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From Our Principal

The ongoing complexity and uncertainty facing the world mean many people are seeking answers in how to discover or rediscover happiness. This search for happier lives impacts teachers, parents, families and caregivers of girls, who often find themselves battling falsely idealised social media imagery and unrealistic demands from society. Finding reliable answers in the plethora of self-help content can be difficult. How can we be sure we are not falling for another empty trend that will have no genuine effect on long term happiness? Harvard University has been conducting the world’s longest study on what makes us happy (now in its 86th year), looking at how our changing world influences happiness at a time when isolation, loneliness and depression are affecting a record number of people. The most recent findings gathered during the rapidly increasing use of social media, show that close relationships are what keep people happy during their lives, much more so than other factors such as money or fame. This is important for us in the school context as a downward trend in young people’s happiness which began in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, has not abated and in fact, continues to move in the wrong direction.

The Harvard research shows that satisfaction in relationships is the best predictor of a happy and healthy life, and this provides us with a potentially valuable and relatively achievable solution to the stress and loneliness that plagues so many, including girls and adolescents. The benefit of healthy, positive relationships helps regulate stress which in turn provides numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. There is no ‘right’ number of connections or relationships each person needs- these relationships can be from anywhere, such as friends, family, peers, colleagues, staff, at local shops or at part-time jobs. The Harvard research describes developing a ‘social fitness’ similar to physical fitness, where we take deliberate actions to make new connections and to maintain our existing ones. Small, simple actions can still improve our happiness, and the earlier we develop these positive, healthy relationships, the more time we have to enjoy the benefits. Of course, nobody is happy all of the time; life is full of challenges, obstacles and ups and downs, but relationships can form a ‘safety net’ of support that can help during the hard times that all of us have during our lives.

In the second week of the term break I was fortunate enough to have a few days annual leave, taking the opportunity to reconnect with my husband, daughter and friends, and finding space to rest and rejuvenate. It was at this time that the world felt somewhat sombre with the incident at Bondi Junction and continuing acts of violence against women, while wars continue in the Middle East and Ukraine. On reflection my happiness in such distressing times is indelibly linked to the relationships I have with my family and friends, the clear purpose I have as leader of a school and the strong place of belonging I have with the students, staff, families and Old Scholars of our 130-year-old School. I am incredibly fortunate as going to School each day fills me with positivity, interacting with students and staff who care about each other, see the joy in life and come to realise they have the power to make a positive difference to our world. The foundation of a St Peter’s Girls’ education is the meaningful connections our girls are encouraged and supported to make through their studies, co-curricular activities, service, Houses, Home Groups and School camps. The boundless opportunities to make connections enable our students to develop the ‘social fitness’ referred to in the Harvard research and lead to our students having a meaningful connection to their school and a healthy self-worth.

With the commencement of Term 2, a term which includes Sports Day, Mother’s Day Celebrations, National Reconciliation Week, Jazz in the Hills and da Vinci Decathlon, I encourage our students and families to make the most of every opportunity offered to be involved in school life. I look forward to reconnecting with you during the term.

Cherylyn Skewes

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Important Dates

Cyber Safety Education for Junior School Parents: Wednesday 8 May
Sports Day:
Friday 10 May
R-3 House Spirit Day: Friday 10 May
ELC Mothers and Treasured Friends Afternoon Tea: Friday 10 May
School Tour: Saturday 11 May
R-2 Mothers and Treasured Friends Breakfast: Monday 13 May
APY Lands Visit: 20-23 May
R-6 Book Fair: 20-24 May
ELC Photos: 21-23 May
ELC New Families Welcome Evening: Wednesday 22 May
Year 10 Parent Teacher Interviews: Wednesday 22 May
Jazz in the Hills: Sunday 26 May
National Reconciliation Week: 27 May-2 June
IB Expo: Tuesday 28 May
Mid-Year Reception Orientation and Transition Morning: Monday 3 June
da Vinci Decathlon: 4-6 June
Year 11 Parent Teacher Interviews: Thursday 6 June
FUSION Performance: Friday 7 June
King’s Birthday Public Holiday: Monday 10 June

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Patteson Triumph at Summer Interhouse

On the last day of Term 1 our four Houses went head-to-head at the annual Summer Interhouse competition. Congratulations to PATTESON on claiming the shield!

Congratulations to the Sports Captains who planned and coordinated a very successful Summer Interhouse, and well done to all participants, particularly those who gave everything a go, despite not having played those sports before!

See the girls in action as they battle it out in our highlights reel.

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Junior School Girls Go for Gold at Cross Country

Last term our Reception to Year 6 students brought great energy to the Junior School Interhouse Cross Country. We were blessed with perfect weather and parents turned out to cheer on the runners. There were some impressive times and close finishes, with KENNION taking the win!

