Enews – Week 3, Term 3 2017

Issue no. 23

From the Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

A glimpse of the future

Parsons, BrianIt is the wettest and coldest time of the year in Adelaide. Those of us who support the Adelaide Football Club are happy to linger in the present. However, even for Crows supporters, our thoughts naturally turn to early 2018: the height of summer. This will also be the time that our students begin the next phase of their school journey or, in the case of our Year 12s, a very new and different phase of their lives. Our planning for next year has begun in earnest, with our Year 9 and Senior School students currently making decisions for the future. Deciding what to do in the near future, let alone the distant future, is difficult and it is best to gain a variety of information from a variety of sources. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for our girls to access what they need to make informed choices.

This year we will again provide the opportunity for our girls to meet with excellent role models: our Old Scholars. Megan McCormack (Old Scholar Liaison Officer) and Karen Alderson (Careers Counsellor) have organised the Old Scholars Careers Networking Breakfast, to be held in the Arts Centre from 7.30 – 9am next Wednesday 16 August. This event connects students with a large number of Old Scholars in a variety of careers in an informal setting. Occasions such as this are an ideal way for students to find out what life is like for someone in a career of interest to them. Our Old Scholars have generously donated their time for the benefit of our students and I am pleased to advise that there are still places available for them.

For our Year 12 students, now is the time to combine diligent effort in their studies with looking ahead at possible future options, including further study, training and work. Karen Alderson has a wealth of knowledge about the wide variety of pathways available and the various ways our students can enter them.

Some of the biggest decisions about studies are made by our Year 10 students. Fortunately, the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) gives them the tools and knowledge to identify their strengths and interests, and helps them to identify careers that will best suit them. A major focus of the PLP is work experience, which our students completed at the end of last term. They also attended the Science Alive Careers Day at the Adelaide Showground last week.

It was pleasing to see the interest in the Subject Expo that was held on Thursday of Week 1. The mix of formal information sessions and informal opportunities for students and parents to discuss subjects with teachers appears to be a popular feature of our subject counselling process. Our Year 9, 10 and 11 students have now made preliminary choices about their elective subjects for next year. Over the next two weeks, we will use this information to develop the timetable so we can provide the best possible match between the resources of the School and the individual needs of our students. There will then be the opportunity for students and parents to fine-tune choices. The key events for Year 10 and 11 students are the Academic Conferences on Tuesday 22 August, where students and parents can discuss specific current and future subjects with subject teachers, and Course Counselling on Thursday 24 August. Course Counselling is carried out by our Heads of Department, who have expert knowledge of the curriculum offerings and is informed by subject recommendations for each student from their subject teachers.

Brian Parsons
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

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2017 Premier’s ANZAC Spirit Award

W3 ANZAC Spirit Award

The Premier’s ANZAC Spirit Award is a competition run by the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD). It offers students from Years 9 and 10 the opportunity to research any servicemen and women from World War One to uncover some of the untold stories of bravery and sacrifice. St Peter’s Girls has a rich tradition of success in the competition, and in 2017, Year 10 student Hannah Brown is one of the successful recipients of the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit Award.

At Assembly on Monday 31 July, Hannah formally received her award from DECD representative Mr Malcolm McInerney who spoke glowingly of Hannah’s research and the significance of the award. Consequently, Hannah will join 12 other South Australian students on a tour of Vietnam in October to research Australia’s involvement in the conflict in south-east Asia from 1966-1972. The School was also recognised with a special plaque for our participation in the competition. Hannah has some remarkable insights into what motivated her to research her chosen subject:

I’ve always had an interest in history and how the world came to be the way it is today. Yet it isn’t only the facts that I enjoy learning about, but the fascinating stories created through time.

Entering the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit Prize set me the challenge of researching the personal story of a South Australian who served in the First World War. After coming across a newspaper article published in 1915, written by Sister Evelyn Claire Trestrail, a nurse who served in Antwerp, Belgium in 1914, I decided I would like to learn more about her story. Evelyn’s article recounted the story of the nurses and doctors serving in their hospital unit in Antwerp as part of the ‘Women’s Imperial Service League’.

After further research, I began to understand the challenging, yet fulfilling months Evelyn experienced in Antwerp, treating the constant stream of wounded men, all the while surrounded by danger. I was able to gain an insight into her thought and emotions, and was inspired by her positive, fun outlook despite fearful circumstances – one of the many ways Evelyn displayed the ANZAC spirit.

