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From the Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

Richard Lisle inside 220As a result of our ongoing work in the area of Entrepreneurial Education, I was delighted to represent St Peter’s Girls at a national symposium held in Adelaide this week. Monique Green and I spoke about the Year 7 and 8 Futures Program, and how we have approached developing an entrepreneurial mindset in our students, and what we have learnt in the process. There were many questions to the panel of which we were a part, and it was a pleasure to share our experiences with such a knowledgeable and diverse audience.

World leader on Entrepreneurial Education, Yong Zhao, was the keynote speaker. He continues to offer schools the challenge of opening up entrepreneurial pathways to students as a way of preparing them for the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) work environment that they are likely to face in the near future. Indeed, with the SACE Board looking to include this as an element of each course as part of their course review system, it will become increasingly important. Whilst we still have work to do in this area, it was pleasing to see us being acknowledged as a leader in this growing field. With our success in the recent Shark Tank eSchool competition, the growth and strength of the APEX group, many successful Futures ‘Lemon Project’ companies, and teams reaching the finals of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition and the AI for Good Challenge, we have evidence of a growing culture of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking amongst students and staff.

Richard Lisle
Deputy Principal / Head of Middle School

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Science Centre Comes to Life

Construction of our new Science Centre is approaching the home stretch as the building starts to come alive. You may have noticed many changes following the significant progress made during the three-week holiday break.

This week, much work has focused on the external front facade which will be a striking feature to greet families and visitors as they arrive at the School. The internal fit-out is now also underway and we look forward to opening the Science Centre at the start of next term, cementing us as a leader in STEM education.

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A Message from our Prefects

W2 - Prefect Article

Every day, as we walk through the corridors, playgrounds and classrooms of our School, we see the faces of so many different girls. And whilst many of the faces of our fellow students may seem familiar to us, the truth is that often we know nothing about the story behind them – apart from what we see during school time. We are lucky to have a school full of diversity. Every girl is unique, has a different background and different passions and, whilst we all go to the same school, everyone’s ‘typical day’ is different. That’s why this term, we are striving to ‘take a walk in the shoes’ of some of the girls at our School and learn a bit about what a day in the life looks like for them. We’re surrounded by so many wonderful, interesting people and it’d be a shame if we didn’t get to learn the story behind the faces!

At each Assembly this term, the Prefects will be chatting to a couple of different girls from various year levels. Through these discussions, we hope to learn about the passions, backgrounds and daily challenges of each girl by finding out what they get up to before and after school, their interactions with family and friends, and simply what makes them different to the girl next to them! In the weeks following the discussions, we will strive to ‘take a walk in their shoes’ by completing a small challenge that each girl will set for us, giving us a taste of their daily life.

Kicking off our initiative this week, a couple of the prefects were lucky to chat to Anushrii Nair from Year 12 who shared how her Malaysian culture is integrated into her daily life and set us the challenge to try one of her culture’s delicious foods for ourselves. We also got to hear from Aroha Munroe, Year 11, who shared with us her gruelling fitness routine, starting at 4.30am! Aroha challenged us to try doing some physical activity before school. Thanks to these girls for participating, and we are super excited to ‘take a walk in the shoes’ of some more girls over the rest of the term.

Hannah Brown
Deputy Head Prefect

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Artificial Intelligence Challenge Winners

W2 - AI for Good Challenge

During Term 2, Year 10 Business, Enterprise and Technologies competed in the Microsoft AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Good Challenge. The brief was to design an AI solution for one of the following categories: AI for Accessibility; AI for Earth; AI for Humanitarian Action.

This week, three teams of Saints Girls pitched their ideas during the State Finals at Microsoft, with some incredible results:

1st Place: Jenna Bowden and Edie McKellar – AI midwife ‘NAila’
2nd Place: Amelia Pudney and Lara Wakeham – Robotic vacuum fish ‘Fishy Friends’
4th place: Holly Cardone and Poppie Goldsmith – Water cooling robot ‘Airreef’

NAila is an AI midwife who aims to bring education and monitoring to pregnant women living in remote communities and developing countries.

Edie and Jenna will travel to Sydney on 16 August to compete for the National title against all of the other Division 2 (Years 10 – 12) State winners.

Monique Green
Digital Tech Teacher & STEM Coordinator

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Old Scholars’ 125th Anniversary Celebration

W2 - Old Scholars 2
Our last day of Term 2, Friday 28 June, was a significant day in our 125th anniversary year as we welcomed over 230 Old Scholars to celebrate this significant milestone in our history, as well as St Peterstide.

The day commenced with a morning School Tour, where a number of small groups were guided by our Year 9 event leaders on a journey throughout the buildings and grounds to highlight all of our new and exciting projects and facilities. Our Old Scholars then joined with the School community for the traditional St Peterstide Eucharist. It was an honour to have Sister Linda Mary CSC assist with our service.

The 125th Anniversary Lunch for Old Scholars in the Arts Centre was a memorable occasion and the first time we had hosted an event such as this at Saints Girls. Over 120 Old Scholars enjoyed champagne and a two course lunch, with entertainment provided by our talented Music students featuring a stunning vocal performance by Emma Kavanagh (Kilburn ’14). 125th commemorative merchandise was for sale as well as the popular Bottle Tombola.

The Arts Centre was then transformed to host the Old Scholars’ Reunion Cocktail evening where more than 100 Old Scholars enjoyed drinks and canapes whilst reminiscing over photo boards. A reflective Memories of Saints Girls multimedia presentation provided many smiles, laughs and cheers for the featured alumni – 2014, 2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1979, 1969, 1959 and 1949 – some of whom went on to continue their celebration together.

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn ’86)
Old Scholar Officer

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Future Runners in Training

W2 - Year 1

With the Cross Country Interhouse coming up next week, the Junior School classes are busy familiarising themselves with the course and increasing their fitness. To prepare for the event, the girls are trying to run 10 kilometres over these weeks. They are showing great determination to reach their goal, with a number of girls even aiming for 20 kilometres.

All parents and friends are welcome to watch the Cross Country Interhouse next Friday 9 August in Bell Yett Reserve.

Reception and Year 1: Lesson 2 (9.20am). Students will be encouraged to run/walk two laps of the marked area, which is approximately 1km.
Year 2 and 3: Lesson 3 (10.35am). Students will be encouraged to run/walk three laps of the marked area, which is approximately 1.5km.
Years 4 and 5: Lesson 4 (11.25am). Students will be expected to complete four laps which is approximately 2km.
Years 6 and 7: Lesson 5 (1.50pm). Students will be expected to complete four laps which is approximately 2km.
Years 8 and 9: Lesson 6 (2.40pm). Students will be expected to complete four laps which is approximately 2km.

Pauline Noblet
Physical Education Teacher

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Senior Drama Production – I, Pandora

W2 - Senior Drama Production

The senior Drama students have been working hard on their production for this year – I, Pandora – and it is shaping up to be an evocative and creative show! An original piece, it interweaves both the ancient tale of Pandora and a more contemporary story of a woman whose choices open the lid on a range of unfortunate consequences. The play will run on 7, 8 and 9 August at 7pm in the Arts Centre.

Tickets via

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English/Drama Teacher

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Spanish Trip – Delicious Fundraiser

W2 - Churro Fundraiser

Orders close at 9am on Monday 5 August 2019

Our Year 11 IB Spanish ab initio class will be selling churros to fundraise for our Spanish trip. On this tour, we will be undergoing an immersion program involving learning in-depth Spanish for three weeks, ultimately gaining six months’ worth of knowledge.

The churros will be kindly supplied by Señora Margarita from Taco Quetzalcoatl, a small Mexican establishment that has been voted the top Mexican restaurant in Australia. The churros will be sold in packs of 5 for $5.50, including a warm, melted chocolate dipping sauce. They will be available on 8 August (Thursday of Week 3). Please note that these are not gluten-free.

If you would like to support us and enjoy some tasty churros, please complete the order form by visiting Orders will be available for collection on the Arts Centre steps.

Year 11 Spanish ab initio class

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Food for Thought on Business Excursion

W2 - World of Food

As part of the Year 10 World of Food subject unit on Entrepreneurial Thinking and Technology used in the Food and Hospitality Industry, students visited two local businesses. We started our day at Continental Taralli Biscuits, a family-owned business which manufactures a variety of Italian biscuits. The students tasted the many products in the range and discussed the expansion of the business to include distribution across Australia and the impact this has had on the technology required in the bakery. We observed Tarallis being produced and were able to meet the family members who are an important part of this business. Marketing strategies were also quite evident with the use of two brands and types of labelling, and modern and contemporary packaging.

Mercato were next on our tour. The class tasted and discussed the origins of a variety of products that Mercato import from Italy such as cheese, olives, biscuits and wafers. We also saw a demonstration of Tiramisu. Jianna discussed the history of the business and its expansion over time and the strong business connection to family in the business.

The World of Food class will now be able to use the information gathered to set up a small-scale business which will involve the trialling and sensory evaluation of Tiramisu and Tarallis amongst other products as selected by the students.

We would like to thank Continental Taralli Biscuits and Mercato for taking the time to speak to the students and welcome us in to their businesses.

Jenni Manson
Food Technology Teacher

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Decisions Ahead After Subject Expo

W2 - Subject Expo

It was great to see so many parents and students at the Senior School Subject Expo last Thursday. The representatives from the local universities were busy fielding questions and providing information about courses. Our teachers were on hand to answer queries about next year’s subjects and to offer their advice. Over the next two weeks, the students’ subject choices will be fed into our timetabling program and subject blocks will be created. This may then require some of the students to have further conversations with me, the IB and SACE coordinators, and their teachers, particularly if any clashes are generated. If you have any questions about this process over the next few weeks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nigel Scoggins
Director of Teaching and Learning

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Water Polo Girls Thrive in the Deep End

W2 - Water Polo

South Australia’s Under 16 Girls’ Water Polo team recently travelled to Sydney to represent the State in the Australian Interstate Water Polo Championship. Our team had three Saints Girls: Emily Baldwinson (Year 9), Saskia Jonats (Year 10) and Stephanie Smalls (Year 10). We went through a selection process at our weekly trainings and played games against other girls to see who would fit the mould better and which girls have more skill and confidence in the water.

For four days, we played two games each day. This was very tiring, however, it was a good challenge and it was interesting to see how South Australia would perform against some of the best water polo teams in Australia. We played all of our games at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatics Centre – the same pool where the Olympics were held! We ended up winning two games, our first again Canberra and the other against a New South Wales’ team, and we came 8th out of 11 teams.

All of us really enjoyed our week in Sydney and gained valuable experience from the tournament. We are so proud of our team performance as we improved a lot over the week and put up a fight in every game. Thank you to Water Polo South Australia for selecting us – we are very grateful for the opportunity to represent our State!

Emily Baldwinson, Saskia Jonats and Stephanie Smalls

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Video Professional Captures Imagination

W2 - APEX guest

“During Term 2, the girls in Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Mel Macpherson, a well-respected freelance camera operator who has worked in her industry for many years and has gained much experience during her time. Mel had lots of interesting and inspiring experiences to share with us, and helped us learn a lot about using the technology around us to share our passions and ideas. Her talk was inspiring and she taught us many helpful new skills.” – Mary Stavrou

“Mel Macpherson explained to us so much about connecting with the camera and how to use it effectively. Mel also showed us the importance of angles and how long you keep the shot going for. She really inspired us to use the skills we have gained through practice and to share them with the world.” – Lucy Schirripa

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Buzz Book and Year Level Reps – Communication

Families are able to share all or some of their contact information with other families at the School using our online Buzz Book.

This sharing of information can be very helpful for Year Level Representatives arranging year level social events or other social interaction amongst the students and their families. Whilst the School facilitates these communications via the Community Relations Office, we are unable to directly provide contact details as a matter of privacy, and so we encourage interested families to take advantage of this tool.

To share selected contact information, visit the myLink parent portal, click the ‘Community Portal’ tab in the top menu and then select ‘Buzz Book’.

If you have any problems accessing or navigating myLink, contact the IT Helpdesk on 8334 2227 or email

If you have any queries relating to year level communications, please contact Fiona McGregor in the Community Relations Office on 8334 2225 or

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Winter Interhouse

W1 - Winter Interhouse

The Winter Interhouse will be held on Saturday 10 August, and to feed the hungry players and supporters, the Saints Sport Support Group is providing breakfast.

Parents, give yourselves the morning off from cooking and let us do it for you! Food can be purchased from the BBQ area; just follow the yummy smells to the quadrangle from 8 – 10.30am.

This year, we’re offering delicious egg and bacon sandwiches ($5), and sausages in bread ($2.50). Cash and EFTPOS facilities can be used for purchase. A coffee van will also be here on the day.

We hope to see you there! If you would like to assist the Saints Sport Support Group and volunteer on the day, please contact Katie Lucas via

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Upcoming House Dinners

W1 - House Dinner

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the Trybooking links below to purchase your daughter’s ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: Through The Ages
16 August (Week 4)
Book now:

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Op Shop
30 August (Week 6)
Book now:

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: American High School
13 September (Week 8)
Book now:

Year 12 House Captains

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Would You Like to Join Our Amazing Team of Volunteers?

W3 - Star Program

Our Learning Strategies volunteers are all enormously valued within the department and the broader School community. Our girls LOVE working with them, and the teachers are so appreciative of their generous donation of energy, expertise and enthusiasm. We have some exciting developments within our department in 2019 and we’d love you to join us.

Our volunteers work with our girls on areas such as literacy anywhere between a couple of lessons a week through to a couple of days per week. They include parents, grandparents, Old Scholars, retired staff and university students who are keen to gain further experience working with children.

Please make contact ASAP to register your interest via:

Catherine Kelly – Junior School
Susan Bassett – Middle and Senior School

We will send you a volunteer information sheet to fill out and then invite you in for a chat. We will also provide training for some of our Junior School programs.

Learning Strategies Team

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Kidz Biz Education Evening

You are warmly invited to the Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education Evening on Thursday 22 August in the Arts Centre.

Kidz Biz Growth and Development Education is for students and their parents. The sessions are designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. They are highly interactive sessions, providing parents/guardians and students an introduction to basic personal growth and social development education. Traditionally known as the ‘birds and the bees’, these sessions will be presented in a manner that is not awkward or threatening, where students can learn about the human body and the amazing things it can do. The evening will be broken into two sessions for the following year groups, and the cost will be covered by the School.

Years 2 – 4: ‘Where Did We Come From?’ – 6 to 6.50pm
• Myths about where babies come from
• Conception
• Fertilisation
• The nine month foetal development
• The birth process

Years 5 and 6: ‘What’s Happening To Me?’ – 7 to 7.50pm
• Puberty (physical and emotional)
• Body image and media influences
• Dealing with parents

We hope to see many parents and students attend these sessions.

Suzanne Haddy
Head of Junior School

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Notification of Student Absence

Please notify the School via one of the following methods for late arrivals/early departures and absences.

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)
Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to also include the Class/Home Group teacher when sending via email.

Please note: when arriving late (after 8.30am) or leaving early (before 3.30pm), students are required to sign in/out through the Front Office.

Please ensure you label all items of clothing and personal belongings. Unnamed lost property items can be located in the Front Office.

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Book Week 2019

W9 - Book Week

Dress Up Day will be held on Friday 23 August 2019

Come dressed as your favourite book character! There will be class parades during a special Junior School Assembly at 8.40am in the Arts Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend.

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Our Environment Club Needs Your Help!

W9 - Environment Club 2

The Environment Club would like to collect any spare wool that you may have at home and no longer wish to use. Our members will be taught how to crochet squares, which will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless. We would greatly appreciate any wool to help us reduce costs. If you do have spare wool, please send it to school with your daughter and she can deposit it in the box located at Student Services.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Lucy White and Lucy Young
Leaders of the Environment Club

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Sports News

W2 - Soccer


Open – Saints 4.3-27 defeated by Immanuel 8.7-55
For their first hit-out for this term, the girls played an outstanding game of footy. Although the score was not in our favour, this does not reflect the quality of footy the girls demonstrated. They fought hard for the ball and worked well together as a team, which explains how we managed to win the second half. Special mention must go to Molly Lucas who scored an amazing goal, as well as Sarah Wishart who fought hard for the ball the entire game. Once again, this game highlighted the extreme improvement these footballers have made and their efforts must be commended. Can’t wait to see what the next game has in store for the team. – Isabella Bernardi (Captain)

Middle – Saints 1.1-7 defeated by Immanuel 4.3-27
Saints had one previous encounter last year against Immanuel with Saints being beaten, but a solid four-quarter effort from all the girls showed our improved skills. Pressure all over the ground, particularly from Adele Eaton’s strong marks at full-back, Chloe Porter and Kate Hunt’s excellent efforts in half-back and ruck, and Emily Teague’s tackles in the middle, limited Immanuel’s scoring opportunities. A special mention for a great game also to Lauren Parton. Chase Hocking’s fantastic movement across the ground resulted in Saints’ goal with Grace Richards also contributing a point. – Charlie Fishlock


Last Saturday was the first round for Term 3, and Saints Girls had excellent results winning 4 out of 5 matches. Congratulations to all players for their efforts. The Open B team again pulled off an amazing performance, showcasing their strength in badminton skills and teamwork. There were some close matches from both of the C teams; the girls played calmly and cleverly, utilising game strategies to achieve victory. Even though the Open E girls had an unfortunate loss against Wilderness, all players showed improvement. A number of girls demonstrated a smart style of playing. Well done to all the girls for their enthusiasm and effort on court. We are looking forward to more excellent performance this season. – Amy Li (Captain)

Open A – Saints did not play
Open B – Saints 6 defeated Westminster 0
Open C1 – Saints 5 defeated Wilderness 1
Open C2 – Saints 3 defeated Wilderness 3 on points
Open D – Saints 5 defeated Walford 1
Open E – Saints 2 defeated by Wilderness 7


Year 6 Blue – Saints 33 defeated Seymour 14
A great game to start the term. The team took a little while to get going but then played really well together, supporting each other and sharing the ball. As the game went on, we got better and scored 16 points in the last quarter. Everyone played well and contributed to a good team win. – Brenton Davies (Coach)

Year 6 White – Saints 24 defeated by Pembroke 36
The girls played well against Pembroke with some great forward play pushing the ball up the court. They had some great opportunities but couldn’t quite finish. – Jacob Evans (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 10 defeated by Wilderness 52
The match started with great enthusiasm. Some players are new to basketball, but Saints listened to instruction and put up a huge fight, managing to put 4 points up on the score board within the first quarter. In the second quarter, the team communicated more to help each other. With a strong Wilderness defence, we found scoring difficult but that didn’t stop the girls from trying their hardest.

During the second half, the girls managed to rebound the ball, with Georgia Libri rebounding almost every shot. We then scored some points, with Iszabella Lochowiak and Charlize Cameron-Chilver getting a goal each. Many players started to contribute with rebounds, dribbling and stealing the ball, which made me proud. In the last quarter, the girls were getting tired, but they tried their hardest and Penelope Gapes scored the last goal of the game. – Kelly Laird (Coach)


Open A – Saints 0 defeated by Pembroke 12
Saints played Pembroke who had three State players, providing them with a very strong and experienced team. Despite the score line, the girls demonstrated improvement throughout the game. Our goalie Alice Reid was under the pump for the majority of the game but managed to make some extraordinary saves from shots off short corners. Although our front line had few opportunities, Amelia Lucas created and nearly converted two attacking plays. – Olivia Goldsmith (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated Scotch 0
The girls played a controlling game over Scotch; our forward pressure and structure resulted in Scotch not entering the circle at all. Tilly McCormack scored the first goal followed by Georgia Hoskins scoring a deflection on a short corner. The girls had many chances, but the end result was a 2-0 win. All the girls played a fantastic game and the structure was the best it has been all year. – Will Stapleton (Coach)


Under 13 – Saints 4 defeated by Glenelg 8
The girls played against Glenelg again, our biggest rival this season. We started out the first quarter even, with both teams getting a goal each and lots of possession in our end. We struggled getting the ball out of the centre, resulting in Glenelg having a 4-goal lead at the beginning of the last quarter. The girls fought hard in the midfield and defence, making plenty of turnovers and coming back with 3 goals in the fourth quarter, but unfortunately Glenelg were too good. – Caitlyn Grayson (Coach)

Under 11 Blue – Saints 5 defeated by Wilderness 11
Neela (Year 3) ran hard for every ground ball. Ruby Kelly (Year 3) did some great defence by sticking close to her opposition player, and in attack, she moved around the goal circle to try shoot goals. In addition, Lilly Meo (Year 3) showed her improving stick skills by catching several balls in attack. In the first half, Matilda Birmingham (Year 3) was our goalie, who showed confidence and stopped several shots on her. Chelsea Francis (Year 3) fought hard for ground balls and showed initiative when going behind the goal in case a shot was missed. Amelia Lively (Year 3) made multiple intercepts in defence and transitioned the ball well by running down the field. Goal scorers were Amelia (1), Chelsea (1), Lilly (1), Matilda (1) and Ruby (1). Best players were Amelia and Ruby. – Lucy Martin (Coach)

Under 11 White – Saints 5 defeated St Aloysius 3
The team certainly challenged themselves against St Aloysius. All team members contributed well to the game play, with our ground ball scooping improving significantly and strong stick skills (the catching and throwing drills have proved helpful). Special mention to goalie Lois Burton-Howard who bravely defended the goals; we’re pleased to have you back in lacrosse! Claris Stolcman played an exceptional game, scoring the team’s 5 goals. At training, we will focus on close defence and ball movement. Congratulations Saints 2! – Sophie Auricht (Coach)


Open A – Saints 40 defeated by Immanuel 53
After nearly a month of rest, what an incredible effort put forward by all seven players. The girls knew that this particular game against Immanuel was going to be tough, but they accepted this challenge and were able to play one of the best games so far this season. At the start, both teams were neck-and-neck scoring goal after goal. Saints started strongly by swiftly transitioning the ball mid-court to the goal third, allowing goalies to score quickly. Each quarter, Saints proceeded to place pressure on Immanuel as best they could and played the game until the end regardless of the score. Every girl played tremendously well, which made it difficult to choose the best players. However, four stood out for their determination and willpower. Sivi Sivasuthan, Hannah Freeman, Alexia Politis and Anna White all played a magnificent game, showcasing the different skills learnt at training. The defenders constantly applied pressure to Immanuel’s attack and transitioned the ball down the court effectively to the shooters to score. Great game girls! – Sivi Sivasuthan (Captain)

Open B – Saints 20 defeated by Immanuel 51
Despite the score, the girls were very grateful for the handful of players coming up to fill-in for our walking wounded team. The ball worked smoothly down to our goal ring, but considering two of our three shooters were absent, we relied upon Jessica Wishart to carry the team which she achieved. The girls in attack were all fit and agile, outrunning the opposition. Our defence was strong and worked well together to prevent Immanuel from smoothly moving the ball. The girls always keep their heads up and are looking forward to a win next time! – Eve Habel

Open C – Saints did not play

Open D – Saints 22 defeated by Immanuel 57
Despite our best efforts in defence, Immanuel were a tough opposition. The team played well overall considering there were a few players from other teams filling in. We were able to turn the ball over several times and also showed strength in goals. Lucy White did well at bringing the ball down the court and Adele Eaton helped the team around the ring. The girls have greatly improved in their passes as well as reading the court and working collaboratively. – Stella Clark

Open E1 – Saints 25 defeated by Immanuel 30
The girls played well in a very physical game. After they shook off their initial jitters out of the holiday break, they managed good passes down the court. The defensive team were great together, getting several turnovers and rebounds, reducing Immanuel’s lead. – Sarah Matheson

Open E2 – Saints 31 defeated Immanuel 25
The girls played an extremely competitive and intense match against Immanuel. They were down in the first quarter, however, were able to fight back to take win. The spirit and determination peaked in the last quarter, affirming our victory. A special mention to Milly Wood for her countless goals. I would also like to commend Zara Sadri’s persistence and resilience for soldiering on after having her knee popping out of place. Amazing work girls! – Teegan Lindsay

Year 9A – Saints 33 defeated Immanuel 31
It was a tight game throughout. Saints had the lead for most of the match, but only by a small margin. In the end, Saints Girls won by 2 goals. There was some great play through the mid-court and many turnovers in the defensive ends. Toni Christiansen, Sivanthi Sivasuthan and Joss Forster were great in the goal circle. Ruby Deakin, Lucy White and Milly Brett put on excellent defensive pressure which resulted in many turnovers. A really tight game where the girls played exceptionally well. – Milly Brett

Year 9B – Saints 29 defeated by Immanuel 44
Unfortunately, the team had a loss to Immanuel. Everyone played very well, the defence stayed strong on their players and the attacks worked well together in the ring. Dayna Petruzzella had a top game, scoring many goals. We played a good game and are sure to win next time. – Martha McCormack

Year 9C – Saints 27 defeated Wilderness 23
It was a slow start in the first quarter but, later in the game, we proved ourselves. The defending in the second quarter was amazing and, at the other end of the court, the attacking was equally as incredible. The score was unbelievably close for the majority of the game until the last quarter where we all pushed ourselves to the fullest, resulting in a convincing win. – Izzy Gilroy

Year 9/10 – Saints won on forfeit

Year 8A – Saints 27 defeated Immanuel 20
Our girls had a good first-half with strong defence, but Immanuel came back strongly in the third quarter. Some great play from all of the girls in the last quarter allowed us to come away with a win. Good job girls, keep it up! – Sophie Dansie

Year 8B – Saints 21 defeated Immanuel 13
The girls used communication throughout to ensure the best results. They welcomed Kimberly Psaromatis with excitement and worked well with her during the game. Grace Beaumont played GS and scored a majority of the goals for Saints. It was a successful game and the girls came home victorious. – Ruby Richards

Year 8C – Saints 35 defeated Concordia 5
In the first quarter, we were all a bit slow as some of us didn’t play netball at all over the holidays and it was also freezing cold. When we began the second quarter, we all started getting back into the swing of things which resulted in the other team only scoring 1 goal in the second quarter. Bel Burmester made so many amazing intercepts and this probably helped us gain the win. Our defence was really tight in every single third, so in the third and fourth quarters, Concordia didn’t score a single goal. They made some amazing intercepts as well, but Saints would always find a way to turn it around. The girls also started to use corridors and pockets more in this game, which helped us to get the ball down fast to the shooters (Georgina Wakeham and Lydia Tolley). All the girls contributed to the win, especially Isabel Burmester, Mikaela Udall and Isabella Lowry. – Nathara Perera

Year 7A – Saints 17 defeated by Immanuel 39
Saints played a very good first-half. Our technique was great, and we secured a few turnovers. At half-time, we were up by 1. Our third quarter didn’t go too well, and we let Immanuel get quite a few turnovers that they scored from. Saints lost momentum which carried into the last quarter, resulting in the loss. – Jasmine Segredos

Year 7B – Saints 12 defeated Immanuel 11
Marcella Tolley and Ayla Blaskett played well in goals, while Charlie Edwards, Ayanna Roy, Maddy Penley and Ruby Powell worked hard bringing the ball towards the goals. Olivia Oakes, Ruby Adams, Zara Chessell and Stephanie Andrejewskis did an amazing job of defending the opposition. We were tied 10-all at the start of the last quarter. It was a close game, but in the end, we won by a goal. A great team effort! – Ruby Powell

Year 7C – Saints defeated by Pembroke
The team played extremely well even though we lost. This game was hard as we were playing against a team with a lot of strong players. In the second and third quarters, everyone was switched on and getting the ball to the goal circle, with Emilia Libri and Zoe Graves shooting the goals. – Zoe Graves

Year 4 Blue – Saints 10 defeated Seymour Blue 6
The match was very even during the first quarter, with both teams turning the ball over through tight defence. Scoring was difficult and there was only a couple of goals in it at quarter-time. The second quarter saw Saints take control of the match, with our attacking end capitalising on the defenders’ constant turnovers. We pulled ahead and despite Seymour rallying in the second-half and trying to claw back the lead, the girls held on and came out winners by 2 goals. Special mention to Wei Ning Khoo who shone in defence, taking multiple intercepts and rebounds, and Madeleine Andrejewskis who moved well in the goal circle and was a strong target for the feeders to pass to. Well done! – Alice Johnswood

Year 3/4 White – Saints 6 defeated by Pembroke Green 10
The girls played a terrific game against Pembroke. Each player was trying their hardest and everyone was working as one team. Abbie Tulloch and Caitlyn Sam-Ling were the Co-Captains. Both girls led the cheer well and played a magnificent game. The combination of Lauren Fuller and Caitlyn’s defending skills was amazing, as they continuously put their hands up for rebounds and did a great job at chasing the ball. Charlotte Catchpole played a really good game as she shot the first goal! Sandithi Pussellage kept leading for the ball and tried to get as many goals as she could. Every girl played an outstanding game and had their time to shine. – Maddy Lisle (Student Coach)

Year 3 – Saints 3 drew with Seymour 3
The girls all played incredibly well, especially considering some of them had never played netball before. Everyone worked really well together, passing the ball down the court, which resulted in 3 goals! Everyone also put a lot of effort into defending, which placed pressure on the other team. This season looks promising, I can’t wait to see how it goes! – Sophie Caon (Coach)


Open A – Saints 1 drew with Pulteney 1
The Open As had a great start to the term with a very close game against Pulteney, resulting in a draw. The girls started off well in the first-half, with Chloe Deieso in goals. She saved some crucial shots and did a great job as goalie. Isabella Villani scored a well-deserved goal after receiving a through ball and chasing it down from halfway. Special mention to Louisa Reid who was playing up in the As this match and stepped in as goalie in the second-half. The girls were exhausted by the end of the game after playing with great passion and enthusiasm. I was proud of their efforts and Dion, our Coach, was very pleased as we had lost to Pulteney earlier in the season. – Ellie Anderson (Captain)

Open B – Saints 2 defeated by Pembroke 3

Middle A – Saints 4 defeated Walford 2
Saints defeated Walford in an amazing game. After being down by 2, the girls stepped up with Emily Elston scoring 2 incredible goals followed by Azaan Singh and Lysiane Franchi scoring another 2. A special mention must also go to Flossie Wilson and Georgia Evans for their hard work in defence and midfield. Congratulations to all the girls; I’m sure with hard work, they can continue to improve and achieve another win against Walford for Intercol. – Dom Rigby (Coach)

Middle B – Saints did not play

Year 6 – Saints 3 defeated Loreto 1
It was an exciting game against Loreto. All players put in a top effort especially those who played their first ever game of soccer. Thanks to all parents who came out to support their daughters. – Sebastiano Mazzarolo (Coach)

Year 5 – Saints 1 defeated by Pembroke 2
The girls played a good game and showed lots of enthusiasm and team spirt. Sadly, we lost 2-1, but we put up a great fight with lots of tries on goal and some great runs from every player down the pitch. Special mention to Chloe who scored our first goal of the season. – Lucy Benn (Student Coach)

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