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Please notify the Front Office by 9:30am via either of the following methods if your daughter(s) will be absent due to illness, or arrive to School late. If your daughter will arrive after 8:30am (due to an appointment, etc), please advise an approximate time of arrival and ask that she reports to the Front Office upon arrival.

Phone: 8334 2200
Text: 0428 601 957

Lost property

Unnamed lost property items are held at the Front Office. Please clearly label all items of clothing and personal effects.

Lost property from this term will be displayed outside Student Services during the last week of term. Please ask your daughter to check the table for any items she may have misplaced this term.

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Purchasing pictures of school events online is easy, just follow these four steps:

1. Visit the Focus School Portraits website
2. Enter the password: SaintsGirls (this is case sensitive)
3. Select the event of your choice
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For order enquiries, please contact Focus School Portraits on 8389 9002.


Enews – Week 3, Term 1 2016

Issue no. 3Enews-banner

From the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

KerrySkinner_webThe new Tutor Program commenced this week. This is a wonderful new service – offered to the girls free of charge.

As I walked through the Resource Centre, the excitement and exchange of learning was omnipresent. Our recent Old Scholars shared their skills and expertise with small groups of Middle and Senior School students. I overheard students asking questions, Old Scholars explaining formulae, outlining what mitosis was and challenging students on their grammar and punctuation. There was genuine positive reinforcement occurring and there were numerous “lightbulb” moments.

The purpose of the program is to nurture positive study habits, while supporting students to understand their classroom learning and consolidate their knowledge. The aim is for students to become successful and independent learners, who approach their studies with confidence.

While our expert teachers impart information to students every day, our very talented tutors can support the students by reinforcing the work being taught. This personalised attention, allows students to ask questions in an environment where they feel comfortable, and the tutors support them to increase their knowledge and understanding of the content of the subjects.


Success was evident in the way the students left the sessions: feeling positive, happy and they walked tall from the experience. Tutoring allows students to review skills that are not being taught in the classroom and to practise and prepare for examinations and tests. It is well known that when students master skills and feel confident, their self esteem increases and they feel more willing and ready to accept new challenges.

Students are also able to attend a morning session to help them navigate through some homework that caused some concern. The tutor can guide them and prepare them for the next lesson with confidence. The Tutor Program currently focusses on supporting students in English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. I encourage students to email me if there is another subject that could be of value and I commend a Year 8 group who did just that; we were pleased to arrange a session on Japanese to support their learning.

The sign-up sheets are situated outside the Resource Centre where students can book sessions. There is a maximum of six students per tutor per session. Sessions are held Monday to Thursday after school from 3.40 – 4.40pm. We are also holding two morning sessions Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 to 8.30am. Ideally students need to sign up on the Friday of the week before, so I can ensure we have enough tutors in attendance. Initially, we have some some drop in vacancies, but as the program expands, this cannot be guaranteed.

If our first week was anything to go by, I am certain that this program will be popular and I commend our Old Scholars for embracing this and their genuine desire to give back to the students and the School.


“I think it was very organised and very good. I think the best thing was how all the tutors understood what we were talking about. I would recommend this to other girls if they need help with any subject.” – Renee Lawrence, 8DSE

“I really liked having a tutor. It was very helpful and allowed me to understand what we are learning in class better.” – Charlotte Creek, 8AKI

“I found that this morning worked really well and I enjoyed tutoring.” – Yvette Jones (Patteson ’14)

Kerry Skinner
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Buzz Book data update underway

Buzz Book 2016 coverIn preparation for the release of the 2016 Buzz Book, we now invite families to check their contact details are up to date in our database.

The Buzz Book is an integral part of each St Peter’s Girls’ School family home. It’s the go-to resource for all our families – filled with lots of helpful information, including family contact details and class lists, from ELC to Year 12. The Buzz Book will be distributed to all students in Term 1.

The School appreciates that some families may not wish their contact information to be included in the Buzz Book.

We have moved to an electronic system for this year’s update process. To review your contact information, and provide your consent for your family’s details to be included in the Buzz Book, please complete the following steps:

> Log in to the Link Portal using your individual username and password
> If you can’t remember your password, click on ‘Forgot your password’ so that it can be emailed to you
> Once logged in, click on the Buzz Book tab
> Check your details and tick the items you wish to be included in the Buzz Book
> Your consent will be saved
> Repeat the process for any other daughters/children you have at the School
> If changes are required, email and confirm your consent to be included in the Buzz Book.

