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From Our Director of Early Learning

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Including sustainable practice in our ELC Strategic Direction was vital to ensure we remain committed to embedding this in everyday life. With a focus on waste, garden-to-plate and resourcefulness, we are continually building our sustainable practices within our learning context. These areas assist children to develop both an ethical and ecological understanding of their world.

Kate-ProfileEarly in 2020, we identified that we needed a unified Centre approach to waste, so we brought in an expert. Charlie Aykroyd, General Manager of Australia Green Clean and a St Peter’s Girls’ Old Scholar, has become an ongoing resource for us, working alongside staff and children. We have been empowered with a deeper understanding about the ‘why’ and have implemented sustainable practices into our daily rituals. Some of these include gathering organic waste, recycling using our bin system, and taking responsibility around the use of plastics.

In Charlie’s recent work with us, she was able to provide us with feedback on our progress. Charlie can see that the children have become change agents both at home and in the ELC. She sees it as a priority to work with this generation of children and states the importance of empowering them beyond their life at ELC. She quite rightly believes that if we don’t take action now, our world will not be any different in the years to come. Working in partnerships with businesses has mutual benefits and is key in all areas of learning from ELC to Year 12.

In addition, Charlie was very impressed with our ELC Community Garden, observing how we are utilising our own developed worm farm and compost. The children can articulate the processes involved in growing our own food, from preparing the soil and planting, to harvesting and using the produce in recipes. Our recent cooking of broccoli pasta made from scratch is an example of the type of experiences shared between educators and children.

To determine our progress, we have been reflecting on how far we have come since the beginning of the year. We are now successfully composting, recycling and utilising a unified bin system across the Centre. The children are the driving force behind our garden-to-plate experiences as they lead us with genuine interest in the garden and specific questions about seasonal produce.

Most importantly though, we can see that the children are now so mindful about what they use, thoughtful in their lunch packaging and organics bin, and resourceful in their use of materials. Families are engaged in our dialogue and continually tell us about the impacts of this learning on their home life.

The connection and respect our children and staff have with our Earth is further enhanced through our Kaurna connections to culture. We are on a journey far beyond occasional or isolated learning experiences; rather, we are developing a way of life that will empower our youngest citizens. Our advocacy in this area is something to be proud of and will continue to drive us into the future.

Kate Mount
Director of Early Learning


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Last Chance to Charm

W3 - Charm

The Year 12 Drama and Year 11 IB Theatre students are preparing for the final performance of their production Charm. Written and directed by Head of English Michael Butler-Wills, this production has been the culmination of an incredible amount of work by staff, students and volunteers. Comic and yet thought-provoking, the play is a riotous deconstruction of fairytales with wild characters, plot twists, a (subtly serious) message and a few songs thrown in to boot!

The final performance is tonight at 7pm. For an evening of fun entertainment, come along and support The Arts at Saints Girls.

Go to
Adult $10
Student/Concession $5

Due to contact tracing requirements, we ask that tickets be purchased online prior to the performance.

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High Note for Our Music Tutors

W3 - Music 2
Congratulations to two Saints Girls’ Music tutors who will be presented with prestigious awards from the Association of Heads of Music in Non Government Schools (AHOMINGS) at a ceremony later this month.

Karen Fletcher, our resident flute tutor, will be presented with an AHOMINGS Don Burrows award for Recognition of Long Service for Music Tutors. Karen has been the dedicated flute teacher at Saints Girls for the past 30 years. She is a highly-respected member of our instrumental music team who continues to produce outstanding musicians with her no fuss, caring and passionate approach.

Trumpet tutor Warren Heading will receive an AHOMINGS Bob Hower Award for Exemplary Contribution of Music Tutors in Independent Schools. Warren has been the brass tutor at St Peter’s Girls for 16 years. During that time, he has supported the introduction and development of the Jazz Band program. He conducted the inaugural Saints Girls’ Stage Band at Generations in Jazz in the early 2000s and currently runs the School’s Little Big Band. Our annual Carols in the Cathedral always concludes with Warren performing the obligato line to ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’, a tradition we hope to continue for many years to come.

These awards recognise Karen and Warren’s consistent, passionate and far-reaching influence on generations of musicians in non-government schools in South Australia.


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Old Scholars in the Spotlight

W3 - Old Scholar

I graduated from Saints in 2011 and have had the most amazing nine years since leaving school! I went straight into a Bachelor of Health Science at Adelaide University and graduated with Honours in Exercise Science and Physiology.

