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From Our Head of Junior School

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Compassion, one of our School’s core values, is a trait we encourage in all of our students from ELC to Year 12. Our Service Learning program fosters compassion by providing avenues for our students to build citizenship and empathy, and take action through engaging in meaningful service of others. For Junior School students, involvement in House Charity Days through purchasing lunchtime treats enables our younger students to work towards the common goals of the Houses. But service learning is more than charity; service learning seeks a cognitive, emotional and physical investment from students.

Along with our annual Christmas giving appeal, Junior School service learning initiatives this year will focus on the importance of education for all. At last Friday’s Assembly, I talked with the Reception to Year 6 students about energy poverty. I highlighted the difficulties for many people in the world, including many of our close neighbours in Vanuatu, who don’t have access to electricity, and how educational outcomes are affected as a result. Lack of electricity and adequate safe lighting is a significant inhibitor to learning, with study time reduced to daylight hours only. Potential safety issues when walking to and from school in the dark in winter months can also be an obstacle to attending school. An Australian initiative, Solar Buddy, in partnership with School Aid, aims to provide 47,000 solar-powered lights to primary school children in Vanuatu by 2023. Solar buddy lights are delivered in kit form to schools and businesses, who assemble them in readiness for them to be sent back to Brisbane for checking, then delivered to some of the most remote communities in the world. Each light is accompanied by a letter written by the person who constructed it, with a personal message. At $35 each, the Junior School would like to provide at least 50 solar buddies to the Light Up Vanuatu campaign, and our Year 6s are primed to construct them.

This year, all profits from the Junior School Scholastic Book Fair (17 – 21 May) will go towards purchasing solar buddy lights for the Light Up Vanuatu campaign. A collection box for cash donations will also be placed in the Library during the Scholastic Book Fair, and families can donate directly to the campaign via this link if they wish:

While our Year 6 students will manage the construction of our collective purchase of solar buddies at school, some parents of younger students may like to enhance their daughter’s personal engagement in this initiative through constructing a solar buddy light and writing the accompanying letter with their daughter. We will therefore provide an opportunity for families to purchase a solar buddy kit for construction here at school later in the year. Further information will be sent home to Junior School families in coming weeks.

Of course, primary-aged students benefit from the support of their families in their endeavours to contribute to service learning initiatives. For our Junior School students to actively and deliberately engage in the Light Up Vanuatu campaign, we encourage even the youngest ones to ‘earn’ some of the money they bring to school for the Book Fair or for donating. Doing small jobs at home, over and above their normal chores, to earn money to put towards this cause will help them understand the value of their contribution. Perhaps some extended family members may offer to reward a service done for them with a small donation to put towards this vital cause.

We look forward to our students learning more about energy poverty and its effects on life and education, and seeing their compassionate action come to fruition. Please keep an eye on future eNews articles where we will no doubt be celebrating the results of some wonderful service learning in the Junior School.

Further information about Solar Buddy can be found here

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Women in STEM Breakfast

St Peter’s Girls’ School was proud to host a fantastic Women in STEM Breakfast in the Arts Centre yesterday morning. Many of our Year 10 – 12 girls joined approximately 40 thriving industry women to learn more about their journey to a STEM role.

Our guests included software engineers, PhD candidates, heads of marketing, analytical scientists and study directors, to name a few. The theme of the event was, ‘Creativity; Cracking the STEM Code.’ Our four speakers discussed how creativity is at the forefront of their work and offered our girls inspiring direction to achieve their goals. Many thanks to:

Barbara Vrettos – Director, The Legal Forecast
Dr Vanessa Pirotta – wildlife scientist and Science communicator
Alex Kaczmarek – Digital Evidence Specialist, South Australia Police
Nicole Russo – Director of Product, Myriota

Thank you to Carolyn Farr, Fiona McGregor, Wesley Hiscock, our students, staff, speakers and all those involved in helping to make this event a huge success, including Jenni Manson and our fabulous Year 10 Food Tech students who prepared a delicious breakfast for all to enjoy. Thanks also to our students Emily Teague and Caitlin Middelberg for hosting the event. Everyone did an exceptional job!

