Enews – Week 11, Term 1 2017

Issue no. 11

From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300We’ve arrived at the end of another action-packed term. As weary girls and staff alike look forward to a well-deserved break, I can’t help but wonder how we used to survive the 14 week terms that underpinned the old three term years. Many of our girls have been putting in twelve hour school days, whether it be rowing from 5am or arriving at School at 7am for sport or rehearsals, only to finish at 6pm following another co-curricular activity. To say that our girls are fully engaged is an understatement!

My favourite event of the term was undoubtedly Choral Night. The Town Hall was awash with House pride as our girls sang together shoulder to shoulder, each performance being acknowledged with thunderous applause. I know that some girls and parents were disappointed with aspects of the adjudicator’s feedback but it served as a reminder that we’re never in a position to dictate the nature of the feedback we’ll receive nor the manner in which it is communicated. Even when fully briefed, you can’t guarantee that a presenter will follow the ‘script’.

There are a couple of pieces of advice that I gave the girls to whom I spoke. First, when receiving feedback, is what’s being said fact or opinion? That the choir was difficult to hear over the band is a fact. That you didn’t like the arrangement of a hymn is an opinion. Both may or may not be accurate, but sorting out facts from opinion when receiving feedback makes it easier to respond appropriately.

Next, is the feedback accurate? We need to distinguish the accuracy of the feedback from the manner in which it’s presented. Some of the girls commented, “It wasn’t what she said; it was the way she said it.” Very few people can deliver critical feedback in a manner that makes the recipient feel positive. Yes, it’s normal to feel hurt and dismayed. But remember: it’s not a personal attack. You mustn’t let those feelings get in the way of all that you can learn from a critique. OK, the delivery was direct but was it right? There was certainly much discussion around that point! But we must remember that even though negative feedback may be poorly delivered, it might be accurate.

It’s never easy to handle negative feedback but we all need to learn the art of dealing with it. We need to be able to filter the ‘junk data’ from the ‘useful data’ in order to improve. It’s about using your own critical self-awareness to take from it what you can and having the confidence to leave the rest behind. Aristotle is attributed with the quote: “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing”. But that’s not the way we work here. Saints girls will continue to speak articulately, involve themselves in a myriad of activities and develop into courageous, creative and compassionate young women. If we cop a little criticism on the way, then so be it.

In staffing news, I’d like to wish Rebecca Greenhalgh well as she commences maternity leave. Alana Lesiw steps into Rebecca’s Year 1 class from the start of next term. Sincere thanks to Helen MacLaren for teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies to our Middle School girls this term. We will welcome Matthew Wills to the staff next term to assume this teaching role until Natasha Darke returns from leave at the start of Term 3.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing break. I look forward to welcoming the girls back to School on Monday 1 May.

Julia Shea

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School Immunisation Program

2nd Visit for Year 8 Students
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV)
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (dTpa)

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) – (Web: )
will soon be visiting your child’s school to administer the 2nd Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Diphtheria/Tetanus/Diphtheria for those Year 8 students where consent has been provided.

If for some reason you did not receive a consent form and you wish your child to be vaccinated, please ask for one at the school office, if unavailable contact EHA on 8132 3600.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform EHA’s immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 8132 3600.

Please notify us if:

· Your child has already had the dTpa or 2nd HPV vaccine with another provider.
· You wish to withdraw your consent.
· Your child’s medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise EHA on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child’s medical condition. A signed and dated note presented to the Registered Nurses on the day of immunisation, from a parent or guardian in your child’s diary is acceptable.

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‘Thankyou’ guest speaker

11 Thankyou Guest Speaker

On Thursday 6 April Kalvin Hart from ‘Thankyou’ visited our school to share the story of ‘Thankyou’ with the Years 6 – 9 students. He asked us, “Have you ever seen the movie, ‘Bruce Almighty’? If you have, you would recall a scene where Bruce realises he has powers and repeats, “I’ve got the power!”, several times over. This is when Kalvin told us that we all have the power to change stuff. He acknowledged that many teachers do not like to reinforce the usage of the word, ‘stuff’; however, he explained that when we all change things in the world, we will all change different areas, and since there is no word to use to cover the wide range, ‘stuff’ will only work. Kalvin grew up in Mackay, Queensland. He told us about the school fundraiser that he and his group organised, which led him to become more aware of his sister’s and brother-in-law’s company, ‘Thankyou’. Everyone in the group had to contribute to the fundraising event, so Kalvin said he would provide ‘Thankyou’ water. Kalvin realised then that his sister’s and brother-in-law’s company was a completely non-profit organisation and all the money would go to fundraising to help people in disadvantaged countries to be given clean water closer to their homes by having filtration systems and wells.

Kalvin Hart talked about the ‘Thankyou’ project and all the other products that are helping to create a difference in countries that are less advantaged than ours. It is said that 4,500 children die every single day from diseases from water that isn’t clean or safe. This motivated the founders of the ‘Thankyou’ group. Now they aren’t just selling water to many different businesses; they have set up a hygiene, baby and food range. They even convinced Coles and Woolworths to sell their products! This took some time, but the group were persistent and passionate about their goal. One of the stories they told was about a boy called Ben. Ben heard about the ‘Thankyou’ project and wanted to sponsor a child. Although Ben didn’t get any pocket money, he was so passionate about sponsoring a child that he offered to walk dogs for other people. Through his actions, Ben started to walk over 40 dogs a week and instead of just sponsoring one child, he is now sponsoring seven children. This story about Ben and the ‘Thankyou’ project inspired all of us to think about how we all have the power to change the world step by step, whether it’s big or small.

Annabel Ryan and Bridgette Leach
Year 6 students

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Winter Drive

11 Winter Drive

Commencing in Term 2, Amira Shahin, Felicia Mi, Sindhu Nedumaran and Grace Edwards (CAS students) will be collecting donations from students, parents, friends and other members of the community to send to a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. We have chosen this camp in particular as when winter hits, many children and parents die from lack of coverage and essentials. The purpose of our Winter Drive is to educate students about this issue, which is not properly advertised and acknowledged in the media, and ask for students to help take action by bringing donations. We will stop taking donations from students in Week 7 of Term 2, as we will need time to pack the donations and send them off to the camp.

Acceptable donations include (all items must be in good condition):
• Jumpers
• Socks
• Gloves
• Waterproof coats
• Tracksuit pants
• Jackets
• Heating equipment
• Blankets
• Sleeping bags

Our aim is to provide these families with the best resources for their survival before winter arrives. We would like to encourage you all to ask within your friendship network if anybody beyond the school would also like to donate, as the Winter Drive is collecting clothes and items suitable for children, teens and adults of both genders.

If you would like to participate in this Winter Drive, please bring in all donations by the Friday of Week 6, Term 2 (9 June).

Amira Shahin, Felicia Mi, Sindhu Nedumaran and Grace Edwards
Year 11 CAS students

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Winter uniform reminder

11 Winter uniform

A reminder that girls will be required to wear their winter uniform from Term 2. Uniform requirements for winter are outlined below. Please contact the School Shop if you require a new winter skirt that meets the required length. If you require replacement blazer buttons, these can be purchased from the School Shop.

Winter Uniform

· The winter uniform for students in Years 4 to 12 consists of the winter skirt, shirt, long blue socks or tights, School tie, blazer and black school shoes. Shoes must be black lace-up or buckled school shoes. The jumper may be worn under the blazer.

· The winter uniform for students in Reception to Year 3 consists of the winter tunic, shirt, long blue socks or tights and junior blazer.

· Students in Years 7 – 12 may wear their House coloured tie.

· Students may choose to wear the navy blue School scarf. This can be worn indoors and outdoors. Students in Year 12 may choose to purchase the white Year 12 scarf.

· The winter skirt should be no shorter than mid knee cap and no longer than mid-calf.

· The tie must be done up to the neck and hide the top button, not worn loosely.

· If wearing socks, they must be pulled up to the knee, not worn down around the ankles.

· An undergarment that is not visible may be worn for additional warmth.

If you require a winter uniform fitting, please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 for an appointment before the end of term.

The School Shop will only be open for limited hours during the first week of the school holidays – Thursday 20 April and Friday 21 April, 9am – 4pm.

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Dr Tom Nehmy to visit St Peter’s Girls’ School

11 Tom Nehmy

We are delighted to announce that in Term 2 we will be working with the highly regarded Clinical Psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy. Tom will be working with our Year 8 girls and Home Group Teachers to deliver the Healthy Minds Program.

To launch the program, Tom will be conducting a parent information session at 6pm on Wednesday 10 May, during Parent Teacher Interviews.

This 8 week program, consisting of a visiting speaker session and a Home Group lesson each week teaches students:

• The thinking skills that prevent or reduce risk of depression, anxiety, eating disorders & body image problems (without specifically focussing on any particular psychological disorder)
• How ‘unhelpful perfectionism’ plays a troublesome role in mental health, achievement, and general quality of life. Contrary to popular belief, some types of perfectionism actually inhibit achievement.
• The keys to understanding the function of emotions, and the most helpful ways of navigating their emotional lives
• Psychological flexibility
• Realistic thinking (this is the key skill of modern cognitive behaviour therapy)
• Self-compassion as an antidote to self-criticism (and why this is far more important than self-esteem)
• Ways to understand and deal with procrastination – these work for school, work and life
• To challenge the unrealistic media ideals that promote body-image dissatisfaction, which can lead to disordered eating and depression
• The cultivation of gratitude as an everyday perspective (it has been shown to improve sleep, immune system function, and happiness)
• The motivational techniques that change problem behaviours into helpful, healthy, and high-performance behaviours

We are looking forward to working with Tom and his team, and hope to see all Year 8 parents at the information session on Wednesday 10 May.

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Master Plan Update: From the construction zone

11 Master Plan

There have been significant developments in the past couple of weeks at the building site, with the new classroom areas starting to take shape. Work has started on the new Middle School entrance, with a walkway leading to the Stott Wing and a new lift. Early excavation of the lift shaft has also commenced, and the unique angles of the timber decking are now visible. It is exciting to see the interior of the stunning new Middle School beginning to take shape!

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Strings Week

11 Strings
Over the past week our string ensemble members have been a busy bunch, performing, watching and participating in a range of activities as part of Strings Week.

On Wednesday last week, the Intermediate String Ensemble watched a rehearsal of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The girls enjoyed the experience and particularly liked being able to see their ensemble director, Natalie Maegraith, performing with the orchestra.

On Friday last week, the Junior String Orchestra participated in our annual Strings Day Camp. The girls had lots of fun joining in competitions, playing musical games and preparing for the Strings Concert.

The final event for strings week 2017 was our Strings Concert, held last night. Around 60 girls from Reception to Year 12 entertained the crowd. This concert featured soloists including Angel Li, Yunfei Ma and Nicola Jones. One highlight from the evening was the cello ensemble, led by Louisa Giacomini, which included 14 cellists!

Congratulations to each of the girls involved.

Fiona Patten
Strings Coordinator

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Important Music Department dates for Term 2

11 Music Dates

Week 1
Tuesday 2 May
Generations in Jazz Lunchtime Concert
Lunchtime in the Gym

Generations in Jazz Evening Concert
5 – 5.30pm on the FTC steps

Friday 5 to Sunday 8 May
Generations in Jazz – Mount Gambier
8am Friday to 10pm Sunday

Week 2
Wednesday May 10
Friends of Arts Meeting
7.30pm in the Arts Office

Week 3
Thursday 18 May
Years 3 – 4 Music Information Evening
6.30pm in the Arts Centre

Week 4
Friday 26 May
Piano competition
10.30am – 2pm in MB120

Week 5
Wednesday 31 May

Piano Competition Performance
6.30pm in MB120

Week 6
Thursday 8 June

Winter Concert
7pm in the Arts Centre

Week 7
Wednesday 14 June

SACE Stage 2 Solo Music Performance
7pm at Emmaus College

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School Banking

Through the School Banking program, CommBank has been offering engaging ways for St Peter’s Girls’ students to learn the value of saving and smart money management since 1931. In 2017, the introduction of the CommBank Youth app, an innovative digital banking tool, will help enhance the School Banking program.

With the CommBank Youth app, your child can:

• Check the balance of their Youthsaver account.
• View School Banking deposits in their transaction history.
• Track the number of Dollarmites tokens they collect.
• Set up savings goals and monitor their progress.
• Create a list of chores they can do to earn pocket money.

Explore more about the CommBank Youth app, and how to get your child started, by visiting

CommBank School Banking flyer

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Dads’ Night Out

11 Dads Night Out

Last Friday evening, blessed with great weather, 40 Saints Girls’ Dads enjoyed the Mothers’ Club’s Dads’ Night Out. This year we held the event at the delightful Trinity Gardens Bowling Club. The members were fabulous hosts, looking after and instructing the dads about the games. The Mothers’ Club catered the event and made sure the guys were well fed.

Along with a raffle, we raised $2140. All funds raised at our 2017 Mothers’ Club events will go towards upgrading outdoor spaces for our girls.

Many thanks to the dads who came along and made the evening a great success!

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Our community groups need your support!

11 Mums' Night Out

Mums’ Night Out

Enjoy a great night socialising at the upcoming Mums’ Night Out. Meet other mothers from St Peter’s Girls whilst enjoying gourmet finger food and a complimentary drink on arrival!

Purchase your ticket now at

Tickets are capped, so don’t miss out!

Donations and volunteers

Our Parents’ & Friends’ Association is calling for donations of wine.

We will offer a fundraising Wine Wall at our upcoming Quiz Night on Friday 16 June 2017.
Please drop off any wine donations to Melissa in the Development Office, across from the School Shop.

Do you or someone you know own a party hire business? Do you have a secret passion to become an interior designer or wedding and event planner?

One of our wonderful Middle School Parents, Ed Parker, is putting together a team of volunteers to help out with the set up and decorations for our St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation Long Lunch in September.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Ed Parker at

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Come ‘n Try

Come n Try

Come ‘n Try is fast approaching, so why not encourage your children to get active over the holidays and try a new sport they maybe haven’t had the chance to experience?

Come ‘n Try is an initiative of the Adelaide City Council, presented by ‘Life. Be in it’ and seeks to encourage 5 to 16 year olds to get active by trying an exciting new sport or recreational activity in the school holidays.

Sports on offer include lawn bowls, cheerleading, lacrosse, diving, water polo, netball and rugby. To keep updated on the sports available, please visit

It will take place during the second week of the April School holidays, 24 – 28 April 2017, and it is held in the Adelaide CBD and parklands.

For more information and bookings visit

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CSIRO Science Bootcamp

CSIRO Education and Outreach have an exciting opportunity during the April school holidays for students in Years 8 – 10. Students can spend two days exploring acoustics, sound, and personal electronics with CSIRO. They’ll see CSIRO labs and testing facilities, meet and chat with research scientists, explore sound studies and take home an audio amplifier.

This is a unique chance to go behind the scenes of Australia’s premier research agency, CSIRO. There is a cost to participate in the two-day program and bookings are essential.

CSIRO Science Bootcamp Information

More information can be found by visiting their website at

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Learn how to build your own iPhone app!

Code Camp Enews

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark for students in Years 2 – 7. Code Camp runs 26 – 28 April from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark is $350 for three days.

Code Camp Information Flyer

Visit the Code Camp website for more information and to book

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club is delighted to present our 2017 Entertainment Book fundraiser. For every book that is sold, part proceeds will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online or via the form and then pick them up from the Front Office when they arrive. If you would like to see the actual book before you purchase, there will be a display copy in the Front Office, Staff Room and ELC.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls’ Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News

11 Sport


Congratulations to the following girls who competed at the national Open and Age Athletic Championships in Sydney.

Sophie Barr – 4th in Under 15 Discus and 9th in Under 15 Hammer
Jasmine Ledgard – 12th in Under 18 Hammer, 8th in Under 18 Shot Put, 14th in Under 20 Hammer
Bethany Cross – 5th in Under 18 5000m Walk.

Old Scholars
Anna Cross – 4th in Under 20 10,000m Walk
Margaret Gayen – bronze in Open 100m and silver in Open Long Jump
Christine Gayen – 10th in Open Pentathlon


Well done to Ailani Cox (Year 8) who competed at the National Archery Championships. She won a Silver Medal for the clout event and 4th place in a field event that consisted of 24 targets shot at varying distances over about 6 hours in difficult weather conditions. Next, she competed over 4 distances from 50m down to 20m, with a total of 144 Arrows and with wind gusts up nearly 40km causing a delay. She stayed focussed, coming from behind to win by 17 points, earning Gold and a new National Championship Record. With the championships continuing, Ailani will contest the short course WA 50/720, firing 72 arrows at a 6 ring 80cm target and competing 2 grades higher. Ailani is aiming to finish in the top 5.


Holiday coaching clinics
You’ll receive coaching from some of SA’s best athletes (including SA Hotshots and SA Suns, SASI athletes and coaches and SA state representatives).

Field players: 26 – 27 April (9am – 3pm)
Cost: $59 one day or $99 two days

6 -10 years, 11 – 14 years and 15 – 18 years
Suitable for beginners and up with lunch provided for full day clinics. Please bring your own drink bottle and healthy snack.

Goal Keepers: 28 April
Cost: $45 per session

10 – 18 years 9am – 12pm or 12.30 – 3.30pm (Goalies MUST bring own gear to sessions)

Get the kids out of the house for some fun-filled days of hockey, including some great free give-aways these school holidays. Register at


A fantastic week for Grace Richards, Willow Stewart-Rattray, Eleanor Humphrey and Emily Bryce who all represented East Adelaide at the State Primary Schools Carnival, helping East Adelaide to runners-up.


Good luck to Lara Wakeham and Saskia Jonats who have been selected to represent South Australia in the Girls 14 and under 2017 National Aged Club Water Polo Championships on the Gold Coast from 12 – 17 April.


Wednesday 5 April
Teeball Blue – Saints 21 defeated Seymour 10
The team played an incredible last game and have had a solid season, with special mention for the last game to Charlotte Norman and Charlie Piper who worked extremely well together in first and pitcher. Well done, girls; we are so proud. Kate McKellar-Stewart (Coach)


Friday 7 April
Division 1 – Saints 6-28 defeated Seymour 0-3
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-1, Fleur Maris 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-1, Bridgette Leach 4-0

Division 2 Blue – Saints 6-28 defeated Seymour 0-5
Singles: Olivia Slivak 4-0, Lucy Schirripa 4-1, Mathilda Thomas 4-1, Alicia Toh 4-2

Division 2 White – Saints 3-19 defeated by Pulteney 3-22
Singles: Sophie Dansie 4-3, Pearl Richards 2-4, Georgie Owler 4-2, Adelaide Murphy1-4.

Division 3 – Saints 0-2 defeated by Concordia 6-24
Singles: Monika Ceplitis 0-4, Georgia Parsons 0-4, Dani Cox 0-4, Guo Zou 0-4


Saturday 8 April
In near perfect conditions the rowing season came to an end with the Interhouse Rowing event. With crews representing their Houses, teams consisted of different rowers across all grades, from juniors, inters and seniors. Racing from bridge to bridge on the Torrens, Kilburn and Kennion could not be split, forcing a race-off to determine this year’s winners. In a close contest, it was Kilburn who prevailed to retain the Interhouse Rowing Shield.


Year 6/7 knockout – Monday 10 March
Saints faced Fulham Gardens in the quarter-final stage in windy conditions at Henley Beach. The girls played valiantly but after losing both doubles, it was a difficult task. It looked as if Saints were in with a chance when Emily Baldwinson won 6-2, followed by Mia Dodd who won 6-4. In the remaining singles Sienna Glazbrook and Tahlia Louca both played well but were defeated in tie-breaks. Neil Fuller (Director of Sport)

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