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From Our Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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Farewell to Year 12

Last week, we farewelled the Year 12 cohort, and it is timely to sincerely thank them for their enthusiastic, inclusive and distinctive leadership of the School. Over the past year, despite an increased academic workload, they continued to participate broadly in co-curricular activities. They demonstrated to all that a balanced and sensible approach to Year 12 is manageable. They also maintained their perspective and showed us that while every day can’t be fun, there is something fun in every day. Their teachers appreciated their ability to find joy in the little things and their wonderful sense of humour.

Our Year 12s were organised and diligent when needed. As such, it was their energy, communication skills and vision that ensured events including Choral Night, Swimming Carnival and Sports Day were successful and enjoyed by all younger girls. Their ability to tune in to the feelings of others and to take action to make someone else feel better is what I will remember most fondly.

Good luck girls, you will be missed.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the Year 12 teachers on behalf of the girls. We have an extraordinarily hard-working staff who make themselves available to the girls well outside of their regular teaching hours. Their willingness to meet individually with girls and provide robust feedback has been appreciated.


Girls in Years 7 – 9 are spending the first five weeks of this term completing Career.Ready sessions.

National research identified that a common weakness of school career programs was failing to address career education in the early years of high school. Subsequently, our girls will complete investigations into their interests, likes and values this term, exploring how these lead to possible career options. They will then complete career ‘deep dives’ that provide them with a working knowledge of professions they are interested in. Finally, with the assistance and guidance of their Home Group teachers, they will complete a Career Action Plan. These plans will be stored electronically and updated each year. Excitingly, we will also be offering ‘JobChat’ sessions to these girls in early 2022.

Kate Mortimer
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

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From Our 2022 Head Prefect

Leadership for me is about making a positive impact as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. A good leader understands the importance of always putting others first, the power of listening and the trust we place in each other. Because of the nature of school where you are going from youngest to eldest, being a good leader must include setting an example for the younger students and demonstrating our three values of courage, creativity and compassion. The 2022 Prefect Team hopes to set ambition and direction for the girls and lead the student cohort through their calendar of activities.

It is important to my beliefs that everyone has the potential to be a great student and achieve anything they put their mind to. I always intend to promote the idea that success isn’t determined through comparison with other students or achieving the highest grades; it is about finding what you are good at, what you are passionate about and using your gifts to their full potential. For me, inclusion and feeling that you belong are very important parts of enjoying life at school. Our Prefect Team understands the importance of creating a strong environment where girls feel accepted, happy and loved. Through our initiatives, we aim to ensure all girls feel a strong sense of belonging and make the most of this incredible opportunity they have been provided.

Our Prefect Team just had the privilege of working with Ms Mortimer for a weekend workshop based on leadership. Here, we discussed and finalised our leadership brand for 2022. The brand we want to be recognised for is being seen as confident, engaged and inclusive. We hope to enhance the healthy environment at Saints Girls, where everyone is actively encouraged to be their authentic self and where girls can reach their full potential.

Sophie Norman
2022 Head Prefect

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2021 Staff Dance Dazzles

Our annual Staff Dance has become a much-hyped tradition in farewelling our Year 12 girls, and this year’s performance certainly wowed the crowds!

Check out some of the magical moves:

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Philosothon Girls Take State by Storm

Congratulations to the Saints Girls who came 1st at the South Australian State Philosothon. Special shoutouts to Emily Teague who secured 1st place in Year 11, Alix Douglas for 1st in Year 8, Alvie Iley for 2nd in Year 9 and Madison Liddy who came 3rd in Year 10.

Emily provides a recap of the event:

‘On Thursday of Week 2, members of our Philosophy Club competed in the South Australian State Philosothon over Zoom. Our team of five girls – Madison Liddy, Ellie Humphrey, Alvie Iley, Alix Douglas and myself –  trained throughout the holidays, with a total of just three weeks of training for the competition.

The Philosothon went until 9pm, with our girls discussing four philosophical stimulus cases: the morality of civil disobedience, whether or not robots could achieve consciousness, ethics within COVID messaging, and the right of states to exclude individuals from citizenship.

Our team’s efforts paid off as we placed within the top three philosophers in each age group, with the great results as mentioned above. We also came 1st in the State overall. A special mention must go to Ellie Humphrey, who competed as a reserve for the team at the last minute and contributed to our win, and Alix who outperformed all other philosophers in her age group in her first-ever Philosothon. The girls should be very proud for achieving one of our best results in the Philosothon and we look forward to the next national competition next year.

