Enews – Week 10, Term 1 2017

Issue no. 10

From the Director of Teaching and Learning

Meredith BeckEnhancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at St Peter’s Girls.

We are a strong STEM school. This strength is built on the demanding disciplines of Mathematics and the Sciences and enhanced through advances in curriculum and 21st century competencies within these subjects. We are also invested in the growth of the Design and Digital Technologies and the integration of this core subject across the curriculum. Innovations, including robotics and coding, and the introduction of subjects such as GEMS (Girls in Engineering and Mathematics), Forensic Science and Psychology further the development of STEM. This year 68% of our graduates accepted offers into STEM-related courses.

Is this enough? We think not. Our health, our homes, our relationships with family and friends, our jobs, our leisure and our futures are all profoundly shaped by technological innovation and the discoveries of Mathematics and Science. It is incumbent on us at St Peter’s Girls to afford the very best in education by enhancing STEM capabilities and exploring these applications in the real world.

To this end, we have developed a STEM philosophy from ELC to Year 12 and mapped STEM across and within subjects and year levels. Our three year strategy will build on current successes (for example SUBS in Schools, eChallenge, the Coding Club) and focus on areas and year levels where STEM needs further development. We will introduce initiatives to ensure that all students have a meaningful, progressive and futures-orientated engagement with STEM.

Exciting and recent developments include the design of the Maker Space within the new Middle School. This will be a purpose-built place suitable for Junior, Middle and Senior students. The Maker Space is a hands-on environment where students’ curiosity is nurtured and where they design, collaborate, and bring their ideas to fruition. Design thinking is central to learning in the Maker Space. It is one of the ways in which we will enhance innovation and foster the development of solutions to real world problems, promote entrepreneurship and prepare our girls for possible futures.

Within the guiding principles of our STEM philosophy, there is a focus on brokering relationships with women currently working in STEM and building substantial and sustained partnerships between industry, universities and mentors. To be prepared for the world beyond school, we know that the learning of our students must take them far beyond the traditional classroom. The connections they make between the disciplines, with technology, and with industry partnerships will continue to serve them well into the future.

I look forward to seeing the percentage of our upcoming graduates who are undertaking STEM tertiary studies or related employment.

Meredith Beck
Director of Teaching and Learning

10 Main Article Photos
Charlie Rocklyn, SAAB Australia Mentor, with students Amy and Zoe, and Head of Science, Brian Parsons

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Music Department update

10 Music Department

All things music!

Wow! What a start to 2017 for the Music Department. As usual, we started our year with our annual pilgrimage to Ardrossan for Music camp. This year 88 girls, three parents and 14 staff enjoyed the three-day event. Once again, the girls had an absolute blast, learning and developing new music skills in our ensemble program. They produced an amazing concert for the Ardrossan community and parents on the Saturday. We raised $1200 for Riley Scott, a meningococcal survivor.

We have also enjoyed many wonderful guest artists and presenters this term. In Week 4 we had a Sibelius workshop for our senior girls, presented by Music Ed net. This focussed on our song-writing software and assisted the girls with the transition of our upgraded software.

In Week 10 we had a performance by up and coming contemporary artist (and ex-student of mine), Anthony Zatorski, playing modern works on toy and electronic instruments. Anthony presented his works to a varied audience ranging in ages from Reception to Year 10. It was wonderful to see that all girls were able to take something away from his one hour concert. Anthony will be studying in New York later this year, having successfully applied for a scholarship to complete his Masters in contemporary music composition and performance. We wish him all the best.

Sally Cameron, a multi ARIA award winner and past member of Idea of North, rehearsed the Jazz choirs, helping them to prepare for a concert on 9 April and Generations in Jazz in Week 1 of Term 2.

Our newest choir, Junior Jazz, will have their inaugural performance at the fundraising concert for 5MBS ‘Jazz at the PSC’. Tickets can be booked by calling the Public Schools Club on 8223 3213. The event kicks off at 12.30pm on 9 April at 207 East Tce, Adelaide.

Sophie-Louise Shearwood and Lydia Smalls were lucky enough to go to 5MBS radio in Week 8 to advertise the Jazz vocal concert on 9 April and talk all things music with the host of ‘Kaleidoscope’, one of the wonderful programs featured on 99.9FM. You can hear their interview via the podcast at

Bob Johnson, esteemed Jazz trombonist and band conductor, had two fantastic workshops with Stage Band during the term in preparation for Generations in Jazz. Over the past two years Bob has been a wonderful mentor for our band and we are excited to hear that Bob will be travelling to Generations in Jazz as a special guest this year.

On Monday evening in Week 11 we have the Twilight Strings Concert, starting at 6pm. This will feature all five of our string groups as well as some of our most talented string soloists. Tickets are $5 at the door or via

The junior and intermediate strings participated in a ‘Strings Day Camp’ today at the local St David’s Church. This is the fourth day camp we have run. The girls and teachers have a full day to work on their songs, play music games, focus on bowing and aural techniques not just to prepare for our Strings Concert, but also to build a connection amongst the junior string girls and teachers in a more relaxed rehearsal environment.

We have a percussion lunchtime concert on the steps of the Arts Centre on Tuesday, Week 11, directed by Nick Parnell and featuring our three percussion ensembles.

Easter will then be upon us, and our annual Story of the Cross service, celebrating the story of Easter, will feature our full 60 piece School Orchestra. We also have our Easter Eucharist which will feature our beautiful Chamber Choir, directed by Ms Sari Noble.

It is with great excitement that we congratulate Old Scholar, Erin McKellar (Patteson ’13), who has been announced as a finalist for the James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship. As such, she will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with James Morrison, performing on stage in front of 2500 participants at the Saturday evening concert. We are truly excited for Erin and wish her all the best at the Festival.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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Head of the River

10 Head of the River

Head of the River 2017 was our fifth time participating as a school and it was the first time that we had 11 crews competing. Head of the River is the pinnacle regatta of the season and it is something that every crew would like to win. Saints Girls as a school had been up there consistently all season and any of our crews could win on the day. The thing about rowing is that there are up to seven other crews who would like to do that as well, which makes the racing always exciting and, for the most part, unpredictable.

We had a great start to the regatta, with our 8B crew taking out their race. It was a very close race, with our girls coming out on top, winning by three seconds. It had to be, because the trophy, donated by Saints Girls, is called the Olympia Aldersey Trophy, and was presented by Julia Shea. For these girls, it was only their second win of the season and what a place to get it!

For our other Junior Crews, we had many placings, with quite a few of the girls rowing Head of the River for the first time and absolutely loving it. It is pretty nerve-racking rowing in a regatta like Head of the River, even though, in essence, it is just another race, but the girls always want to do well. They have all done extremely well over the season and I have witnessed all the girls develop into a great bunch of rowers, which looks very promising for seasons to come.

The Inters again did really well, with all three crews placing, beginning with the Inter C crew placing first. For these girls, it has been an up and down season but I had every confidence in them winning. They weren’t so sure but they went out and did it, which was absolutely fantastic; I don’t think they could believe it. Our Inter A and B crews also placed second and third respectively and were both really happy with how they rowed and couldn’t have given much more. These girls were great to work with all season and it will be nice to see them progress in Seniors next season.

For the Seniors, it was a regatta that could have been. Everything the Seniors have done over the year has been great. They have won more races than ever before, had girls representing the State but just couldn’t put it together on the day. For the girls, they might be disappointed about the result at Head of the River, but I am sure that when they look back on the season they will be extremely happy.

I would like to also thank everyone involved in helping getting the girls on the water, from coaches, parents, friends and the School. It has been a brilliant season and I can’t wait for 2017/18 to see Saints get even stronger.

Ben Flannagan
Director of Rowing

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Dancing her way to Sydney

10 Dancing Enews

Year 10 Stage 1 Dance student, Bree Jakupec, has an exciting few days ahead of her, so we asked her to tell us a little more about her upcoming adventures in dance.

“On Friday 7 April I will be travelling to Sydney to attend McDonald College’s three-day senior ‘Elite Masterclass Series’. I am very thankful to be granted this opportunity and I think it will be especially beneficial towards my development in Dance and will deliver me an insight into the intense, yet compelling, world of professional ballet. The course commences on 9 April and consists of three jam-packed, seven-hour days of intensive dance training. The staff that will be teaching me throughout the course include Anita Young (Royal Ballet School, London), Paul Boyd (Queensland Ballet Academy), Olivia Ansell and Gina Brescianini. I will be participating in classical ballet, repertoire, contemporary and yoga classes whilst in Sydney. I hope that from this course I can bring home multiple tips and notes from the esteemed international coaches teaching this program in order to further enhance my dance technique and performance.”

Bree Jakupec
Year 10 Stage 1 Dance student

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International student event at Latitude

10 International Student Event

On 17 March, Friday of Week 7, the first international student event of the year was held at Latitude, a place full of exciting adventures and physical activities. This was the first international student event in the School’s history that combined international students, Japanese exchange students and non-international students who were invited by international friends, aiming to create an opportunity to form strong friendships and bonds between the international and non-international students in the School.

All girls were very excited and energetic from when they first met and then departed on the bus to Latitude. There was a happy mood and lots of laughter during the long drive. At the same time, the girls got to know each other while enjoying sitting next to their close friends.

Our Latitude session started at 5pm after a short instruction from the venue staff members. Challenging activities such as rock climbing and sky walking were open for all girls for 45 minutes each. A few younger girls in Junior School impressed everyone with their amazing physical ability and experience of rock climbing, conquering every rock wall and earning cheers from both our girls and other climbers in the venue. All of the Japanese exchange students challenged themselves by climbing up and standing on the deadly wobbly poles, creating some memorable experiences as well as great photos to bring back to Japan.

During spare times in the sessions, girls went on different types of trampolines and experienced individual activities such as back flipping and challenging wall demons and playing dodge ball as fun group activities.

Overall, this event has been as a great opportunity for girls to form strong relationships while having great fun. The approach of involving non-international students in an international students’ event was greatly successful and will definitely be continued in future activities throughout the year.

Qianna Huang
International Student Captain

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Saints Café is now open for 2017!

10 Saints Cafe

Quiet your mind and let Saints Café start your day with a relaxing beverage.

Our menu includes:

• Coffee $3.50
• Tea $3.00
• Hot Chocolate $3.50
• Iced Chocolate/Coffee/Mocha $3.50
• Protein Balls $1.50

(skim, full cream, Zymil and soy milk all available)

Open to all parents, staff and students. Come by; we’d love to see you.

Open every Tuesday and Friday morning from 7.30 to 8.15am – Food Tech Centre Deck

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FAME update


Each week a group of enthusiastic performers gather together to learn, practise, and perfect their singing, dance routines and acting scenes as they work towards the opening night of the School musical, FAME.

We sat down with a couple of excited performers in the upcoming musical, and had them tell us a little about their experience thus far.

“In the chorus of FAME, we have been working hard, having had a Monday lunch practice and a one-hour after-school practice this week. We have been working on the song, Hard Work, and have recently started the song, There She Goes/Fame. The mood is enthusiastic as we start to see the beginning of FAME being put together. We have also started the FAME dance, which is filled with energy and excitement. We truly cannot wait to see how this musical progresses.”

Sara Peak
Year 8 student

“I’m really enjoying FAME not just because of the new experience and the excitement of performing in front of my family, but also because I get to interact with other year levels. We are bonding so much during rehearsals because you sit with new people each time and you get to talk to others about the music and scenes. Not only that, but also rehearsals are going really well and I can already feel, even though this is my first musical, that it’s going to absolutely stunning and is definitely worth seeing!”

Emily Loh
Year 9 student

Director’s Notes

As we near our final weeks of Term 1 I would like to congratulate the girls on their fabulous efforts with FAME – The Musical. We are making steady progress with our choreography and the chorus numbers are sounding amazing! Monday lunchtimes in the Arts Centre have never sounded so good!

As we rapidly head toward the holidays I would like to remind the main cast that we will be having scripts down at the end of Week 3 and so during your school holidays you should be studiously learning lines. For the chorus, please learn the song lyrics as quickly as possible.

But “Ms Davey, what is the best way to learn lines?” I hear you ask!
Here are some hints and tips:

– Record the lines around yours, but leave a blank space for you to fill when you listen to the lines on play back.
– When learning the lines for the songs, listen to the clips we have put on Canvas, as they have the lyrics on the screen at the same time.
– Work with a friend. Have your friend read the character parts around yours and you can practise responding without your script. They can prompt you, if needed.
– Go for a run or a walk and listen to the songs/recording of your script and lines as you move. This will help move the information from short term to long term memory.
– Practise the dances with the lyrics so that you become comfortable with moving whilst singing.

I hope these hints and tips help you out over the break! Please remember to check out the schedules on Canvas so that you’re prepared for the first week back.

Ms Abby Davey
Director of Arts 

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Front Office reminder

Please advise the School of late arrivals and absences using one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957
Phone: 8334 2200

It would be appreciated if this could be done prior to 9am. When emailing, feel free to include the Home Group teacher.

If students are leaving early for appointments, please ensure there is a written note in their diary to show the relevant lesson teacher and Front Office staff when signing out.

When students feel unwell during school hours, they need to report to the Health Centre in the first instance.

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Sports Survey

10 Sports Survey

Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) is seeking five minutes of your time to complete the Annual Sports Survey. SSSG aims to help increase student involvement in sporting pursuits, whether as participants or in a coaching or officiating capacity, not least because of the health benefits of being physically active. Funds raised in 2016 were used to provide Level 1 coaching skills courses to all our student coaches and mentors, a new high jump mat, and the opportunity for Year 10 students to complete the Royal Lifesaving Bronze Medallion. We continued to support the end of year Sports Awards by acknowledging student coaches and sponsoring the Student Coach of the Year Award. We use the survey to gain feedback from the School Community about our activities so we hope that you will contribute.

Fill out the survey

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Our community groups need your support!

Do you or does someone you know own a restaurant, catering or food business? Are you a budding Master Chef who wants to help out the School?

One of our wonderful Junior School parents, Rikki Kelly, is putting together a team of volunteers to help out with the catering for our Foundation Long Lunch in September.
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Rikki Kelly at

Additionally, our Mums’ Night Out is coming up on Friday 12 May and we require raffle prizes. Please contact Emma Robinson at if you or a business you know can help us by contributing a raffle prize geared to women with school-aged children.

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Grasshopper Soccer

10 Grasshopper Soccer

My name is Andrew Davidson and I run a soccer business for children, called Grasshopper Soccer. As a parent of two lovely girls who attend our amazing school (Poppy in ELC and Matilda in Year 1), I would like to bring to your attention that on 7 May we are opening a brand new location right around the corner from school at the Kensington Gardens Reserve on Sunday mornings for children aged 2 – 12. This is a fun-based program that I have been running for over five years now in various locations in the metro area. Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to come and give a talk to the Reception children about the benefits of outdoor activity and why parents do what we do in the community. Following the talk, I firstly took a session with each Reception class and then each Year 1 class, playing some of our games; the way the girls were engaged was amazing. If you are interested in getting your child/children into our program, please see the information contained in this article or feel free to give me a call on 0408 825 280 or email me at for anything further.

Grasshopper Soccer – Build confidence, make friends and have FUN!

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Women’s Run in the Park

10 Women's running
You are invited to come along and join in a FREE Run in the Park – a fun-run series for all ages and abilities, to be held once a month from April through to September – in Victoria Park. We time your runs so that you can check your progress.

Meet at the corner of South Terrace and East Terrace, Victoria Park (see maps in the links) and look for the Adelaide Harriers red marquee.

Race starts 9am and runners meet from 8.30am. Distances are 3km and 5km.

Event   Date                               Enter online
1             9 April                     
2             7 May                      
3             12 June – Monday*
4             9 July                       
5             13 August             
6             10 September    

*Coordinates with Queen’s Birthday turkey handicap run at Adelaide Harriers Clubroom – 9.30am for 10am start

If you haven’t already registered with WRRN, do that first – then register for each event by Friday noon prior to the race so we know you are coming. Please use the links above as the website is to be updated to the 2017 dates. Otherwise you can enter on the day (but you have to fill in the paperwork).

WRRN (an initiative of Athletics SA & Adelaide City Council) aims to activate underutilised city parks and break down barriers for women’s participation in physical activity within the City of Adelaide. It caters for women of all ages and abilities. In fact, if you’re new to running, this is a great opportunity to get involved!

Spread the word and bring along a friend.

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Winter uniform reminder

A reminder that girls will be required to wear their winter uniform from Term 2. Uniform requirements for winter are outlined below. Please contact the School Shop if you require a new winter skirt that meets the required length.

Winter Uniform

· The winter uniform for students in Years 4 to 12 consists of the winter skirt, shirt, long blue socks or tights, School tie, blazer and black school shoes. Shoes must be black lace-up or buckled school shoes. The jumper may be worn under the blazer.

· The winter uniform for students in Reception to Year 3 consists of the winter tunic, shirt, long blue socks or tights and junior blazer.

· Students in Years 7 – 12 may wear their House coloured tie.

· Students may choose to wear the navy blue School scarf. This can be worn indoors and outdoors. Students in Year 12 may choose to purchase the white Year 12 scarf.

· The winter skirt should be no shorter than mid knee cap and no longer than mid-calf.

· The tie must be done up to the neck and hide the top button, not worn loosely.

· If wearing socks, they must be pulled up to the knee, not worn down around the ankles.

· An undergarment that is not visible may be worn for additional warmth.

If you require a winter uniform fitting, please contact the School Shop on 8334 2228 for an appointment before the end of term.

The School Shop will only be open for limited hours during the first week of the school holidays – Thursday 20 April and Friday 21 April, 9am – 4pm.

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Junior School Vacation Care program

Enews Week 8 Vacation Care

Our next instalment of Vacation Care is just around the corner. We only have eight days these holidays, and have jam packed them with loads of fun and adventure! Our Vacation Care program is held during each school holiday period and we’d like to extend a warm welcome to primary school aged children from the wider community to attend. Students are welcome to invite friends or siblings to share in the range of enriching activities for both girls and boys.

Children can bring along their wheels and scoot through our obstacle course, cruise the Port River on our dolphin watch excursion or join us on an amazing adventure as we embark on our first ever overnight camp at the Adelaide Zoo doing their exciting ‘Zoosnooze’ program.

This will be an amazing opportunity for children to join our staff for special access animal feeding, dinner under the stars, night walks through the zoo and much more.

> Download the program here

Vacation Care has become very popular and sessions can book out very quick. Places are limited, so please click here to secure your booking today!

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Come ‘n Try

Come n Try

Come ‘n Try is fast approaching, so why not encourage your children to get active over the holidays and try a new sport they maybe haven’t had the chance to experience?

Come ‘n Try is an initiative of the Adelaide City Council, presented by ‘Life. Be in it’ and seeks to encourage 5 to 16 year olds to get active by trying an exciting new sport or recreational activity in the school holidays.

Sports on offer include lawn bowls, cheerleading, lacrosse, diving, water polo, netball and rugby. To keep updated on the sports available, please visit

It will take place during the second week of the April School holidays, 24 – 28 April 2017, and it is held in the Adelaide CBD and parklands.

For more information and bookings visit

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CSIRO Science Bootcamp

CSIRO Education and Outreach have an exciting opportunity during the April school holidays for students in Years 8 – 10. Students can spend two days exploring acoustics, sound, and personal electronics with CSIRO. They’ll see CSIRO labs and testing facilities, meet and chat with research scientists, explore sound studies and take home an audio amplifier.

This is a unique chance to go behind the scenes of Australia’s premier research agency, CSIRO. There is a cost to participate in the two-day program and bookings are essential.

CSIRO Science Bootcamp Information

More information can be found by visiting their website at

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Learn how to build your own iPhone app!

Code Camp Enews

St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting Code Camp Spark for students in Years 2 – 7. Code Camp runs 26 – 28 April from 9am – 3.30pm. Cost for Code Camp Spark is $350 for three days.

Code Camp Information Flyer

Visit the Code Camp website for more information and to book

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Entertainment Book pre-sales

Enews Entertainment Book

The St Peter’s Girls’ School Mothers’ Club is delighted to present our 2017 Entertainment Book fundraiser. For every book that is sold, part proceeds will go to the exciting redevelopment of the outdoor areas surrounding our new Middle School.

Books will not be sent home this year; therefore, if people want to buy them they can pre-purchase them online or via the form and then pick them up from the Front Office when they arrive. If you would like to see the actual book before you purchase, there will be a display copy in the Front Office, Staff Room and ELC.

Order your Entertainment Book here!

The Entertainment Book and/or new phone app offers our community members a great way to try out new restaurants and activities around SA, save money and at the same time support our girls.

Thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration.

Your Mothers’ Club Committee

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Summer Interhouse Meal Deal – orders close today!

Enews Summer Interhouse 2

The Summer Interhouse competition will be held on Thursday 13 April 2017, the last day of Term 1.

The Saints Sport Support Group (SSSG) will once again be cooking up lunch for all of our hungry Reception – Year 12 students on the day. Volunteers will hand-deliver the Reception – Year 2 lunches to the classroom for lunchtime and Years 3 – 12 can pick up their lunches from the barbecue area. This year we’re offering delicious Hamburger Meal Deals (vegetarian option available). Parents, give yourself a day off from making the school lunches and let us do it for you.

Please pre-order your daughter’s Meal Deal via, as there will be no cash sales on the day. Orders for the Meal Deal close today. House water bottles and wrist bands are also available to be pre-ordered.

All proceeds raised by the Saints Sport Support Group directly support and benefit our Saints girls and their sporting endeavours. Some of our recent purchases include new athletic crop tops, a high jump mat, and GPS units to be used during PE as well as rowing. We funded an entire year group of girls to complete their Bronze Medallion.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Saints Sport Support Group

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Business Directory now online

Enews Online Business Directory

The new St Peter’s Girls’ Online Business Directory has arrived!

We encourage our community to get on board and check it out.

  • Book your very own personalised advertisement today
  • Three options available $500, $250 OR FREE
  • Promote your special business offer – and change your offer and advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
  • Simply support businesses connected to our School
  • Refer a business
  • All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Fundraising efforts for 2017

For more information on how to get involved contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244

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Sports News

10 Sports News


The Hot Shots lunchtime tennis program has been a great success and, as such, our coach, Matt Ford, will be running a Winter Tennis program. If your daughter participated in the lunch tennis in Term 1, this is a chance for her to continue on and improve her skills. Alternatively, if you missed out on tennis in Term 1, you can now join in for Term 2.
Girls who register for the lunch tennis program can receive a free Hot Shots t-shirt.
To enrol your daughter, please contact Matt directly. All payments will be made directly to Matt for the Winter season.
Contacts: Mobile – 0412 855 073 and email –


Wednesday 29 March
Open A – Saints 32 defeated by Seymour 63
Well done to the Open A girls on an amazing term! A great effort to all the girls for pushing through such a tough season; even though the girls were defeated every week, they held their heads up high and have developed so much over the season! In this game against Seymour the girls were up in the first half 15-10 and then, unfortunately, Seymour came back in the second half. The girls played really well as a team and have learnt so much over the season. To finish the season, the girls will be playing a staff-student match against the teachers on Tuesday at lunchtime so come along and support the girls to bring their A game against the teachers! Well done, girls! Chelsea Marchetti (Captain)

Middle A – Saints 4 defeated by Seymour 67
A tough last game for the term, where Seymour proved to be too strong, tall and accurate. Our two goal scorers were Ebony Lohe and Zara Sadri. Well done to the girls for showing persistence and not giving up. Vanessa Brooks (Staff Supervisor).

Middle B – Saints 16 defeated by Seymour 26
The girls saved their best game until last, demonstrating great teamwork in both attack and defence. Special mention to Isabelle Gilroy for her strong attack to the ball, causing many turnovers, and Olufunto Komolafe for using her height to get a high number of rebounds in both attack and defence. Hopefully, we can maintain the level of team effort and skill to get a win in Term 4! Vanessa Brooks (Supervisor)


Wednesday 29 March
Teeball White – Saints 10 defeated St Ignatius 9
A fantastic game from the Year 4/5 white teeball team! Despite the loss, all the girls played extremely well! Best players were Ishita Chellaboina and Amelia Lucas who both played a great game; well done! Lucinda Tierney (Coach)


Play-offs – Thursday 30 March
An amazing effort in the play-offs from all players, with 2 out of 3 wins. All players have worked hard, improved their skills and shown considerable improvement under the guidance of coach, Matt Martin. Special thanks also go to Ms Spry, Mr Fuller and all the parents who have provided support throughout the term. An amazing effort by all players, and I have been proud to be the captain. Sarah Richards (Captain)

Open A – Saints 4 defeated by St Ignatius 7
The Open A played a very hard and physical game against undefeated St Ignatius. Saints took an early lead and Katherine Woolley made a number of great saves in goal. Everybody was aggressive in defence, with Mikaela Georgiadis and Shania Morgan creating many turnovers. With many strong swimmers in the team, transitions from defence to attack worked really well, with Thandi Murada, Rachael Disney, Nicolette Miller and Belen Swart all having strong games. Fiona Lethbridge showed her experience, despite only being in Year 9, and also made many contributions. Sarah Richards

Open B – Saints 6 defeated Mercedes 4
Saints demonstrated how far they have come this term, with a great match under pressure. Erin Barrera and Antonia Kirsten-Parsch shared the goalie duty and both did an amazing job. Saints trailed at 3 quarter time 4-3 but Olivia Goldsmith and Harriet Maerschel both had great attacking games and they were well support by Rose Pittman, with the experience of Sarah Richards and Emily Keough ensuring Saints scored 3 goals to 0 in the last quarter to claim a great win.

Open C – Saints 5 defeated St Mary’s 2
This was a very close game, with Saints behind early in a low scoring first half. Grace Callen played well in goal, making a number of saves, with Chanel Stefani finishing in goal and also making some great saves. Saints gained the ascendency in the second half, with everyone contributing. Lucy Young and Matilda Braithwaite scored the goals but it was strong swimming and defending that ensured Saints finished the better team.


Open knockout finals – Thursday 30 March
Saints contested the Open Softball finals at West Beach and, after wins against Seaton and Unley HS, faced a re-match in the final against Eastern Fleurieu. Once again, it was a tough battle, with both pitchers playing well and restricting runs and with some excellent catching and fielding also making runs tough. Yet again, both teams were tied at the end of normal time, sending the game into overtime. With each team batting and starting with a runner on second base, it was Eastern Fleurieu that gained an advantage, scoring 3 runs. Saints batted but could only manage 1, finishing as State runners-up.


Open knockout finals – Friday 31 March
The team played in the State knockout finals at West Lakes. Unfortunately, Saints faced specialist tennis school, Marryatville, in the first round and couldn’t match their experience. Saints did bounce back, defeating both Henley High and Mount Gambier to finish State runners-up.


Friday 31 March
Division 1 – Saints 4-22 defeated Seymour 2-13
Singles: Maiya Jakupec 4-0, Willow Stewart-Rattray 4-1, Bridgette Leach 1-4, Sophie Dansie 1-4

Division 2 White – Saints 3-19 defeated Pembroke 3-17
Singles: Grace Richards 1 – 4, Pearl Richards 4 -2, Mathilda Thomas 4 -0, Monika Ceplitis 1-4


Saturday 1 April
Open A – Saints 16 defeated Immanuel 0
The Open A Softball team have had an outstanding term, managing to stay undefeated and bringing us one step closer to the shield. We had an excellent win against Immanuel, with Aroha pitching 8 strike outs and every player batting at a high standard. It was a fantastic way to end the term and we all look forward to continue our winning streak in Term 4. Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)

Open B1 – Saints B1 10 defeated Saints B2 4
Our two B teams had to play off against each other and what a great last game for the term! Everyone was able to change positions each innings, giving them the ability to try a new position. It was certainly a fun game and every player had a great time. The B1s have finished the term undefeated, putting them in a great position to win the B grade shield. Jasmine Ledgard (Captain)


Saturday 1 April
This week Saints faced tough opposition in St Ignatius. Many of these teams are needing to be re-graded and this will come into effect in Term 4.

