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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Work hard, be kind

Kate MortimerIn the first week of school, I spoke to all senior girls about what our expectations should be for the year. I say ‘our’ as I would not ask the girls to do something that I would not expect of myself or of our teaching staff. It is also worth noting that schools do not need to be complicated places. Very often, our actions and intent can be guided by entirely simple principles.

So, the first principle we addressed was to ‘work hard’. One reality of life, both at and beyond school, is that you can’t wish yourself success or happiness. You have to work for it. The application of effort to achieve grades that reflect potential, a healthy social life, making the choice to apply a growth mindset, practising gratitude and being aware of your mental health are all things that need to be worked at. Most importantly, the choice to ‘work hard’ at something is entirely in the hands of each girl. It is therefore important that we provide the girls with time to consider where they are expending their effort, question if this suitable and to process possible adjustments. These conversations have been happening across Years 7 – 12 this week, in the 1:1 meetings that each girl has with her Home Group teacher. I encourage you to talk with your daughter about these meetings, in particular, the specific goals that she has set this term.

Secondly, ‘be kind’. Not an uncommon statement and, again, very basic. Furthermore, kindness costs nothing, yet intentionally unkind behaviour can significantly impact the wellbeing of another. Our aim each day at Saints, through our interactions with others, should be to leave people in a better state than we found them. By and large, the girls treat each other with respect and are wonderful at looking out for and caring for each other. However, unkindness, whilst rare, does occur and it simply has no place in our community. It is always important for us to be mindful of our comments and ensure we are intentional in our treatment of others.

Finally, I must say that it has been a fantastic three weeks. It is always exciting to welcome the girls back and, to date this year, they have been entertaining, great company and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been impressed with their enthusiasm, and with the Swimming Carnival next week, I am very keen to see the girls from the Senior School in action and leading from the front.

Kate Mortimer
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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Cycling Adventurer’s Positive Spin

This week, as part of our #EMPOWHER wellbeing program, we were visited by inspirational cycling adventurer Kate Leeming. She spoke to us about her charity program called ‘Breaking the Cycle’, where she organises and completes incredibly difficult cycling expeditions to highlight the importance of education.

Amazingly, she has covered enough distance on bike to circle the equator twice! But more than physical fitness, Kate needs mental strength to complete these daunting journeys and persist through the challenging conditions of her rides, such as heat, sand, marsh and wind. Her ability to achieve the seemingly impossible and push both her mind and body to the limits is a credit to her impressive work ethic. In her speech, she told us that despite everything, she never felt like giving up. She knew that she couldn’t let her sponsors, her team or herself down. Her advice to us was to break down the challenge into smaller goals, then make those goals smaller still. Then, by completing and celebrating all these small goals, you will eventually complete your main goal.

Another major point I took away from Kate’s speech was to see the positive in everything. While enduring the extreme conditions of her expeditions, she made sure she looked up to appreciate the beauty of her surroundings in order to maintain a positive attitude that would motivate and allow her to achieve her goal. Kate’s speech not only proved the capabilities of the body and mind, but explained to us the tools we need to achieve the impossible.

Emily Downie
Patteson House Captain


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Murray Magic at Year 9 Aquatics Camp

W3 - Year 9 Camp

On the Thursday and Friday of Week 2, the Year 9 cohort travelled to the Murraylands for their Aquatics Camp. The weather was perfect – hot enough for swimming but not too hot for camping. Over the two days, students had the opportunity to try a host of activities, many of which most girls had never attempted. These included kneeboarding, water skiing, stand up paddleboarding, small boat handling, sailing and kayaking.

The schedule was demanding, with the girls spending nearly five hours each day learning new skills, falling head-first into the Murray, and – for some of the lucky ones – standing up on two skis and conquering the river. The girls enjoyed themselves so much that five hours simply was not enough and many participated in a free swim in the afternoon; the sight of bright yellow lifejackets bobbing in the water was quite something to behold.

Students were heartily rewarded with delicious food carefully prepared by French chef Isobel. The girls enjoyed lasagne for dinner and pancakes in the morning, with many other options available. Thank you Isobel, it was so tasty! However, what we will not thank are the birds and the mosquitoes! My goodness! Who knew birds talked all night? What a racket they produced!

