Enews – Week 3, Term 3 2016

Issue no. 23

From the Head of Middle School

RichardLisle_webAs part of a joint AISSA project, Saints Girls have been working with internationally renowned educator, Yong Zhao. The project aims to challenge schools to re-conceptualise their learning programs to help teach and embrace an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’.

As has previously been communicated through the eNews, Professor Zhao has written and spoken widely about the need for schools to allow students to develop real world skills in idea generation, product development and analysis. He is one of a number of leading academics to have pointed out the steady increase in worldwide youth unemployment or underemployment, and how the change in work practices and increased mechanisation and technology will continue to produce challenges for graduating students over the coming decades. He believes passionately that students should have the chance to follow projects in areas in which they have a passion, and learn how to identify real problems and needs that they can find quality solutions for. In short, our students need to think ‘entrepreneurially’.

Our ‘Futures’ program in Years 7 and 8 already allows students to follow a project or projects over which they have large degrees of control, based upon areas of interest and passion. In 2017 we will be redeveloping this program so that concepts of entrepreneurialism will support all the projects that our students undertake. As well as having the opportunity to set up small businesses providing services or supplying products, we will also be urging our girls to consider social entrepreneurial projects. This year the Futures Textiles groups have been a great success, with many students combining new practical skills, with skilful teacher support and provocation, to launch financially (and educationally) profitable start-up companies. We are currently in the process of appointing a team member responsible for work in this area.

Crucial to the success of this new chapter in the life of the Futures Program will be the ability for our students to get feedback on their ideas, business plans and project management skills from experts in the field. Consequently, later in the year we will be formally launching the new program to the community with a view to tapping into the business, marketing, engineering and design expertise that we know is so prevalent in our parent and Old Scholar community.

The project with AISSA and Professor Zhao runs over three years and is called the Rudolph Group, named after the reindeer. Rudolph’s distinguishing feature was his beacon-like nose, which turned out to be rather useful. Our aim is to nurture all our girls’ unique talents and use them to create, as Professor Zhao puts it, ‘high quality solutions for real problems’.

Richard Lisle

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Winter Interhouse this weekend!

Summer Interhouse Enews

The Winter Interhouse competition for students in Years 7 – 12 will be held this weekend at St Peter’s Girls’ School. We invite all parents and guardians to join us for what will be a great school event!

Saturday 13 August:

Students are to report to School at 7.30am:

  • Netball – 7.45 to 9.30am
  • Badminton – 7.45 to 9.30am
  • Hockey – 7.45 to 9.30am
  • Soccer – 10 to 11.30am (report by 9.30am)

The Saints Sport Support Group will be selling breakfast from 7.30am, including bacon and egg sandwiches, sausages and cold drinks.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Student Voice: Kennion House Dinner

Kennion House Dinnerb

What a wonderful night it was! Kennion’s Tacky Prom was a dedication to our mothers and grandmothers who attended formals in what we see now as ‘eccentric’ outfits. Featured during the night were puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, sparkles, fake eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, excessive makeup and huge dresses. The Year 11s set up our amazing prom room which consisted of a dance floor, lolly bar, a photograph area and, of course, a punch bowl. Throughout the night all the girls participated in whole House games such as chaotic musical chairs, musical bobs, a fashion parade and ‘guess the Year 12 formal dress’ quiz. Our wonderful supporting parents provided a pasta dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. Full of dancing, laughing and singing, it was a night that I guarantee everyone will remember. On behalf of all the attendees, I would like to thank the many parent supporters (Years 9 – 12) that helped out on the night, the teachers for supporting our House and attending this event in their costumes (especially Miss Jones and Mr Trobbiani for supporting the Years 11 and 12 girls), the wonderful Year 11s who worked so hard to plan and organise the night and all the Kennion girls for contributing to the fantastic night. For my final House dinner, I hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did.

Alexandra Murray (Kennion House Captain)

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A Message from the EDGE (Extended, Differentiated and Gifted Education)

Becca-Burton-HowardGifted education is a subject that often promotes much thought and discussion. As the EDGE coordinator I often get asked what giftedness is, so I thought I would try and tackle that enormous question in as brief a response as possible, by starting with what we think giftedness is not. It is not a person, nor the epithet of what we should all aspire to. It is not a secret club and it is not ‘better than’. What it is, however, is a group of students who think and question in a similar way but are significantly different from their peers on the continuum of learning. It is more than just an IQ score; it is a set of behaviours which includes creativity, task commitment and high academic ability. It is not only academic, but also artistic and practical beyond what would normally be associated with that age group. It is not a noun; it is an adjective that describes behaviours!

