School Bus Update

As of 1 November, Paul Ziesing will no longer be managing the School bus service. Peter Anderson is assuming the role. For all general bus enquiries please contact Peter Anderson, 0419 830 458.

Direct Bus Contacts:

Adelaide Hills – Mr Peter Anderson, 0419 830 458
Golden Grove – Mr Peter Swain, 0413 754 051
Tea Tree Gully – Mr Ross Nicholson, 0408 836 523
Southern Bus – Mr John Larkin,
0413 754 052
West Lakes – Mr Bruce Whittaker,
0411 705 395
Van – Mr Thang Hoang,
0425 093 284


Enews – Week 3, Term 4 2016

Issue no. 32

From the Director of Early Learning

Creating and Sustaining Quality Learning

ProKate-Mountviding leading, innovative early childhood education has been an ongoing commitment of the ELC. The educators are continually striving to deliver best practice across the centre. This cycle of continual improvement based on deep reflection is embedded in our practice. For several years we have been inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. With several staff experiencing first-hand this Italian pedagogy, we are able to authentically adjust the principles to blend in our Australian setting and culture. St Peter’s Girls ELC holds a very strong image of the child and of childhood. The value we place on giving visibility to this both within and beyond the ELC gives value to the learning that actually takes place. We are beyond being viewed as just looking after little children; the seriousness of our pedagogy lays the foundation for every child’s learning journey and, in particular, their position in society of being a significant person with so much to offer. We do not see the child for what they cannot do, but rather for what they can do. I am continually challenged when I hear adults talk about all that they have to do for the child – why is it that we cannot see firstly what the child has the capacity to do herself or himself.

During the October holidays my staff had the privilege of a visit from Professor Carla Rinaldi from Reggio Emilia. Those of you that have followed our ELC journey over the years would know that this would have been an incredible honour. Carla was Adelaide’s Thinker in Residence in 2012 – 2013. Following this she made several recommendations to the State, including the development of Prototype Services that could act as models for services endeavouring to incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach in their schools/workplaces. This includes not just a few schools and preschools, but also the Art Gallery and a group of Architects. St Peter’s Girls Early Learners’ Centre is one of these prototypes and regularly meets with the other prototypes to share our research. We follow the principle of Educator as Researcher to deepen our understandings of our practices and beliefs. We continually read, theorise, collaborate, share, question and endeavour to articulate our findings, wonderings and practice.


It was a morning of pure joy having Carla in our centre: for her to view the marriage of architecture and pedagogy, to see our environment so alive and transparent, our strong image of child, and emphasis on community with relationships at the centre. She loved all of the traces of years gone by and, in particular, loved the Friendship Garden and what it represented to us. Carla walked through each section of the centre, asking questions, provoking our thinking and challenging us. She delighted in our projects of inquiry and the journey we are travelling on. In particular, she highlighted our advocacy for the very young child and how beautifully we catered for two year olds in our centre. Carla commented:

“This ELC has to be respected. It is a wonderful place; it is so alive. It is a treasure.”

As we all sat together at our big, long table Carla congratulated us on our authentic work and our trust in ourselves to be so proactive with our continually changing pedagogy, which is driven by our research. She told us about the essence of the centre that she could feel. It was not something she could really explain in words; rather, a feeling she had! Her words of encouragement and provoking questions have given us a burst of excitement going into Term 4 in the ELC – it was indeed one of my proudest moments since being Director in this beautiful learning facility. I congratulate my team of educators for being part of this exciting event!

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning

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The Universal Nature of Mathematics

The Year 2 girls became incredibly curious about our Central Idea, ‘Mathematics is a universal language that is organised using symbols and operations’, and began their investigations by discovering and exploring the mathematical patterns that can be found in nature and in man-made artistic forms. The girls recorded their own patterning investigations using the iPad app, iMovie, and then discussed their observations, made connections and posed further questions for investigating in the class journal. The class journal became a vital tool for reporting on and collating the findings in specialist Music, Visual Art and Physical Education lessons as the investigation evolved to find ways Mathematics underpins these art-forms.


Each student also used an individual journal to record her own mathematical journey, explore ideas, investigate, conduct experiments and research and develop theories. Photographs, videos and time-lapse allowed students to express their findings using a visual medium. Investigations were designed to gain a deeper understanding of the Central Idea through the three lines of inquiry;

  • how people use Mathematics,
  • patterns, symbols and operations, and
  • the universal nature of Mathematics,

By focussing learning in this way students were able to challenge their thinking and conduct research to support their theories.