If you do NOT submit your consent, your information will NOT be included in the Buzz Book this year. Both contacts will need to provide their individual consent.

All changes and consent must be completed by Monday 29 February 2016 for inclusion in the Buzz Book. Should your family’s contact information change through the year, please use the ‘Change Details’ tab in the Link Portal.

If you experience difficulties using the Link Portal, please contact or phone 8155 5791.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the School’s records accurate. We look forward to distributing the Buzz Book as soon as possible.

Year 4 Unit of Inquiry with PAC


This term, the Year 4 students have been studying the Central Idea, “Developing an understanding of ourselves and others can be associated with success.” It falls under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Who we are’ – a strand of the Primary Years Programme encapsulated by these descriptors: the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships, including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; and what it means to be human.

The focussing lines of inquiry are:

  • Impact of thoughts, words and actions on self and others
  • Ways to help achieve respectful relationships
  • Nature of success

yr4-pacThis unit has been developed in conjunction with the Year 4 teachers at PAC and together we have run an enriching program where the two schools collaborate for students to work in mixed gender groups on team challenges. Last Friday, the Year 4s from PAC joined us at School for two team challenges. The first was a quiz and the second, ‘The Great Egg Drop’, completed a dynamic day where the students needed to apply some of the skills we have been learning about. Students worked in groups to create a ‘capsule’ to safely cradle an egg which was to be dropped from the balcony of the St Michael’s Wing.

It was extremely interesting watching the various ways the teams went about this task and observing the positive communication and team skills. Out of the seventeen groups that created a capsule, only four of the eggs were ‘standing’ at the end of the session. The creativity and commitment of the students was excellent. We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of our parent helpers on the day, who made everything run so smoothly. Our work with PAC will continue with a reciprocal visit to their school, on Tuesday of Week 4, to undertake a team “Amazing Race” challenge.

This unit continues to challenge the girls to focus on their abilities to make good choices and manage their emotions in a way that will have a positive impact on both themselves and the people they work and live with.

We have also begun discussions about what constitutes ‘real’ success, and that success takes many forms other than simply winning. Rather, reaching personal goals and having a positive influence on the world can actually be considered great success. These discussions have been fuelled by looking at some successful role models and the impacts they have made on others, despite resistance and often personal sacrifice. These include Malala Yousafzai and Fred Hollows and comparing their ‘success’ as humans to those that often fill the media, such as Taylor Swift.

We hope that this unit of work encourages the girls to look further than surface level within themselves and to consider the role their thoughts and actions can play in building who they are.

Shelley Hampton and Rebecca Dillon
Year 4 Teachers

SPAA workshop: Conducting for Choirs

SPAA workshop Enews

Just in time for Choral Night 2016, our SPAA workshop with Timothy Sexton is here to help!

Are you doing Senior Music?
Do you sing in a choir or a group?
Would you like to sing in a choir or a group?
Are you simply interested in music for voice and want to learn more?

If you have answered yes to even one of the questions above, you need to come along to the Conducting for Choirs Workshop. The workshop will be at the:

St Peter’s Girls’ School Arts Centre
Tuesday 1 March
4.30 – 6.30pm

Tickets $25 each

RSVP online at

Timothy Sexton has been the CEO and Artistic Director of the State Opera of South Australia since July 2011, and has been a supporter of the Saints Performing Arts Academy since its inception, officially opening the academy in 2012.

As a freelance composer, conductor, arranger, singer, writer, adjudicator and ABC broadcaster, Timothy Sexton is one of the most prominent musicians in South Australia. Since gaining an Honours degree in Music Composition at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide, he has created more than 200 works, ranging from opera and music theatre to choral and orchestral works and film scores. Timothy has sung in over 30 productions for the State Opera of South Australia, he was Chorus Master and a Rehearsal Conductor for the 2004 Adelaide Ring Cycle and Chorus Master and Associate Conductor for the 2010 Adelaide Festival of Arts opera, Le Grand Macabre.

In late 2001 Timothy founded the Adelaide Art Orchestra, working with such entertainment luminaries as Kate Ceberano, Hugh Sheridan, Anthony Warlow, David Hobson, Christine Anu, Rachael Beck, Tim Campbell, David Campbell, Natalie Cole, Bernadette Peters, Rhonda Burchmore, Silvie Paladino, Rob Guest, Marina Prior, Doug Parkinson, Glenn Shorrock and Julie Anthony.