Year 6 Sports Captains, Violet Tulloch, Vanessa Barnes, Aurelia Tan and Gracie Sheridan had the fantastic initiative of having icy poles at the finish line for all participants, which was very well received!

Well done to all students and staff involved in what was a great day. Thank you to all parents, grandparents and guardians who attended and supported the girls.


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Year 3s Tell the Story of Saints Girls

In Term 1, our Year 3 students presented the wonderful story of our Founding Sisters. The girls did an outstanding job in retelling the inspiring history of our School, which began 130 years ago. Well done girls on a moving and captivating performance.

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Dance Students Attend the Victorian Dance Festival

On the last day of Term 1, some of our senior Dance students set off for Melbourne.

First, we visited Transit Dance, where students can study further education in Musical Theatre or Contemporary courses. The incredible Helpmann Award winning Andrew Hallsworth took a class too! That evening we saw CHICAGO, The Musical, which I highly recommend going to when it hits the Adelaide stage!

Over the course of the weekend, students attended the annual Victorian Dance Festival, taking class with the most influential and respected dance teachers and choreographers in the business. They had the opportunity to take class in all different styles, including Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Show Girl, Latin, Broadway and Ballet. Some girls even had the experience of auditioning for the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York City! Special mention goes to Zoe Min O’Callaghan and Alexandra Nguyen who received a scholarship to take the five week intensive Musical Theatre course in July!

This was an incredible experience for the dancers, who gained knowledge about the performing arts industry, further studies and potential career pathways. Most importantly, they had a wonderful time.

Immersing themselves all the opportunities presented to them!

At the Victorian Dance Festival we learnt short dance combinations from some incredible teachers who are well known in the performing arts industry such as: Sarah Boulter, Sophie Holloway, Jason Coleman, Paul Malek, and so many others. It was inspiring to learn from some of these prominent choreographers and teachers and try to adapt to their individual dancing styles. It was also fun to participate in classes that were outside of my comfort zone because it meant I could expand my abilities as a dancer and gain new skills that I couldn’t necessarily do before. A more personal highlight for me was being able to watch the musical CHICAGO! Chicago is one of my favourite musicals and getting to see it live for the first time made me very happy. It was fabulous! Overall, the trip was a terrific experience, and it was great to bond with all the girls that came along.
Alyssa Walpole

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ELC Vacation Care Reflection

Learning Community 1 – Exploring Autumn

During the past several weeks, children have become increasingly curious about changes in their environment. The weather is getting a little cooler and the leaves are changing their colours and so, they understand that this season is called Autumn.

During Vacation Care, we took the opportunity to further support their curiosity. We created spaces where children could express their creativity through the language of food and visual art. The children were particularly interested in exploring seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Working with apples and pumpkins as our inspiration, we manipulated playdough to recreate the shapes of the produce and closely observe their characteristics.

Taking inspiration from the book, Tap the Magic Tree, the children recorded their observations through their drawings and reflected on the different shades of colours.

With the assistance of our kitchen ‘heroes’ (tools) such as peelers, mixers, cutters, corers, and spiralisers, we cooked delicious food and explored STEM.

The children were intrigued by the kitchen tools; they wanted to know how the tools operated and were enthusiastic participants in this experience. We will continue to ignite and challenge their curiosity during Term 2.

Valentina Fernandes
Vacation Care Coordinator, Learning Community 1

Learning Community 2
Rich learning opportunities continued throughout Vacation Care as the children were offered a variety of explorative experiences together. These rich experiences were celebrated by all with sweet conversations often overheard, as the children and their families left for the day.

We were so excited to finally be able to get back into our ELC Community Garden! We began the tidying up process: weeding, sweeping the path and cleaning out the plant pots, ready for planting when everyone returned in Term 2. We explored the following questions: What is a garden? What would you like to grow in our garden? How can we all look after it? This took us on a journey of designing and sharing our ideas. These ideas were documented using the children’s drawings, creating a shared agreement, modelling with clay and freshening up our shared bathroom by making a garden of flowers, hung for everyone to enjoy.

Miss Sims was able to source some free produce from a local fruit and vegetable store for us to use for one of our provocation activities. We inquired into, “How many seeds are in an apple and banana? Are the amount of seeds the same or are they different?”

We were able to go on several nature walks in the School grounds and collected special treasures such as leaves and gumnuts. We made these into individual collages that the children were able to take home. Children also made their own gardens to grow at home with their families using containers saved during term time to support our focus on sustainability.

A big thank you to all staff who attended Vacation Care as you made the opportunities, experiences, and memories with the children long lasting. I’m sure they will continue to share the wonderful experiences that they had for the weeks to come.

Liz Ewers
Vacation Care Coordinator, Learning Community 2

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R-2 Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Breakfast – Book Now!