This Mathematics investigation engaged students in meaningful explorations of the way Mathematics underpins social structures in our world. Student-led investigation allowed students to make connections between mathematical structure and symbols in currency around the world. They considered the language people use to describe, understand and express these mathematical understandings and concepts. Students have developed a deep and authentic understanding of the way Mathematics forms the foundation for beautiful art-forms, including Music, Dance and Visual Art.

Kathryn Clark and Sallyann Bruun
Year 2 Teachers

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Primary Maths Challenge success continues

Saints Girls have continued their success at the recent State Primary Maths Challenge.

The PMA Mathematics Challenge is a state-wide competition designed to promote Mathematics in schools around South Australia and to further develop student appreciation of the scope of Mathematics and their creative and critical thinking skills.

All of the students should be extremely proud of the amazing work they submitted, whether they were Highly Commended or were State Winners.

In total, Saints Girls had almost 89 students involved; these included class entrants from Years 2 and 5 as well as individual and pair entrants.

We are pleased to announce the following State Winners:

  • Aojin Chen – Year 1
  • Evelyn Gautier – Year 2
  • Rose Downie – Year 2
  • Year 2 Class
  • Bronwyn Gautier – Year 5

Congratulations once again to all of the girls on their amazing entries!

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Support St Peter’s Girls’ School by
moving your home loan to BankSA

PrintBankSA has partnered with St Peter’s Girls’ School in offering our school community a great fundraising opportunity. If you’re keen to take your support to the next level while potentially saving yourself money, then this program is for you. We’ve made it really easy to further support the School, while also making sure you’re getting the best possible service and a great deal on your home loan.

If you’ve been thinking about a new place for your home loan – either to get a better rate or if it’s just time for a change – then using your home loan to support St Peter’s Girls’ School is a great option.

Not only will you get a great rate with BankSA, but you’ll also be supporting St Peter’s Girls’ School, as each BankSA home loan allows us to make a charitable donation in your name of between $1,000 and $6,000. As the SPG Building Fund has DGR status, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction as a result of this donation.

It’s that simple

  • The more home loan referrals… the more money BankSA will donate to the School
  • Donation paid at settlement of the home loan
  • Unlimited donation potential

Both St Peter’s Girls’ School and BankSA have a proud history in South Australia and a strong sense of community. Fostering partnerships like this enables us to support our school community and our School. By permitting BankSA to make a charitable donation in your name, you will be helping to ensure that we continue to foster girls who have a strong sense of self and who are independent, creative, critical thinkers, engaged and community-minded.

To discuss further how BankSA can assist you and make a charitable donation in your name, simply contact Michael Chrisan.

BankSA Partnership contact:

Michael Chrisan
Mobile: 0414 350 225

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Rowing Update

senior-squad-for-season-16-17Over the school break the squad spent four days at a fitness camp on the River Murray in very difficult weather conditions. Normal training was complemented by indoor charades and some land-based fitness. Luckily, they did manage some good sessions on the water from which this stunning video was created.

Last Friday night was the Official Opening of the Rowing Season 2016-17 with Friends of Rowing putting on a BBQ at the school grounds. Over 120 people across Years 7 – 11 braved the cooler weather to acknowledge the season ahead. The Senior Squad were inducted with their exclusive visors whilst the Intermediates and Juniors received their caps.

Unfortunately, the first regatta has been cancelled on 29 October, with 5 November at West Lakes now being the opener. Looking forward to seeing as many parents and other family members there as possible.

St Peter’s Girls Rowing goes viral!

At the recent Rowing Camp in Murray Bridge, the team were fortunate enough to have their training session recorded by Property Services staff member, Liam Blanden, on his drone.
The photo was then shared by the World Rowing Official Instagram page and was ‘liked’ by almost 3,000 people!

Barney Habel
President, Friends of Rowing

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Year 10 Selwyn House Charity – The
Smith Family

Over the course of the year, the Year 10 Selwyn Home Group has been working with The Smith Family charity as a part of our Service Learning.

The Smith Family is a national, independent charity empowering disadvantaged young Australians and supporting them through their education so that they can create better futures for themselves.

