eNews – Week 3, Term 4 2023

The end of Week 3 will mark one-third of the final term of 2023 as complete. Year 12 International Baccalaureate students have completed two weeks of exams and the SACE Students will begin their examinations in Week 4. For the rest of our girls, particularly those in the Middle and Senior years they too will soon turn their attention to final assignments and examinations as the year draws to a close.

When asked about the best way to approach study, my advice is very simple. Early planning is key, encouraging your daughter to prepare as early as possible will avoid panic for all when the exams commence. Preparation doesn’t mean they are beginning revision at the start of the term, instead we talk to the girls about collating notes, checking they have been present for topics, engaging with their teachers to check they have understood key concepts. Simple steps such as these remove the need for panic later when exam revision takes place. In addition to planning early, the girls are also encouraged to stick to their regular routine. By following their timetable or homework schedule they ensure each subject receives the same attention. It can be easy to favour the subjects we feel most comfortable with while ignoring those which challenge us. In addition to sticking to their established study routine, remaining active, social, exercising, eating well and sleeping are essential during exams and final assignments. If a student becomes fixated on study, removes themselves from social settings, or stays up well into the early morning to revise or to finish assessments we see a negative impact on results, engagement and enjoyment in learning.

I wish all students and their families well as they move into the final stages of the 2023 school year. Remember, prepare and plan early, stick to your routine and remain active and engaged.

Laurn Sutton
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

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Exciting Announcement – The North West Build

Together with the Chair of the Board and the Senior Leadership Team, I am delighted to share an exciting announcement that will further strengthen our reputation as a leading school for girls’ education – the St Peter’s Girls’ School North West Build.

Given our growing enrolments and our community’s desire to remain an ELC to Year 12 School on one campus, we reviewed and upgraded our initial proposal for a new gym. The upgraded plan as outlined below, aligns strongly with our continued commitment in providing an excellent holistic education for our students. The build will enable us to expand upon our co-curricular student offerings and for students to further excel in areas of sport, dance, drama and music with state-of-the-art Physical Education, Performing Arts and Music facilities. Located on the corner of Hallett and Stonyfell Road, the building will encompass:

  • Two multipurpose indoor courts (the current gym site proposed to be demolished and become outdoor courts)
  • A spectator platform
  • A modern fitness room
  • A weights room
  • A movement studio
  • Music rooms
  • A drama space
  • General learning classrooms
  • A café
  • Changerooms
  • 36 underground car parks with 8 repurposed bus car parks

I wish to thank those in our community who have already contributed their time and/or finances to raise funds for our initial Gym proposal. While this project differs from the initial plan, your generosity and continued commitment to St Peter’s Girls’ School will be instrumental in our School’s ongoing success. The additional features of this new build will play a significant role in shaping the learning and educational experiences of future generations of Saints Girls.

The North West Build represents a significant step forward in our School’s history. The plans are currently with Burnside Council as required for approval, and we are looking at commencing the build in the second half of 2024, to coincide with celebrations of our School’s 130th year. I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you and will provide regular updates as the North West Build takes shape.

Cherylyn Skewes

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Our Year 4 French Poets Win Prizes

In Term 3, the Year 4 French students studied a unit on poetry to coincide with both the central idea people can use poetry to express ideas and feelings at the South Australian French Teachers’ Association (SAFTA) Poetry Competition. As part of our studies, we observed and discussed the use of rhythm, rhyme and meter in selected French poems, and also collaborated to write some poetry in French.

The SAFTA Poetry Competition in the Year 4 Category required students to memorise, rehearse and perform a set poem called ‘Gecko’. After spending some lesson time studying the meaning, rhythm, rhyme and meter of this poem, Year 4 students were given 3 weeks to perfect their performances, culminating in a video ‘audition’ in Week 4.

Three students’ videos were selected to enter the competition, as schools are limited to only 3 entries per category. Entries were judged on the criteria of memorisation, pronunciation, fluency and performance.

Congratulations to Jiaen Lu, whose entry was awarded First Prize in the Year 4 Category, and to Liza Rana, who received a ‘Mention Très Bien’ (“Distinction”). This is the second year running we have been fortunate enough to have a student represent our School as a prize winner in the SAFTA Poetry Competition.

