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From the Principal

juliashea_web-200x300-200x300Welcome back from the Easter break.

For Christians around the world, Easter is a celebration of the gift of eternal life. But yet again, on a day that fills so many with glorious hope, we were left shattered by the senseless killing of hundreds who were sharing a special time with their families in the churches and hotels of Sri Lanka.

On Tuesday last week, video emerged of the suspected ringleader of the attacks and seven followers, their faces obscured by scarves, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Islamic State also issued a formal communique asserting responsibility for the attacks, which it said targeted Christians and ‘coalition countries’. But let’s be clear. This was a violation of all ethics, morals and religions. No religion condones the killing of innocents. The Islamic State is an abomination to Islam. Explosions capture the media’s attention more than peaceful coexistence, and a minuscule minority of extremist groups claiming to be Islamic have exploited this fact as a way to reinvent Islam as a ‘violent’ religion. But just because you shout God’s name while committing murder doesn’t make your actions righteous. Islam, as millions of Muslims can attest, is a peaceful religion that calls on its followers to choose community over conflict. We must continue to fight against the toxic combination of power, stupidity and a schooling in hate. Those using religion to excuse atrocity should not be allowed to entertain the possibility of being rewarded by God or man.

My message to the girls is a simple one. Take a moment to look at those sitting around you. No two people are the same – we come from different backgrounds, different countries, different religions. Yet we can sit together harmoniously under one roof because our diversity teaches us not only tolerance but a deep respect for each of those differences.

Each time our small community comes together, it models the behaviour that we hope the rest of the world can emulate. We must not give up and think it’s all too difficult. We have to hope that our example can be followed at the school down the road, at the business across the street, in other communities here, interstate and all over the world. Bit by bit, small piece by small piece, you can help make this world a better place. But you have to want to do it. You have to make that choice. Through our own example, we can and we must demonstrate to the world that there is another way.

So tonight, make a special effort to tell those people who are close to you, those who make your life so special, how much you love them. Because if we all do that with sincerity and let our actions reflect those words, then the good will ultimately outweigh the bad.

Building Works

As you can see, our new Science Centre is starting to take shape. The pre-cast concrete panels have been installed, the first floor cement has been poured and, weather permitting, the roof will be in place by the end of May. As was the case with the Middle School, the girls are trialing a number of furniture options and will have input into the final selection. The new change rooms and adjacent sports storeroom with direct access to the oval are open for business. Over the holidays, a new transformer and sub-mains were installed to ensure we have sufficient power to bring our new centre to life! Works continue to proceed on schedule and we look forward to occupying the new facility from Term 4.

Clearly, the parking situation is challenging at the moment with the closure of the Bell Yett car park. Burnside Council has indicated that the paving works will not be completed until the end of May. Please continue to drop off and pick up your daughter in the surrounding streets if age appropriate. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m sure the final outcome will make it all worthwhile!

Finally, I wish all the girls and staff at Generations in Jazz the best of luck. Best wishes also to our Year 6 girls who head to Canberra on Sunday for their week-long study tour. It should be a quiet time in our nation’s capital with many of our politicians out on the campaign trail!

Julia Shea

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Welcome to Term 2

Stonyfell is a hive of activity once again as Saints Girls dive into Term 2!

Hear about what’s coming up in the weeks ahead and check out highlights from an incredible Term 1:

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Saints Girls has arrived on Instagram!

W1 Instagram Banner

The School is proud to launch our newest social media offering to celebrate our wonderful community.

We look forward to sharing exciting images and cutting-edge videos showcasing life at Saints Girls. Be a part of the action and follow us via @stpetersgirlsschool

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Generations in Jazz Shout Out!

We are very excited to cheer on our 37 girls participating in Generations in Jazz in Mt Gambier this weekend. For the first time, we are competing in three different Vocal divisions as well as our regular Band division.

W1 - CMAnd, congratulations to Old Scholar and ex-Enchante member Chelsea McGuinness (Kilburn ’16) who, for the second year running, has been named as a GIJ Vocal Scholarship Finalist. This coveted award gives recognition to some of the finest young vocalists in Australia, each of whom will present several performances at the event, including with James Morrison, in front of over 5000 audience members.