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Gold for Goldsmith – Annie’s Amazing Race!

I competed in the VIVA SA All Schools Athletics Carnival for St Peter’s Girls in the U14 Frame Running and won Gold. I was proud to wear the School Athletics top because it was the first-ever competitive sporting event I have done for school.

I improved my personal best time and won my first-ever event. I was really pleased because I only started training last term. I can’t wait for my next chance to represent my school.

Annie Goldsmith
Year 7 student

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Saints Girl’s Lofty Achievement

Congratulations to Lois Burton-Howard who placed 3rd in the Youth C 11/12 year old category at the SA Boulder Titles on Saturday.

Lois mastered different climbing problems and tackled more difficult climbs with higher values to improve her overall score. This was Lois’s first formal competition, and we are very proud of her fantastic achievement!

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Friends of Rowing Season Opening Picnic

On Sunday, the Friends of Rowing hosted their Season Opening Picnic on Chiverton Lawns. It was a wonderful evening, well-received by all who attended, and an opportunity to welcome new and returning families for the 2021/22 Rowing season. The event was also a chance to christen our newest boats (two coxed quad/fours) delivered earlier this year.

We were fortunate to have Old Scholars Olympia Aldersey (Kennion 2011 – World Champion and Olympian, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020) and Peta White (Selwyn 2009 – Junior World Champion and Senior World Championships Silver Medallist) in attendance, after whom these two new boats have been named.

Our girls had the opportunity to hear Olympia and Peta reflect on their experiences at Saints Girls, their rowing journeys and advice for the season ahead. Olympia and Peta have achieved outstanding sporting success and have modelled courage, creativity and compassion in representing Australia. It was a pleasure to recognise their successes through the naming of these boats!

Thank you to the Friends of Rowing for their organisation of the picnic and to all of the parents who volunteered to prepare for the event and assist on the evening. It was a fabulous night enjoyed by all, and it would not have been possible without these contributions.

Brynley Millward
Director of Rowing

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Sports Lunch 2021 – Book Now

St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation is delighted to present the 2021 Sports Lunch on Friday 12 November from 12 – 4pm at the Alma Tavern, Norwood.

Enjoy an exclusive afternoon of sporting insights and a sports panel discussion with football icon Mark Ricciuto, Olympic and World Champion Rower Olympia Aldersey (Kennion 2011), and Executive Director of Events SA Hitaf Rasheed (Selwyn 1986).

The afternoon includes a delicious 3-course meal and drinks package, and funds raised will go towards our new Gym!

Be quick to secure your tickets via TryBooking.

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Year 3s Venture to Victor Harbor

This term, the Year 3 cohort ventured to Victor Harbor for three full days of activities. After a ride on the Cockle Train, the girls explored the Goolwa Riverboat Museum and learned about the historic steamboat PS Oscar W.

In their House teams, the girls developed their collaboration skills, supporting one another through a range of activities. They rode the Big Duck Boat, observing sea lions and cubs and a pod of dolphins. They finished the day watching the sunset over a round of mini-golf.

On our final day, the girls went to Urimbirra Wildlife Park where they were fortunate to feed the animals and pat a koala.

The girls can be proud of how they embraced unfamiliar situations, demonstrating great resilience and support for one another.

Jane Angove
Year 3 Teacher

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Saints’ Musos Rock Lunch Hour

The Saints’ Rock Band and Guitar Ensemble put on a fantastic concert for the students during lunchtime on Wednesday. It began with the Guitar Ensemble, consisting of eight girls from Years 8 – 11, performing pieces in three parts including popular tunes ‘1000 Years’ and ‘Ho Hey’.

The Rock Band’s set began with free cookies handed out to the enthusiastic audience. They performed four songs, including the well-known hit ‘Scar’ by Australian musician Missy Higgins which featured an intricate piano solo. This was followed by ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys with some very impressive vocals. The set finished with the rousing ‘Stand by Me’ where the audience tapped and clapped along.

As Rock Band missed out on a few gigs due to COVID restrictions, this final concert was a great way to end to the year for both Rock Band and Guitar Ensemble!

