience on this adventure for the past two terms, and are excited to thrill you with singing, dancing and joyful merriment in this wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

The performances will be held on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 September at 1.15pm and 7pm. Tickets for Year 5 parents will will be available via TryBooking from Week 6, and for the wider community from Week 7.  You can be assured of a fun time as we celebrate beautiful maidens, bumbling policemen and not-so menacing pirates!

Shelley Hampton
Year 5 Teacher

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Red Letter Day: Patteson Spirit Week

This week, it has been all about Patteson as we celebrate Spirit Week. The girls of Patteson have shown their red spirit by wearing ribbons each day, with a red accessory today.

On Wednesday, we held Patteson House Chapel in which Deputy House Captain Martha McCormack and I spoke about what makes Patty, Patty and the special things about Patteson that set us apart from the other Houses. Junior School Captains Stella and Eva and Middle School Captain Charlotte shared what Patteson means to them. During this Chapel Service, we also witnessed a beautiful performance by some talented Pattesonites, Sophie, Sammi, Daisy and Charlotte, who sang ‘Your Song’ by Elton John.

As the week comes to an end, it has been absolutely amazing to see everyone’s passion for the House and red spirit shine through. Tonight, we look forward to coming together to celebrate Spirit Week at our House Dinner. It will be a really fun evening and we cannot wait to see all of the hard work the Year 11s have put into organising it!

Go Patteson!

Ruby Deakin
House Captain

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Saints Girls Vs Saints Boys Prefect Netball

Last Friday lunch time, many girls gathered in the Gym to watch our annual Year 12 Prefect Netball match against Saints Boys.

We started with a strong lead of 8 – 0, with our amazing goal shooting team of Dayna and Toni and incredible defence from Ruby. The boys then caught up in the third quarter, making the game a close one. The buzzer rang at the end of the last quarter and the girls celebrated a win with the final score of 24 – 19!

We loved having the boys join us for the match and provide some good competition. It was also a great feeling having the support of the girls and staff cheering everyone on.

Sophie Norman
Head Prefect

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Runaway Success for Star Athlete

Congratulations to Annie Goldsmith for being awarded ‘The Most Outstanding Female Para Athlete’ at the recent Western Athletics Club presentation night.

Her recent achievements in Race Running include setting 4 club records over 2 age groups: the 100m Race Running U16 and U14 Divisions and the 60m Race Running U16 and U14 Divisions.

Annie shares, ‘I was very proud and shocked, I wasn’t expecting to get anything. Race Running has been great for me, it has made my body stronger and it’s great to feel like I am part of a club.’

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Annie on her achievements and look forward to watching her enjoy further success in this sport.

Lee Tremonte
Education Support Officer

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Mind-Blowing Results at MindLab Competition

Last Friday, some of our Year 5 and 6 students took part in the Interschool MindLab Competition at Pulteney Grammar School where Saints White placed 3rd and Saints Blue came 4th in the overall competition.

A variety of MindLab games are offered to all Saints Girls throughout their years in the Junior School. These thinking games support students to develop cognitive, emotional and ethical skills. Last term, the School ran a MindLab competition for Year 5 and 6 students including four games: Octi, Olympics Checkers, Abalone and Quoridor. From this, eight students were chosen to represent Saints Girls at the Interschool competition.

The students displayed excellent concentration throughout the day, as well as humility. A notable mention to students who also placed in their individual game: Anika Vaidya and Serena Zhang (1st in Octi), Chutong Liang (2nd in Olympic Checkers) and Victoria Zou (3rd in Quoridor).

Well done to all girls involved.

Zoe West
Junior School Teacher

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Precious Moments of Reflection in Our ELC

Every day, our ELC children are exposed to a variety of artistic languages and materials in order to extend their learning and encourage their creativity.

Watch our video to see how our youngest children are creating self-portraits, exploring themselves and their feelings, encouraging creative thinking and language development.


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Saints Rock ‘Princes On the Parade’

Saints Rock Band performed at the ‘Princes On Parade’ event last Friday at the Osmond Terrace Function Centre, Norwood Hotel. Seven other school rock bands played, with Prince Alfred College, Wilderness School and Seymour College all represented.