Monique Green
Digital Tech Teacher & STEM Coordinator

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Watch Our Sustainability Journey Evolve

Our sustainability journey at St Peter’s Girls’ ELC is ongoing and constantly evolving. As part of our Centre’s Strategic Direction, we pledged to help educate our ELC community through sustainable engagement with food and waste. A key focus is given to the concept of responsibility. We believe in modelling our behaviour so the children will develop a deep understanding of what it means to be sustainable.

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming back a special guest and friend to the ELC, Charlie Aykroyd (Kennion 2010). Charlie is a St Peter’s Girls’ Old Scholar and the General Manager at Australian Green Clean, a waste management service that supports events and businesses, and she will continue to work with us throughout the year.

Take a look at our video above to see our ever-evolving sustainability journey!

Kate Mount, Director of Early Learning, and Henrietta Balnaves, ELC Co-educator

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Global Honour for Songwriting Saint

Adelaide Schools

A big shout out to talented Music student Georgie Raftopoulos who has received an Honourable Mention as a Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for the title track of her debut EP, ‘Breathing to Prove That I Can’.

Georgie shares her excitement:

Last year, I entered the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). The ISC is an annual song contest, whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional and international arena.

Judged by the likes of Coldplay, Hozier, Bebe Rexha and Blackbear, this was a very big and exciting competition for me to be a part of. I entered two of my songs, both of which made it into the Semi-Finals.

This year, I found out my song ‘Breathing to Prove That I Can’ had been selected for the Finals of the teen category, going on to receive an Honourable Mention too! Being in the top 1% of over 26,000 entries is a thrilling achievement, and I’m glad to have been recognised in such a major competition for my songwriting.

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Dance Choreographers Keen to CRE8

Adelaide Schools


Our eight Stage 2 Dance Choreographers would love to present their work to you at CRE8 next Thursday 20 May at 6pm. You’ll be in for an hour of innovative, powerful, thought-provoking dance, all created by our talented students. Many other dancers from Years 10 – 12 are performing, as well as a couple of Old Scholars too! We would love to have your support! Tickets via TryBooking.

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Saints’ Cyclists Riding High

Adelaide Schools

Congratulations to Alice and Daisy Braithwaite on competing in the recent State Cycling Championships at Victoria Park. They finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Saints Girls placing 5th overall!

The day consisted of three different races including a time trial, points race and criterium. Points were scored after each race, determining the cyclists’ positions. Well done to both girls, and we look forward to seeing more cyclists at next year’s competition!

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Aerobics goes from Strength to Strength

Adelaide Schools

Last weekend was a very exciting one for the Saints’ Aerobics girls. It had been over a year since their last official competition due to COVID-19, and they were ecstatic to get back up on stage. Additionally, our aerobic athlete numbers at Saints are higher than ever, with four full teams competing in a range of year group divisions.

Our girls entered the FISAF (Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness) Super Series on Saturday, with three teams placing in the top three of their divisions. The Feisty Fives and Glisten competed in Secondary School Pre-Choreographed Teams (Years 7 – 12: Advanced) division and placed 2nd and 1st respectively. The Golden Girls and Pink Ladies competed in the Secondary School Pre-Choreographed Teams (Years 7 – 9: Novice) division, with the Pink Ladies claiming 1st place.

These teams will now contest the FISAF State Championships early next month. Well done to all the girls who competed at the weekend!

Maddi Harmer

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Quiz Marathon Tests Language Legends

Adelaide Schools

In March, the Education Perfect Languages Championships were held online for eight days. The timing of the competition was a little unfortunate this year, as it clashed with Choral Night, so we did not have as many students actively involved as we have had in the past. Nevertheless, as a School, we answered over 63,000 questions across a total of 122 hours.

The following students received Credit Awards, placing in the top 20% of over 200,000 competitors from around the world for answering more than 1,000 questions: Alannah Godfrey; Emily McCorley; Olivia Ng; Mathilda Thomas; Neya Titus; Victoria Zou.

These students received Bronze Awards, placing them in the top 10%: Asha Krywanio; Vanessa Pols; Holly Wallman-Craddock.

Given that these three students are Year 12s and were busy polishing their Choral Night dances and leading choir rehearsals that week, this is particularly impressive. Congratulations to all who took part. We look forward to even more students from Years 4 to 12 entering the next EP Languages Championships.