Finally, I was able to understand the fearful events of 7 October, when the hospital in Antwerp came under the direct line of German fire, and the gripping story of the nurses’ work to save their patients, and escape from the burning city.

Gregor Dingwall (Head of Humanities) and Hannah Brown (Year 10 student)

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Hockey takes a young talent to Perth

W3 Hockey2

Year 5 student Molly Dwyer is a rising star on the hockey pitch – so we sat down with her to talk about her love of the sport and her recent State team selection.

“I started playing hockey when I was six years old in the Under 9 competition. I have always loved hockey because it’s obviously a lot of fun, but also the friendships you make.

I made my first State team last year when I was 10. I made the Under 12 State team and we played in Cairns. This year I made the team again and will be competing in the Pacific School games here in Adelaide in December. I also trialled for the Under 13 Hockey State team and was so excited to be chosen for this team. We will be heading to Perth at the end of September. My goals for next year are to be chosen for the Under 12 and Under 13 State hockey teams.

I love to play hockey and I hope to be playing hockey for a long time and to continue to achieve my goals.”

Well done Molly, and all the best for your competition in Perth!

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Take a bow – Year 6 violinist to take the stage for a recital

W3 Violin

Our Junior School students are definitely shining bright inside and out of the School. Year 6 student Angel Li, a passionate violinist, will be performing a recital as part of the Spring 2017 Lunch Hour Series on 6 September at Pilgrim Church, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide at 12.10pm. Amongst her many awards is first place in the ’27 years and under Violin or Viola Solo’ at the 2016 Adelaide Eisteddfod. Angel kindly provided a few words about her experience playing the violin.

“It has been five years since I started playing the violin at the age of six. I still remember the day when I heard a very interesting sound and I thought to myself “what is that fascinating sound?” So I asked my parents and was told that it was the sound of a violin. Then I was attracted by the amazing sound and I wanted to start learning the violin.

“Rome was not built in one day,” that means that it takes a lot of practice until you are perfect. I practise around one hour a day. Although I have played numerous concertos and pieces, my favourites are Partita 3 in E major composed by Johanne Sebastian Bach and Meditation by French composer Jules Massanet.

I like to play the violin because it is a new experience and it develops your coordination. Also, playing the violin gives you opportunities to enter competitions and learn many new technique skills. In 2017 at the age of 10, I achieved a high distinction for AMEB Certificate of Performance exam. It is an unforgettable journey for me and I have learned to never give up and keep going until the end.”

Good luck for your upcoming recital Angel! Further details and ticket purchases can be made at

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Between These Lines – the 2017 Senior Drama Production

W2 Between These Lines

Come along and support the 2017 Senior Drama – performances are next week!

The Year 11 and 12 Drama students are working hard on their major group production which will be staged in Week 4 of this term. Another original play, Between These Lines explores the interconnections between people and the way in which our stories are interwoven and overlap. Following a range of characters through the course of one day, the play is funny, poignant and thought-provoking. For an entertaining night out – and the opportunity to see our senior drama students strut their impressive skills – plan on being in the audience on either Wednesday 16, Thursday 17 or Friday 18 August at 7pm. Bookings via

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English/Drama Teacher

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From the construction zone: new Library update

W3 Resource Centre

Master Plan progress continues at St Peter’s Girls! Following on from the successful opening of the new Middle School, construction now focuses on the new Library, which is located where the old Middle School was. The area has been cleared out, and the new balcony areas extended already (top right photo). It’s exciting to see how open and spacious the Library will be, with stunning views across Ferguson Park.

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Heartwarming Winter Drive Update

W3 Winter Drive FinalThe Winter Drive girls who launched the clothing appeal for needy families in Lebanon are excited to announce that donations have been sent by boat for delivery to a refugee camp:

We would like to thank everybody who contributed. As a School, we were able to send over 230 kilograms of warm clothes!

The clothing will take a few months to be delivered, nevertheless it will arrive just in time for winter in Lebanon! When it does arrive, we will be sure to present images of the families with what may be your donation.

If you were unable to donate an item of clothing last term, there are still ways to be involved. We will be holding a fundraiser later in the term to help cover the cost of shipping; we will keep you posted as soon as a date is set.

Again, thank you to everybody who donated to the Winter Drive, as it will most definitely make a big difference in many families’ lives.