I am currently the Sports Scientist and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the women’s team at Adelaide United. My job allows me to travel around Australia with the squad and manage all things high performance related. Given the part-time nature of women’s sport, I also work at Adelaide University with athletic clientele, and manage the conditioning and GPS data analysis for their soccer club’s women’s team. With my newfound coaching platform and exposure to professional sport, I am frequently in schools or athletic organisations educating females and staff on the importance of the menstrual cycle and its role in athletic performance. It’s a topic I’m hugely passionate about and I hope to remove the stigma associated with it.

I have also progressed my coaching career which was initially sparked by coaching opportunities at Saints. In late 2019, I became the fourth female in SA to begin the Australia/Asia Confederation B Licence Accreditation. With this, I have been fortunate to coach the Football South Australia Regional Girls’ teams at tournaments in Singapore and Fiji.

In my personal life, I spend every spare moment I can travelling and immersing myself in different cultures and, of course, women’s sport. I went to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to support Old Scholar Olympia Aldersey (Kennion 2011), the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France to watch the Matildas play, and I hope to get to Ireland in 2022 to compete in the Gaelic Football World Games. In my first few years as an Old Scholar, I enjoyed playing for the Old Scholars’ soccer team with many of my old school mates. After three wonderful seasons, I eventually switched clubs to represent Adelaide University.

I have fond memories of my time at Saints. I was very active within the School sports programs, but something I miss dearly is the involvement in the Music Department. I look back and treasure the experiences we were given such as the Generations in Jazz trip initially driven by Mr Heading and Mrs Noble.

As for advice for the current seniors, I’d encourage you to take time to remember that the rest of your life doesn’t have to be decided from now. You will find your place. For some it’ll come straight away, and for others, many years down the track. There’s no rush. Treasure your time at such a beautiful School and always look to give back to the School community where possible.

The future? Who knows? I’d secretly love to see an Old Scholars’ AFL team evolve! But for now, I’m looking forward to where my career will take me and, in particular, hope to have a significant role and travel around Australia and New Zealand for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Eleni Vosnakis (Kilburn 2011)

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Share the Dignity Campaign

W3 - Share the Dignity

We are supporting Share the Dignity again this August to help the many women who cannot afford sanitary items. We are a collection point for this amazing charity. We encourage students to bring along packets of pads and/or tampons and place them in the pink boxes located in the Library, Middle School area, or give them to Mrs Risbey in the PE office. Let’s get behind this charity and fill the boxes over and over.

Thank you in advance on behalf of the many women and young girls who will benefit from your kindness.

Ensuring everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted.
Our work directly benefits women in crisis.
Every. Single. Day.

Donate to a women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence. Share the Dignity collects thousands of personal hygiene products every year for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Small dignities make a big difference.

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Kennion Jam and Vegemite Drive

W3 - Kennion

Kennion House is running a jam and Vegemite drive in Weeks 4, 5 and 6 for their House Charity. KickStart for Kids is a South Australian organisation that provides a breakfast and lunch program for underprivileged school children. Donating various spreads, including jam and Vegemite, helps these children to fuel their stomachs for the school day ahead.

There will be three collection points in the School: the Front Office, the Middle School and Student Services. Items that can be donated are honey, Vegemite and jam (no nuts please). As an extra incentive, there will be a prize for the most successful Home Group. When dropping off your donation, please write your Home Group on a post-it note and attach to the jar/s.

This is a School-wide initiative, and all Houses and families are invited to support this worthy cause.

Olivia Goldsmith
Kennion House Captain

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It’s Not Magic – It’s Science!

W3 - Year 3

This week, Mrs Mitchell and Mr Routley welcomed the Year 3 girls to St Peter’s Girls’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a day of potions (chemistry). This is part of their inquiry into ‘How the World Works’ and the fundamental skills of Science. We learnt about how the world is made up of atoms which have different properties and can create amazing chemical reactions when combined in different ways. We made fizzing concoctions, repelling rainbows, gooey oobleck and even saw atoms move in front of our eyes!

The study of chemistry has its roots in alchemy – a science of the medieval ages in which they believed they could convert base metals (such as lead) into gold. They also believed in the philosopher’s stone which would provide the owner with eternal life and healing powers. With these connections reminding us of the famous world of Harry Potter, it only seemed fitting to transform the School and learn that chemistry isn’t magic – it’s science!