Timothy was twice awarded the Henry Krips Memorial Conducting Scholarship and in 2003 received a Centenary of Federation Medal for Services to Music. In 2008, Timothy was awarded a prestigious Ruby Award for Sustained Contribution to the Arts by an Individual and was the 2009 South Australian of the Year (Arts Category).

We are indeed incredibly fortunate to have Timothy running this workshop.

Contact me on for further details.

Amanda Kimber
Director of SPAA

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Twilight Cinema on tomorrow


The annual Twilight Cinema Carnival is on tomorrow 20 February from 5pm.

We will be screening the movie, Oddball, and there will be plenty going on to keep everyone happy – including some sporting challenges, a waterslide, bouncy castle, live music and much more. There will be a licensed bar and a range of food options from pizza and paella to ice cream and popcorn. Tickets are still available through Trybooking or at the gate on the day. Parking will be available on the school oval.

Tickets $40 per family or $15 per adult and $10 per child/student

Tickets are available from or at the gate on the day.

Focus Photography package deal

Focus-PhotosFocus School Photography is offering St Peter’s Girls families a chance to purchase unlimited event photos throughout the year for one low price.

Select as many images of your child or family as you like, from many events that will be photographed this year. Focus will attend events such as Swimming Carnival, Choral Night, House Dinners, Sports Day, Celebration Day, Carols in the Cathedral and our end of year graduations. (Please note that this package deal excludes the Years 11-12 Formal, Valedictory Dinner and Year 5 production, which will be sold separately.)

All at the special price of $95. To order your photographs, visit the Focus website and login with the password SaintsGirls

For further details, please contact Focus School Portraits on 8389 9002 or

Term 1 Calendar dates

In an effort to provide clearer information to parents about school events and activities, we will circulate a list of calendar events each term.

Our online calendar resource is available on our website and will provide the most up-to-date information available.

> Download the Term 1 calendar flyer

We hope this is a helpful resource for families.

Get involved in Junior School Banking

You can get involved in the School Banking program by opening a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account at any Commonwealth Bank branch, over the phone on 13 2221, or via NetBank if you are an existing customer with NetBank access.

bankingRemember to take in identification for you and your child (driver’s license and birth certificate). You will receive a Dollarmites wallet and deposit book that your child will use to participate in the program.

Our school receives $5 when a student makes their first ever School Banking deposit and 5% on every deposit made through the school (to a maximum of $10 per individual deposit).

Thank you for supporting our school and helping to teach your child the benefits of saving regularly.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. Call 13 2221 at any time. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Full terms and conditions for transaction and savings accounts are available from any branch of the Commonwealth Bank and should be considered in any decision about the product. If you have a complaint in respect of this product, the Commonwealth Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.

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Swimming Carnival: Years 4–12

On Friday 26 February, St Peter’s Girls’ School will be holding the annual Swimming Carnival for Years 4-12 at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide. Students are expected to be at the Aquatic Centre no later than 8.30am, with presentations concluding by 4pm. The day is to be treated like a normal school day; therefore, attendance is compulsory for the whole day.

Girls who travel to school on school buses will automatically be taken to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the morning and will be taken home in the afternoon. As the girls will be dismissed directly from the venue, all other students will need to be dropped off at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the morning and picked up in the afternoon.

> Download program of events

There will be no specific lunch break but girls can eat during breaks between their races. Students have the option of bringing money for the pool canteen for their recess and lunch on the day; otherwise they will need to bring their own food. Water bottles should be brought for the day.

Students are reminded to wear their complete PE uniform with bathers underneath as well as their House swimming cap that can be purchased from the School Shop. Extra House-coloured ribbons are encouraged, but coloured zinc and body paint is not permitted in the pool. House tattoos will be sold on the day of the carnival. We ask that the tattoos are not visible outside the girls’ school uniforms when returning to school (tea tree oil works well to remove them).

We encourage all girls to compete in a number of events, with their preferences being discussed in PE lessons and House meetings. A program for the day will soon be given to the girls and placed in the School Enews, outlining all event times and records. We will be using both 25m pools in the morning session and only the deep-end pool in the afternoon session. We look forward to lots of parent support on this exciting day in the calendar.

School teams for SAPSASA (Years 4 to 7), SSSSA (Years 8 to 12) and IGSSA (Year 7s to 12) will be selected from the Swimming Carnival results.

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Sports News

Sports draws

Sports draws for Term 1 are now available.