The tired but happy faces of the girls on the bus as they travelled home reflected the wonderful connections made, the personal lessons learned, the challenge of the river and the eagerness to pursue those activities.

Emily Moxon and Sarah English
Year 9 Home Group Teachers

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Saints Girls Reach Summit on USA Exchange

W3 - New Jersey Exchange

In early January, four Year 10 students – Ayshviina Nair, Sophie Norman, Indya Dodd and Annie Bradshaw – travelled to Summit, New Jersey to commence their four-week exchange to Kent Place School. Soon, their host students from the USA will arrive in Stonyfell for their Australian adventure.

“My time on the US exchange was an experience that I will remember forever. We visited many exciting places such as New York, seeing Times Square, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Kent Place School was such a welcoming place and within the first few days, it felt like home! The friendships we all made will last forever and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to visit such an amazing country as well as experience life as an American!” – Indya Dodd

“This exchange has truely made all of us develop so many of our social skills and become more confident girls. A highlight was seeing Mean Girls, the off-Broadway show; I loved every part of the musical and was extremely grateful to see such talent live. During school hours, I loved participating in all the classes and seeing how Kent Place compared with Saints, and I found they are very similar! I highly recommend this trip to any girls who are interested as you will make so many incredible memories that will remain with you forever.” – Sophie Norman

“Participating in the US exchange was an amazing experience as it built my confidence and responsibility and helped me gain many different social skills. My favourite part was visiting Washington DC and seeing the White House and the Washington monument (where a massive scene in Spiderman was shot!). I also really enjoyed going to school and seeing how they went about their classes compared with Saints. This trip allowed me to make so many new friends and memories, and I recommend it to everyone as I had an awesome time.” – Ayshviina Nair

“The exchange was such an amazing experience and opportunity for all four of us. We each dramatically developed as individuals as we learnt about ourselves through our interactions with the new people we were surrounded with. We made strong friendships with the girls at school and the buddies we were living with that will last forever! A highlight for me was going to New York and being able to explore and see such a busy city that is full of life. Going to school with such lovely girls who were so kind to us made the experience so much more memorable.” – Annie Bradshaw

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Beach Volleyballers Dig Deep for SA

W3 - Beach Volleyball

Congratulations to Ruby Deakin (Year 10), Lucy White (Year 10) and Anna White (Year 11) who have been selected to represent SA at the Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships in Coolangatta, Queensland. The girls have also been selected into the Volleyball SA Academy program for 2020.

It is designed to identify, develop and nurture young athletes holistically (physically, technically, and mentally) so they can aspire to compete at national and international levels in volleyball. Athletes have access to experienced coaches, fantastic facilities and resources provided by the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) and Volleyball Australia’s Centre of Excellence, also based at SASI. The program can provide a pathway to the National Centre of Excellence, with the aim of achieving Olympic podium success.

“Aside from the obvious difference between indoor and beach volleyball – playing on the beach – there are a couple of other big differences. The first being that instead of the six on court in indoor, there are only teams of two in beach volleyball! This means that there is a lot more movement, although the court is also slightly smaller (8m by 8m instead of indoor which is 9m by 9m). Beach volleyball is such a fun game to play whether competitively or socially, I highly recommend trying it out even if you’ve never picked up a volleyball before!” – Ruby Deakin

“Apart from obvious differences like playing surface and size of the playing court, the beach volleyball is slightly lighter and bigger than an indoor ball. The light weight of the ball allows them to float more in the air, allowing you to use the weather to your tactical advantage. I love being able to spend the whole day playing the sport I love on the beach.” – Anna White

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UK Exchange – From Stonyfell to Sherborne

W3 - UK Exchange
Early in the new year, two Year 10 students – Lucy Moten and Charlotte Adams – travelled to England for their exchange at Sherborne Girls. Here are some of their highlights:

“For three weeks, Charlotte and I were lucky enough to go on an exchange to Sherborne Girls in Dorset. This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m sure neither of us will forget anytime soon. Due to the nature of the school, which is 90% boarding, both of our exchange girls boarded which meant that Charlotte and I stayed in a boarding house. This was definitely a very different experience, but a fun one! While there was always an abundance of chatter when all you wanted was silence, and absolutely zero sense of privacy, it was like having a family of 80 girls where everyone was there to comfort and support you at all times, which helped us make so many close friends and led to lots of tears when the three weeks were up. The school day ran very similar to Saints, except for the fact that it was 8 hours long, with a 1.5 hour lunch break to come back to the boarding house and relax. It was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life, and I would recommend it to any girls going into Year 10 next year!” – Lucy Moten

“Lucy and I stayed in an all-girls’ boarding house in a small town called Sherborne, and I thought that it was a really great experience. Boarding was fun because I enjoyed being with my friends all the time. During the three weeks, the school took us to Bath, Stonehenge and to netball games at other schools. The last weekend was an exeat, so I was lucky enough to go to London. I made lots of good memories and can’t wait for our exchanges to come in July!” – Charlotte Adams

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Language Learners Visit Sensational Spain

W3 - Spain

During the holidays, the Year 12 Spanish ab initio class spent 20 days in Spain developing their language skills in Salamanca and Granada. We attended Spanish classes at Enforex language school from 8am to 1pm which were fully in Spanish. After classes and on weekends, we had cultural tours to Segovia, Avila and Toledo.

One of the highlights was in Segovia where we took photos of the beautiful aqueduct. It spans 728 meters long and has a height of 28.5 meters. Interestingly, the rocks are not held together by any concrete, but rather the weight of all the rocks holds the aqueduct together. On the same day, we visited the castle of Segovia, also known as Alcázar of Segovia. Construction began in 1102 and finished during the reign of Emperor Alfonso VIII. Later that the day, we visited the cathedral of Santa Teresa de Avila who was a writer and a very intelligent woman. In Spain, she is as important as Mary MacKillop is to Australia.

In Granada, we visited the Alhambra and the Sacro Monte, using a Segway to get there. It was adventurous and fun.

Flor Groenen
Spanish ab initio Teacher

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Cheerleading in Palm Springs

W3 - Cheerleading 4
In the summer holidays, I was fortunate to travel to Palm Springs, California as part of an audition-only cheerleading team. This was an amazing experience and, prior to competing, we undertook many tourist activities such as Disneyland, Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica Pier. I have been competing for 10 years and this was an incredible way for me to celebrate that!

Cheerleading is a team sport where teams are comprised of 6 to 40 people. The routine that you perform features a variety of different skill sets: tumbling, stunting, dance and jumps, and you are scored on your execution, technique, difficulty and performance. We competed over two days and it was incredible to see so many American teams, whose routines were phenomenal! My team achieved a State record of 95.18 which is outstanding for a team that trained only a couple of months prior to leaving. If you have any questions about cheerleading or my trip, I’d love to answer them, so feel free to ask!

Madison McGregor-Simms
Year 12 student

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Welcome Drinks on the Lawns

W3 - Welcome Drinks on the Lawns

Our Welcome Drinks on the Lawns, proudly hosted by the Parents’ & Friends’ Association, is always a great event to start the year. It was fantastic to see so many new parents joining our wonderful Saints Girls’ community, and also returning parents out in force enjoying the celebration of food, drinks and the DJ spinning some top tunes. The threat of rain didn’t deter the masses who enjoyed what turned out to be a perfect night on the beautiful Chiverton Lawns. It is so important to come together as a community and not only show support to one another but to lead by example and show our girls how truly special it is to be part of something greater than yourself.

On behalf of the P&F, I would like to thank all the volunteers, staff, the Property Services team and, of course, our Year 12 Prefects for making this event one of the highlights on the school calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next event, our school fair, The Garden of Saintly Delights on Sunday 29 March.

Bronwyn Bartter
President of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association

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Swimming Carnival 2020 – next FRIDAY!

W1 - Swimming Carnival

Next Friday 21 February, St Peter’s Girls’ School will be holding the annual Swimming Carnival for Years 4 to 12 at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide. Students are expected to be at the Aquatic Centre no later than 8.30am, with the carnival concluding at 3.30pm.

Students who regularly travel to school on school buses will automatically be taken to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the morning and will be dropped home in the afternoon.