Our girls performed three pieces in a range of styles, starting with tight R&B and pop songs that demonstrated the strength of our rhythm section and vocalists. This was followed by the highlight of their set, ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. Saints showcased not only their amazing vocal skills but also their talent on strings and brass.

Throughout the night, the bands supported and encouraged each other, sitting up close to the stage and cheering loudly. The whole evening was inspiring, fun and packed with entertainment, featuring a full rock light show, synchronised dancing, punk antics on stage and the occasional mosh pit! This is a night Saints Rock Band will remember, and we hope to do it all again next year!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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Sports Day 2022

On Friday 9 September, St Peter’s Girls will stage the annual Years 4 – 12 Sports Day. Due to major refurbishment works at the SA Athletics Stadium at Mile End, this year’s event will take place at the state-of-the-art Bridgestone Athletics Centre on Frost Road, Salisbury. This new facility is the only other synthetic 400m track in South Australia.

The day will begin at 8.30am and will conclude by approximately 3.15pm. Parents are able to attend. Please note that shelter and seating are limited; however, you are welcome to bring your own chairs.

Travel Arrangements

Students who usually travel on School buses will be transported directly to and from the venue, departing from and returning to their regular stops. School Bus Drivers will inform families of any expected changes to pick-up and drop-off times.

Due to the extra distance involved, we have made arrangements for all other students to be taken by bus to and from the venue. These buses will leave school at 7.45am, and will return by approximately 4.30pm. Please ensure your daughter is at school well before departure time for roll-marking purposes. Each bus will have teacher supervision. Further details will be provided to students leading up to the event.

Excursion Consent

For students to attend this carnival, all families must complete the online permission slip through myLink and indicate travel arrangements. Permission must be completed by 5pm Thursday 1 September.

To complete the online excursion consent, please click here and log in to the myLink Parent Portal with your username (your ID number followed by and password. It is advisable to complete the excursion consent using a computer or tablet as you may experience difficulty using a mobile phone.

Schedule of Events

Please find below links with approximate event timings. Year 4 – 6 High Jump and Year 4 – 12 1500m events will occur during lunch times in Week 7 prior to Sports Day.

Years 4 – 6: click here

Years 7 – 9: click here

Years 10 – 12: click here

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Sports Day Merchandise and Raffle

The Saints Sport Support Group is selling House merchandise and raffle tickets for Sports Day!

The raffle prize includes a $200 voucher from The Athlete’s Foot and a Polar M400 Heart Rate Monitor plus much more! You can pre-order online via TryBooking. Raffle tickets can also be purchased on the day.

Years 4 – 6: all ordered items will be delivered to classrooms
Years 7 – 12: all orders can be collected from the Front Office on Thursday 8 September

House Bundle: $30
(includes House Cap, Drink Bottle, Wristband, Temporary Tattoo and ‘Run like a Saints Girl’ Keyring)
Supporter Cap (blue or white): $25
House Cap: $25
House Water Bottle: $5
House Wristband: $2
Raffle Tickets: 1 for $5 or 3 for $10

Thank you for your support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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Out of the Blue – A Chat with Shelley Hampton, Director of the Year 5 Production

Ms Hampton is one of our Year 5 teachers here at St Peter’s Girls, and is responsible for directing and organising the annual Year 5 Production. As well as being a lover of theatre, she has a passion for performing and directing that provides her with a creative outlet. She has been in multiple plays around Adelaide, been in film and TV commercials, and studied drama most of her early life. Without further ado, here is our interview with Ms Hampton.

What does drama mean to you?
It gives me an outlet for my creativity. I do the production here at school – I love directing, but I love performing, so being on stage is just one of those things that gives me a high. It’s like some people get endorphins from exercise; I get it from being on stage, I love it. Some people paint, some people draw, some people sing – I do singing as well, but drama – acting – is my real passion.

Why do you think drama is important at school?
I think it’s one of the most important subjects to learn at school. It teaches you to collaborate with other people, it teaches you about yourself, about how you can build your own confidence, it teaches you all sorts of presentation skills and awareness of other people, so it’s a really good collaborative process and an excellent outlet for kids’ creativity as well.