Amira Shahin
Year 11 CAS student

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Reminder – Traffic Flow and Pick-up Procedures

Despite the extension of the Bell Yett Reserve car park, there is still significant traffic congestion at the conclusion of the school day. The Mid-Year Reception class finishes at 3.15pm each day, 15 minutes prior to the rest of the School. The girls, accompanied by their teacher, walk to the designated drop-off/pick-up zone. Parents are able to drive through and collect their daughters. In order for this to work safely and effectively, it’s imperative that all drivers are aware of the following:

> Cars must not be parked in the drop-off/pick-up zone;

> Drivers must not exit their car when in the drop-off/pick-up zone. If your daughter is
not in the designated area when you arrive to collect her, you must find legal parking
before exiting your car and coming to look for her;

> Senior staff will be on duty. If you are asked to move on, please do so. It may be
necessary to circle the block and rejoin the pick-up line;

> Girls must always enter or exit from the passenger side of the vehicle;

> Our girls’ safety is paramount and hence the driver’s full attention is required. Please
refrain from talking on your mobile phone whilst using the drop-off/pick-up zone;

> Out of consideration for others in line, girls should ‘load up’ quickly, allowing the traffic to move smoothly through the zone.

We appreciate that pick-up time can be a source of frustration, however if we all adhere to the guidelines above, it can be a positive experience!

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Year 9 Geography Fair Trade Expo

W3 Fair Trade

The girls in Year 9 have been exploring Fair Trade. They were set a complex task where they had to showcase different perspectives of various stakeholders on the topic, “Should ‘Colesland’ only stock Fair Trade chocolate?”

The students used the Centenary Wing breakout areas and classes to showcase what they think about Fair Trade chocolate. They presented their information to a group of Year 8 students, who rotated around to hear their various presentations. The students then assessed the presentations and voted on the issue.

The Scenario
Colesland is Australia’s biggest supermarket. They currently stock mainly non-Fairtrade chocolate with a limited supply of Fair Trade products. As a result of customer demand, they are considering changing to stocking only Fair Trade chocolate. Colesland has decided to host a meeting to discuss the issues.

Stakeholders include:
Executives from Colesland
Executives from Fair Trade
Cocoa growers from Ivory Coast (non-Fair Trade plantation)
Cocoa growers from Ivory Coast (Fair Trade plantation)
Socially conscious, chocolate addicted shoppers
Poor chocolate addicted pensioners
Bosses of Nestlebury’s (non-Fair Trade chocolate company)

The girls thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and had fun dressing up in character and presenting their case to eager listeners. Many went out of their way to ensure that the students tasted Fair Trade chocolate and non-Fair Trade chocolate to ensure they knew what the taste difference was. This may have helped steer the vote. The votes are yet to be counted so stay tuned to find out if Colesland will stock Fair Trade chocolate.

Anna Stefopoulos
Year 9 Geography Teacher

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Share the Dignity campaign – can you help?

W3 Share the Dignity

As part of our Year 8 and 9 Health programs, we are participating in the Share the Dignity campaign. August is collection month for sanitary products to help the 85,000 homeless women and teenage girls who either can’t easily access or afford these necessary items. I have a collection box in one Year 8 and one Year 9 classroom for the girls to place their donations. I would love for our School community to be aware of what we are doing and to embrace this charity.

To find out more about the Share the Dignity initiative, please visit or watch a video here

Sonya Risbey
Physical Education/Health Teacher

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Winter Interhouse – come along and support your House!

W3 Winter Interhouse
The Winter Interhouse is TOMORROW morning! If your daughter is not competing in a team, you are still most welcome to attend and cheer on your House! The first matches begin at 8am. The Saints Sport Support Group will be providing food and drink that can be purchased from the Food Tech Deck throughout the morning. As there is a School tour at 9am, and the Kirby Shaw workshops on at the same time, please be mindful of extra traffic in the car park and school surrounds.

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Music V.I.P. visits Saints Girls THIS WEEKEND!

Kirby Shaw Banner

The Concert Choir is currently refining its pieces for the upcoming Kirby Shaw Concert on Sunday August 13 to be held in our Arts Centre at 7pm. The American choral expert, a renowned arranger for over 50 years, is touring several SA schools including ours. The girls are particularly looking forward to combining with other schools in the big finale numbers, including with the boys from Prince Alfred College on Sunday. The concert will be an enjoyable and an eclectic mix of School and Community Choir performances from all over Adelaide.