Good luck to Chelsea and our students; below is a snippet of what Saints Girls has in store.

Sari Noble
Music Teacher

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Sovereign Hill Time Travellers

W1 - Sovereign Hill

This year, we set off with one of the largest cohorts of girls to Sovereign Hill we have ever taken. The adventure did not disappoint. A highlight for the girls is always the two days dressing up and acting as children of the 1850s and attending school.

Once again, copperplate handwriting was taught (with its fair share of ink spillage), recitation from an 1850s school book was had and there was much fun in actually “being” a real child of the period.

W1 - Sovereign Hill 2Some repeat adventures that are always popular included a visit to ‘Trapped’, an underground re-creation of the Creswick Mine disaster, and a tour of the Red Hill Underground Mine.

The girls were treated this year to two new activities, one being a 3km walk following in the footsteps of the miners from Bakery Hill to the actual Stockade site. This was very interesting and well signposted with significant historical sites. The second was the brand new sound and light show which this year replaced the 20 year old ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’. To say this show is breathtaking would be an understatement. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and takes us from the beginnings of the universe and exploding supernovae that created gold particles, to an indigenous perspective of the creation to settlement of Australia, the discovery of gold and the Eureka rebellion. For most of the girls, this was the absolute highlight of the week! The Year 5 teachers were extremely proud of the way the girls conducted themselves, and we would like to thank Lee Tremonte and Becca Burton-Howard for giving up their precious family time to assist us on camp.

Shelley Hampton, Olivia Coulter and Sarah Mulraney
Year 5 Teachers

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Saints Girls Remember the Fallen

W1 - Anzac Day Dawn Service

Students, staff, families and Old Scholars participated in Kensington RSL’s Anzac Day dawn service, hearing the commemoration address by RSL President Brigadier Ellis Wayland.

Head Prefect Isabella Villani and Deputy Head Prefect Hannah Brown were invited to lay a wreath, while other students from Years 7 – 11 also proudly represented the School. Here are some of their insights:

A dawn service is a tranquil and reflective place where attendees are able to remember the fallen and the adverse situations they were forced to face. In such a fast-paced world, these services are focused on commemoration and taking the time to pay respect to the ANZACs who fought and are still fighting for peace and freedom. – Madison McGregor-Simms (Year 11)

Anzac Day is an important time to commemorate the sacrifices that are integral to our national identity. Although our generation was not alive to see the World Wars, I believe it is vital that we understand the impact of war on both our past and our present. – Holly Wallman-Craddock (Year 10)

Anzac Day services are important for young people as in our day-to-day lives, it’s so easy to forget the sacrifices that so many soldiers and nurses made for not only the future of our nation, but for the world. It is imperative that we reflect on the devastating nature of war, and the impact it has had on so many lives so we do not repeat past mistakes and we can move forward as a country. – Sara Peak (Year 10)

Anzac Day brings awareness of the great sacrifice and impact of war. It is through remembrance that current generations can honour soldiers, past and present, who have shown immense courage to protect their country and freedom. – Amelia Pudney (Year 10)

Events like the dawn service can open our eyes to the experiences of other people from which we can learn. Many innocent people’s lives were lost and it is important for us to remember their sacrifices and their stories. We shouldn’t forget them and, by going to events like this, we can pass down their legacy. – Chi Chi Zhao (Year 9)

Anzac Day is significant because it brings the community closer together to commemorate and remember all the soldiers and their families who sacrificed and are sacrificing their lives for us. – Indya Dodd (Year 9)

Young people need to know that the life they have wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the brave young men and women who fought in wars past and present. Anzac Day is a day to remember and thank them for their sacrifice. – Ayla Blaskett (Year 7)

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Fiery Reception on First Excursion

W1 - Reception

On Thursday 11 April, the Reception girls attended their first class excursion with a trip to the Adelaide Metropolitan Fire Station, in connection with our Term 1 Central Idea that ‘People play different roles in the communities to which they belong’.