What has been your career in drama?
I did a lot of study in drama when I was very young, and then I did TV commercials and I did some film. I did modelling for different companies – in those days it was Harris Scarfe and David Jones and things like that. Then I went on to do a bit more study of drama methodology – mainly Stanislavski methodology, and Theatre Sports and that was really interesting. I started out in musical theatre, doing a lot of singing, dancing and prancing around in a costume, but I prefer to do plays. I’ve done quite a lot of plays around Adelaide. I audition, then I get it, and then I go and give it my all. I’m in another play next year in April, so I start rehearsing for that in January, which is exciting.

What got you interested in drama?
I think my mum. My mum loves music and so she would play me lots of musical theatre music on records back in the day, and she would talk to me about the stories of different musicals like Oklahoma and Carousel, and then when I started high school, I started reading a lot of plays, got very into Shakespearean writing. I really enjoyed Ibson, really enjoyed Coward – lots of really good plays. It all started with my mum, however.

What doors do you think drama opens for the future?
It can lead to so many things because it builds your confidence. I can stand up in front of Assembly and talk to people. I’ve led conferences and training workshops and all of that helps you with confidence on stage. It doesn’t terrify me to stand up in front of a microphone, or in front of a group of people. I just think it builds your personal growth; it makes you a stronger person.


If you too have a love of The Arts, please submit your work to the School’s Arts Journal Out of the Blue. Nearly all art forms are considered. If you are interested in submitting a piece, please email

Work will be selected and entrants notified if they are successful in gaining publication. Please ensure your name, year level and Class Teacher/Home Group are listed. This opportunity is open to all students, as well as Old Scholars, past staff and current staff. Entries close Friday 7 October.

Alysa Trinh
Arts Journal Student Committee

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Out of the Blue Arts Journal – Front Cover Design

The Arts Journal Student Committee is calling all talented artists to create a drawing to potentially feature on the front cover of our next Out of the Blue Arts Journal! Each year, Out of the Blue showcases artwork, music and poetry from across our School community.

Open to all year levels, entries for the cover are required to be line drawings, preferably an electronic drawing, but hard copies can also be scanned and sent in. Only one submission will be chosen, with entries closing next Friday 26 August.

Please email your entry to the Out of the Blue email along with your name, year level and Class Teacher/Home Group.

Nathara Perera
Arts Journal Student Committee

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Junior School Parents – THRASS Information Evening

Tuesday 23 August
6 – 7 pm
Arts Centre

At Saints Girls, we harness a Linguistic Inquiry approach to the teaching and learning of spelling and vocabulary. This includes integrating the skills and tools of THRASS: Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills.

We warmly invite Junior School parents to enjoy an engaging presentation about the THRASS chart, and the THRASS approach more generally, at our THRASS Information Evening from 6 – 7pm next Tuesday 23 August in the Arts Centre.

A brief summary of THRASS can be found in our Junior School Literacy and Numeracy overview – click here. Detailed information is available on the THRASS website – click here. We look forward to sharing our THRASS approach in person on Tuesday 23 August. Face masks are strongly recommended for attendees.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Book Week – Next Week!

Book Week Dress Up Day is next Friday 26 August (Week 5). This year’s theme is ‘Dreaming with eyes open…’

Junior School students may dress up as a book character or a character that fits the theme. They will parade in their costumes from 8.35am along the pathway to the Chapel, and families are welcome to come and watch. The students will be involved in an Assembly following the parade, which will have capacity for students only.

Helen Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School

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Kennion House Charity Day

Next Friday 26 August, the Kennion Year 10 Girls will be running a sausage sizzle to raise funds for our House Charity, KickStart for Kids. This South Australian organisation provides support for underprivileged children. Unfortunately, 1 in 10 kids does not eat food for a whole day per week. However, with your support, we can help change this!

We will be selling sausages for $2.50 with the option of onions (50c extra). Soft drinks will be $2. We will also have gluten-free and vegetarian options available at no additional cost.

Parents of girls from Reception to Year 2 can pre-order via the TryBooking link. Pre-orders close at 5pm on Tuesday 23 August. Students from Years 3 to 12 will be able to buy items directly from the stall on Chiverton Lawns. Please bring cash only.

Thank you for your support. We hope to see you at our House Charity stall in Week 5 – enjoy the sizzle!

Misha Yagnik
Year 10 student

A reminder that House Charity Day also doubles as a Casual Clothes Day for a gold coin donation to further support our fundraising.