Alex McKay
Year 4 French Teacher

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Musicians Perform at Charity Event

Last Friday, the flute and saxophone ensembles travelled to Seacliff to perform at a function for Dementia Australia. Each group played a series of pieces of varying styles from pop to opera to ballet and jazz to a captivated audience. This experience was incredibly gratifying as we were able to interact with the community and provide them with a nice experience for the afternoon, whilst also practicing our performance skills.

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Year 11 Drama Production – Next Week!

The Year 11 Drama and IB Theatre class have worked collaboratively as ‘Company V’ to develop their latest performance work: Picture Day. Based on the work of Tectonic Theater Project and their process of ‘Moment Work,’ the piece was developed from interviews that the Company conducted with their peers exploring the varied experiences of being a high school student.

Using these interviews, the Company have devised an original theatrical work which explores five different ‘snapshots’ of the high school experience which are presented in different theatrical forms such as monologue, physical theatre, naturalism and expressionism.

The Company are in their final stages of rehearsal for Picture Day which will be performed on Tuesday the 7th of November at 6pm in the St Peter’s Girls’ Arts Centre. Everyone is welcome to come and experience their self-devised, original work. We are so proud to facilitate student voice in this creative, theatrical form!

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Year 3 Chimpanzee Conservation Drive

Last term, Year 3 students had the opportunity to visit Monarto Safari Park as part of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience and learning about the many different animals. As a collective group, they took a particular interest in the chimpanzees. During their visit, one of the keepers mentioned to the girls that there is an initiative run by Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park to help save chimpanzees in the wild, as they are currently endangered on the ICUN Red List.

After further research, questioning and through their own curiosities, the girls discovered that chimpanzees in the wild are suffering greatly from habitat loss. This is due to a mineral, known as Coltan, which is being mined in the environments they inhabit. Coltan is a mineral that is used in the making of mobile phones. When you recycle your mobile phones through Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park, the Coltan can be reused. This helps to prevent habitat destruction and aims to increase the population of chimpanzees in the wild.

We are inviting members of the St Peter’s Girls’ community to donate their old mobile phones to assist with this conservation effort. Please help the Year 3’s by raising awareness about this cause and spread the word! We have a collection box outside 3SMU (MB 208) in the Junior School Corridor of the Main Building for you to put your donations in. Please make sure your phone has been wiped and reset prior to dropping it off.

Sarah Mulraney & Jodie Heath
Year 3 Teachers

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Kilburn House Charity – Treasure Boxes

In week 4 this term, Year 10 Kilburn will be collecting preloved or new items for our house charity Treasure Boxes. Treasure Boxes is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation that provides essentials to babies, children and teens living in disadvantage communities. Treasure Boxes provides these items as gifts to families at risk of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence and to those most vulnerable.

Some items that can be donated to these boxes in week 4 include:

Nappies + baby wipes
Lunch box & drink bottle
Pencil cases
Pencils, textas/gel pens/highlighters
Colouring books, notebooks, sketch pads
Stress ball/fidget toy
Craft activity
Puzzles and board games
Sports ball
Linen + bedding
Quality pre-loved clothes, shoes and small toys

The collection point for these items will be in the middle school near the stairs going up to CW401 and CW402 for Year 7-12.

We would love if our school community could help us by donating items and help families in need.

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Shane Davidson Presents – The Lion King JR


Join us in this magical spectacular production as we take to the Pridelands and join the circle of life with fantastic music, big dance routines and wonderful tunes such as ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’, ‘He Lives in You’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’.

With a wonderful cast, including 25 girls from Saints and a vibrant array of beautiful costumes, face paint and eye-catching headgear for all the characters, this show will entertain all ages.

The production will be held on November 25 & 26 at the St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre.

Tickets now on sale – click here to book.

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm)

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Bushfire Action Plan

It is important to remind families about the School’s Bushfire Action Plan.

The policy was developed in consultation with the CFS, MFS, Department for Education and other stakeholders to ensure staff and students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

For more information, you can access our Bushfire Action Plan on the myLink parent portal by clicking the ‘School Documents’ menu item, followed by the ‘Whole School’ tab.

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School Health Centre Notices

It is imperative that all medical information, including immunisations, is up to date on the School’s myLink parent portal.

Please follow this pathway to check and/or update details: myLink > Community Portal > My Details > select child name

If you have any questions, please email

COVID-19 Information

Please find the latest guidance from SA Health:

  • It is strongly recommended that students stay home if they have cold or flu-like
    symptoms, and test for COVID-19.
  • Whether they receive a positive or negative result, they should stay home until symptoms subside (usually five to seven days).
  • While face masks are no longer mandated, they are an important physical barrier to help stop the spread of COVID, particularly when indoors.