Lizzy Mitchell and Mark Routley
Year 3 Teachers

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Year 5 Production – Save the Date!

W3 - Year 5 Production Banner
Get ready to secure your seats to see this wonderful show: St Peter’s Girls’ School’s production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical JR.

Tickets go on sale to the School community at 9am on 17 August 2020.

Due to current venue capacity and registration requirements, tickets are only available online via TryBooking. To ensure all families can attend, there will be four shows: two matinee sessions and two evening performances. We ask that families only purchase tickets to a maximum of two shows. This will enable all families to see the wonderful Year 5 girls in what promises to be a great end to Term 3.

Should seats still be available closer to opening night, families will be able to purchase additional tickets.

24 and 25 September at 1.30 and 7pm
St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre

Ticket prices:
Adult $17
Student/Concession $12
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) $42


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Book Week 2020

W3 - Book Week

Monday 24 – Friday 28 August

Dress Up Day will be held on Friday 28 August. Children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character. Class parades will be held during a Junior School Assembly at 8.40am in the Arts Centre.

Please note: parents are unable to attend due to social distancing protocols; however, the School will share highlights from the event.

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Join Our Team of STAR Volunteers!

W1 - STAR Program

Our Learning Strategies’ volunteers are all enormously valued within the department and the broader School community. Our girls LOVE working with them, and the teachers are so appreciative of their generous donation of energy, expertise and enthusiasm. We have some exciting developments within our department in 2020 and we’d love you to join us.

Our volunteers work with our girls on areas such as literacy, anywhere between a couple of lessons a week through to a couple of days per week. They include parents, grandparents, Old Scholars, retired staff and university students who are keen to gain further experience and enjoyment working with children.

To register your interest, please contact Aleasha Francis as soon as possible via

We will send you a volunteer information sheet to fill out and then invite you in for a chat. We will also provide training for some of our Junior School programs.

Learning Strategies’ Team

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Support Saints Girls at The Long Lunch

W1 - The Long Lunch

If you are a business owner or know someone who is, we are seeking donations for our Long Lunch Silent and Major Auctions, raising funds to empower the learners of tomorrow.

All contributions will be acknowledged in the lead up to the event and on the day. Excellent donation ideas include:

South Australian-inspired experiences and activities
Artwork including glass, ceramics and sculptures
Educational toys, games and computers
Small electrical appliances
Vouchers for services
Tickets to sporting events, sporting equipment and memorabilia
Jewellery and handbags
Contemporary furniture, fixtures, fittings and lighting
Fine wine and dining vouchers, winery tours, behind-the-scenes tours and exclusive tastings

If you are able to donate an item, or have a suggestion for one, please contact Melissa Westgate, Foundation Manager
8334 2244 or

All items can be delivered to our Community Relations Office.

P.S. Tickets for this event are limited to 200 and are almost sold out (only 20 remaining!). They can be purchased via

Community Volunteers Needed

We are seeking passionate community volunteers to assist the School by undertaking duties and tasks for The Long Lunch.

Dates: Saturday 19 September and/or Sunday 20 September
Time: Various, flexible 3 – 5 hour shifts available both days

Tasks may include:
Setting tables and placing decorations; washing and cleaning utensils and dishes; handling, sorting, and organising food items; washing, peeling, chopping, cutting and cooking ingredients; sorting and disposing of rubbish and recycling; cleaning food preparation equipment, floors and other kitchen tools or areas; plating food trays; transferring, weighing and checking supplies and equipment.

Fun, camaraderie, laughs, lunch and refreshments will be provided. For more information, please contact Foundation Manager, Melissa Westgate via or 0407 394 183.

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Upcoming House Dinners


During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the TryBooking links below to purchase your daughter(s) a ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: Classic Movies
14 August (Week 4)
Book now:

Selwyn House Dinner
Theme: Western
21 August (Week 5)
Book now:

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Heroes and Villains of Hollywood
28 August (Week 6)
Book now:

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: Animal Kingdom
11 September (Week 8)
Book now:

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School Shop Merchandise – Great Father’s Day Gifts!

W6 - School Shop
The School Shop sells a variety of branded merchandise and memorabilia perfect for a Father’s Day gift or as a souvenir.

Items include coffee mugs, china, mobile phone power banks, umbrellas, signet rings, key rings, pens, notebooks, wine and champagne glasses, candles, scarves and more.