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Patteson House Charity Day

Next Friday 26 August, the Patteson Year 10 girls will be holding a bake sale to raise money for our House Charity, the Moore Street Drop-In Centre, which helps people experiencing homelessness. The centre provides food, clothing, pharmacy vouchers for vital medication, shoe vouchers, blankets and linen for those living in poverty.

We will be selling baked goods such as cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Prices range from 50c to $3.

Parents of girls from Reception to Year 2 can pre-order vanilla cupcakes (only bake option online) via the TryBooking link. Pre-orders close at 5pm on Tuesday 23 August. Students from Years 3 to 12 will be able to buy items directly from the stall next to the Arts Centre. Please bring cash only.

We appreciate all your support and hope to see you there!

Year 10 Patteson

A reminder that House Charity Day also doubles as a Casual Clothes Day for a gold coin donation to further support our fundraising.

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Annual House Dinners

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Visit the TryBooking links below to purchase your daughter(s) a ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event for all Year 7 – 12 students.

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Time Travellers
Each year level is asked to dress up as a specific era of time. You can see these eras on the posters around the School, so make sure you keep an eye out! – Ruby Richards
26 August (Week 5)
Book now:

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: 2000s
Each Kennion girl is asked to dress up in costume inspired by the 2000’s. This could be the style of 2000’s or a 2000’s icon. We look forward to seeing everyone’s costumes and are excited for a fun night! – Mary Stavrou
2 September (Week 6)
Book now:

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Year 9 Arts Collab Night – Save the Date

Thursday 1 September
7 – 9pm
Arts Centre

The Saints Girls’ community is invited to attend the upcoming Year 9 Arts Collaboration Night, showcasing students’ talents in Dance and Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

Admission is free; to book your tickets – click here

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Disco Cabaret Evening – Save the Date


Friday 16 September
Arts Centre

It’ll be a case of Friday Night Fever at our upcoming Cabaret, with disco the theme this year. The evening will feature all of our choirs, plus our Concert and Stage Bands and Senior String ensemble. In addition, our Artist in Residence David Goodwin will be on keys and we’ll even have a dance floor for attendees to strut their stuff!

Tables of 8 will be available as well as regular auditorium seating, with tickets $10 for adults and $5 for children. The Friends of The Arts will be supporting the event selling drinks and nibbles. Booking details will be provided soon.

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Road Safety Alert

The School has received reports of concerning driver behaviour on Hallett Road. This includes holding up traffic while waiting for cars to leave in order to park near the ELC, performing risky u-turns and parking in bus zones.

As our staff have no jurisdiction over public roads, the School will be asking the police to conduct regular patrols at peak times.

We ask all of our community members to support road safety and show courtesy to others.

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Car Park Protocols

It is important to remind families about our car park protocols, particularly during drop off and pick up.

If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street.

Please note that, unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please also refrain from turning right into or out of the car park at peak times, and please do not queue in the car park’s lanes as this often prevents drivers who are legally parked from exiting.

We have also previously received complaints about cars being parked too close to or in front of driveways, or across from other vehicles in surrounding streets, making it extremely difficult for residents and other road users to navigate.

We ask all community members to please show consideration for others. Thank you for your cooperation.

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School Shop Notices

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop

Warm Up with Saints’ Scarves and Beanies

With the cooler weather, the School Shop has some branded winter warmers:

Saints Girls’ Supporter Scarf – perfect for staff, coaches and parents

Saints Girls’ Beanies
– can be worn by students during their sport training sessions and warm ups, and also available for staff coaches and parents

To get your hands on these fabulous new items, please visit the School Shop.

Junior Rain Jackets

Keep dry for the rest of winter, with the School Shop’s End-of-Season Sale (while stocks last):

Dry & Cosy Polar Fleece-Lined Rain Jackets $25
Waterproof Rain Jackets $15

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COVID-19 Information

Under SA Health protocols, asymptomatic children who are close contacts can attend school or ELC, provided they undertake 5 Rapid Antigen Tests over 7 days and receive negative results.