Dear Reception to Year 2 Families

Marika Taylor, Head of Junior School, warmly invites you to our Reception to Year 2 Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Breakfast on Monday 13 May from 7.45 – 9am on the Junior Primary Verandah, followed by a classroom visit.

Book via Trybooking. Hope to see you there!

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Playground Safety Notice

Dear families

We are excited the Junior School Playground is open for the commencement of Term 2. Please note the Playground is out of bounds outside school hours.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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An Invitation to Inspire St Peter’s Girls’ School Students

On Thursday 13 June, St Peter’s Girls’ School will be hosting a Health Careers Expo for Senior School students.

The Expo seeks to offer our students invaluable insights into the real-world applications and opportunities within the diverse Health field. By partnering students with Saints Girls’ community members, such as Old Scholars and parents, we hope to provide students with access to real world insights into vocational fields to inform these far-reaching decisions.

We are inviting our community members who are professionals in the Health sector to share their career highlights and journey, shedding light on what is possible for those embarking on a similar path. Your contribution will be vital in inspiring and informing our students about the varied and fulfilling career options available in the Health industry.

The Expo is scheduled for Thursday 13 June, from 12.00pm to 2.00pm in the School Gym.

To express your interest in participating in the Health Careers Expo please email Carolyn Farr by Monday 6 May.

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ELC Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Afternoon Tea – Book Now!

Dear ELC families

Join us on Friday 10 May at 2pm to celebrate the Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Afternoon Tea in the ELC!

Our Centre will be celebrating Mother’s Day and the inspirational women in the children’s lives including mothers, grandmothers, and aunties.

Click here to book by Tuesday 7 May.

We hope to see you there!

ELC Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Afternoon Tea
Friday 10 May
2pm in the ELC

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ELC Porfolio Sharing

St Peter’s Girls’ ELC warmly invites families in Week 3 to join us in viewing your child’s portfolio.

Your child’s portfolio offers a representation of the rich tapestry of learning that unfolds each day at the ELC. This is a special time to explore and celebrate your child’s engagement in the inquiries and investigations throughout Term 1.

The portfolios will be available for you to view in the Piazza during drop-off and pick-up times throughout the week.

We eagerly anticipate the joy of celebrating and sharing your child’s learning journey with you.

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Sports Day Next Week!

On Friday 10 May (Week 2, Term 2), the Year 4-12 Sports Day will be held at the SA Athletics Stadium. The day will begin at 8.30am and will conclude by approximately 3.15pm.

Students who usually travel on School buses will be transported directly to and from the venue, departing from and returning to their regular stops. School Bus Drivers will inform families of any expected changes to pick-up and drop-off times.

To assist other families, we are offering a special bus service to transport students from School to the SA Athletics Stadium and back. Buses will depart School at 7.45am and return by approximately 4.15pm. All other students will need to be dropped off at the SA Athletics Stadium in the morning and picked up from there in the afternoon.

We encourage all girls to compete in a number of events, with their preferences being discussed in PE lessons and House meetings. Sports Day is to be treated like a normal School day; therefore, attendance is compulsory for the whole day. If a student is unable to participate in their events, a note must be emailed to Miss Katherine Perkas via

The Friends of Sport will be running a raffle with excellent prizes on offer. They will also be selling House merchandise prior to the day. To purchase raffle tickets or pre-order merchandise Click Here. Orders will close at 5pm, Monday 6 May.

Thank you for your support as we count down to another epic Sports Day!

Katherine Perkas
Head of PE, Health and Outdoor Education

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Jazz Concert in the Adelaide Hills

Our national award winning choirs will be singing up a storm at ‘Jazz in the Hills’, Sunday May 26. Treat yourself to a buffet lunch at the beautiful Discovery Convention Centre in Hahndorf as you enjoy listening to over 100 of our talented Saints Girls sing and play. The afternoon will feature Stage Band, Little Big Band, Extension Strings, plus 4 of our Jazz Choirs involving students from Year 6 to 12.

Our special guests include Australia’s premier jazz choir, ‘The Adelaide Connection’, led by multi award winning and renowned jazz vocalist Lauren Henderson. We are excited to make connections with the Adelaide University, and in particular Lauren, who is the Head of Vocal Jazz Studies as well as one of Australia’s best jazz vocalists.

Tickets are $65 per head which includes lunch and 2 hours of amazing music. Both single tickets and full tables of 9 are available via trybooking.

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Junior School Cybersafe Parent Presentation

Dear Junior School Families

You are invited to attend a parent session hosted by Cybersafe Families on Wednesday 8 May at 6.30pm in the Jeffreys Linn Arts Centre.

Please see flyer for more information about this very important session that aims to provide families with useful strategies to help make the home environment cyber safe.

You can confirm your booking via Trybooking.