Junior Softball
Junior Tennis


State multi events championships
Zoe Wilmshurst – Gold – under 16 heptathlon

State championships
Zoe Wilmshurst – U/16 Shot Put (Silver), 100m (13th), 90m Hurdles (4th), High Jump (Bronze), Long Jump (6th), Discus (Bronze)  U17 High Jump (Silver), Long Jump (6th)
Sophie Barr – U/14 100m (5th), 200m (4th), 80m Hurdles (Silver), Discus (Gold), Hammer (Bronze), U/15 Discus (Gold)
Amelia Wood – U/15 High Jump (Gold), Pole Vault (Gold)
Jemimah Simpson – U/16 200m (9th), 400m (4th), U/20 800m (Bronze)
Hannah Brown – U/16 Long Jump (5th), Triple Jump (Silver)
Rachael Disney – U/17 200m (6th), 400m (Silver)
Jasmine Ledgard – U/17 Discus (Gold), Hammer (Gold)
Bethany Cross – U/17 5000m Walk (Silver)
Anna Cross – U/20 5000m Walk (Gold)

Sports Results

Basketball – Monday 15 February

Middle C1 8 defeated by Seymour 2 12
It was a solid first match for the girls this week. There was plenty of promising play with many intercepts and good run down the court into attack. Our girls had many more scoring opportunities than Seymour; however, unfortunately we were unable to slow down, steady and convert the shots. Well done to Maddison Tilley-Brooks who listened to the coach’s feedback and positioned herself well in the key in both attack and defence, providing valuable height. Special mention also this week to our point scorers, Ebony Lohe, Siena Kulinski and Emily Downie. Looking forward to more competitive matches throughout the term. Vanessa Brooks (Assistant Coach).

Tennis – Monday 15 February

Open A – Saints 6-36 defeated Seymour 0-8
Shamilla-DhillonSingles: Yasmin Glazbrook 6-2, Tiana Glazbrook 6-0, Jade Leyden 6-1, Olivia Teh 6-2

Open – Saints 6-36 defeated Seymour 0-14
Singles: Olivia Harby 6-2, Emily Loh 6-4, Claire Kao 6-2, Sarah Richards 6-2
Olivia Teh (Captain)

Rowing – Saturday 13 February

On Saturday my crew (Kate Reade, Emma Carrodus, Hannah Freeman and Scarlett Hocking) raced in two races and came first in the 7/8 race and last in the uni race. We found the uni race challenging but despite the competition we did rather well. Some techniques that the girls need to work on are squaring up at the same time and also making sure that their blades are fully buried in the water before they take a stroke. This will help resolve the issue of an unbalanced boat. Charlotte Creek

This week Imogen Parkinson (bow), Paris Robinson (two), Zara Stefani (three), Sophie Johnson (stroke) and Abbie Lisle (cox) were down in Murray Bridge and we weren’t very familiar with the course. In both races the girls did really well and should be proud of themselves. The second race was slightly confusing with the wind and the officials calling things out but the girls did very well. Abbie Lisle

Softball – Saturday 13 February

Open A – Saints 18 defeated Westminster 2
Kate-McKellar-StewartThe As had a great start to the season this week, having a great win defeating Westminster in a fantastic game. We worked well together as a team both out on the field and in the batting box. The training sessions that we have been attending have led to an improvement in fielding balls as getting outs were smooth, efficient and very rewarding. Each girl gave their best effort, having lots of swings which gained us the runs to win. The four girls from Year 8 who have stepped up to play in the As all played an extremely well for their first game. The whole team should be proud of their efforts and hopefully we can keep improving, winning and working well as a team to have a fun season.
Georgia Naughton (Captain)

Open B – Saints 9 defeated by Gleeson 19
Despite it being the first game of the season, the Saints Open Bs went into the game with optimism and energy. Playing a strong batting team, the girls had to step it up in the field and tried their best to get the outs needed. All girls displayed excellent batting skills in the last innings, with both Ella Robinson and Lucinda Tierney getting home runs. Kate McKellar-Stewart should also be commended for her consistent pitching and fantastic catch. Lydia Smalls (Open A)

Open C1 – Saints 14 defeated Scotch (C1) 8
Aroha-MunroeThe first game of the year proved to be a breeze for the Open C1 team. As all batting innings were completed with the 7 run mercy rule, the game was highlighted with many outfield hits. Our pitcher for the game was newcomer, Holly Cardone, and she did very well for her first game. This is only the start of what is gearing up to be a successful term for the C1 team. Claire Hale (Coach)