For more information on the EDGE program click here.

Becca Burton-Howard
Gifted Education Coordinator

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Round 4 Debating and Public Speaking Update

Debating Club

Congratulations to our Middle and Senior debating teams for commencing Term 3 with very successful results for Round 4 Debating. Our Senior White team have now completed their minor round debates and have been undefeated through the entire season. Congratulations to the girls who are a part of this team – Jaida Bouhamdan, Mila Loechel, Alexandra Murray, Grace Callen, Olivia Habel, Carys Jones and Sophie-Louise Shearwood. Congratulations also to Sophie who was awarded Speaker of the Night in the secret topic debate last Wednesday on the topic, ‘The Olympic Games are worth it’.

Well done to Grace and Olivia who also participated in this debate. A special thank you to Ms Cohen for all her coaching support.

Congratulations also to Year 7 White and Blue, Year 8 Yellow, Orange, White and Blue and Year 9 Red for winning their debates last Tuesday. A special mention to Holly-Wallman Craddock and Tiffany Zhou from Year 7, Isabelle Norman and Charlotte Stratton-Smith from Year 8, Hannah Brown from Year 9 and Ava Loechel from Year 10, who were awarded Speaker of the Night by the adjudicators.

Finally, congratulations to Aditi Tamhankar who competed in the Rostrum Voice of Youth National Finals over the holidays for the second consecutive year. We are extremely proud of her for representing Saints Girls on a national level.

Kritika Mishra
Debating and Public Speaking Prefect

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National Abacus Maths Championship

RishitaOn 9 July Year 1 student Rishita Raghav participated in the 3rd National Abacus Maths Championship which was held in Adelaide.  Rishita performed amazingly well for the three papers she was asked to write, achieving an overall score of 85%!

The Japanese abacus is used as a tool to teach students addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums and therefore making maths easier for them.

We would like to congratulate Rishita on her amazing performance and for representing Saints Girls so well on the national stage!

BTN on ABC 3 news was present at the competition and their story can be viewed the following link:

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Music Update: Year 10 Girls Visit Sody Pop Recording Studios

Recording Studio pic 2

Over the past eight weeks the Year 10 Music class has been studying song-writing with Adelaide composer, Robyn Habel. The aim was to help Robyn write a song that reflected the School’s values, vision and ethos. The girls studied lyrics, melody, harmony and arranging, and used their new-found knowledge to attempt their own versions of a school-themed song which then inspired the final version written by Robyn.

Throughout the process the Music class spent time interviewing current and past students, parents and teachers, as well as researching the School’s history to ensure that the song reflected who we are as a school, where we have come from and where we aim to be in the future. To this end, the lyrics cover the journey of our Founding Sisters, the House system and the importance of leadership through service. Last week the girls went to Sody Pop Studios in Norwood and recorded the song. In Assembly in Week 4 we will present the song to the School in a premier live performance.

It’s important to note that this is not a new ‘School Song’. The School Song, written in 1918, has a proud history and is of great importance to all the girls who have graced our classrooms, including our current students. ‘Let’s keep the School flag flying’ unequivocally remains our official anthem.

Rather, the Year 10 class hope that their song will add to our already rich culture at Saints Girls, helping the community to celebrate what is wonderful about our School, cherish our past and continue to build hope for our future.

Sally Rounsvell
Director of Music

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Class of Cabaret
Class of Cabaretb

In support of our talented vocalist, Sarah Brownridge, I recently had the pleasure of attending Class of Cabaret as part of the 2016 Cabaret Festival. Class of Cabaret showcases some of South Australia’s brightest rising stars from secondary schools across the state and is inspired by personal stories shared through song. We have been fortunate to have now had two of our senior vocalists perform in this exciting initiative. Sarah Brownridge in 2016 and Alexandra De Porteous who successfully auditioned in 2015 and went on to perform her own Cabaret Show “Confessions of a Vocal Instructor” during the 2016 Adelaide Fringe.