Please also be reminded of these general requirements:

Should your child develop any symptoms, even mild ones, they must not attend school or ELC and should be tested for COVID-19. Those with symptoms who test negative using a RAT must undertake a PCR test to confirm that result.  Students who have previously tested positive and have completed isolation in the past 28 days do not need to undertake testing.

If your child tests positive to COVID-19, notify us immediately. Please also advise the type of test (RAT/PCR), the date your child’s test was taken and the date symptoms started (if no symptoms, note ‘asymptomatic’).

Please notify us via email or text:

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

If you need to notify us over the phone, call the Front Office on 8334 2200.

If your child is too sick to attend school, they are therefore also too sick to be working remotely from home.

Please also note that SA Health strongly recommends face masks in schools when indoors for students across Years 3 to 12. The same advice applies for all adults, including visitors, except if it impedes the ability to teach or interact with children.

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General Absences from School

If your child is going to be absent, late to school or leave early, please use one of the following methods to notify the School, providing the student name and Class/Home Group.

Please also provide a reason for the absence as the School requires this for government reporting purposes.

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to include the Class/Home Group Teacher when emailing. It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

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Sports News


Our Aerobics girls recently performed incredibly well at the local Blitz It Challenge. The Tinkerbells claimed Gold in the senior Novice division, an impressive achievement! Our girls also shone in the Advanced division, with Freaky Friday winning Silver and The Stars taking out Bronze.

These girls are continuing to train hard as they prepare for Nationals next month in Brisbane, and we wish them all the best!


Open A: Saints (0) v Wilderness (33)
Middle A: Saints (0) v Wilderness (48)


Open A: Saints (4) v Wilderness (2)
Open B1: Saints (6) v Walford (0)
Open B2: Saints (5) v Woodcroft (1)
Open C1: Saints (6) v Westminster (0)
Open C2: Saints (5) v Immanuel (1)
Open D1: Saints (4) v Saints D2 (2)
Open D2: Saints (2) v Saints D1 (4)
Middle E: Saints (3) v Wilderness (5)


Open: Saints (12) v Seymour B (0)
On Saturday, we demonstrated strength as a team, with a win against Seymour. We competed with only eight players and managed to keep the ball in our attacking half for most of the game with a few breakaways by Seymour. Well done to Jess for working the ball into the circle and scoring 4 goals, and to Maddie for persisting in attack and scoring a great goal. Our other goal scorers were Zara (2), Amelia (2) and Bridgette (3). Holly laid strong tackles in defence and worked well to slap the ball up the sideline. Amelia and Bridgette took turns playing goalie this week which was very entertaining (for the rest of the team) and a fun new experience! Thank you to the girls this week for your hard work and to our coach Tash for taking on the challenge. – Bridgette Leach (Captain)


Open A: Saints (61) v Wilderness (27)
Open B: Saints (39) v Wilderness (27)
Open C: Saints: Win on forfeit
Open D: Saints: Win on forfeit
Open E: Saints: Bye
Year 9A: Saints (30) v Wilderness (20)
Year 9B: Saints (23) v Wilderness (14)
Year 8A: Saints (32) v Wilderness (28)
Year 8B: Saints (14) v Wilderness (17)
Year 7A: Saints: Cancelled due to rain
Year 7B: Saints: Cancelled due to rain

Year 8A: Saints (32) v Wilderness (28)
The girls had a brilliant win. After leading at the end of the first and second quarters, they were 2 goals down at three-quarter time. They achieved a 6-goal turnaround to win by 4. In wet, rainy, and cold conditions, all the girls contributed 200 percent. This game’s best players were Annabel, Laurie and Millie.


Premier League: Saints A: Bye
Division 1: Saints B (0) v Mercedes (2)
Division 3: Saints C (0) v Seymour (8)

Division 1: Saints B (0) v Mercedes (2)
Our team has improved significantly over the course of the season, which was illustrated in the game. Although a loss, this was a substantial improvement from our previous fixture against the same team, one of the strongest in the division. The girls have been working on formation and pressure and showed good improvements in these areas, with players pressing high and contesting possession. The team effectively restricted Mercedes in their opportunities and created counter-attacking opportunities of our own. Grace Stevens starred once again in goal, making multiple saves and leading the team with her communication. Equally impressive was the courage of those stretching themselves in new positions including Ella Lawes and Jiana Song. – Brynley Millward (Coach)

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