Robyn Habel
Music Teacher

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Year 10s Explore Smarter Cities

In Year 10 Business, Innovation and Technology, we are learning about the business of local councils and their role in designing cities that are smarter, more sustainable and connected.

This week, we welcomed Burnside Mayor, Old Scholar and former staff member Anne Monceaux (nee Harrington, Kennion 1966), Matthew and Kelly from the City of Burnside to talk about why data is important to the council and what smart city projects they are currently working on.

Throughout the project, we were fortunate to also partner with Chamonix IT Consulting who provided mentorship in big data and the Internet of Things, and cyber security. We look forward to welcoming the City of Burnside and Chamonix IT Consulting back throughout the term to see our finished projects, which will involve students reimagining key spaces to make them smarter and more sustainable.

Monique Green
Digital Tech Teacher & STEM Coordinator

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Engineering a Brighter Future

Ingenuity 2021

On Tuesday, the Year 10A Maths class, Year 11IB Chemistry class, Year 11 SACE Physics and the Year 11 STEM team were invited to engage with final year Engineering students from Adelaide University at the annual ‘Ingenuity’ event, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

University students displayed their final year projects, which were organised under six themes: Transforming Technologies, Securing our Future, Our Built and Natural Environments, Healthy Society, Future Energy and Resources, and Space. Each of these themes represent how projects could be used in everyday life to help improve how we live and work.

There were around 300 projects and information displays for students to enquire about, including many interactive displays such as making perfume, using robotics and virtual reality. The event began with two university student guest speakers, Old Scholar Megan Jenssen (Patteson 2016) who studied a Bachelor of Science (Advanced), and Fiona Dawson (Kennion 2017) who is completing a double degree in Mechatronic Engineering with Computer and Mathematical Science.

Our students spoke highly of the event and came away knowing more broadly how Engineering is utilised to improve such a broad range of facets in our lives. If you would like to explore Ingenuity for yourselves online, you can visit

Thank you to Craig Byrne and Emily Gough for their assistance on the day.

Rebecca Scott-Toms
Mathematics Teacher

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IB Students Put Theories to the Test

‘Theory of Knowledge’ is a core subject of the IB Diploma Programme that essentially asks students to reflect on the central question, ‘How do we know that?’ Examining the credibility of claims, the methods of knowledge production, and the differences between facts and opinions, it aims to help students make sense of the world and question their own assumptions, beliefs and perspectives.

Through primarily discussion-based learning, students reflect on their knowledge from both their studies and their lives outside the classroom. The Theory of Knowledge Exhibition is one of two assessments in the subject, allowing students to show how Theory of Knowledge manifests in the world around us.

The task requires students to choose three objects which explore aspects of a question about knowledge selected from a set list. Some of the questions our students explored were, ‘Are some things unknowable?’, ‘What challenges are raised by the dissemination and communication of knowledge?’, ‘Does some knowledge only belong to particular communities of knowers?’, and ‘What is the role of imagination in the production of knowledge?’

The girls enjoyed thinking through different aspects of the questions and challenging themselves to find objects that clearly represented their ideas.

Helen MacLaren
Learning Strategies Teacher

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RAA’s Street Smart High

St Peter’s Girls joined over 70 schools in South Australia’s largest youth road safety event last week, RAA’s Street Smart High.

Year 10 students arrived at the Entertainment Centre to improve their road safety knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The four-hour program included:
– A simulated crash scene
– Real-life stories from people whose lives have been affected by road trauma
– A demonstration of the importance of ANCAP star ratings when choosing a car

RAA Community Engagement Senior Manager Ben Haythorpe said it was vitally important to educate novice drivers about the risks and dangers people can face when they get in a car or on a motorcycle.

He explained that people aged 16 to 24 years make up 13 per cent of the population but accounted for 21 per cent of all fatalities in SA over the past two years. He also said that young people need to be exposed to road safety education consistently and over many years to develop positive road safety attitudes and behaviours. Ben is confident that road safety education positively impacts students’ attitude to risk-taking on our streets and contributes to a long-term reduction in road trauma.

Over 60,000 Year 10 to 12 students from more than 80 schools across the State have attended Street Smart High since it began in 2009. We hope that our students gained some valuable experience about staying safe on our roads.

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Out of the Blue Arts Journal – Launching Soon!

Ms Burton-Howard and the Student Committee are excited to launch the 2021 edition of the Out of the Blue Arts Journal. Students, Old Scholars and staff have contributed incredible work such as photographs, art, poetry and song lyrics.