In particular, we have been involved with The Smith Family’s Bike Build programme. This programme recognises the fact that due to a lack of transportation options, many children are unable to get to school. The programme therefore aims to provide as many disadvantaged children as possible with bikes to enable them to get to school independently. We have been raising money to contribute to this programme. Our goal is to raise enough money to be able to provide five good quality bikes to The Smith Family.

For our final fundraising activity this year, we are (appropriately) going to be riding bikes.
On Friday 18 November, from 7am until 7pm, there will be two stationary bikes set up on the steps of the Arts Centre. The girls of 10 Selwyn will ride as far as our fundraising determines. For every $2 raised, we will ride one kilometre. The more donations we receive, the further we ride.

Donations will be collected by 10 Selwyn in the Tuesday Home Groups leading up to the event. There will also be an opportunity to give donations on the day, as well as a cupcake stall with all proceeds going towards this cause.

Any contributions to this cause would be very much appreciated, so please donate and help 10 Selwyn to cycle and The Smith Family to break the cycle of poverty!

Yours sincerely,

Year 10 Selwyn

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Don’t miss Christmas Drinks on the Lawn!


Members of our St Peter’s Girls Community are warmly invited to join us for Christmas Drinks on the Lawn.

We look forward to acknowledging and thanking you for your continued support of the School.

We will also have the opportunity to introduce our new Co-Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School Kate Mortimer, as well as exciting initiatives planned for 2017.

Drinks, nibbles and a supervised playground will be available so we encourage children to attend.

This is one event not be missed!

Christmas Drinks on the Lawn:
5.30 – 7.30pm
Thursday 10 November 2016
Chiverton Lawns, St Peter’s Girls’ School

To assist with catering, please RSVP to by Friday 4 November.

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Care Pack Drive for the Australian Refugee Association


Year 10 Patteson are calling for donations of goods that can be packaged into Christmas baskets for clients of the Australian Refugee Association. Second-hand toys and books are of interest and new donations of hygiene and toiletry products are also in need. Each year level has been asked to focus on a particular type of goods to donate towards this cause; however, a donation of any type is the overall goal. Students are asked to place their donation in the boxes provided in their Home Group by the end of Week 5, Term 4.

Reception: Small toys
Year 1: Baskets
Year 2: Christmas themed decorations
Year 3: Books
Year 4: Baskets and ribbons
Year 5: Colouring books, pencils, textas
Year 6: Small toys
Year 7: Cuddly toys
Year 8: Tea towels
Year 9: Soap
Year 10: Shampoo and Conditioner
Year 11: Deodorant
Year 12: Sanitary items

Thank you for your generosity and support.
Mrs Green and the Patteson Year 10s

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Sports News

Please note that all of the Term 4 Sports draws can now be found on the School website at

Any changes and cancellations will be conveyed in advance, via email and where possible directly to students.


Congratulations to Charlotte Farley (Year 4) who competed on the weekend at the Ice Arena, Thebarton. She won first place in her artistic program at Freeskate 3 division!


Open A – Saints 30 defeated Walford 17open-a-basketball
A well fought out match resulted in a win for the Open A side. After a four year drought the team was able to make the most of each possession and make crucial moves under pressure to produce a score against the rival side. The whole team should be commended for their efforts as they will definitely be remembered. I look forward to a competitive match against Seymour next week. Josephine Dal Pra (Captain)

Junior Teeball

Saints 21 defeated Wilderness 14
The Year 4/5 teeball team had an amazing first game. It was an outstanding performance by all students; managing to still win with only 7 players.  A massive thank you to Lara Maione for filling in for our team, showing lots of potential for the future. Jasmine Ledgard and Lydia Smalls (Coaches)

Water Polo

Open A – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 5
The team worked well together using strong defence to keep Pembroke’s goals to a minimum. We were able to maximise our opportunities and set up many attempts at goals throughout the game, but again were unlucky not to score from them. Everyone played extremely well for the second game of the season and showed great potential for games to come. Best players for this week were Carys Jones and Antonia Kirsten-Parsch. Sarah Richards (Captain)

Open B – Saints 4 defeated by Mercedes 7
Saints Girls this week competed in a close game against Mercedes. Having numerous new comers to water polo this term, the girls are already showing positive signs by working cohesively and effectively. With a new team and developing skills, the team worked cooperatively to create optimal opportunities to score, but unfortunately were defeated. I look forward to the rest of the season. Sarah Richards (Captain)