Cindy Pitkin
Head of Languages

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Wise Words at Rostrum Voice of Youth

Adelaide Schools

Last Saturday, seven students across Years 7 to 12 competed in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition. All of them spoke well, addressing a variety of topics and issues in the world. They engaged with personal stories and global stories. As part of the competition, the girls also had 15 minutes to prepare an impromptu speech. For many, this was a great challenge, and they are to be commended for stepping out, giving it a go and showing courage.

A special congratulations to Year 12 Sara Alkhazrajy who won her heat and will be competing again in a few weeks in the State Semi-Final. We wish Sara all the best for the next part of the competition, and hopefully will see her at Parliament House if she progresses to the State Final.

Here is a short reflection from one of the students, Year 7 Elodie de Wit, who took part in the competition for the first time:

Last Saturday, I participated in my first public speaking competition. The thought of this made me quite nervous. First, we had to do a 6 minute prepared speech followed by a 3 minute impromptu speech with only 15 minutes to prepare. Yes, I was shaking and nervous throughout; however, the overall experience was challenging and enjoyable.

Thomas Bassett
Humanities & Philosophy and Religion Teacher
School Chaplain

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Hair-Raising Finish to Fundraiser

Adelaide Schools

This year, several students from the Middle and Senior Schools and two teachers are participating in The World’s Greatest Shave, taking place next Monday. So far, we have raised $20,000 and are well on our way to reaching our goal of $22,000, which will support 300 families dealing with the aftermath of a leukaemia diagnosis. However, we cannot reach this milestone without your help.

If anyone wants to donate to this cause and support our brave students and teachers shaving their heads, and the tens of thousands of Australians diagnosed with blood cancer every year, you can do so here.

The participating girls are shaving their hair in the Arts Centre at lunchtime on Monday. For students who would like to come along and watch, as well as enjoy a brand new performance by the Staff Band, you can do so for a gold coin donation.

Sara Peak and Emily Teague

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Federal Focus in Year 6 Activity Week

Adelaide Schools

Week 4 was a celebration of all things Canberra in Year 6. Our Unit of Inquiry’s central idea, ‘Government systems and decisions impact the broader community’, sees us focusing on the Federal Government and, of course, our nation’s capital is where the Australian Parliament sits.

The girls participated in a variety of on-site activities and excursions throughout the week. They discovered the intricacies of the preferential voting system, the importance of our House of Representatives and the Senate, and the historical significance of the Australian War Memorial. Linking to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), we were inspired by guest speaker Neil Fuller as he described his remarkable athletics journey. The girls took part in the Motorworks Education program where they explored the effectiveness of teamwork and further enhanced their problem-solving approach to learning. We also visited South Australia’s Government House and undertook a democracy walk along North Terrace.

A fun and educational week was enjoyed by all.

The Year 6 Teachers

Adelaide Schools

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Girls Extend Talent to Physical Theatre

Adelaide Schools

Trust. Strength. Confidence. Fun.

This week, the Year 10 Dance and Drama students were fortunate to have Harper and Annalise from Gravity and Other Myths (GOM) conduct a Physical Theatre workshop. GOM is a circus and theatre company based in Adelaide. You may have been lucky enough to see them perform The Pulse at the Adelaide Festival this year!

I asked that the workshop focus on partnering and lifting. Dance, and also some aspects of drama, rely heavily upon duo work, physical contact and building trust with others in an ensemble.

The students were thoroughly engaged, learning to take some risks and challenge themselves in order to build confidence. I look forward to seeing some of these movements and lifts featured within their own self-devised work later this term.

Kate Burnett
Head of The Arts

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Poetry in Action Achieves Reaction

Adelaide Schools

On Wednesday, the Year 7 to 11 students were entertained and enlightened by the group ‘Poetry in Action’. Consisting of three actors, the troupe travels the country presenting dynamic performances aimed at deconstructing poetry and convincing students of the power of language. Humorous, fast-paced and instructive, the sessions were both engaging and relevant for students in approaching the study of literature.

The Year 7 and 8 students viewed a zany, wild production in which the actors explored the techniques, form, structure and impact of poetry while telling a story about a mysteriously missing team member, fledgling love and intellectual discovery. The Year 9, 10 and 11 students were more cognitively challenged as they experienced a production involving ‘verbatim theatre’ in which the actors presented a warning about the way in which language can be used to position and manipulate its audience, but also explored the power of fiction in enabling individuals to come to a deeper understanding of truth.