Visit us to see what we have in store!

School Shop

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Music Chapter for Page at Stonyfell

W2 - Adam

Talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, music educator and record producer Adam Page will be visiting Saints Girls on 13 August.

At 9am, he will be performing a concert to Years 4 – 6 students in the Arts Centre. Following that, he will host a workshop for Years 9 – 12 Music students. At lunchtime, he will then perform on the Arts Centre steps for the whole School community to enjoy.

Known widely for his critically-acclaimed solo multi-instrumental looping performances, Adam has carved his path internationally as a composer. He has written major works for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, Zephyr Quartet, and co-composed on numerous occasions with celebrated Kiwi composer John Psathas.

Adam has recently composed and performed with The Grigoryan Brothers, established the boutique record label Wizard Tone Records, assembled and performed with his new 12-piece ensemble The Adam Page Ensemble (TAPE), written and performed with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and also conducted the ASO in a concert featuring the music of Ross McHenry and Matthew Sheens.

We look forward to welcoming Adam to Saints Girls.

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Saints Girls on Social Media

W1 - Social Media Banner

Celebrate Saints Girls by staying connected with us on social media.

Like us on Facebook:

Follow us on Instagram:

Enjoy fun and uplifting news and content, like this snapshot of our girls in action:

*Facebook and Instagram require account holders to be at least 13 years of age.

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Car Park Courtesy

The School has again received complaints about traffic blocking Stonyfell Road for lengthy periods during drop-off and pick-up. If the car park is full and you are unable to enter, circle the block until it is clear to enter, find a park elsewhere or, where age-appropriate, meet your daughter in a surrounding street. Unless special circumstances apply, parents of girls in Years 2 to 12 should not enter the car park to collect their daughters prior to 3.30pm. Parents of girls in Reception and Year 1 have exclusive use of the pick-up zone prior to this time for safety and traffic reasons.

Please also refrain from turning right into or out of the car park as this causes further congestion.

As a School, we must set an example for our students in showing courtesy to all; in this case, other road users.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Notice from CommBank School Banking

Thank you so much for your patience. The CommBank School Banking program has recommenced. Please bring your deposit book with your weekly banking into school each Wednesday.

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Entertainment Membership

W1 - Entertainment Book
The St Peter’s Girls’ Parents’ and Friends’ Association is fundraising via Entertainment Membership.

Order your Entertainment Membership today!

Purchase your membership here

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CLOTHES SHWOP: We Need Your Help!

W5 - Clothes Shwop

Did you know that Australians are the world’s second largest consumers of fashion? On average, we each consume 27kgs of new clothing and textiles every year. Most of this ends up in the bin after less than a year. Members of the School’s Environment Club would like to change this!

The Environment Club is focusing on sustainable fashion with our ‘Clothes Shwop’, where students can donate old clothes for tokens, and cash-in these tokens to take new clothes in return! If you have old clothes you don’t want anymore and are happy to donate or exchange for other items, then please support this worthy cause. Any remaining items will be donated to a women’s charity.

Collections will take place outside of the Junior School Library at lunch every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to the actual ‘Clothes Shwop’ where you will be able to choose pieces from the donated clothing. The first ‘Clothes Shwop’ will be held on Thursday and Friday in Week 5 of Term 3 in the Drama Room.

Bring in your old clothes, help the environment and make your wardrobe that bit more exciting!

Sara Peak
Environment Club Captain

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Sports News

W3 - Sport Banner


Open – Saints 1.1.7 defeated by Wilderness 9.6.60
Although the score did not go in our favour, the girls did play a great game of footy. Our training skills have developed and were reflected on the field with our good team structure and spirit. We read the ball well and communicated with our teammates. Special mention must go to Joss Forster who adapted in her role as ruck and Lily-Rose Spartalis who displayed some great marks and kicks. Despite the score, the girls worked really hard and never stopped fighting. We hope to improve even more and further showcase our skills. Great job girls, keep up the great work! – Bella Bernardi (Captain)

Middle – Saints 2.4.16 defeated by Wilderness 4.1.25
Saints had a slow start to the game against Wilderness, who were a very strong opponent. We showed strong defensive pressure and a continuous drive to tackle when required. Unfortunately, it meant that we were often second to the ball and this made life difficult in the first three quarters. We definitely improved towards the end with our communication, leading for the ball and staying in front of our players. This paid off as we fought back in the last quarter with goals scored by Annie Bui and Charlotte McAuliffe. Everyone worked hard and we look forward to improving for the season ahead. Annie Warrick and Sophie Ricciuto showed the way by playing in front of their opponents and reading the play delightfully, whilst Chloe Porter was her dominant best with excellent taps in ruck. – Ellie Humphrey


