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From the Director of Teaching and Learning

N Scoggins - webLast week, our students in Years 9, 10 and 11 made their subject selections for next year and so we are now into the complex process of constructing the 2020 timetable. There will always be a small number of students who will be asked to fall back on reserve subject choices and, in short, think as flexibly as possible. It is worth remembering that, by creating timetable blocks based on student choices rather than asking for choices to be made from pre-designed blocks, we as a School are being as flexible as possible from the start of the process.

Making subject choices is often tied in with broader thoughts about ‘what I want to be when I grow up.’ This is a question that many young people dread, of course. Some people know the answer from a young age, but many do not. To complicate things further, the world itself is changing more quickly than ever. There are ex-students of mine, now in their early twenties, working in fields that did not exist when they were making subject selections at school five or six years ago.

Al Alvarez is a respected writer and critic who, in 1999, published his autobiography, entitled “Where Did It All Go Right?” He has lived what seems in many respects to be an enviable life. He is a published novelist and poet, and he wrote a bestselling book inspired by his friendship with Sylvia Plath in the early 1960s. Whilst writing and literary criticism have underpinned his ‘career’, he has also been a world-class poker player and a serious mountaineer, as well as an expert on oil rigs . He turned 90 on Tuesday; his most recent book is about the health benefits of wild swimming in public lakes. Rather than crediting specific subjects, he credits his school years more generally with giving him the appetite for life and new experiences that has served him so well ever since. His life is a salient reminder that we should look to the future with excitement – it is full of possibilities.

Nigel Scoggins
Director of Teaching and Learning

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Meet our Newest Saints Girls

W3 - New Mid-Year Receptions

The Mid-Year Reception students have settled beautifully into their new classroom. We have had a wonderful and very productive first few weeks of school. The girls have been working hard to learn the routines of school life and enjoyed the many experiences school has to offer. We have been enjoying stories, becoming familiar with the mathematical materials available in the classroom, finding out which picture box we ‘take care of’ on the THRASS chart and enjoying our daily specialist lessons. The girls have already created wonderful self-portraits with oil pastels and water colour in their Art lessons. A highlight was the start of our daily sharing where each student brought a bag with three or four items that they could share with their class so we could all get to know more about each other. I know the remainder of the year will be both positive and rewarding for the girls and their families.

Sarah Lane
Mid-Year Reception Teacher

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A Message from the Patteson House Captain

W3 - Winter Interhouse

This week, girls in the Middle and Senior Schools will proudly represent their Houses playing five different sports in a contest for the Winter Interhouse shields. The competition kicked off this afternoon with all four Houses showing their skills in Aussie Rules. Tomorrow morning, there will be plenty of action with Soccer, Middle and Senior Netball, Hockey and Badminton.

Winter Interhouse is one of the highly-anticipated events on the calendar, along with Sports Day, Swimming Carnival, Summer Interhouse and Choral Night where the Houses compete against each other in a fun environment. The strength of House spirit at Winter Interhouse is clearly evident by the volume of the cheering and the encouragement that the girls give their teammates. All games bring out the best in the girls as they demonstrate fair play, determination and encouragement.

One of the great things about Winter Interhouse is the ability for every girl to participate. The House team for each sport is predominantly made up of girls who compete in that sport for the School on a regular basis. The remaining positions in the teams are filled with girls who volunteer to play. With five different sports on offer, there is plenty of variety and opportunities for every girl to play, to try a new sport, or provide support and encouragement for their House teams. Interhouse competitions are valuable in facilitating the bonding of girls within a House and between girls in different year levels.

As Patteson House Captain, I am impressed with the enthusiasm of the girls in my House to participate, in particular, those girls who volunteer to fill positions in sports they have never played before. I believe the girls are prepared to put themselves out of their comfort zone because they are confident that the other girls will welcome them into the team and encourage and support them.

Nicolette Miller
Patteson House Captain

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Senior Drama Production – I, Pandora

W2 - Senior Drama Production

The senior Drama students have been working hard on their production for this year – I, Pandora. An original piece, it interweaves the ancient tale of Pandora with a more contemporary story of a woman whose choices open the lid on a range of unfortunate consequences.

Tickets for tonight’s show can be purchased at the door ($10 Adult and $5 Student/Concession).

Congratulations to the cast and crew on this excellent production!