‘Poetry in Action was exciting, riveting and emotive. It really made me think!’ – Arabella Hawking, Year 11 student

‘The poetry performance was a fun, amusing and entertaining way to capture the elements and key factors of poetry. I definitely learnt a lot about poetry whilst watching an excellent performance.’ – Lily Marshall, Year 7 student

‘I thought the Poetry in Action performance was amazing! The topic was really interesting and the actors made it enjoyable and exciting. The show was humorous but also challenged my thinking and my perceptions about current issues. It was a great experience!’ – Angelina Hii, Year 9 student

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English/Drama Teacher

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Chorus of Support for Lunchtime Concerts

Adelaide Schools

Our first lunchtime concert for the year was presented in the Arts Centre on Monday. This was a student-led initiative supported by our Music leadership team headed up by Music Prefect Cheri Wong.

We heard some wonderful piano solos by Lady Murphy and Tammy Tang, and twin sisters Olivia and Valerie Ng performed a fabulous piano duet. Ably accompanied by Sue Mears, Lauren Parker performed a solo on cello and Matilda Chu on French Horn. We also had the Junior Choir perform, directed by Ms Lizzy Mitchell, and Concert Band performed two assessment pieces for Year 12 student Stephanie Demmrich who is using Concert Band as her ensemble for her Year 12 Music subject Ensemble Performance.

To finish the concert, choristers Emeshe Robson and Georgie Raftopoulos sang an excerpt from the beautiful ‘flower duet’ by Delibes. Both girls will sing this piece in full, as well as their own solo pieces, at the upcoming St Peter’s Rotary Music evening on 25 May. We wish them well.

The student music leadership team hope to put on more lunchtime concerts in the near future. A reminder our Piano Eisteddfod is also coming up in Week 8. You can receive the application forms form Mrs Philips in the Arts Office.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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High Performance Number Crunchers

Adelaide Schools
On Wednesday, the ‘Certificate III in Sport Coaching’ students took part in a UniSA field study for data collection. The outcome was to collect data on their own performances to develop their knowledge on ‘Energy Systems’. This was done through UniSA’s sophisticated VX GPS units and Suunto heart rate monitors.

The practical allowed the girls to experience how the information captured by these tools can be used to analyse their movement. They completed a touch football and speedball game to compare the different intensities between each of these activities, and witness the changes in distance travelled, speeds reached and heart rates, as they fatigued.

Being able to receive such detailed, personal data across these variables so quickly after the activity developed the girls’ understanding of how much science is being used to assist performance analysis.

Dan Searle
Head of PE, Health & Outdoor Education
Adelaide Schools

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Patteson and Kilburn House Charity Day

Adelaide Schools

On Friday of Week 6, the Year 10 Patteson girls will be baking up a storm with delightful cupcakes, cookies, brownies and so many more delicious treats ranging from $1 to $3. All funds raised from the stall will go towards Patteson’s House Charity, the Moore St. Drop in-Centre. The Reception to Year 2 girls will be able to order a cupcake via their parents using the TryBooking link below, and the Year 3 to 12 girls will be able to purchase these delicious treats at the lunchtime stall on the day, so don’t forget to bring in your gold coins to help a worthy cause and to receive a scrumptious treat.

Also that day, the Year 10 Kilburn girls will be making and selling delicious cheese toasties ($2.50 each) and soft drinks ($1.50 each) during lunchtime. All proceeds from the event will go towards our House Charity, the Cancer Council. Girls in Reception to Year 2 may pre-order a toasty via their parents using the link below, and all Years 3 to 12 girls may purchase from our stall on the day. Thank you for your support!

Georgina Wakeham and Bridgette Leach

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Nourishing Novelties for Mother’s Day

Adelaide Schools

The celebration of significant events is an important aspect of food service. This was recently represented by the Stage 2 Food and Hospitality class with the creation of Mother’s Day gift boxes. The girls worked collaboratively, using their broad range of skills to trial a variety of recipes that were suitable for the boxes. Both traditional and contemporary techniques were used to preserve a range of items such as dehydrated citrus fruits and strawberries, and quince paste. Students also explored sustainable and food safe packaging to ensure quality control of the contents in each of the boxes. Seasonal produce was considered with the use of items such as quinces and figs from local gardens. The boxes were full of a range of artisan products that were created, labelled, packaged and preserved by the students.