To assist other families, we are offering a special bus service to transport students from school to the Aquatic Centre and back. Buses will depart school at 7.45am and return by approximately 4.30pm. To register your daughter’s place on this bus service, please visit before 4pm Wednesday 19 February. All other students will need to be dropped off at the Aquatic Centre in the morning and picked up in the afternoon.

Upon arrival, all students must sign in at their House table inside the entrance to the pool deck before taking a seat in their House area. A roll will be taken at the end of the day before the final announcements and the winners are announced.

Students are reminded to wear their complete PE uniform with bathers underneath, as well as their House swimming cap which can be purchased from the School Shop. Extra House-coloured ribbons are encouraged, but coloured zinc and body paint are not permitted in the pool. House caps are available for purchase on the day. These can then be worn during all Interhouse events throughout the year. House tattoos will also be sold at the carnival. We ask that the tattoos are not visible outside the girls’ school uniforms when returning to school.

There will be no specific lunch break but girls can eat during breaks between their races. They have the option of bringing money for the pool canteen; otherwise, they will need to bring their own food. Water bottles should be brought for the day.

We encourage all girls to compete in a number of events, with their preferences being discussed in PE lessons and House meetings. The carnival is to be treated like a normal school day; therefore, attendance is compulsory for the whole day. If a student is too ill to attend (Years 7 to 12), the School will require a medical certificate the following Monday and absent students will meet with Mr Lisle and Ms Mortimer. If a student is unable to participate in their events, a note must be provided to PE staff.

Click here for a program of events with approximate times. We will be using both 25m pools in the morning session and only the deep-end pool in the afternoon session. School teams for SAPSASA (Years 4 to 7), SSSSA (Years 8 to 12) and IGSSA (Years 7 to 12) will be selected from the Swimming Carnival results.

We encourage parents to come out and support the School at one of the most exciting events on the calendar.

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Old Scholar Mums and Grandmothers’ Morning Tea

W3 - Mums & Grandmothers' Morning Tea

We are looking forward to morning tea with our current Old Scholar mums and grandmothers on Friday 28 February at 9am. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the new Science Centre Rooftop Terrace and catch up with Old Scholars.

We hope to see you there!

Megan McCormack
Community Relations – Old Scholar Officer

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Adelaide Fringe Star Performers

W3 - Adelaide Fringe Performers
Year 9 students Olivia Slivak, Montana Melisi and Cartia Lanzoni, and Year 8 student Sienna Huxtable will be joined on stage at the Adelaide Fringe by Year 3 student Isabelle O’Toole. They are performing in a production called Good is the New Bad, to be held at Empire Theatre at Gluttony in Rymill Park.

Here are a few words from our youngest performer in the show:

“I’m so thrilled to be performing in the Adelaide Fringe. My mum and I have gone to the Fringe every year as long as I can remember, as I love every show. Then, we started going with my friends at school and we have the best times. I can’t believe I am now performing at the Fringe, and hopefully my friends will come and watch. It will be fun and I think my friends will love the show.” – Isabelle O’Toole

It would be great for the girls to see some familiar faces in the audience!

To purchase tickets, visit

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Musical Moment for Talented Saints Girl

W3 - Musical Moments 2
Congratulations to Year 8 student Zara Chessell, another Saints Girl who will be performing in the Adelaide Fringe.

Musical Moments is a series of four shows presented by Promise Adelaide featuring hits from popular musicals such as Les Miserables, Wicked and Grease, as well as material from newer Broadway shows and films. Showcasing the best of Adelaide’s youth talent under the age of 21, each show will feature a brand new set list and a different cast! All shows will take place at the Morphettville Racecourse with full production in the stunning Upper Gerard Pavilion.

Production Flyer

“This will be my first show with Promise Adelaide and, so far, it has been a great experience. Every show has a cast of around 12 people who each perform a solo song as well as a few small group numbers and two pieces with the whole cast. We are quite far along the rehearsal process with our final rehearsals coming up soon. If you like watching and listening to musical theatre, music or dancing, this is the show for you. I hope to see you there!” – Zara Chessell

Zara will be performing in the show on Thursday 20 February, and it would be great to get behind her!

To purchase tickets, visit

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Chorus of Support at Music Camp – TOMORROW!