Congratulations to all who played on the weekend – we had another successful round. Our As, Bs, Cs, Ds, E2s and E3s all defeated their opponents. It was great to see us continue to do well against our strong opponents. It was evident that the girls were thinking strategically on the court. They should be proud of all the hard work they have put into their training and games. Let’s keep up our winning streak! – Amelie Dunda (Captain)

Open A – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 0
Best Players: Yang Yang Gu, Gloria Gao, Amelie Dunda, Mahala Truscott

Open B – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 0
Best Players: Candy Feng, Cherie Wong, Charlotte Stewart, Angela Feng

Open C – Saints 4 defeated Seymour 2
Best Player: Christina Song, Vanessa Pols

Open D1 – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 0
Best Players: Saffron Chen, Bronwyn Gautier, Drishti Nair, Helen Zhang

Open D2 – Saints 5 defeated Wilderness 1
Best Players: Arabella Walsh, Kate Thomas

Open E1 – Saints 3 defeated by Seymour 6
Best Players: Hattie Xu, Lilly Michelon, Francine Stavrou

Open E2 – Saints 8 defeated Wilderness 1
Best Players: Jennifer Hu, Abigail Papps, Grace Ran, Anna Wan, Kayla Park

Open E3 – Saints 6 defeated Seymour 3
Best Players: Alyssa Bo, Claudia Henschke, Bella Chen


Year 6 Blue – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour Blue 48
I was very proud of the way the girls didn’t give up! They kept trying their best through the whole game. Iszabella Lochowiak and Kiera See in particular had great games; they are taking on a lot of feedback from us and improving their defence and overall confidence in the game. It is great to see all of the girls grow in confidence, despite the score line, and try to dribble a little more and have some shots themselves. Keep working hard girls! – Sarah Turnbull (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 18 defeated by Seymour 62
Unfortunately, the girls had another tough game. They played hard the whole time despite only having 5 players, and showed lots of improvement from their first game. They played well in defence and contested all the rebounds. In attack, the girls played well, passing the ball around, resulting in them scoring their first goals of the year. – Sarah Matheson (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 26 defeated Seymour Blue 3
The girls had an excellent first win against Seymour Blue. For some, it was their first time playing basketball, and it was great to see them enjoying themselves and having fun. Our defensive pressure proved too strong, keeping Seymour to only 3 points for the entire game. All the girls contributed and worked as a team, with an exceptional effort from Wei Ning who top-scored with 12 points.  Katherine Perkas (Coach)


Cross Country State Championships for Little Athletics
Daisy Braithwaite competed in the U14 competition over 3km claiming Gold, while sister Alice finished 5th, and Malaika McLeod won Gold in the U13 age group.

For the second round of the Schools’ Cross Country, the team remained focused and confident and raced extremely well, claiming the top 5 places in the Year 7 – 9 division. Well done to all team members. – Daisy Braithwaite (Year 8)


Open – Saints 3 defeated Immanuel 0
The girls carried through their energy and competitive spirit from Round 1 into this game. Connections between our defence, midfield and striker lines contributed to our main goal of earning an outcome in the circle in the first five minutes of every quarter. Constant pressure was applied by our defenders, in particular Charlotte Creek and Georgie Keough, resulting in numerous turnovers and counter attacks up the field. Well done to Bridgette Leach for scoring 2 goals and Belle Black for scoring the other. – Olivia Goldsmith (Captain)


Under 13 – Saints 17 defeated St Aloysius 5
The girls came out strongly for their second game back. The attackers played incredibly well, creating fast breaks from the centre and many shooting opportunities. From the first whistle, constant pressure was placed on the opposition by our defenders, which allowed us to make intercepts, resulting in many turnovers. Alannah Godfrey, Jamie Gower and Zoe Pool did a great job in midfield, constantly winning the draw and gaining procession of the ball. This was a great team game and the score shows how strong the girls can be when they work together – Millie Wilkin (Lacrosse Captain)