The Saints’ community will be able to purchase a copy of the Arts Journal in the coming weeks via TryBooking. More details to follow in eNews.

Well done to Ms Burton-Howard and the Out of the Blue Arts Journal committee for putting together yet another fantastic edition.

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Friends of The Arts Farewell Year 12 Parent Volunteers

Last week, Friends of The Arts members farewelled Year 12 parents Tania Tenten, Karin Kong and Deb Kingsbury. Over the years, these ladies have provided continued support to the girls at Music Camp with preparation and service of meals, working behind the bar at Performing Arts events, and assisting with purchasing supplies and ice for events. Karin has also been the Treasurer of our group for several years. Their contribution of time, dedication and friendship has been appreciated and they will all be missed.

We are also grateful to all volunteers who have worked and supported Arts events this year. We look forward to welcoming new members or volunteers in 2022. It is a great opportunity to meet and engage with other parents and have some fun while supporting the School.

If you are involved in The Arts at Saints Girls, please join our Facebook group.

If you are interested in being involved in the Friends of The Arts, please get in touch with me via

Danielle Parker
Friends of The Arts’ President

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Community at Saints Girls

Parents are a vibrant and integral part of the St Peter’s Girls’ community. Many opportunities are available to become involved with the School, connect with other community members, and build strong and lasting friendships.

Friends of Rowing Meeting

Tuesday 16 November
Senior Art Room

Contact: Ed Parker –

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Bright Lights for Blight in Right Royal Production

We are thrilled for Year 10 student Zara Blight who will be playing the role of Young Elizabeth in the upcoming play The Audience, written by Peter Morgan and Directed by Ben Todd. Morgan is a writer and producer known for the Netflix series, The Crown.

The play is an innovative and modern account, where Morgan imagines a series of conversations held behind closed doors. Between 1952 and 2016, it focuses on Queen Elizabeth II and her weekly private meets with the Prime Minister. The play offers glimpses of the woman behind the crown, including the powerful figures to hold office and the moments that shaped a nation. The play weaves through time, where the older Queen occasionally chats with her younger self, revealing her childhood dislike of the palace and her fears for the future. Be entertained by this humorous and revealing play, presented on the Australian stage for the first time.

We are incredibly proud of Zara for her casting in this role. Earlier this year, Zara delivered an outstanding performance in our School Musical, A Chorus Line – High School Edition, and we can’t wait to see her in action again!

Secure your tickets now via TryBooking.

Therry Theatre
Director: Ben Todd
Stage Manager: Lari Paynter

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Adelaide Wind Orchestra Presents: Blue Shades

Saints Girls’ students are invited to attend the Adelaide Wind Orchestra’s (AWO) Blue Shades. Students can receive a free ticket to the event using the promo code ‘STPETERSGIRLS’.

From melancholic to joyous, AWO’s Blue Shades is a symphonic homage to the blues and the various shades of blue to reflect and celebrate the end of our 2021 concert series.

Guest conducted by David Polain (South Australian Police Band).

7.30pm Saturday 6 November
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre
Tickets via TryBooking

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Entertainment Membership

To support Saints Girls and secure your Entertainment Membership, click here.

Adelaide Schools

Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information.

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Health Notices

A message from the Eastern Health Authority: EHA provides the School Immunisation Program and offers a free immunisation catchup service for current students who may have missed any of these doses this year or during prior years at school, or who may have missed any early childhood vaccinations and be eligible for the adolescent free vaccine catchup program for those under 20 years. For more details, click here.


A message regarding COVID-19 vaccinations from SA Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier: click here

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Absences from School

If your child is going to be absent, late to school or leave early, please use one of the following methods to notify the School providing student name, class/Home Group and reason:

Text: 0428 601 957


Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to include the class/Home Group teacher when emailing. It would be appreciated if notifications could be made prior to 9am.

It is absolutely imperative to keep unwell children at home until they have recovered, even if symptoms are mild. This is not only for their own health and safety, but for that of all students and staff.

We thank all of our families for their cooperation.