Firefighter Joe taught us what to do in case of a house fire emergency. He showed us how to crawl safely, and told us that the safest place to meet altogether was outside near the letterbox. He then taught us how to stop, cover, drop and roll if we happened to be on fire. We enjoyed practising this technique in the Gym.

Firefighters Joe, Matty and Scott gave us a special tour around the fire station. We learned about the different types of trucks and where the special fire fighting equipment is stored. They invited Miss Lesiw to dress up in uniform. We thought she looked excellent! We were then delighted to each have a turn using the fire hose.

The girls even witnessed an official emergency callout, watching the firefighters slide down the fire pole and enter their trucks in under 60 seconds!

Thank you also to Maria Caruso, Jem Christo, Emily Clifford, Meghann Cannon, Scott Jeffrey and Garth Coulter for supporting us on our excursion.

Meg Karvonen and Alana Lesiw
Reception Teachers

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Sweet Outing for Year 1s

W1 - Haigh's Excursion2

The Year 1 students are investigating the Central Idea that ‘Food can go through stages of production to meet people’s needs’.  This week, we visited the Haigh’s chocolate factory in Parkside. We discovered the processes involved in making chocolate, from beans in the pod of a tree to a product in the shop!

Whilst one class then went on a guided tour of the factory, the other class were detectives on a treasure hunt around the shop. We used the measurement drawer of Mathematics to find out how much different items cost and how much they weighed. With a tasting of milk and dark chocolate and sprinkles thrown in, it made for a perfect mix of learning and pleasure!

Liz Sandercock and Michelle Liddy
Year 1 Teachers

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Want to Learn More About the IB?

W1 - Information Evening

A special information night is being held on Tuesday 21 May where IB Diploma Coordinator Carolyn Farr will introduce and explain the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to interested members of the community.

During this hour-long session, Carolyn will outline the structure of the programme, subject options, how it is assessed and what types of students are well suited to IB. She will share some recent statistics and research, and perhaps even dispel a few myths. You will also have an opportunity to hear from graduates and current IB students.

The event starts at 6pm in our Middle School. Students are encouraged to attend, and members of the public are also welcome.

In the meantime, watch this video for a taste of IB at Saints Girls:

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Saints in Style – An Evening of Music

W1 - Saints in Style 2

Come celebrate ‘in Style’ the achievements of our current Music students and celebrated Old Scholar musicians on Friday 24 May.

Featuring violinist Sophie Rowell (Kilburn ’92), Concertmaster with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and talented vocalists Emma Kavanagh (Kilburn ’14), Erin McKellar (Patteson ’13), Chelsea McGuinness (Kilburn ’16) and Meena DeSilva (Kilburn ’13), plus many of our highly-acclaimed Jazz vocal ensembles fresh from their adventures in Mt Gambier at Generations in Jazz. Also making appearances, Concert Choir and Junior Choir, senior bands including Concert Band and Stage Band, as well as Extension and Senior Strings. The compère for the evening will be Leah McLeod (Kilburn ’88).

Purchase tickets via and don’t forget to add a cheese platter and bottle of wine to support the Friends of The Arts’ fundraising. Tables of 10 or single tickets in the tiered seating at the top of the Arts Centre auditorium.

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Introduction to Percussion

W11 - Percussion

New Course Commencing Term 2 2019

Discover the exhilarating rhythms and exotic sounds of the world of percussion! In Nick Parnell’s custom-designed course, students will be introduced to a wide variety of tuned and non-tuned percussion, marimba to drum kit, while being taught the fundamentals of music. Students will learn essential playing techniques and ensemble playing skills all while having a great time in a welcoming and fun atmosphere!

Suitable for any Years 5 – 7 students who have a heartbeat. No musical experience necessary.