Under 11  Saints Blue 6 drew with Saints White 6
The game was a display of friendly competition, with all team members striving to play their best. The cohesiveness, positivity and team spirit was outstanding, and it is fantastic to see the girls develop a sense of passion for the game, as they eagerly anticipated their next opportunity to be on the field. They successfully made many passes to teammates, used their speed to run quickly to the other side of the field and, most notably, won many competitive ground balls. An outstanding game from all Saints Blue team members, particularly Sophia Curry, Chelsea Francis, Hayley Lucas and Amelia Lively. Well done to all; the even result demonstrates that both teams have similar abilities and worked just as hard as each other. – Sophie Auricht (Coach)

All of the girls were very keen to play against each other. Our attack has improved greatly, with the girls spreading out more which made it easier to dodge around defenders. This was done particularly well by Lois Burton-Howard (Year 4), Ruby Kelly (Year 4) and Lily Silvani. Many of the girls also did a great job at attacking the goal hard such as Lola Silvani. It was great to see the girls never giving up on ground balls; Neela (Year 4) and Anika Singh (Year 4) both showed great determination doing this. Once again, our defence improved further with the girls grasping the concept of sticking to a player, notably Grace Marshall (Year 3) and Scarlett Schinella (Year 3). Our fantastic goalies were Matilda Begg (Year 3) and Willow Chong (Year 3). It was a great game to watch. Goal scorers were Lois (2), Ruby (1), Lily (2) and Lola (1) – Lucy Martin (Coach)


Open A – Saints 34 defeated by Wilderness 42
The girls played an outstanding game against Wilderness which unfortunately resulted in a loss. From the start, each player applied full court pressure to create many opportunities for turnovers. Additionally, the girls did a great job in attack. In particular, Anna White and Amelia Pudney drove down the court and accurately worked the ball into the circle. The team adapted very well when Ehi Oyugbo, who was playing her best game, unfortunately came down with an ankle injury. As a result, Olivia Kelly was re-positioned in GK and Sarah Wishart moved to WD. Both Liv and Sarah made many touches and prevented their player from driving down the court. Best on court went to Hannah Freeman, Maggie Bailey and Alexia Politis. Maggie set herself up on her opponent which allowed her to create space in the goal circle and shoot. Lex stayed strong on her opponent and created space to drive the ball down the court with intent. It was a hard-fought match in which the girls stood their ground against the strong opposition. The game builds enthusiasm to see what we can bring to the future games. Well done girls! – Hannah Freeman (Captain)

Open B – Saints 42 defeated Wilderness 33
The Open Bs had a good game against Wilderness with a strong four quarters. Our shooters moved well in the circle, with Sadie and Thalia feeding the ball well to them. Ruby had a great game at GD, maintaining pressure on her player throughout. Everyone worked well as a team to drive the ball down the court. Although we were unable to have spectators at Wilderness, the girls were happy to get their first win. – Gemma Schaedel

Open E1 – Saints 28 defeated Wildernesses 22
A great win for the girls! Down by 2 goals at three-quarter time, the girls had a strong last quarter to come home with a win by 6 goals. Best players were Clair Kao for her exceptional work in the goal ring and Bella Bernadi for her performance in the mid-court, especially defensively in the last quarter, making a number of turn overs to help secure the win. – Emma Mockridge (Coach)

Open E2 – Saints 9 defeated by Pembroke 26
A tough competition but the girls should be very proud of how they played, with clear improvements already being made from last week! Best players were Hannah Keough whose great defensive skills helped keep Pembroke’s goal scoring down on a number of occasions, and Lara Wakeham for her continuous support all over the court. Well done girls! – Emma Mockridge (Coach)

Year 10A – Saints 28 defeated Wilderness 18
This was a really good win for the girls. Defensive pressure was on during the whole game and created a lot of turnovers. The transition into attack improved significantly after the first game, and it was good to see that the girls were recognising the space on the court and which channels they must run in to transition the ball correctly. One area of improvement is to recognise floating defenders and ensuring that we pass the ball into space in order to avoid intercepts, whilst also running onto the ball and taking the extra step across to ensure the defender is screened. We are really impressed with the improvement within the squad.  Milli Gentle (Coach)

Year 10B – Saints 30 defeated Wilderness 9
The girls had a good game and were able to adapt with all sorts of changes that were thrown at them. Facing a physical opposition, they were able to adapt and hold strong throughout. The score does not reflect how the game was played, with significant improvement in defence, understanding defensive positioning to ensure defenders stay in play. The attacking end needs further improvement surrounding movement, however, this increased when rotations were made. We are impressed with the girls’ willingness to learn and have great confidence that they will all continue to develop as the season progresses. – Katie Dancer (Coach)