Check out this video from the Concert Choir rehearsal today at lunchtime with Kirby Shaw.

Tickets can be purchased via

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Careers Networking Breakfast

W3 Careers Networking Breakfast

The Careers Networking Breakfast is an annual event where Old Scholars volunteer their time to act as mentors to our senior students.

The aim is to assist students in making informed choices about their career paths so they can select appropriate school subjects and tertiary courses. By partnering students with an Old Scholar who can speak to their areas of interest, we hope to provide students with access to real-world insights into vocational fields to inform these important decisions.
Mentors will be seated with a group of students according to the vocational interests.
For this event you will need to indicate your interest in the following fields:

Business Management
Health Sciences (Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology)
International Relations
Communications/Media/Event Management

The breakfast will be held in the Arts Centre on Wednesday 16 August, 7.15am arrival for a 7.30am start. The event will conclude at 9am.

Please book via

For inquiries, contact Karen Alderson via

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Book Week is almost here!

W2 Book Week

Dress Up Day will be held on Friday 18 August 2017

Come dressed as your favourite book character!
There will be class parades during a special Junior School Assembly at 8.40am in the Arts Centre

Parents are most welcome to attend!

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Wellbeing in Young Children

W3 Dr Tom Nehmy Workshop

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Support the Year 11 Cambodia Trip

W3 Cambodia Raffle

Buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win four tickets in a private suite at the Entertainment Centre to your choice of one of the following events:

11 DECEMBER 2017

Queen + Adam Lambert
27 FEBRUARY 2018

The Chainsmokers
17 OCTOBER 2017

7 OCTOBER 2017

The prize is valued at up to $2500. Tickets now on sale! Only 100 raffle tickets available via All money raised will go towards the Year 11 Cambodia Trip.

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Bus Driver Vacancy

W3 Bus

We’re seeking a new Bus Driver!

St Peter’s Girls’ School provides five personalised bus routes (Tea Tree Gully, Golden Grove, West Lakes, Southern and Hills) to collect students in the morning (from their designated location) and drop them off after school. The Bus Driver reports to the Bus Coordinator on all of the daily operations of the bus service. As a driver, it is your responsibility to check the oil, water and tyres on a daily basis. It is also your responsibility to fuel your bus. Each bus is supplied with a mobile telephone for parents to contact you should any changes occur. During school terms you will be rostered to work a morning and afternoon shift.

This is a casual position commencing as soon as possible. For more information and details on how to apply, please visit

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Personal and Social Development – Family Evening Sessions

Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education Evening

You are warmly invited to the Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education Evening on Tuesday 29 August in the Arts Centre.

Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education is for both students and their parents. The sessions are designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. They are highly interactive sessions, providing parents/guardians and students an introduction to basic personal growth and social development education. Traditionally known as the “Birds & the Bees”, these sessions will be presented in a manner which is not awkward or threatening, where students can learn about the human body and the amazing things it can do. The evening will be broken into two sessions for the following year groups:

Reception – Year 4 “Where Did We Come From?”
6.40 – 7.30pm
It will cover topics including:
• myths about where babies come from
• conception
• fertilisation
• the 9 month foetal development
• the birth process

Years 5 and 6 “What’s Happening To Me?”
7.40 – 8.30pm
It will cover topics including:
• puberty (physical and emotional)
• body image and media influences
• dealing with parents

We look forward to seeing you and your children at the Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education Evening on Tuesday 29 August in the Arts Centre. Please contact Suzanne Haddy if you require more information.

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Exciting news from the Tuck Shop!

W1 Tuck Shop

Due to considerable demand, the School is introducing an online ordering system for our Tuck Shop.

The Flexischools cashless program is used by schools around the country. Please note, the Tuck Shop will continue to accept cash and lunch bag orders at this stage.

To access the new service, log in to the myLink Parent Portal and select the “Tuck Shop” tab on the top menu. This will take you to the Flexischools site where you can set up and manage an account via the following steps:

  1. Register your details with Flexischools. Search for the School’s name (remembering to add the apostrophe in St Peter’s), add the student name, year level and class/home group teacher.
  2. Top-Up your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit.
  3. Place an order and proceed to payment.
  4. Review Orders by logging back in to your Flexischools account. You can set recurring orders, view transaction history or cancel orders.