Learning Outcomes:
• Introduction to the basic building blocks of music including rhythm and melody
• Fundamental percussion playing techniques
• Develop team work and basic ensemble playing skills
• Provides the necessary basics to join our new Junior Percussion Ensemble

When and Where: Weeks 2 – 9, Term 2 in MB120
Sessions: Choose from Tuesday lunchtime (1.10 – 1.50pm) or after school (3.35pm – 4.15pm)
Course Cost: $190 (includes course book)
Equipment Required: Each student will require drum sticks and a practice pad. If you don’t have these, they can be purchased through the NP Percussion Academy at the checkout at time of booking at the special student price of $39.

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Year 9 Hip Hop Workshop

W1 - Dance Year 9

Late last term, both classes of Year 9 dancers participated in Hip Hop workshops. The girls have been learning this style and studying its evolution (it has a really interesting history!). To reinforce what I had taught them throughout the term, I asked Penelope Shum to teach a more specialised Hip Hop style: locking. After obtaining a Bachelor of Dance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Penelope studied all around the world with some of the most influential teachers and choreographers, and her knowledge about the true essence of this street style is very impressive. The girls certainly enjoyed having a guest teacher and really appreciated the wealth of knowledge and experience Penelope brought to class.

Kate Burnett
Head of Arts

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Piano Eisteddfod at St Peter’s Girls

W9 - Piano Eisteddfod

The St Peter’s Girls’ Piano Eisteddfod is a great opportunity for piano players of all ages and skill levels to perform a piece of music in front of an audience on our beautiful grand piano.

Between 12.15 and 3pm on Monday 27 May, entrants will be given a time to come to MB120 and perform their prepared piece. Parents and friends are welcome to watch this performance. Girls will be given written feedback as well as a participation certificate.

From the Eisteddfod, 10 girls will be selected, representing each year level, to perform at an evening recital on Thursday 6 June. At this performance, we are lucky enough to have secured David Goodwin to be our special guest performer. He is a fine musician who is sure to inspire our developing piano players.

I look forward to hearing all our wonderful piano players performing their favourite work at our Eisteddfod in May.

Entry forms are available from the Arts Office, with entries closing at the end of Week 3.

Sally Rounsevell
Director of Music

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P&F Mother’s Day Stall


The Parents’ and Friends’ Association will be holding a Mother’s Day Stall where all of our Junior School girls will be able to purchase a gift for their mother, grandmother or another special person in their life.

We will have a variety of wonderful gifts available for $5 each. They will be wrapped and delivered to class teachers and given out at the end of the day.

The stall will be set up on the Arts Centre steps on Thursday 9 May and Friday 10 May at Recess and Lunch.

If you would like your child to purchase a gift from the stall, please send some money to school with them on these days.

Please note: Year 4s are on camp on 9 and 10 May, and Year 6s are away in Canberra on 9 May. If these students would like to purchase a gift, please contact the P&F via

Bronwyn Bartter
Parents’ and Friends’ Association President

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Reminder to Dog Owners

A reminder that all dogs visiting the School grounds must be kept on a lead and under the control of an adult at all times, and must not go inside School buildings or into the ELC grounds. Additionally, they are not to impede the walkways when students and families are moving through the grounds. It is also expected that owners pick up after their dogs. We thank you and your dog for your cooperation.

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Playgrounds Before and After School

Students are not to use the school playgrounds before or after school unless closely and actively supervised by their parent/guardian. There are no teachers on duty near the playgrounds at these times. Students are encouraged to go directly to the pick-up points at the end of the school day. If you intend to stay with your child for a period of time after school, we encourage you to consider parking a distance away so that parents doing a ‘quick pick-up’ can access the car park spaces closer to the grounds.

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Futures Program – Help Wanted!

Futures is an entrepreneurship program where students form companies in groups to sell a product or service. These companies can be for profit, not-for-profit or a social enterprise.

We are seeking your assistance to provide ongoing mentorship with a number of these companies as they progress through the stages of running a company.