W2 - Music Camp

Once again, the Music Department has made its pilgrimage to Ardrossan for Music Camp. This year, almost 100 girls from Years 5 to 12 have been invited, and we look forward to sharing all that we learn over the three days in our ninth Music Camp Concert which will be held at 2pm tomorrow at Ardrossan Town Hall. Family and friends are welcome to drive up for the afternoon. Tickets are $10 and funds raised will go directly to the local hospital to purchase extra resources and lifestyle facilities such as BBQs, plants and even chickens. Over the years, we have raised money for the residents of the aged care facility in the hospital, and each year, we take a small group of girls to perform for them as part of our Service Learning component at camp.

We love travelling to Ardrossan every year and feel very welcomed by the residents of this wonderful community.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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How to Apply to US and UK Universities

For students interested in applying to US and UK universities, a special event is being held on 27 February at Prince Alfred College. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the application processes and how to plan ahead for international applications. The event is suitable for students in Years 9 – 12.

Event Information

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Bushfire Action Plan

In light of recent fire crises, it is timely to remind families about the School’s Bushfire Action Plan.

The policy was developed in consultation with the CFS, MFS, Education Department and other stakeholders to ensure staff and students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

For more information, you can access our Bushfire Action Plan on the myLink parent portal by clicking the ‘School Documents’ menu item, followed by the ‘Whole School’ tab.

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School Banking Information Session

Our School is excited to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program to all students:

BankingSchool Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits. Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up to redeem exciting rewards.

Rewards available during 2020 are:
o Terry Denton’s Activity Book
o Mini Soccer Ball (size 2)
o Treetop Stationery Set
o Treetop Handball
o Tomato Seed Kit
o Magic Mist Drink Bottle
o Emoji Wallet
o Snakes & Ladders Game

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for the School, which receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.

School Banking day is Wednesday. Each week, you need to hand your book to your classroom teacher.

We will be holding a School Banking Information Session at the School:

Wednesday 19 February
8.30 – 9.30am
Meet beside the Food Tech Deck

Please join us and find out more about the School Banking program and how your child can get involved.

If you are interested in opening a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account for your child, you can visit and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account. A School Banking representative will be available at the Information Session to explain how you can do this. In order to verify yourself and your child, you will need your driver’s licence and your child’s birth certificate, but if you don’t have these with you on the day, you can complete verification online at home.

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Join Our Team of STAR Volunteers!

W1 - STAR Program

Our Learning Strategies volunteers are all enormously valued within the department and the broader School community. Our girls LOVE working with them, and the teachers are so appreciative of their generous donation of energy, expertise and enthusiasm. We have some exciting developments within our department in 2020 and we’d love you to join us.

Our volunteers work with our girls on areas such as literacy, anywhere between a couple of lessons a week through to a couple of days per week. They include parents, grandparents, Old Scholars, retired staff and university students who are keen to gain further experience and enjoyment working with children.

To register your interest, please contact Aleasha Francis as soon as possible via

We will send you a volunteer information sheet to fill out and then invite you in for a chat. We will also provide training for some of our Junior School programs.

Learning Strategies Team

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OSHC Temporary Relocation

Parents of R – 6 students are advised that the OSHC program, which was based in the Food Tech building, has been temporarily relocated to the transportable on the Oval.

To access the transportable, please use the main staircase outside the Stott Wing (with the St Peter’s Girls’ sign). Children will need to be dropped off and collected from the transportable.

Beck Kranz
OSHC Supervisor

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Saints Girls’ Rowing Bingo Night

W8 - Bingo Night

Join us for a fun night of bingo to support the Rowing Program at St Peter’s Girls!

Harry’s Bar
12 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Saturday 29 February 2020 at 7pm

$45 per person or $450 per table of 10 via

Tickets include pre-game drinks for the first hour, a bingo card in each of the three rounds (more cards can be purchased), and platters on tables. Amazing prizes will be up for grabs in each round, with a grand prize for the final round. Fantastic auction items will also be on offer. Additional drinks can be purchased from the bar.

We encourage you to invite your friends and book a table of 10!

Everyone in the School community is welcome to attend.

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Sports News

At Saints Girls, we love hearing about and sharing sports results and news, whether it be achievements at school or externally.