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New Pathways STEM from Uni Program


Early in Term 2, four Year 11 students were selected to attend a four day STEM Girls Program run by UniSA. I was lucky enough to be selected along with Emily Downie, Emily Loh and Ehi Oyugbo. The program encourages school-aged girls studying STEM subjects to pursue a career in a STEM-based field through STEM-based activities and by providing industry connections.

So far, we have completed two inquiry days at UniSA’s Magill Campus that have been focused on Biomechanics and the mathematics behind a fireworks show. It has been great to be surrounded by like-minded students from other schools and get a taste of university life. Later this term, we will attend a STEM networking dinner as well as visit a variety of businesses linked to STEM industries which we are all looking forward to!

Olivia Goldsmith
Year 11 student

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Footballer Kicking Goals on National Stage

W3 - Football 1

From 27 July, I was fortunate to represent SA in the School Sport Australia Girls 15U Australian Football Championships. The team flew to Launceston on the Saturday and arrived home the following Sunday.

During our time away, we played five games; our team won three and lost the other two to Victoria in a minor round game and the Grand Final. Unfortunately, Victoria were too strong, finishing with a convincing win in the final. However, we were proud to be the first U15 South Australian female team to make a Grand Final. Prior to the carnival, a selection process involved try-out sessions over four consecutive Sundays. A final squad of 25 was then selected which trained for a further five weeks in the lead up to the carnival. We were privileged to have AFLW Crows player Eloise Jones as an Assistant Coach. Eloise was a great mentor and we learnt so much from her. Football plays a significant role in my life. I play for school, Hectorville and Norwood. I found the State experience extremely beneficial as it has enhanced my football skills, thus motivating me to become the best player I can be.

Ella Dnistriansky
Year 9 student

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Green Team Unite for Selwyn House Dinner

W3 - Selwyn House Dinner

Selwyn House was transported to the extravagant Met Gala on Friday night after a week of celebrating being green. With the theme of ‘Camp Met Gala’, we had some extraordinary outfits, and literal camping tents, bushes and campers. It was a fun night filled with plenty of food, drinks, dancing and games. It was a great bonding experience for the House and a very enjoyable night.

Amy Carrodus
Selwyn House Captain

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Special Steps to Help the Homeless

W3 - Walk

Earlier this term, students were asked to consider what they thought were some ‘needs’ in our community. This was a deliberately open-ended task so that they could share the variety of ways in which each person approached the idea.

This led to significant discussion surrounding those who are homeless in our local community, and the challenges they face each day. There are nearly 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia every year. Some students suggested that it would be helpful if we could act upon this by supporting the Hutt Street Centre.

From a little idea, big things grew. The girls soon discovered that the Hutt Street Centre holds an annual ‘Walk a Mile in My Boots’ event; an awareness campaign to support people doing it tough. What started as a few interested participants increased to approximately 40 students and parents registering to be involved in the walk to not only support those in our community, but to experience what it is like on a cold, winter’s morning to walk one mile to find something to eat and a friendly face. Through their registration alone, the students’ involvement will allow the Hutt Street Centre to provide three hot meals for over 200 people in need.

An excellent example of how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Year 6 students

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Save The Date – SACE Music Concert

W3 - SACE Music Concert

Our senior Music students are steadily working towards their SACE Solo and Ensemble Performance Summative Assessments which will form the basis of our upcoming SACE Music Concert at 7pm on Thursday 12 September. Stage Band, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Concert Band and Enchante will perform as many of our students use these ensembles to gain 10 SACE credits in Ensemble Performance. We will also hear many solos. Entry is free and we encourage audience members to bring their own drinks and nibbles.

Please come along and support our senior Music students from 7pm on Thursday 12 September (Week 8).

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Book Week 2019

W9 - Book Week

Dress Up Day will be held on Friday 23 August 2019

Come dressed as your favourite book character! There will be class parades during a special Junior School Assembly at 8.40am in the Arts Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend.

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Families Dish Up Generous Support

W3 - Volunteers

Our sincere thanks to all the families this year who have so generously cooked soups, pastas and casseroles for the Mary Magdalene Drop In Centre. The Junior School families provided generously last Saturday night when more than 100 patrons of the Centre turned up for dinner.