This would require you to attend our School for 1.5 hours on three occasions. We would also like you to attend our end of year expo. Please see dates below:

· 20 June 1.50 – 3.30pm
· 29 August 8.30 – 10.10am
· 21 November 8.30 – 10.10am
· 28 November Expo – time TBA

If you would like to help, please contact me via

Monique Green
Digital Technologies Teacher and STEM Coordinator

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Women in STEM Breakfast – Student Invitation (Years 10 – 12)

W10 - Women in STEM Breakfast Invite

Thursday 23 May from 8 – 10.30am

Is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics? If you are in Years 10 – 12 and would like to know more about what a career in STEM looks like whilst enjoying a tasty, nutritious breakfast, then the Women in STEM Breakfast is for you! Hear from passionate and successful women from a range of industries. Key speakers include:

Sarah Brown: Co-Founder of Code Like a Girl
Dr Kristin Alford: Director of the Museum of Discovery (MOD)
Dr Bronwyn Hajek: Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at UniSA

Enjoy a morning of food, breakfast beverages and chatting about where your interests could lead.

Thursday 23 May from 8 – 10.30am in the Arts Centre at St Peter’s Girls’ School.

Visit to secure your place.

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Community Golf Day

W1 - Community Golf Day

St Peter’s Girls’ Community Golf Day will be held on Thursday 14 November.

Do you play golf, have a golf membership or are you interested in golf? We need your expertise and advice!

Please contact Melissa Westgate in the Community Relations office via or 8334 2244.

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Seat of Encouragement – Style a Tile

W3 - Seat

The Next Challenge: Building for Tomorrow

Our ‘Seat of Encouragement’ will be a striking feature in our new Science Centre. Located on the second level between the four general laboratories, the seat will be accompanied by individual tiles, recognising donors who contribute to this unique St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation campaign.

We invite current/past parents and staff, Old Scholars, friends of the School and local businesses to purchase an expression of encouragement to embolden and inspire our girls.

The St Peter’s Girls’ Foundation raises funds to advance the School’s educational, scholarship and building programs. By purchasing a tile, you will be supporting the learners of today and tomorrow.

All tiles can be personalised and many offer the choice of a motivational quote. They can be purchased via

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Business Directory at Saints Girls

W1 - Business Directory

Book your very own personalised advertisement today. Three options available – $500, $250 or FREE

> Promote your special business offer and change your advertisement as often as you like for no extra cost
> Simply support businesses connected to our School
> Refer a business
> All proceeds go towards our Parents’ and Friends’ Association fundraising efforts

For more information on how to get involved, contact Melissa Westgate on 8334 2244 or

Melissa Westgate
Foundation Manager

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Support Saints Girls on Stage

The co-ed senior drama production this year at St Peter’s College features two Saints Girls! Mahala Truscott and Amelie Dunda (both Year 11) are performing in The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Both girls are doing an incredible job, putting in a great deal of time and commitment to rehearsals.

Wednesday 15 May at 7.30pm
Thursday 16 May at 7.30pm
Friday 17 May at 7.30pm

Drama Centre
St Peter’s College
Pembroke St Entrance

Tickets are available for purchase through the following link:

Click here for the promotional poster.

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Sports News

The Winter season officially gets underway this week. All students are reminded to check notice boards for team selections and other relevant information. Sports fixtures, maps to venues and results can also be found on the myLink parent portal.

If you have any news items or sporting success stories, please email them to me via


Well done to Millie Wilkin (Year 11) who represented South Australia at the National Lacrosse Championships in Perth. SA claimed the title for the first time in five years.


Grace Stevens (Year 6) has been selected in the School Sport SA U12 Soccer team and will travel to Canberra for the Nationals in August.


Well done to Nellie Ion (Year 6) who represented East Adelaide at the State Primary School Softball Carnival; East Adelaide finished as equal Runners-Up.

Good Luck to Aroha Munroe (Year 10), Tesse Parker (Year 10) and Kellie Bested (Year 9) who are competing in the Australia Softball Cup being held at West Beach.


Congratulations to Imogen Elliott (Year 9) who competed in State surfing titles on Yorke Peninsula and the South Coast. She finished with a fantastic result, taking out both the U16 girls and U18 girls, and being awarded the Female Junior State Champion for 2019, earning a spot to contest the Nationals in November.

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