The design and creation of the gift boxes has certainly a highlight of the year for the class.

Mrs Manson and the Stage 2 Food and Hospitality girls

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Community Connections at Ladies’ Night Out

Adelaide Schools
Saints Girls’ Ladies’ Night Out was a wonderful start to the Mother’s Day weekend!

Thank you to all the ladies connected to the School community who gathered at the Feathers Hotel last Friday. We had close to 100 ladies book for the event which was an opportunity for them to connect and catch up. A special thank you to the Feathers Hotel staff for hosting such an excellent evening in the Greenhouse Restaurant, and for the wonderful and delicious selection of canapés. A warm thanks to our Friends of The Arts parents for sourcing some terrific prizes for the raffle, and to those local businesses that generously supported by donating goods and/or services.

Our Principal Julia Shea presented prizes to the raffle winners. Congratulations to the lucky recipients of our Friends of The Arts raffle prizes:

PRIZE #1 – Alison Bartlett
$200 Athlete’s Foot Voucher
Clear Skincare Norwood Voucher
A bottle of Chapel Hill, The Parson 2018
PRIZE #2 – Amelia Porter
$100 Love Affair Boutique Voucher
Versace Perfume
PRIZE #3 – Melinda Buttignol
Glasshouse Pack – including hand cream, body bar, soy candle
PRIZE #4 – Nina Marshall
Elume Guava & Plum Luxury Reed Diffuser
Two bottles of wine: Greenock Estate, Fruity TNT 2016; Longview Vineyard, Shiraz Barbera 2016
PRIZE #5 – Helen Jeffrey
Home Space Book, Darren Palmer
Two bottles of wine: Ceravolo, Petit Verdot 2009; Whites Road, Riesling 2018

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Piano Eisteddfod 2021

Adelaide Schools


On Tuesday 8 June in Week 8 of Term 2, the Arts Department will hold St Peter’s Girls’ Piano Eisteddfod. It is open to all Junior and Middle School students who play piano. Parents are welcome to attend, and times of each student’s performance will be communicated to families.

Girls will have the opportunity to perform a piece to a panel of judges, who will critique their performance based on accuracy, technique and musicality for their specific music level. This is a great opportunity for girls to perform in a supportive environment and receive some valuable feedback.

Girls are asked to play one piece that best displays their musicality and technical ability at their own musical level. There will be no minimum or maximum time limit. While the Eisteddfod provides our top piano players with a platform to perform, the aim is to give performers of all levels the opportunity to participate.

A recital will be held on the evening of Tuesday 15 June in MB120. These students will be chosen from the Eisteddfod performers who show confidence and a high level of musicianship. The selected recital students will be notified by the end of Week 8.

If your daughter would like to be involved, please fill out and return the Piano Eisteddfod consent form by Monday 31 May. Girls can collect the form from the Arts Office. They will later receive a time slot to perform in the Eisteddfod. Students will be notified by email if they have been chosen to have their piece recorded following the Eisteddfod.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Medical Research Careers Evening

The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) will be holding an online High School Careers Evening on Tuesday 8 June at 6.30pm AEST. There will be a panel of people from all around Australia, where they will be discussing their jobs and the pathways they took to get there. This is a great opportunity for STEM enthusiasts to gain more information about a variety of industries. The event aims to showcase a range of career opportunities in the health and medical sector to students from Years 9 to 12. For more information, please click here.

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Bingo Night – Saturday 19 June

The Saints Girls’ community proudly presents:

Bingo Night!
Saturday 19 June
St Peter’s Girls’ School Gym

5 rounds of Bingo + fun and games / bar available for drink purchases/adults only event.

Tickets are limited, so organise your table now by visiting: TryBooking

Supported by Friends of Rowing

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Join ‘Our Saints’ Community

Beyond parents and guardians, our girls also treasure connections with grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends of the family. We name these special people ‘Our Saints’.

In the first week of Term 2, students from Reception to Year 6 were given two forms each to take home to their grandparents. If you did not receive these forms from your daughter, please contact me via or 8334 2244.