What does it cost?
Canteen Online Ordering Fees:
$0.29 per order
Account Top-Up Fees:   
Direct Deposit $0.00
Credit card (Visa/Mastercard) $0.15+1%
PayPal $0.15+1%

For a demonstration of how to use the system, please watch this instructional video:

You can register today and place orders for Monday onwards. Orders can be placed up until 9.30am on the day of the order. The same deadline applies for order cancellations.

If you experience any issues with the ordering system, please contact Flexischools: or 1300 361 769.
If you have any menu-related queries or are too late to cancel an order online, email the Tuck Shop:

We hope you enjoy using this new service.

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The Long Lunch – featuring MC George Kapiniaris!

W9 The Long Lunch

Join us on a Greek Odyssey at the St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation Long Lunch

W2 The Long Lunch George
Sunday 24 September 12 noon – 5pm
Held at a secret location on the St Peter’s Girls’ School grounds

Tickets $120
Book at

Auction Items needed

The St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation is also seeking donations for our silent auction to be held at The Long Lunch. If you or a family member have any products or services you are able to donate, we are happy to promote your business. Every item counts and any donations will be greatly appreciated. Without the generosity of our community and our amazing volunteers, these events would not be possible. Thank you in advance for your kind and generous consideration.

Please contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244 or if you have any queries. Items can be dropped off to Melissa in the Community Relations Office.

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Golden Ticket Lottery – would you like to win $15,000 off your School fees?

Golden Ticket Enews Image

Visit to purchase your ticket in the Golden Ticket Lottery!

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Does your family have a connection to Woodlands Girls’ Grammar School?

Year 11 Scholarship information

The Elaine Balfour Ogilvy Scholarship is for girls who are planning to enter Year 12 next year, who attend an Anglican School and whose mother or grandmother attended Woodlands Girls’ Grammar School. It was created by the Woodlands Old Scholars in honour of a graduate, an Australian Army nurse who died in a massacre in World War Two after the fall of Singapore. The Scholarship is paid to the school to assist with the recipient’s Year 12 school fees.

Applications should include an introductory letter plus three copies of a CV, mailed to:

The President,
St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association
39 Partridge Street

Closing Date for applications is 30 August 2017.

Interviews will be conducted at St Peter’s Woodlands during October/November as an informal chat. The panel will be assessing attributes such as presentation, enthusiasm and personal initiatives, and we will take this opportunity to view certificates and awards which substantiate the applicant’s CV.

Louise Sorrell

For inquiries, please contact Louise Sorrell via

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2018 HASSE Space School International Study Program

W9 HASSE Space School

I am pleased to announce that St Peter’s Girls will be involved in the 2018 HASSE Space School International Study Program. Through our partnership with the Alliance of Girls Schools of Australasia (AGSA), our students have the unique opportunity to join other girls from participating Alliance schools on this once-in-a-lifetime, Science and Technology-based experience at NASA in the USA.

The program is tailored to expose the girls to women who are leaders in Science and Technology. It will give them access to NASA facilities and training programs, while learning foundation personal and leadership skills to apply through their school years and beyond.

For more information, visit

Please keep 15 August free as there is a one-hour information session about this international study program to be held at Seymour College’s Centre of Performing Arts.

Brian Parsons
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

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Sports News

W3 Sport

All students are once again reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information pertaining to their sport. If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me at


The School Athletics program continues to grow, with this week seeing 37 students from Years 4 to 12 attend on Wednesday morning. This term the focus is on assisting girls with extra coaching towards events on Sports Day. Girls can choose or rotate through events each session, including throws, jumps, sprints and distance running. We are also offering longer running training on Wednesdays for any students and/or parents who may be entering the Sunday Mail City-Bay and would like some extra sessions. Training starts at 7.10am and finishes at 8.10am.


Congratulations to the following students who have been named in the Under 15 SA Comets Lacrosse team: Abbie Lisle, Isabelle Norman, Kate Reade, Stephanie Smalls, Chelsea Walls and Millie Wilkin. The team will contest the national championships to be held in Perth from 1 to 7 October.


Many of our families travel to the snow during winter and we often have students who enter the South Australian Interschools Championships run by SASKI. We extend our congratulations to Lucy Steele-Scott (Year 8) who competed in the Women’s Division 3 and received a gold medal for first place.