If your child tests positive to COVID-19, please inform the School. Please also notify the School each day of absence, or provide the expected period of absence.

You can notify us via one of the following methods. Please include the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group. If emailing, feel free to ‘CC’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.


Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)

Phone: 8334 2200

For more SA Health information, click here

Please note that if your child is unwell, they should remain home until they have recovered, irrespective of the illness.

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence ie illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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Sports News

Sport Results

Wednesday 25 October – Tuesday 31 October


Year 4-6 Blue: Saints (43) v Seymour Purple (17)
Best Player: Anisha Pahuja
Superwoman: Sasha Connor

Year 3-4 White: Saints (28) v Wilderness Year 5/6 White (41)
Best Player: Ella Zappia
Superwoman: Mia O’Brien


Open A: Saints (53) v Concordia Open B (24)
Best Player: Ashlyn May, leading by example on and off the court. Using her experience and leadership skills to help out all her teammates and encourage them to try things we work on at training.
Superwoman: Scarlett Riley-Male, for embracing basketball as a new sport and giving it her all on the court. Can’t wait to see her confidence and skill improve!

Middle A: Saints (13) v Concordia Middle A (69)
Best Player: Charlotte Dodd drove well to the basket.
Superwomen: Isobel McArthur great defence and rebounds.

Middle B: Saints (47) v Immanuel Middle B2 (8)
Best Player: Gracie Calvert
Superwoman: Alyssa Piantedosi

Middle C: Saints (6) v Immanuel Middle C1 (20)
Best Players: Imogen Wallace and Eva Murphy.
Superwoman: Rishita Raghav, for playing great defence and setting a good example for her teammates. As well as for getting lots of steals and rebounds which helped get our scores.

Middle D: Saints (4) v Immanuel Middle C2 (12)
Best Player: Christina Zhu
Superwoman: Ivy Zhang, for great rebounding and dribbling up the court past defenders to create scoring opportunities.


Open A: Saints (20) v Wilderness Senior A (2)
Best Players: Sophie Dansie
Superwoman: Daisy Braithwaite

Open B: Saints (8) v Mercedes 1 (8)
Best Player: Alyssa Tran
Superwoman: Marcella Tolley

Middle A: Saints (5) v St Ignatius (0)
Best Player: Lilly Cramp
Superwoman: Holly Robinson


Senior A: Saints (2/79) v Concordia (7/41)
Best Players: Lydia Burrough and Carys Kinsella-White
Superwoman: Jenna Maione, for doing a great job of encouraging her teammates and keeping spirits high in the field.

Senior B Blue: Saints (126/4) v Walford Senior B (172/5)
Best player: Winifred Vartuli, top scored with 13* (11), she was positive with running and made big improvements in calling from last week.
Superwoman: Sylvie Flavel, for filling in from the Open B White team, and awesome placement of her shots, bisecting the fielders.

Senior B White: Saints (110/5) v Seymour Senior B (113/7)
Best player: Daisy Kennett for showing great skills while batting and scoring many runs!
Superwoman: Marcella Tolley threw herself around in the field and got a direct hit run out., she also took a wicket bowling beautiful outswing which pitched and clipped off-stump! It’s Marcella’s first term of cricket and she is showing great promise and enthusiasm.


Senior Open A: Saints (5/54) v Concordia Premier League (7/54)
Best player: Caitlyn Sam-Ling played a very long game that came down to a tie break. She showed great consistency and determination!
Superwoman: Ayanna Roy played her best game of the season despite a loss she should be very proud!

Experienced: Saints (3/19) v St Ignatius (1/15)
Best player: Wan Shun (Cynthia) Fong
Superwoman: Emily Wang

Intermediate Blue: Saints (2/14) v Wilderness Blue (4/19)
Best player: Amelia Bartter
Superwoman: Matilda Roesch

Beginner Blue: Saints (6/24) v Wilderness Green (1/6)
Best player: Florence Cleland
Superwoman: Rachel Gong

Beginner White: BYE

Senior Division 2: Saints (43) v Immanuel 2.1 (26)
Best player: Lilly Michelon, as she was super brave going into today’s matches. She played singles against the opponent’s number one player and remained super competitive!
Superwoman: Ziyu (Jerrie) Wu, as she showed lots of confidence at the net and had some very powerful shots that helped  her win doubles 6-2 and singles 6-3!