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Sports News


Open A: Saints 38 v Walford 14
Middle A: Saints 28 v Walford 28
Middle B: Bye


Saints 25 v Pembroke 99

Our Cricket teams have gotten underway with their first fixtures of the season. The girls bowled well to keep Pembroke down to 99, but batting against an experienced bowling attack proved difficult, with Pembroke restricting Saints to just 25. In an internal Saints v Saints fixture, we were able to analyse and take stock of the areas that need improvement. In this game, our bowling was noticeably the challenge, with wides being the biggest scorer on the day. This is something that we will focus on in upcoming training sessions to ensure the girls are increasing their accuracy and consistency.


The first two weeks of term have been a pleasure watching students undertake a new sport. Our Junior Cricket team made up of Year 3s and 4s played their first game against Seymour, and were consistent enough in their bowling whilst taking advantage of free hits of the tee. Our Touch Football teams have faced the challenge of injuries and participating against older mixed teams to show significant improvement and increased game awareness. Volleyballers have been working hard during training and internal games, practising a sport which is notoriously challenging for younger players who are not used to the scanning, footwork and decision-making that come with a net sport, and our Badminton and Tennis players have committed to early morning training sessions which will have a positive impact on their skill development, but also time management and resilience. I hope that our juniors continue to enjoy their Term 4 sport and thrive over the coming weeks.


Open A: Saints 6 (36) v Wilderness 0 (5)
Open B: Saints 5 (32) v Wilderness 1 (21)
Div 1: Saints Yellow 4 (30) v Pembroke 2 (28)
Saints White 4 (31) v Scotch Navy 2 (19)
Saints Blue 6 (36) v Scotch Gold 0 (5)
Div 2: Saints 4 (28) v Westminster 2 (28)
Div 3: Saints 1 (15) v Pulteney 3 (33)


Open A: Saints 2 v Wilderness 1
Open B: Saints 5 v Wilderness 1
Middle A: Saints 0 v Marryatville 6
Middle B: Saints 0 v Mercedes 5


Open A: Saints 3 v Wilderness 0
Open B: Saints 0 v Wilderness 3
Middle A: Saints 3 v Wilderness 0
Middle B: Saints 0 v Wilderness 3
Middle D: Saints 3 v Concordia 0


Open A: Saints 7 v Seymour 6
Open B: Saints 10 v St Ignatius 8
Open C: Saints 9 v Loretto 2
Middle A: Bye



This week, I was lucky enough to play in the Eastern Districts SAPSASA team for girls’ footy. I was also thrilled to be voted as a Co-Captain for our team. The SAPSASA competition was held over three days from Monday to Wednesday. There were 4 divisions with 10 teams in each and 16 players per team. Teams came from all over the State which illustrates the massive growth in girls’ football with over 600 girls involved.

It was a great experience and our team finished 5th in our division with 5 wins and 4 losses. It was a wonderful experience and I had a great time. – Elodie de Wit (Year 7)


Congratulations to all our girls who participated and performed so well at the recent All School Athletics; there were some fantastic performances on the day with 13 podium finishes. A highlight was Annie Goldsmith competing in her first-ever outside of school race, the 100m Frame Run. Annie achieved Gold and a PB of 40.44 seconds, and is looking forward to competing again.

Daisy Braithwaite
3000M Walk

Elodie de Wit
1500m and 3000m

Isla Fahey
2000m Steeple

Annie Goldsmith
100m Frame Running

Carys Kinsella-White
High Jump
Triple Jump

Amelia Lucas

Charlotte McAuliffe
200m and 400m

Malaika McLeod
800m and 1500m

Chloe Richardson


On Wednesday, six girls from 7RAIR (Ruby Clark, Rose Downie, Annie Goldsmith, Maddie Oborn, Holly Robinson and Stella Spalvins) attended the SA School Sports Boccia Tournament. Boccia is a Paralympic sport similar to Bocce but played sitting down.

The girls played 5 rounds with wins in 4. They finished the minor rounds in 2nd place. A tough first final against a very strong team from Botanic High saw the girls play off for 3rd against Henley High. After trailing the whole game, the last round featured an epic comeback by Annie, Rose and Holly to take the win. After an exciting day, Saints finished 3rd overall and we look forward to playing some more Boccia.


Lois Burton-Howard came 3rd in the State Bouldering titles in the Female C category (age band) on Saturday. It was a hectic two hours as she mastered different climbing problems and tried to tackle more difficult climbs with higher values to improve her overall score. Climbing in the lower age groups is taken by adding together the top 6 most difficult climbs they complete. She is very excited about her 3rd in the State in her age group as this was her first formal competition.

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