Wednesday 2 August
Year 4 – Saints 5 defeated by Pembroke Green 11
The girls played a good game together, moving the ball well and making some great intercepts. Awesome team spirit shown, with players encouraging each other. – Karen Braun (Coach)


Wednesday 2 August
Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 2

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Walford 3
The girls started the game well, scoring the first goal. After half-time Walford were able to score three goals due to some lapses of concentration in defence. The girls kept trying until the end. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 2
A tough game to start off the term and, although the score line may not show it, the girls performed well. After going down by 2 goals in the first half, the girls fought back and had plenty of chances to get a goal or two back. Unfortunately, missing those chances meant the result stayed as it was but on another day could’ve easily gone our way. – Vincent Talladira (Coach)


Friday 4 August
Year 5 – Saints 4 defeated Loreto 1
In wet and windy conditions the team started the season with a dominant win. The girls pushed the ball around nicely, which enabled Florence Russell to score four great goals. Good team effort and congratulations to all players. – Peter Krantis (Coach)

Year 3/4 – Saints 4 defeated Loreto 1
The winter sky, dark and threatening, was the topic of discussion before the game began. The rain held off as the girls took to the field, with Anna Venning scoring her first goal quickly which energised the girls, providing them confidence for the first half. The play moved quickly and reminders for the girls to maintain their positions were frequent. Levanya De Silva commanded the backline like a general with exceptional foot skills, and Anna Venning scored again in the first half, making the most of her opportunities. The sky grew darker but the girls played the second half in a similar fashion. Then came the deluge, saturating and relentless. As the parents reached for their umbrellas, the children on the sidelines jumped under the tarpaulin. The players on the field were sodden but enjoyed their time on the pitch. The Year 4 players in their second season enforced the game plan and were quick to offer on-field leadership, putting old rules into place. Emily Bates, Lucy Tulloch and Aurelia Pyne all enjoyed their first game, actively getting involved. Sophia Langley looked comfortable in the forward line and scored a great goal in the second half, with Anna Venning chiming in with another goal to round off a magnificent hat-trick. Aurelia Pyne finished off her first fortnight at St Peter’s Girls by kicking a goal, making her transition even more memorable. Congratulations to everyone who braved the rain and really enjoyed themselves. – Mark Routley (Coach)


Saturday 5 August
This week the Open E1 and E2 teams played their fixture against each other at school. Both teams performed well, but the E2 team won 7 of the 9 matches. Congratulations to the Open C and D1 teams who defeated their opponents 6-0. Good luck to all Houses for Winter Interhouse next week; there should be some very exciting matches!

Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 5
Best player: Nancy Huang

Open B – Saints 4 defeated Wilderness 2
Best player: Lola Dimond

Open C – Saints 6 defeated Wilderness 0
Best player: Mahala Truscott

Open D1 – Saints 6 defeated Wilderness 0
Best player: Nicola Jones

Open D2 – Saints 3 defeated by Wilderness 3
Best player: Meredith Li

Open E2 – Saints E2 7 defeated Saints E1 2

Open E3 – Saints 5 defeated Wilderness 4
Best player: Charlotte Stewart


Saturday 5 August
Open A – Saints 4 defeated Loreto 0
This was another fantastic match played by the girls to follow a win the previous weekend. Our strikers used the space well and helped keep the options open for the midfielders. The talk and intensity was high throughout the game from all the girls. There was strong movement and control of the ball by the girls in the midfield, especially from Holly Cardone and Charlotte Creek who were playing exceptionally well. Our four goal scorers of the game were Grace Packer, Poppie Goldsmith, Emma Carrodus and Holly Cardone. Saints have definitely improved as a team over the past couple of weeks and we are hoping to cement our progress in the final weeks of the season. – Lara Khoury (Captain)

Open B – Saints 5 defeated Pembroke C 0
The Open Bs were dominant in their victory over Pembroke on the weekend. This began with Aroha Munroe and Georgina Keough at the back, who did not lose a contest and regularly passed the ball out into space for our midfielders to run on to. The connection between the backline and midfield was very good and the only downside was that, like the As, we had many chances that just missed or the goalie was able to get a foot on. It was excellent to see Ruby Thorp and Imogen Nienaber’s confidence grow through this season, and on Saturday they took another big step forward in feeling comfortable playing at this level with some hard tackling and beautiful 1-2 passes. Goal scorers were Holly Cardone (2), Aroha Munroe, Annabelle Black and Amelie Eaton. – Sophie Fry (Coach)