Sarah’s performance was outstanding and highlighted not only her singing but also her newly discovered comedic side! Here is what Sarah had to say about her experience:

‘After months of rehearsals, a music bootcamp, amazing master classes with Eddie Perfect, Ali McGregor, Sven Ratzke and Joe Stilgoe, it was time for me to perform at the Space Theatre. The small stage was cluttered with amps, a grand piano, mics, cables and stools. The flickering candles framed the eager faces sitting at the tables in the crowded room. Then the lights went down…. and it was show time.

I talked to the audience about my inexperience with love, and joked about the songs that I had heard on the radio, articles I had read in magazines as well as movie themes and how they provided me with one perspective of love. From here I sang different songs to create a mocking, humorous and exaggerated impression of love as stereotyped in today’s pop culture.

“First you find the one, and he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous….. He’s it! You will spend the rest of your life with him no doubt, because you are so…in…love.”

After this patter, I sang a little of “So In Love” from Kiss Me Kate. I followed this with Jolene – a song which tells of a man who ‘finds another’. I went into the audience and asked a lady her name. This challenged me to do something risky and unpredictable, and really gave me a feel for what many professional Cabaret performers do in their own shows. Her name was Angela, so I sang, ‘Angela, Angela, Angela, I’m begging of you please don’t take my man.’ The audience loved it and clapped along. A great experience! In the story, the man does leave to be with ‘Angela’ and so, heartbroken I sang “Nothing Compares To You.”

To conclude, I performed “You Can’t Hurry Love by the Supremes.”

Cabaret is about honesty and individuality. I aimed to challenge myself by performing something comical, invited audience participation and combined a broad variety of musical styles to extend my vocal ability and challenge my technique. Some of these things I had never considered trying in a performance before. This experience has made me realise that there is something great about performing live. Risk is a factor every performer takes, and there is something quite thrilling about live performance combined with spontaneous audience involvement”.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Senior School students: Invitation to attend the Inaugural Careers Networking Breakfast

young physiotherapistThis year St Peter’s Girls’ School is introducing an Annual Careers Networking Breakfast where Old Scholars have volunteered their time to act as mentors to our senior students.

The aim of the breakfast is to assist students to make informed choices about their career paths so that they can select appropriate school subjects and tertiary courses. By partnering students with an Old Scholar who can speak to their areas of interest, we hope to provide students with access to real world insights into vocational fields to inform these important decisions.

Mentors will be seated according to the vocational interests with a group of students.

For this event senior students will indicate their interest in the following vocational fields:

  • Economics/Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Law
  • Health Sciences (Medicine)
  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • International Relations
  • Hospitality
  • Communications and Media
  • Property/Real Estate

The inaugural Annual Careers Networking Breakfast, held in the Arts Centre will be on Wednesday 17 August, 7.15am arrival for a 7.30am start. The breakfast will conclude at 9am.

This is a wonderful opportunity so please encourage your daughter to book at

Please direct any enquiries to Karen Alderson on email

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P&F banner image

Party Like It’s 1925

Please book your tickets for the premier Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee fundraiser of the year. On 3 September the P&F will be hosting a 1920s party to raise funds for our Middle School redevelopment. The party will fittingly be held at the Art Deco Burnside Ballroom and will feature a prize casino and live music from the Flaming Sambucas. Dressing the part is encouraged but not compulsory; feather boas and other 1920s styles will be available on the night to help you accessorise.

The feature fundraising initiative will be a giant silent auction for which the P&F will gratefully accept donations. A notice will shortly be going out to the Year Level Reps with more information as to how you can make donations to the silent auction.

Book your tickets today and enjoy a night to remember by visiting

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Sports news

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on:

Figure Skating

Congratulations to Charlotte Farley (Year 4) who recently placed 7th out of 12 in her category as the youngest child with an age range 8-15 years. She improved her personal previous score significantly, competing despite 6 weeks off with a broken arm. 


Imogen Elliott (Year 6) has been officially selected for the SA State Team to compete in the Junior National Titles for surfing at Philip Island, commencing Monday 28 November.


Lucy Young swam at the recent SA Short Course and came 3rd in the open 4 x 100m Freestyle relay and 3rd in the 14U 4 x 50m medley relay. She will be swimming at the Victorian championships 1-5 September.