Year 10C – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 36
Tough game for the girls but they fought hard for all four quarters. Defence worked great in creating a lot of pressure and therefore plenty of turnovers; now we just need to work on capitalising on those turnovers and converting them into goals. – Elena Vaananen (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 48 defeated Wilderness 26
This was another well-rounded performance by all the girls. It was good to see an improvement in our defence and sideline throw-ins which we had worked on at training. Keep up the amazing work team. – Della Griffith (Coach)

Year 9B – Saints 49 defeated Wilderness 22
A very good game by all. The transition from defence into attack improved a lot which provided many scoring opportunities. At training, we plan to focus on understanding the set plays better, and also slowing down the play at certain times during the game. – Natasha Dinan (Coach)

Year 9C – Saints 20 defeated by Pulteney 22
Another fantastic game for the team. It was very close and the girls should be proud of their efforts. Those who stood out were Lucy Schirripa and Bel Burmester for their commitment to defending their players. This was another impressive game; well done girls! – Lulu Tierney (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 44 defeated Wilderness 19
This was an amazing game. Our attack was able to do both attacking and defending as they made many intercepts. Charlie Piper and Soph Ryan shot incredible goals. Lili Bennett and Airlie McCabe were able to communicate on the court while demonstrating strong leads. Good job girls! – Gloria Zou

Year 8B – Saints 22 defeated Wilderness 13
The girls started off very well, with everyone talking and encouraging each other. Even though some of the opposition were physical, the girls pulled through with a win and some outstanding plays. The first half was strong, with consistent goals and great calling for the ball. In the second half, the girls really picked up their defending skills. There were marvellous plays from Charlotte Norman and Olivia Oakes in the goal circle and goal third. Although some girls were a little tired in the last part of the game, it was a top team effort and a challenging match.  Zoe Duncan (Coach)

Year 8C – Saints 31 defeated Pulteney 6
The girls showed improvement in the way they cohesively worked the ball down the court. Our defensive play was strong, particularly in the last quarter where Pulteney failed to score a goal whilst Saints scored 9. All girls applied pressure, displaying enthusiasm and great teamwork for the duration of the game. Well played girls! Special thanks to Alysa for playing up with us this match. – Nikki Miller (Coach)

Year 8D – Saints 10 defeated by Pembroke 16
The team had a cracking game! Alysa Trinh kindly volunteered to fill in, so we had 8 for the match. Although the girls were a few goals down in the first quarter, they managed to fight to prevent the gap from expanding and keep Pembroke’s score quite low. There were big improvements from the first game, and I was very impressed with how the girls were encouraging each other to keep going. – Gina Barker (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 47 defeated Wilderness 11
The team played a fantastic game against Wilderness, leading in all quarters. Every player defended hard, made good clear leads and passed well. Defenders were quick on their feet and made it difficult for the opposition to score. In the mid-court, players passed well into the goal circle and helped by re-offering if needed. The shooters hardly missed a shot and moved well around the circle. The team played a brilliant game and it was good to see that we were putting things we practised at training into play. Well done girls.  Anna Venning

Year 7B – Saints 22 defeated Wilderness 15
The teams were neck-and-neck in the first quarter, but during the second and third, Saints played our best game to increase the lead. In the last quarter, we stayed strong with our defence improving throughout the game to help set up the win. – Charlotte Lorenzen

Year 4 Blue – Saints 3 defeated by Pembroke 11
The girls tried really hard but Pembroke were too strong. Our girls in defence, Aoife Carty, Caitlyn Sam-Ling and Evie Murphy, played a great game but Pembroke were very accurate with their shooting. Our last quarter was a standout, outscoring Pembroke. Well down girls, keep up the good work. – Karen Braund (Proud Coach)

Year 4 White – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 5
The girls demonstrated great team effort and perseverance. Saints were patient in bringing the ball out of defence and working in our goal third to get to circle edge. They worked harder on their one-on-one defence and making sure they were passing to the first free player they saw when in attack. Saints showed outstanding effort and they should be extremely proud of their development.  Sivani Sivasuthan (Coach)