Saturday 5 August
Under 11 – Saints Blue 6 defeated Saints White 3
SA might have had its AFL Showdown last weekend, but Saints Girls had their own ‘rivalry’ match. The dynamic duo of Jenna and Lara Maione (Years 5 and 4) and their Saints Blue team were up against the other Year 4s and their Saints White team. We had swift running down the field by Sophie Lively, Hayley Webb, Madi Dornbusch, and Serae Stolcman (all Year 3), and the diligence of Ella Pearce (Year 2) sticking with her opponent. Thanks to Coco Dimond (Year 4), Elysia Scarr (Year 4), and Hayley Webb for all doing a stint in goals for their respective teams. Alannah Godfrey prevented shots on goal at one end, and then scored in attack, along with Mabel Cook and Lauren Pearce (all Year 4).  It was great to see all the players participating, helping in defence and assisting in attack; especially good was the use of the space behind the goals. Special mention goes to the parents for coming out and supporting the girls on a cold and windy day, and Millie Wilkin (Under 15s) for umpiring what would have been a very tough match to officiate. – Courtney Tasker (Coach)


Saturday 5 August
Open A – Saints 46 defeated Scotch 41
This week the girls came out firing for a tough match against Scotch College. The first quarter was hard fought, with the goal margin only minimal but still placing Saints in the lead. The intense defence, particularly Sophie Freeman’s tight pressure and hard-fought intercepts, helped the girls increase their lead and gain momentum against Scotch. The game continued to increase in intensity and contests became more important as the girls had to fight for every ball and every goal. The girls managed to pull away in the third quarter thanks to Abbey Goodwin’s precise feeding into the ring and the goalies capitalising on all of the defenders’ turnovers. The game finished with Saints Girls having another successful win and looking forward to knockout and the last few remaining games of the season. – Sophie Freeman and Abbey Goodwin (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 47 defeated by Scotch 53
The Open B girls had a close contest against Scotch on the weekend. The girls work hard as a team to create turnovers all over the court. Nikki was a strong target in the goal circle and was combining well with Brooke. The girls went down by 9 goals. Unfortunately, we were not able to win but there were lots of positives to come out of the match. – Alex Walker (Coach)

Open E (Year 12) – Saints 31 defeated Pembroke 22
This week the Year 12 social team had an impressive win, defeating Pembroke. We played a strong defensive game, with some great intercepts from Georgia Nicholls and Sarah Richards restricting Pembroke to just 4 goals in the first half. The second half was much closer but Saints showed great determination and the team is looking forward to playing the last few netball games at Saints and hopefully finishing our season off with some more wins. – Emma Mockridge (Year 12)

Open E (Year 11) – Saints 32 defeated Pembroke 18
It was a great game and all the girls worked collaboratively. We used some of the new drills and techniques from our training that week and worked well together to get the ball down to our goals. Special mention to Emma who did the splits on court with the ball, something she didn’t know she could do. Excellent shooting from all the girls this week and defensive pressure was fantastic. The team are really enjoying playing and deserved the win. – Ally Reade (Year 11)

Year 10B – Saints 8 defeated by Scotch 28
The girl played well as a team this week and, despite the score, the improvement in teamwork, as well as their individual progression since the commencement of the season, is showing. Difficulty in leading towards the ball caused a lot of turnovers and showed areas for further improvement. Best players to Olivia Law and Sarah Carrodus for their continual defensive pressure. – Emily Wishart (Coach)

Year 9/10C – Saints 5 defeated by Westminster 33
Unfortunately, we had to play the whole game with only six players. Despite this, the girls fought hard, pulled together as a team and played well, although the score didn’t reflect this. Many players did well to play out of position due to the lack of players. – Emily Braggs (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 22 defeated by Scotch 50
On Saturday the Saints 9A team played a Scotch team that featured a number of very tall players. Everyone played well and put up a good fight, especially the defenders who did their best to get the ball, although it was hard because the other team had an extremely tall shooter. The third quarter was our greatest performance and was no doubt the strongest. With these valiant efforts, we won the third quarter. In the end, everyone did a really good job. – Ruby Bouhamdan (Year 9)