Please email details to

SCHOOL SPORT SA – Selection Information

The following sports have selection information and nominating details available online. A list of all interstate teams including the nomination process is available via

For specific sport selection information see the sport page.

18 and under – Wednesday 12 February

13 – 19 years – Friday 14 February

Football (Soccer)
12 and under – Wednesday 26 February (girls)
12 and under – Wednesday 8 April (boys)

18 and under – Monday 2 March

Softball – girls
17 and under – Wednesday 11 March

12 and under – Wednesday 11 March (girls)
12 and under – Wednesday 18 March (boys)

15 and under – Tuesday 24 March

Softball – boys
12 and under – Wednesday 25 March

Swimming including Multiclass
12 and under – Friday 3 April
13 – 19 years – Friday 24 April


Open – Saints 22 defeated by Seymour 29
The girls played a great game, leading in the first half but, unfortunately, Seymour got the best of us by the second. The girls worked well with moving the ball in offence, especially in the last quarter, but struggled to score. – Emma Matheson (Captain)

Middle A – Saints 21 defeated by Seymour 51
For the first game of the year and still getting used to our teammates, we started slowly but had a much better second half where we restricted Seymour’s scoring and scored 14 points. With only 6 players, the girls played with great-spirit and determination to run the game out. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 17 defeated by Seymour 20
It was very much like the A grade game where everyone took a while to settle with their new teammates, and we were 10 to 0 behind before we knew it. From that point, we really improved and outscored Seymour for the rest of the game. Special mention to Olivia Reynolds with 10 points and Bella Sanders-Wills who had a great game. – Brenton Davies (Coach)


Year 5/6 Blue – Saints 10 drew with Walford 10
The girls showed up with lots of energy and were very excited to play. All of them did a great job batting and base running and we will be practising more defence as the season progresses. In our first at bats, we scored 7 runs to get the lead and with great pitching, we had a quick inning. We look forward to training more as a team. – Jesse Dreswick (Coach)

Year 5/6 White – Saints 5 defeated by Walford 6
The girls had a great first game of the season, with some fantastic fielding efforts including a double play featuring a catch by Phoebe Lucas. While we need to focus on our batting technique at training, all were brave with some good hits into the field. Special mention to Diya Bhinder and Maddison Sims for having a go at catcher, a tricky position! – Mimi Long (Coach)

Year 3/4 Blue – Saints 14 defeated Wilderness 11
A great effort by the girls in their first game. Everyone hit the ball really well and everyone ran the bases very well. There were some good fielding efforts and throws and we will be working on that at training. All played well. – Payne Sowter (Coach)

Year 3/4 White – Saints 16 defeated Walford 1
An excellent start to the season. Really nice fielding efforts by Maddie Davidson at first base and Lois Burton-Howard in the pitcher’s spot in the first inning. This was backed up by Eleanor Bartter in the pitcher’s spot and Matilda Birmingham on base. Defensively, it was very pleasing, and our offence was firing on all cylinders in the first two innings. All girls had at least one hit and got home at least once. We will continue to work on base running, but the girls played a fantastic first game. – Daniel Di Tomaso (Coach)


On Saturday 8 February, the St Peter’s Girls’ Rowing Program competed in the second School Premiership Series regatta of the 2019/20 Rowing season. The results from these regattas contribute towards the overall School Premiership, as well as qualification and seeding for the 2020 SA Schools’ Head of the River.

It was promising to see all of our crews from all squads progress to their respective A Finals. Both Junior and Intermediate squads produced strong results, placing consistently within their fields. As the first real challenge of Term 1 2020, the regatta exposed a number of technical areas where our crews can still improve, but this is why we race. Hopefully, all of our crews should have a clear vision of our pathway moving forward.

The highlight of the regatta was a 2nd place in the Schoolgirl 1st 8+ division. This result might have come as a surprise to some, but was no surprise within the Senior squad. With six weeks to go until Head of the River, there is still plenty of work to be done, and plenty of time to move within the field, but these are exciting times for the 1st 8+.