Year 3 – Saints 12 defeated Pembroke Yellow 3
It was so exciting to watch our girls have a big win. All played brilliantly, with our defenders sticking tight to their players and getting countless intercepts. Our shooters had a great afternoon as well, moving fluidly and having a much better awareness of each other on the court. Special mention to Victoria Hii for her superb defence and Anisha Pahuja for her tireless shooting throughout the match. – Rebecca Scott-Toms (Coach)


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The team and I really enjoyed playing our first home game this season. Adele Russell, Emily Downie and Annie Bradshaw all produced some very strong tackles against the opposition and never failed to go back for a second effort. Our brilliant goalkeepers, Emily McCorley and Azaan Singh, displayed some very impressive confidence. Our goal was scored from a well-placed corner ball delivered by Lucy Benn and finished with a header from Ashley Piper. Despite the loss, the girls finished on a positive note having scored our first goal of the season and winning the second half. We’re all very keen to continue improving our skills in the coming weeks! – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Mercedes 6
For the third game of the season, it was a good start, going hard for the ball and making chances to shoot. Unfortunately, some lapses and in defence cost us 3 goals in the first half. For the second half, the girls came out strongly again, with a footy kick from our GK Sara Peak, which then assisted Imogen Parkinson who ran through the opposition’s defence and shot it past the keeper to score our first goal of the season. With our spirits lifted and fighting for a comeback, the opposition managed to get a few more goals due to lapses once again for us. Even though we ended up losing, the score didn’t reflect the game that was played. Our possession style of soccer was evident, along with our aggression for the ball and hard running. The girls threaded many passes together and worked the ball up the field, but unfortunately, it didn’t result in more goals which would have been well-deserved. Many positives to take away and a few things to focus on so that we are consistent all through the game. Let’s hope for more goals next time, and keep up the fighting spirit as we are getting better and better each week. – TJ Scarsgill (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 3 defeated Woodcroft 0
We played our best game so far, keeping our shape and providing passing options and targets up front. We could improve finishing as we could’ve had a lot more goals given we had plenty of chances. Januri got hit in the face with the ball in the last 10 minutes of the match, so I took her off and she stayed off for the rest of the match, though she kept wanting to go back on. Goals: Januri (2) and Georgia Evans (1) – Ange Gouvielos (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 2
Tough game for the girls against a strong Wilderness team. Our defence and midfield did really well to keep them at bay for as long as we could, with great tackling and clearing from Lucy, Monika, Asha and Alicia. Jackie did well in goals and both Lidia and Ella were great out wide. Next week girls!  Nathan Reade (Coach)

Year 6 – Saints 1 defeated by Loreto Gold 3
The team played a competitive game. Alyssa Piantadosi and Stella Spalvins did a great job as our goalkeepers, blocking some crucial shots. Lucy Lowry was excellent in midfield, skilfully dribbling past the Loreto players and scoring our only goal! Special mention also has to go to Jiahui Zhang and Lucy Shigeno for kicking some great long balls out of defence. The other coach, Mary Stavrou, and I were very pleased with how the girls played in their first game, and we’re keen to get back out there and continue developing our skills. – Ellie Anderson (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness Red 3
The girls played a fantastic first game, putting in a very strong defensive effort against a tough opponent. Consistent effort and persistence on the ball led to a very close game. The midfielders showed an impressive work rate, especially captain Aleiyah Abraham, helping shots on goal as well as keeping opposition goals to a minimum. Thank you to our goalkeepers Nishka Soodan and Eleni Schulze, and well done to goal scorer Izzy Huf. – Beth Cross

Year 3-4 – Saints 7 defeated Loreto 3
The sun was shining on a beautiful day as 13 keen girls laced their soccer boots for the first game of season 2020. The buzz was exciting and the game started at a frantic pace. Lauren Disney threaded through 4 first half goals and Beatrice Tolley added another to our impressive tally. Lois Burton-Howard again proved why she is such a valuable goalkeeper, thwarting many attempts by Loreto. She was well supported by experienced defenders Captain Abbie Tulloch and Valentina Patino who showed excellent composure for the second year in a row. The younger students in the squad quickly got themselves into the mix, with Mathilda Begg and Emily Robinson setting up goals for their teammates. The speed in conjunction with the selfless passing game truly impressed the Coach and spectators. Sylvie Flavel tried her hand in goals for the second half, which also saw Christina Balasis score a beautiful goal and Lauren Disney take her total to 5 for the match. – Mark Routley (Coach)

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