Year 9B – Saints 18 defeated by Scotch 48
Despite the final score, the Year 9Bs played a very exciting game against Scotch College. The first quarter was relatively successful, as both sides’ defence and attack were excellent, with Saints only down by three goals. During the second quarter Scotch began to shoot more goals, resulting in a 10-point lead at half-time. Sometimes losses highlight which areas our skills are lacking in and suggest what skills we must focus on developing in training. For the defence, turning and blocking the shooters in the goal ring is something to work on, as this will hopefully reduce the number of goals scored by the other team. As for the attack, practising our leads from centre pass and further into court movement would be beneficial, as well as practising forming a line when setting up passes from the back and side lines. Overall, our team had a great game in terms of highlighting what we can do better for next time! – Lucy White (Year 9)

Year 8A – Saints 25 defeated by Scotch 28
This week the team had a tough game against Scotch and unfortunately couldn’t secure a win. By the end of the first quarter Scotch had 5-point lead, which made it difficult to close the margin. The girls managed to bring it back to only 2 goals down going into the last quarter, but struggled with their passing while still showing great determination and persistence. Despite the score, it was an excellent game and it was great to see the girls hold their heads up high for the entire game. – Amy Wishart (Coach)

Year 8B – Saints 8 defeated by Scotch 42
The girls had a difficult game this week against Scotch. With a few of our B team members away this week, some of the girls were trying out new positions and, despite the changes, did a fantastic job. Our passing let us down; however, there were some really great moments in the game, which definitely showed the improvement the team has made. Overall, it was good to see the girls implementing skills learnt at training and giving it their best! A big thank you to Olivia Kelly and Sophie Barr for staying to fill in for the team! – Amy Wishart (Coach)

Year 7A – Saints 10 defeated by Scotch 30
The final score in no way reflected how hard the girls worked, with the team providing plenty of opportunities but struggling to get past Scotch’s circle defence and convert their efforts. A good team performance and special thanks to our circle defenders, Lucy, Sarah and Chase! – Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B
Although the girls didn’t have a win this week, they still put in their best efforts on the court. Well done to girls who played in positions they were not as familiar with; you all did a great job. We had a lot of the ball during the game and were able to utilise the skills we have been focussing on, such as leading, dodging and getting in front of players. All areas of the court were strong and put up a good fight against a good side. – Georgia Naughton (Coach)

Year 7C – Saints 24 defeated Wilderness 5
Another fantastic match from the team on Saturday. The girls all contributed to a convincing win with multiple turnovers and great shooting by the goalies. Special mention to Georgia Langley who excelled in a variety of positions and Primrose Robinson who was strong in defence. The girls should be proud of their sportsmanship and team spirit. It was a pleasure to coach them in Sarah’s absence. – Lee Walker (Parent)


Year 10 –Saints 37 defeated by Henley 58
Saints faced Henley HS in a cut-throat match that would see the winner progress to the State finals. Despite a good warm-up, it was Henley who got out to a great start by making most of their opportunities to race to a 0-7 lead. Saints finally responded with 3, with Sivi Sivasuthan and Nicky Miller working together in the goal circle. Milly Wood and Charlotte White played determined games against a tall shooter who, when missing her shot, often caught the rebound. Brooke Elliott and Tahlia Towers provided great opportunities for Saints but again turnovers were telling and costly, allowing Henley to slip to a 10-point lead at half-time. Henley maintained pressure throughout the second half and, despite Rachel Kameniar making a number of good intercepts, Henley proved too strong.


Open – Saints 0 defeated by Nazareth 5
Saints’ progress in the knockout soccer would be governed by overcoming the current school champions, Nazareth. Playing on a full-size, synthetic pitch at Adelaide Shores was something new to a number of our players who took a while to gauge the speed of the ball. Nazareth opened the scoring about 15 minutes in when the Saints’ defence failed to stop one of their playmakers who guided the ball past best-on-ground, Talah Gobell, in goal. Saints’ defence held strongly, with Ellie Anderson and Bethany Cross both making telling tackles and clearances and Captain Dominique Rigby working tirelessly in midfield, with support from Siena Kulinski, Izzy Villani and Olivia Law. Down 0-3 at half-time, Saints had a determined second half and played significantly better but Nazareth’s strong defence made it tough for Funto Komolafe and Chloe Deieso to have many chances. Unfortunately, despite Talah’s great efforts in goal, Nazareth were successful 0-5.

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