Many thanks to our parent volunteers on the night: Inca Pearce, Helen Klopf, Cate Eaton, Isabel Tolley and Dorothy Noskovic for heating, serving and washing up with good grace and a ready smile for the patrons.

This was our last opportunity to assist the Centre for 2019, however, we are thrilled to announce that due to the generosity of our families during the year, we will be making a $1200 donation to the Centre which will represent the largest single donation the Centre has received in some time.

Thank you again for your support!

Susanna Anderson
Parent Coordinator

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Share the Dignity Campaign – Can You Help?

As part of our Health programs, St Peter’s Girls is once again participating in the Share the Dignity campaign. August is collection month for sanitary products to help the 85,000 homeless women and teenage girls who either can’t easily access or afford these necessary items. Collection boxes will be available in various classrooms and the Library for the girls to place their donations. I would love for our School community to be aware of what we are doing and to embrace this charity.

To learn more about the Share the Dignity initiative, click here.

Sonya Risbey
Physical Education/Health Teacher

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OSA Movie Afternoon Fundraiser

W3 - OSA Movie Night_eNews Banner

The OSA is delighted to be hosting a movie fundraiser – ‘Downton Abbey’ – on Saturday 14 September at 1.30pm at The Regal Theatre.

Please join us for a relaxing afternoon watching the movie which picks up in 1927, about a year and a half after the series finale was set, and revolves around the good folks at Downton preparing for a very special visit from the King and Queen of England.

Tickets are $20 via; the price includes a drink (soft drink or bubbles) on arrival and chocolates.

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Planning Ahead: The US & UK Application Timeline

W3 - Crimson Education

10 September at Loreto College

If you are in Years 9 – 11 and want to have the option of studying in the US or UK straight after high school, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about the application process as early as possible. This information session, run by Crimson Education, will show you how to prepare for overseas admission and will provide tips on how to apply alongside your SACE or IB.

Click here for free group tickets.

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Wool Donations Needed

W9 - Environment Club 2

The Environment Club is collecting any spare wool that you may have at home and no longer wish to use. Members will be taught how to crochet squares, which will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless. We would greatly appreciate any wool to help us reduce costs. If you do have spare wool, please send it to school with your daughter and she can deposit it in the box at Student Services.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Lucy White and Lucy Young
Environment Club Leaders

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Upcoming House Dinners

W1 - House Dinner

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the Trybooking links below to purchase your daughter’s ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: Through The Ages
16 August (Week 4)
Book now:

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Op Shop
30 August (Week 6)
Book now:

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: American High School
13 September (Week 8)
Book now:

Year 12 House Captains

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Would You Like to Join Our Amazing Team of Volunteers?

W3 - Star Program

Our Learning Strategies volunteers are all enormously valued within the department and the broader School community. Our girls LOVE working with them, and the teachers are so appreciative of their generous donation of energy, expertise and enthusiasm. We have some exciting developments within our department in 2019 and we’d love you to join us.

Our volunteers work with our girls on areas such as literacy anywhere between a couple of lessons a week through to a couple of days per week. They include parents, grandparents, Old Scholars, retired staff and university students who are keen to gain further experience working with children.

Please make contact ASAP to register your interest via:

Catherine Kelly – Junior School
Susan Bassett – Middle and Senior School

We will send you a volunteer information sheet to fill out and then invite you in for a chat. We will also provide training for some of our Junior School programs.

Learning Strategies Team

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Kidz Biz Education Evening

You are warmly invited to the Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education Evening on Thursday 22 August in the Arts Centre.

Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education is for students and their parents. The sessions are designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. They are highly interactive sessions, providing parents/guardians and students an introduction to basic personal growth and social development education. Traditionally known as the ‘birds and the bees’, these sessions will be presented in a manner that is not awkward or threatening, where students can learn about the human body and the amazing things it can do. The evening will be broken into two sessions for the following year groups, and the cost will be covered by the School.

Years 2 – 4: ‘Where Did We Come From?’ – 6 to 6.50pm
• Myths about where babies come from
• Conception
• Fertilisation
• The nine month foetal development
• The birth process

Years 5 and 6: ‘What’s Happening To Me?’ – 7 to 7.50pm
• Puberty (physical and emotional)
• Body image and media influences
• Dealing with parents

We hope to see many parents and students attend these sessions.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Community Golf Day

W1 - Community Golf Day

St Peter’s Girls’ Community Golf Day will be held on Thursday 14 November.