Senior Division 4.1: Forfeit

Senior Division 4.2: Cancelled

Senior Division 4.4: Internal game


Senior A: Saints (2/60) v Concordia Senior B (0/34)
Best player: We didn’t think there was an outstanding ‘best player’ for this game, all the girls played really well in all positions. It was a teamwork-based game, and everyone played their part.
Superwomen: Claudia Pearce and Alannah Godfrey. As the open A setters, they provided lots of support and advice for when we switched up the positions in the final set where we had all team members set for 1 rotation.

Senior B: Saints (2/60) v Pembroke Senior C Green (1/53)
Best player: Asha Eaton, she had so much energy and executed all her skills exceptionally with lots of point winning serves, strong hits and kept the rally going.
Superwoman: Poppy Oswald, as she played a libero position that the Open B’s haven’t played with before. She performed really well in the new position and did a great job of helping her teammates understand how it works.

Senior C: Saints (1) v Concordia Senior C1 (2)
Best player: Labrini Psaltis, as she served well, improving on her over arm serves, as well as covered the court efficiently to back up her teammates.
Superwoman: Amelia Sutherland, as she encouraged her teammates and took on and adapted to feedback

Middle A: Saints (3/75) v Immanuel Middle B2 (0/56)
Superwoman: Naomi Meng, as she was serving confidence to blast the opposition off the court. Multiple strong serving runs that either put the team on the front foot or got us back in the match when we were behind. Naomi’s setting is also going from strength to strength.

Middle B: Saints (0/57) v Immanuel Middle B4 (3/75)
Best player: Ashmitha Ramesh. Another great game from Ashmitha, always keeping composed and had some great serves.
Superwoman: Lyra Cox. Whilst having some technical difficulty throughout the game, she took on advice and feedback to improve her performance and made positive changes.

Middle C: Saints (1) v Concordia Middle C2 (2)
Best player: Jasmin Cetinkol
Superwoman: Charlotte Balogh

Middle D: Saints (0/60) v Concordia Middle C4 (3/75)
Best player: Lucy Cree
Superwoman: Aarvi Bhushan


Middle A: Saints (2) v Loreto (4)
Best players: Eleanor Bartter and Imogen Wallace
Superwomen: Yi Tian (Julia) Yang, as she worked hard throughout the game however, she was unlucky not to score after going over the dead ball zone. It was a great attempt and great to see Julia’s skills developing. Additionally, Mila Fassina, as she did a great job defending her wing and prevented several tries from being scored. For a newbie to the game, she is picking things up really quickly.

Middle B: Saints (5) v St Ignatius 2 (3)
Best player: Eva Murphy
Superwoman: Kaylisiah Jang, scoring her first Try in second game of Touch ever! Fantastic work to all girls on their huge efforts and incredible transfer of skills from training to their game.

Open A: BYE

Open B: Saints (0) v Marryatville 1 (8)
Best player: Anna Russel
Superwoman: Chloe Richardson for putting her body on the line and making a diving touch to save a try.

Open C: Saints (4) v St Ignatius 2 (0)
Best player: Zara Wallace
Superwomen: The Open B grade girls for filling in because we were short on players.

Saints Girls Triumph at VIVA Athletics Meet

Last weekend the VIVA SA All Schools Athletics Meet took place and we had seven Saints Girls who competed. As expected, our girls competed strongly and achieved some outstanding results. Congratulations to girls and a special mention to those achieving a podium finish in their events.

Isla Fahey
U15 Girls 2000m Steeplechase 1st
U15 Girls 1500m 1st
U15 Girls 3000m 1st

Ava Field
U17 Girls 3000m 2nd
U17 Girls 1500m 4th

Elodie De Wit
U16 Girls 3000m 1st
U16 Girls 1500m 2nd

India Goodall
U15 Girls 800m 1st
U15 Girls 1500m 2nd

Carys Kinsella-White
U17 Girls 100m 8th
U17 Girls 200m 10th

Charlotte McAuliffe
U17 Girls 200m 1st
U17 Girls 400m 1st

Lucille Trengrove
U14 Girls 200m 3rd
U14 Girls Long Jump 3rd
U14 Girls 100m 4th

Charlotte McAuliffe
Athletics Captain

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