Alternatively, there is a link to the form here.

Our Saints provides opportunities for those who have a connection with our girls to be more involved with the School community through various means, ranging from volunteering their time, to subscribing to our publications such as eNews and Saints Alive.

We encourage all interested grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends of the family to join this special group.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Media Hub Tour – Lights, Camera, Action!

We invite our Arts’ parents to come along and experience our new Media Hub!

It features industry-standard technology including advanced cameras, microphones, lighting and a production green screen. As well as structured learning opportunities, students who are particularly passionate about media production can book the facility and equipment to record, edit and deliver quality content with minimal set up time and a streamlined workflow.

Enjoy an information session and tour of our Media Hub with students Olivia and Jodi. Special thanks to Garth Coulter for organising this event.

Media Hub Tour for Arts’ Parents
Wednesday 26 May at 6pm or 6.30pm

For more information and to RSVP, please email Melissa Westgate via by Monday 24 May.

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Community at Saints Girls

Parents are a vibrant and pivotal part of the St Peter’s Girls’ community. Many opportunities are available to become involved with the School, connect with other community members, and build strong and lasting friendships. Please note the following Term 2 dates:

Friends of The Arts Community Group Meetings

Wednesday 26 May, 6pm or 6.30pm, Media Hub Tour for Arts’ parents
Wednesday 26 May, 7pm, Elizabeth Pike Art Centre
Contact: Danielle Parker –

Friends of Rowing

Fundraising Working Group Meetings TBD
Contact: Ed Parker –

For more information about our community groups, please contact me via 0407 394 183 or

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Absences from School

If your daughter is going to be absent, late to school or leave early, please use one of the following methods to notify the School providing student name, class/Home Group and reason:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to include the class/Home Group teacher when emailing. It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

Please note: it is absolutely imperative to keep unwell children at home until they have recovered, even if symptoms are mild. This is not only for their own health and safety, but for that of all students and staff.

We thank all of our families for their cooperation.

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COVID Measures

Please note the following information regarding our continued COVID response.

The School has a QR code tracing system to facilitate the safe return of parents on site, in line with wider government measures. Parents entering the campus to drop off or collect their children need to scan the QR code provided each time. This also applies to parents visiting the School for events such as parent information evenings or sports training/matches.

Parents and visitors with more formal appointments at the School, such as meeting a staff member, are still required to sign in/out at Front Office and also need to scan the QR code as well for SA Health tracing purposes.

Adults who do not have a device to scan the QR code need to write their details on the paper form provided in the Front Office.

Parents who remain in their vehicles in the main car park do not need to scan in, and students do not need to scan in as the School already tracks daily attendance.

Logistics around events will be shared in due course, dependent upon the latest advice. Attendance numbers, particularly for indoor events, will still need to be restricted to facilitate social distancing.

The following general requirements remain in place:

  • Ensure adults maintain a distance of 1.5m from each other.
  • Practise sound hand washing and other hygiene measures.
  • Students should remain at home if they are unwell; please notify the School of absences by texting 0428 601 957, emailing, or calling 8334 2200.

We thank all of our families for your cooperation.

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Sports News


Open A: Saints v Bye
Open B: Saints 38 v Pulteney 37
Open C: Saints 16 v Immanuel 44
Open D: Saints 4 v Immanuel 68

Intermediate A: Bye
Intermediate B: Bye

Year 10 C: Saints 29 v Wilderness 28
Year 9 A: Bye
Year 9 B: Saints 23 v Immanuel 27
Year 9 C: Saints 7 v Wilderness 29
Year 8 A: Bye
Year 8 B: Saints 38 v Immanuel 16
Year 8 C: Bye
Year 7 A: Bye
Year 7 B: Saints 44 v Pulteney 1
Year 7 C: Saints 10 v Immanuel 19
Year 6 White: Saints 5 v Walford 19
Year 6 Blue: Saints 48 v Seymour 4
Year 5 White: Saints 14 v Seymour 24
Year 5 Blue: Saints 24 v Seymour 3
Year 5 Silver: Bye

Year 5 Blue Report

Year 5 Blue: Saints 24 v Seymour 3
Excellent win for the girls against Seymour, everyone played exceptionally well and improved so much from their previous games. Players worked on many forward cuts and defence in training which was used throughout. Great shooting from all shooters who worked well in the ring together. Inga, Caitlin and Lois were some of our star attackers and defenders in the game. All players should be proud of another amazing win!! – Sivanthi Sivasuthan