Book your spot to play on the day and network with other community members and businesses connected to our School:

Community Golf Day Information

If you require further information about this event, please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations office via or 8334 2244.

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Notification of Student Absence

Please notify the School via one of the following methods for late arrivals/early departures and absences.

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)
Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to also include the Class/Home Group teacher when sending via email.

Please note: when arriving late (after 8.30am) or leaving early (before 3.30pm), students are required to sign in/out through the Front Office.

Please ensure you label all items of clothing and personal belongings. Unnamed lost property items can be located in the Front Office.

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Reminder to Dog Owners

A reminder that all dogs visiting the school grounds must be kept on a lead and under the control of an adult at all times, and must not go inside school buildings or into the ELC grounds. Additionally, they are not to impede the walkways when students and families are moving through the grounds. It is also expected that owners pick up after their dogs. We thank you and your dog for your cooperation.

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Saints Girls Now on Instagram!

W1 Instagram Banner

The School is proud to launch our newest social media offering to celebrate our fantastic community.

We look forward to sharing exciting images and cutting-edge videos showcasing life at Saints Girls. Be a part of the action and follow us via @stpetersgirlsschool

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Sports News

W3 - Sport


Open – Saints 1.0-6 defeated by Wilderness 6.6-42
The girls fought hard for the entire game. Despite the score not being in our favour, the girls got better as the match progressed. By the fourth quarter, they were playing like a strong team, talking with each other and laying some hard tackles. It was great to see the girls get muddy towards the end with the small amount of rain we had. Best players were Ellie Anderson, Saskia Jonats and Portia Maerschel. They read the play really well and subsequently made some great marks and tackles. The girls should be proud of their efforts and I can’t wait to see what the next game holds for us. – Isabella Bernardi (Captain)

Middle – Saints 0.0-0 defeated by Wilderness 3.8-26
The team played a tough game against Wilderness. Chloe Porter played in midfield for most of the match, constantly making strong attacks on the ball. Ellie Humphrey kept a solid approach to the ball, getting it closer and closer to our goal square. Lauren Parton made multiple confident leads and succeeded in dodging away from defenders. Daisy Kennett was also one of our best players thanks to her strong tackles putting lots of pressure on Wilderness. Emily Bryce played very well, making attacks on the ball and getting out of trouble. Well done to these girls for helping out our team! Although we didn’t score, we definitely didn’t make it easy for Wilderness and our communication skills were advancing throughout the game. We all played well together as a whole team and with each game, there is noticeable improvement. – Eva Young


Last Saturday, our teams won three out of five games against Immanuel, Seymour and Wilderness. Congratulations to the A team girls who once again defeated a strong opponent and remain undefeated so far in the season. The Single 3 and 4 players have had some intense and fabulous games but were unfortunate to lose by just a small margin. We realise that there is still a lot of room for improvement in skills and strategies in dealing with different kinds of opponents. All the girls played really well and demonstrated positive results from the trainings. The Open E girls achieved their best match results of the season, which clearly shows a great effort and improvements. It is wonderful to see the girls playing with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and try new things on court. Well done everyone! – Amy Li (Captain)

Open A – Saints 4 defeated Immanuel 2
Open B – Saints 6 defeated Immanuel 0
Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Immanuel 1
Open C2 – Saints had a BYE
Open D – Saints 2 defeated by Seymour 4
Open E – Saints 3 defeated by Wilderness 3 (on points)


Year 6 Blue – Saints 16 defeated Seymour Blue 4
The team played a great first quarter in the rain to lead 12-2 and then it became much heavier and the court was flooding so the game was called off. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 6 defeated by Pembroke 16
The game was cancelled in the second quarter because of conditions. The girls started slow but began to build momentum before the game ended. – Jacob Evans (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 8 defeated by Walford 42
Although the girls didn’t get a win, they still managed to maintain a positive attitude, especially with only having five players. The girls ran hard and never gave up. Penelope scored 6 points with the help of the other girls working as a team. Their defence has improved vastly compared with the previous game, and no matter what the other team threw at them, they never gave up. – Kelly Laird (Coach)