We look forward to seeing you.

Marika Taylor
Head of Junior School

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It’s Oliphant Science Award Time!

What Can You Expect?

🔬 Real-Life Investigations: Conduct and report on scientific inquiries in real-world settings.

🎨 Unleash Creativity: Explore your interests, talents, and creativity through Science.

🧠 Expand Knowledge: Develop a deeper understanding of science concepts and principles.

🌍 Share Your Work: Showcase your projects to a broader audience and inspire others.

Why Participate?

🏆 Prizes Galore: Win a variety of prizes including cash prizes!

🚀 Career Insights: Discover the vast array of career opportunities in Science and Technology.

💡 Innovation & Inquiry: Foster innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

🌐 Tech Integration: Embrace new technologies, including ICTs, to enhance your learning experience.

🎉 Open to All: Any and all students are encouraged to participate.

Categories to Explore:

🌱 Citizen Science: Sponsored by the University of Adelaide, engage in scientific projects that involve the public in data collection, analysis, and problem-solving.

💎 Crystal Investigation: Delve into the fascinating world of crystals and explore their properties through scientific investigation.

🎮 Games: Develop educational games that make learning science fun and interactive for players of all ages.

🛠️ Models & Inventions: Sponsored by the Australian Institute of Energy, design and create models or inventions that address real-world challenges or showcase innovative solutions.

📽️ Multimedia: Combine your scientific knowledge with your creativity to produce engaging multimedia presentations that communicate complex concepts in an accessible way.

📸 Photography: Sponsored by the SA Museum, capture the beauty of science and nature through stunning photographs that tell a story or convey scientific concepts.

🖼️ Posters: Design visually captivating posters that communicate scientific ideas, research findings, or experimental results.

🤖 Programming, Apps & Robotics: Sponsored by Defence Science and Technology Group, showcase your programming skills by creating apps, software, or robotics projects that tackle scientific problems or enhance scientific exploration.

🔍 Scientific Inquiry: Sponsored by the University of South Australia, conduct scientific investigations into topics of interest and present your findings in a clear and concise manner.

📝 Science Writing: Sponsored by Flinders University, hone your writing skills as you communicate scientific concepts, research findings, or personal insights through articles, essays, or creative writing pieces.

Click here for more information on the categories.

How to Get Involved?
Click here to complete the application form and share your project idea and plan by Monday 13 May 2024.

There will be weekly check-ins Mondays at recess in SC304.
Click here to learn more!

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The Fall Guy – Don’t Miss the Opportunity of Two Chances to Secure VIP Seats



Bring your girlfriends, mothers and sisters and join us for an unforgettable night of action and comedy as Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling entertain us with an ‘epic story of cosmic proportions’.

You’ll be greeted on arrival with a complimentary glass of bubbles and chocolate, ready to sit back and enjoy the show.

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2024 (Week 8)
Time: 6.30 pm for 7 pm Movie
The Fall Guy
Venue: Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park SA 5068
Cost: $25 per person (includes bubbles and chocolate on arrival)
Raffle tickets: $5 for 1 ticket, $10 for 3 tickets
Early-bird offer: Purchase your movie tickets by 19 May for a chance to win an ‘early-bird-only’ special prize draw.

Our coveted raffle prizes are returning, including tickets to Choral Night 2025 and Carols in the Cathedral 2024. Waltz past the queues straight to your reserved seats with the VIP guests!

Raffle tickets can be purchased online with your movie ticket and will also be available on the night. Get your tickets before 19 May to be in the running for our fabulous EXTRA prize just for early-bird purchasers – a bundle of 2 tickets for Choral Night 2025 and 2 tickets for Carols 2024. Even better, you’ll still be in the draw for all other prizes on the night, including 4 tickets to Carols in the Cathedral and 4 tickets to Choral Night 2025 or one of three $100 vouchers for The Family Cook, generously donated by Victoria Braithwaite (current Year 10 parent).

This wonderful event is hosted by The Friends of The Arts community group. All proceeds go directly to support the many wonderful Arts programs at St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Please join us for an evening to remember.

To book tickets – click here.

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School Shop Notice

School Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12 – 12.30pm).

Parents can also order items via our Online School Shop. This is now accessible via the Flexischools platform which also administers our Online Tuck Shop. To sign in or sign up to Flexischools, click here

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Absences from School

If your child will be absent from school/ELC or is arriving late or leaving early, please notify the School via one of the following methods:

Text: 0428 601 957
Phone: 8334 2200

Please ensure to include your child’s name, the name of the ELC Room, Class or Home Group and the reason for the absence i.e. illness/appointment/family/sport etc.

If notifying via email, feel free to ‘cc’ the teacher of the Room/Class/Home Group as well.

It would be appreciated if notification is received prior to 9am.

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