Open B Report

Open B: Saints 38 v Pulteney 37
This game was extremely close with Pulteney leading for the majority of the match. Near the end of the third quarter, Saints managed to break even and then led by a few goals. In the last quarter, the defence managed to turn many balls over, with the attacking positions driving first to the ball. This led Saints to winning the game by 1 goal. – Ella Dnistriansky

Year 9 B Report

Year 9 B: Saints 23 v Immanuel 27
During the first half of the match, we focused heavily on communication and calling for the ball. At half-time, we spoke about strategies on how to make space and to position yourself in front of your player. This constructive feedback worked in our favour in the following two quarters, as we took our time and made sure to re-offer. A special shout out to Alice Braithwaite for shooting some amazing goals under tight pressure from defence! Regardless of our loss, I am proud of our achievements! – Charlie Edwards


Open: Saints 1 v Concordia 4
Middle: Saints v Walford (Walford forfeit)

Unfortunately, our Middles had no game this week due to a Walford forfeit. This, however, presented us with a great training opportunity in a Saints v Saints modified game where Coach Ange was able to work on some key tactical concepts that will hopefully assist in our game development moving forward.

After a tough start to the season, our Opens performed much better in this match and began to play like a team. With only 10 minutes to go, the score was tightly set at 1 – 1 after a goal by Lucy Benn. Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t quite hold on and conceded 3 late goals to give Concordia the victory. Despite this, the coach is pleased with the team’s progression and looking forward to watching the girls’ development.


Open: Saints 1 v Pembroke 58
Middle: Saints 9 v Pembroke 45

Although we were not successful against Pembroke, there were many aspects of our game that were outstanding. Congratulations to both Letitia Page-Thomson and Olivia Slivak on their first games! Throughout the game, the team had amazing pressure forcing Pembroke to make errors and allowing us to keep the scores low, led by Grace Richards whose amazing pressure lifted the team and encouraged us all to follow her lead. Anna and Lucy White both played amazingly and showed incredible ball skills throughout the game, particularly Anna who demonstrated her great abilities to read the play, allowing her to take strong marks. For last week’s game it was no doubt that our player of the game went to Lily-Rose Spartalis who had an outstanding game not only with her skills and tackling pressure but also in taking a leadership role in encouraging the girls and lifting the attitudes of the team on and off the field. Congratulations Lily! It was incredible for both myself and the coaches to see the massive improvement from our trial game against Seymour and I can’t wait to watch the team develop their skills and become a stronger side as the season progresses. – Kellie Bested (AFL Captain)


Last Saturday was the first week back of the Badminton season for Saints and the girls achieved some great results. A strong start from our A team winning all matches, and a shout out to our A1 player Yang Yang Gu for an outstanding achievement in her singles, leading by 21 points, accumulated from both sets (15 – 3, 15 -4). An excellent comeback from the B team playing neck-and-neck with Wilderness in tough matches, and the C team with an impressive result winning all matches. Special mentions to the great skills and energy displayed by the Open F1 and F2 teams as the majority of them are new players joining this year and winning all matches for F1 and most for F2. Overall, though there were some defeats, it was great seeing girls utilising skills learnt from training and applying them on the court. I wish to extend a special congratulations to the new players who joined us this year who had their first-ever match and showed great enthusiasm and engagement. Well done girls! – Candy Feng (Badminton Captain)

Open A: Saints 6 – 0 defeated Wilderness A
Open B: Saints 3 – 3 defeated by Wilderness B
Open C: Saints 6 – 0 defeated Wilderness C
Open D: Saints 0 – 6 defeated by Wilderness D
Open E1: Saints 5 – 4 defeated Wilderness
Open E2: Saints 5 – 4 defeated Wilderness
Open F1: Saints 9 – 0 defeated Wilderness
Open F2: Saints 7 – 2 defeated Wilderness


Nine Saints Girls participated in the second SAAS Cross Country event of the season in the north Parklands. Following on from the great results in Week 1, our girls continued to pick up points with 6 girls finishing in the top 15 places.