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The girls played a brilliant game against Seymour! Despite the 1 goal score difference, everyone showed improvement from the past few games and fought extremely hard to the end. Well done to Emma Carrodus for scoring off a short corner. All across the field, the girls played well, from Charlotte Creek and Georgina Keough in centre back to Amelie Eaton and Holly Cardone in attack. Congratulations to Emily Whittaker, Georgia Hoskins and Lady Murphy for playing their first game in Open A! – Olivia Goldsmith (Captain)

Open B – Saints did not play


Under 13 – Saints 13 defeated Wilderness 4
We played Wilderness at our home grounds at Burnside Lacrosse Club. We started out the first quarter even with both teams scoring 2 goals. In the second quarter, we pulled ahead with 2 more goals despite the amazing effort of the opposition goalie. The girls continued with some beautiful shots ending in another win with Emily Bates and Lara Maione contributing 4 each. – Caitlyn Grayson (Coach)

Under 11 Blue – Saints 11 defeated Eagles 4
It was our third time playing Eagles and the girls performed very well. Neela (Year 3) showed determination when never giving up on ground balls and did well at running hard down the field to be an option in attack. Claris Stolcman (Year 3) positioned herself in front of the goal several times, caught the ball and shot hard around the goalie. Amelia Lively (Year 3) also did well in attack as she caught multiple balls and passed them off quickly to open players. At half-time, the score was 4-all and the girls were eager to win. Ruby Kelly (Year 3) moved herself around the goal to increase her angle to shoot well. Our goalies for the match were Lilly Meo (Year 3) and Chelsea Francis (Year 3) who stopped many goals by using their bodies. It was a great effort by all the girls. Goal scorers were Claris (8), Amelia (2) and Lilly (1). Best players were Neela, Claris and Amelia. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 White – Saints 1 defeated by East Torrens/Payneham 9
It was a tough game for the team as their opposition proved to be strong competition. It took a few quarters for the team to become cohesive and alert, which ETP took advantage of. Despite the score, the team had numerous game plays that showed their improving stick skills and ground balls. A special mention to Lois Burton-Howard who played a wonderful, energetic game. She scored the team’s goal, which was made possible through good teamwork and contribution by all members. Eliza Burmester also played a great game, contributing enthusiastically to the team. At training, we will look at purposeful passes and moving away from defenders to get clear, accurate passes. Good job girls, keep practising as this was a learning opportunity for our team – onwards and upwards! – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Open A – Saints 52 defeated Wilderness 32
Saints played an amazing game against Wilderness, winning by a 20-goal margin. Every player knew it was going to be tough, but Saints performed all strategies learnt in training to work the centre corridor and did their best to stick to structure. All girls executed short, sharp and smart passing down the court with Anna White, Sarah Wishart and Alexia Politis showing great patience throwing the ball to Sivi Sivasuthan and Nicolette Miller in the ring. The shooters worked well together, rebounding all missed shots and playing with confidence. Once again, Charlotte White, Ehi Oyugbo and Hannah Freemen were an incredible last line of defence and were outstanding in putting pressure on the goalies and mid-court. A big thank you to Charlotte White, a former player, for filling in and being an excellent addition. Nicolette, Ehi and Hannah were the best players. Nicolette rebounded every goal she missed, giving second efforts and becoming more confident in herself which was easily identified on and off the court. Both Hannah and Ehi were unbelievable in applying continuous efforts in defence and helped keep the oposition’s scoring to a minimum. A great team effort by all! – Sivi Sivasuthan (Captain)

Open B – Saints 16 defeated by Wilderness 33
With all the Open B goalies sidelined with injury or illness, beating Wilderness was always going to be tough task. Amelia Pudney (Open C), Eliza Murray (exchange student) and Adele Eaton (9A team) all worked hard in goals to try create as many opportunities as they could to score. Anda Ceplite did especially well in defence, making consistent intercepts, and Isabella Bernardi worked hard down the court, always being a free option. Despite the score, the girls had a great time playing and worked really hard throughout. They played with a positive spirit, as always, and I wish them all luck in Interhouse! – Eve Habel

Open C – Saints 24 defeated by Wilderness 37
Our team lost to Wilderness after an extremely well-fought game. Wilderness had a very strong team and the girls worked hard defensively to prevent goals. All of them managed to lead and use the space well, converting turnovers into goals. Saints placed pressure on Wilderness as best they could until the very end. Despite this effort, Wilderness proved too good, but many valuable skills have been learned. – Sophie Barr