Year 7/8 – Saints 9 defeated Pembroke 5
The team applied skills and energy from training to our game and great teamwork to come out with a win. Fiona Lethbridge and Harriet Maerschel played strongly in defence, which helped bring the ball down into attack. A well played game by everyone, keeping us undefeated for the year!! Scorers: Olivia Goldsmith, Fiona Lethbridge 2, Poppie Goldsmith, Saskia Jonats, Alyssa Woolley 4. Olivia Goldsmith (Year 8)

Junior Tennis

Division 1 Blue – Saints 3-21 defeated Pembroke 3-15
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-0, Fleur Maris 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 1-4, Sophie Dansie 3-4

Division 1 White – Saints had a bye

Division 2 Blue – Saints 4-19 defeated St Andrews 2-15
Singles: Georgia Langley 4-3, Adele Eaton 4-0, Letitia Page-Thomson 4-1, Charlotte Parker 0-4

Division 2 White – Saints 1-14 defeated by St Ignatius 5-26
Singles: Olivia Slivak 4-2, Bridgette Leach 3-4, Madison Harrex 0-4, Lucy Schirripa 1-4

Division 3 – Saints 3-14 defeated St Andrews 2-10
Singles: Pearl Richards 4-0, Adelaide Murphy 0-4, Sophie Abbott 2-4

Junior Volleyball

The Years 5 and 6 Volleyball girls started the beginning of the season showing great effort and determination in their games. The girls showed great potential for the coming weeks and are eager for their next opportunity to put their developing skills into practice. Abbey Goodwin (Coach)

Year 6: Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 2 (22-25, 25-22, 25-18)

Year 5: Saints 2 defeated Wilderness 1 (25-21, 25-15, 23-25)

Year 5: Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 3 (25-17, 25-16, 25-23, 14-17)


Open A – Saints 13 defeated Pulteney 5
The girls had another exceptional game on the weekend, with another good win. Both batting and fielding was done well as a team. Jasmine Ledgard, Aroha Munroe and Imogen Parker all batted very well, each scoring a home run. Each girl worked together to gain easy outs and runs home, which all contributed to the win. The team has improved over the year and can hopefully come away with a win in our last game. Georgia Naughton (Captain)

Open C – Saints 12 defeated by St Ignatius 14
This week the girls proved that training is key! After our batting work on Tuesday afternoon everyone was smart at the plate, not swinging wildly and making sure to focus on the ball. Special mention to Alice Girdler for her big hit into the outfield. In the third innings Amelia Pudney came into pitch, through which we were able to see everyone’s fielding abilities too; well done, Amelia! Unfortunately, ‘time and game’ was called and we were marginally defeated in a close match. Mimi Long (Coach)


Division 1 Blue – Saints 2-14 defeated by Wilderness 2-18
Singles: Chelsea Staples 0-6, Daveena Dhillon 6-4, Sindhu Nedumaran 2-6

Division 1 White – Saints 5-34 defeated Wilderness 1-12
Singles: Violette Maris 6-2, Annabel Baldwinson 6-0, Mahala Truscott 6-1, Lily-Rose Spartalis 4-6

Division 2 – Saints 2-24 defeated by Wilderness 4-29
Singles: Shamilla Dhillon 6-0, Taj Shahin 6-5, Lilly Alexander 2-6, Amelie Eaton 2-6

Division 3 Blue – Saints did not play

Division 3 White – Saints did not play

Division 4 – Saints 2-18 defeated by Scotch 4-33
Singles: Orla Clayton 0-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 6-4, Charlotte Stewart 0-6, Louisa Reid 6-5


Open A – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0
In an exciting game against Pembroke, Saints were able to come out victorious. Getting off to a strong start in the opening set, the girls gained momentum through the game. It was great to see so much movement around the court, particularly whenever the opposition hit a free ball. Covering was done well, and it was fantastic to see so many efforts at blocking and spiking. As always, enthusiasm was very high and it is good to see that all the girls are so supportive of each other. The improvement over the season bodes well for our final game against Concordia. Congratulations must go to Rachael Disney and Georgia Howe for particularly good games. Georgia Howe and Mila Loechel (Captains)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 1
The Open B girls did an excellent job which was set up by our consistent serving and passing that were the keys to victory. The girls were strong across the net, ending many rallies with spikes. A great start to the term winning our first 2 games! Cambell Baker (Coordinator)