Open C2 – Saints 3 defeated by St Johns 13
Although it was a tough return to softball, the girls, most new to the game, fought a strong match by working well together as a new team. Drawing upon the batting skills we began to develop at training, most were able to make contact with the ball or use their perceptive instincts to judge balls from strikes and bat accordingly. With convincing pitching from Jenna Bowden and catching from Ashley Piper, some more fielding training will build supportive strength in the field and give the girls more confidence for future games. Mimi Long (Coach)

Tennis – Saturday 13 February

Division 1 – Saints 6-36 defeated Wilderness 0-19
Lilly-Rose-SpartalisSingles: Neve McCormack 6-3, Annabel Baldwinson 6-4, Daveena Dhillon 6-2, Georgina Thrower 6-4

Division 2 Blue – Saints 3-29 defeated Walford 3-25
Singles: Violette Maris 6-0, Lola Dimond 2-6, Mahala Truscott 5-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 6-4

Division 2 White – Saints 1-19 defeated by Walford 5-31
Singles: Olivia Wilkinson 6-1, Annabelle Langley 3-6, Rose Pittman 1-6, Lilly Alexander 2-6

Division 3 Blue – Saints 3-26 defeated Pulteney 3-20
Singles: Shamilla Dhillon 6-0, Taj Shahin 1-6, Cheri Wong 4-6, Sivanthi Sivasuthan 6-2

Division 3 White – Saints had a bye

Division 4 Blue – Saints 0-9 defeated by Scotch 6-36
Singles: Amelie Eaton 2-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 0-6, Orla Clayton 2-6, Yunfei Ma 1-6

Division 4 White – Saints 1-15 defeated by Scotch 5-28
Singles: Aleisha Elliott 0-6, Emily Downie 6-0, Charlotte Stewart 1-6, Natasha Lau 2-6

Volleyball – Saturday 13 February

Open A – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 0
The team started the season well, playing a terrific game against Seymour. Having travelled to Melbourne at the end of last year for the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, all girls have improved immensely and are working very well as a team. It was especially great to see so much enthusiasm on the court! Playing a back court setter for the first time caused some initial confusion, but all girls adapted to this well, and some great passing and movement was seen. Congratulations must go to Emily Murdock and Abbey Goodwin for their fantastic setting, and all round efforts, despite this being a new form of play for us. Georgia Howe and Mila Loechel (Captains)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Seymour 3
Despite the loss, the Open B volleyball girls played a good game to start off the season. After only losing the first set by a narrow margin of 2 points, enthusiasm was high and it was great to see so much encouragement on the court. Serving was particularly good, and there was obvious improvement in passing and blocking. Congratulations must especially go to Madison Bateman and Charlotte Carney for their efforts all over the court. Georgia Howe and Mila Loechel (Captains)

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2
The Open Cs played a close game against Seymour on the weekend, losing 2 sets to 1. The girls took some time to gain confidence in their movement to the ball and this allowed the opposition to score easy points early in the match. The girls improved during the 2nd and 3rd sets, with Mengyuan Li working hard in defence and Taylor Biessel passing the ball strongly. The girls are looking forward to improving on their performance this week against Pulteney. Dan Searle

Middle A – Saints 2 defeated Seymour 1 (25-22, 25-17, 25-27)
The game begun with heaps of energy, something both coaches considered a vital factor in the final result. The opposition failed to return our girls’ difficult serves in the first set, and most of our points were gained from this, consequently leading to our win. There was a great set up for 3 hits; however, our focus for the preceding set was to get the third hit over the net. The girls continued to win the second set convincingly, with the assistance of Brooke Young’s strong serving deep into the back of the court. Congratulations Middle As for a win in the first game of the season! Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer

Middle B – Saints 3 defeated Seymour 0 (25-16, 25-19, 25-22)
To kick off the volleyball season the Middle B team smashed out a 3 set to 0 victory. The girls came out winning the toss to serve first and kept up a great serving rally that was continued by all players throughout the game. It took a few ‘go’s to get our setting and digging back into motion but when we did we saw some excellent plays from the girls. Congratulations on the win this week, girls, and we look forward to a great season and continuing to fine-tune your skills. Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer

Middle C – Saints 1 defeated by Seymour 2 (26-24, 19-25, 20-25)
This was some of the girls’ first volleyball game and their good positioning on the court reflected the effort they have put into training each week. There was a lot of energy from all team players, as well as Paris Greene showing some good serving during the first set. Unfortunately, the energy lulled in the second set and it was very quiet on court with no one calling for the ball, and we were just unable to beat Seymour in our final set. The girls should be happy with their efforts in this first game, and we are keen for games this season. Ellana Welsby and Eliza Falconer