Open D – Saints 21 defeated by Wilderness 40
Despite losing, our team has significantly improved our play and camaraderie since playing together for the first time at the beginning of Term 2. We are now more familiar with each other’s strategies on court and have grown more comfortable in our positions, which we expect will help us for the rest of the season. A big thank you to Hilary Clark and Grace Richards for filling in for us! – Lucy White

Open E1 (Year 12) – Saints 29 defeated Seymour 28
The girls played a solid game. We didn’t have a strong start as intended in the first quarter. However, we slowly came back. In particular, the last quarter was very strong with both offence and defence getting hands to the ball and working it down the court to successfully finish each turnover with a goal. We will focus on starting future matches strongly and continuing that throughout. – Georgina Bafile

Open E2 (Year 12) – Saints 32 defeated Seymour 14

Year 9A – Saints 34 defeated Wilderness 33
The conditions meant the court was damp, causing the ground to be slippery. It was a slow start, with many little mistakes being made. We lost the first quarter, but we started to play better towards the end, with attackers moving and leading more effectively. The quality of our passes also improved. The second half was a much higher standard and we won both quarters. We started to work better as a team and put continuous pressure on the opposition, causing numerous turnovers. The last quarter was extremely good quality. Our team performed very well under pressure, with us winning by 1 goal. – Ruby Deakin

Year 9B – Saints 27 defeated by Wilderness 45
Although we lost, the girls never gave in. We played a good game and put up a strong fight. Sophie Norman played a great game, getting lots of intercepts. Our attack moved the ball well, with Dayna Petruzzella in GA and GS scoring many goals and securing several intercepts. Even though we didn’t win, we played a great game and never lost spirit. – Sarah Gulliver

Year 9C – Saints 19 defeated by Concordia 31
Even though we lost, we all played reasonably well. We can work on our intercepts and receiving rebounds. The defenders did well at intercepting in the centre third after the centre pass. The attackers were good, and we can improve our passes into and in the goal circle as that was one thing that let us down, but other than that, everyone played well. Even though we didn’t win, there are elements we can work on. – Annie Bafile

Year 9/10 – Saints 6 defeated by Seymour 63
Although all the girls worked really well as a team, the other side had some top shooters and they were very good at intercepting the ball. We need to work on staying on our player and our passing to the right people. Sometimes, when no one comes forward for the ball, it gets intercepted by the opposition. Overall, we tried our best and it was a great game. – Hattie Xu

Year 8A – Saints 46 defeated Wilderness 25
We worked together well in the second half, finishing off the game strongly. Ellie Humphry had an amazing match, playing centre all four quarters and staying committed throughout. Annie Warrick also played a great game in GA. She moved well around the circle, getting most of the goals. Another special mention goes to Maddie Harrex. Despite her injured ankle, she came on in the second half, helping the team to move the ball down the court. – Chloe Porter

Year 8B – Saints 34 defeated Wilderness 11
The 8Bs played a terrific game. Everyone did their best and got the ball down to goal without much difficulty. Our defence was strong and backed up by our Centre, Pearl Richards. Our attack was fast and quick-thinking, especially our shooter Charlotte Staples, who made great leads and scored awesome goals. Our overall passing could be improved, but we made up for it with persistence and energy. Our most reliable player was Grace Beaumont, as she was always in the right place and got in almost every goal. We are constantly learning about how each other plays, and using everyone’s strengths to our advantage. Let’s go Saints! – Samantha Keough

Year 8C – Saints 28 defeated Wilderness 14
The whole team played really well as the opposition was challenging. It was an outstanding game with a lot of plays coming into place. The defence played exceptionally well in trying to bring the ball back into attack. The girls had high intensity which paid off with a well-deserved win. Our defence worked really hard, making intercepts and passing the ball down the court. We had excellent teamwork, which really showed as we carried the ball down to our shooters Lydia Tolley and Georgina Wakeham. Everyone played an outstanding game, and even though it was challenging, we ended up with an amazing win. Coach Lulu Tierney named the best players as Isobel Yelland and myself. – Phoebe Black