Junior Netball

Year 4 Blue – Saints 3 defeated by Walford 4

The team were excited and a bit nervous to play their first game. Walford got off to a fast start, scoring 3 goals to our 1 in the first quarter. Our girls tightened up their defence and didn’t allow Walford to score. Through some good attacking play, our girls managed to score 2 goals and evened up the scores at 3-all at three quarter time. The final quarter was a close tussle with lots of great defensive turnovers and scoring opportunities from both teams. Unfortunately for Saints, we weren’t able to capitalise on these chances and Walford managed to score 1 goal in the last to give them the win by 1! Alice Johnswood (Director of Netball)

Year 4 White – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 21

For some girls it was their very first game of netball and they all did great job, tried hard and had fun. Sue Jones (Acting Coach)

Junior Soccer

Year 4 – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 2

The start of the game was tight and this continued for the whole first half, with standout efforts in defence by Anna Venning and Alannah Godfrey who supported Elizabeth McKernan in goals. Elizabeth saved several attempts and really enjoyed her time as a goalkeeper. Seymour managed to score a goal minutes before half-time from a deflection off a goal kick. The message at half-time was to spread out and stick to set positions, instead of chasing the ball. Molly Johnson played an amazing game and controlled a lot of the ball; she was our main forward option and Jenna Maione was the best defender. Rebekah-Amelie Sparkes worked hard on her own personal goals from training and committed to a number of contests. Grace Richardson-Stevens saved many shots as our second half goalkeeper and really enjoyed this experience. Seymour scored one goal in the second half and the girls eagerly await next week’s encounter against Wilderness. Mark Routley (Coach)

Years 5 and 6

With both teams scheduled for a bye, it was a good opportunity for coaches to work with their players in an internal match. The match was an opportunity for players to work on their skills and teamwork ahead of facing opposition schools in the next round.


Open A – Saints 5 defeated Westminster 1

Singles: Emily Murdock 15-10 13-15 15-8, Kritika Mishra 15-11 15-7, Alice Powell 12-15 15-8 15-3, Nancy Huang 15-13 15-14

 Open B – Saints 4 defeated Seymour 2

Singles: Catherine Neale 10-15 10-15, Charlene Lee 15-10 15-14, Laura Sivewright 15-9 14-15 15-4, Erica Reid 15-8 15-13

Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Seymour 2

Singles: Lola Dimond 21-12, Georgia Bowden 17-21, Amy Li 21-7, Amelie Dunda 21-14

Open C2 – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 4

Singles: Nicola Jones 15-21, Jiale Hu 221-20, Anna Bi 21-17, Sophia Casanova Clarke 9-21

Open D1 – Saints 3 (113) defeated by Immanuel 3 (123)

Singles: Michelle Yeoh 15-21, Maddy Tilley-Brooks 21-20, Helen Han 21-17, Jiayi Wang 13-21

Open D2 – Saints 4 defeated Seymour 2

Singles: Mahala Truscott 21-19, Lucy Cox 8-21, Ashleigh Rogers 17-21, Sophia Casanova Clarke 21-13

Open E – Saints 7 defeated Seymour 2

Singles: Jiayi Wang 21-6, Millie Han 9-21, Meredith Li 21-15, Natacha Zisos Troupakis 21-10, Angela Feng 21-9, Christina Song 16-21

Kritika Mishra and Alice Powell (Captains)


Open A – Saints 3 drew with Wilderness 3

Saints played an excellent attacking first half, linking up well together and playing strongly over the ball to lead 2-0 at half-time with goals from Natasha Hammond. In the second half Wilderness came back fighting hard, scoring 3 goals to hit the lead. Saints had many attacking short corners, and attacking opportunities from the strikers in perfect positions in the circle, and Natasha again scored the 3rd goal for Saints, equalising the scores in the last 3 minutes. Dan Searle (Coordinator)

Open C – Saints 2 defeated Pembroke 0

The girls controlled the highly contested game with strong double teaming and numerous linking passes that enabled us to burst up the field. With strong defence from Pembroke, our girls became creative with play, putting all their skills to use in attack. This resulted in one field goal by Poppie Goldsmith and a number of short corners in which Romilly was able to put one away. With a great effort from everyone in the team, we were able to come out on top. Sophie Fry (Coach)


Under 18 – Saints 5 defeated by Woodville 25

Woodville proved to be a dominant side, but improvements were made in defence with Scarlett Hocking (Year 8) and Alexandra Reade (Year 10) leading the way with their pressure and eagerness to slide. Portia Reppucci (Year 11) scored 3 times after spending the first half in goals, with Millisent Wilkin (Year 8) and Sophie Auricht (Year 10) scoring a goal apiece. With no subs and a one-sided scoreboard, the girls had a fantastic second half, continuing to run hard and work well as a team to lose the half 8 goals to 5, which was a great result. A number of strong shots were well saved by their goalkeeper, which allowed the margin to grow and unfortunately meant a number of quality pieces of play went unrewarded. Sarah Lowe (Coach) 