Brynley Millward
Director of Rowing

1st 8+
SG 1st 8+ [A Final] – 2nd – 07:03.7

9/10 A
SG 9/10 A 4x+ [Final] – 5th – 06:32.8

9/10 B
SG 9/10 B 4x+ [Final] – 3rd – 06:54.8

8/9 A
SG 8/9 A 4x+ [A Final] – 5th – 04:18.59

8/9 B
SG 8/9 B 4x+ [Final] – 6th – 05:04.67

8/9 C
SG 8/9 C 4x+ [Final] – 5th – 05:06.08

8/9 D
SG 8/9 D 4x+ [Final] – 5th – 05:34.20

7/8 A
SG 7/8 A 4x+ [Final] – 6th – NTT


Premier A – Saints 6-36 defeated Wilderness 0-2
Singles: Sienna Glazbrook 6-0, Tahlia Cahill 6-0, Ruby Deakin 6-0, Britney Korir 6-0

Premier B – Saints 5-35 defeated Wilderness 1-19
Singles: Annabel Baldwinson 6-2, Charlotte Staples 5-6, Ella Dnistriansky 6-2, Imogen Nienaber 6-4

Division 1 Blue – Saints 1-28 defeated by Immanuel 5-34
Singles: Georgia Mallick 5-6, Adele Eaton 3-6, Eva Young 5-6, Chase Hocking 5-6

Division 1 White – Saints 5-33 defeated Immanuel 1-14
Singles: Grace Beaumont 3-6, Bridgette Leach 6-3, Ariel Spartalis 6-0, Malaika McLeod 6-0

Division 2 – Saints 4-31 defeated Immanuel 2-26
Singles: Soph Ryan 3-6, Sophie Abbott 6-5, Zihan Huang 4-6, Ayanna Roy 6-1

Division 3 Blue – Saints 4-28 defeated Immanuel 2-14
Singles: Gloria Zou 1-6, Helen Zhang 6-1, Tara Nedumaran 6-0, Sophie Blight 6-1

Division 3 White – Saints did not play

Division 4 – Saints 5-33 defeated Immanuel 1-12
Singles: Lydia Tolley 6-0, Nathara Perera 6-3, Olivia Reynolds 6-1, Kaylah Park 3-6


Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 7
The girls started the season with a strong trial match against Wilderness. Our line defence was outstanding, preventing them from scoring off penalties. The team’s excellent communication allowed us to make sufficient ground within the 6 allowed touches. Olivia Goldsmith and Ella Liddy were players of the match, setting up plays in attack (running from half and wrapping around our own players) in attempting to score. – Hannah Freeman (Captain)

Open B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 4
The girls had a challenging morning with only one substitution in humid conditions. It was excellent to see the effort but also to begin learning some new attacking moves. This is something that will be a focus moving forward. Amelie Eaton and Stephanie Smalls both worked hard through the middle. – Dan Searle (Coordinator)

Open C – Saints 0 defeated by Wilderness 4
All of the girls played really well despite not having any subs in the warm weather. Generally, our defence was quite strong, although in the last half of the match, the opposition managed to create overlaps with their players which allowed them to make gaps that they were able to get through. There was also some really good movement on the field with some wraps to create space and some good rucking to gain ground quickly. For the season ahead, we will focus on clear communication, initiation of the touch and running from depth. This was a really good game for everybody to get a feel for the season. – Sophie Johnson (Year 12)

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 3
We started off strongly against Wilderness in a close match due to their rucking and defence. Both teams scored a try early on, and continued to work hard in attack and defence. Saints put huge pressure on Wilderness in defence which was demonstrated in the number of technical errors that they made, resulting in a large number of penalties. The team demonstrated excellent execution of their rucking in the first half, but in the second half, fatigue got the better of the players and some additional trys were scored. – Tracey Hunt (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 1 defeated by Wilderness 3
The girls began brightly with the first try of the match but could not hold onto the lead, eventually losing 3-1. It was great to see them begin to work well together and use their voices which need to be even louder on the pitch. Phoebe Black and Mathilda Thomas were strong and set up a number of attacking plays. We look forward to building on this trial game as the season proper begins this week. – Zahli Clark (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 4
We played a fantastic first game against Wilderness, although the score did not reflect the team’s effort. Everyone put their knowledge from only four trainings into play and successfully transitioned the ball down the field from defence to attack. The girls’ determination often allowed them to gain ground, allowing the opportunity to score. Additionally, their ability to adapt and take on feedback during the game from coaches and team members is very rewarding! Everyone should be proud of their effort and positivity; I am sure it will be a great term and I look forward to supporting the girls’ growth and development! – Ebony-Jade Nash-Smith (Coach)