Year 7A – Saints 38 defeated Wilderness 14
In the first quarter, we started out really strong and had some good plays in our attacking end into the goal circle. We also made some amazing intercepts in our defensive end, preventing goals. In the second quarter, we started solidly and then had a couple of minutes when Wilderness scored some goals, but we didn’t drop our heads, and we finished the quarter strongly. We did the same throughout the game, securing a great win. – Lilli Bennett

Year 7B – Saints 11 defeated by Wilderness 44
Saints played a tough game against Wilderness. Amazing efforts in defending from Olivia Oakes, and from Ayla Blaskett, Ruby Adams, Ruby Powell and Marcella Tolley in the goal circle. Ayanna Roy and Charlie Edwards played very well in the mid-court, creating many good leads to help get the ball to our shooters. In the first half, we gave the ball to the other team on several occasions, but we stepped up in the second half. Overall, a great effort but unfortunately we were unable to pull out a win. – Stephanie Andrejewskis

Year 7C – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 40

Year 4 Blue – Saints 10 defeated Wilderness Gold 2
The girls played a great game which ended early due to the heavy rain. Showing their give-and-go skills, moving the ball down the court and passing into goals were Rishita Raghav and Romana W who shot with accuracy. Our 3-feet hands over defence turned over many balls which was great to see. – Karen Braund (Coach)

Year 3/4 White – Saints 1 defeated Wilderness 0
Unfortunately, the game was cancelled half-way through the second quarter but the girls came to the game with a positive attitude. In the first quarter, they were determined for all the loose balls and treasured the balls when they had it in their possession. Good game girls, we can’t wait for the next one.

Year 3 – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 4
The game was cancelled halfway through, but the girls had a good time with many intercepts and rebounds. They also communicated well with each other. They had warmed up enthusiastically, which provided a positive outlook. The girls had a great game and are pumped up for the next one. – Georgia Hoskins


Open A – Saints 0 drew with Seymour 0
The wet, muddy conditions made it difficult to shoot and score goals, which meant that the final score was 0-0. I was very pleased with how the girls played despite the weather. Special mention to Kendra Ware who played goalkeeper for the whole game and didn’t let a single shot in, even a penalty. Millie Wilkin made some very strong tackles and, as always, did a great job as right back. Annie Bradshaw also did a great job in midfield. She intercepted many through-balls and kicked quite a few for Isabella Villani to run onto. In the end, all the girls walked off the field freezing and covered in mud, but all were smiling and proud of our efforts. – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 4

Middle A – Saints 1 drew with Seymour 1
Despite the dreary weather, the girls started the match determined to put up a fight. With a powerful shot, Lysiane Franchi put us 1 goal up early on, and the girls worked hard to defend their position for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, Seymour managed to score from a scramble after a corner, and Saints did not have enough time to score a second goal. Mary Stavrou and Georgia Barclay should be commended on their continuous hard work throughout. – Dom Rigby

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 5
In a day that saw the weather deteriorate leaving all players (and spectators) cold and wet, the girls braved the elements. Despite a slow start and some confusion in defence which allowed Seymour to score, the girls always enjoyed themselves and improved greatly in the second half. Lila Gosse scored her second of the season, and Saints had a better run of the play which wasn’t rewarded with more goals. – Kerry Hudson (Coach)

Year 6 – Saints 2 defeated by Loreto Gold 3
This was a great game. We were down 3-0 at half-time and the girls fought back to almost earn a draw. Awesome goalkeeping from Ash who saved a penalty, and well done to Grace who scored our goals. – Sebastiano Mazzarolo (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 6 defeated Wilderness Orange 0
The girls all had a top game and we got off to a great start. We still need to improve on spreading out and passing the ball. Thank you to all the girls who played for the other team so it would be a fair game. – Lucy Benn (Student Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 4 defeated Loreto 0
Friday afternoon marked the official start to the Year 3/4 Soccer season. The game was held at Loreto College and was the first for many of our players. The focus for the week at training had been accurate passing and placing pressure on the opposition, and the girls were quick to put this into practice. Our tight defence, including Lily Forby, Sophie Wiggins and Valentina Patino, efficiently moved the ball out of tricky situations. Beatrice Tolley and Chyndelle Capobianco displayed fierce tenacity when charging at the ball. Both teams had many shots at goal, with Lois Burton-Howard keeping a clean sheet in her first game as goalkeeper. The speed and skills of Lauren Disney impressed everyone who was watching as she slotted through 4 goals in her role as striker.

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