Under 15 – Saints 6 defeated by Woodville 7

Saturday’s game was one of the most aggressive performances yet, with Millisent Wilkin having possession of the ball going for a goal and getting a check to the face. The girls picked up strength from this, with more determination to gain possession of the ball. It was a passionate game to watch, with strong contests from each centre draw keeping the spectators out their seats. Each girl pushed herself until exhaustion. Goal scorers: Harriet Maerschel (1), Portia Maerschel (1), Stephanie Smalls (1), Millisent Wilkin (2), Sophie Auricht (1). Portia Reppucci (Lacrosse Captain)

Under 13 – Saints 11 defeated Glenelg

The match was very close and the girls played very well and attained another win. In defence, many turnovers were caused by Isabel Burmester (Year 5) and Jenna Maione (Year 4), which helped get the ball into attack. Once again Dani Cox (Year 4) used her speed in attack and shot powerfully every time. Stephanie Smalls (Year 7) won several centres and protected the ball well. At half-time the girls were up by one goal, with Isabelle Norman (Year 8) again having an outstanding game in goals as she came out of the goal circle to get the ball and pass to players. Finally, Willow Stewart-Rattray (Year 5), Portia Maerschel (Year 7) and Saskia Jonats (Year 7) all did a fantastic job in dodging around their players to get a shot off. Goal scorers were Dani Cox, Saskia Jonats, Portia Maerschel, Stephanie Smalls and Willow Stewart-Rattray. Lucy Martin (Coach)


Open A – Saints 44 defeated by Seymour 64

Unfortunately, this was a disappointing result with a slow start that made it difficult to get turnovers back. There was strong and consistent work from Lydia Smalls, Grace Dawson and Olivia Habel who worked well together in defence. We have our heads up and are training hard in preparation for Knockout next Monday. Josephine Dal Pra and Madison Bateman (Co-Captains)

Open B – Saints 29 defeated by Seymour 64

The girls started the game strongly and with enthusiasm and this reflected in the score of the first quarter. Unfortunately, Seymour came back and managed to get a decent lead in the second quarter. The girls maintained determination and were much more cohesive in the last quarter. Jessie Rundle did a brilliant job in goals and Sarah Richards was strong in defence. Alexandra Murray (Open B Captain)

Open C – Saints 23 defeated by Seymour 72

Our team played a courageous match against Seymour. Unfortunately, the opposition came out with a very strong side but, given the circumstances, I am a proud coach. The game was a big improvement technically on the first game of the term and Saints Open Cs should be proud of that. Our girls maintained great sportsmanship despite some frustrating calls by the umpires; a challenging game from all angles this week but the Open Cs handled it well. Grace Russo (Coach)

Year 10 – Saints 43 defeated Walford 1

On Saturday the Year 10C netball team played against Walford. The girls played an excellent game and kept Walford scoreless until the last 30 seconds of the game. It was a great team effort and the girls utilised the opportunity to further develop their skills on court. Alana Coppock (Coach)

Year 9A – Saints 51 defeated Seymour 38

The girls played another fantastic game of netball this week, recording another great win. A convincing start in the first quarter put the girls into a 10 goal margin, which in the end led the girls to victory over Seymour. The girls played consistent netball in all four quarters, displaying tight defence throughout the court and fantastic feeding into the goalies who shot accurately. Overall, it was a spectacular game of competitive netball to watch and we look forward to continuing our success. Sivi Sivasuthan (Year 9)

Year 9B – Saints 33 defeated by Seymour 47

On Saturday the girls played a hard match against Seymour and, despite the loss, the team fought hard. We managed to have a pretty equal game across all quarters, even winning the first one. However, it was the second quarter that really pushed us and we unfortunately fell behind. In the last quarter everyone worked really hard and wanted that win. Sophie LeMire (Year 9)