Open A – Saints 2 defeated Immanuel 0 (26-24, 25-19, 8-8)
What a great way to start the season! With three new faces in the Open A team – Martha McCormack, Charlie Fishlock and Toni Christiansen – little training, as well as it being our first game together, winning our first match has given us a lot of confidence moving forward. With Immanuel known as a strong opponent, we fought hard and gave it our all. Serving was great throughout the entire match. After trailing in the first set, our excellent teamwork enabled us to take a close win with 26-24. Starting out strongly in the second set gaining 5 points, Immanuel wasn’t able to catch up. Some really great work at the net and, again, good serving, enabled us to keep our lead and take the set 25-19. With not enough time to complete a third set, we used the time to challenge our skills and to keep working as a team. I hope we continue to work as hard as we did in this game and have a successful season together! – Georgina Keough (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 3 (16-25, 18-25, 16-25)
Progression was the game plan for Open Bs in the opener that was always going to be a tough assignment. Missing Tilly McCormack due to injury, Charlotte Cohen led the team of new players onto the show court. Winning the toss and electing to serve, the girls started with some trepidation. Slowly but surely, the confidence grew and they were all chasing down balls all the while soaking up the knowledge of the increased speed in match play. With Sivanthi dominating on her serves and Sophie encouraging the girls to lift, the team worked on playing 3 touches, with Chloe Venning able to finish with some solid spikes. It was great to see the progression of all players working together as a team in the first match and good signs for the season to come. Well done girls! – Alistair Keough (Coach)

Open C – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 3
The Open Cs had a difficult first match against a solid Immanuel side. They had a good start with some great overarm serving by Joss Forster. Efua Yawson also had a top game with some energetic spiking at the net. There are still things to work on at training but I have no doubt that this team will be winning matches in no time. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 3
The first match of the year saw a team consisting of almost a completely new players from last year with all but one girl moving up into the opens. This allowed a variety of younger players to step up including four Year 7s. Despite such an inexperienced team, the girls came out hard and put the opposition under pressure. Although they weren’t able to win a set, each one was close and it was a great way to start the season. – Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 3
The team showed great improvement from their first game. After losing the first two matches 25-3 and 25-8, they really focused in and challenged Immanuel with a final of 25-23. All of the girls did a great job cheering and supporting each other. Lots of things to keep working on but an overall good start to the season. – Jesse Dreswick (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 0 defeated by Immanuel 3
The girls learned a lot for their first matches of the season and did a great job not giving up. After dropping the first two sets 25-4 and 25-6, our third featured plenty of improvement despite losing 25-15. The girls worked together more and communicated throughout. Lots of smiling faces were on the court and we are looking forward to more training to work on our serves! – Jesse Dreswick (Coach)

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Open A – Saints 5 defeated by St Ignatius 8
The first game of the season was a tough competition for the girls, who worked extremely hard to keep the score within a 1 goal margin until the final quarter. They were constantly making an effort to support each other both in attack and defence, where they could stop many advances made by Ignatius. Best player was Lara Wakeham for her ability to constantly swim down into attack, giving the girls many opportunities on goal. Top scorer this week was Olivia Goldsmith with 2 goals. Good work girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

Open B – Saints 17 defeated Wilderness 0
The girls had an amazing first game, winning by 17 goals. They worked extremely hard in defence, stopping all attempts at goal. Best player was Sophie Dansie who was also the top scorer with 6 goals. This game allowed the girls to show their strengths in attack where they worked together as drivers, providing constant opportunities for passes and many successful shots at goals. Keep it up girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

Open C – Saints 20 defeated Sacred Heart 0
This was a triumphant result, with the girls consistently making an effort to score goals. Best player was Lila Gosse for her constant support in attack leading to many successful shots on goal. She was also top scorer, managing an amazing 9 goals. Every girl who played scored a goal, including goalie Ashlyn May, who came out of goals in the last quarter to score a brilliant goal. An amazing start to the season girls! – Fiona Lethbridge (Captain)

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