Division 1 Blue – Saints 0-16 defeated by St Ignatius 6-36
Singles: Annabel Baldwinson 5-6, Lily-Rose Spartalis 0-6, Shamilla Dhillon 0-6, Daveena Dhillon 3-6

Division 1 White – Saints 4-32 defeated St Ignatius 2-25
Singles: Mia Dodd 6-5, Emily Baldwinson 6-5, Imogen Nienaber 5-6, Mahala Truscott 6-3

Division 2 Blue – Saints 0-1 defeated by St Ignatius 6-36
Singles: Stella Clark 0-6, Amelie Eaton 0-6, Emily Downie 0-6, Renee Lawrence 0-6

Division 2 White – Saints 4-27 defeated St Ignatius 2-18
Singles: Taj Shahin 6-2, Amelia Wood 0-6, Georgia Langley 6-1, Adele Eaton 6-0

Division 3 Blue – Saints 1-19 defeated by Concordia 5-31
Singles: Yunfei Ma 2-6, Annabelle Black 5-6, Orla Clayton 0-6, Mia-Rose Taliangis 6-1

Division 3 White – Saints 0-1 defeated by St Ignatius 6-36
Singles: Anneliese Thomas 1-6, Sophie Abbott 0-6, Aleisha Elliott 0-6, Olivia Zito 0-6

Division 4 Blue – Saints 3-27 defeated Concordia 2-22
Singles: Hilary Clark 6-2, Siena Zito 5-6, Qingxin Feng 4-6, Thuhansa Hattotuwa 6-1


Saturday 1 April
Open A – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 2
The girls this week played an amazing game against Concordia, but unfortunately had their first loss, two sets to one. The girls came out firing to defeat Concordia in the first, with help from Rachael Disney’s great blocks and scrambling efforts. Mikaela Georgiadis also did really well with covering and great passes. However, with Concordia having many high level experienced players and their persistent efforts, Saints were defeated in the last two sets. The entire team played really well and showed great promise to still try and win the shield this year. Abbey Goodwin (Captain)

Open B – Saints 0 defeated by Concordia 3
The girls played a strong opposition this week in Concordia, who were able to spike with power in the first set and placed us on the back foot. Our blocking wasn’t at its best but improved, along with other defensive efforts in the second and third sets. Unfortunately, the opponent’s strengths were too good across the 3 sets. Grace and Fiona Dawson were able to hit a few spikes into the open court, while Georgia Bateman was consistent with her setting. Ankita Rajbhoj worked hard to chase difficult balls throughout the match. Dan Searle (Supervisor)

Open C – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 2
The Open Cs played a fantastic game; however, they were defeated by Concordia. Playing against such a strong team, the girls lifted their efforts and played to a good standard. Best players were Catherine Neale, Lauren Hernan, Mary Brownridge, Isabella Villani and Molly Lucas. Nicolette Miller served extremely well throughout the game and enabled us to have many run-ons. Overall, the girls had a great season. They have all improved significantly and have showed great enthusiasm towards the game. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Open D – Saints 0 defeated by Concordia 3
The Open Ds played well but were defeated by Concordia. Despite playing against an extremely strong team, the girls remained enthusiastic and showed good team spirit. Eleanor Pyne demonstrated great passing throughout the game, enabling us to set up many three-hits. Asha Short, Chloe Deieso and Marley Banham showed great movement and covering on the court, helping to set up more balls to be hit. Overall, the girls have had a great season and have all demonstrated great improvement. Georgia Howe (Coach)

Middle A – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 2
Unfortunately, the Middle As had a loss this week. It was another close game that went to 3 sets; however, we were unable to come out with a win. Despite this, all the girls played well, in particular Amelie Dunda with her strong serving and deep court returns. Also, Georgina Keough was constantly on her toes and going for every ball and Matilda McCormack was very active at the net, blocking the spike and hitting the ball back at the opponent. Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle B – Saints 2 defeated Concordia 1
The Middle Bs had a great win this week. The girls were pushed to move their feet and get behind the ball. Katelin Calandro was a standout player in the game, going for every ball and pulling off some spectacular returns. Siena Kulinski also had a great game by moving her feet and keeping up the encouragement in times of need. Victoria Neale (Coach)

Middle C – Saints 1 defeated by Concordia 2
The Middle Cs had a nail biter of a game which we unfortunately lost. Despite the final result, the girls played the best game I have seen them play. They worked well as a team, returning hard serves and encouraging each other through the whole game. In particular, Lara Slape served really well during this game and moved around the court to pick up loose balls where she could. Charlie Fishlock also had a great game; she was very enthusiastic and lively on the court, going for every ball. Victoria Neale (Coach)

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