Year 9C1 – Saints had a bye

Year 9C2 – Saints 8 defeated by Pembroke 33

The girls played very well as a team this week, despite going down. They improved with strong passes and tight defence, creating multiple turnovers. The girls had high levels of motivation, helping to keep everyone’s heads up for the 4 quarters. The defenders all deserve a special mention for working hard for the entire game and a special mention goes to Aditi Tamhankar and Anneliese Thomas for playing in positions they don’t usually play in. The girls should be proud of their efforts, as they are getting stronger each week. Chelsea Stamato (Coach)

Year 8A – Saints 30 defeated by Seymour 33

After our disappointing loss last week, our aim was to move towards the ball, increase communication on court and, overall, play four consistent quarters of netball. We worked on these specific areas at training, and I was happy to see the girls implement them into their game. Special mention must go to Sarah Wishart and Hannah Freeman this week for their consistently strong defence work, gaining a combined eight intercepts out of the team’s total of thirteen. Movement in our attack end was much better this week; however, we simply missed too many scoring opportunities when it counted. Vanessa Brooks (Coach).

Year 8B – Saints 33 defeated Seymour 26

The girls played another strong game this week, with our shooters making the most of our scoring opportunities. Moving into defence, the girls did well on a tough attacking opposition and were able to maintain our lead throughout the game. Our leading and hitting targets will be the focus this week, to ensure we make the most of every possession. Best players to Zara Stefani for playing a strong game in both attack and defence, and Charlotte Sellars for her ability to completely block the goal shooter out for the entirety of the game. Emily Wishart (Coach).

Year 8C – Saints 6 defeated by Seymour 24

The girls started off with a strong first quarter, leading in front and using strong passing. However, Seymour came back strongly and our girls’ determination to try their best, making sure to execute set plays learnt at training, was positive. Despite the loss, all of the girls were persistent, which they should be proud of. Best players go to Paris Greene and Ellen Zhang for moving in front and always being an option for the girls. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches) 

Year 7A – Saints 42 defeated Seymour 7

The team had a fantastic win against Seymour on the weekend! Strong teamwork from all the girls for the first three quarters meant that we were able to rest our hard-working goalies, Amelia Pudney and Ella Waltham, and mix things up in the last quarter. Thanks to Olivia Kelly and Stephanie Smalls for stepping into the circle and even managing to score 8 goals between them in the last quarter. Great game played by the whole team! Michelle Blackburn (Coach)

Year 7B – Saints 3 defeated by Seymour 5

This was a game where both defences played exceptionally well. It was a low scoring affair, highlighted by a scoreless 3rd term to both teams. Unfortunately, Seymour’s first quarter set them up for the win, outscoring us 3-0. Best player: Keely Flannagan. Roger Mills (Coach)

 Junior Basketball

Year 6 Blue – Saints 18 defeated by Seymour 22

The girls played a great game and put in a lot of effort, working hard to ensure their passing was strong and dribbling was accurate to see a tight scoreline. They used the skills they learned in training to get around their opponents, with best players being Mia Dodd who played a great game, scoring majority of the goals, and Lara Slape for improving each quarter and managing to get most rebounds. Congratulations to all the girls on such a close game and they should be proud of how far they have come since last week. Amy Wishart and Sophia West (Coaches)

Year 6 White – cancelled due to weather

Year 5 Blue – cancelled due to weather

Year 5 White – cancelled due to weather


Soccer photo

Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 4

In wet and wild conditions, the girls came up against a very strong Immanuel side. Our team was a young team, due to some injuries in the team. The girls never kept trying. Special mention to Eleanor Anderson and Siena Kulinski who both played really well. Let’s finish the season off strongly, girls! Peter Krantis (Director of Soccer)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by St Michaels 1

Well done to everyone for an excellent game. Despite the weather, all girls played with much better intensity than last week. There was some great work in defence, keeping the opposition under pressure and limiting their scoring opportunities. We were unlucky to concede in the last few minutes of the game. A big thank you must go to Millisent Wilkin, Olufunto Komolafe, Sophie Barr and Rachel Banham for filling in and putting in a great effort. Well done to Molly Ellis and Emma Mockridge who both did an excellent job playing goalie for the first time. Christine Gayen (Coach)

Middle A – Saints had a bye 

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 6

With the weather being on the rough side (wind and rain), and some girls being unwell, and others having to play in different positions, this was a tough game. We did create many scoring chances but could just not finish them. Although we lost, I was still proud of the efforts the girls displayed in the conditions and showed very good sportsmanship congratulating Seymour on their win. By Taylor Garrett (coach)

Year 7 – Saints had a bye

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them through to me on: