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From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300Whenever we have visitors wander through the School, they inevitably comment on just how focused our girls are in class. Girls new to the School make a similar comment – they love how the girls are always ‘on task’, questioning, challenging and ultimately confirming their stance on the question at hand. It’s the relationship between our teachers and girls that makes the place unique, that relationship morphing into a genuine partnership as the girls move into the senior years.

It’s against this background that I’ve listened to the debate on the banning of mobile phones at schools. At the end of last term the news led with the headline that mobile phones will be banned in all state schools in Victoria from the start of 2020. The story said ‘in an effort to reduce distractions and cyberbullying, and hopefully improve education outcomes, students will have to switch off their phones and store them in lockers during school hours until the final bell.’ It’s worth noting that there is little research to quote in regards to the link between the use of technology in the classroom and academic outcomes. What the research does show however is that the use of technology increases student engagement and it’s likely that more engaged students will produce better outcomes.

Under our current setup, all girls have access to an iPad or laptop. Parents make the decision about if and when to give their daughters access to a phone. My own daughters didn’t receive a phone until Term 4 of Year 9. Quite simply they didn’t have the need for one until rowing training moved to early mornings and we started to car pool. They still enjoyed busy and fun social lives throughout Middle School – you don’t need a phone for that to happen.

Currently the girls’ phones are to be switched off and placed in pockets during class time unless directed otherwise by the teacher. Girls in Years 7 – 12 are able to access their phones during recess and lunch. This is where we differ from other schools. The reasons for this relate to both the practicality and purpose of a ban:

• Quite simply a ban is not enforceable. I’ve spoken to a number of students from schools who purport to have a ban on mobile phones yet the students still access their devices;

• The Australian research indicates that episodes of cyberbullying tend to occur outside school hours so a ban on phones would have little impact. Interestingly a recent “data point” from the U.S. Department of Education National Centre for Education Statistics stated that schools where phone use was allowed reported less cyberbullying than schools where the devices were prohibited.

• Banning phones for the 50 minutes of lunch will do little for our girls as they leave the school grounds. It certainly won’t do anything for them as they finish Year 12 when suddenly there’ll be no one standing over them regulating its use. The on–off mentality won’t teach them to make ethical, autonomous and informed decisions about how and when to use their phone.

• The measure of self control a child possesses has, through the findings of “The Dunedin Study“ and others, been shown to be a more important factor in predicting individual positive life outcomes than intelligence or IQ. Self control is not fixed and can be developed in anyone. But you need to give them the chance to develop it.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to ban phones. It’s always easiest to jump on the bandwagon. But I need to do what I think is right from an educational perspective and I firmly believe that the solution is not prohibition, but education. This is not without its challenges – but if we are shaping the workforce of tomorrow then we have to consider how we prepare students to be part of it. Exam results are important, but so too are wider skills such as using technology appropriately and safely, and having the self-discipline to regulate the use of mobile technology – knowing the right time and place to fire up a smart phone.

Finnish educator, author and scholar, Pasi Sahlberg, agrees. “Most of ‘screen time’ takes place outside of school and simply taking the gadgets away from kids in school would not help, especially it is not a good idea for those who suffer from screens the most,” This issue, he explained, is best handled in close collaboration with children and their parents. “We need to educate them about the advantages of technology and risks related to heavy use of it. We need to work with parents to set the limits on how smartphones, games and media is used at homes and in schools,” he said.

Our survey indicated that 50% of our parents send their girls in Middle and Senior School a message during the day. I think it’s reasonable that our girls take 20 seconds during lunch to respond. If our girls are having a debate during lunch about who won best film at the 2015 Academy Awards, I think it’s reasonable that they take out their phone and confirm who’s right. After all, isn’t that what we’d do? But that doesn’t mean that conversational competence needs to be a dying art. Is doesn’t mean that sustaining a coherent, confident conversation isn’t an important skill. And we as a School will continue to educate our girls in those areas.

At lunch time I want our girls to be engaged, using the gym, attending one of the numerous clubs or activities on offer, or simply just stopping, leaving unprepared time for spontaneous and unscripted interactions with their mates, strengthening that beautiful bond of friendship which will help it to last a lifetime.

W1 - #EMPOWHERDuring adolescence our girls grow from being children, accountable to their parents, to being young adults, responsible for and accountable to themselves. We need to give them room for that growth. Our girls, supported by their Home Group teachers, will do more of what makes them forget to check their phone. We don’t need a ban because we’re not interested in a short term fix. We’re setting our girls up for a lifetime of success. And yes, mistakes are inevitable. Our girls will make mistakes and they will bear the consequences of those mistakes. But isn’t that what education is all about?

Given this discussion, it’s timely to make a few reminders. Photos and videos have become valuable tools across our curriculum and co-curriculum. From girls creating videos to explore media production, to teachers filming class role plays to reflect upon the exercise, this digital approach is now a cornerstone of our teaching and learning platform. Accordingly, photos and videos are regularly shared within our Canvas learning management system, giving access to students, staff and parents in a password-protected setting. However, the School also requires the cooperation of our families to further enhance our privacy provisions. As such, we ask that parents and students refrain from sharing online any images or videos that feature other students, unless permission is expressly provided by the School.

In addition, we remind parents who take video or photos at school events (i.e. the School Musical, Sports Day, graduations) that they should also refrain from sharing them online if other students are shown. Instead, we encourage our School community to access and share the curated and approved content provided across our public website, our Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook accounts, and our new Instagram wall.

If you have any concerns about the use of video/imagery as part of our growing digital learning approach, please contact your daughter’s class or Home Group teacher.


There are a small number of changes to staffing this term:

• Alex McKay and Sarah English both return from maternity leave;
• Saz Burton joins the Music Department for Semester 2 while Sari Noble enjoys some much deserved long service leave;
• Kirsten Jones joins the English Department and Annalisa Cecere joins the EALD team; and
• Claudette Elliott commences as an ESO in the Junior School following Jess Yeild’s move last term.

Building Works

Despite the wet weather, we’re still on track to be in the new Science Centre at the start of Term 4. The windows are in so the building is now weather-proof, allowing the internal fitout to commence. It looks amazing and I’m delighted at how quickly we’ve managed to bring yet another major part of our master plan to life.

You’ll also notice that the canopy over the Stott Wing balcony has been completed. This will allow girls a dry path from the gym all the way around to Science during inclement weather.

Best wishes for another wonderful term!

Julia Shea

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Emily – A Musical

W1 - Emily

Performances of Emily, a musical based on Mother Emily, the founder of the Community of the Sisters of the Church, were held this week in the Chapel. After a very short and intense rehearsal schedule, students in Years 6 – 11 joined with Old Scholars to help bring her story to life.

The School welcomed the creators of the musical, Danny Parker and Chris Goff from Perth College, to Stonyfell to direct the production. Audiences enjoyed the 50-minute performance, which featured a variety of songs that spoke of Emily’s early days in England, and her journey to Australia where she set up various schools and orphanages.

Congratulations to all involved! Check out some highlights from the show below:

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Aerobics Success for Saints Girls

W1 - Aerobics

During the July holidays, our aerobics girls performed in three different competitions; Schoolaerobics, FISAF (Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness) and Blitz It Challenge. Two out of four Saints Girls’ teams were accepted into the national championships in either the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Congratulations to all of the girls who competed, and to the coaches and teachers, thank you for using your time outside of school hours to prepare your routines.

After both district competitions, our Primary team has been working hard to improve and beat their new competition that will be at State finals. In the Schoolaerobics competition, the girls were defeated by the Linden Stars from Linden Park Primary School but were still invited to the national championships. In the FISAF competition, they won in the Primary Pre‐Choreographed Teams (Year 5/6) division which also meant they qualified for the national championships. The girls will be going to the Schoolaerobics national championships.

Golden Accent
The girls in Ignite and Golden Accent merged teams and collaborated effectively to prepare their routine for competitions. In the Schoolaerobics competition, the girls did not place in the secondary aerobics division. They placed second in the FISAF competition, defeated by our own St Peter’s Girls’ team, in the Secondary Pre‐Choreographed Teams (Years 7 ‐ 12) division and qualified for nationals. Special mention to Caitie Scane who won her division in both Schoolaerobics and FISAF competitions and will be going to the national championships soon.

Through injuries and sickness, the girls tried their hardest to perform and adapt to the short notice changes. The team of five was down to three for the Schoolaerobics competition where they did not place in the secondary open division. The girls were back to five team members for the FISAF competition where they placed first in the Secondary Pre‐Choreographed Teams (Years 7 ‐ 12) division against our own Saints Girls’ team. Energise will be the only South Australian team competing in the school stream FISAF national championships this year.

Stop, Drop & Roll
The girls in Stop, Drop & Roll did their very best and performed outstandingly. Our very own Saints Girls’ trio went out to the Schoolaerobics competition and won the secondary trio division.

Blitz it Competition
In the last few months, the girls have had a chance to choreograph their own duos, trios and solos to compete in the Blitz It Challenge. Our head coach at St Peter’s Girls, Kira Trevarrow, has run this competition for two years now and it has run well. In the Cadet Elite Pairs division, our Saints Girls Milana Troon and Alexandra Nguyen, and Lara Maione and Coco Dimond, came first and second respectively. In the Junior Elite Pairs division, Madeline Harmer and Caitie Scane were defeated by our own Ruby Croston-Melling and Annabel Ryan. In the Cadet Elite Trio division, the Sapphires came third. We also had some very courageous girls who performed solos. Ariel Spartalis came first in the Cadet Novice Individual Division, Eliza Monaghan came third and Caitie Scane came second in the Junior Novice Individual division. Congratulations all.

Madeline Harmer
Year 9 student

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Fiji Service Learning Trip

W1 - Fiji

“On our service learning trip to Fiji we assisted children from Reception to Year 8 with their literacy and comprehension skills. This was done with one-on-one reading, where we were responsible for writing reports about each child and commenting on their progress, as well as creating activities to assist with their reading and writing. It was extremely rewarding to see the students progress over our days of service.

During our time in Soso Village we also painted four murals along the exterior of a classroom. Our brief was to keep the murals educational yet colourful so that the children at Ratu Apenisa Memorial School were inspired to learn English and learn about the world around them. On our last day of service we attended the Shell Market in Soso Village, where the women of the Village are able to sell their handmade goods. This is the only opportunity that the women get to earn their own money. Going to Fiji for service learning was a life-changing experience and has made us all more conscious about our impact on the world.”

Madison McGregor-Simms
Year 11 student

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State Selection for Year 7 Lacrosse Players

W1 - Lacrosse

Congratulations to Year 7 students Ashlyn May, Jenna Maione and Dani Cox who have been selected to represent South Australia at the 2019 Australian Lacrosse Association U15 National Tournament!

The tournament is being held from Sunday 29 September until Saturday 5 October, here in Adelaide.

Dani and Jenna started playing lacrosse in Year 3 and Ashlyn in Year 4. Since then, the girls have played for both Saints Girls and Burnside Lacrosse Club, training twice a week. The South Australian selection process, which took place in June, was a week-long experience with over 60 girls participating.

“I love to play lacrosse and I am so proud to be selected for one of the State lacrosse teams” – Jenna Maione
“I have been playing lacrosse for a very long time and I have enjoyed every second of it.” – Dani Cox

Well done and good luck Dani, Jenna and Ashlyn!

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Mathematics Competition Awards

W1 - Maths

In Term 1 a number of students sat the state-wide 58th Hamann School Mathematics Competition for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Prizes. Four of these students were particularly successful and were awarded the following certificates and prizes at a Presentation Night held on 26 June.

Chi Chi Zhao for being equal 3rd in the Intermediate Section (for Years 9 and 10)
Jasreet Mavi for achieving a Credit in the Junior Section
Rose Guo for achieving a Credit in the Intermediate Section
Heidi Gong for being equal 5th in the Junior Section (for Years 7 and 8)

Well done girls!

Matthew Durant
Head of Mathematics

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Soccer Success for Year 6 Goalkeeper

W1 - Soccer

Congratulations to Year 6 student Grace Richardson-Stevens who has been selected to represent SA at the School Sport Australia 12 Years and Under Football Championships. Grace will be travelling to Canberra in late August to compete.

“I started soccer in 2017, trying out as goalkeeper in the Under 13s team. I train every day except Wednesday and Thursday. I train for my State team, my club (Adelaide City Football Club), as well as my goalkeeper training. The reason I love soccer is that I get to show my competitive side and also meet a whole heap of new people from different schools, or in the case of my State team, people from different clubs. The reason I love being a goalkeeper is because I can be as aggressive as I want to be. Also, my brother used to play as a goalkeeper so it kind of runs in the family. One thing that I am very proud of is that I have made it into the School Sport SA 12U soccer team, and I am heading off to Canberra in Week 5 of Term 3. I am also the captain of my club team. This is a huge privilege as it isn’t common for goalkeepers to be named captain.”

Grace Richardson-Stevens
Year 6 student

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Saints Girls Shine at Swimming Championships

W1 - Swimming

Congratulations to a number of Saints Girls who competed at the State Short Course Swimming Championships.

Matilda Braithwaite – Competed in three individual events and relays. Placed 5th in Womens 16 Years 50m breaststroke, 5th in 16 Years 200m breaststroke, Bronze medal in 16 Years 100m breaststroke. Open B Final 50m Breaststroke (13th overall), Open A Final 100m breaststroke (9th overall).

Sophie Dansie – Competed in seven individual events with PB times in all events. Best placing – 9th in 13 Years 100 backstroke and 10th in 13 Years 50m and 200m backstroke.

Fiona Lethbridge – Competed in three individual events and relays. Best placing – 9th in Womens 16 Years 50m and 100m backstroke with two PB times.

Poppy Marshall – Competed in six individual events and relays. Poppy swam PB times in all her individual events, winning the Gold medal in the 14 years 200m Breaststroke (Open Women’s B final – 13th place overall), Silver 14 Years 100m Breaststroke (Open Women’s B final – 13th place overall), and Silver 14 years 50m Breaststroke (Open Women’s B final – 14th Place overall).

Lauren Pearce – Competed in eight individual events and relays. Gold medals 10-11 Years 50m and 100m Backstroke, Bronze medal 10-11 Years 50m and 100m Freestyle.

Grace Sampson – Competed in four individual events and relays. Gold medal in Women’s 17-18 years 100m Backstroke (Open Women’s A Final 7th place), Silver medal Women’s 17-18 years 200m Backstroke (Open A final 10th place), 8th place in 17-18 years 400 freestyle.

Lily-Rose Spartalis – Competed in 11 individual events and relays, with PB times in 10 of her 11 races. Silver medal in the Women’s 14 Years 50m Backstroke and Bronze in the Women’s 100m Backstroke events. Lily-Rose also competed in the Open Women’s B finals for the 50m Backstroke (20th Place), 100m Backstroke (20th place) and 200m Backstroke (17th place).

Isabelle Tran – Competed in 10 individual events and relays. Isabelle swam PB times in every event, making 13 and under finals in all of her events – an amazing effort! Bronze medal in the 13 Years 50m Butterfly, 4th place in the 13 Years 100m Butterfly and 5th place in the 12-13 Years 200m Butterfly.

Georgina Wakeham – Competed in 10 individual events and relays, including the 400m freestyle, 400IM and 800m Freestyle and swimming PB times in nine events. Georgina qualified for three 13 and under finals, winning Silver in the 13 Years 200 backstroke and then again in the 13 and under 200m Backstroke final.

Lara Wakeham – Competed in eight individual events and relays. Silver medal in the Women’s 15 Years 200m Breaststroke (Open Women’s B final 14th place overall), Bronze Open Women’s 1500m Freestyle, Bronze 15 Years 800m Freestyle and 400m Freestyle. 4th place in 15 Years 200m Backstroke (12th place overall in Women’s Open B final), 200IM and 400IM.

Emily Whittaker – Competed in two individual events and relays. Emily finished up 22nd overall in the 13 Years 50m breaststroke and 20th overall in the 13 Years 100m breaststroke with an impressive PB time!

Tara Young – Competed in 11 individual events and relays. Gold medal in the Women’s 14 Years 200IM, 200m Freestyle and 400IM, Silver in the 14 Years 200m Backstroke and 200m Butterfly and Bronze in the 14 Years 50m Freestyle and 400m Freestyle. Tara also made several Open Women’s finals, managing some impressive results in these also! Tara’s impressive performance also earnt her a spot on the South Australian State Team travelling to compete at the AIS in October.

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Year 11 Retreat

W1 - Year 11 Retreat

In Week 11 of Term 2 the Year 11 cohort had the wonderful opportunity to attend a retreat at Glenhaven Park. There were plenty of activities for bonding between peers, including high ropes and initiatives, as well as the crowd favourite – the giant swing!

After arriving at the park we were divided into groups and began the activities shortly after enjoying some free time in the dorms. The highlight of the two-day Retreat was without a doubt having the whole year level together, with lots of time to strengthen our friendships, support each other and work together to succeed in each activity. The funniest memory, which I think we will all remember for many years to come, would have to be the giant swing. No one will ever forget the many screams that resulted. Although it proved to be a massive challenge to some of us, many girls conquered their fears and got great joy out of it. We were able to end the first night by roasting marshmallows in the bonfire and connecting as a year level. Overall, we absolutely loved the Year 11 Retreat and we’re sure that we won’t forget some of the awesome memories made!

Jessica Wishart and Sarah Wishart
Year 11 students

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Year 12 Retreat

W1 - Year 12 Retreat

On our last two days of Term 2 (ever) the Class of 2019 traded in the views of Ferguson Park for beautiful beachfront as we headed to Glenelg for our Year 12 retreat.The trip started with the traditional walk up Mount Lofty, where teachers and students were challenged physically. Congratulations to all girls and staff, as everyone successfully conquered the approximately 4km hike. A special mention to Ms Shea and Mr Rosser who also joined us on the trek. Following this, we were fortunate to have four valuable sessions with our Home Group teachers. Mrs Manson enlightened us with cherished travel advice, Mrs O’Brien encouraged the importance of side hustles, while Mrs Farr discussed Karoshi and Mr Searle shared his 10 life lessons. This guidance was cherished, especially since we begin to seek out new adventures at the conclusion of Year 12. The advice kept on coming, as we next heard from guest speaker, Mel Macpherson. Undoubtedly, each girl benefited from Mel’s talk as she communicated the importance of following your passions through her experience and extreme success as a freelance cameraman. The jam-packed day ended on a high with a formal dinner for staff and students, which included exceptional food.

Once everyone was well rested, Day 2 commenced with a voluntary Witness the Fitness session – shout out to all those who participated. Succeeding this was another memorable moment with Old Scholars. A big thank you to Alana Coppock (Kilburn ’11), Lucy Mount (Selwyn ’15), Melanie Stevens (Kennion ’13), Maddie Lamb (Patteson ’13) and Ashley Adair (Kennion ’12) who gave up their time to offer assistance in our next chapter of life.

Overall, Year 12 retreat was a fabulous opportunity to learn, pause and reflect before we embark on the fullness of Term 3.

Isabella Villani
Head Prefect

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Winter Interhouse

W1 - Winter Interhouse

The Winter Interhouse will be held on Saturday 10 August, and to feed the hungry players and supporters, the Saints Sport Support Group is providing breakfast.

Parents, give yourselves the morning off from cooking and let us do it for you! Meals can be purchased from the BBQ area; just follow the yummy smells to the quadrangle from 8 – 10.30am.

This year, we’re offering delicious egg and bacon sandwiches & sausages in bread. Food options: $2.50 sausages and $5 Bacon and egg sandwiches.

Cash and EFTPOS facilities can be used to purchase your Winter Interhouse Meal Deal.

A coffee van will also be here on the day.

We hope to see you there! If you would like to assist the Saints Sport Support Group and volunteer on the day please contact Katie Lucas via

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Upcoming House Dinners

W1 - House Dinner

During Term 3, all Middle and Senior School girls have the opportunity to enjoy a night away from homework to get creative and colourful at the House Dinners.

The Year 11s have been working hard organising decorations, food and games for each event. Visit the Trybooking links below to purchase your daughter(s) a ticket for the night as this is a compulsory event.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative costumes and enjoying a fun night with our Houses.

Selwyn House Dinner
Theme: Camp Met Gala
2 August (Week 2)
Book now:

Kennion House Dinner
Theme: Through The Ages
16 August (Week 4)
Book now:

Kilburn House Dinner
Theme: Op Shop
30 August (Week 6)
Book now:

Patteson House Dinner
Theme: American High School
13 September (Week 8)
Book now:

Year 12 House Captains

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Senior Drama Production – I, Pandora

W8 - Senior Drama Production

The senior Drama students have been working hard on their production for this year – I, Pandora – and it is shaping up to be an evocative and creative show! An original piece, it interweaves both the ancient tale of Pandora and a more contemporary story of a woman whose choices open the lid on a range of unfortunate consequences. The play will run on August 7, 8 and 9 at 7pm in the Arts Centre. Don’t forget to mark the dates in your diary.

Tickets via

Michael Butler-Wills
Head of English/Drama Teacher

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Selwyn House Dinner in Week 2

W1 - Selwyn
Selwyn girls, get ready to show your House spirit next week. Be sure to wear your green ribbon every day, and a green accessory on Friday….we’ll have a prize for the most creative accessory!

Make sure to keep an eye out on your Canvas notifications for the riddle of the day leading you to a green object – a prize will be waiting for you!

A week from today you’ll be transported to New York City for the Selwyn Met Gala – CAMP. We can’t wait to see you in your extravagant outfits…or your interpretations of this theme. It’s going to be a fun night filled with good food, games, and even better company. So, make sure to book your tickets ASAP!

Amy Carrodus (House Captain) and Jessica Schaedel (Deputy House Captain)

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Women and Leadership Series: STEM vs STEAM


On Monday 24 June, the Committee for Economic Development in Australia (CEDA) hosted an event entitled “Women and Leadership Series: STEM vs STEAM”, which addressed the introduction of the arts into STEM and hence, the “A” in STEAM. Two Saints Girls, Srishti Sharma and Natacha Zisos Troupakis, attended the event with Mr Coulter, along with girls from various colleges.

Three influential females in STEM-related careers presented at the event: Jane Danvers, Rhana Devenport and Lyn Beazley. They delivered separate speeches about the importance of The Arts in STEM-related learning. They introduced numerous contemporary views on the role of art in developing world views, critical thinking skills and creativity and explained how these skills are relevant and necessary for careers in STEM. For example, Rhana Devenport explained the necessity for art in society by explaining its role in recognising, and therefore, reducing human suffering. Thus, she stated, The Arts are a central, and often undervalued, facet of STEM.

The speakers were then invited back to the stage for an open panel where the audience could pose questions. These included “Why are The Arts presently not valued to the same extent as the other aspects of STEAM?” and “What changes should be made to better accommodate for Art in STEAM?”. The event provided a platform for an insightful and meaningful debate and presented the girls with a holistic view of the value of art in a rapidly advancing, STEAM-centred society.

Srishti Sharma and Natacha Zisos Troupakis
Year 11 students

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Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize Reception

W1 - Premier's Anzac Spirit School Prize

Past and present recipients and teacher chaperones of the Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize gathered at Ayers House on 5 July to welcome the 2019 recipients and recognise the success of the prize since its inception 13 years ago. The contributions of the awardees, teachers and RSL delegates in promoting the Anzac spirit in schools and the community was recognised by the awarding of a certificate and specially minted medal presented by the His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia together with the Honourable John Gardner, Minister for Education. Past and present St Peter’s Girls’ recipients Hannah Brown (Year 12), Lucy Brown (Selwyn ’15), Jessie Lewcock (Patteson ’10), Gabriele Trobbiani and Holly Wallman–Craddock (Year 10) were present.

Gabriele Trobbiani
Economics, Business and Enterprise and Humanities Teacher

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Notification of Student Absence

Please notify the School via one of the following methods for late arrivals / early departures and absences.

Text: 0428 601 957 (save to phone contacts as SPGS)
Phone: 8334 2200

Feel free to also include the Home Group teacher when sending via email.

Please note: when arriving late (after 8.30am) or leaving early (before 3.30pm), students are required to sign in/out through the Front Office.

Please ensure you label all items of clothing and personal belongings. Unnamed lost property items can be located in the Front Office.

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Book Week 2019

W9 - Book Week

Dress Up Day will be held on Friday 23 August 2019

Come dressed as your favourite book character! There will be class parades during a special Junior School Assembly at 8.40am in the Arts Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend.

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Our Environment Club Needs Your Help!

W9 - Environment Club 2

The Environment Club would like to collect any spare wool that you may have at home and no longer wish to use. The Environment Club members will be taught how to crochet squares, which will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless. We would greatly appreciate any wool to help us reduce costs. If you do have spare wool could you please send it to school with your daughter and she can deposit the wool in the box that will be located at Student Services, in the main building.

We thank you in advance for your support.
Lucy White and Lucy Young
( Leaders of the Environment Club)

Lucy White and Lucy Young
Environment Club

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Have You Considered Using The School Bus Service?

W9 - Bus

Avoid the car park rush – just catch the School Bus!

Getting your daughter to and from school safely and on time is an important part of daily life at Saints Girls.

We offer a convenient, personalised bus service for our School families, catering for students who live in the north, south, east or west. We have five 24-seat buses which start at Tea Tree Gully, Golden Grove, West Lakes, Brighton and Mount Barker and two 11-seat vans servicing inner southern and inner northern suburbs. To ensure we are providing a convenient service for our School families, the exact route that each bus takes is regularly reviewed based on the addresses of students. The service will pick up and drop off your daughter at your door (when and where possible as determined by the Transport Manager). Our buses and vans are operated by experienced and qualified drivers, who are part of our staff, chosen to meet the high standards set by the School. All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones for last minute bookings or cancellations and emergency communication.

Bus use is charged on a per trip basis ($7 per trip*) or students can have a Term Pass ($310*), which allows for unlimited trips for the term.

If you are interested in using the School’s bus service please contact the Transport Manager, Peter Anderson, on 0419 830 458 or by email to

*Prices current as at 28 June 2019

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Business Directory at Saints Girls

W1 - Business Directory

Book your very own personalised advertisement today. Three options available – $500, $250 or FREE

> Promote your special business offer and change your advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
> Simply support businesses connected to our School
> Refer a business
> All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Association fundraising efforts

For more information on how to get involved, contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244 or

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Sports News

News and Important Dates – Term 3
A reminder that we would love to hear of any exciting news or notable sporting achievements. Simply email Neil Fuller via

Week 3
Friday 9 August – Cross Country (Reception – Year 9)
Friday 9 August – Aussie Rules Interhouse (Years 7 – 12) 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Saturday 10 August – Winter Interhouse (Years 7 – 12); Badminton, Hockey, Netball (7.30 – 9.30am) and Soccer (9.30 – 11am)

Week 7
Friday 6 September– Sports Day (Years 4 – 12) at Athletics SA Stadium, Mile End

Week 8
Monday 10 September – Summer training commences (Year 7-12) – Full schedule and details will be sent out

Week 9
Summer sport training continues
Year 9 and 10 camps

Week 10
Year 5 Production
Monday 23 September – Winter Sports Awards and Pocket Point Assembly
Wednesday 25 September – IGSSA Athletics (selected students Years 7 – 12) at Athletics SA, Mile End


In preparations for Sports Day in Week 7, we are providing athletic training for students in Years 4 – 12 each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7.10 – 8.10am. There are options for students to work on sprints and hurdles for Years 7 – 12 students, middle and long distance running, as well as throws and some jumps (high jump dependent on weather). Interested students should advise Mr Fuller if they wish to attend.


Under 13: Saints 9 drew with Glenelg 9
In the final game prior to the holidays, Saints Girls played Glenelg at East Torrens Payneham. Despite the rain and muddy conditions the girls put up a good fight, starting out with a marginal lead in the first quarter. The score remained close all game ending in a 9-all draw. This game was the hardest fought of the season yet and I’m excited for the girls to work hard and have healthy competition in Glenelg moving towards the Premiership – Caitlyn Grayson (coach)

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