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Pembroke 12
The team played a great game on the weekend despite their loss. The girls started the game with great energy and enthusiasm throughout the whole court. Good serving and scrambling around the court resulted in comfortably winning the first set. Unfortunately, we lost the next two sets as the girls lost some momentum when their opponent, Pembroke, started serving well and returned ball with strong spikes. Despite this, the girls should be proud of their efforts and look forward to next week’s game. Victoria Neale (Coach)

Open D – Saints did not play

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0 (25-23, 25-13, 25-16)
Fantastic job on the weekend, girls, with another win! Some fantastic 3 hits throughout the game, with all players on court focussed and enthusiastic. Brooke Elliott and Tahlia Towers served really well, making it difficult for the other team to get it back over. Ellana and I gave each team player some points they did well, which we believe is important feedback for the girls. Well done on the overall win and winning each set! Keep it up Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer (Coaches)

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Pembroke 0 (25-21, 25-14, 25-22)
The Middle Bs won each set of the game, with our focus to have more 3 hits and energy, and by the end of the game the girls really improved and had some great hits over, with all team players contributing. Nicolette Miller and Georgina Bafile served really well, and Amy Li and Jiayi Wang played a great game throughout. Well done again, girls. Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer (Coaches)

Middle C – Saints 0 defeated by Westminster 3 (9-25, 16-25, 14-25)
The girls played a great game this week against a tough opponent. Throughout the game the girls worked hard on all aspects of their game and played very well as a team. Maddison Tilley-Brooks and Lola Diamond displayed some great serving and we saw excellent moving and back up from Sarah Wishart and Katelin Calandro. We are very proud of the improvements the girls have made over the past few weeks and look forward to seeing more! Well done, girls! Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer (Coaches)


Middle C1 – Saints 30 defeated Seymour 17
The girls continued on their form from their first game to post another convincing win. The team controlled the game from start to finish. Special mention to Emma Matheson who was very aggressive taking the ball to the basket. Overall, a great team performance. Peter Krantis (Coach)

Middle C2 – Saints 4 defeated by Pembroke C2 36
At training we have been working on applying defensive pressure and having a go at the ball with strong hands. I was happy to see the majority of girls execute these skills in the game. Thank you to Ashley Piper for filling in for this team, for providing constant drive down the court and scoring our only two goals. Well done to Mahala Truscott for her ability to dribble down the court into attack and consistently apply pressure in defence, causing many turnovers. Special mention to Natacha Zisos Troupakis for consistently getting rebounds and for having numerous shots at goal, something she has been working hard at during trainings. Vanessa Brooks (Coach).


After another commanding performance from all players, Saints are now just 1 win away from claiming the Open A Shield when they face Concordia in the final round of the year next Monday. The Bs also continued their outstanding run with a 5 sets to 1 win.

Open A – Saints 6-36 defeated Pembroke 0-6
Doubles: Tiana and Yasmin Glazbrook 6-0, Jade Leyden and Olivia Teh 6-2
Singles: Yasmin Glazbrook 6-0, Tiana Glazbrook 6-0, Jade Leyden 6-2, Olivia Teh 6-2

Open B – Saints 4-28 defeated Pembroke 2-22
Doubles: Emily Loh and Olivia Harby 6-3, Clair Kao and Sarah Richards 3-6
Singles: Olivia Harby 6-2, Emily Loh 1-6, Clair Kao 6-3, Sarah Richards 6-3

Tennis – Year 6/7 knockout

Congratulations to the Year 6/7 team on their first round win and progressing to face Trinity Gardens in the next round.

Saints 4-29 defeated Westbourne Park Primary 2-16
Singles: Sienna Glazbrook 1-6, Violette Maris 6-1, Mia Dodd 4-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-0

Tennis – Year 8/9 knockout

Saints team of Emily Loh, Clair Kao, Annabel Baldwinson and Mahala Truscott travelled to Gawler to face Kadina and Renmark in the State Knockout Tennis. All matches were relatively close, but Saints prevailed by defeating Kadina 4 sets to 2 and Renmark 5 sets to 1 to proceed to the State Knockout Finals.

Please note that all of the Term 4 Sports draws can now be found on the School website at

Any changes and cancellations will be conveyed in advance, via email and where possible directly to students.