Malaika McLeod: 1st
Daisy Braithwaite: 2nd
Isla Fahey: 5th
Alice Braithwaite: 7th
Zara Trim: 14th
Carys Kinsella-White: 13th
Charlotte McAuliffe: 16th
Dani Cox: 21st
Lady Murphy: 23rd (7th Senior)


Last Friday, a great group of girls from Years 4 – 7 had the opportunity to compete in the SAPSASA District Cross Country. It was a terrific atmosphere with everyone supporting and cheering each other. They all did an incredible job representing St Peter’s Girls against numerous other schools. Another big congratulations to all the girls who participated in this hard running event, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Also, congratulations to the girls who made it to State Cross Country, this is an amazing effort. Great job Saints. – Chloe Richardson and Elodie de Wit

Girls who have qualified for State Cross Country are Isla Fahey (1st), Elodie de Wit (1st), Emily Robinson (2nd), Ella King (4th), Chloe Richardson (3rd) and Jess Woods (6th).


U11 White: Saints 8 v Eagles 1
U11 Blue: Saints 12 v North Adelaide 2
U13: Saints 5 v Glenelg 14

After winning the flag in Division 2 last year, the U13 girls have moved up to Division 1 this year. It has been a challenging start, facing the two toughest teams in the first two rounds, but the girls have taken it in their stride and are showing improvement every week. The team consists of girls ranging from Years 5 – 7, with many of the older, more experienced girls being amazing mentors to the younger ones. Although we haven’t had a win yet, the girls come out to every game with a positive attitude and show great determination, fighting hard for the ball from the first whistle to the last.

Our two U11 teams have had a great start to the season with both teams having won both their games with flying colours. Once again, there has been a lot of positive inter year level mingling as the teams are comprised of girls from Years 3 – 5, with all showing amazing team spirit. They have been responding well to feedback and drills practised in trainings and have incorporated this into their gameplay. Good luck for the rest of the season girls! – Steph Smalls (Lacrosse Captain) 


Open: Saints 0 v Pembroke 8
Year 5/6: Saints 10 v Pembroke 0
Year 3/4: Saints 1 v Walford 5

The opens started off strongly against Pembroke, with the younger players playing really well and holding their ground against an older team with a particular mention to Kiera See, playing her first Hockey game for Saints. Whilst Saints had some turnovers resulting in short corners, unfortunately we were unable to convert; the girls are all very excited to continue the season together and hoping to turn results around soon. – Poppie Goldsmith – (Hockey Captain)

We’re delighted with the work of the Year 3/4 Hockey team who, despite struggling for numbers at the start of the season, have been recruiting their friends to join the team and now find themselves with 8 players! Both our Junior teams have started the season well, with our Year 5/6 team posting a convincing win over Pembroke in their second game of the season. 


FISAF (Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness) Super Series

Secondary School Pre-Choreographed Teams (Years 7 – 12: Advanced) division
Glisten: 1st place
Feisty Fives: 2nd place

Secondary School Pre-Choreographed Teams (Years 7 – 9: Novice) division

Pink Ladies: 1st place
Golden Girls: 4th place


Our girls also continue to thrive in outside of school sport and we really appreciate it when their stories are passed onto the Sport Department.


2021 State Individual Championships – Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March

Lauren Disney: 100m (1st), 200m (1st) 400m (1st)
Lucille Trengove: Heats
Chloe Richardson: 800m (4th), 1500m (4th)
Carys Kinsella-White: High Jump (2nd) Triple Jump (6th), 400m (1st)
Charlotte McAuliffe: High Jump (4th), Long Jump (2nd), 100m (1st)

SAPSASA Netball 

Congratulations to all students who have worked so hard during SAPSASA Netball trials. After 5 challenging trial sessions, the following students have been selected to represent East Adelaide next month:

Year 6 – Imogen Huf; Phoebe Lucas; Chyndelle Capobianco
Year 7 – Mia Bennett; Isobel McArthur; Alyssa Piantedosi 


Imogen Lindh competed in the Victorian Jumping State Championships over two weekends, qualifying for finals and jumping in her biggest class yet. Her results in the first weekend were: 85cm – 4th on Raylyns Eliza, 95cm – 5th on Hark, 104cm – 6th on Hark.

Adelaide Schools

Photo credit: One Eyed Frog Photography

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